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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 4, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> all right. tuesday, good day, new york, august 4th, i'm rosanna scotto. >> i'm greg kelly, what's going on? did you hear the rain? >> yes. and the thunder lightning. >> it was crazy. kind of cool at the same time. rosanna's job freaked out. >> she was going crazy. >> along with millions of dogs, some people too. but i think it kind of moved out, at least from the city. it's going to be hot today. mike woods is here. >> chaos at a hip-hop concert, two people shot awdz the pncb art center in jersey. the search is on for the guy with a gun. >> also the death toll is growing in the bronx from legionnaires' disease, seven people now. you're looking at a cooling tower a moment ago. a big meeting last night with
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the health commissioner in the bronx. >> senator schumer joins his cousin, amy schumer, in the wake of violence after a shooting at her movie. >> i'm not sure why this man chose this movie, but it was very perm for me. personal for me. >> understandably so. gosh, it happened at her movie, her film -- >> and it's supposed to be a fun movie, sit back, roadway welcomes. >> and she spoke out in a powerful way, and she's calling for things to happen in the fight to control guns. >> also in politics donald trump, what did he do now, what is he going to do next? [laughter] the big debate is thursday night. he did not go to a canada forum in new hampshire -- candidate forhum -- forum in new hampshire. it was awkward as heck, according to reports. >> did you see gawker gave out what they thought was his phone number, donald trump's phone number?
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>> payback, because he did that to senator lindsey graham, who has not yet called me back, by the way. i did leave him a message. >> you did. did you have anything to do last night? >> well, i was still gloating in my second place finish to victor espinoza. okay, he actually won the kentucky derby, right? and there he is -- >> he won the triple crown, greg. >> the kentucky derby, the belmont stakes, the preakness, and he actually got on a stupid hippity hop -- >> anyway, he had a ball. look at him. he was so into it. >> he said i think that would be fun, and he won. i'm glad he won. i tried. victor, by the way, he signed the horse. >> he did. >> look at this. >> what are you going to do -- >> the smithsonian? what do you think? >> it's right there. >> victor espinoza. >> what happens when nacho comes? we can't let him use this horse. we're going to retire it into the good day new york hall of fame.
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[laughter] anyway, victor espinoza, what a nice guy. by the way, he's racing tomorrow. i hope we didn't put him in danger. >> i think it was a nice warm-up for him. >> in the meantime, let's talk about the weather. did all that rain and thunder lightning move out? >> yeah, for the most part. east end of long island is the last to get it. it got real nasty for a while. a lot of folks slept through it. i'm sure the animals were going nuts, but take a look at some of the pictures, and you can send them in on facebook or twitter. this is from joseph out there, and you can see that tree down in the backyard. there's a lot of reports and pictures like this coming in from all around the tristate from the storms that came by. are we going to see more of this action coming at us? more than likely not, however, there is still some is potential for more storms to pop up. it just doesn't look as severe as this morning.
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that was the cell that came through new jersey first, then through the city and mainly island. now things are much quieter. there's another round of showers coming through atlantic beach and long beach heading out toward fire island, showers and storms moving through those locations, but the intensity has dropped back quite a bit. there is still some special for a -- some potential for a few strong or storms. we have an area of low pressure digging this action up, it's dropped your temperatures once the rain came through back down into the upper 60s to low 70s. bridgeport. it's also still on the human side and the dew points are high, 66-degree dewpoint in central park, 62 in montauk, but eventually the drier air will work into the tristate region. that front needs to pass by, we still have the potential for more showers and storms through the morning and afternoon, and
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then high pressure takes over for a while here, and it brings us the cooler temps. in fact, the cooler air's going to be with us for thursday into friday, friday looks like it could be on cool and wet side as that area of low pressure right there starts to swing by to the south of the tristate region. today some showers and storms in the beginning and more toward the middle and afternoon hours, and it looks like a high temp getting up to about 90 today. tomorrow that humidity drops back. high temp of 86, 81 on thursday. there's your best chance of showers, high temps coming back 70s. sunday gets a little bit better as it stands right now. we're hoping for at least a half decent weekend, but right now starting off not so great. let's bring in kelly dylan in this morning for ines and doing a great job keeping up with a lot of problems thanks to the stormy weather. >> good morning, mike. palisades parkway by exit 10, southbound, we have a
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flipped-over car blocking a lane, tappan zee bridge, pretty mile-per-hour speed restriction in place because of the weather. let's switch over to a look at 495 in new jersey heading towards the lincoln tunnel, up to 30 minutes right now. george washington bridge about a 20-minute wait upstairs, 15 if you are heading downstairs and the holland is 20 from either approach. between port jefferson and huntington, train service suspended because of downed lines. alternate side rules are in effect. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> are a shooting outside of a hip-hop concert, two people seriously injured. panic in the parking lot. >> there was. it got really crazy. two people were shot, and the search is on for the guy with the gun. fox 5's robert moses is in homedale, new jersey, with the very latest. robert, what do you know? >> greg and rosanna, good
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morning to you. just a few minutes ago we saw some police officers combing this area. i'll step out of the way because i want to show you where the shooting took place. it's just beyond the view of our camera beyond that yellow police tape in lot number four outside of pnc bank art center. i want to show you a picture that a man posted on twitter showing one of the gunshot victims in the parking lot. according to state police, the shooting took place last night at about 11:15 shortly after the hip-hop concert featuring jay cole and big sean got out. the two gunshot victims had to be airlifted from the scene, iowa f they're in critical condition at jersey shore medical center. police have been combing the wooded area surrounding the art center, it sits right off the garden state parkway, and there are many trees surrounding it, their attention there. so far no arrests. earlier this morning i spoke to
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a man who told me he is on the cleaning crew here at this concert venue, and he described the cay -- chaos of last night. >> doing my job. everyone was here, and we heard gunshots. we heard four of them, and we thought it was firecrackers, and then we heard five more, and then we saw everyone start running. oh, snap. >> that's a bit of a snippet of the concert from last night featuring jay cole and big sean, they are big draws in the hip-hop world. they are touring together, and tonight they are scheduled to perform again at madison square garden. we have no informing suggesting that that -- information suggesting that show will not go forward as planned. they are, again, slated for msg tonight. the headline this morning, two gunshot victims in critical but
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stable condition at jersey shore medical center. we will continue to follow this one for you. that is the latest, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thank you. i don't even know if jay cole knew what was going on because last night at 11:30 he tweeted apologies to everybody who was here, venue cut the show because of the weather. >> cool dude, by the way, he was on good day new york back in early 2014. that's our special super bowl edition -- >> oh, that was fun from times square. >> and he gave us ticket toss that night's performance back at msg that night. >> right. >> he went to st. johns and a cool guy. we're sorry about what happened. >> yeah. anyway, also in brooklyn last night, greg, five people were wounded in a shooting, it happened just before 11:00 on dwight and delivan streets in red hook. three of the people who were shot were women, two were men. all five were taken to the hospital, no word on their conditions this morning. >> we've had a real spike in
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shootings, over the weekend nearly two dozen, now this. a drive-by shooting. all right. >> what's going on? >> legionnaires' disease. >> legionnaires' disease, people are getting very concerned in the bronx. they are concerned because they live, they work there. the number of deaths now up to seven people. last night health officials held a town hall meeting to answer a lot of questions. hopefully it kind of eased everybody's fears. >> what is a cooling tower, we showed you a moment ago, it's like those water tanks op top of buildings. >> right. and the back tier ya gets in there, and if you're older or have some kind of compromised immune system, it can be a real problem. >> carrie drew has more. >> seven people have died, and officials have traced the likely cause to cooling towers that we just showed you. but residents still have a lot of concerns and questions. hundreds gathered last night to
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find out more about the disease. >> every time that i hear of another death, i think of that family, and i think of what we went through for a lot -- 28 days in the hospital. >> for annie, the outbreak of legionnaires' in the south bronx hits close to home. her cousin contracted the disease last month and just recently got out of the ic, u. >> i just wanted to make sure that all possible areas that he could have gotten it are being tested. >> she was among the hundreds of concerned people who packed into a meeting at the bronx museum of the arts monday night to get some answers. >> this is my right. i am a community activist, i am a senior citizen. >> the outbreak has killed seven others. >> people are afraid of the unknown. nobody understands exactly what's going on. >> we are very concerned, and we have had our disease detectives working around the clock. >> city health commissioner mary
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bassett and other officials tried to explain the facts about legionnaires' the pneumonia-like disease is not contagious, and officials believe it was spread from cooling towers in the bronx. so far five buildings tested positive for the bacteria and have been decontaminated, and health officials stress the water is safe to drink. symptoms are flu-like, and older people with pre-existing medical conditions are most at risk. >> people who have lung disease, including asthma, are at higher risk of having problems related to this. >> officials may test additional cooling towers and will take a closer look at how they're cared for. >> we can do better by making sure people get treatment earlier, and we can do better by making sure that the cooling towers are well maintained. >> later this week city officials are expected to introduce legislation that would strengthen the inspections of those cooling towers to help prevent future cases of legionnaires' meanwhile,
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officials say if you live in the south bronx area and you're experiencing flu-like symptoms, definitely seek medical help as soon as possible. >> carrie, thank you. >> a big circus tent blew over in new hampshire, and a couple people were killed. >> it happened last night in the town of lancaster about 90 miles north of the state capital in concord. the first of two scheduled shows was getting underway at the lancaster fairgrounds when the tent came crashing down. about 100 people were under it, 22 other people were injured. >> so etan patz, remember this case? they'll go to trial again in february. pedro hernandez wasn't convicted, it was a hung jury, although 11 of the 12 wanted to convict. it looks like the new trial will begin on february 22nd. >> opening statements will then begin in march. the previous trial ended, as you know, in a hung jury back in may after one juror held out and
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refused to convict mr. hernandez -- >> that was a wild case. >> that was wild. i think the family was so mad at that one juror. >> etan patz disappeared back in may of 1979. never found, and the case kind of changed the way we viewed child safety in this country. so once again -- oh, and there was some back and forth between the lawyers. they don't want the defense speaking out to the media like they did last time. >> meanwhile, greg, strong rip tides in our area, be careful the next few days, and they may be to blame for several near drownings. four people had to be rescued yesterday in two separate incidents. the first happened around 6:30 yesterday when u.s. park police say two women were pulled from the water, one was unresponsive and taken to the hospital. no word on her condition this morning. the other woman was not hurt, thank goodness. and then a few hours later a child and adult had to be rescued. they're in serious condition. the rip current risk will remain high through tonight.
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>> mike has some pretty good advice about those rip tides, you've got to go -- counterintuitive. you've got to go out. >> a friend of my son's actually died over the weekend in a rip tide. >> ooh. >> yeah. >> well, folks, we have this, terrible rain, terrible rain overnight, although it was kind of cool, and some rain damage, by the way. >> yeah. mostly on long island. there was severe damage, and this photo is from tiger, thank you so much for sending this. long island is reporting more than 34,000 customers without electricity mostly in suffolk county. this picture's from mount sinai sent to us by john wilson. john, thank you so much for sending this. hopefully, everybody's okay where you are. >> mike, what's going on? >> actually, those storms have now moved on but, man, they did cause some problems, and even at points there was some rotation picked up by fox 5 sky guardian 3-d as it came through the north fork here actually out near sag harbor, but now we're just kind
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of cleaning up after that whole mess. the bigger storms have now pushed into new england, there are some more isolated showers and storms back down to our southwest. they seem to be a lot weaker and losing intensity as time goes on which is good news, but it doesn't mean we're in the clear completely just yet. area of low pressure has to drive this cold front. it's not a particularly strong one, but there's a lot of fuel to work with, and it will try to kick up some more storms as we get further into the day. right now it's 69 at central park, 70 at newark, 66 in allentown and 68 in poughkeepsie, winds come anything from the west/southwest at around 3-9 miles per hour. that continues to pull in moisture. here's the cold front, notice it doesn't pop up on the future cast later this afternoon, but there will be some this afternoon and this evening, and tomorrow drier skies taking back
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over with ceerl, high temperatures -- cooler high temperatures for tomorrow. later on thursday our next area of low pressure starts to get closer to us here, brings in more clouds and eventually showers and storms coming through later thursday into friday. we've got a lot going on over the next few days. today is going to be the last of the hotter, humid days that we have. 88 by noon and a high of about 90 is what we are going for with scattered storms, and i think we've gotten the worst of the weather other with. 81 only thursday, 77 on friday with a decent amount of showers and storms which lasts into saturday morning, then it should be drying out as we head into sunday and monday. all right, kelly dylan right now and take a look at what's happened with our commute situation. the roads could be a mess. >> they definitely are still, mike. west side highway southbound 72nd street, an accident blocking the right lane. brooklyn bridge is not that bad,
7:18 am
pretty quiet in either direction for you. let's head over to a live look outside at the fdr drive in the 20s, northbound, southbound moving without any issues so far this morning, and liir still has that jefferson branch suspended in both directions, downed trees and power lines. also 4, 5 and 6 trains have delays all because of signal problems at 125th street. alternate side rules are in effect for today. back to you. >> kelly, thank you very much. more on our good friend victor -- i'll tell you why he's near a second. victor espinoza, rosanna, the most successful jockey alive right now. >> triple crown winner, haven't seen that in a very, very long time. >> great guy. the thrill of victory, right? >> yeah. >> he came on good day thy to talk about a public appearance he's making, and we got him to ride a hippity-hop. >> we didn't even have to coax him. >> he was into it. and watch how he rides this
7:19 am
thing. >> he was so serious. >> by the way, the race was to the wall on the other side of the room. down. >> i see rosanna cheated. [laughter] >> victor or appropriately won, and his horse will remain here forever. >> i'm just so happy he left here unharmed. we'll be right back. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. dd perks members can enjoy for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. join the millions who have we switched. and now, we're streaming
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>> this is our friend, mel rogers. >> and -- hold on. >> the original lyrics -- sphwhrb right. >> nile rogerses, one of the coolest guys ever. some discotheque. >> studio 54. we're going to talk to nile rogers coming up, he's got a big festival going on -- >> it's going to be great. he went home so mad, he wrote this song, and it became a mega hit. >> i'm sure you're bring it up later. >> i do love that story. all right, so trainwreck, the movie featuring amy schumer, it's a big hit, but something tragic happened at a movie theater in new hampshire. a deranged man shot up a movie theater, two people killed. amy schumer, understandably
7:23 am
moved and devastated by what happened. >> very upset. and who knew that her cousin was senator chuck schumer they are joining forces to call for an end to gun violence. two people died, nine more were wounded before the shooter took his own life at that screening of trainwreck in louisiana. >> we're going the hear now from amy schumer and her cousin, the senator. >> we're here today to say enough is enough to mass shootings in our schools, our college campuses, our military theaters. these shootings have got to stop. >> we all know that if the laws were tight, this shooter in charleston would not have passed a background check, the shooter in lafayette would have been declared mentally unfit and unable to purchase a gun if our laws worked. >> well, under senator schumer's plan, states would have a financial incentive to submit all relevant records to the background check system. state that is don't comply would be penalized. >> okay. so the uproar over cecil the
7:24 am
high onand the dentist who killed him, delta air lines stepping in. they say -- well, that's american airlines. i guess it's the same now. >> delta and american airlines are responding to the uproar over this, and they've decided they're no longer going to transport buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion or rhino trophies. the policy changes come after the illegal killing of zimbabwe's beloved, as you said, cecil the lion at the hands of the dentist, walter palmer, from minnesota. >> so they used to have this thing, maybe they still have it, mr. coffee -- >> didn't joe dimaggio do the commercials for that? >> he was a spokesman, and he seemed like a really nice guy in those commercials. anyway, the guy who invented the machine, his name is vincent baratta. he has died at the age of 19. >> oh, god -- of 91. >> oh, god bless him. >> listen to this. >> automatically raises the
7:25 am
grounds to the perfect brewing height. you get great taste without waiting. fantastic -- >> i don't think joe dimaggio. >> i think maybe those commercials came afterwards. he sounded so happy when -- look how happy they are when they have their first taste of coffee. >> i recall my grandmother had one, you could set it the night before, and it would start brewing on its own in the morning. >> revolutionary. >> that was kind of cool. >> hey, did you hear about former president jimmy carter? >> what about him? >> he had a small mass removed from his liver. they said he's doing oak, it took -- he's doing okay. carter's spokesperson says the procedure was success. he's 90 years old. >> all all right, mr. president, good luck. 90 years old. let's take a look outside. let's see if we can also get joe dimaggio in one of those commercials, huh? >> those were the days. >> who did he get married -- marilyn monroe. >> yeah.
7:26 am
>> did you know for years he arranged for one rose to be delivered to her grave every week? class guy. >> did you know that we had a restaurant that was joe dimaggio's in san francisco? >> what do you mean you had a restaurant? >> we had a franchise in his restaurant on the wharves in san francisco. >> you're saying that like you're bragging a little bit. >> all right, sorry. good day's coming right back. the spinning pinwheel of death. the disappearing wi-fi icon. the frozen download bar. fix these things. you need fios internet. get fios 50 meg internet, tv and phone now for $79.99 a month, price guaranteed for 2 years. or, double your speeds for just
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>> wow. you can sit next to somebody -- >> and think you know them for all these years. >> every day for seven years, know all the ins and outs of their family life. i just found out that rosanna's former landlord was joe dimaggio, the yankee legend. [laughter] she wrote a check every month -- >> well, not me. >> don't let the truth get in the way of a good story. [laughter] there's joe dimaggio. i think he had more consecutive games than anybody else -- >> and when he was in new york, restaurant. >> anyway, tell me how it all worked. >> what happened was we bought a bobby rabino's franchise, and we
7:30 am
moved in to joe dimaggio's -- >> first of all, what are you dabbling in restaurants in san francisco for? when did this whole chapter happen? >> this was years ago. my brother anthony jr. went out there, and he ran the restaurant. >> fascinating. >> this was like 30 years ago. >> you were in the rib business italian -- >> we thought it would be interesting to have a meat place on the seafood section of the wharf. >> if we were in the shark tank, i would have said rethink that. >> i know. yeah, it was an okay business. >> tell me real quick about joe dimaggio. what kind of guy was he? >> he was a very, very nice guy. i'm not going to say he was of overly friendly, but i'm going to say he was a very respectful man. >> he kept to himself. >> he was shy. everybody said he was shy. >> how about that, though? mike, do you have any famous landlords in your past? >> no, i have not, as a matter of fact. that's pretty fun. that's impressive. >> yeah. >> how come we're just hearing this for the first time today, greg?
7:31 am
>> the interesting thing was we had this restaurant, and where our offices were, my brother's office was was all joe's it. a lot of his memorabilia, trophies, pictures. he just left it there. >> that does not sound like joe. >> maybe it wasn't, like, the good stuff, but still any -- >> still worth a ton. >> you'd look at the pictures and be in awe. >> well, rosanna's plans to take all the stuff, thwarted by her parents. [laughter] good move on your parents' part. what's going on, buddy? >> all right. it's a lot quieter now than early this morning. i don't know if you heard it, but i certainly did, and this is what it looked like. this is from robert larson out in long island. sky's lit up, that's the lightning going sideways, sometimes it's straight from are the cloud to the ground, sometimes from the ground to the cloud. anyways, a lot of this being seen in the overnight hours. things are much quieter now, but it's a cool looking shot, right?
7:32 am
straight from halloween. anyways, there's the big storms that are now rolling into new england. here in the tristate, things are a lot quieter, nothing big at this point in time. we don't have any warnings for the tristate region either, just kind of a situation where we could see more showers and storms popping up, but it doesn't look like it's going to be that big of a deal. area of low pressure, the cold front is going to keep things unsettled during the day today, but it's also going to be on the hotter and humid side. high temp up to 90 today with a few more storms possible this afternoon, quieter and drier, and more showers and storms come to us thursday into friday. all right, let's get you back over to kelly in for ines this morning. hopefully, things are getting better, because it was nasty earlier. >> unfortunately not, mike. westside highway not doing well at all, southbound we still have this crash in the right lane in the 70s, and then we now have a new accident northbound right by the george washington bridge.
7:33 am
we have at least two lanes out with that one, so you do want to avoid both oaz scenes. let's switch to the bqe by mcginnis boulevard, a little blurry, but devid -- did have a broken down card, cleared away quickly. let's switch to a look at the new jersey turnpike by newark airport, pretty quiet in either direction, northbound and southbound for you, and liir, service remains suspended on the port and jefferson branch between port jefferson and sony brook -- stony brook because of downed trees and power lines. alternate side rules are in effect for today. >> thank you so much. donald trump, everybody's talking about him. i mean, this guy is doing so well in the polls. nobody would have thought it, right? >> even when he doesn't show up at a debate or a forum like there was last night in new hampshire, they had about a dozen b plus republicans -- look at 'em all -- it was like an awkward assembly from school, you know? >> right.
7:34 am
>> as they came out, apparently there were jokes that didn't work long pauses -- >> oh, boy. >> kind of like our first block of the show. [laughter] anyway, ben simmoneau has more on what happened last night and what's going to happen on thursday. >> a couple of interesting lines. chris christie asked the moderator at one point if he thought he was washed up. as you see behind me, 11 of the republicans took part, three more i have. >> satellite, so 14 of 17 who are running for president took part in this forum last night in new hampshire. not a debate. instead, the candidates were on stage one at a time when they answered questions in somewhat rapid fire. everything from foreign policy to social security. here is governor chris christie on that topic. >> we need to increase the retirement age over a period of time. i've said two years over the next 25 years. we need to tell them for those who are most fortunate, and i just heard lindsay say this, if you've done very well in this country, then we need you to not
7:35 am
take a social security check. >> the real issue for us in this country today is what's happening all across our great land, and that is the cost that illegal immigration is having on this state. and until we get that border secure, that's not going to stop. it's like a serious wombed. you want to staunch the flow. >> we're being walked all over. i'm tired of it. i want a clenched fist and an open hand. to mr. putin, if i'm president of the united states, you'd have is a different person to deal with. >> all right. not in the room, the gop's proverbial elephant, donald trump. he declined an invitation. mike huckabee also never responded and former virginia governor jim gilmore just declared his candidacy, so he missed the deadline to take part. this is three days before the first big debate in the gop-nominateing wrg conference in cleveland. the top ten candidates will be on stage, including donald trump. i'll be there as well, and you
7:36 am
mentioned this, the latest rutgers eagleton poll out of new jersey, not good news for governor christie, donald trump even beating christie in his own state. >> wow. remember, by the way, remember when donald trump gave out lindsey graham's phone number? >> yeah. >> a web site gave out trump's 917 number. >> to give him a taste of his own medicine after mr. trump disclosed republican rival lindsey graham's number last month. anyway, the trump camp confirmed the number belongs to him but said it's very old and he doesn't use that. >> and you get one of those automated you have reached 917 -- >> you you yeah. he's like you. you change your phone number every few months. [laughter] no wonder why he doesn't respond, he changed his phone number. >> rosanna, i have many enemies, real andage -- and imagined. [laughter] let's go outside, please. >> nile rogers, we're going the
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7:38 am
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talk to him coming up next hour. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> rosanna, a story that caught her eye this morning. >> yeah. >> manhattan's corner stores, a neighborhood staple, struggling to survive.
7:40 am
it's about the bodega. it's mentioned that -- >> oh, is that caroline kennedy's daughter? >> same one. >> it's hard to find a bodega, but when you're in one, you're there. >> if fao schwartz can't stay in business in new york city, how do you expect these bodegas too? the rents are too damn high. >> they profile one man after closing his store, stores are being squeezed out of the neighborhoods they call home. once lonely grocery outputs in a dangerous city, their colorful awnings part of the street scape, they are losing customers to chain stores. and by the way, there's another one in the "wall street journal" about -- hi, everybody, we're over here -- laundromats going away. you know, the do-it-yourself laundromat? they're going away too,
7:41 am
retreating away from the higher end spot. you saw one close in your neighborhood. >> yeah, definitely. well, yeah, actually a big high-rise is going in that spot. oh, well. >> just what we need. >> just what we need, another high-rise. but they say, you know, it's hard to get an apartment in new york city. i don't know. anyway, it's madison's birthday, she's sweet 16. she watches us every day. day. >> madison, thank you. mike woods, what's up? >> we're taking a look at pictures from facebook, and some more storm damage. look at all the trees that have come down across parts of the tristate, mostly in long island. this one comes from maria, but, yeah, all the reports will be roll anything here in the hours and days to come here. but that's the main cluster of storms that passed on by. it's out of here now, and things are much quieter, only one little cell, and that's in the offshore waters. that doesn't mean we're in the clear completely, and here's the
7:42 am
reason why, front's still crossing by. we saw round one, but we're likely to get another round or two of storms before all is said and done. we've got 69 at central park, 70 out at newark. our temps should pop up quite a bit because you're going to see a decent amount of sunshine, and when you have dewpoints around the mid to upper 60s, that gives you plenty of fuel to the fire, so the front continues to swing through and gives us the unstable condition to prime you for some more storms this afternoon. but by tomorrow it's out of here. we're looking at high pressure taking over, cooler, drier air, high temps come down, storm thursday. late thursday that area of low pressure starts to get closer to us, and more storm chances then. but today showers and storms, they're still possible for you though we saw probably our biggest this morning. well. drier tomorrow with a high of 86, friday looks like the messiest day out there. if you want to track these storms on your phone be,
7:43 am
download the fox 5ny weather app, it does a great job tracking these storms all the way down to the street level. all right, let's bring in kelly dylan once again and take another look are, i guess it's basically a situation the damaging is done from the earlier storms. >> westside highway, on the southbound side in the 70s, we have an accident jamming things up back to the 150s, and on the northbound side we have of a crash blocking two lanes at the george washington bridge. let's switch over to a look at the tappan zee bridge. no major delays in either direction, but do be aware there is a 45 mile-per-hour speed the weather. and let's switch over to a look at the george washington bridge. about a 25 minute wait if you are traveling upstairs, and downstairs is about a 20-minute weight. inbound lincoln, 495 approaching the helix, about a 40 minute wait. liir, service still suspended on
7:44 am
the port and jefferson branch between port jefferson and stony brook because of downed trees and power lines and 4, 5 and 6 trains still have delays all because of signal problems at 125th street. alternate side rules are in effect. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> where's aye niece? not too sure. >> where do you come from? >> new jersey. >> very nice. >> not really. for now. >> kelly, thank you. mets. girl? >> welcome again. >> thank you. >> yeah, everybody's talking about the mets. somebody asked me an interesting question the other day, is this pitching staff better than the '86 staff that's won it all? tweet me what you think. all right, this team is fun to watch. night. after sweeping the nationals in
7:45 am
miami, the mets came to play last night. rookie michael come forda, he's never going to forget that moment. that's going to make it 3-0, mets. here in the fifth they acquire with the access by dis, looking for his first home run as a met. does it have the distance? no. off the top of the wall, so close. 5-0, he went 3 for 5 with four rbis. 12-1, your final score. you ever wonder what it's like to hit your first major league home run? here's rookie michael come por da after the game. >> it was just a blur seeing that. the whole trip around the bases, you know, it's just a flash in your mind, and so it's a moment i'll never forget. it's pretty cool. >> just a blur. i mean, i can imagine. i mean, the adrenaline going around the bases. mets have now won four straight, 7-3 in their last 10, and when
7:46 am
you watch them play, they now look like they can win ever time they take the field. wasn't the case probably just ten days ago, 11 days ago. these trades have really club. and how about this? last night in washington the nationals/diamondbacks, mets fans going to love this, two-run homer, and it's 3-0, arizona. very next batter, castillo. he's going to go deep as well, back to back home runs, arizona beats washington, the mets now in sole possession of first place in the nl east with a nationals. first place yankees had the night off last night. tonight at the stadium they kick off the series with the last place boston red sox. now to football, the giants have finally spoken with jason pierre-paul about his injuries. yesterday general manager jerry reese said on a radio interview that it was a personal
7:47 am
conversation. he added the giants are not annoyed with jpp who lost a finger in a fireworks -- >> they're not annoyed? they haven't given him a talking to? he's playing with fireworks, and he's a grown man. >> you know what, greg? i kind of agree with you. >> a talking to at least. >> well, they haven't really -- >> i get a talking to every other day around here. [laughter] i don't play with fireworks. >> they tried to speak to him. the doctors haven't even seen him yet, giants' doctors. he has a franchise tag worth $14.8 million in tender. he hasn't sign that yet. that's $15 million. it's unlikely he'll be at camp until that gets done. finally, it's good to be houston rockets' guard james harden. not only does he have one of the coolest beards in all of sports -- yeah, he's got a great beard. look at that. >> almost like an abe lincoln beard. >> it's pretty cool. he's received an endorsement
7:48 am
deal offer from adidas valued at $200 million. spread that out over -- >> adidas, they even make those sneakers anymore? >> oh, yeah. >> it's all about nike. >> i could it nike this morning, i got corrected. now their competitor, nike, has until next week to match the deep. i would say harden can't lose here. >> yeah. >> you know, when did it become nike? we grew up, it was nike. >> i don't know. we've all been calling it nike for years now. >> i've got an idea, let's all sleep on it and get back to you. >> the important things in life. >> duke, thanks a lot. have a look outside. >> the humidity moved from our area. >> did the rain really wake you up or what? >> lulu, my dog, was going crazy. >> your own personal freakout machine in the house. >> she was, she was so scared. >> haven't they figured it out after millions of years of evolution, whatever, development
7:49 am
it rains every now patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars. among them were four hospitals that are part of cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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7:51 am
>> oh, another good song. >> classic disco. chic featuring nile rogers. >> yes. coming up in a little bit. >> i remember hearing, seeing this song. i was a kid. >> and? >> it just seemed like the ultimate in romantic decadence.
7:52 am
>> did you know how to hustle back then? i'm not talking about money. >> i know what you're talking about. that was a grown-up thing. i fantasized about moving into the city and doing the hustle, but i finally got here, and they don't do it anymore. >> did you have those shirts? >> i had a mickey mouse shirt. >> they were like those clinggy kind of satiny shirt -- >> the thing that john travolta wore? they're relatively cool shirts. why do they have such a hick name? [laughter] >> anyway, let's talk health news with dr. raj. >> hello, good morning. well, we know that picky eating is a very common issue during childhood, and most kids do grow out of it, but for some according to duke medical school researchers, this could be a signal of greater mental health issues. according to their study about 20% of young children between the ages of 2-6 are considered picky eaters, severely fussy about food, they found an increased rateover anxiety and depression over the following
7:53 am
two years when they followed these children. we're not talking about just the kids who don't want to eat their broccoli or brussel sprouts, but children who bring their own food to restaurants, have separate meals from the rest of the family. they look at food as a control issue, and it can cause fighting with their parents. so this is a signal not for parents to be alarmed if you have a picky eater, but something to discuss with your pediatrician and screen for other broader issues involving anxiety or even depression. >> you know what i love about these things? >> yes, tell me -- [laughter] >> a few months later they come back with another survey that complete lu undoes that -- complete he undoze that one. >> i do have a picky eater in my household, and it can sometimes cause trouble in the family. and he feels guilty because we're telling him he's not being healthy. >> my brother would only eat lobster. >> a very fancy picky eater. >> my poor mother once made
7:54 am
scallops for him and told him it was lobster so he would eat it. >> where did he come up with that? >> it's ridiculous. >> is he still like that? anyway, what do do you really think about this? >> i really think for many children it's not an an issue, but if it's severe, talk to your pediatrician and make sure they're screened for anything more serious. we don't want to ignore these, you know, issues in our children. >> thanks, doctor, very much. >> thank you. i'll see you soon. >> well, we're done with that. >> oh, it's time for us to do entertainment. anna is off and you and i are in trouble. we got some sad news though. >> go ahead. >> another celebrity split. gwen stefani and gavin rossdale have filed for divorce after almost 13 years of marriage citing irreconcilable differences. both -- >> that's like the catch-all, umbrella -- >> they're seeking joint custody of their three kids. gwen is currently a judge on
7:55 am
"the voice" and the front woman for the band no doubt, and he's the frontman for the band bush. tmz says gwen believed that gavin was cheating on her. i know. >> i like gwen stefani a lot. >> what about reba mcintyre and her husband? >> i didn't know they were married. keep going. >> they are calling it quits. they announced yesterday they have separated after 26 years of being married. the couple worked together for even longer than that, and they say they will continue to would recollect together, but the marriage, i think they're done working on it. >> she's got the unfunniest show in america, it was called reba on the usa network. this is corny, but she seemed like a nice lady. >> how about will smith, you've got to love him, he's denying report that is he and his wife are getting a divorce. >> here's a facebook post by will smith, what because he say? >> jada and i are not getting a divorce. i promise you all if i ever decide to divorce my queen, i swear i'll tell you myself.
7:56 am
and jada followed up with the tweet: my king has spoken. they're referring to a report that came out on radar online which claimed the two had worked out a divorce settlement. listen, greg, i know you love your concerts, i know you love that new singer, the weekend. he is going to be part of the billboard hot 100 music festival in our area. the tickets go on sale in about five minutes, greg. get ready. >> the scalpers buy them initially. >> i hope not. they're made available at a special rate, a good deal that goes only through the weekend, and speaking of the weekend, he is going to be headlining along with justin bieber. and lil' wayne. >> he's going to be there too. >> yeah. it's going to be a great lineup at jones beach theater the weekend of august 22nd. we will have more information on our web site, under the good day new york link. but tickets go on sale in about >> awesome. all right, we've got a facebook fan of the hour, jan cortez. thank you.
7:57 am
>> thank you. jan, we're going to have the weekend serenade you. good day's coming right back. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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introducing dunkin's new fruit smoothies. perfectly blended with real fruit and low-fat yogurt. it's a delicious choice you can feel good sipping. discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'. >> too fox 5 news this, is "good day new york." >> hi, everybody.
8:00 am
>> i'm rosanna scotto. the worst of the storms are hopefully gone. it is another hot and humid day. you would think with all the lightning and thunder the humidity could kind of washed away. it did number. >> it was wild last night. rain and humidity go together. get that in your meteorlogically dense head. >> i know. we'll talk to mike coming up. did you hear about this? three people died in the outbreak, actually three more people died in the outbreak of bronx. seven. dozens more are still fighting the illness. >> in new york, bodegas they're a fixture of new york life or are they? or are their days numbered? interesting story in the "new york times" indicates bodega, particularly up inner manhattan being squeezed out. higher rents and big chain stores giving them a hard time. >> donald trump widened his lead
8:01 am
in the latest "fox news poll" of republican primary voters. mr. trump skip ad gop forum in new hampshire. he is expected to be center sage at the debate in leave land thursday night. >> rosanna ran into each other in the elevator when we don't normally do. she noticed i had a sweater on. >> what is going on there, grandpa, mr. rogers. >> it was so cold. air-conditioning is 57 degrees. rosanna, it is what. >> so hot, ernie put it up to 80. he likes to keep his voice nice and moist. >> that is not what the story is about. the most buildings keep it cool. guys like it that day. women prefer warmer apparently. more on that in a little bit. i'm one person, that bears out. >> depends on the weather. usually in here it is always cold, you know? but for the cameras, it is not for us. >> gotcha.
8:02 am
take a look at this, please. fancy tv with numbers on it over there in the corner of the room. >> we do. >> how about a little closer look. rosanna and i and our friends are wearing heart rate monitors. at this point rosanna is almost dead at 38%. >> i need to get my heart rate up. that is not good. >> a moment ago you were at 62. >> i jogged around the rowing machines. >> our hearts are working. rosanna at 41%. got a little agitated. >> don't get me upset. this will be perfect. you know when greg gets on my nerves. >> that should be interesting to monitor. >> how about you? >> 48%. that is nice and cool for greg. mike, where is yours? >> i'm not up there. duke. zero percent. he is dead. >> he probably didn't put monitor on yet. >> he unplugged it. >> anyway the humidity estimate out there, huh. >> still out there but this is
8:03 am
the last day of it and heat will both come together. >> forever. >> this week, how about that? >> oak. >> big rock and roll storms kind of set the stage for, look what happened. this some so of the damage, almost all the pictures we're getting from long island. we saw storms throughout new jersey and into the city as well. but now it is all pretty much pulling away. look at size of the that tree that came down out there, root base. stoneybrook, eric, thanks for setting it up on twitter, facebook. we like to see what is happening around town. things are much quieter, thank goodness for that. the storms are pulling away from you in new england and cape and massachusetts. for us things are much quieter. we should see a quieter day for the most part. we have potential of area of low pressure and cold front in the area. this is the last day of heat and humidity. looks like the storm chances, they're still out there.
8:04 am
i don't think you will see the biggs stuff like we saw earlier. 86 tomorrow, 81 on thursday. friday looks sloppy and cooler, highs in the 70s on friday as well as saturday. bring in kelly doing a great job keeping up with a lot happening out there. >> very busy morning, mike. let's start in new jersey where we have an accident in bridgewaterrer route 22. mountain avenue. lincoln tunnel, delays up to 40 minutes right you no. holland tunnel remains 30 minutes from either approach. a shot of the george washington bridge where we have 25 minute wait for the upper level and 20 minutes for the lower. suspended on the port jefferson bridge between port jefferson and stoneybrook because of downed trees and power lines. we have the signal problems on four, five, six, trains, delays in both directions. signal problems at 125th
8:05 am
street. alternate side rules are in effect. greg, rosanna, back to you. >> thank you. big hole opening up in the ground. >> look at this. happened. >> jim, is there a car in that sinkhole? >> there is no sign of a car but you can see that minivan on the street next to it. just to give a comparison, as to how big that sinkhole is, it looks like it has to be a good 25 feet across and several, several feet deep. at least 10 feet deep. you see some of the pipes underground. the sinkhole goes well below some of those pipes. this is fifth avenue and 64 street in brooklyn. entire intersection. at this point nobody is allowed to get close tonight. except that one guy. >> coming into the scene, we
8:06 am
have seen firefighters walking around. that person does have insignia on the back. looks like it says nypd. they might be documenting the situation. nobody was injured as far as we know. we don't though if there was impact on water lines, gas lines, sewer lines. fire department and other crews coming into the scene to assess the situation and how to deal with it. back to you. >> that's amazing. nobody was hurt. no cars are in the sinkhole. >> lucky i guess. >> lucky? >> some of those pipes i bet turn out to be 100 years old. jim, thank you. we'll check back. meanwhile a big shooting last night at the pnc arts center. a j coal concert wrapped up. >> there was panic in the parking lot after the concert. search is on for a guy with a gun. robert, what do you know? >> greg, rosanna in last hour or
8:07 am
so state police issued a plea really not only on facebook but twitter, asking anyone with information about this shooter to let them know because clearly they have no one in custody at this point. there are still police tape up, as i step out of the way, four. this is where that shooting took place earlier this morning. there were police officers walking around, combing the scene. i want to show you this picture, a man posted it on twitter earlier this morning. it shows one of the gunshot victims laying in the parking lot. according to state police, the shooting took place last night at 11:15 shortly after the hip-hop concert featuring j coal and big sean got out. one of the victims airlifted to center. if you know anything about this area, this venue is situated off the garden state parkway. around.
8:08 am
it's a beautiful area. but last night filled with chaos. so far as i said no arrests. earlier this morning i got a chance to speak to a man who told me works on the cleaning crew. he said last night was quite a night. >> i was cleaning doing my job, everyone here heard gunshots. thought it was firecrackers when the show was over. then we see five more. everyone in the parking lot started running. managers, got walkie-talkie, oh, there were two wounded. >> reporter: that gives you a sense of the concert last night, instagram video from the concert featuring j coal and big sean. they are quite the draw in the hip-hop world. they're touring together. they're scheduled to perform tonight at madison square garden
8:09 am
in new york city. no indication that concert will not go forward. it is still scheduled ruled to despite what happened. two people in critical but stable condition as a result of this really scary shooting. that is the latest live from homedale. greg and rest rosanna back to you. >> j cole, cool guy. we did the special super bowl coverage, times square. >> really nice guy. st. johns university graduate. we're sorry this happened. >> we're keeping eye on the legionnaires' disease. the number of deaths from the disease is growing in the bronx. a lot of people are very concerned. they live, they work around there. they're like, what is going on? >> there was a meeting last night. seven people now dead from liege nays. let's go to kerry dru. she has more. >> reporter: good morning, greg and rosanna. city officials were there answering a lot of questions
8:10 am
from the concern residents in the town hall in bronx. they traced the liege nays outbreak to cooling towers in south bronx. health officials say there could be more case. >> every time i hear of another death i think of the family, what we went through 28 days in the hospital. >> reporter: for annie dominguez the outbreak of liege nares in the bronx is close to home. her cousin daniel contracted disease last month and recently got out of the independednt cu. >> i wanted to make sure that all possible areas that he could have gotten it are being tested. >> reporter: he was among the hundreds of concerned people who packed into the bronx museum of answer. >> this is my problem. i'm a community activist. i'm a senior citizen. i'm concerned. >> reporter: the outbreak has dozens of others. >> people are afraid of the unknown. nobody really understands what
8:11 am
is going on. >> we are very concerned and we have had our disease detectives working around the clock. >> reporter: city health commissioner mary bassett and other officials tried to explain the facts about liege nares. the pneumonia disease is not contagious. it is emitted from they believe from cooling towers on top of five buildings in the bronx. five buildings have been tested for legionella bacteria and the water is. older people with preexisting medical conditions are most at risk. >> people who have lung disease including asthma having higher this. >> reporter: officials may test additional cooling towers and will take a closer look how they're cared for. >> we can do better making sure earlier. and we can do better by making
8:12 am
sure that the cooling towers are well-maintained. >> reporter: health officials say it is important to note this disease is treatable if caught early. if you live in the south bronx and experiencing flu-like symptoms officials say you should get medical help quickly. greg, rosanna, all seven people that died from the disease and were older and preexisting medical condition. they were more at risk. >> i know. still doesn't make you feel that comfortable. >> kerry drew. of. legionnaires disease in the bronc. people say a gay couple were possibly attacked because they were gay. >> daniel and larry lennox happened to be west point's first married couple. police say they were inside the soho newsstand on prince street when this guy began yelling anti-gay -- statements at them. he punched daniel in the face, causing mine noor injuries to is had mouth. >> both are from west point, u.s. military academy. until recently you couldn't serve openly gay in the military. >> right.
8:13 am
by the way the guy supposedly the attacker got away on a bicycle. described five feet eight inches tall, 130 pounds. >> pretty clear picture of him. >> do you recognize him. >> 800-577-tips if you do. >> woman's death behind parse at mount vernon police headquarters being investigated by the state's top prosecutor. >> state attorney general, we see the governor there, but the governor issued an executive order last month requiring the state attorney general -- >> to investigate. remember anything that was like, a racial crime? the governor was on our show talking about this. so now eric schneiderman will do just that. >> listen to this. >> this is a case that our special investigations unit will be taking on. we're going to handle this investigation impartially, thoroughly and completely independently and follow the facts wherever they lead. >> turner, mother of eight was being held in the mount vernon jail on a shoplifting charge when she suddenly died on july 27th. she was in the cell all weekend
8:14 am
and tan to the hospital after complaining of high blood pressure. released back into police custody. autopsy came back inconclusive. the family, they have lots of questions. they believe they have not been told the whole story. >> you may have noticed something as you walk around your neighborhood these days. there is a lot of mom-and-pop stores closing up and it is really making those of us who like the mom-and-pop stores, we're upset and feel sorry for the people who worked so hard on their businesses can't afford to stay in the neighborhood. city. it is happening slowly but it is happening. "new york times" has a interesting story about bodegas, new york institution, small corner grocery storm. you know one when you're in one. they are vanishing from upper manhattan and steep rents and competition from chain stores. >> juliet huddy, what are you noticing? >> reporter: breaking news, all know that. as you mentioned we're here in east harlem.
8:15 am
we're in an area filled with bodegas and laundromats, self-serve laundromats, two of latest victims of sky-high rises rice -- prices in manhattan. bodegas, like trusty old sneakers, you can't rely on them for everything because they have holes but you like they're around to reassure you. 12,000 bodegas in new york city but that number is dwindling, dwindling fast, thanks in part to increasing appearance of chain stores like walgreen's, right aides. places that have gum and shampoo but 30 different varieties of gum and shampoo. pharmacies and mini delis. it is one-stop shopping for consumers who are much busier demanding. last year we saw biggest increase in the last four years in the number of chain stores coming to new york city. experts say that trend will continue, has continued over last six years and will continue
8:16 am
now. i talked to some folks around here what they think about the loss, disappearing bodega. listen. >> we want to go to the corner where we've been going for years to support the people that, you know, that live in the neighborhood. that owned the businesses. when you have a -- >> reporter: all right. another big problem? the rising rents. dreaded double r. you have a big problem here. that is problem for laundromats. we have a laundromats behind me. it is interesting, the number is 2600 and growing unless you're in tribeca and battery park city where is there only one laundromat according to latest numbers. people expect these days washer and driers in their units or latest in the building in the neighborhood where you're paying a lot of money for rent. water rates, another big issue. in last four years, since 2007, rather, the prices for water,
8:17 am
the cost of water as doubled. that cost is trickling down to the laundromat owners and trickling down of course to you the consumer. good news more people in your neighborhood more likely laundromat will stay around. more people equals more jeans to wash and so forth. so the solution to these dwindling bodegas and dwindling laundromats, problem, experts say this is fabric, the evolution of the ever-changing and ever-growing city. live in east harlem. juliet huddy. back to you in the studio. >> wow, juliet. kind of sad and inevitable. tough taking your own laundry. when i didn't have unwith, i felt i won lottery with apartment on inside. >> like they're on the couch doing the wash. sad to see this happening. we've seen it with fao schwarz. they couldn't afford to stay on fifth avenue. >> big boys into little boys.
8:18 am
>> danny meyers closed restaurant because he couldn't afford to stay in union square. >> danny miers has a lot of problems counting money. is the shake shack guy. >> he is shake shack guy. shake shack does really well. union square restaurant did not do that well. people who worked there. >> he probably can't find enough banks to hold all of money. good for him, danny meyer. >> very difficult for everybody. whether small mom-and-pop or big restaurant, the rents are too damn high. >> as that -- >> mike. >> weirdo said in the debates. >> he was on to something. he had the catchphrase. >> hammering that for years. i think a lot of people agreed with him. he was always a little different. >> remember he came on, sang a song? >> we'll show you who we're talking about. >> jimmy. >> show you what is up out there. hey the weather. things are a lot quieter. things were rough. looks like almost nothing happened. maybe you slept through it.
8:19 am
we have really nasty storms come through the entire tri-state region and new jersey and long island. connecticut getting hit pretty hard at points early this morning. things look much quieter out there all together. we could see storms refiring later this afternoon. high emits 90. will be stormy later this afternoon. not like what which had this morning. last day for humidity. cooler, drier coming tomorrow. cookened looks so-some sunday looking better than saturday. google play store and itunes store, download the app immediately and put it to play. happy birthday to my pal. this is gavin. turning 11 years old. hope you have a fantastic birthday. everybody in the family loves fox 5. let's bring in kelly and get another check what it is like to get around town. lots of problems. >> lots of problems, mike. westside highway these problems continue on the southbound side of the westside highway in the 70s. crash in the right lane.
8:20 am
delays back to the 150. northbound side of the west side by the george washington bridge, another accident blocking two lanes. harlem river drive, ramp to george washington bridge, accident takes out right lane on that ramp. switch over to a shot of the cross bronx expressway. this is bronx river parkway as you can see. traffic moving slowly, no major delays. let's switch to the new jersey turnpike. northbound and southbound for you. service remains suspended on port jefferson bridge between port jefferson and stoneybrook. all because of downed trees and downed wires. alternate side rules. they are in effect. greg, rosanna back to you. >> kelly, thank you. this is the rent is too damn high guy, jimmy mcmillon. rosanna what was him that captured the imagination. >> i loved his slogan, the rent is too damn high. >> beard from the 19th century. wore gloves.
8:21 am
rent is too dam high mobile. >> did we find he lived in the rent stablized apartment. >> he feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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8:24 am
>> hi, everybody. >> time to get down to business. >> lauren simonetti. what's going on? >> rosanna, do you have a coat in the office? >> yeah, but not today for some reason. >> it is quite steamy. most women agree say it is freezing at work. there is a reason for that. the reason is the office thermostat is totally biased. it is settings, its temperature was based on a 1960s standard that looked at 40-year-old man who weighed 154 pounds. i know you're saying what man in his 40s weighs, 154-pound. maybe if he is like five three, right? that is what they set the standard on decades ago, still in effect many offices today. hence women are always freezing because we have to use more energy to stay warm in colder climate. >> first of all, let's lay off the 40-year-old dudes. they could weigh all kinds of numbers.
8:25 am
>> i don't know any men that weigh 150 pounds. >> well, go downtown sometime. i will show you around. >> so what do we do with this information? >> well it explains why women always have space heaters by their desks and sometimes wear gloves and scarves and carry blankets in the office. you look at us, say, oh, please, it is so hot as you want to take off your jacket, right. we're cold, because the office temperature is not set to our body. >> lauren, thanks a lot. >> greg is not interested. >> no, i am but -- >> we have other fish to fry around here. >> all right. okay. >> air condition something not a problem. thanks, lauren, have a good one. >> bye-bye. >> what? >> bye. >> have you heard of this new movie, "straight outta compton"? >> everybody is talking about. >> bio pic about the west coast rap group, nwa. >> you growing up in the is a bushes, compton was like, oh, my
8:26 am
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8:29 am
rosanna: looking good considering what happened in the middle of the night. greg: thunder and rain and lightning. rosanna: shivering up a storm. the lightning was getting closer to my building. greg: it was 60 miles away. rosanna: i felt it was getting close. greg: media relatively you are -- rosanna: the friendliness of my hair. that is my barometer. i know what is about, the rain. greg: victor espinoza one of the most successful jockeys alive today won the kentucky derby, preakness and belmont stakes,
8:30 am
triple crown winner showed up on "good day new york". rosanna: he won the haskell as well. greg: he kneeled it. what we challenged him to, and there he is in the gray suit in the middle there and he took it very seriously and spoiler alert he wins this from the weather center to the underside. look at him go. >> you are out of control at any moment. >> the microphone, microphones. >> won para and square. i am blaming the horse and that horse forever will be here instead of "good day new york". this is from the museum. no one can ride this one any more. what about said? >> it is 8:30, nice to have you with us.
8:31 am
what is going on with a rain? >> what we had early this morning, we had leaning over the city too. rosanna: i saw in the distance and then it was close to my building. >> meteorologist: it came through new jersey into long island. every once in a while she gets something right. that is what it comes down to. what we have out there today, here is the weather had line, we have a little of everything, showers and storms, the worst of it over with very early this morning but could be more later this afternoon, it will be hot you. nice summer weather returns tomorrow, back down into thes and humidity takes a break, an area of low pressure will head to the south of us and head into friday and that means cooler
8:32 am
wetter weather at that time s and coming but right now is not so bad, 70 degrees at central park, mostly cloudy skies, southwest wind at 9 miles an hour, still a little bit sticky but big storms we spoke about, severe weather on the north shore of long island that now pretty much nothing going on but still some potential, the cold front working its way by and as it comes through this afternoon there could be more storms that we fire again and it could be hot a cute did the drier weather will take over tomorrow and the next day it gets cooler yet but we have to watch this area of low pressure that could bring showers into the tristate. high-temperature up to 90, storms fire up later on, tomorrow 86, 81 thursday, 77 friday and the wettest day bleeds into saturday so keep that in mind. sunday looks like a better day
8:33 am
this weekend. let's bring in kelly. the commute has been a problem. >> nothing has changed, the garden state parkway exit 135 accident blocking two lanes. center lane. and upstairs and downstairs, 495 up to 40 minutes and at the holland tunnel inbound we have emergency maintenance in the inbound to blocking one lane, 30 minutes from either approach. lirr service is suspended, it is all because of downed wires. everything else on or close to schedule an alternate side rules in effect. rosanna: donald trump leading republicans with all the latest
8:34 am
polls but now he's being chris christie in jersey. greg: he has made this political season interesting with the like him or not. i can remember a debate this anticipated since usually around a general election. rosanna: everybody keeps counting donald trump out. when he made those unfortunate comments about immigration and illegal mexicans and then he made the unfortunate comment about john mccain. everybody is like that is done, he is toast after that one. he keeps rising in the polls. greg: everybody else got together, new hampshire, apparently it was awkward, they made an act like school kids, almost look like they are in grade school. ben simmoneau has more on this. greg: ernie: it could be the highest rated program on cable television ever. all the three of the 17 republicans running for the
8:35 am
foreign you mentioned, not a debate, candidates were on one at a time when asking questions and somewhat rapid-fire format by the moderator, topics range from social security, chris christie said he would like to raise the retirement age to foreign policy. that. >> we need to treat it seriously and engaging in the world creating alliances with traditional arab nations receiving threat directly supporting it with air power, the border needs to be secure, expanded guest worker program so people can support their family. >> i am the only person who has raised not just during the border following up on the visas and verify, but 20% reduction in the unskilled labor coming into this country. ben: that was rick santorum. not in the room, the gop's elephant donald trump, declined the invitation, extending his lead in the latest fox news poll
8:36 am
showing donald trump with 26% support, ten points ahead of jeb bush, scott walker, ben carson and ted cruz round out the top 5, chris christie of new jersey in ninth place with 3% in this pool. we're two days before the first process. in cleveland, fox news channel 9:00, top-10 candidates on stage including donald trump and i will be there for you guys. ben: you are going to cleveland, you have been in cleveland before. on the internet, 12 hours. >> you are going to be working. >> on the air. >> and for you guys it is 6:30, 7:00, and 8:00. >> i want that assignment. cleveland is.
8:37 am
anyway. greg: they will have the president in canton but you never know. rosanna: rogers is here, two lazy nights on long island starting tonight. on "good day new york" coming up. become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. the way you bank. with dunkin's new
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>> let's talk a little. greg: world trade center, got to go to the observatory. rosanna: went to the top. had not bite eat. greg: 0 week later the line out front goodness gracious, was huge, thousands of people, glad we did it when we did. if you haven't it is worth it probably putting up with a crowd. rosanna: we will talk health news. >> i wanted joy to the helicopter, the helicopter is ready, is talking on long island, for storm damage from last night. what you're looking at? >> we have an area where there are multiple freeze, rangees down, over the area of settlers way and if we go a block or two
8:41 am
in either direction you see the type of screen, there are trees down, tops of trees that were ripped off the top half of freeze and as you saw a second ago, trees laying into houses, pretty wide area, an area of settlers into the pocket, it is a little bit to give you an idea of how wide the damage is, that one area i was looking at as we go over to the right, there are more trees, tops of trees that were wrapped off, multiple trees down, ranges down in this area, crews on the scenes. there are several trees wrapped into that area. greg: we will call the free crew. at least nobody is sleeping with the tree on is them.
8:42 am
greg: and for washington into the bedroom. rosanna: let's talk to dr. raj. >> condition millions of americans suffer from take prescription sleep medicine. a new study, for many to take prescription sleep medications they may not need a higher dose, doing a lower dose of medications like ambiance which is a commonly used rebate and found it was just as effected in maintaining sleep so those taking 10 milligrams, 5 milligrams for some of them, taking medication one day taking a placebo and did just as well. a lot of sleep medication $0.05 significant side effects which are less if you take a lower dose. if you are taking a prescriptions' the madison talk about lowering the dose because sometimes people take more and
8:43 am
more of it to get to sleep and the wisdom is you may need less to maintain sleet. >> i am afraid i am going to sleep through the alarm. >> it can cause daytime drowsiness especially if you're driving. rosanna: we don't see any drowsing is right now. greg: i have one sleep a recommendation that does not involve drugs or chemicals, take these bad boys cellphones. and put them in the other room. put from outside. >> the blue light, stimulation. greg: if you can't sleep for a moment, check the new york post. don't want to do that. >> technology free time for an hour before bedtime is ideal. greg: get into the mood she says. chemicals for that. you will have new ones.
8:44 am
rosanna: we are wearing heart monitors right now. greg: you see them in the gym and we are at just about half our capacity. rosanna: i am a 43% and you are at 49%, uses a heart monitors to -- greg: the heart monitor is not that uncomfortable. different. rosanna: we will be right back.
8:45 am
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if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, r you switch to geico. r it's what you do. rosanna: why is this the lowest? greg: almost got -- rosanna: down for the account over here, aggravate me. greg: got this december later awhile ago, just walking across a room. am i in trouble?
8:48 am
>> they are playing well rogers's on right now. >> prolific grammy winner many times over. a couple years ago, but the songs that we all love, very special music event tonight and tomorrow in long island and thrilled that he joins us live with his guitar from river head. rosanna: how are you? >> doing great. >> we were talking about the rain and lightning. is your area okay with the concert tonight? >> we got a little bit ring out but now is totally amazing meant by the time it is show time it will be awesome and complete the draw in an hour. greg: what is going to happen tonight? >> tonight we have for real williams, keith urban, chic,
8:49 am
thomas bold, a bunch of amazing d.j.s, incredible chances, freak out let's dance as you know. if you hash tag check this out, if you have tag, if you have tag i dance for we will, tell us what you dance for. i dance with good time, tell us what you dance for and we will put you up. and you know me. and we will give you free food. rosanna: i love your style in your agenda -- generous with everybody. tickets are still available tonight and tomorrow. >> yes, definitely still on sale and tonight will be the same, tomorrow we hope will be more of the same, duran duran will be here, shot the con will be in sane.
8:50 am
greg: a great line up. if you don't mind. the other part. could you do us the favor, you tell it better than we can, the story of freak out. what happened that night? the quick version. >> you want me to curse on television. what happened was -- got it. we were invited to studio 54 to see grace jones and this was in 1977 into 78 and she told us to knock on the back door and look for ms. gray stone. we knocked on the back door and told them we were a personal friend, they slammed the door in our face and told us to f off. we went to my apartment and started writing a song that went we can do that. that was in commercial and that
8:51 am
is not who we are as people so we turned it into a fun song about celebrating studio 54 in the good dance called the freak. greg: something bad turned into something green and. i love it. >> biggest selling record of my whole life, biggest selling thing of my life. rosanna: more singles to come in to your life. right now, let's put it that way. you have the guitar around your neck. is a usable or just -- greg: you want to do something for us? >> semi hard for me to hear you guys. the traffic going by. i have a guitar strapped around my neck. greg: is a usable? >> absolutely. greg: let's use it, see you later. rosanna: we will have one of
8:52 am
your dancers on, maybe a dance group. >> my whole dancing crew over here, we have the mall on. >> i have seen you dance before. we may get you up here too. >> i do love to dance. we are so happy for you. we are happy for you because you have two gorgeous days and tickets available for the phone concert available right now and we have a preview of the dance group coming up in the 9:00 hour. >> thank you, guys. rosanna: see you in a little bit. i have seen you dance too. it is ludicrous. favorites. rosanna: anna gilligan has the day off. greg: kim richards, former actress, star of the reality
8:53 am
show beverly hills. rosanna: several reports, shoplifting and a target store. in the san fernando family accused of taking a bunch of things, $600, in april for making the drunken scene at the beverly hills hotel. we wish her well obviously and she is calling out for help right now. we do hope she gets help. greg: i remember she was on the show hello larry and is related to the hiltons. rosanna: stars of the new film ricky and the flash hit the red carpet in new york city, meryl streep with her daughter word there. and rick springfield on hand. greg: rick springfield. rosanna: he was on our show. the movie is about wife and mother of three who left to follow her dreams of rock-and-roll stardom. greg: very realistic. rosanna: the senior guitarists is returning to indiana to be with her family and the life she left behind. anything meryl streep has been
8:54 am
in on want to see and her daughter is a great actress as well. greg: we can see on friday. rosanna: it opens nationwide friday. greg: beyonce bought a pair of expensive shoes, $312,000 for one pear, they had a thousand diamond class. here they are. greg: i would be afraid to wear them. rosanna: you could buy a house with those shoes. she is using it for a music video. the redesigned by the british company, never heard of them. you heard of them? greg: very high end.
8:55 am
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