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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i just love that new other realm grocery. yeah. if there are more than three people in line they just clone the cashier. what'd you bring us? honey frosted fruity cocoa sugar clumps, made with real candy. but i asked for something sweet. and for you... bubble gum? so this is all part of a nutritious breakfast. salem: i don't believe it. and get a genuine replica of the epsilon iii... free. will anyone join me in saying, "who cares?" the epsilon iii was the first spaceship ever used in an other realm earth landing. i must have that spaceship. well, it will take 500 boxes and you're a cat without a job. then i'd better start crunching. i've never had other realm gum. this grape is pretty good.
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it also comes in berry. what? it also comes in berry. what? teenagers today just don't listen. what?
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so, have you come up with any suggestions on how to spend the money the alumni board donated? how about a candy machine in the cafeteria?
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i suggested a poetry bash. we could have an after-school coffee shop where kids can come read their poetry and we can have famous poets come read their work. so they're not all dead? if they can build a replica of the epsilon iii you'd think they could make scissors a cat could use. salem, i need your help with a bow. where did all this cereal come from? the good things in nature? okay. i kind of told the manufacturers s and they sent me ten free ones. what? salem... no more lies. yes'm. salem, these just came for you. "hope this fulfills your dying friend's last wish for cereal." wasn't one of you coughing up blood and craving sw... oh, forget it. didn't we agree not to exchange gifts for pearl harbor day? it's for willard.
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wow. it's so great that you two have stayed together for two whole months. i know. you know, there's a sweet, kind intellectual side to willard that he almost never shows. yeah. usually he's just a big jackass. okay. attention, everybody. your suggestions on how to spend the alumni money were surpassed in their dullness only by their lack of grammatical accuracy. in fact... the only one that had any merit was the suggestion that we buy a new throne for the homecoming queen submitted by the homecoming queen. milady. milord. m'lunch. unfortunately the other member of the committee liked "poetry bash," submitted by sabrina spellman so there will be a brief campaign and you students will vote. great. how will you lose? oh, let me count the ways.
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? i'm gonna get under your skin ? ? sooner or later ? ? i found the key that lets me in ? ? sooner or later ? ? yeah ? ? 'cause you just can't keep me down ? ? yeah ? ? 'cause you just can't keep me down ? ? sooner or later ? ? you gonna let me treat you right ? ? sooner or later ? ? yeah ? ? 'cause you just can't keep me down ? ? oh, if you'd only give me ? ? time is really all that i need ?
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o make you see ? ? i'll make you see... ? hilda? yeah. we're out of cereal. i'm going to need you to pose for the botulism picture. what are you doing? i'm trying to find a potion that will make zelda realize how awful willard really is. then she'll break up with him, and he can get back to the painful, but necessary task of getting over me. i know a little other realm candy shop that sells the best annoyance amplifying sweets around. that's perfect. zelda eats a chocolate and willard's annoying qualities will be amplified. it's yours. i know a cat who needs cereal. yes. i'd like to order a one-pound box of your annoyance amplifier chocolates. yeah. i'll take, uh... some "his voice makes my skin crawl" and give me four of "he dresses like a pka band leader." throw in a couple "he smells like feet." you got that? okay. you do deliver, right? oh, that long, huh? that was awkward.
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throne. throne. throne. mr. kraft is a golf ball. that's goof ball. throne. throne. so i guess your coalition of freaks and nerds never materialized. well, don't you worry. they will. this is all my fault. my poetry stunk. no, no, no. no, no, no. no, this is all your fault. you bought all those votes. i bought them fair and square. why don't you surprise us all by changing and doing something good and kind for once. why mess with success? zelda is meeting willard this afternoon so i have to get her to eat a couple of these before she sees him. yeah, yeah. when it gets here can i store my epsilon iii in the garage? salem, something arrived for you from the other realm.
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finally, my ship has come in. well, i'm off the join willard at the homecoming pep rally. oh, that reminds me... he came by earlier to drop off your anniversary gift. oh, willie... oh, he knows i love chocolates. i can't wait to thank him. no, don't. i wasn't suppose to give it to you until the actual day of your anniversary. i guess i should wait till our anniversary to eat them. no, don't. why deny yourself? have some... take a few for the road. and i did miss lunch. and nougat is an excellent source of potassium. salem: this can't be it. i can't pick up women in this. who does libby think she is? maybe it inflates. sabrina, flip that switch. she only cares about one person... libby. flip it. aunt zelda says you shouldn't change a person but i would pay money to change libby. in the name of all that is dear in this world, flip the switch.
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we're inside the ship, we're inside the ship. get us out of the ship, get us out of the ship. where's the stupid hatch on this thing? shrinking. we're shrinking! liftoff... we have liftoff. ( screams ) yee-ha! rev it up. let's see what this baby can do. libby. hi. sorry to just drop in like this but sabrina left school before they announced the winner of the campaign. oh, she won and you wanted to congratulate her? no, sadly... she lost, and i thought i should be the one to tell her. how thoughtful-- i'll see if she's here.
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oh, that was close. if we survive this, someone's got to tell her that she's got mustard on her cheek. excuse me. i'm kind of in a rush here. mayday! mayday! nostril at 12 o'clock. and it's flared! ah! hilda: libby, can i get you a kleenex?
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