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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 2, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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>> right now on fox 5 news at 10 -- >> community leaders voicing their anger at mayor de blasio, demanding action after a rash of weekend. hello and good evening, i'm antwan lewis. >> and i'm christina park. nearly two dozen shootings over the weekend, the most violent in east new york, brooklyn, where nine people were shot and four party. gunman. stacy delikat is live at the 75th precinct in east new york with the details. >> at least 19 people shot city wide during this violent weekend, three people dead and nine people shot here in east new york, as you said. now police here at the 75th precinct looking for the two men responsible. surveillance video shows the shots being fired one after
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another. in all, nine people were struck, two wounded seriously in the shooting at an east new york house party overnight. in fort green a 46-year-old man was shot dead in the walt whitman houses. in the bronx, three people were shot including 20-year-old christian garcia who didn't survive, and that's just in the last 24 hours. friday into saturday at least five others were shot including rosalynn jackson's son who was killed. >> enough is enough. i'm tired, but i'm not going to let my son's death be in vain, because they shot him down like he was a dog in the street. >> the crime is really up out here right now. i guess a lot of people are under pressure right now, it's getting hot. >> sly love knows the victim who was fatally shot overnight. >> i'm very disturbed about this, yeah. and something has to be done. >> the weekend uptick in gun violence has community leaders calling for help from mayor de blasio. >> we're tired of saying to the city, do something. you got elected to be a mayor of
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the city, you now have to step up and do your job. >> tony herbert and eric adams held a press conference late today calling on the city and state to allocate emergency funds to help combat gun violence on inner city streets. before this weekend's violence, murders were up 10% city wide from this time last year and up 75% in the 75th precinct where last night's house party shooting took place. >> the number one thing the mayor, the governor and our federal lawmakers can do is put money on the ground to these proven organizations. >> the mayor's office says overall crime is down and that officers have been added to high crime areas. his press secretary staid in a saint -- said in a statement, quote, the mayor takes very seriously each incident and has directed the nypd to beef up presence in these areas. the nypd's commissioner, bill bratton, vowed to tackle the problem. >> we need to get this right,
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because we can't repeat the fiasco of the 1970s in terms of the homeless issues, the emotionally disturbed. this is too important to get wrong. >> and back here in brooklyn the borough president says he'll announce a new anti-gun initiative tomorrow. meantime, of all of the shootings in the city, no suspects have been arrested. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call, tips can be made anonymously. i'm stacy stacy delikat, back to you. >> thanks so much. the outbreak of legionnaires' disease in the bronx continues to grow. six more people have the disease bringing the total number to 71 confirmed cases since july. four people have died. city council members will take part in a town hall meeting to answer questions about the situation. health officials say they expect the number of legion theirs' cases to grow over the next few days as they try to figure out exactly which cooling tower is spreading the bacteria. >> a manhunt is underway for a suspect who allegedly shot and
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killed a 33-year-old police officer in memphis, tennessee. authorities are looking for 29-year-old tremaine willborne. the incident began when an illegally-parked mercedes was spotted by the officer, the suspect confronted him. after the two struggled, officials say willborne allegedly shot sean bolton who died at an area hospital. >> wildlife authorities in zimbabwe say that jericho, the alive and well. the british researcher who monitors him with a gps device tweeted out this photograph this morning. the zimbabwe conservation task force retracted its statement saying he had been killed. officials say the protected lion was lured out of a zimbabwe park by an american dentist and his guides and killed during an illegal hunt last month. the researcher says cecil and
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together. >> now a second american doctor is suspected of taking part in another illegal lion hunt near that very same park where cecil was killed. 68-year-old jan -- [inaudible] of pittsburgh is a suspect in an illegal crossbow hunt that took place in april. officials say the owner of the company that conducted the hunt has been arrested. >> northern california wildfires continue burning forests while threatening homes and forcing hundreds to evacuate. francisco. so far it's charred more than 70 square miles, destroyed two dozen homes and threatens thousands more. it has forced officials to close parts of two highways. about 8,000 firefighters are working to put out the flames. getting the fire under control has been made difficult by the terrain which is steep, rugged and very dry k. >> malaysia is seeking help as it expands the search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370. officials are looking for more debris after part of a wing
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washed ashore on the french territory of reunion island it has been confirmed that wing is from a boeing 77, and they will work to determine if it is from flight 370. the jet vanished in march of last year after leaving for beijing with 239 people onboard. >> tonight a call for the federal government to take action on drones after friday's near miss with a delta airlines jet headed to jfk. the pilot spotted a drone about 100 below the wing. earlier in the day a pilot of a jetblue flight also reported a drone. more needs to be done to keep drones away from planes, says senator chuck schumer. >> there's an elegant solution could geo-fencing, and what it does is build into a drone's software the inability to fly in certain places; within two miles of an airport, above 500 feet, near sensitive areas. >> now, drones are not supposed
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to fly within five miles of an airport without notifying the control tower. >> more than six months since a world war ii mural was defaced in brooklyn, and today the artwork of the warsaw uprising was reborn in green point. the mural commemorating the 70th anniversary of the warsaw uprising had been sprayed over with white lettering three months after it debuted. the the artist was able to restore it and made some additions to it including names, quotes, even a poem. >> to know that my father's face and the face of all these heroes will be up here forever is incredibly special and moving for me. >> at least one of the suspects who vandalized the mural was eventually caught and was sentenced to community service. >> tomorrow bobbi kristina brown will be laid to rest in westfield, new jersey. security is expected to be tight outside fairview cemetery where the 22-year-old will be buried next to her mother, whitney houston. bobbi kristina died in hospice
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care last week nearly six months after she was found facedown in a bathtub in her georgia home. >> unions representing 39,000 verizon employees in nine states including new york say their members will work without a contract as more negotiations are scheduled with the wireless carrier. the previous contract expired early this morning. union officials say verizon wants workers to pay more for health care and make concessions on their pensions. >> a coast guard helicopter makes an emergency landing on a staten island golf course. the chopper was flying to monitor an oil spill when smoke and fumes began to fill the cockpit. four crew members made it off safely, the chopper is being checked out to determine exactly what caused the problem. >> american pharoah adding to his legacy with another epic performance in our area. >> duke has all the highlights. >> i was at belmont park when he
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won, belmont stakes, and today it was just awesome watching this on tv. late this afternoon at monmouth park, triple crown winner american pharoah racing in the haskell invitational. >> to the wire, it is a rousing return for a living legend! american pharoah won by three, he could have won by twenty. [cheers and applause] >> so american pharoah wins easily. american pharoah has now won eight straight races. congrats to the owners, winning jockey victor espinosa will be on good day new york tomorrow. it's going to be in our 9 a.m. hour. victor espinosa is, triple crown-winning jockey of american pharoah, he'll join us live in our 9 a.m. hour. that's going to be exciting. >> what happens now? does the horse retire? >> well, a lot of people want
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him -- no, he's -- a lot of people want him to race in the travers later this month. i do think he's got one more race in the breeders cup, and i think that will be his final race. yeah, one more, and if he wins that, he'll finish the grand slam. >> what a sweet ending. >> yeah. we're seriously watching history. one of the greatest horses of all time. >> really. you can see it. >> and victor espinosa is, great jockey too. >> tomorrow. >> can't wait. >> thanks, duke can. coming up, the ice bucket challenge making a comeback. we're going to show you how local leaders helped relaunch the social media movement. >> and when you gotta go, you simply got to go. what some people are paying to know where the closest public restrooms are around town. >> and tom cruise roar to the top of the box office? we'll have the final numbers. >> another beautiful summer day across the tristate area with temperatures above average. we have some changes as we go
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>> you're watching fox 5 news at 10. >> yonkers city officials and good cause today. >> they all took part in the als ice bucket challenge part two. pat quinn, who was diagnosed with als and one of the originators of this very popular challenge led supporters of a relawn in his hometown. organizers want to reignite the viral social media movement to benefit als research once again.
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>> when we started last summer, it grew, and we can't stop now. >> last summer the global success of the ice bucket challenge helped the als association raise over $115 million. >> that's awesome. okay, so finding a public bathroom in the city can be very challenging. >> that's true, that's true. but a new app called louie could bring some much needed relief for a price. here's more. >> when you've got to go, you've got to go. and now a new app could be making all of that going just a little more convenient. searching for a public restroom can be tough in new york city. and when you find one, you're lucky if it's clean and stocked with the necessary essentials. louie wants to change that. >> louie is there to kind of solve the public restroom crisis in new york city.
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>> the founder and ceo of louie says new york underperforms when it comes to public loos. >> eight million people, 50 million tourists a year, no public restroom infrastructure. so on that level, it's pretty bad in new york, it's probably one of the worst places on this issue. that's why we're starting here. >> now a start-up is streamlining the process of finding facilities at a price of $25 a month. >> you get the key, and you subscribe to the app, and this key unlocks a network of service restrooms across new york city. but this is not a bathroom-finding app. we have a whole operation to keep our networks the cleanest in new york city. so we have cleaners ors hygienists, people who -- designers, people who make sure the experience is nothing short of heavenly. >> and his new business model offers benefits to consumers and restaurant owners a alike. >> do you pay the restaurants to participate? >>. no they pay us to keep their bathrooms clean. it's a big problem and a lot of restrooms are struggling to keep
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one the demand on their bathrooms. we're like, you know what? we'll take the bathrooms off of your hands, keep it clean and drive traffic to your business. >> lou louie is now available in tribeca. fox 5 news. >> cool name. >> great idea too. >> that hand thing, though, concerns me. >> oh, right, the door. right. [laughter] >> yeah. >> just me. >> it sounds like they really are good at keeping them clean. all right, folks, let's talk about the weather while you guys sit there and converse about that subject. 89 degrees was the high number in central park, above average yet again, we hit that number at about 1:30, earlier this afternoon. looks like we're going to stay above average for the next couple of days, but numbers are actually going to be dropping into the latter part of the week next week. right now pretty warm across much of area, we're in the 70s in new york city, 77 in
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bridgeport, 71 in poughkeepsie, and we're in the 60s in sussex and 70 out towards monticello. now, the big difference today was in the dewpoints, that makes it feel much more comfortable. out across the east we're starting to see these numbers climb, and a southwest wind flow is going to help these numbers rise, and you're going to feel the difference when you head out the door tomorrow morning. right now we do have a southwest wind that's relatively light, but tomorrow they could be gusting as high as 25 miles per hour. and once again it's going to usher in more humid air across the region. high pressure's in control right now, it'll be sliding off to the east, then our focus is on a cold front that's work its way into the great lakes tonight igniting some showers and storms across michigan, heading towards western new york, and it will start to affect our area as we go into tomorrow. out ahead of it, we'll start out with plenty of sunshine in the morning hours and then see a mix of sun and clouds with a chance of pop-up showers. a lot of activity will happen in
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the early evening to maybe just after sunset. so high temperatures tomorrow mostly in the 90s across the deep south here, 89 in miami tomorrow, some cooler, drier air is going to work in behind that front across chicago and minneapolis. we'll get a taste of that in the second half of the week. out to the west it's still hot from billings all the way down to albuquerque, but the west coast still feeling good, temperatures in the 70s in san francisco, and l.a. will be 81 tomorrow. tonight, mostly clear. sunshine, clouds rotating through from time to time, and in the middle part of the day, i can't rule out the chance for a pop-up shower as is indicated here on our future cast. but i think more likely in the early evening is when there'll be the threat of some thunderstorms, and that will linger into the evening hours tomorrow, and everything clears out by tuesday morning. on tuesday, though, we're still a little unstable, so it will still feel humid, and i'm going to leave in the chance for an isolated shower, especially north and west of the city. after that on wednesday, i think that's going to be the best
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weather day of the week which i'll show you in just a moment. in the meantime, we could have some patch chi fog -- patchy fog tonight and tomorrow, and tomorrow mostly sunny, chance of an isolated shower during the day, but i think there'll be a greater chance in the evening. windy and humid tomorrow, temperatures in the mid 80s to 90s, and it will feel hot and uncomfortable unlike this weekend. as we go into tuesday, there's a chance of an isolated shower towards the afternoon. wednesday we finally dry it out, it will feel comfortable on wednesday too. thursday could be a soaker, we're watching a system with a chance of significant rainfall by then, and as we go into the weekend, i did throw in the chance of an isolated shower. i think it should stay dry as temperatures drop into the low 80s for those of you that have not enjoyed the heat, i think you're going to get a little bit of relief toward the end of the week. >> audrey, thanks. >> all right. so mission impossible was back, but it was hardly impossible for the film to conquer the weekend box office.
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>> tom cruise's mission was to take over the box office this weekend, and it was possible. mission impossible: rogue nation, made $56 million in theaters. the fifth installment of the series, here's the rest of the top five: vacation with nearly $15 million, antman was third with more than 12 million, minions and pixels taking the fourth and fifth spot.
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>> the all-female cast of the upcoming ghostbusters remake made a trip to the boston hospital this weekend arriving in full costume as they visited sick children. the cast even brought along their famous proton packs but, luckily, they weren't needed. the film's due to hit theaters next summer. >> duke is here with a look at what's coming up in sports. >> coming up tonight, probably the biggest regular season game in citi field's history as the mets and nationals battle for first place. we'll have some of the highlights of this game. yankees out in chicago, and we talk jets and giants as well. plus american pharoah -- >> nice. >> in jersey. >> i know. i told ya, i mean, we're watching history. one of the greatest horses of all times. >> can't wait. >> see everybody at 10:30. >> we'll be right back. >> but first, a look at what you need to know about tomorrow's commute. >> traffic tracker brought to you by toyota. >> i'm ines rosales, the
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>> surf's up for these dogs in southern california. the 10th annual unleashed by petco -- >> hook at that one. >> took place yesterday at imperial beach in san diego. >> proceeds from the event went towards the san diego humane society. >> wow. >> pretty cool. >> he's really good at that. the beach was a great place to be this weekend. >> it sure was nice and hot out there, and it looks like we're going to turn up the humidity tomorrow, folks. i hope you enjoyed the dry
10:28 pm
weather, things are changing as we start off our week. there is a chance of scattered showers and storms, especially tuesday. drier by wednesday. could see a soaking rain on thursday, and we could be a little unsettled over the weekend, but we'll fine tune as week. >> that does it for us tonight. thanks so much for watching, i'm christina park. >> i'm antwan lewis. >> stick around, "sports extra" with duke is next. >> night. mmm yoplait! it's snack time! oh, look! has 25% less sugar. time to taste it. how is it? it tastes good! congratulations yoplait! you did it! yoplait!
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