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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 4, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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after an accident forced the roadway to close in both directs in lyndon, tonight, traffic is still backed up. sky fox over the scene tonight. now. >> the traffic is still backed up for miles hopefully will be cleared up by the morning commute. stacey deli it can't secaucus now. stacey. reporter: well, dar i, it was not just the jersey turnpike that was backed up. nearly every major roadway in new jersey was clogged up this evening as drivers tried to maneuver their way home. route 3 cleared up around 8:30 tonight. the northbound lanes are open on the turnpike. the southbound lanes do remain closed. the backup is still 8 miles long t. they tell us tonight, they do expect to have everything reopen bid the morning. so this is insane. >> rodney summing up the ex earns on the new jersey turnpike today. >> we if went from bumper-to-bumper with the detos to bumper-to-bumper on ear.
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>> it is frustrating. very frustrating. >> the backup stretched for miles and miles after a dump truck overturned and caught fire at an overpass on the southbound turnpike in lyndon around 10:30 this morning t. the driver of the truck died. the crash left live power wires dangling. >> the power sagged down on to just above the roadway, and the live power lines that complicated the cleanup and the investigation and what is going on right now is pse and g. they stopped the power to the lines and now they are going through and removing. so some decided to make the most of a nightmarish commute whether it was sunbag on the side a freeway. catching up on ride reading or though around a ways ball. pie afternoon, the northbound outer roadways with reopened but drivers heading southbound were still out of luck. >> we should have been home an hour ago. >> by the evening rush. not much relief. 6:30 now. as you can see. the southbound lane
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heading to the turnoff is a standstill. >> englewood cliffs. i left at 3:30. i have been stuck on the turnpike for three hours. i mean, this is just crazy. i cannot believe it. >> rodney colton not the only one worked up over the long commute home. some drivers could not take the wait. others coming from connecticut trying to teak it easy. >> you have to like breath and say, you know, it could be worse. like we are health think. you got to be happy. reporter: trying to maintain a positive attitude in all of this. well, got off the phone with the spokesperson for the turnpike authority just a little while ago. he told me crews are still hard at work, buy to reonly the southbound lanes between midnight and early morning. he says they do hope to have everything reopened pie the rush hour commute tomorrow morning. live in secaucus, stacey delikat, pack to you.
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>> thank you. we'll check win joe beerman who is high above pit all. how is the backup look now? reporter: well, historic monumental delays of five hours to come down the turnpike from the if vense lom board dy service area down to lynn don. the parkway, 280. you had major delays. a little bit of optimism here to tell you. look, all the emergency equipment has left the southbound lanes of the turnpike. we only have emergency cries now working on wood avenue, state police are making their final sweeps up the southbound lanes still closed from interchange 14 down through interchange 12 and a little bit of optimism that the southbound lanes will be opened shortly. maybe within though hour. women's coupe advised as soon as we see traffic coming down this here. this guy with the flashing lyings. that is one of the vehicles coming down, sweeping. making sure there is no disabled vehicles or
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nobody else only the southbound lanes of the turnpike. hopefully, they will reopen it soon. >> yeah. you join coined it. thank. >> con ed is on the scene tonight as work crew res pair the huge sinkhole that swallowed up part of the street in sunset park brooklyn. it is 20-feet wide, 20-feet deep. a leaking water main, nearby construction may collapse. evacuated though. fire officials sail the area around the gaping hole seems to be structurally sound. >> there is no gas leak. there is no, everything it is intact hat this time. all utilities are in tabling. there appear as to be some water leak that washed away the earth. that is why the street gaveway. >> with you fort fatally, buildings in the area still have water service. best of of all, nobody was hurt. >> tragedy in brooklyn. a pregnant lost her unborn baby after she was shot in a driveway.
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she was one of five people wounded when bullets started flying in red hook last fight. the ny pd just released was on person they would like to question. his name is frederick marqueece. he is 19 years old. and one who knows any big in are bs is asked to call crime stoppers at 800-577-tins. >> that drive-by red hook, one of the dozens of shootings in the past couple of weeks. tonight happens to be national night out. a flam promotes safe streets. year, with it is taking on a special meaning in a lot of communities. dan bowens in brownsville tonight with the story. hi, dan. >> dari, despite the high-profile shootings in new york city. the mayor said during this national night out event, that crime overall in new york cities down during the last year. he pointed out, that here in brownsesville, shootings are down about 35%. 3:00 reporter: it is a night ed dedicated to strengthening bonds between community and
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the police. and mayor bill de blasio arrived at the national night out block party in brownsville, brooklyn, with food goode thus. crime in the city is down 5% compared to last year. >> he withp don't rest are until this war is with won. community, block by block, we are going to fight the vie rens. we're going to stare it we'll give you this he resource you immediate. precinct. a srg in officers at the summer block crime down. jewellial gar je, a mother thief have noticed a change. >> you see a lot of price. you see a lot of people. >> they are trying to help. reporter: others like richie say the numbers don't tell the whole story. >> i am taking my ston the park to the city a little better. you know what i mean? you cannot wring them out there. nighttime they shoot. >> the concerns evidence in the rash of shootings across the city this weekend that left three
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dead and more than 30 injured. >> the cops are here. they don't respect the cops. they still shoot. they did the to have more security out here, man. >> cities police commissioner incesting community policing efforts are working, noting over the last two decades, crime in this historically violent section of brooklyn is down 72%. >> it is a shared responsibility. >> something we will work with you at the nypd. you need to work with us also. we cannot do it without you. >> and think fig statistic from commissioner bratton. he said crime here in brownsville, down between 11-12% compared to time last year. allison, dari, back to >> thanks, dan. more than 18,000 customers on long island still without power. they may not git back for several days. that follows violent storms that to of tore through the area earlier this morning. sky fox hd showing us uprooted trees, downedded wires, scattered tree lemes across northern section
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of suffolk county. residents say they were not ex he eking a storm as powerful as this. >> i am grier. irene. >> sandy. >> you name it. and nothing every like this. >> pseg long island say it may be thursday before all the power is back on. the city trying to take some new steps to contin a deadly outbreak of legionnaire's disease that is happening in the bronx. the mayor outlining new rules that would require all building cooling towers to be registered and inspected regularly for the back deer that causes this illnesses. more than 80 people have latest outbreak. seven have died. illnesses was traced to a handful of cooling towers that have been deacon tame nateed. we should see beginning and about a week's time, declining numbers of cases, and that is something that we're hopeful that we're already seeing. >> well, the disease is
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not spread person-to-person, symptoms include a cough, fever, shortness of breath. and lidia curanaj has the rest. >> by simply inhaling the air we pret, that is how 86 people were sickened and seven died from legion their's dy seeps in the south bronx. when you inhail a droplet, the only way to contract this. >> that droplet dispersed by a cooling tower. the back year to that cause legion were in's disease. he is with chemical specific in maspeth. the company that specialize in cleaning and santizing cooling power. >> when the water flows down on top of the cooling tower separated into droplets by this thing. the indicated within near blocks of each other. five out of 17 blon excooling towers have tested positive for legionella. why he believes the outbreak may have started with one poorly-maintained tower. >> one cooling tower can contaminate another cooling tower near by. this is the airborne thing.
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where water mist is sprayeded out to the atmosphere and drawn in by another cooling tower. well, then, that cooling towerle will be with infected as well. the city does not in pect cooling towers. as rule, city officialths have proposed legislation that would mandate legionella testing. >> is long overdue. the legislation is passed by the mayor with will put more of their focus on this. the south bronx legionnaire's outbreak this is largest ever in new york city. the big question. could kit happen elsewhere? >> oh, yes. it could happen anywhere within the city. and the city is full of cooling towers. >> lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news." >> the heenup is set for fox's primetime republican debate in cleveland thursday night. it is the first formal face-off of the 2016 pimmary season. here who is made the cut. donald trump gets center stage flanked by jeb bush and scott wacker and mike huckabee and include ben carson, ted
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cruz, marco rubio, paul and john caves that will square off 9:00! thursday. rick perry, rick san to cripple, bobby jindal, lindsey graham, forge pa tachyand jim gilmore did not meak the cut and will participate in their own debate four hours earlier. >> a lot of folks. oop well, all right. she was trying to ache point about what is wrong donald trumppp, but -- is going to be cleaning your toilet, donald trump? >> dell kelly osbourne stuck her foot in the mouth on the vow and how she is explaining. >> never before seen photos of notorious big just found and where we talking to the photographer who took them more than 20 years ago. >> more violence hit! hipping the hip-hop world and the shooter who opened fire outside of a concert in new jersey last night.
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if. >> that was kelly osbourne's failed attempt to can call out "this morning. she was referring to trump's comments. a lot of people thought she was being racial lynn sensitive. >> kelly later eulogize saying in part. i always take responsibility for my he will take responsibility for my poor choice of words but it will not a apologize for being racist as i am not. >> despite her apology, social media has not been very for giving. here is a sam plimming of what vom saying. l.a. dodger's player en reck kay hernandez tweeted sayingheading to the stadium early to clean the toilet, question mark at kelly osbourne. >> just another rich white person that does not have a clue what guess on outside of this bub bevel privilege. >> that washingtons huge foot that went in your mouth and you could not take it back. >> i saw this live.
10:16 pm
i was when she said it. i think, hon list, she didn't mean that i way. it didn't come out the right way. it did sound like a very uncomfortable statement buy honestly don't think she meant it the way it came out. all right. let's move on. >> tom brady denied tampering with foot pals during last year's apc championship paim. that is according to a 457-page script of deflate-gate testimony which was released today by the n pl play area association. when the transcript, the investigators said that he never warned brady we would be punish fed didn't turn over the cell phone. brady had destroyed. i he was us sebbed for four games which nfl commissioner roger goodell later upheld. a judge ordered brady and agoodall work out possible settle. >> a new trend has edheads. pub bills getting a lot of attention. keck them out. not all the response positive.
10:17 pm
these are colorful, unique and sometimes outrageous look the snow globe design. crazy. >> that is wild. >> isn't that wild. to get the look you create dome shape with akrill cantic nail fell and file each nail down andp love the look that some styles don't and they are refusing to do it in their salon. >> wow. >> that is actually pretty cool. >> very create. >> well, also, a battlele rage over this backs of earrings that start wad tweet from kelsey smith and reads after my 19 yers of living, i have now realized you are supposed to take the plastic part off the backser ring, but others are still skeptical and say the disk is meant to help distribute the weight open! evenly and offers more support for the ears. go figure. >> a brom detroit has filed a $300 million lawsuit against fox and creator of the hit show empire and claiming she is the real lion. she wrote a mem by the drug life-style and traveled to los angeles in 2011 to meet with the
10:18 pm
screenwriter who wanted to pitch it to daniels. the woman says the background behavior and fashion style are way too similar are to hers. >> he, we got a treat for you. we're getting a new look ale the late hip-hop legend that toeas big. a local forever uncovered photos more than 20 years ago. now the look at the pick tures. >> these photos are amazing! no i, if notorious b ig. biggy, no matter what call them them star has had a lasting impact on hip-hop. today we're bring merv before seen photos of the late rapper which had been lost for decades. show the >> back in 1994, photographer david mac en tired that he chance to photograph the notorious big. just as he was emerging ton the scene. >> so biggy before he dig. what was'! he strike in. >> before he was big, well, i don't know. when he was the on the photo shoot, was shy guy. he was softly spoken. his words were
10:19 pm
deliberate. and, yeah, you account a sense that he was, he was, he was not ready to open up. >> maybe his person ale hi ty kim out in this is words. so like they were alter ego. did you realize that point he would become a megastar in. >> know where nod idea. >> you know, this is the first shoots. >> he knew. he knew what he had to do. >> after misplacing the negativism the shoot. mink tire discovered them during recent move uncovering a set of im means that reveal a truly multifaceted being gy. >> this is a sense he was exmoreing and experting with different per noon. >> they are quite angel rick. >> and now to bring the photos from negative to positive. mcintyre is raising money on kick-starter to cover the cost of printing oversize images of the meg go are sta and sharing them in expedition. >> that is grass roots thing are i want to get them involved they as say, it is about
10:20 pm
building a community. 20 years later. they are divorce. >> mcentire now feels that biggy is with him >> i think he had big heart. clearly. how can you for 20 years to get the love if it were not then music. if people didn't feel it the words. the inspiration of that coming together. >> wow. 14 toshed unveiled in an ex bib it as soon as they raise $28 howe. if you would like to to listener more. click the link on high fox he discovered this treasure trove in the jacket. i am searching the crickets. you never know. oomph all right. >> seriously. >> wow. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. that is awesome. >> thank you for bringing that. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> all right. rock climbing batting cages and so much more. >> oh, some of the fun ways to unlash the tinner child at chelsea piers as it celebrating
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>> well, a big summer for chelsea piers that has been around for 20 years. >> time nis. the sports entertainment ek a has something for everyone. simone boys boyce is
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here now. >> 20 years. so much heist think. from sound stages to ice skating, a world of wonder docked along the waterfront on 11th avenue. in honor of chelsea piers milestone anniversary. ten reasons to visit the massive sports and entertainment complex. >> get lost hin the fall at chelsea piers. with the 20th a anniversary of the sprawling sports comex upon us. maybe it is time to work on the flexibility in an adult gymnastics class for $30. >> there it is. >> yep. you can play. >> then, jump around pin training for $25 a session. mountains as rock climber or hate home run are in the batting cages for $85 an hour. take in some fresh air for free with the jog on the prom my noid, then in adult soccer league. >> be a baller. what are you going to do now?
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>> or throw the next party right next door from check your swing at the driving range. >> and most of all, don't for get to unleash the inner child. >> best work day ever! >> that doesn't make you feel like a kid again, i done know what will. i will not admit how machine my times we have to soot that tarp pause even though am six-feet tall. no skills on the v ball court. >> come on. no. >> i their was the case. you know, there is a ton of it at chelsea piers. the tie tang was supposed to dock there then we know what happened. >> yeah. >> incredible. >> yeah. that is where where it was. >> enough. yeah. >> a nice golf swing, too. >> thanks. >> thanks. >> thank you. i just keep that i thying that during 9/11.
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i mean, it really, upance downs. >> yeah. abc loot. wow. >> thank you for ing wering hap pitons us. thank. shooting outside of hip-hop concert in new jersey. >> the gun pan still ton the lose. was there enough security at the show. lisa evers taking a closer look. >> and for get riptide. this daredevil riding deep it on a dirt pike. how he does it, next.
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>> all right. we fat bit of good new. all lanes are now open there. how the state police say that repairs to though overs were completed ahead of of schedule. looking at live pictures right there all lanes were shut down in lyndon earlier today after a dump truck hit that overpass at one point delays were as long as five and a half hours. lots come plains. lots of people very, very late or didn't great they were doing with. all is expected to be back to normal in the morning. >> two people are shot last night in new jersey jersey. the physician show moved to madison square faden start and is sold scut
10:30 pm
and security is tight. meantime, the hunt for the gunman in new jersey is continuing. fox 5 lisa ever has the up with date on that investigation. >> hip-hopp superstar jay he'll cocole, a grad it a of st. john's university has been selling out venues all over this world but after hyundai night's performance at the pnc center en holmdale. someone shot and wounded two people in the parking lot. all ceo says its not the fault of the music. >> i think hip-hop his to chy has gotten blamed for things for decades and decades if you go back to the rar. they were plame blaming people for violence they were preaching piece. there are concerns about violence and hip-hop. just this morning, in toronto, a man and a woman are shot and killed during official fest after-party hosted by megastar drake and back in union, more than 60 people without tickets were arrested 2:00 after trying to jump the gate at hot 97's usually peaceful summer jam concert at
10:31 pm
metlife stadium. former nypd tennt says the nypd will be better prepared in. the operations pure row in the nypd is going to put dut detail. when i say detail, it going to consist of a large number of officers that is going to line the perimeter and ensure that certain people don't come in to cause problems. >> it is important to keep in mind that violence has pens at concerts for all types of music den race and even at sporting events and anywhere large groups of people are gathered. at madison square darned, lisa evers, "fox 5 news." the family wanting to know how the diedment they filed a wrongful death suit. am autopsy determined that bland committed suicide after being arrested and held in a jail cell several weeks ago but the family wants justice department to investigate. >> well, police are look for man they say fired shots at two sold areas at a military checkpoint. this is cam shell bin mississippi. they say it happened
10:32 pm
during military training exercises at the base. nobody was hurt. this is coming nearly a month after a shooting at two military he centers in chattanooga, tennessee, that left five service members dead. others wounded. >> well, police immediate your help tonight tracking down a suspect in a bias attack against a day couple. the man hin this photo began shouting anti-gay slurs at the soho news stan on prince street sunday afternoon t. the suspect punched daniel in the face when he interviewed he hopped on bicycle and rode off. the were known the the first gay couple to be map rid at best west point. we know the city is changing and a lot of mom and pop business in the industry falling victims to rise aring rents. bodega laundry mats are that he top of the list. hath math king takes a look at how neighborhoods are being impacted as the businesses are boeing forced to close up shop.
10:33 pm
oop in east harlem for more than 15 years. >> you need clothes every week, you mow. >> in that time, she and her friend have watched laundromats like this open sussed and bow deg gas doing dust pair. they used to have them everywhere like in every cornern. am huny. let me get something to eat. note it is lesser every year. now they are used to be a long time ago. they are shutting them down little by hit. >> dan covers can commercial real estate and blames landlords seek higher rent and national retailers seeking locations and increasing number of city neighborhood foreclosing of all cable of small business. we found over the last decade, there has been a 10% drop in laundry mats sh. the income before he self-serve in the five burroughs increased in the last year. their prevalence significantly by neighborhoods. >> old businesses that have within here for decades are finding it harder and harder to operate. well, digital now in vision and u tilly tarrian fields like
10:34 pm
laundry may represent a welcome change t. they all felt replacing mom and poms with national chains to the neighborhood of the uniqueness and charm. well, certainly changes the character of a neighborhood. >> in east harlem, matt king, "fox 5 news." >> well, ladies, you for too cold like ours. you can blame the male co wokers. the standard used to set door room temperatures is based on the body heat of the average man thand standard is across the such and europe. now since taller and muscular sometimes. the met tabulic rates are higher so they produce more natural heat and the suits and long pants also often keep them warmer than women. does anyone still like to listen to voice mail, never having to listen again. apple testing out a service that lets siri lynn for you. i cloud would said in text of the transcribed the new service could be launched next year. is like googlele voice. >> a stunt ride aring taking surfing to a
10:35 pm
whole new level. robbie maddison strapped small boards both sides of the dirt bike. look that. he tackles the big waves. this is insane. yeah. >> windy ant wave caught up to him. he disappeared far little bit. inbut later emerged unscathed. mat dyson sayings the surfing skills helped him pull off the stunt. he has been a stunt devil for daniel craig in the james bon film. like gliding on the water. >> unbelieve. >> i love that. >> wow. >> so cool. >> wow. you don't have to worry about sharks. >> right. >> all right. still ahead, saying good-bye to nassau coliseum. >> we will take there. >> planning to check in on vocation. check in with us before you do.
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i think ty love every of song his. yeah. he is long island's piano man. so it is only if it fitting that billy joel played the last concert at the coliseum tonight. >> yeah. it is being torn down. the groundbreaking on new venue is already slated for later on this month. fans packed the barn one last time to say good bye. our matt kings what for
10:44 pm
the fond farewell. >> huntington. stony brooke. >> they travelled to see billy joel perform live. >> for most, music a maller part in their lives. >> nassau coliseum. >> dime the first event here in 1972. i was 12 years old. we came to see the met place. >> started running the parking lot the next day. continued that work for decades. >> after tuesday's concert, 3:00 he has soon the buildings first and last events. >> i am sad. i love this play. it should have never happened. i don't ty we should be here. >> was the first concert here at nassau coliseum. my teacher mike now brought on a bus as a trip and we sat on the floor and we paid car that 6.50. >> after watching the night, they returned to see dozens of other showance tuesday night,
10:45 pm
her daughter to see the coliseum and the renovation phase. >> i loved billy joel. >> joel played nassau coliseum actuals day increasing the record for sellouts at the have been u shining a long eye learn would be the last noon teak the stage at the long island signature venue. >> 12 years old. i am 53 years old. i have seen the first concert here and watched stanley cup here. i have laughed. i have cried. the hast i will see this. >> matt king, "fox 5 news." >> i know, right. >> it is sad to see it. it is getting old.
10:46 pm
but still. >> well today was memorable, right. >> yeah. we like today. we missed out except earl think morning. >> wow, yeah. >> that may have woken you up. it came rule rolling through at 4:00 in the morning. a half inch fell to new york city. we did get to 89 in town today. other areas did 90 today. 6 thet low. that is average. 84s the average high. 100 for the record high today. 56 in 1886. right now it is 81 but humidity dropping with the west to northwest wind. cold front has moved to the east so that is going to set suss up for decent weather move through. tresh muir is 29.89 steady. the cold front has moved toest that and the south. still affecting south jersey a couple of thunderstorms are down by atlantic city. they are floydslideing offof shore so not coming in tonight as you will see when we look at this radar. so where was it? >> poughkeepsie, newark
10:47 pm
and bellmawr once again. they had it day after day there. stopping in the upper 80's. 85 montauk. 82 in mon still low. the tems are starting to cool back down. low 60's. sullivan county, 68. 70 al throne. still 80 ash the city, though. mid 70 he a at the shore. upper 70's across 80. dewpoint numbers dropping down. humidity levels dropping with this. so again, still rather humid. still at montauk. that islation to there now down through southern new jersey. you can see it in the wind flow pattern here. so bass clay southwest wind there. the wind has got in calm or switching to the northwest be hoop that front. now temps now toll the 60-70's to the northwest. 72 at al banal my. still 80'sle from the city down to philly. boston is in this the lower 70's. you can see the show and the storms are sliding out to sea well to the south. we will not worry about that. those hows with stay toll the north. just a few patchy clouds hen sky. that threat will continue moving offshore. going to get stuck here.
10:48 pm
then, what we will be catching though, this energy across the western states. where is that going to end up? originally for friday. computer models trending but maybe going to dive though south and you will see this hern a second on the future cast. 108 investigate gas. 5 tomorrow. 70's for the west coast though. 90's to 100 in texas. 8's to chicago. 90's atlanta. mid to upper 80'sp up here. decent amount of sunshine. 70's through 80. 87 in the afternoon. a few more clouds around there. with way and west. an isolate shower or torm. future cast not showing any clouds on it any more. it was earlier. one of those glitches with the computer. what will you do? you can watch that stop the south. you well see as it slides to the southeast. 1:00 i think we are going be okay on friday still have the threat of a shower to be safe. don't be surprised tomorrow that forecast goes dry. >> based on what i am hoping. winds northwest to west. 2 to 4-foot seas. uvi8. moderate risk for rip rur kens. all right.
10:49 pm
patchy clouds tonight. the humidity dropping. 72 in the city. 's for the sun bushes you saw around 60w well north and west. mid to upper 80's. again, pretty average. slightly above. i then 83 on thursday t. then, petty good amount season of shoo. maybe a little bit more clouds later in the day. he will see if we get showers on friday. might be a cooler day though. upper 70's then the weekend will improve. 81 saturday. 82 sunday. decent president days. a little bit more humid. the 90-degree heat starts to go away. still summery. >> it coombs. >> the weekend weekends loo! look ties. we're baits almost the 5th of august. >> you have to enjoy what is left. look forward. i goes so fast. >> every t i falk the weekend. lets talk about the weekend. >> the weekend begins monday. >> everybody working another weekend. mine. thanks. >> thank up next is sports. reporter: i am kelly with your toyota traffic tracker. we have construction on the belt parkway in both directions by coney
10:50 pm
island avenue. two lanes are blocked until 5:00 on the morning. tune in to god day new york starting at 4:30 in
10:51 pm
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take the creep factor out of on-line dating. >> all right. how are you doing, everone? after winning the fourth straight pal game last night to take over poe session this first place. the mission for nets the rest of the ways main taking that possession so right down to the park in my pam my with go. top six. har lins leading 1-0. tejada delivers a 2-out single to to right. it is a good one. but outstanding slide. even up at one. then the top eighth. two out again. runners first and second. drivers a bigtime clutch sin goal the left. rumbling home from second making it 2-1 talking about delivering bigtime. the next pat bat per, unloads the shot. deep to right center. for what would be a two-one trim making it 4-1 mets. jonathan going seven innings allowing four
10:54 pm
hits to within the sixth. again, 5-1 was the final. >> all right. from down in miami. he with you no head to brings tonight with where america leading yankees opening up a three-game set. pot tom sixth. vp candidate continues with his big-time hating. this time with a single. drives in the second run of the game. giving him 76 on the season. pulse even at a deuce. not for very long, though. because the very next batter. brian mccann, having a big year. drives it deep to right center for a double. that would elsly get home a-rod from third. make it 3-2 yanks can then here in the bottom of the seventh. 5-3. 2 on. one out. this time he says forget with about it. a no doubt about it. 3-1 bomb. the 18th of the season. opening up the game to meak it 8-3 yanks and they would score 9 times in the he inning to make it 13-3.
10:55 pm
the final tonight. winning the eighth. the boys look good in first place. in football business we told you earlier. the nfl lay area's union has leased a 457-transcript of the june testimony. in it the patriots suitable mvp quarterback denies tampering with the football. okay. no surprise there. what i cannot buy that is prayed yain the lawyers claim they were unaware that not providing his cell phone would be deemed a lack of cooperation. 3:00 so we just conveniently had the cell phone destroyed. main, really. if you want to buy into that folks. maybe i can sell you the proc lynn bridge. if not that, maybe some beachfront property. 125th and amsterdam. that is it for sport. all right. >> can you say one thing one more time. >> it is so good. last place red sox. thank you. >> andp first place yankees. >> thank. >> first place met. >> so good. >> all right. >> i am happy. >> okay. >> that is okay. >> all right. summer 2015 may go down
10:56 pm
in history as the summer of the celebrity breakups. >> rooting for the am couple cans leading to some to declare love is dead. we learned that gwen stefani and dav vin rosswell are divorcing. some are saying infidelity this is problem. the split between ben affleck and jen ter darner blindsided a lot of people. that divorce was toll rowed by rumors that ben was hooking with the nanny. then this were blake shelton and miranda lambert's days are over. their divorce was finalized even before they announced it. >> all right. this is the biggest heartbreaker and missing giant kermit the frog are calling it quits. we haven't heard the last of those two. >> yeah. >> may be a publicity stunt. that snow is coming. could be. >> that hooking up with the nan ty merv seems to work out. know, some things you should not do. the secretary, i don't know. maybe it is no at good idea. all right. >> the high profile
10:57 pm
celebrities that have been together for 34 years. you hear about the breakups but don't heave hear billion the thanks keep going. >> so there are so fuel. >> that is not interesting to people. >> right. i done know. >> how long have you been meeting to ails tomorrow. >> have a good night, he. >> stay tuned to "the big bang theory," good night. the spinning pinwheel of death. the disappearing wi-fi icon. the frozen download bar. you don't need a magician to fix these things. you need fios internet. get fios 50 meg internet, tv and phone now for $79.99 a month, price guaranteed for 2 years. or, double your speeds for just 10 dollars more a month. and only fios gives you uploads speeds as fast as your download speeds. the 100% fiber optics network is here.
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