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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  August 30, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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light & fit crunch.
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90 our afternoon high. normal right around 87. i'll walk you through the latest tracks coming up in 10 minutes. right now here's allie with a look at your commute. >> good morning. looks great if you're heading through the raleigh area. 540, 440, no delays to report to you there. not much to see here if you're taking a look at the maps. all green. that's what you want to see bright and early this morning. you're able to go the speed limit let's see how long that lasts. if you're heading east this morning on 540 to u.s. 64, 17 minutes there. i-40, capitol boulevard or u.s. 1 to u.s. 264. all of that heading east. a live look outside right now. very quiet start to your tuesday morning commute. russ? >> thank you, allie. right now durham police are investigating a suspicious death in an
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block. >> cbs north carolina's emma wright is live outside of the police department with what we know on this story right now. emma? >> reporter: well neighbors tell cbs north carolina that it may have been a little girl's body that was found in a van. they say her death may have been caused by the heat. we're still waiting for police to confirm that information. but the called 9-1-1 and the little girl had been left inside of that mini van. they were called to harth side street t. came in as a cardiac arrest. when they arrived at the apartments they found an unconscious person who was pronounced dead a short time later. they were at that apartment complex for much of the night. we are again, still waiting for the durham police to call and confirm for
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know something about what happened there to call crime stoppers. reporting live in durham. earthquake victims will be remembered as a state funeral today. dozens of victims are still missing. 231 of the quake's 292 victims have been found. the mayor and residents of the hill top town rejected the plan to hold it a far away city. police called armed and dangerous is entering a third day today. deputies in cumberland county say 3 32-year-old shot and killed his child's grandfather. the victim eugene racine. saved the rest of her family and died a hero. launching an effort to get people to the polls.
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was a call to action to get people out there to vote. the state naacp is asking state leaders to hold voting rights themed services. north carolina has gone to being the fourth highest per capita state in nerms of increase in voting. 70% of african-americans were voting. in a democracy, why wouldn't you want people to vote? they are caught battle. it was back to school for traditional calendar kids. it's worth another reminder to watch for school buses this morning. >> reached millions over the past several years. our investigators team tracked down one driver who did not slow down. >> just wanted to know if we
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that stopped school bus? >> i didn't see it. >> he just pulled up and you have to stop and brake for buses. >> then i don't -- so i didn't know. rules and stuff change. i didn't know. >> got to be really careful out. there the you can see the violation. any time that you're driving behind a stopped bus tough stop. if you're on the median or turning lane. talked a little bit about this yesterday. >> it's on our website. all of the rules you need to know. it's a bit confusing. all part of our -- back to school guide. it's online. >> we also tweeted it out. look for us on social media. >> it's the first day of school
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class is expected to be back today in session and hopefully the kiddos can wear their new outfits. >> most importantly have air- conditioning because it's another warm day. >> and class learning. >> 5:07 in the morning right now. it's day two for parents throughout our area as kids are back in the classroom. >> it wasn't without the hiccups. what school had a busing issue and what's being done about the issue today. taking no chances er finding some suspicious materials in an indiana man's car. what they found that [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. this is your latest forecast on cbs north carolina. 70 degrees right now. this is a live picture from our tower camera.
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the temperatures actually not too bad for this time of year. normal overnight lows in the upper 60s. right around 70 in raleigh. 68 in durham and in clayton. still holding on to 71 in wilmington and rayford. 46 in sanford. also mid-60s around south hill, roxboro and roanoke rapids to start off our day. heading throughout the day, very pleasant for your morning drive. 71 degrees. 84 there. just like yesterday, hot and humid. not expecting any stormy weather. back to 87 as we head to 6:00 this evening. still going to be warm out there and spending the-esque outdoors. let's check in with our satellite radar composite. we're dry around central north carolina. i'm not showing you this to talk about. that i want to talk about the tropical depression just offshore. about 95 miles south, southeast
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start to develop. you can see this circulation really forming over the past few hours. we're starting to see more definition to this. however winds are still very weak with this system. we'll continue to monitor it throughout the day. it's still expected to be a tropical storm later today. tropical depression 8 off our coast. number 9 in the gulf of mexico. both could have an impact on us throughout the weekend. the latest tracks coming up. >> thanks a l. call domestic terrorism in the works. this man here is a habitual offender. bolts of ammonia and bleach. mixed together they could create a toxic gas. >> it's not saying what his intentions are having this bleach and stuff in his
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or any charges related to domestic terrorism. the u.s. attorney's office did confirm that it is reviewing the case. time check for you on this tuesday. it's 5:12. still ahead school is back in session across the state. we're going to give you a recap of the first day of school for some local students. the carolina tar heels are gearing up for football
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cary officials are why a woman -- investigating why a woman was on the train tracks. it just left the cary depot
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to a report with man with a gun on donald ross drive yesterday morning. after a chase investigators say he was shot in the leg. the suspect is 24-year-old john terry. he died. >> turning now to campaign 2016. cbs north carolina sat down with debra ross. her plan to clean up washington is simple. put people first. she wants to introduce legislation to ban on lobbying. ross is running against two- term republican richard burr. she's learning more about what people across the state would like to see from her and their senator. >> people just want to take care of their families. they want some economic security. we are senior -- our seniorsment to know that they can retire and know that social security and medicare are going to be there for them. >> ross is a former state representative from
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of the state aclu. the burr campaign has criticized her record saying she's too radical to represent north carolina. most polls have burr up slightly though ross' numbers have riz an bit. shawn hall is also running. >> plan to meet after busing problems in garner delayed students on the way home. high schoolers are using two campuses due to renovations and those caused elementary school buss to buses to be late. johnston county superintendent kicked off the new school year by visiting every school in the district. hi started at 6:30 yesterday and made his way throughout the county throughout the day. he traveled 175 miles. visited more than 40 schools. he was busy.
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only with school employes but students and moms and dads too. >> they will also be bringing home a higher paycheck. a long-coming raise for teachers was approved this past legislative session. it raises teacher pay by 4.7%. but for one teacher the money is not everything. >> it'll affect me in some way because my slear's going up a little bit t it's not the salary that brings me into teaching. i want to impact kids and i want them to grow up and be productive citizens in their communities. >> the higher wages making a difference in recruitment with 729 new teachers and 890 teachers have been rehired. i spent some time in that school. it's a great new school and what a wonderful new teacher she's going to be. >> so exciting. so many schools opening and like you said, bringing
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let's bring it back to what's going on in the tropics this week. a tropical storm warning in effect for our coast. including between cape lookout and oregon inlet. you can see these areas in this orange color. conditions are expected within that area within the next 24 hours. i want to show you our satellite rada morning. the center of this storm is about 95 miles or so south, southeast of cape hadderas. it's expected to move northwest and northerly throughout the day. here's the latest track of this storm. it could become a tropical storm this afternoon. the winds making ited to coast should be right around 35 miles an hour. so certainly not the strongest storm that they've
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could bring dangerous surf conditions and dangerous rip currents. if you have folks vacationing make sure they know, of course, swimming in the outer banks has been panned. this is going to be a tropical storm as we head into our wednesday, thursday eventually becoming an extra tropical low. also been talking about tropical depression #. jill a depression but could strengthen late turn. hop across the state of florida and back into the open atlantic. at that point in time it's well offshore. could bring some rain though time to time as we head towards possibly friday. all in all the upcoming labor day weekend still looking pretty nice for us here in central north carolina. so let's get to your forecast for today.
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68 in sanford. 71 in wilmington and rayford. look at that. 6 3 at henderson. feeling pretty good. 78 at 10 a.m. this morning. 84 add noon. we will eventually make to 90. expect us to stay dry. don't worry about this. you may have to worry about the heat and humidity a little bit of that rain fall with that tropical depression. that rain is going to continue off to our east. we will stay on the dry side through our wednesday. mainly dry although i can't rule out a late-day shower. a drier day anticipated along the coast. a high of 90 in raleigh. 92 in fayetteville.
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right around 69 degrees. partly cloudy. pretty comfortable. as we head into the coming days 90 continues on wednesday. we drop back to 84 friday. 83 saturday. sunshine continues for sunday and right into labor day on monday. where we should be right around 84 degrees. time is now 5:2 1 on this tuesday morning. >> good morning. not much to check on out there. our map showing all go to the speed limit. roads look pretty good. accident-free. as we take you into fayetteville 95. no problems there. local roads haven't had any reports of any crashes there either. if you're heading east this morning. 540 glenwood avenue to u.s. 64. an average of 17 minutes there. so not too bad. full 40, i-400 capitol boulevard. 9 minute and three minutes to
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boulevard. off to a great start on this tuesday morning. what we're giving you a look at now. 5:22 in the morning. more news, weather and traffic are coming up later on cbs north ca come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy!
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you do get tired of it. i think it adds a chip on any other conference's
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playmakers in this conference as well. so i mean, as long as we go out there and do we what we need to do. >> they open this season this saturday against georgia and yesterday, georgia announced their star running back will play in this game. a season-ending knee injury that he suffered last octd. that's all the time we have for sports but tune in this evening to hear an update on duke football. the panthers last preseason game and much local sports. that's right here on cbs north carolina tonight add 6:00 and tonight at 11:00. >> that's covered in sports. thanks a lot. fans tonight at the buts game will get a treat. >> the nc state junior will be meeting with fans. the 21-year-old swam in the
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with the exception of the little thing -- the lochte-gate. >> but what a tree to see him tonight at the game. pretty cool if you get to go. durham police are investigating what they're calming a suspicious death an at an apartment complex. >> and before you head out the door a live look outside. it looks really nice this morning if you're getting on that bus but don't forget to we'll be right back with all of
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a child was found dead inside a car as durham police are now investigating it as a suspicious death.
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kills a woman in cary. lots to get to this morning. we're going to begin with morning with the tropics. high surf and dangerous rip currents prompted officials to ban swimming along parts of our coast. >> that's right. the tropical depression is expected to brush our coast today. some wind to the outer banks. all the of those details we need to know, alyssa. >> good morning to you at home. we are watching this tropical coast. it's 95 miles south, southeast. as expected to move north and northwest throughout the day. a tropical storm warning in effect for portions of our coast. between cape look yowtd and the oregon inlet. new this morning it includes the -- that means that tropical storm-like conditions are expected within that area in the next 4 hours. there's already rain offshore. we'll watch for it to make its


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