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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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what happened? >> right now on cbs north carolina, 2 nuns are now found dead in side their home. >> what investigators believe was the motive. >> and breaking news just days after an earthquake killed hundreds of people another earthquake rocked the same part of italy. >> before you hit the roads in recall why oh have a traffic alert. we're going to tell you what area to avoid and how to get around it. good morning, thanks for watching north carolina news i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase, happy friday. first, let's get right to the forecast good morning alyssa. good morning to you at home as well. we start off our friday morning, finally, right, it is clear. we starting off dry, no rain in
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later this afternoon can't rule out a shower. most of you opt dry side. straight to the temperatures, if you are heading out early, maybe just rolling over in bed. it's 74 in recally. 73 in durham. upper 60s across portions of vance county towards henderson. fayetteville, we have 71 in clinton and lillington. here's a look at the forecast. a warmer morning. 74 at 8:00 a.m. it will be hot. it will be humid. 95 the high. back tour 92. >> can't rule out a stray shower this evening. i'll ma have more -- have more oronner forecast. right now here's ali. happy friday. nothing to worry about this morning as you travel through raleigh. a warning for later today start at 9:00 a.m. covered bridge road construction continues as you travel through clayton. no roads are closed here.
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closures as you head on covered bridge road. to 70 as you head towards downtown clayton. through durham roads look pretty good. no accidents there. same thing with fayetteville. this is the time to get out there if you want to take 95 and keep it accident free. i-40 at rock quarry road. not too many cars out there. just the way we like to see it at 4:43 in the morning. -- at a earthquake struck near amatrice italy. also overnight the death toll was raised to 267. the first funerals will be held today. crews have rescued 215 people from the rubble since the first quake. the area has experienced nearly 500 aftershocks. and breaking overnight belgian authorities are calling a deadly explosion near the french bold an accident.
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blast may have been cause bid gas. so far there's no link to terrorism. also overnight chapel hill police continue to investigate a deadly head-on crash. officers responded tour the wreck on recally road near the intersection of greenwood road just after 9:30. investigators believe the driver was going the wrong way on raleigh road when it all happened. one the drivers died at the hospital. the other was treated for minor injuries. police have not reel the drivers' names. today the wake center set stew make his first court appearance. police charged the 19-year-old with killing 26-year-old sebastian smith. we brought you this story as breaking nurse as it unfolded last week outside of the hope house on allen road. right now fayetteville police are still trying to figure out what led to the deaths of a woman and her daughter. they do not suspect foul play surrounding their deaths. we also learned that 8 hours
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bodies in a home off aberdeen place. neighbors say they had not seen the two for months and noticed a terrible smell. they called police to do a well- being check but they say they wish they could have done more. >> everybody knows everybody. for us to lose somebody in our neighborhood it hurts. we are going to try to get past it. it's going to be hard. >> the bodies will be isn't to the medical examiner for autopsies. we're waiting for the police to the state says it now is investigating a clint about black mold in a raleigh though. a concerned employee sent cbs north carolina video of what appears to show black mold in the courtyard marriott crabtree. the maintenance work said he contacted his managers and melted meetings have been held but the hotel is not fixing the problem. cbs north carolina spoke with another current employee and a former one. >> they all backed up the claims saying employees are now getting sick. >> mold is not something that
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and it's basically been swept under the rug as far as the issue's going. in my opinion it's pretty major. especially when there are multiple employees that are complaining about health issue is. >> we stopped by the hotel for a response. we also called and e-mailed the general manager. when we didn't hear back we called and stopped by summit hospital group that's the company that owns the hotel. still no word back at this point. some people hours away from having to find a place to stay. they're shutting off the power and walter lines to the no el at noon. mold, electrical dangers make it unsafe. property managers failed to fix the problems during a two week window. the property manager dekind to comment and tells us his focus is getting everybody out by noon. before you grab your keys and hit the roads a heads up for drives this morning.
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here's another look at the impacted area. the gorman street exit on i-40 east is closed. emma wright is there now with what you need to know. >> reporter: well, we're probably looking at delays a little bit later on once the traffic starts to pick up here. on i-40 through project fortify. the d.o.t. says what they're doing they're along the gorman street exit replacing the orange barrel markers and putting in a real concrete barrier kind of like what cue see to our left here. what died. it was a little bit back further. but they say that that involvement them having to shut down the exit. they say they esentenced she'll have to rip the whole thing up and replace it so that is expected to cause some traffic delays as the traffic picks up a little bit later on this morning.
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to continue onto the next exit in either direction, then you wants to get off, take a left, that should put you on the right route to be headed back to were you need to go. the good news in all of this is that although it may tie up traffic today, things should be open and ready to go for monday. that is, of course, the first kay of school here in wake county. we will continue to monitor the traffic situation throughout the morning. we will bring you more updates later on in the show. news tracker, only wright cbs north carolina. u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte left rio with more than just medals. in 5 minutes the legal charge he's facing in brazil. >> and some fun this morning the latest carpool care ye key passenger. you see her getting james corden singing and dancing.
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kick it with corden. later what he says row mines him of one of her famous songs. >> takes me back to high school, middle school. temperatures in the upper 60s in siler city. 70 in sanford. 73 in chapel hill. more on your forecast and the weekend ahead right after this break. >> how di get to be in that car with him? i'm going to figure it out. please, i can sing better. we do have overnight -- daytime clayton covered bridge road having lanes closed
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well s alyssa, so much for the break. >> well, russ. >> i came out the door this morning i got slapped with mother nature and her dirty hand. >> her dirt hand? >> filled with humidity.
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sanitizer. it's warm and humid morning that's for sure. 74 degrees. you felt that humidity yesterday afternoon. you're going to feel it even more so today as temperatures climb into the mid-90s. yes, you heard me correctly, i bumped up the afternoon highs. we'll take a closer look at that in 1 minute. let's talk about the satellite and radar composite, it's on the clear side. so that's the nice part as we start off this friday morning. no rain to worry about because we all know, in the morning hours rain and that commute can really slow you down. now, the coolest spot is 69 in henderson. so that just really puts it into comparison for how warm we are this morning versus yesterday. 73 in durham. 75 in siler city. and sanford checking in at 70 degrees. let me walk you through the day hour by hour, by 10:00 a.m., 82. 90 at noon today and 95 our afternoon high. hazy, hot and humid. very small chance for late day shower or two. most of us will stay dry.
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police in brazil charged american olympic swimmer ryan lochte with filing a false robbery report. lochte claimed he was robbed in rio but police say it was a lie. the indictment will be sent to lochte and the yell committee's ethics committee. it's just sad. gut wrenching, sore re. >> in a murder
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>> reporter: welcome back. top stories this morning. this morning rescue operations continue in central italy. after shocks are making the affected areas more unstable. >> a another quake struck near
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sun came up today. wednesday's powerful earthquake killed 267 people so far and injured hundreds more. the wake forest teenager charged with killing a man outside of a community center set to appear before a wake county judge today. police charged the 19-year-old with killing sebastian smith. the teen remains in jail without bond. >> a day after donald trump labelled hillary clinton a bigot. clinton said trump unleashed the radical fringe. trump tweeted clinton is pandering to the worst instincts in our society and she should be ashamed of herself. >> did you have anything to do with the death of this girl? >> no, i didn't. >> three people are accused in the murder of a 10-year-old girl in new mexico. police say the girl's mother, her boyfriend and another woman the boyfriend'cousin are responsible for her death. investigators say they injected
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they raped and strangled her while her mother watched. neighbors called 911. police say they found the dismembered body under a burning blanket. newmexico's governor called the killing unspeakable. authorities are searching for the people who killed two nuns. they worked as nurses and helped the less fortunate. authorities believe that sister margaret and sister paula, both 68 years old may have been the victims of a breakid this happen in our neighborhood before. we never had a brutal murder to come like this right at our door. >> their bodies were found stabbed yesterday morning and authorities also found their car. autopsies will be done on their bodies today. investigators have not determined if their religious work had anything to do with the motive for their killings. breaking overnight, illinois state police shot two people after a confrontation after a traffic stop. investigators say a taxi driver pulled up alongside the
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robbed. witnesses say one of the suspects was armed and that the two got into a fight with troopers. the suspects are expected to survive. the troopers w were not hurt. tomorrow afternoon a rally for justice will take place for a la nor county teen shot and killed by a trooper after investigators say he pointed a gun at the trooper. he died in march after a shooting in kenston. local activists rallied in goldsboro. they called on the dict report and prosecute the trooper who shot him. the d.a. said he needed more information before deciding if the charges should be filed. governor pat mccrory just received an endorsement from the state's largest law enforcement association in his bid for reelection. the north carolina police benevolent association interviewed the governor and his opponent attorney general roy cooper. several first responders have maiden coarse mention in the race.
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professional firefighters and paramedics of north carolina, sided with cooper. the north carolina fraternal order of police and the state troopers association side with mccrory. >> we believe that he sincerely wants to support law enforcement officers that have to make those critical decisions out in the field and get them the resources they need. >> social issues or all the other things that go into a voter's mind before into the ballot box. >> that group says what's good about cooper his plan for workers' comp and plan for protect t retirement benefits. governor pat mccrory presented fayetteville's police chief with the highest public service honor in the state. the order of the long leaf pine. chief med lock will retire at the end of the year. he's served the department since 2013 and credited with
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officers. it's another day of cleanup after a tornado hit ohio. a twister damaged homes and covered roads with debris. no reports of injuries or serious -- or deaths or serious injuries. we have been incredibly lucky this year. >> that's a nasty storm system. first indiana, now ohio. that will head our way but it's going to weaken considerably. so that the good news as we approach our weekend. there will be a small chance for storms but not anticipating started quilt your friday forecast. it's 74 degrees. this is a live picture from the tower camera looking out over the beltline. all quiet still. just a few cars if you're out on the beltline already. here's a look at the satellite and radar composite, absolutely no rain to talk about. here in central north carolina. most of you are going to be pretty cloud free, as well. just a few clouds as we head throughout the morning. partly cloudy skies heading into the afternoon. so let me walk you through the temperatures.
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73 in raeford. we have 70 in clayton and goldsboro. 72 in louisburg. as you're planning your day that mix of sun and clouds, from start to finish. 74 overall much warmer this morning than where we have been all week long. 90 at lunchtime. 95 our afternoon high. yes, that is several degrees hotter than where we were yesterday. we drop back to 92 at 6:00 this evening. there will be a small chance for a shower but keep in mind i we've been tracking that airof high pressure all week long. now it is finally starting to slide off to the east. something that we may not necessarily want to see. because it's going to open the door for this cold front to approach. hotter and humid ahead of the front. again, i've been talking about mainly dry conditions. because if we do see a shower or two it will be very isolated in nature. this cold front is going to approach our area tomorrow. still staying to the north. heat still around. chance for a few afternoon
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tomorrow i wouldn't cancel them u. auto would certainly have your umbrella with you just in case. not a lot is going to change in the humidity, as well. look at this. we're in the steamy category today, tomorrow, and sunday. dewpoint temperatures in the low 70s. so certainly stay hydrated if you'll be spending time outside. so no real rain threats for us this morning. as you can see most of us dry this afternoon, as well. heading into our saturday, we'll stay dry in the morning. it's. afternoon hours that could or storms. here we are. they're very scattered in nature. this is 6:30 keep the umbrella nearby. 95 the high in raleigh. 94 in durham 97 in fayetteville. just a few clouds warm and muggy tonight. high school games this evening. a warm night out on the field. here's a looking a the next few days. 93 tomorrow. 90 on sunday. it looks like we're going to hang around 90 into the early
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remember it's back to school on monday. chance for a few storms in the afternoon. 91, then tuesday and wednesday. 4:52 on your friday morning. >> sounds like water is your best friend today. if you're traveling through raleigh a good time to get out there. no days as you head on 40, 440, all the main highways moving well. delays start at 9:00 a.m .-4:00 p.m. towards the clayton covered bridge road under construction. intermittent lane closures there. detour for smithfield to pritchard. that will get you round part of that lane closure. if you're traveling through durham, nothing to worry about. 40, 85, durham freeway moving well and through fayetteville, 95, delay free. heading out to the airport your flight should be departing on time and arriving on time. no issues flying into these major airports.
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i-40 at clayton bypass, a check bright and early looks a lot better than it's going to be looking at 7:00 a.m. if you had your coffee get out there now. we have a lot coming up on cbs north carolina but before we go to break here's a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> coming up, celebrating 100 years of our national your heart loves omega-3s. megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared.
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north carolina will now buy equipment to make our railways safer. this is an update to a story we've been following for nearly a year. six states received a federal grant to help implement positive train control. the technology is designed to help reduce collisions. you can find the full story unde it took a texas jury to reach a ver showing general motors was not to became for the accident that killed one driver and hurt another. the man driving a saturn skye said the ignition turned off causing him to wreck. every parent needs to hear this. a baby continues to deny it's car seats contain a toxic flame retardant but they are providing refund on a
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ax against orbit calling on the company to notify all affected consumers and recall the products. remember seeing this guy on the news four years ago. brown bear was spotted raiding a garage freezer in california. he was named meatball and sent tour a wild animal sanctuary. officials believed he had grown too reliant on humans. that 500-pound brown bear is now celebrating a bi milestone. he celebrated his 11th birthday with all of his little animal friends. use can see meatball is doing just fine and eloves his new home. >> he is very happy. >> how pretty is he? well, james corden is on the case yet again. >> yeah, this time trying to uncover exactly what britny spears was singing about. >> you know, your song oops, i did it, again. >> last night.
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what's it really about? >> so last night spears became the latest guest to ride shotgun on carpool karaoke. as expected they ran through civil her hits complete with a full blown wardrobe change. >> hilt me baby one more time is sung. >> big old hair change. her new album hits the stores today. >> that's so fun. >> i just love it i. can't wait to watch the whole th watching. >> we do. we love it. right now b, coming up, a story of survival. a newborn whisked away from his parents. >> he got a blood france fusion. then he was put on a platelet drip. now, of how you can help local families just like this one. >> in the meantime a live look
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to
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hello and good morning thanks for watching cbs north carolina. happy friday. >> it's friday. some people it's their monday but it's our friday and a lot of people at home, too. i'm russ bowen thanks for being with us. emma wright is in raleigh with a traffic alert. >> also ali warshavsky is taking a first meme e storm team meteorologist am core is here with the forecast. good morning to you at home. as we start off this friday can't say it enough, right, we starting off with dry conditions. absolutely no rain in and around central north carolina. for the most part skies are pretty clear, as well. we'll notice that really as we see the sunrise after 6:40. we have a ways to go before the sun rises. in the meantime we have dropped to 73 here in raleigh. 72 in durham. still in the upper 60s in sanford.


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