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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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incident and has directed nypd to beef up presence in the areas. this mother is take herring own precautions. >> as mother, how concern rud about what is going on on the street has to very concerned. i don't let my kids be outside at. that they are always in the us who me. then they wonder why. because of that reason. this father two of says everyone bears some responsibility. >> i think the mayor immediates to step it up. think i this he commission the needs to stint up. i this i the parents need to step it up. a lot of violence is conducted by kids. collectively, we got to come together. >> part of the strategy is to put experienced officers then precincts where they can do the most good. that is one of the ways they are working to keep the murder and shooting rate at the historic lows. live in downtown brooklyn, lisa evers, "fox 5 news." dari, christina back to you. >> they shar the same name. senator chuck schumer and comedian amy schumer join forces
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to call to n end to gun violence behind a new effort to make sure background checks keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. emotional amy schumer spoke the urgency of the motion. >> unless something is done, and done soon, dangerous people wilton get their hands on guns. we know what can happen when they do. >> upper senator shum ear plans, state was have financial incentive to submit all vent records. states that don't comply would be penalized. >> scoreos in the trial decided to keep the death penalty as a possible sentence for james holmes as parent and defense made emotional pleas to spare the 27-year-old's life base is mentally ill. the same jury will decide whether holmes shouldle die or spend up the rest of his life in prison. after testimony concludes in the penalty phase of his trial. holmes killed 12 people, injured
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70 on those movie massacre in july 2012 in colorado. >> a woman's death behind bars at mt. vernon police headquarters will be investigated by the stet's top prosecutor. lidia curanaj is live with more on the attorney general that is take over the case. hi, lidia. reporter: good evening, dari. she was found dead last week by mt. vernon police in the holding cell. reportedly she had been vomiting filer the arraignment. now the attorney general's office is investigating her death. this is a days our special investigations unit will be taking on. we're going to handle this investigationing impartially, thoroughly, completely independently, and follow the facts wherever they lead. report the probe will be the first since governor cuomo sured an executive order last month requiring the attorney general to investigate, fanned necessary, prosecutor police-involved deaths of unarmed civilians. come penalty activists samuel
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rivers believes blacks in mt. vernon are treated differently than whites. miss turner complained of being ill almost immediately after being taken into custody. >> 42-year-old ray net turner arraignment. the mother of eight was found dead after spending the weekend cell. turner was facing shoplifting charges. rivers says she was accused of stealle steal $40 worth of crab 1:00. >> it has been a fact that a white person may have stolen $500 to car that 600 worth of cos mects from target ru you teenly give and death pairance ticket and never see the inside of a mt. vernon holding cell. meap in where mean, we should law. >> the governor's decision to give the ag authority to step in for local prosecutors was in response to several high-profile police-involved killings such as the death of last year eric garner. the garn ericas was han delled by the staten island district attorney. a grand jury did not in site
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indict the officer putting gardner in an apparent chockhold. it he are ins in clear how she died. her autopsy came pack. investigators are awaiting the toxicology results. that's the latest nearly the mt. vernon police department. i am lidia curanaj, back to you. >> thank you, lidia. bobbi kristina brown has been laid to rest in new jersey. a gold hearse was escorted to the fairview sem tar rip westfield. whitney houston was bury lead to years. bobby crist nina brown died in hos pill care mo more than week ago nearly six month shavers was found facedown in a bathtub in the georgia home and early similar death to her mom, bobby christina was just 22 years old. a second american doctor suspected in taking part pin illegal lion hunt mare the same brashing see killville was killed.
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according to officials in zimbabwe, the 68 yell is a suspect in a illegal crossbow hunt that took mace in april. the owner of that company that conducted the hunt has been arrested. >> and deal airlines announcing today, it is banning the ship of hunting trophies aboard the planes worldwide following outrage over cecil the lion death. the ban includes the transport of all lions. leper, elephant, rhinos and buffalo trophies. self other commercial airlines have! the shim last week. >> well, rip rur current are being blamed. debbie goldberg explain what to do if you get caught in un. reporter: the ocean can dangerous if north care 68. >> the number one thing is don't go in the ocean when there is no lifeguard guards on duty. >> two men drown on long island over the weekend. long beach chief lifeguard paul gillespie says the brooklynman who died in long beach on saturday went this into the
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water when lifeguards were not on duty. another brooklyn man died in westhampton each the same day. dozens throughout the island were rescued. >> a rip current is when water tends to rushout. it may come in and series of waves. the water comes in? sometimes the chance through the one area. lifeguard says the rip currents typically happen where the rocks are. there are early discoloration which is the sand getting pulled out with the rip current risk in effect through tuesday night. lifeguards are watching closely. and swimmers at long beach and jones beach, today, are paying ahe tension. >> my parents still tell me not beach base am 19. i stay close to shore and follow the lifeguard in a instructions. reporter: lifeguard left yourself drift down. do not swell against it. once you feel it subside, swimming parallelten back to the shore. you are surprise when do you in. don't think it is going to be that bad. it pulse you out, though.
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are only safe between the nags. they are on duty until 6:00. at jones beach, jod guildberg, "fox 5 news." >> another drone was spotted late yesterday. the third in the past three days. the faa says a shuttle america flight arriveing virginia reported the drone off of the left side of the aircraft as it approached the runway around 6:00 in the evening. on friday, pilots for delta and jetblue each spotted a drone on their rival at jfk. official are saying shall it gist at matter of time nal tragedy happens. right now, faa rules prohibit drones from flying above 400 feet. >> secretary of state john kerry trying to win global support for the nuclear deal with iran. gary is meeting with leaders of key persian gulf states they welcomed the deal but added they would like pur the assurances the u.s. would help encounter in the region. gar race offering more military aid. he says it will be a special
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valuable if if iran violates the agreement. >> talk about greater intelligence that will engage special forces in exercises. we win gage in security. >> secretary kerried also said the u.s. and allies must mr. plan as if the nuclear deal with are have no effect only the iran's agrees behavior. >> former president jimmy carter has undergone a medical procedure. word if it was cancerous. in a statement, carter spokesperson says the elective procedure took place today at atlanta. at this time is saided the procedure was successful thand the 90-year-old former president expected to make a full recovery. >> nearly a year of vandals in brooklyn. i has been restored. last summer, a polish muriel artist created tribute to the
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70th ans have riff the warsaw uprise aring but only mons after it was unveiled. vandals destroyed much of it. local community groups set to repaired. today it was unveiled another first time. >> to be here on the special dedication, so know that my father's face and the face of all the heros will be up here forever is incredibly special and moving for me. >> the artist added new name and quotes to restore work. many have been moved by the words and the muriel's rebirth. >> sizzling hot summer for amazon. >> fast growing part of the on-line giant's business says experts say is fueling the success. >> nypd save the day after dog was left in a hot car. the story, cobbling up.
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>> amazon's prime day last month was big money maker. now the e tail ter is on fies reach huge milestone. alleyson is here to explain what in the world amazon ising that everybody else wants. i know. pit is area in state. they are off to a good start. amazon reported unexpectedly good earnings at in the of july. a profit that nobody saw coming.
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its stock up over 7% this year. haib the bellingest news, it is now on track to become the dominant seller in the entire country. >> analysts have been noticing a steady incline in the retail business. i think it makes up something close to 70% of amazon's total revenue. >> that steady incline is about to vault amazon a a top spot. financial film predicted am zon will become the number one clothing retailer in the u.s. by 2017 moving ahead of macy's. cow hen expects the apparel business will bring in over $16 billion this year jumping to $28 billion in 2017, then practically doubling to $52 billion bye-bye 2020 while mace sill's will hover around $25 billion for years to come. s what the secret to the success? shipping is a huge factor. >> i think it plays a huge part in this. so now, consumers are going to expect their products to arrive
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3:00 in two days or not much longer than that. amazon has gone that down pat. >> selection is another major selling point. amazon offers around $19 million apparel-related items now. many from third party sellers. you bill from the third party retailers on amazon's site which brings amazon more cash. i think amazon has unique position in that it offers both its own products as well as third party products they can increase the selection without, you know, too much cost on their parties and you know, the mar twins are higher with third party sellers. >> prime has been a big boost. amazon says the prime sale day last month did better numbers than black fly day. prime memberships bringing customers back to shop again and again. >> prime is known to really increase stick kins for consumers, so meaning that consumers that sign for prime are more likely to return to amazon over and over of again
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and not go back to other retailers. >> now in n effort to keep up. macy's announced today, i is expanding same-day delivery here in new york city. they will start in october in the outer bureaus and western delivery. northern new jersey has it. this amazed me. i thought you could get same delivery but not until october. that the thing that amazon is killing with that is their delivery and customer service cannot be beat. >> that is true. amazing. >> nothing-like good customer service. >> thanks, both. thank. thank you. >> i do let it go witness tried. i i do. >> yeah. the prime. it is working. >> who would have known? >> well, stocks took a huge hit when the greek market reopened today. it has been closed for the past five weeks because tef country's economic crisis. shares have plunged 22% and traders there say there is a sense of paining because of all the uncertain that i is going on. greece in talks with ed cores
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over the massive debt it has been having problems with and the roping of the banks. but strict limits on cash with drouals are still in effect. >> obama taking the fight to cry mate changing plans to reduce the county's greenhouse gas emissions by 32% by 2030 from the coal-burning power plants. says the new regulations would be the single most important step america has taken to combat carbon pollution. right now, our power mantes are the source of about a third of america's carbon solution. that is more pollution than our cars, our airplanes, our homes generate combine. 3:00 that pollution contib brutes to climb mate change which is the air our kids breath. >> well, critics announced they would sue the federal government to stop those rules were taking effect. 3:00. >> all right. well, we're on quite the little stretch these days. >> i no he. >> very nice. >> amazing weather. >> it is. again, even highlighting careful going to the beach because of the rip current risk which is
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high again as we head into tomorrow. then, 90 and 75 today though. it thats been great hot beach weather going on here. then, we see another hot day tomorrow. there is going to be a trend this week. you will see, as we november forecast, he talked about this happening last week. we will be getting back to more average temperatures. that is going to happen even going below average for awhile. we haven't done that in quite some time. >> 84-69 thet average now. 55 the record low. 5:55 sunrise at 8:08. 87 now. the dewpoint is coming xane. going to start turning humid wind. we have cloud cover. steady. we have thunderstorms throughout, too. they are off to the north and the west. no not moving very fast. some of it falling apart. that is good strong storm. over eastern shrill have been county now. out there in the hudson valley. a few more starting to develop pennsylvania. we take northern gr evening. not a lot of rain. the scattered shower and thunderstorm threat the north
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and west. west. hit 92 at poughkeepsie. upper 80 he a as you move the city. now that high is 900 in town. upper 80's to prigport back to 84 in montauk. 87 in the city. 80 up north. 85 at sussex. back to the lower 80's across long island. still hang ton 90. lower 60's. not all that bad. we start to see more humidity increasing tonight. again, on into tomorrow. there the south wind. a bit breezy today, too. 10 to 20 miles per hour. we're more of a southwesterly wind today and we head to tomorrow. here is sky fox guardian 3:00 d. not moving that fast. starting to fall apart a little bit here. it starts to pop-up. the wide view shows more scatter should we're back to western new york state and portions of the ohio valley as well. we may see isolated shower and storm tonight. again tomorrow afternoon. doesn't look like a lot. we with a i wait for the cold front to come on through. that front is a weak front back
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material the north and west we take the next 24 hours to get through the area. once that happens. we transition to slightly cooler weather wither on wednesday. even more, even more in the form of cooler weather combing up later on in the he week. again, a shower. still could be risk of it early tomorrow morning. otherwise, it is southern clouds through the day. into the 70's through 9:00 a.m. 4 at lunchtime. then another day at 90. humid tomorrow, too. ahead of that front. the front moves along. we thee passing by toll the east. then here comes this he drying trend to wednesday. thighs most day. lots of sun. middle 80's on wednesday. thursday will start out okay. more clouds arrive. notice clouds through here. this system will be sliding the way and likely to give as you good bit of rain here on friday. temperatures by then, ready nor? 70's. lots of clouds tonight. shower and thunderstorm and a you few spots. 75 hin city. 65 some suburbs and a humid might and increase lig humid. tomorrow is hot and humid. close to 90 or around. i sun and clouds. a risk of afternoon shower to storm. don't look for that tomorrow to sort of put pit in there to come
5:20 pm
the base is. wednesday, 86. look thighs. lower humidity. lots of of sun sun. late day shower. 82. 70's friday. look said, some rain around. then, it gets better. sun and clouds 80 on saturday. 82 sunday. 83 monday. the heat gone. >> wow. back to seasonal numbers which will be nice. >> it is summery, though. nice. >> a great summer weekend. you are right. >> it ties hot. >> for now. they will come back. >> i am sure. >> yeah. >> i though. >> speak of too hot, some of the new york's fine rest being hailed as heros after rescuing a dog that was left in a hot car for more than and hour in why yesterday. the officers if responded to the scene in forest hills. the officers were able to unlock the car door and gave the doggie some water. the own mer was sured a summons for leaving an animal confined in a vehicle in extreme temperatures. >> rumors have been swirling for years that actors will smith and
5:21 pm
jada pinkett smith were break out. now a source tells radar on-line. the two worked out a confidence divorce settlement to protect their $240 million fortune. >> two. >> they are preparing their children 17-year-old jaden and 14-year-old willow for the palout. no comment from the couple towing. >> well, it says august 3rd. many rel tails are already looking ahead. >> yes. how soon is too noon look. start seeing merchandise. >> we'll be back.
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>> well, we have been talking about this door little while. back to school items seem to be popping up on store shelves and onrine. right. school shopping not the only way they are like head. audrey puente show is. >> while most of vus been soaking in the sun and enjoying all that summer has to of per. retailers seem to be having thoughts more like these. signs of fall aear to be popping up in stores and shoppers are feeling rushed to move from bikinis to boots.
5:25 pm
>> that let mess feel like winter is coming. i don't want it to come. >> i feel the sweaters than the crack ket and stuff like to. you don't want summer to end but you now it is coming. yeah. i got to buy something like that right now. i am still thinking short sleeves and shorts and how many times can i get back to the beach? >> the fall season doesn't officially begin until september 23rd but fall fashion is on a different calendar according to tra of retail me what they there trying to do is trying to whet the consumer appetite. whether you are ready to buy a fall jacket or fot. gives you a sense of what maybe coming. >> and sol are cook ited to get at sneak peak hat the new trends. >> i think it is so exciting. i love the fall. i love the styles. >> i like winter so i am like to the little fur. >> foo the fall season goes beyond fashion. some retailers are bypassing fall all together and moving flight the holiday season. >> if you for easily spoofed. watch out. pumpkins are pomming up in some
5:26 pm
stores scaring us to halloween. don't run out to shop. >> if you can wait for the discounts, you can get a better price maybe a little bit later. >> so save of the sweetness of summer everyone, because fall is starting to sneak its way in. >> you a drill pine ta, "fox 5 news." >> wow. >> passion. >> incredible. a legionnaire's disease outbreak in the bronx continues to spread. >> how health officials are teaching the public about what to watch out for. >> plus the city is for urban jungle. the hunt for alligator in a queen's park is next. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> an outbreak of legionnaire's disease bronx has sickened dozens more. in a half-hour, health expert wills beosing a town hall meeting in the prop tox talk about the search for the source of the outbreak. staceystacey deli live in concourse village with the forum is going to held in a little while. hi. hi, dari, christina. at 6:00, the town hall meeting begins here at the bronx museum behind nae will feature representatives from the health department, and from the office
5:30 pm
of emergency management, they will giving the latest facts and also trying to dispel rumors. now let's recap the latest numbers. according to the most recent information from the mayor's office, four people have died from legion were in's disease. 71 people have been infected. and water towers at five different sites across the south bronx have been found to be contaminated with the legionella packback year to. now all sites have been decontaminated but they did include lincoln hospital, verizon office building, the concourse za mall among others. now all of the people who died had preexisting condition. the average health think person does not have any thing to worry about. so there is a lot of concern here in the brings as the numbers grow. poeficials tonight, addressing these concerns at the town hall. they will be giving out the rumors. a lot of people have been worried about the drinking watt bir the city continues to say, that is safe. now bronx burrough president will be at neating. we spoke to him earlier this afternoon.
5:31 pm
he says he believes the city has dean good job and ling this outbreak, but now, he is pushing for legislation to have all water towers in the city tested because 3:00 as we have been saying, they do believe it was water vapor from water towers that have been making people sick. >> we done want panic but can imagine that when you have over 70 people who are sick, and four people who have died, the anxiety levels are high. the same way you inspect elevator. every elevators the same way before the summer months the city department of health and the inspectors the health in sp earths should be going out there to make sure that throughout the city of new york, we don't get an outbreak like this again. >> well, back out live, that town hall getting ready to start in the next half-hour, again, it fries 6:00 to 8:00 here at the bronx museum, it is hope to public, all are welcome. they will be answering any and all questions and we will have the latest developments that come out of this meeting tonight
5:32 pm
on "fox 5 news" at 10:00. for now live in the bronx. stacey delikat, back to you. >> thank you. >> a judge has set a date for retrial of pedro hernandez, the man accused of kidnapping and murder aton peat in 1979. jury selection will begin february 22nd of next year. the actual trial is expected, though, to begin in march. the previous trial ended in a hung jury in may. after one juror held out and refused to convict hernandez after 18 days of deliberating. hernandez had confessed to police in 2012 to killing peat more than three decades after of the bodies appeared. >> well, major retail remembers pulling certain toy guns off the shelves. under settlement with the new york attorney general well mart, sears, amazon have agreed not sell the realistic toys. this is after finding that more than 6,000 toy guns sold from 2012 to 2014 actually violated state law. the law prohibits the sale of black, blue, silver-colored toy
5:33 pm
guns. throughout. there is an alley quittor looker around flushing meadows mark in queens. hi, liz. >> good evening to both of. it is a windy night here in the park as you can see. a great night for a run. and apparently, that is when a jogger spotted 3:00 this gator roaming around the park not what you want to see when you are out right? pace. well, apparently, it with as crawling around this area, so local precinct, the nyp precinct seeing this spot. they have appropriately named this gator jaws and they say it is to thet first time a nonnative creature has ended up in this park. >> did you seal the gat? >> no, i have not. >> no. >> checked by the lake. >> a jog determine seal the alligator saturday morning and called 911. it was reportedly three and a half feet long, a thick br, hanging out near the water in
5:34 pm
flushing head does, corona park. the nypd101st precinct took twitter to ask how big the four-legged creature could be but took the seeing seriously sending officers to check out the the van wyck expressway. they checked out the water aye. are used to seeing wildlife here but nothing like. >> some ducks, yes. never alligator. >> flushing mealed does corona park is around 1200 acres and has lots of swampy areas throughout it. so this gator really could be anywhere. >> this isn't the first time the nonnative animal has made its way toll the park. this long slimy thornehead better nope as the frankenfish because of the unappealing looks was found in meadow lake. the asian fish is alien predator and cancerously harm the ecosystem. just like this sign says, it should not be leased back to the wild. as for the alligator, the park's
5:35 pm
department says, urban park rangers ared ready toll remove the nonnative animal at a moment's notice. until then, parkgoers will keep af eye open for jaws. >> ifette attack mess, yeah, it would be bother me. it could be anywhere in this place. the 110 precinct tweeted a little while ago saying this jaws today. i assume, the search will continue tomorrow. live in flshing meadows, corona park, back pin side to you. >> that could be creepy. >> see you later, alligator. all right t. the city of brotherly love didn't show much love for hitchhike robot. >> it was cut tragically short in philly. we will tell you what happened. >> see why actress jessica al base taking on a lot of heat on social media about one of the products she is selling? but first heiress tonight's new york minute. >> a nadine shed does of the m train in bush wic, elementary
5:36 pm
school students learning gardens were talk about poll nation and how insects are necessary for plants to pro. so they are doing with to be taking a survey of the poll flatters that visit those be plants and also playing just like a fun relay that replicates the pollination process, and they are also going to be sampling some foods that producing. >> teens gat hands-on driving lesson today from expert's instructors along with a lesson on cornering, brake, accelerating and defensive driving. willing was a common sense message. >> put the cell phone away. don't text. don't play the radio loudly. be careful when we're are talking to people in your car. person toes or family members. really concentrate on what you are doing. >> lessons are available all week long. call the suffolk county police department's nonemergency line for details. minute.
5:37 pm
looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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>> you know when we first talked about this? the thought was cool. vandals ended the journey of a hitchhiking robot that traveled thousands of miles even through europe. it is true. matt king thrills is an effort to get the bot on the road. >> hello, i am hitch bo t robot. come k had thissian robot drove across canada. >> robots cannot get driver license yet.
5:40 pm
i will be hitchhike might entire way. >> hitch bot will hitchhike across. hitch bot grew wrestle, bold, confident, were turning the lifeless led eye os the south. want to experience the hearn dream. >> hitch bo tea journey leaving a trail of social media can downloads. >> during light travels, ry beener on the human language skills and also doing my homework on american culture and have a lot of things to talk to but. but over the weekend, hitch bot failed him. in philadelphia, where his rode trip ended after someone or some group bedded the robot and left the headst metal corpse for scrab. the driver who drove hitch bot to fork city to philly. >> who would do such a thing. the team wrote, sometimes bad things happen to good robots m. we know many fans will be disappointed and want them to beshured its not over.
5:41 pm
for now, we will focus on the question, what can learned from this? explore future adventures for robot and humans. >> i am all set and ready to go and i cannot wait to make friends along the way. >> and in that same statement, the team also said, ited into interests! in pression charges or fining the people who vandalized hitch bot instead the group wished to railroad the good time and encourage the friends and fans of the same. the technology schools offer to rebuild so it can continue the jurn if i westward. >> guys, back to you. >> that is a disappointing though. thank you. >> well, question questions both the effectiveness of all natural sunscreen after users got burned. >> ouch. >> nyu's doctor will joins talk about the differences between conventional and all natural sunscreens. >> and one of merck's favorite board games was created here in the big apple. robert moses shows us how available was born. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play)
5:42 pm
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can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva respimat. discuss all medicines you take,
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even eye drops. if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain or problems passing urine, stop taking spiriva respimat and call your doctor right away. side effects include sore throat, cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist, ask your doctor or visit >> in the fox 5 health news, aen with aing about a medical device used in hospitals this. the gag sy says the computer is at risk for being hacked and should now not be used. >> that is frightening. joining us now is the doctor. good he sue. >> good he. >> you. >> tell with us your thoughts about this. >> yeah. this is, this is actual lay huge development, because think about
5:45 pm
the hassle, any time get iv flew wires blood transfusion or anything else, it is gluing the types of pumps. you have that item, the medication hooked up to it to. pump goes tongue you. we program it in the hospitalling into the health network system and stuff. so somebody hacks into it. changes the dosing on those things. that could be fatal medical error. then on top of that. most hookly hackers are not going to try to change the doses but trying to get the name, social security number, your thing. >> still so scary also the first this. the new pump doesn't have this problem that theyp don't. actually, this type of pump is not sold any more. the thing is for the hospitals, nursing home for places may be using them right. if you buy a medical equipment time. and i mean, look ply, that are not any cases so favor them being hacked but something we have to worry about. >> he, yes. in. >> okay. lets talk about.
5:46 pm
they got a lot of bleed attention jessica ball's all natural sun screen is feeling the heat these day. the company co fund body the actress is being blamed by customer slos been posting negative on-line reviews. we had some pictures of people who were just getting burned. i mean, litter arely. sunburned. >> children, too. all right. >> yeah. >> those pictures are alarming. >> yeah. >> they are. >> it is that ready to tell. when you see things on-line, it is hard to sell what percentage that is. you know how representative is it is. if it he is inwere the sunscreen. about i it seems at the pattern, the pattern seems to go along when the company reformlated the product, slight what they did. they were getting complains about the greasiness of it. what that was related to is the zinc. the step that makes sunscreen white with the natural products look you are seen lifeguards with the white. >> sure. >> when they deedless amount. >> these are burn pictures. excuse me. go ahead. >> they kept it at the level that would be safe according to the fda but the same time, it is a lot less.
5:47 pm
the white gress sy nature is not asp. that is why some people are susceptible. it is so hard toes could. you choose one that is white. a physical sunscreen. you cannot spread it. you know? >> sure. >> i use this one. it was translucent and oddly easy to spread. this is surprising. too. with the tube, people are supposed to shake so it the zinc otherwise it is like soup. if you have chicken noodle soup. the heavier stuff goes the bottom. thele oil is on the top. season same thing with sunscreen. the clear part. the part that may not have the zinc zinc will probably at the top of the tube. tomorrow take that without shaking it may not work as well. >> yeah. >> main, so, compared natural sunscreens to the ones that are chemical. meap, there is really, are you better off going snarl are you better off if. >> well, genes on what you are try dog. if you want a natural product then of course you know. if outwent go with a natural sunscreen. all this shob good. t are still following this fda's regulation. >> and it can't be effective. interry because they are
5:48 pm
following that. it should be eye effective. they set an independent lab verified they were following the regulations that met the standards and mable worth look at those again to meak sure there are no errors made and look at the people whole are reporting these sures. did they put it on properly. did they reapply. did put on enough? did they get enough. >> it is so hard to decide went we the two. it works so well. then it has cardin know sins. you know some of them do at least. >> yeah. there are rum ores about that. we don't know for sure because the fd actually hold has them to a high standard, too. in theory, whichever one you go with you should be okay. >> better than. >> well. to be fair. we sold you let you mow. we did contact the honest company that is the companyp jessica alba cofounded and this is what they told us, quote. >> our sunscreen lotion was tested by an independent third party against the protocols prescribed by the fda. we stand behind the safety and the ethic casey of the product. >> inesting.
5:49 pm
>> look you said. you have to be very careful about how of tin are putting it on. how soon you will take it to the water. >> all of that stuff. >> yeah. all right. well, doctor we appreciate you thank thank you. >> all right. we definitely need a lot of sunscreen today. >> that is for sure. >> we need to reapply. tomorrow, too. be careful throughout. going to be another hot day. today we hit 90 in the city. then, 90 in a loft area. 92 in philly. 90 to boston. upper 80'sed a you get to the west again. a good a.shine. a couple of isolate shower and storms to the fort pan west. we're seeing them on fox 5 sky guardian. if you were watching the new cast at the top tef hour, i hope to you were. they are not quite what they were. allle though, a new pop-up shower and storm west of allentown. something we'll watch to see how much that survives as it moves to the east-northeast. then not moving that fast. 25 to 30 miles per hour something lake this. we will run the risk of scattered showers in the air this evening. there is more of this em back. this may come in later tonight and the early part of tomorrow
5:50 pm
morning. as we work a little cold front to approach from the west. not a big weather maker. not flashing a lot of rain here. we cannot rule out that risk of a you hoer during glover night period. meantime, it is still pretty hot and humid now. now 90 at bellmawr. 92 at newark. 85 back to 90 in poughkeepsie. back up to 84 in bridgeport. 87 degrees in midtown. we funneled the wind out of the south that has been a bit busy. ten officially to 20 miles per hour today. that south wind tist going to put a southern the humidity as we get to lea they later part of this evening and on to tomorrow as the front approaches to free west. i will show that to you here as we look at the big picture here. that front right back in about this position. so that is as it slides toward. it will ramp up todayp ap tomorrow. that thunderstorm threat there is. there will be another chance tomorrow afternoon, a little spotty isolate should we're or thunderstorm until this front moves east of the area. then again, not a big weather maker. we won't be seeing that tomorrow.
5:51 pm
certainly another 90-gree day. the humidity a little bit higher . this will be wednesday's weather and that will be a little cooler and a little less humid but notice energy driving to the western states now. that will result in a storm later on in the week that will pass. it looks like right over us for the south by the time we get friday. that will result in cooler weather. some rain. then, sort of not just this little pop-up shower stuff that could be fairly decent a. ablefall as we get to friday. i do think we hit 90 ohm. this says 89. 94 atlanta. 98 in memphis. 99 toward dallas. 90 in miami. 70's inp mr. minp a police. 106 tomorrow. here physeter cast. we see the scattered showers this evening. we see few more overnight. there they go. first part of the morning tomorrow. you may run into a shower. then sun and clouds then another chance of of isolated shower or afternoon. mainly north and west. we see how much that prop gates to the coast and better weather for fry for wednesday. 10 to.
5:52 pm
water mid 70's. uvi, 8. high risk for rip currents. careful at the beaches. how we're or storm. then, again, afternoon shower or storm isolated at 90. 86 withins day. showers maybe later thursday. friday, only 77. night for the weekend. lower 80's returning to sunshine. that is where we should be in the lower 80's. lovely thank. >> thank you, nick. >> a game loved by millions all over of the world. >> a robert moses spells out how available was inventedded and tit happened here. >> i stared at my letters. mmmm. to amateur like me making a 7-lef letter english word at o ut of this mess seemed impossibly. to a three-timescale national cham. so problem. >> duh. playing with him brought back
5:53 pm
memories of playing with my grandma who taught me to love available. >> what's the most important thing for someone to know? >> two-letter words. >> in the early 1930's alfred butts host his job as architect. >> had he not been out of work, it would have never been invented. he loved word games wanted to cle it a one that combined luck and skill. he underlined words in newspapers and counted how many times every letter occurred. he wanted to determine how man tiles of each letter to make, how much each should be worth. he called hits name lexico which was played with wood tiles now with forked. he pitched it to game companies. parker brothers responded with polite rejection letters. dine terd he kept working. pe scetched out boards on architect's paper which is great nephew show med f. the result was new game played with wood tiles and a board called crisscross word withs.
5:54 pm
wee call on his friends in jackson heights and they would of teb play it at the community methodist church there to 3:00 find out how the game played and how it could be improved. that church where buttstained still stands at the corner 81st street and 35th avenue. a sign at the intersection immortalizes his invention. in 1948. collision cross words ohsly came to be known as scrab bible. it is played on tablettance phones. the deneas of the game lies in the fact the rules and letter distribution have not changed. he might think that butt was expert player. he was not. his wife nina he liked to say beat him at his own game. >> nina played the word across two triple word scores. and achieved a score in excess of 250 play. >> i saw the score grader that game back in 1956. >> it brings back to joe edly
5:55 pm
who was busy tud for the north american available championship before the interview and econtinue,ly gift for plo viding a lifetime of aha moments. >> without invention. don't know what the look i would have done. >> so next time you plairing cable and you are grumbling about bad tiles, remember how he took the bad tiles that life gave him and created something great. robert moses, fox 5 news. >> i love available. die, too. oi love of the game. >> all right. see you back here at 10:00. >> all right. here is ernie anases to with 6:00. >> keep it hooker for the latest news. plugs tonight, we look at the stars and wonder what is next for nasa. we have seen pluto upchose. stay new x l planet discovered. what is as? looking for now? why does it matterrous? it is all coming up next on the "fox 5 news" at 6:00. see you here.
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>> this is the nows at 6:00. god evening, everyone. i am ernie anases to. we have the featured story coming up in a moment and talk about space exploration, what is going on, an interesting story. we start with vie rens, as you know, the important story, mine people shot this weekend at a party in brooklyn. police have been trying to cut this down. it is a real setback for many of tem. let's talk to lisa evers who is downtown brooklyn with the latest won what the story means. lisa, what do you got. reporter: hi, after this weekend's rash of shootings, there are growing concerns that something more needs to be done. some parents are deciding to do


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