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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  November 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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harvey! harvey! sabrina?! sabrina?! aunt hilda, aunt zelda! honey, what's wrong? harvey thought the jumping beans were jelly beans he ate some, flew out the door and i think up the beanstalk. first things first. let's see if we can see him. since when do we have a periscope in the kitchen? you've lived here two years you never noticed it? teenagers.
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oh, good. it's not a giant. let me look. it's worse-- it's the wicked witch! ( screams ) wicked? but she's so pretty. oh, she's had a lot of work done. and worst of all she feasts on mortals. that's horrible! hence the "wicked" part. i've got to go up the beanstalk and save harvey. you're not used to the high altitude. it could knock out your powers. it's almost noon. what if she wants a harvey melt? we'll have time. she always fattens them up first. here's the new plan: u stay and keep an eye on harvey through the periscope. hilda and i will go to the y.m.c.a. this is no time for the gym. it stands for "yikes! magic crisis agency." they specialize in solving these sorts of problems. we'll be back in a flash. i'm sure the line will move quickly. excuse me, ma'am. how long have you been waiting? my oldest boy tom is 52. that's nice, but how long have you been here?
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nice to meet you, harvey. i'm the wick... woman of the house. ( chuckles ) do you know where you are? well, last thing i remember i was eating some jelly beans and then suddenly i was swept up into the air. oh, i must've died! oh, but i had so much to give, so much to do. i was supposed to mow the lawn! it's okay, harvey. it's okay. are we in heaven? let's just call it a "weigh station" to heaven. on the scale, on the scale. you see, harvey the big guy upstairs doesn't trust skinny people. or the french. i don't know why. ( gasps ) ( bell dings ) "alarmingly svelte"?! oh! this will never do. here, eat this stick of butter while i think of something. ( gasps )
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peach pie! my favorite. how did i know? and now for a little sprinkle of my secret ingredient. save room for dessert. as the official watchcat, i order you to get down. i'm going up, and don't try to stop me, cat. you leave me with no choice ect you. you're afraid of heights. right. then you leave me no choice than to wish you well. pull it together! be a man, saberhagen! climb! whew! i made it. good thing that pilot knew how to swerve. harvey! anyone with a friend or a family member up to their neck in quicksand
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hey! we've been waiting for hours. we have a boy about to be eaten by the wicked witch. i'll get to that. ( sighs ) wait. i need a plan. got it. nothing wrong with my magic. yes? hello. i'm with the confectionery construction company. we specialize in gingerbread siding. i don't know... the sugary smell really attracts the kids. mmm! i do love children especially with a b?arnaise sauce. come in. allow me to demonstrate. see how nicely it blends in with your decor? which, by the way, is lovely. oh, thank you. it was designed by i. m. pie. well, why don't you take a look
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hmm. is this one of those deals where you give me a great price on the gingerbread and then kill me on the frosting? our price includes all extras and you could win a trip to hawaii. oh! harvey? sabrina! oh, no, you ate a bad bean and died, too? what're the odds of that? harvey, you're not dead but you will be if we don't get you out of here. but i haven't touched the stuffed pork chops. listen, that woman is wicked. you wouldn't say that if you had her pralines. an awesome cook. she's going to cook you. see? "monday, hansel. tuesday, gretel. wednesday, harv..." "harvey"?! let's get out of here. does this sweater make me look fat? oh, i see you two have met. he is so cute i could just eat him up with a spoon. ( chuckles ) i wanted to ask you the price of the candy cane rain gutters. oh, well, i just put some on the house. why don't you take a look before you decide.
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to your supervisor. don't forget the eclairs. go, go, go! oh, my thighs are rubbing. i know this isn't the time to ask, but... what the heck is happening? fee, fi, fo, fum, i smell... ( sniffs ) a half mortal. have you decided on those gutters? make yourselves at home. in your case that means oyster dressing. don't look down. one branch at a time. ooh! a blue jay. harvey, keep an eye on that door. i'm going to try to pick this lock. got it. oh! it must be the high altitude. my powers are knocked out. why are my aunts always right?
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i'm kind of full. just eat! what are you doing?! ( muffled ): nothing. why, you pesky little entrees. if you keep trying to escape, i'll just have to... move up my dinner party. lift up your arm, please. meat thermometer. you know, in her defense, the peach pie was good. we're finally getting somewhere. uh-oh. you're in the line for family members encased in stone. you've got a beanstalk problem. that's window "c." window "c" told us to come here. well, then you need window "e." that's the window for people window "c" incorrectly told to go to window "b." where is the window for people who pull people through windows?! oh, no! i'm out of mushrooms.
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harvey and i'd be happy to go to the store and pick some up for you. nice try. store's closed. i'll just have to serve you dry. or you could put it off until tomorrow. by then we'll be nice and tender. undercooked kinkle can be gristly. and think about it-- what we'll taste like when we're smothered in a nice mushroom gravy. mmm. and there's a wonderful tart that goes great with teenager. the recipe's in that magazine. sounds delicious. save a piece of me for me. what the hey. i'll eat you tomorrow. soon as i say so, we make a break for it. silly me. i almost forgot to keep you from getting away. not yet. i got to stop melting cheese and drinking it as a beverage. i'm beginning to worry. we're starting to smell good.
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hmm. harvey, move over. i need a clear shot at the door. ( door slams ) harvey, didn't your mom ever teach you not to slam doors?! sorry. i don't like fast food! serpentine, harvey!
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( screams ) it didn't work! she's not melting! get real, harvey. this isn't fantasy. now, let's get off this cloud and down that beanstalk. ( laughs menacingly ) now i've got you. nuh-uh! oh! oh! finally! i made it all the way up. go down, go down! got to be kidding. you two are dead meat! back off, lady! it's the '90s. nobody eats mortals anymore. and i'll have kitty for dessert. would you look at the time. ( sobs ) i hope you land on your feet! i'm alive! and where's that sandwich?
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n a beanstalk with wicked witch. yes. are we in the right line? yes, indeed. oh! you just need a 329k. what's that? tree trimmer. ( sobs ) look, sabrina. i'm sweating off all my weight. that's great, harvey. hey, look, there's westbridge. you know, we could really use a monorail down main street. yeah, we should remember that for our report...! hey, my power's back on. isines! why didn't i eat you when i had the chance?! because you procrastinated! take that! no... no! she's turned me into a... vegetarian! we made it. yeah. coming through. we've got to save harvey.
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did you go up that beanstalk? at least i didn't procrastinate. hey, you brought a tree trimmer? he prefers to be called an "arborist." okay, let's get rid of this puppy. okay, everyone, stand clear. timber! cool. yeah, cool. what's he going to think when he comes to? it's show time. ( ding ) oh, no, the witch is gaining on us! harvey, you're really enjoying that virtual reality game. it was a game? i knew that. didn't look that real. maybe we should work on our project. actually, i'd like to give this another try. no, no more procrastinating. procrastinating is bad. it only leads to terrible things. i will never procrastinate again. good for you.
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that could be fun. another lesson well learned.
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has anyone seen salem? he hasn't come home for dinner. salem! here, kitty, kitty, kitty! oh, yeah, he hates that. ( salem moans ) i can't move! oh, no, is he hurt? "fatten up"? this must've fallen off the beanstalk. oh, salem, you didn't? i did. well, don't just stand there. somebody get me a diet soda. ( weeps )
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i'm so proud of my one and only. she came up with our prom theme by herself. tell him. the civil war-- gone with the wind, but not forgotten. that's hot right now. yeah, cleavage was in back then, wasn't it? ahem. oh, yeah, yeah. y... wanda's not going to the prom. really? that's a shame. why don't you ask her, doogie? hey, she broke up with me, remember? anyway, someone will ask her. lots of guys have asked her. she's turned them down. i'm telling you, this is not my concern. vinnie just wants me to pay for half the limo. that, too, but it's our last major event together. wanda's going to art school in chicago.


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