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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  July 28, 2012 12:30am-1:05am EDT

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look at this bed! this nightstand! this wardrobe! what are you doing here? you're in ikea. my dream bedroom is in ikea? yes. what's that bedroom over there? that's your husband's dream bedroom. whatever your style, take home your dream bedroom together. ikea. the life improvement store. "in fact he said i'm a joker,
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i'm gonna load my guns and blow everyone up." up."a possible plot leads to an arsenal inside a crofton home. the... man... in... police custody tonight... and... the people... who were threatened hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm karen parks a crofton man is captured before police say he could carry out plans for a mass shooting. shooting. keith daniels... live in crofton... where investigators ...say... he... threatened to... to... kill... dozens of people... where he worked.. keith. keith. karen and
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jeff..... police say this man called himself "a joker..." like the shooting suspect in the colorado mass movie killing. we're live outside the keswick park apartments where police arrested him at his home. according to a search warrant.. neil prescott made two calls to two of his supervisors at the office supplier pitney bowes where they say prescott was in the process of being fired. investigators say he made threats.. saying he wanted to come back and harm people. the supervisors alerted police.. who descended upon prescott's apartment in crofton..last night. they found the man and more than 20 guns, including assault rifles.. and at least 400 rounds of ammunition. ammunition. (maj. bergin) "at that point, atf was on the scene with us along with members of the pg county's police department.. and we turned that investigation also over to the atf." prescott has been under mental evaluation at anne arundel medical center for most of the day. we just
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checked tonight.. and police still have not charged him with a crime yet. but again, he is in custody. live in crofton, keith daniels, fox 45 news late edition. a... 67-year-old man... faces... charges... after stabbing a man... at... a post office... in silver spring. witnesses say... the suspect... did not... like that the man.. who... stepped out of line... to do business.../ was allowed to get back... to the front of the line... when he was finished..../ so... the suspect pulled a knife... as the man was leaving..../ and... the... two began fighting.../. two... employees... are credited... for breaking up the fight... after... spraying them both... with... pepper spray..../ the... victim's... in serious condition.../ "nats of girl singing" singing"family and friends came together to mourn the loss of man who was fatally shot during a robbery in west baltimore. dozens turned out for a candle light vigil in front of the old walbrook high school where 23-year-old brandon spruill attended. spruill was shot in the back
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of the head monday...after being ordered to get down on his knees during a robbery near mckean avenue and presstman street. spruill had a love for playing basketball. turns out... the... health care worker ... accused ...of... exposing... dozens of patients ... to... hepatitis- c.../ .also... worked at... baltimore's... v-a... medical center...//. jeff abell... says... , the... hospital's... struggling... to... determine... if... anyone was infected. infected. the v-a medical center confirms, that in 2008, david kwiatkowski worked at the baltimore facility for six months.... its the latest in a growing list of hospitals that are now dealing with the fallout... fallout... 3 its not clear how many baltimore patients david kwiatkowski came in contact with....but across the country, the list of hospitals where he worked continues to grow.... he was employed for three months at this one in arizona..... and 11-days at another arizona facility... (monica bowin) "we are not aware of any patients who have come forward with hepatitis c...." police in new hampshire believe kwiatkowski was injecting himself with painkillers which were meant for patients. he's being blamed for thirty new cases of
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hepatitis c at one hospital north of boston. bu there's no indication whether anyone in baltimore or arizona was exposed. (az health dept.) "we don't know if he was even infected with hepatitis c at the time and we don't know if he was using these unsafe needle practices at the time. the majority of patients never experience any symptoms and don't even know that they're infected." while kwiatkowski faces criminal charges... hospitals in, at least six states, face the task of identifying patients who he may have treated. baltimore's v-a medical center is now offering free testing to any patient who may have been exposed... jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten. a city police officer is recovering from a car crash this morning in north baltimore. baltimore.this is the scene about 10-30 this morning on the alameda and 33rd street. you can see the officers patrol car... pretty banged up... the front bumper torn off... and the passengers side dented... the other car.... also had damage to the front end.the officer was taken to the hospital but is expected to be ok... no word on the cause of the crash. baltimore police release neww video of a mob of teens stealing from a downtown convenience store. myranda stephens has more on why the
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suspects won't face charges. 3 it happened march 23rd. dozens of students pack this downtown 7-eleven store for free slurpee day... but leave out with much more. surveillance video shows some of the teens stealing items from the store... before a wave of them head for the doors! some workers try to stop them - but some of the students attack them! the owner and other employees try to fight back... but finally give up... letting the thieves go free. it's a scene that's become all too familiar in our area. last fall... a group of people were caught on video stealing from this 7-eleven in montgomery county. investigators call it a flash mob robbery - where the suspects plan to meet up beforehand - and steal the goods in less than a minute! myranda the problem has gotten so bad... 7-eleven's corporate office sent out these safety guidelines on how to deal with flash mobs alone. from joy's pkg: 00:49 it's dangerous. not only to innocent bystanders who might be in the way of large crowds of people moving down the street, but also business owners who have not only people, but their property to protect 59 police
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did identify some of the teens in the downtown incident... but prosecutors decided not to file charges. a 7-eleven spokesperson agrees with the decision... saying " we do not believe that the most recent incident was a flash mob act... the franchise said he believed there was some shoplifting by just a few of the young people in the store. in reviewing the videotape from that incident, a conclusion was made that there was not enough evidence to file charges against any of those individuals."a break for the suspected thieves... but a loss for yet another store. the 7-eleven store says since the incident... it's teamed up with baltimore's downtown partnership... which has helped deter crime. maryland... lawmakers... will... return to annapolis... august 9th.../ for... a... special session... on... gambling. gambling.governor... o'malley... made... the announcement... today...// surrounded by... baltimore's mayor.../ and... house and senate.../ leaders..../the... bill... would expand gambling... to... table games...///.it... also... calls for... another casino...
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at... the... national harbor... in... p--g... county. (governor) "it's time to create the thousands of jobs, it's time to maximize funding from gaming to for maryland public education." education."but... some... lawmakers say... a... casino... at the national harbor... would... take away... business... from... new... casinos in the state. that... brings us our question of the day.../. do you think a special session should be held to expand gambling in maryland? go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you think.../. sound... off... thru... facebook.../. send... us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimore.../. text... your answer to ...45-203..../ enter... fox45a for yes.. / fox45b for no. 3 a bad day for b-g-e customers. the power company announced today that its seeking rate increases for both electric and gas distribution. company officials say they asked state regulators for the
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increase help comply with recently enacted state and federally reliability and safety requirements. the rate hike would increase electric bills by seven dollars and twenty-two cents per month.and increase gas by four dollars and sixty-two cents per month. if approved...... rates are expected to go up in february. it was frightening... but it ended up being a good day for the people on board a small plane in texas. two people walked away unscathed as their plane made an emergency landing. the f-a-a says the plane developed engine trouble---- making an emergency landing on an access road off a major interstate. bad day for a pet store in new york. one of their most expensive dogs were stolen...and in an unusual way. take a look here... this thief isn't fixing his pants...he's actually stuffing a one pound...nine week old ápomeranian dogá in it. surveillance video shows one guy distracting the store
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clerk while the other guy gets away with stealing the dog. the store is offering 5- hundred dollars to anyone who can find the pooch. 3 3
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the u-s economy still sputtering.a look at the reasons why. 3 i feel like it's an attempt to embarrass me or to intimidate me me a mayor outraged over a parking ticket..... creates his own parking place.... how he defends what some are calling an abuse of power. no its not halloween....but its definitely the time to dress up...the event happening downtown thats turning heads...
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the u-s economy is struggling ... its never been so sluggish this long into a recovery. jim angle hs some of the reasons why. why. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------------ economists have little doubt about why the economy is slowing. for one thing, consumers aren't spending enough .. because they don't have enough: vitner says:
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"mainly because there isn't a whole lot of income growth it's just hasn't been much income created over the last couple of years.moutray says: "consumers themselves are starting to get a little bit more anxious, and starting to say let's wait and see what's happening with the economy before we go out there and start making these major purchases."morici says: "soft consumer confidence, soft consumer spending it's an endless cycle that feeds on itself and the economy can't recover if that's the case." consumer spending is the main engine for economic growth. and if consumers aren't spending, businesses can't expand.. and hire: moutray says: "i think manufacturers are worried about slowing global sales. they are worried about what is happening with tax and regulatory policy. and i think so much is on hold until the election takes place, that manufacturers are really uncertain. there is a lot of anxiety out there." anxious about what will happen to tax rates, to federal spending, to health care costs -- a cloud of uncertainty that darkens the business climate. vitner says: "and given that, i understand why folks would be reluctant to hire more workers or expand their operations. employers also chafe at what they see as burdensome regulations: vitner says: "not just the number of regulations but in some
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ways the attitude of the reeulators has become antagonistic.moutray says: "the manufacturers that i talk to are very worried about the regulatory onslaught that's coming their way. they're very worried about the fact that after the election there could be even more regulations coming down the pike." the last time a president facing reelection confronted this level of unemployment was ronald reagan in 1984. he got reelected, but with different policies:morici says: "ronald reagan had 10.4 percent unemployment at its peak, more than what president obama did at 10 percent but he deregulated, cut taxes, and bet on the private sector.moutray says: "president reagan really valued businesses a little bit differently. i think that you saw much more of an embrace of the free market in terms of letting tax policy and regulatory policy help to, again, create an environment whereby businesses could flourish."angle says: "economists don't see things changing much the rest of the year... with most projections for growth at 2 percent or so-- at best. as one critic put it, the economy "lacks wind and oxygen." in washington, jim angle, fox news." downtown baltimore...
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may... look a bit... different... this weekend. it'll be invaded by airbenders , pokemon's and other asian pop culture characters...and its all for the annual áotakon conventioná. otakon 20-12 is one of the biggest anime conventions in the u-s-a with more than 30- thousand people attending each year. fans dress up in their favorite japanese cartoon costumes to enjoy japanese films, music and more. "its literally costume play so your dressing up as your favorite character and kind of taking over their persona the entire weekend. some people are going to take it more seriously and actualll perform during our masquerade." the event will be held through sunday july 29-th. all proceeds will benefit tsunami victims in japan. 3
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3 3 shopping made easy for
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men...../ what a grocery store... is selling in its man aisle.../ and... the reason's also... a big hit with women.
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many men... hate... going... to the grocery store.../ but... that... could change .. .with this... little isle... of paradise paradisea... new york grocery store... has... streamlined products.../ and... created ...the first ever... / "man aisle"....//it... includes things... most guys use../ . like... barbecue sauce... / razors.../ beef jerky ...and chips...//. it's... strategically located... right across... from... the beer aisle.../ , but... oddly enough... it's... the women ... who... seem to be ... the... most interested... in... the... man aisle 1:32 "single women... seem to be most interested in the man aisle. single women... who's go" going."the market says... with its success... of the man aisle.../ they're... hoping... to... roll it out... its locations. to all 5 of a... parking ticket... on your windshield... can... put a damper ... on... your day. .../ moss... of... us ... can't... do
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much ...about it....// but when you're the mayor, you can take matters into your own hands. after getting a 20- dollar parking ticket, the mayor of logansport, indiana, decided to create his own parking place!he annexed two parking spots for himself, which used to be reserved for police cars.the mayor believes the 20-dollar fine boils down to tension between himself and the ticketing officer. the officer was chief of police until he was demoted when franklin took office. there's some sour grapes there, and i feel like it's an attempt to embarrass me or to intimidate me, and i'm not going to buy into it. i can't be intimidated. intimidated.mayor franklin says police still have eight parking places. 3 3 3 some frightening weather. the place that got
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hit a lot harder than we did last night. 3 some thunderstorms move
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through our area last night.... enough to knock out power to almost 64- hundred customers.. mostly in
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baltimore and howard counties. counties. but it was nothing like... this..... mother nature put on quite a light show over new york city last night. it only rainnd for about 15 minutes.... but the flashes of lightning were intense. there were reports of a tornado touching down in elmyra, new york. the storm was part of a system that stretched down to oklahoma. one of the ravens oneeof the ravens rivals is for sale...and the guy who wants to buy them is a steelers in sports unlimited...
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that's it for us. here's moogan adsit with sports unlimited if you talk to the average sports fan...or even sports reporter outside this market... they immediately link the ravens with an old defense. with two people getting all the attention... ray lewis and ed reed. doubt about it they're the stamp of this franchise... and soon to be hall of famers..
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in football terms they're old. lewis 37... entering his 17th season.reed 33... 11th season. but with the current 11 players running as starters... the ravens average age on defense is 27.take reed and lewis out of the equation it's 25..that's called prime football age just past a rookie deal.the ravens have changed their ways on defense... yet, no one's taking notice. 3 for the second straight day....ravens left tackle bryant mckinnie is still a no show.he has yet to report to camp... and will be fined every day he misses.john harbaugh said this week it's a personal's not mckinnie's first off the field issue.he's a liability..and
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the ravens are prepared to move on without him in camp... michael oher is getting another shot at left tackle. 3 those poor cleveland browns...lost their team to baltimore...didn't have a team for three seasons. got one back.... and today it's for sale..owner randy lerner released a statement saying so...but said the organization will stay in's the kicker... jimmy haslam... minority owner of the steelers is in talks of buying.two years ago haslam said, "i am one-thousand percent a steelers fan."and that's what you call a conflict of interest. the orioles are hanging on to post season hopes...still a winning season... 7-and-a-half back from new york.but they have to be buyers.the m-l-b trade deadline is far the o's have been quite.
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one rumor's gone... brewers pitcher zach grinke went to the angels. angels.while that happened... o's dug an early hole with the a's. bottom of the 8th... they trail 8-7...jim thome grounder up the middle...nick markakis comes around to tied....2 batters later...bases loaded...chris davis singles into left...jj hardy scores...thome gets the green light...bad idea...not even close...but the o's take an 9-8 lead into the 9th.... jim johnson out to close.... derek norris chopper to first...over mark reynolds into right...eric sogard scores the tying run... johnson's 3rd blown save of the year....later in the 9th... jemile weeks lines it... brandon inge trots in from 3rd...a's take the lead 10-9... .next batter...coco crisp base knock to right...2 more runs score...johnson gives up 6 runs on 5 hits...his e-r-a before the all-star break


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