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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 5, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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juliet: good morning everybody. happy 6:00 on a wednesday. this hump day. we are expecting lots of sunshine been but a lot less humidity today. oh, wow going to be a really, really nice -- day i wonder what the weekend will be like. going to the long beach film festival there's a beach party friday night. i hope o the weather will be nice michael woods following the story for us. weather story he has details coming up. ben: bill bratton says form of synthetic marijuana is growing in pop popularity in new york. k2 gives a dangerous combination of psychosis and superhuman strength. >> governor cuomo long time
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girlfriend sandra lee reportedly hospitalized last night. it appears to be related to complications from her recent mastectomy. >> republican presidential debate ten candidates were celebritied based on their strength in latest polls. donald trump and chris christie are local candidates among the white house hopeful who is made the cut. we'll tell you who did not make the cuts. one other local candidate not on the list. juliet: good morning i'm juliet huddy. ben: i'm ben simmoneau august 5th 6:01 thank you very much for being with us. juliet: long beach does have a film festival two years old. ben: your personal plans. juliet: not allowed to give props to long beach people. it is actually -- ever been out there? mike: to the long beach festival? juliet: a big party on the beach. very cool. our weather producer. yes. mike: sounds like a good time. juliet: supposed to be really,
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really cool. mike: it looked shady i should say for friday but now better for us. so at least we're heading in the right direction. juliet: sam we'll meet ahead of time. >> watch yourself with this one over here. good morning what we have out there. we need you back monday morning. 73 degrees that's your temperature central park. you've got partly cloudy sky there. sun came up a little bit ago. humidity an dew point on lower than what we had yesterday. but still it is not bad at all. 63 degrees in syracuse. 62 pittsburgh and 59 in detroit. some of that cooler air coming this way and also going to start to see an a ocean influence air coming in off a ocean waters that keeps ugh cooler. partly cloudy sky here and no showers over the tristate along project boundary or ahead of it. let's take you through future cast. into tomorrow. no problem.
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but this area of low pressure yesterday it looked like on top of us. now forecast models down to the south of us and we're saying showers will be manufacture a problem over nation's cap to the mid-atlantic region opposed to the tristate but cooler temperatures with us in the tristate. everyone cool isn't that bad. upper 70s low 80s we can deal with that. 84 by midday. high of 87 today. 79 friday. yes we have a shower chance there. but i think on minimal side not a big deal. all right let's bring in ines rosales, and check out what's happening on this happy wednesday. >> it is mike. problem on the roads, though. start off with issues at the l. i.e. if you're taking 95 southbound off the george washington bridge some delays by exit 71 in the local lanes there's an accident so statistically to pex press lanes. crams take a look at the long island expressway traffic jammed both directions here. eastbound traffic that you're
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looking at from manhattan there. so traffic moving slow eastbound past bqe because of a crash by exit 19wood boulevard aside from rubber necking delays you have your normal delays, so traffic very slow heading through there. let's go to the new jersey turnpike camera so much better than before. youdelays into midnight on turnpike all lanes open by 13a so traffic this morning doing fine this is all because of a serious accident that oh curred yesterday. southbound everything moving no problem on northbound side. a lot of alternate traffic went to the garden state parkway one and nine. those roadways are also doing good. there's the gwb upper, lower no delays. same for lincoln and holland. trains on or close to schedule. ben and juliet. >> thank you. as you mentioned traffic moving once again this morning following a deadly dump crash an fire. >> the truck was traveling along major toll road around 10:45 yesterday morning.
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new reports it didn't notice it slowing don an slammed into the car it was towing. driver died. live power line it is left dangling over o the highway. traffic remained backed up well into the night. we talked with commuters and a here's what they had to say. >> this is insane. bumper to bumper with the detours to bumper to bumper on here. : frustrating -- very frustrating. >> you have to breathe an say -- you know, it could be worse. happy. >> do one of those -- some decided to make the best of it. >> who has that kind of a lawn mower in the back of their car? >> going or coming back from the beach. they're playing some ball so tried make the best of it, and you know, we give them a hand for that. >> governor cuomo long time sandra lee rushed to hoopt. reports say food network star
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had an a emergency related to recent mastectomy a fluid buildup why she had the surgery. expected to bees in to to be in the hospital and had it after diagnosed with breast cancer in may >>. >> nypd commissioner bill bratton warning of a new synthetic marijuana and known as k2 cheap to obtain and growing in popularity among new york city home legislation. kerry drew has details for us in east harlem morning. good morning, kerry. >> good morning to you ben and juliet. it is interesting in the last couple of months nypd is actually become more lenient when it comes to those caught with small amount of marijuana but now assertion as trained to deal with k2 or synthetic marijuana growing in popularity across the city, including right here in east harlem and a in this video you're about to see the dangers of the drug. >> this video shot by police
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shows effect of synthetic pot known as k2 in it you can see a naked man attempting to break through a fence. then he tried to run away from police. and this video from brooklyn shows a naked man crouching on all fours in the middle of the street acting violent and delusional. >> many under the influence of this drug -- totally crazy that superhuman if strength. impervious to pain. some of the normal take downs are not going to work two or three assertion take downs it is going to take a combination. taser, oftentimes take mother officer as. >> police commissioner held a news conference an a talked about dangerous of k2 bratton says a tactical awareness bulletin on the drug is now drerted distributed to control users of the drug. k2 has consistency of marijuana. but it is cheap. five dollars or less for a packet.
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>> looks like marijuana but laced with chemicals and as fast as we're able to identify the chemical and get that particular chemical -- make it against the law, they change the makeup of it. known in the bronx especially among the city homeless population. >> looked at some statistics from april first to june 30th of this year, there were over 1,900 admissions to a hospital emergency room throughout new york state for individuals that took this -- this substance. reporter: a number of bodegas busted for selling. if you encounter somebody on the street who appears to be on this drug bill bratton says you should definitely stay away from them an immediately call police. that's the latest live from east harlem back to you in the studio. juliet: thank you very much.
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scary new rules proposed to inspect and a test cooling towers in the city. for legionnaires' disease. ben: took a long time but may happen. mayor outlined legislation 80 people diagnosed in latest outbreak of legionnaires' and a 7 lost their lives. city says illness traced to hand ful of cooling towers since been decontaminated. >> we should see beginning in a week's time declining case answer that is something that we're hopeful that we're already seeing. >> the disease is not spread person to person. symptoms include a cough, fever, with and shortness of breath. police identified one person wanted for a drive by shooting in brooklyn that caused a pregnant woman to lose her unborn baby. >> name is frederick marquis he's 19 years old. the pregnant woman one of five people wounded when bullets started flying on dwight street in red hook monday night.
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anyone who knows anything about marquis's whereabout is asked to call crime sonars at 1-800-577-tips. ben: around 14,000 customers on long island are still without power this morning that follows violent storms yesterday morning. uprooted it trees, down wires, and scattered tree limbs across suv to go county we spoke to people who said they were not expecting the storm as powerful as that one. >> sandy -- gloria, and irene. and you name it. nothing ever like this. ben: psg and long island said it may be until tomorrow before all a of the power is restored. juliet: all right we have a lot more coming up. ben: mike is checking the quieter evening and forecast. mike: for next couple of days. we with like it. so today sun and clouds. we have clouds out there.
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right now you're at 73 degrees. it will be nice and warm, though, later this afternoon to the mid to upper 80s. we do have the "fox 5 ny" weather app at the am l and google play store. download that app and put it to work. helps you through the forecast through the weekend as well. and "good day" will be right back. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> we're back. is that all you have to say? >> poised -- >> i was waiting for you. over to mike, and see what the forecast is shaping up to look like. >> it looks pretty good. pretty good for today. i wish this is the weather that we had going into the weekend but u you know what over the weekend not too bad. gets cooler that's all. here's what we had yesterday. up to 289 degrees question haven't had a heat wave so far this summer. doesn't look like we're going to see it either. got a question there, ben. ben: i read that newark has had like 6 -- in a row. >> a bunch of them we quit counting. sooming. so many but central park, i want to give you an a idea of what typically happens with 890 degrees at least in years past and what's happening so far this year in central park.
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aj 90-degree day is 15. most that we've ever seen is 39. least it was one and in 2014 last year saw 8 so far this year we've seen 7 not quite down yet in the neighborhood of 8 to 9 the but right now looks like a below normal year most of the 90-degree days happens in the month of july. 66 degrees in belmar. 60 in poughkeepsie. 67 in bridgeport, and 63 montauk with a partly cloud did sky here. there's showers and storms from yesterday continuing to head out to sea. that cold fronts continues to head out and fade away. this is next area of low pressure threatening to do so comes to mid-atlantic region as it stands right now. if that is fin deed the case, we're going to see most of the rain focused there as well. we get clipped by it by southern side of our tristate region happening into friday.
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but right now the prompt for rain is on minimal side. winds not doing too much here. 82 your high tomorrow. 79 on friday with shower chances mainly to the south and then looks drier as we head into the weekend. high temp in lower 80s. just a little bit below normal. not bad at all. all right let's bring in ines rosales, and get a quick peek was roads and rails. trouble in both spots for sure. >> problems right now in queens on long island expressway. live firs from skyfox hd an accident on eastbound side of the l.i.e. an skyfox hd. long island expressway fox there it is. it was blocking three lanes eastbound bywood haven boulevard. everything off to the side now involving that. minivan there in the meantime eastbound and westbound traffic jammed l.i.e. but traffic backed up to at least the bqe spheargs the westbound side, go back to our maps, and show you delay here westbound. thank you traffic backed up slower than normal here back to
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almost the clearview expressway. actually springfield boulevard slow westbound as well. as far as commute heading to lincoln tunnel a normal delay. cameras now -- problems in control room lincoln, holland doing fine. two and three trains between 77nd and mechanical problems. >> i don't know if you heard about this debate. >> a debate coming? >> i said presidential debate. >> is that why ben is off tomorrow? >> i'm working. working -- thank you very much. >> but -- juliet: he's working. and he's going to be flying out -- multiple flights. ben: newark, philly, cleveland say hello. juliet: to cover debate between republicans and forum also between the republicans who were list. ben: i don't know that anyone is following what you're talking
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about. ten candidates on main stage opinion we know who is on that stage. go to fox 5 robert moses he'll tell us who. please clarify, sir. reporter: this is how stage is going to be araid tomorrow night at quicken loans arena. one who just snuck in right there under the radar john kasich governor of ohio and he's hometown favorite just barely made it into that debate on this side. on the exact opposite side of the stage is someone we know very well. governor chris christie of new spot. but really so much attention welcome at center stage. not surprisingly that's where donald trump and jeb bush will be. ten candidates on the stage, ten million reason it is to watch. >> the stage is set, and here is the lineup. donald trump, jeb bush, scott walker, mike huckabee, ben
6:19 am
carson, ted cruz, marco rubio, rand paul, chris christie, and john kasich. all eye on trump, of course, who will take center stage literally and fig are a figuratively and a admitted to being a bit nervous but hasn't rehearsed much. >> i don't know if you can rehearse for a debate. i watched mitt romney he let us down he rehearsed and a that third debate it was catastrophic. i don't know whaptd what happened to him but you have to be yourself. >> many will be watching the debate to see how bush performs. bush will likely be asked about this controversial comment that he made yesterday. next president should defund planned parenthood. >> not sure that the federal government needs to provide fundings as it does to address women's health issues and said he misspoke but words drew criticism from hillary clinton. u you're absolutely unequivocally wrong she tweeted. debate will allow candidates to address the issues which
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sometimes have gotten lost in all of the political theater. trump provided some more of that yesterday. after backer published a a cell phone number he tweeted call me on my cell phone and listen had to my campaign message. so -- we did. >> this is donald trump, and i'm running for the presidency of the united states of america. with your help and support, together, we can make america truly great again. >> so before that main event tomorrow night in cleveland, there will be a forum at 5:00 where 7 republican contenders who did not make the cut will be debating and one of those is -- rick perry former governor of texas he tweeted this. i look forward to being fox 5 debate. positive solutions to get america back on track. so, obviously, people who are participating in this form are trying to frame it as a good opportunity to perhaps have more time to address the american
6:21 am
people away from what could be a circus tomorrow night. also another person who will be joining rick perry is george pataki. that is latest live from the news rooming this morning. ben and juliet up stairs to you. say hello to my aunt when you're in cleveland. >> i will. thank you. i will. both events will be very entertaining and very informing. so -- robert moses thanks so much robert. >> entertaining underscore that. >> informative. see what we haven't seen with the candidates. interesting to see what happens. 6:21 gi is now investigating security of the private e-mail server hillary clinton used. state. >> that is according to a report in "the washington post." newspaper says that fbi also a asked her lawyer it be the security of a thumb drive containing copies of the e-mails. complin ton e-mails have been scrutinized since revealed that she used a private server in her home instead of government servers. government investigators and
6:22 am
those on capitol hill want to know whether classified information was sent or received unsecured. >> a man killing cecil the lion. >> lion killer spray painted on garage door of walter palmer florida home. animal crackers and bloody pigs feet also left behind in that driveway. getting out of if hand at this point, i believe. police had believe it happened early yesterday morning. palmer identified as the hunter who killed cecil the lion at a national park in zimbabwe last month. released a statement saying had relied on guides to enor sure the hunt it was legal. >> hasn't been seen since. 23u6 6:22 surprising bents of eating spicy foods. >> do you like spicy foods? >> yes i do too.
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>> welcome back 6:25 and today's "health watch" the spice of life could be spicy food. spicy food new research suggests you're leakily to live longer if long-term study scientists found that people who eat spicy food once or twice a week had a 10% reduced risk of death compared to those who ate them less than once a week. so spice means you live longer perhaps. one possible reason is compound
6:26 am
found in chili peppers known to fight inflammation. blood pressure, obesity, and cancer, perhaps sneezes. the study appears in latest issue of the medical journal bmj. >> out of this world but buzz aldrin had travel accident fences to deal request here on earth. >> apollo astronaut second to walk on the moon in honor of the 46th anniversary of their megs he posted interesting memorabilia on twitter with a travel u voucher for $33. the expense request for his government flights from houston to cape kennedy in florida and back between july 7th an july 27th in 1969. >> cheap for 1969, 33 for a round trip ticket from houston to florida. >> well -- i don't know. i don't remember. [laughter] >> top stories when we return.
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juliet: ben, please stop socializing on social media right now pay attention to the show this morning. beautiful shot. ts are starting to cool down tomorrow, it is going to be a gorgeous day a wonderful day to go to a cafe and watch the world go by. >> i did an interview with somebody whose office is on the 47th floor of the empire state building looking south. it was bairvegly this exact view. spectacular imagine that having
6:31 am
outside your office window. >> i get to look at you every day, ben that's allty need. ben: better. the nypd is asking for your help finding the suspect showed herl. pretty good video accused breaking into at least six manhattan apartments since february. closing sol see yum and big renovations 32nd show. >> new york metropolitan say they'll continue a pretty tin credible winning streak down in miami. they defeated marlin it is they're pretty bad, 5-1. >> can't hear you. >> that is true they're in miami. >> i'm ben simmoneau. juliet: i'm juliet huddy you're traveling tomorrow morning robert moses will be filling in for you. ben: if you're in newark airport say hello.
6:32 am
juliet: down to philadelphia and then catch a flight to cleveland over to mike you're covering -- ben: debate soily not be on tomorrow evening but tomorrow night and friday morning i'll chat with you folks -- in cleveland. mike: i like that. i like that. curious about this flight from newark to philly. >> why -- could far are a scope. >> what is that for a 12 minute flight? $12 upgrade? if anyone is watching i think it is american. will have mike: putting in for it. ben: not allowed to accept it. mike: just kidding, not really. 73 central park. 56 in sussex and a 55 monticello. we've got high pressure in control and it is a beautiful, clear day there's the storm in the offshore waters that's where they stay. we don't have to worry it about it
6:33 am
today. 88 for you out at newark, and then as we go through next five day drop in temps there. cool on friday as more clouds come to town and maybe a quick few showers not a big threat and weekend looks pretty good. all right let's bring in ines, and sees what's happening as we get out the door we've got rain and road trouble. >> the l. i.e. accident by woodhaven boulevard. three lanes blocked here by woodhaven off to the shoulder all lanes open. but traffic backed up to bqe. westbound side you have delays from clearview expressway. combination of rubber necking and usual delay. no problem with the white stone or throgs neck bridge. see things moving on staten island the expressway by richmond avenue. you're fine on eastbound as well as qb side. you have some delays by bradley avenue but those are normal delays. bqe a look from the empire state building sluggish as usual
6:34 am
delays back to the prospect. trainls are running on or close to schedule. early subway problems have been taken care of. service resumes. ben and juliet. >> thanks very much. >> increase any popular drug nog as k2 has terrifying effects spreading across the this area. >> bill bratton is calling it weaponnized marijuana. kerry drew is in east harlem to explain why k2 is causing so much concern. kerry, good morning. glrl good morning to you ben and juliet. synthetic marijuana or k2 says it is growing in popularity across the city especially right here in east harlem and we have videos to show you. you'll see dangers of this drug so in this first video a shot by a police station outside of the new york area. you can sigh a naked man he'sing on this drug, and he appears to be trying to break right through a fence. he then runs away from police before eventually sub died. we have a video shot in brooklyn.
6:35 am
this man on k2 he's maked it crouching on all fours right in the middle of this street. now, police commissioner bill bratton says it macs users feel they have superhuman strength and now nypd officers are trained to deal with those who are on this drug. >> k2 has consistency of marijuana but it's cheap. one pack et sells for $5 or less. looks like marijuana an as fast as we can gets that chemical make it against the law, they change the makeup of it. it is popular here in east harlem in parts in fact bronx and brooklyn. number of bodegas busted for selling packets of synthetic marijuana if you see somebody who may be on this drug police
6:36 am
commissioner say to stay away and immediately contact police. latest live from here in east harlem this morning. ben and juliet back to you. ben: kerry drew for fuss thank you very much. police searching for a serial burglary in manhattan. >> didn'ts say this man has broken into at least six apartments in midtown since february this is, obviously, surveillance video on a fire it is cape during the latest burglary on july 25th that's a pretty good picture of this guy. >> real creepy gotten away with jewelry and cash. if you recognize this man please call police. >> and in a bronx police looking for a man who tried to rape a woman in a clothing store. you're looking at video of that suspect. it happened sunday afternoon. the woman who was working at the store managed to fight off her attacker. if you have information on how either of these incidents call crime stop percent number 577-tips. >> creepy. fox mean physician business. >> joining us now from the fox business studio is lauren
6:37 am
simonetti. and she is here to tell us about a benefit that might pertain to her or perhaps -- to me. [laughter] some time soon. we hope. >> if you can get a year off a paid would you work for a company as if that were your maternity or paternity policy? ben: that would be pretty nice. >> can you imagine? ben: my wife and i were talking about it because you're expecting congratulations again, and a lot of these companies it is still on the lowside. >> this is in europe, you don't get that much paid leave and then you have to take sick days and the like to get rest of it. but netflix is doing something that i don't think i've hard from a u.s. company recently so giving workers unlimited fade time off a for that first year. you feel option of saying you know what, i want to do four months and then come back to work. work and too many demands at home you can go back home an come back again.
6:38 am
being flexible in the first year. the question is why? a nuisance to them. how do you run a business without workers there for a whole year? doing it because they want to retain top talent. they want best of silicon valley. google has a policy. netflix is now way better but attracting top talent might hurt them a little bit. stock price at a record lie but if they can figure out how to make this run smoothly they could track top talent with this. >> hopefully it is a wave of the future. what do you think having a child is a good amount of time? a fair amount it have time? ben: we've been through this once. three months is too short. most say not three months paid but a combination of full pay and half pay, unpaid. so you get roughly four to six weeks fade generally. but a lot of people say four to five months is more -- because you know a three month old is still a really small baby. >> so i'm told.
6:39 am
so i'm told. i hear -- if you can take it. >> lauren simonetti thank you lauren. >> thank you. >> don't forget catch lauren each weekday morning on the fox business network starts 5 a a.m. if you're in the sure where to finding fox buzz in your area log on to fox -- / >> channel finder. look at yourself beautiful. >> city bike is expanding across the river. >> will be using this service. duke is -- glam up. >> version your way. >> 350 bikes in jersey city at 35 stations. >> means there are 350 bikes available because juliet will use none of them. >> i don't know why you people insist on mocking me. but the cost will be the same as a manhattan's prices. >> you never know because you'll never pay for it. >> annual membership weekly and day passes will be available. i'll use the day pass.
6:40 am
ben: i know what we should get her. >> i'll get you all muzzles. >> outside the plaza hotel. >> ever used that one? >> covered it and looked at them many times i told you i won't be biking in manhattan because i would get killed splat city. the appeals court reportedly rejected arguments from the hotel that the bike station changed -- >> i don't think that it did. but we'll see if that's going to continue. >> i might be going for a bike ride this weekend. nompghts way that's going to happen. >> rob, you too? >> not a single person thinks she's -- you were so excited if the story. >> you know what i do in my personal life. no idea what i do in my personal life. so annoyed right now. karina stick up for me. >> anybody with anybody -- mike: here's what we have for
6:41 am
the weather headline for the day. both sun and clouds out there. more sun than anything warm but not so humid. just about there. feels real nice. area of low pressure which looked like it was beginning to rolling far to the east not a big shower thrit for us. that is good news and out of here in time for the qeengd. whatever comes our way with high in the low 80s not bad at all a. ines with a quick snapshot of what it is like to get arranged town. hi ines. nassau county fine on long island expressway and northern state. as for new jersey turnpike all lanes opened from yesterday's accident you have delays welt into the midnight hour it is there. everything looks good for morning commute no problems -- here southbound. northbound, though, there's an accident in the truck lane by interchange 13. to duke for sports. >> coming up in sports, great time to be a baseball fan here in new york.
6:42 am
tonight first place yankees and that. and first place mets have some magic going on. some serious mow joe. we'll show you what happened last night down in miami. >> plus latest entertainment news still to come. >> billy says bye-bye to nassau coliseum.
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august 5 9 it 5th it was a mess only the new jersey turnpike everything is back open once again. following that deadly dump truck crash and fire that left drivers stranded for hours yesterday. smg new rules proposed to regularly inspect and test cooling towers in the city for legionnaires' disease following more than 80 diagnoses and seven deaths from the latest outbreak. >> roster for first republican debate on fox news has been set. ten candidates including o.c. donald trump and jeb bush will be in the prime time debate. new jersey governor chris christie will also take part. the other 7 running for the nomination will take part in the debate earlier in the evening at 5 p.m.. fox news --
6:46 am
i'll be in cleveland, duke. >> since i was ten my dad by the way who is watching did indian an cavalier on television. >> do you think anybody cares? kidding . duke called her out for the bike riding so he's spot on. >> last time you rode a bike -- rng 2010. i was down in the beach riding away from a beach. >> fun little town o. i digress people are mean. >> away from a restaurant. >> when mets take the field they have a swagger like they know they can win. something magical may be going on here. more magic top of the sixth. keep your eye on flores on second and delivers a two out single. keep your eye on him because
6:47 am
watch the slide. avoid the tag. he can do no wrong almost getting traded, and not getting trade. hey some of the best trades you make are ones you don't make. top of the eighth on first, through. lucas duda scores 2-1 nets an very next batter right center field two run score. with a triple. 5-1 final score did beat arizona last night and mets lead remains one game. yankees an fans looking for the to the debut of superprospect. a guy whowb future a's lew opportunities. last night they hope up the three game series. mvp candidate mark teixeira has second run of the game. right up there with the mvp conversation. gained even two.
6:48 am
that's deep to the gap a-rod will score. yankees up 3-2. mccann again, and we're showing it to you because it is leaving the yard. win it 13-3 with a final score. not all that good news. brian cashman says don't expect to see on the mound until some time in september. he is battling elbow soreness. by the way, did you see what david ortiz said or didn't say yesterday about iowa a-rod doesn't sound like he's con vipsed that a-rod is playing clean. apparently that relationship still fractured that's what ortiz said in the papers. so -- ouch. he comes off pretty good in this. thing i don't believe is in 2011, in a radio interview he said that he likes when he spikes the ball because he likes deflated football.
6:49 am
>> asked to be put under oath. with this no penalty if you lie under oath in the nfl what is the penalty? >> not sure on that one. basically what i came oif this 457 page transcript i did read the whole thing. released by players association last night. that the judge said that -- documents could be fun sealed. investigators said he never warned he would be punished brady had destroyed it. >> if you know that you're about to be -- every part of your life scoured over. >> i get that but he's a celebrity with tons of contact. >> that's an easy excuse. >> gets free phones all of the time. nfl commissioner roger goodell will appear in court in person work out a possible settlement. george berman southern district of new york is beginning to hear the case. >> judge if you're watching we're convinced he cheated. [laughter] >> i think something happened
6:50 am
there. texts between equipment guy and ball guy that he had don't make hem look great. >> you know what happened there? he cheated. >> four games might be too much. however, i'm telling you he comes across pretty good in this. convinced he totally was -- okay. >> cheating before. >> mike what's going on? >> a cheater now. >> you cannot convince ben any other way. mike: 73 central park it is official. winds from the northeast at 3 miles per hour. other temps around northeast region not bad. 63 in syracuse. 62 bridgeport or in pittsburgh and 60 in detroit. so temps are cooler up to the northwest but we're going to see another good looking day as high pressure builds into the storm. that cold front continues out to sea and we're not going to have problems from this point forward.
6:51 am
mainly sunny skies very light winds up to 84 degrees by midday. and a high of 87 for you in the city. that is as we go through next sendais high of 82 tomorrow. 79 on friday, and some quick showers try to pop by to the south mainly. and then on saturday, sunday in great shape. you have partly cloudy. highs in lowe 80s next shot at showers comes to you tuesday of next week. apple itunes and google play store. download for free and put it to work immediately. good with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back, traffic on the l.i.e. extra slow than normal because of an earlier accident but a new problem. new england throughway by the hutch so long island expressway had an a accidentwood herman cain boulevard cleared away accident and delays but left this delay extra slow here on l.i.e. between clearview and woodhaven because of that accident. rubber necking delays a part of that. as far as your commute with trains metro-north, long island railroad, new jersey transit and path trains on or close to schedule. ben and juliet. >> learning more this morning about real housewives star kim richards alleged stealing spree. >> accused her of trying to steal a shopping cart full of merchandise from a target in van nuys, california. u how was she going get --
6:55 am
>> other issues going on there. 100 items reportedly in the cart no effort to conceal them was she under the influenceful something? richards charged with petty theft not her first run-in with the law back in april she is arrested for causing scene at the very posh beverly hills hotel. >> who are high fest paid actors, may surprise you. robert downey, jr. earned big bucks doing ironman urged $80 million in the past year. this according to "forbes" high fest paid actors on this list. men on this list. >> jackie chan earned 50 million. vin diesel those movies he makes -- fast and furious. bradley cooper 41 and a half million. >> now he's a hard working guy i
6:56 am
think done a lot of stuff. very good stuff. >> adam sandler what has he made? >> tv show -- >> rosanna you have your mic on. man has not made a good movie since wedding singer? >> successful tv show. >> isn't he magnum pi or something -- >> 40 million worth. a lot of money. >> how is billy joel last nooght? rmingts fantastic. >> closed out the nassau coliseum to a sold out crowd. have a listen. >> at this point it is natural. >> any special guest? >> paul simon in the schoolyard. that is great. and kevin james he rocked the place. he's funny.
6:57 am
he didn't sing but he had some jokes. >> opened the show his first at the venue moving out, and three hour tour. three hour performance, and this was the -- last performance before they go and do that multiple dollar renovation. >> going to tear down half of the building for that renovation. partial demolition at the end of the month and stawmentd when it closed back in 2008. >> have a great time covering the debate.
6:58 am
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