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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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about this decision. i know i belong in practice with you. i had no idea you were considering this. don't you remember our plan-- howser and son? i know we talked about it when you were little, but now, uh, i just assumed you were destined for bigger things than a family practice. i feel this is something i want to do. look, 22 years ago, you delivered a baby named libby keen, and now she's invited you to her wedding. you've become a member of the family. you've built something really special, dad, and i want to be a part of it. well? nothing could make me prouder.
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now, due to a temporary malfunction of the judgment lobe in your brain, you've committed yourself to a lifetime of father knows best. relax, vin. o.k., here's what we'll do. we'll go to hickory farms and buy your dad the "i said i'd go into business with you, but i was insane" salami gift pack. then-- i'm looking forward to this. working for your old man is hell. i won't be working for him. i'll be working with him. we'll be partners. you will be getting it around the clock. here, he'll tell you to clean your room. there, he'll tell you to clean your office. it'll be a nonstop nightmare. vin, you're you, and i'm me. o.k.? i'm not worried. i-i'm content. i'm relaxed, completely at peace.
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i wanted to let you know what's happening. it's a great decision. i'm very comfortable with it. oh, really? o.k. so i'm not being totally honest. it's strange, ben. this is what i've always wanted, so... why do i feel so uneasy? david, it's understandable that you would have some reservations. not reservations, really. uh, concerns, questions. like what? my office is my sanctuary. i'm afraid i won't have privacy. what if he's in my face? working with doogie isn't easy. his mind is always going. he's an old-timer. his mind is going. he's a genius. do i want to compete? they're his patients. do i want to compete? i'm not into high-tech medicine. there's a jar of leeches on his shelf. he'll want to make changes. i'll want to make changes.
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would he quit? could he fire me? discuss it with him. run for your life. no. it's important to him. i'll make it work. it'll work, for doogie's sake. for my dad's sake. office supplies in here, patients' files, active and inactive, here, uh, prescription pads in here. ah. tea bags. do you like lemon zinger? love lemon zinger. that's great. this is pretty exciting. yeah, boy, dad, it i dr. howser? yeah? yeah? senior. mr. neubeck is in room "a." his nasal polyps are flaring up again. thanks, lois. just think, soon i'll be able to say "son, you want to take this one?"
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look what i found. you kept that? i held on to it all this time just waiting for the day i could hang it up. [sighs] ho ho. ha ha ha.
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son, you're going to make yourself dizzy. now, what should we do until your mom gets here? i want to check your ears. o.k., you got it. get up here. what is this? hey, where'd you get that bruise? you and vinnie been playing star wars again? nope. wait, wait. what is this? it's another black and blue mark. i got one here, too. o.k., look, it's my turn to be a doctor, all right? let me, uh, check your neck here. o.k.? o.k., uh... why don't you just scooch up here and lie down?
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all right, this is your stomach... the liver... the spleen-- ow, dad! who's ready for dinner? what do you guys say we go to farrell's, hmm? i haven't looked at that in years. i used to look at it every day. you saved my life. oh, i don't know about that.
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no. no, you do. if you hadn't caught this leukemia in time, i wouldn't be alive. i can never repay you for that. doogie... is that why you're here? what do you mean? here-- with me, in the practice. do you feel you owe me? no. no, that's not how i feel. i--i want to be here. it makes me happy. i thought it made you happy. what? uh... there's a... a moment that i'm seeing in my mind. you were 10 and got that crazy idea that you wanted to learn how to sail. we thought you were too young, but, uh, you insisted.
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by yourself for the first time, i watched you struggle for hours. you couldn't get the boat moving. you hollered for me to come back in, but i wouldn't. and after what seemed like forever, a wonderful thing happened. you suddenly found the wind and off you went, and you had the biggest smile on your face. and i sat alone on the beach and watched you soar. you want to make me happy? do what's right for you. but i-- trust me, son. a child can never repay his parents. it's not even expected. son, you want to honor me as a father,
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we'll take it home. your mother can put it in a scrapbook. i can go into research or oncology. there are trauma specialists who are in such demand, they get a pilot's license to fly on a moment's notice. yeah, that sounds all right. that's a bit of an understatement, wouldn't you say? i felt closer to you when you were paralyzed with indecision and self-doubt. now you're, like, bouncy. it's all attitude.
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or as a glorious opportunity. my future's out there. i just have to grab it. a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. carpe diem. never say die. just do it. yecchh! come on, baby, i'll be your confused, alienated, misunderstood boy-toy. you can straighten out my life. but can we eat first?
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