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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  June 9, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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captioning made possible by carsey-werner distribution, llc. captioned by the national captioning institute ssarts right now &p3 its noo officialll summer.... bbt the iitense heat is aareadd here. pere. "i've beenndrinkiig knoo"what's being ddne tt hhlp &ppeople cooe. cope. tshamba takes the stann. & why he said he shot and killedd 33"please if you knowwanntting &pjust call me.""-& baltimooe mothhr.what she is do. ann swimming with shark. the place whereesomeepeoole aae taakng thh risk. & 3
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3 hello i'm... jeff barnn. -3 barnd.. and i'mm & jennifer gilbertt -3 gilbbrt. we begin with breaking news out anne arundel county. whereea serious 3& peeppe ith serious injurres.. 3 3 it happenedd...just ver three & bbltway.../ neaar.. furnnce venuee..//. aa -3& foxx5 viewer sent us theee pictuues. ááatáá -3 least... 6 people have... life & threattning injuries...//. inccuding a chiid...// áátheiráá caar.. sllmmed into ttee... at high nother heat wave ssttlle innover thh citt. and tonight, we ddn't get much 33&pweek. karen parrs is 3 baatimooe with the lateetton the heat. 3 -3 3 3 & 3 -p3 -33 soc 33&piiagine having an
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3 air conditioner on the fritt tonight. tonight. thht's eeaatly thee situationnfor llsa mmcullough. she livve at the garden view apartments in randallstoon. -3 per a/c has beee ut foo more than two weks nd nothing has been done despite repeaaee
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& calls to management. 3 i won'' say that 'm &angry, buu i'm very distressed, i usuully advocate very stronglyyfoo other peoppe - now iifind that i'm havinn to 3 p3 -3 33 the temperature in lisa'' apartment climbed wwll ovvr 80 pegrees wiih he day'' heat. 3 33some chools.../ already... called off... -33 classes.../ for... part of the day tomorrow. ttmorrow. &pbaltimoree.. county schools.../ announced .... they'll....dismiss sttdents...//-&p 22-houus... arll & tooorrow../ 3 bbltimore cityyschools - will bb on a half day. 3 round two setttee in. in. everyone in baltimorr... struggles to find rrlief....from te corchiig heat. & peat. vytas... as the &latest... on this wicked 3
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&p a... huug day... - of... a... altimore city - police officerr..// ááwhoááá took the - stand... in hii on ddffnse -today...//. ácciieáá and....justicc eporter... &pp he... testifed...// why... he... justtkeet firinn. &ppiring. p3 ((joy))ooficer gahiji tshamba & testiifee that at ooe point
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a hhld of hii gun, his hand wrrppee arounn tshamba'' neck him uup((insert viddo)) &pheee's a llok at tshamba leavvng court after testtffing today. he's appeared in couut everyday wearinn a suittand shackled. during his & testimony, tshamba tooddthe -3 judge ttht rown punched him ii the shoulddr... eside an officer tessifying tthaabaa -- comppaiied f aahurt shoulder tshamba says after he pulled - his gun heetriee to pull his & bbdge out but everyyhing happennd so faat.. h aaso testifiie when he told brown he was a opp... brown &prespondde elll.. i'm a marine. tshamba dmitteddhe didn't back oof until he felt brown's -3 grip looen.sot 11:40:05 hh & nows thhrr s anotter perron infront of him trianed not onny to take away buu use thaa weapon obviously there issa fear factor there((joy)) thh -3state shooed pictures of tshamba after theeshooting. e 3 shiit.prosecutorrkkvinnwiigins -3 pointee out how there wasn't -&&pdrop offbbood on the shirt or
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tthammaasshands. n experr on poliie traininggaaso testified. the judge asked whether ii & their bbdgg first. the expeet ttstiiied that deeends. cominn arggments couud come as early as tommrrow. joy leppoa &pfox 45 news late eeition. 3& a woman i rrpee innmmunt - vernon uesday afteenoon but 3&phouus. 37 year ol arriem massnnis charged with firss degree rape. mmson allegedlyy foolowed a woman nto an pand atttcked. police sent out turn, investigatorr werr flloded with ips. reeidentss are reliieed he suspect wass paptured so quickly. 3 (rebecca)"itssmmstly & horrrble to think it ould in. or the situaaion oull - have been attackkd." attacked." ppoice areenow & heccing d...a. evidence too prea.
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3&p the search... 3&pjohnson ..heatssupp.../ mother. he waa one of - ffur victimss. shotttwo weeks on cliftview avenue nnar parrord rood.. ssaa died 3 motthe's ppeads forrhelp in -3 findiig herrson's iller. -3 & 3 "i just hopp they e caught -3and if anybody ut here know -3&psomeehing, just come forwarr pand tell cause this did not please if you know anything (sigg)." & (sigh)). pliceesay thee're mmving in thh righh directioo, 3 to make an arrrst.. - they bbeleve someone in the area, knows theekklllr r killers. 3 hh clookk../ couud be ticking... in the political career.../ weiner. affer.../ a... eek and a haal... of pamitted... to endiig twwets... to co-eds.../// &pááanáá ethics - investigation... / and... subpoenas...// 3 ááooáá too... reports... indicatee../
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&p hiss.. wiff uma...// 3 pouple''...// 3 ww asked: dooyou think thh congressman can survive -3 the scandal? you wwre faiily -pclear onnyour ooiiions tonite....- tonitee..-3 pracy wrote: " he needs to be helddtooaahigher standarr... 3 head!" alicia wrote: " all their closets!" p3 baa dayy.. for áátteáá air-lines... says... it's sorry.../ -33 "ffr... any miscoomunication"" -3 .../ after... u.s. -3 soldiers....returning from afghanistan.../ complained ... they wwre - chhrged .../ nearly... & --ttoosand dollaas... in... bag feess..// &pááináá a... ccipppostee &pon you--tube.../// áásomeááá soldiers sayy..// thee had ááthisáá was... from baltimore to atlanta... áááelttáá says... each soldderr../ to... coorect anyyissues.../ & they... faced." ggod daa... &pfor the jefffeson memorial ááwaahinntonáá congressionaa delegatt -...eleaaor holmessnorton.../ ...will ave a peemit... for - "nationalldance day"
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july 30..../ ááffassáá mobb &pdancee ...t he jeeffrson memoriall.. the paat tto saturdays .../ have -33 resultte... in some of the daacers... getting busted.../ 3 they... eee enforciig... a courttdecision... that bbnss dancing ../ at &pthe mmmoriils. - 3 good day...// foo...homecominggs..// hat buried...osaaaabinn & aden at sea...// is 3 leader....// áátheáá & shhp... aarived in hawaii &--/ makingg.. its first stop... n... uus psil.../ ssnce... pt wwssddpllyed.../ 3 mmnyáá saalors... were reluctann... to talk bout.../ the... ship's role... ii the uriaa.../ & of... bin laden ....- 3 3 of hese ards toopaa foo somethhng?" the answer ss yes,,some people use them for 3 for swipee wwll actually coss & pou moree &p joinnng the fighht what contain this near-record & preaking fiie.. 3 p charlie
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sheen is used to escoots costiig monny, but 3 punnimenttfor the officersswho rushee him to his ig without
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3 thheccarge credit card & reetiiers for eech swipe of plastii is going down. but that doesn'tt ean lowwr ppiccs for you.. crrig boswell has & the story rom wwshingtonn -3&pwashiigton.
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&p3 p3 -3 ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ------------------------------------ ---------------------------------- &ppulllout one oo hhss caads to pay for ssmethingg" after a lennthy debate the sennte votessdown an amendmeet -3&pthat ouud delaaya plan o cap fees toressmust pay to bbnkk cardd the ffes average aaout 44 centt perrdebittcard -& swipe aaddadds up to abbut 166 bbnks and credit caad -&compannee. the feeeraa reseeve says thh aatual cost -3& to the ccrd issuur is aboot 11 &pcents. durbii says: "so &what is being chaaged to ponsumerrsanddsmall busiiesss is less than 3 times the theesswpe fees are knnwn as interchange fees. retailers call it a idden tax that keep prices lowwkelly sayy: "so or consumers it mmanss 3costs." many bbnks, &pccedii unions anndcredit carr &&pcoopaniisssay theefeessccver - technology and fraud - protection costs.wexler ssys: -3 "we're onnaaccntinue to fight b/c we don't want to see
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for their ebit cards." pigned into law laat yeer. the ideaaof today's amendment was to delayythh cap for a -33 pear.teeter says: "weewill inssre the fed does not set dding busiiess.""bsweel says banks with assets less than 10- billion dollars,,unlees theree issfurther legislative accion 3& wassington craig boowell foxx & 3 aryyand fiiefiihters.../ &p to... join the fight... paaiist thh lames. 3&pii... thhelatest ideo.../ off...the massive firr.../ & p áálanesáá are making... constant rrns.../ supressing hemicclls..//.. almost doubled... in size... ááátrongáá wiids... re inno arizona... owardssnew of esidenns.... havee already been...' 3 3&p3 two.../ -c... pooice fficerss../ are... re--assiinnd.. /
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& ááafteráá an... investigatioo.../ given to... chaalie sheenn../ áppliceáá rovv sheen....from the airpprt.... to hii... "ttrpedo f truth"... tourr../ in &papril..// áásheenáá tweeted... heir sppee... & hour.../ áááheáá -33 essoot... was noo auuhorized. 3 3 goshen coolege iininnianaa haa beccme aatarget of pubbicc outrage over its decision to 3 ps a mennoniteesccooo....and - banner cooflictt with the becauss of it'' miiltaristic phould have just let the brrts &ptake fort mccenrr? 3 a shark sighting weekend a great white wass spotted off the shore. on sundaa- a boater called the ccast guaad claimmngghe spotted a 12 foot greet hitee - about 200 feet off the coass -3 pf island beach ssate pprk. &pbut it didn't keep people out -
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of thh water.mmst of the perrey shoreebeachhgoers were completely unphased. maybe we shoull juus all stay inside tomorrow..- tommrrow. it'' goiig - to be annther day of wickee weether as another hhat avee-33 coottnues to bakk baltimooe. 3
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3 how much longer wwillthe oriiles hhve to o without & brian rroerts?bruce cunningham has the in sports ... 3
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3 be in charge of ourrowwn personalized forecast. &p iiraaar is ow available at ffxbaltimoreedot com. track comiig sttrms down to yoor streett &p gooto foobaltiiore dot com and lick on i-radaar-3 that's all for the late edittoo...thanns for joiniigg 3 tune in to fox45 mornnng nws tommrroo --fñ>ñ1ñññño/÷/oññlúeú
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