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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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dad. dad. come in. i just couldn't put it down. the nebraska journal of endocrinology? real page turner. i don't know how to say this. simply say dr. goldstein is still in love with your mother. she is a beautiful, intelligent, charming woman, douglas. what can i say? you turned a page already. i'm skimming. you're serious? you're just going to sit here reading,
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is downstairs with mom, doing who knows what? talking, i presume. dad, look at him. he's smart, he's cool, he's young, he's rich, he's a vegetarian. maybe you should be the one downstairs with him. dad, she almost went to new york with him. she almost married him. actually, i think the plan was to shack up. you know? everyone has a past. before i met your mother i had a rather passionate fling with a hospital dietitian. a lovely girl. indefatigable. this is a nightmare. did you really think that your parents were born as your parents? no, but this is her first love. you never forget your first love. it's like wanda and me.
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s an individual. she has her own feelings. i can't tell her how to feel. she needs to make her own decision. you think a decision's involved? i think, uh... whatever she's going through right now, she needs to go through it. if i stop her, she'll always wonder how she really feels. and i'll wonder, too. just have to stand back and let someone live their own life. otherwise... they never come to terms with the past. yo, red, hold on.
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sorry. i'm on break. but you're her favorite orderly. she asked for you. sorry. he's hanging out with those jerks? can we transfer him off the floor, get him away from those guys? no. it's his life. it's up to him now. z-man. so, what you think, oz? does he look cool in his uniform? to mop floors? i told you it's only temporary. how you feeling, man? good. real good. z know about bullets. got shot at my house, watching the raiders. bam! bullets coming through the window. shot me in the shoulder. man, did it bleed. blood, broken glass all over the place.
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maybe another time. want to see a good scar? i got one. check this out. they shot you in the head? somebody shot you in the head? we're not calling him the weasel. we're calling him the miracle man. miracle man, let me rub that scar for good luck. [baby dee] get busy, miracle man. oh, yeah. i feel better already. ha ha ha. one more inch, and you would have been dead. that's not cool, man. that's pathetic. no, man. pathetic is you in that uniform. "scrub that toilet." "yes, sir." "on your knees, boy." "yes, sir." "faster!" "sorry, sir!" what have you got to hope for-- that you die next year instead of next week? man...
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baby dee, it's cool, man! here, man. z, chill out. i'm out of here. just say... no! no! no! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! i know...i know. you're bursting with pride. i'm an inspiration. what can i say?
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ewing, i'd have the thing nailed. i just got to work harder. you'll bust a gut, you're so proud of me, aren't you? well... hasta ma?ana. ooh! bye! 5:30, on the quad. you're wonderful. bye. ha ha ha! well, tomorrow is it. are you nervous? no. uh-uh. yes, you are. you're twisting your watch on your wrist. i can't believe you remember that. yep. and the way you blush. oh, stop. sorry. no, i'm sorry.
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no, it was my fault. i just got so caught up in remembering it all. i've felt 21 again. is bad? no. it was a wonderful time. it was crazy and exciting and unpredictable. the amazing thing was, the best part of my life was still ahead of me, and i didn't even know it. he makes you happy? yeah. i'm glad. incredibly jealous... but glad. look, i think you should probably stay at a hotel. yeah.
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see you tomorrow on the quad? yeah. i'll see you tomorrow. hello. [door closes] good evening. artichokes? mm-hmm. potato galette. mm-hmm. mmm... rack of lamb? i thought he was a vegetarian.
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i see. o.k., where is he? he's not invited. what a shame. unfortunately, neither are you. oh. who's hungry? not me. i hope i didn't hurt his feelings. yes! [record player] ? all the joy that love can bring ? [mrs. howser] ha ha ha! ? i will be remembering ?
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