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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 28, 2016 6:00am-6:02am EDT

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ohndy. yolo absolutely beautiful. ter i n, will prent s with tru victory -- morears. p(? moolme ts a nonvf:iolent contest. oh, it is. orearscr off. mork, do i your continued absence wai t trand do --crk to do myt.
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nd. [ sword buing nd. ta ypi hotr t i don't see to cht us.i hi . the swords o ete vible.
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de of you what's in front of hn at's a lite shot, sir, for being ainst me. until next week, ur greenelt ntlene, nanu, nu.
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?k me min. loo likhe doeshihairh a t. mv 's got rd for eyes. you cod pack a family in that nose, min. ok at that mouth, th?wey had to airbrush his entire face.. aru kiddg?
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ybg w tack mindy,at arei ily itfo ome niyor? hava to, t
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ns tti plied w she saidf we don't get the interview, i'm [hicps ?yied w she saidf we don't get d out.nterview,
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?@ i trlyiname thing the president said i-d to deliver someone - go
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oh that'slittle but park out here in your hedge. well, i don't you should drive. i think you should take a little nap. i-i can do that while i'm iving. no. why don't you come with ? i think you should go right in there. fix me some cookies
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who? robin williams, the guy who looks like you. that bozo he alb? i dot lo ikytm. me on "tible!"?= they t assuming you're right, whic ink you're washe -- they wt hicly if they di't like him, boy, he'd be inal retrouble. you h meig
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?9 tl i'll gwith y your esscort, t i've gottaet a diuise i te you, ey're mo, wish. ey knoen.i'm u'd off e silookinasse t i've gottaet a diuise i'm l yones watch th tton. you'd muchess do you trust me? , n.nd all right.for you.
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nv st i'm wi?othim isheith you, sir? i' n seeis inli. ?! fi n seeis jur. ar a! it auay rother- ?! esesttle come along, rond
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mork: it's b d yeor and she had to buy chrysler stock, too. well, i got a minute. my manager'sot her sure, why not? oh, thank you! i can't belie it! oh, thank u! doing thmyen m chd i'y t re you'he inq" e
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are a hard et. security tn the pope boy, she couldn't ge st your man secrety'g machin sorry, min. but what's it like to be a celebrity? d, really. it's especially nice when you can get inurts gg wh a nt yo th hdlin ght there, "robilliams --inky." do you mind? mrmsi dooww u eppa gh ba o, t to the univeit urs. do you mind? le , at a fluke mrmsi dooww u eppa gh ba o, /q thpilot the flit s on
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to rurn ?"? what wt of the dive. c< ooh, interesting concept --blac. but after the lectur . at "the comedy cabaret." w yonore doing owtonit. o reas see cat get ough of it. " d is fof
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i hate myself for that. berell this craziness star ? my friends used to call up i ha and go,for that. [ california accent ] "robin, . there's some narly waves. we can all hang out." and i'd ve to go, childish voice ] "no, my momma said i have to stay inside and read niehe tonight." to say no tohe because then they say, "oh, robin williams. "mr. smarty-pants big shot. you forgot your old friends. "you can't lend me $10,000 for a new car. this is none of my business, but it smsg7 th 'd understand. it seems to me you can't say no to a total stranger. you're right. it also looks like you're probably takentagn vaof a lot. you kn, yay no u'd probe a t mo time toel mayb')e that last thing i want.
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es who t oh, u're right. i was kidding. [ r aar! k in the neighbod. since i was suffering from a case of the terminal shy y foun i unuss.quiz
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ca i'm not buying it, mork. why, sir? it souto m ke y ha it made. of them do, sir, busome a victims ofheirwn fe -- edeoe. of them do, sir, leelviesley, marin monroe.
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and lno ?= captions b [ horn blaring ] ?y??c ue bl ?e?d theryou ar [ tires reech ]


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