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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 6, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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juliet: the know what that is? juliet: the know what that is? robert: looks like the gw. juliet: we could see cooler temperatures. i was a planet fishy on the west side. love the end warm. would pull off today? mike has the details. robert: a swimmer is missing in sandy hook, searchers are ready to resume looking for him later this morning. juliet: we are learning about
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the mental state of a man killed in a movie theater attack. we bring you the update on that story. robert: are new yorkers tired of bill deblasio deegan the results of a new poll from quinnipiac. juliet: i'm juliet huddy. robert: i am robert moses in for my pal dennis making his way to cleveland for the debate, he will bring live shots at 5:00 tonight. robert: he tested me. juliet: in the elevator he runs against it, try to make a crash, i said i hope your elevator doesn't crash to the ground and he said something else i cannot repeat. >> it is not g rated. >> for someone as proper as ben, i am surprised. >> that is just a show. all an act. >> we thought he was of the oil angel. >> day 3 was going crazy.
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>> let's get a check of the weather. >> i am curious what he said. there's not naughty side to that guy. let's show you what we have, temperature dropped to 69 degrees at central park, chris kyle, dew points at 52, he humidity at 55%, northwest winds at 7 miles per hour, a key to a little cooler but not too bad, 69 and newark, belmar has 63, same in bridgeport, 69 in montauk, 52 in monticello. most of our sky is clear around the tristate region, to the south of the more clouds and that is where we will focus, where the clouds will be rolling in a long list of about frontal boundary. and sapna: areas of low pressure working through, some showers through new jew virginia near the beaches in the chesapeake area but this other area of low pressure, the one that has a little more kick to in which will potentially bring more cloud cover and tries to bring some showers as we head into tonight into tomorrow.
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here's what we see on future cast, high pressure trying to and fro pittsburgh clouds do start rolling in by later this evening and as far as the shower threat is concerned it does start to pop into the picture elated tonight into tomorrow morning as the area of low pressure sweeps by to the south, it is pushed a little bit but the good news is it should be pulling away from us by later friday into saturday and showers into the weekend almost nil, high pressure controls our weather almost throughout so your is what we're looking at, and clouds, high temperature 83, not as warm, tomorrow 814-82 saturday, 81 sunday. pretty good looking we can, just a little below normal with the temperatures. let's bring in ines rosales and see what we have on this thursday morning. >> right now of the commute, construction going on. the covered roadway from jersey city closed both directions, between jersey avenue and the
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circle both ways, now access through that area. your commute on long island doing well, no problems on the lie northern state or southern state parkway. we have a problem in queens eastbound after the expressway, is west down as you head to the bridge. there is an accident here. two lanes are blocked. eastbound towards the lie from brooklyn you are fine, know each is. as far strange metro-north long island railroad, new jersey transit and pass trains off to a pretty good start. >> authorities have suspended their search for a man who went missing while swimming in sandy hook beach in new jersey. >> the 25-year-old man disappeared 8:00 last night. u.s. coast guard, national park service, the nypd, aviation unit were all dispatched to the scene. the search was suspended just before 9:00, we will keep you updated on that story. >> police shoot and kill a man
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wielding a pellet gun and hatch in the tennessee theater and in this morning we're learning more about him. the attacker was identified as vincent david mantegna of nashville. he had significant psychological issues. they say he pepper spray audience members during a showing of the new mathematics movie, lee storm the theater and shot him as he tried to escape. here is one of a 911 calls. >> 80 looking guy stood up, looked likely to bags, walked to the back of the theater and pull out like a hatchet and started attacking this family and then pull out a gun and we all ran out of the theater. >> he was wearing a surgical mask during this bizarre attack and police said afterwards three people suffered minor injuries. >> the man had a superficial injury, a cut to his shoulder. evidently having been hit by a hatchet. the two women had been doused
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their faces were blasted with pepper spray. robert: he had been committed to psychiatric wards four time since 2004 and had been reported missing to a local police department on monday. >> update of legionnaires' disease. and eighth person has died in the outbreak in the south bronx, 97 people have been diagnosed with that disease. officials traced the outbreak to building cooling towers in the area, five the tested positive have been decontaminated including this one on the top of the opera house hotel but the company in charge of cleaning says the real source of the outbreak may be coming from inside the building. >> find it in the domestic hot water system. you can get it from showering and inhaling the vapor, getting your lungs. >> reporter: the national institutes of health a shower heads can be a source of the bacteria.
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multiple sources, when you are in the supermarket, the fruit can be a problem as well. robert: bill deblasio's popularity is struggling according to a new quinnipiac poll the says 44% of voters disapprove of the job he is doing, four points more than back in may. 47% of registered voters saying the mayor does not deserve a second term. is approval rating remains at 44%, unchanged from earlier this year. city hall released a statement saying the mayor is more concerned with the issues than political chatter. >> the mayor has problems dealing with homeless on the streets of new york. >> but he has a plan and today we will find out just what that plan is. liz column is live outside tompkins square park this morning in the east village. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tompkins square park has been a trouble spot in terms of homelessness years.
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the mayor says this new initiative will help city-wide but the big question is will it be enough to get people off the streets and help with the mayor's approval rating? $22 million is how much the city is expected to spend on the new homeless initiative. bill deblasio says it will help get people living on the streets especially those with violent tendencies toward mental health care. the plan includes retraining of 10,000 nypd officers. homeless teens and social workers will work with the nypd to get people the proper medication they need and off the streets. the mayor had been under fire for apparently growing homeless population. in an e-mail the press secretary blamed the previous administration for the problem telling fox 5, quote, under mayor bloomberg homeless funds cut dramatically, the number of homeless triple under mayor bloomberg. according to the office and the
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number of homeless drop from 60,000 to 56,000 but in a recent quinnipiac poll, new yorkers feel they could do better, 53% said they did not approve of his handling of the issue. executing this new homeless initiative could prove to be difficult. advocates a is hard to identify violent homeless people let need. the mayor will make this announcement detailing the play alongside his wife at city hall. back to you in the studio. >> there is some sort of event in cleveland tonight. is not an indians' game, not a cavs game. the republican presidential debate. >> you might have heard of it. it could get a little crazy with
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it. i don't know if they will go at it but they probably will. who knows what they will say? kerry drew joins us for a preview as ban makes his way to the airport. >> reporter: you can see the stage is set for tonight's big debate, total of 17 gop hopefuls taking part in two separate debates, one earlier in the night and one in prime time and this event is getting a lot of attention in part because it is donald trump's first political debate. donald trump scored a prime location for tonight's debating cleveland. the real-estate mogul and reality tv star will take center stage at the quick and loans arena after ranking as the top candidate in five recent national polls and trump says he is ready. >> i just want to be myself. i know the subject matter very well. i have been talking about it for a long time. we are talking about politicians that are all talk and no action, they don't get it done. >> this will be his first-ever political debate.
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paul begala experts expect him to avoid confrontation. >> he will respond if attacked, respond to the attack of some one goes after him but i don't think he will go after other people on stage if he doesn't have to. >> trump will be joined by nine other gop candidates, jeb bush, scott walker, mike huckabee, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio, rand paul, john kasich and new jersey's and chris christie. jeb bush secures the number 2 spot next to donald trump. tonight's questions will come from moderator's and facebook users across the country. with each candidate getting 1 minute to respond. >> i'm not nervous, i am scared to death. there's a big difference. >> the topics are the topics we have been talking about for a while. the it vantage is you know what you believe and have talked about it in the past, it is easier to communicate. >> the debate begins at 9:00 p.m. on fox news. 7 other gop candidates will debate earlier tonight at 5:00 p.m..
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hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina will be in that group, she is calling it the happy hour debate. back to you guys. >> positive spin on that one. >> plenty more coming up including new jersey residents being forced to boil water. and update on that situation. >> michael is keeping track of the forecast. >> meteorologist: the forecast looks a little cooler for us today, nice fresh start today, 69 with mainly clear skies, that will be up and about another 45 minutes or so. got a beautiful day coming up but some clouds rolling back to the tristate and it will not be as warm but still getting into the low 80s is not so bad. the weather apps hasn't pulled features on it, daily and hourly forecasts all set up, just have to click some buttons and you got all layout for you ended is there for you to download for free on apple itunes or the google play store.
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introducing dunkin's new fruit smoothies. perfectly blended with real fruit and low-fat yogurt. it's a delicious choice you can feel good sipping. discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'. >> as they say check it out. an unusual setting in new jersey. a bottle nose dolphins swimming in the south river. they are not supposed to be there. sky fox hd spotted the dolphin. on top of it.
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spotting a dolphin frolicking near the old bridge east brunswick border yesterday afternoon. is been in the area for several days. we don't know how end ed up in the river. those alligators. dolphins usually live in the ocean but it appears it is okay. good job. for now. juliet: it feels really refreshing today, doesn't it? robert: refreshing? the weather. not some of much humidity. i didn't get enough. juliet: join the club. >> meteorologist: it is not the sleep so and must be refreshing, the weather. it is considerably cooler than it was yesterday, dew points and humidity's dropping out. it does feel all middle warm
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the dewpoint, the temperature at which the moisture in the air condenses out. it might be a little volatile. it is a pretty good indication how much moisture is in the air. almost like relative humidity sort of thing but when the dew points breakdown is generally more comfortable in the cooler temperature helps too. if you kept the windows open last night not bad at all. will drop to 69 degrees and it is dry at central park, the average low temperature and the average high today 84 degrees, record high, 97 degrees and looks like a pretty typical day coming at us in the tristate, mainly clear skies, 69 at central park, winds nw at 7 miles an hour and the dewpoint at 62 degrees. any time you drop below 55 or so it feels good in the tristate. other temperatures in the tristate region, 69 degrees at
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newark, 63 in bridgeport, 69 in montauk, 62 in monticello with mainly clear sky around the area at this point, more clouds to the south and there's a stall out front and today it looks like some showers focus near virginia beaches but as the second more potent area of low pressure swings by later through the south tonight into tomorrow it will bring up clouds and most of that will be to the south of us as it comes to us in the tristate. look for increase in clouds later today into tomorrow but we won't get much rain out of it. too far to the south. the temperature 83 with the end clouds, not as warm, mostly cloudy skies, maybe a passing shower to the south but that should be at hand as we go through the next seven days, 81 tomorrow, more clouds getting a out of here into the weekend, highs in the lower 80s, next our chances coming at us monday into tuesday. let's bring in ines can see anything to slow you up thursday
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morning. ines: construction this morning, route 139 being worked on both directions, closed until 6:00 between jersey avenue and the circle. let's go to cameras, long island expressway and accident cleared away but delays rhenium. this is the canon traveling west down after the lie, two lanes blocked with accident. everything reopened but still delays as you head for the bridge. on the sounds like you are fine. with the trends things look good. everything on or close to schedule. robert: customers in new jersey without water after accused green richard waterman. officials say the 300 and greene slipped and damaged the street. this is new video from this morning. it also crushed the 24 inch pipe underneath anderson avenue. crews are working to remove the green piece by piece, united water has issued not boil water advisory and it could take a day
5:19 am
or two before results come back on its water quality test. juliet: 3600 power customers on long island last joy in the dark after tuesday's's intense storm. the utility handed out water and ice to keep people cool as an outreach center in quorum yesterday plans to open more centers in stony brook and st. james today. more than 80,000 customers lost power at the height of the storm which took down trees and power lines in northern suffolk county. robert: a wink fragment found last week in the indian ocean is indeed part of missing malaysia airlines flight 370. the first physical evidence of the plane which disappeared in march of last year with 239 people on board. the debris was found near reunion island which is french territory. so far the french government is examining it. investigators looking for more debris trying to determine where the plane went down. 5:20, today marks the 72
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bombing in hiroshima, japan. 140,000 people were killed in the 1945 attack. as any vended ended world war 2, the ceremony was held at hiroshima's peace park near the site. juliet: a lot more coming up. if you get your prescription filled at cvs, robert moses, some of you paying more if you go there. your biography prescription with an update on that. you don't want to discuss prescriptions? perfectly natural. the spinning pinwheel of death. the disappearing wi-fi icon. the frozen download bar. you don't need a magician to fix these things. you need fios internet. get fios 50 meg internet, tv and phone now for $79.99 a month,
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juliet: a conversation with mike on this subject, cvs is robbing viagra from its coverage list, it takes effect in january.
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you can get it at cvs, if you have cvs care market coverage, not viagra but sy alice. are you listening to this? the chain hasn't said why it is dropping the erectile dysfunction medication, i am sure if we investigate we will find out. >> meteorologist: what are you talking about? i have no idea. eleanor roosevelt's favorite choice, president alexander hamilton on the new $10 bill, stop and overs verbage according to a new poll the former first lady leads all choices with 27% african-american abolitionist harriet tubman was second at 17%, native american explorer sacajawea. women's rights activist susan b. anthony and put on their early ought earhart -- amelia earhart.
5:24 am
announced a woman would be on the new $10 bill scheduled for release in 2020. it is about time. juliet: huddy like to experience more sensations at the movies you bring in 4 d affects to manhattan theaters this year. the end unions square in the walk --ewok on west 42 street, the theaters will dispense snow, shake your seats and spew out wind, rain and lightning affect. i don't know if this sounds fun. no word how much the tickets will cost but the post points out the 4 d theaters in the country charges nearly $24 and if you etna 3d screen to that experience you could see ticket
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price of $30 for the entire experience. robert: top stories when we get back. juliet: the grateful dead, we
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time warner cable.
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>> from fox 5 news is "good day wake-up". robert: will be mostly sunny day today, some clouds moving in later. mike will be along with your complete forecast. juliet: the search will resume at sunrise for missing a swimmer who disappeared in waters off of sandy hook, new jersey. robert: the rapper charged with assault for an incident at a manhattan gym. we will tell you what he is accused of doing, it involves a protein drink a. juliet: taylor swift performing live on stage, we will show you what happened up. is never a good idea. you don't mess with taylor.
5:29 am
my friend got the tickets late in the game. i already have plans, got the tickets in one direction and i had to say no. robert: story of my life. juliet: i am so upset. robert: it would have been a pretty good show. i don't know if i would have gone. juliet: unless there's a kid with islam. >> they are talented musicians. if you went to the show, let me know how it was. ben is on the way to cleveland, philadelphia. and michael? >> there are direct flights from here to cleveland and. i hope that is -- to know how is otherwise. let's show you what we have with
5:30 am
cool, 52 in monticello, 54 in sussex, 69 that central park and newark and sane in montauk, region. no problems out there as high pressure takes over, nice cool high sitting over the northeast will keep temperatures down a little bit but a couple areas of low pressure and stalled of frontal boundary to the southwest, those who have something to say about whether in the next 24 to 48 hours or so, what we will see is a nice warm one with high sun, the temperature 83 degrees but by the evening commute temperatures back to 80, we have more clouds out there, areas of low pressure to the south trying to influence us and bring more cloud cover and a few quick sprinkles as we head through the night into tomorrow but doesn't look like a major rain threat. high temperatures in thes this weekend. get out and enjoy it again. let's see what we have, temperatures this morning.
5:31 am
>> we had an accident on the bqe, just cleared away. you can see no delays, traffic moving fine both ways, same for the lie itself. let's go to cameras, construction just cleared away, 139, traffic heading to the pulaski skyway towards jersey city, everything reopened, reopening construction nation dearly. as far as the george washington bridge if you are taking that into the city or fine on the upper and lower level with the beautiful sunrise, 4 '95 with the lincoln tunnel. no issues. juliet: authorities have suspended their search for a man who went missing while swimming in sandy hook. robert: the 25-year-old man disappeared at 8:00 last night. the u.s. coast guard, national park service and nypd aviation unit were dispatched to the scene. the search was suspended just before 9:00 last night. juliet: chris christie is struggling with a low approval
5:32 am
rating as he tries to win over voters in new hampshire and iowa. a new poll shows 30% of voters in new jersey have a favorable opinion of the governor. and 8 point drop, and is an 11 point increase since april. robert: chris christie and the far left side of the stage it quicken loans arena, he among the ten republicans who are getting ready for the prime-time presidential debate which will air on fox news. juliet: kerry drew is following us. >> reporter: tonight will be the first presidential debate, the first big debate in the 2016 race for the white house,
5:33 am
candidate in five recent national polls. the other candidates are jeb bush, scott walker, mike huckabee, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio, rand paul, chris christie, and john kasich. tonight's questions will come from moderator's and facebook users across the country with minute to respond to the questions. this will be donald trump's first ever political debate. >> i just want to be myself. well. i have been talking about a long time, we are talking politicians are all talk, no action, they don't get it done. >> reporter: the gb will be in prime time, 9:00 p.m. several gop candidates will have a chance to debate earlier tonight at 5:00 p.m.. grew. the event will be the first of nine scheduled debate. the next will be in september in california.
5:34 am
juliet: new poll numbers show in new yorkers are getting tired of bill deblasio. robert: they are not happy with the way he's handling the homeless situation in new york city but today he is taking action. liz dol liz dollars outside tompkins plan. >> reporter: tomompins insuare park has been a long time trouble spot when it comes to homelessness. the mayor says this new initiative will help city-wide but the big question is will it be enough to get people off of the street and help lemaire's approval rating. according to the mayor $22 million will be allocated for the new initiative. bill deblasio says it will hehel get people off the streets especially those with violent tendencies and get them the medication they need. this includes retraining for 10,000 nypd officers. the homeless redeems and social workers are going to work with
5:35 am
proper medication that they need. the mayor has been under fire for an apparently growing homeless population. in any e-mail address the kerri blamed the previous administration, under mayor bloomberg, and slashed dramatically, the number of homelessness tripled under mayor bloombeloo. in recent poll by quinnipiac, new yorkers feel the mayor could be doing a better job. 53% said they did not approve of bill deblasio's handling of the situation. back out here live the mayor's office has said the number of homeless has dropped from 60 100 to 56,000 but executing this plan could prove to be pretty difficult. advocates say it is hard enough to identify a homeless person who might be violent let alone get them the help they need. the mayor is expected to make this announcement alongside his wife and 1:00 at city hall. we are live from tompkins square
5:36 am
back to you. robert: buster ryans busted at it chills the gym. he was working out when he began arguing with a worker, it escalated and buster reportedly threw a protein drink at the egy. i hate when that happens. the rapper whose real name is trevor smith jr. was arrested, chalooed with second-degree assault with a lawyer tells the daily news the rapper will beat the charge. juliet: as we say goodbye to john's to reduce getting star treatment, heading for the museum in washington d.c.. the museum says the set is part of america's cultural and the media history. in april stewart announced he's 1999. long.
5:37 am
tonight on comedy central. i was driving down eleventh past the studio last week and people were outside at 7:00 in the morning. robert: an icon, he started off doing fake news and bloo.ame one of the most trusted news people in america. says something about what he was able to do. juliet: let's get to mike for a chloo.k of the weather. >> meteorologist: goet: a morning. jon stewart was my neighbor at one point. how culiel it was. they had too many kids and moved. >> did you hang out with him? >> mchlloo.kweaher>> et: we chatted in the hallway now and then. juliet is on her game tet: aay. she is kind of feisty. keep eating that ice-cream or whatever. show you what is about their. getting ready for thursday, a
5:38 am
little friday, and clouds, not as warm as it was yesterday but not that bad, temperatures come down a little bit. we are tracking an area of low pressure heading to the south of us. it could kick up a quick passing shower but the shower torteat is on the minimal side. future cast gives us nothing, the weekend improves, looks like we will see basically a few clouds around saturday, showers will be out of here if we get much of a000thing and highs near 80 dari: 69 at central park, clear skieitt northwest winds at 7 miles per hour, temperatures around the region not that it cooler air making its way into the tristate. temperatures came down 5 degrees from ult sterda cl 69 central park, 75 in nc. 61 in pittsburgh and the nuclear skies, a good looking day coming at you but clouds do increase later in the afternoon.
5:39 am
way through to the south of us tonight into tomorrow and looks like most of the rain is focused over the mid-a forantic region close to to the nation's capital as opposed to the tristate, high-pressure builds in after that meeting and i weekend coming at us listen and clouds, high temperature 80 in the city, tomorrow high of 81, highs close to pm over the weekend and shower chances come late monday in to tuesday and humidity will saake a come back at that time as well. the weather apps, apple itunes store andal suliegle play store has headeblaines, alerts, and get it to send you severe weather alerts that may pop 3 c1 u in your ras wion and travel with you so check it out. let's bring in ines rosales and see what we have as we hit the roads. ines: you're doing fine in new jersey no problems northbound
5:40 am
westbound 78, in westchester barackledge no issues crossing the tappan zee bridge, smooth sailing on the saw mill, let's take a luliek at staten island, a commute e s richmond road doing good, eastbound side no delays this morninmber as far as trains everything on or close to schedule. juliet and then, robern's i was going to call you richar n robert: whatever. speaking of ben i got to renot this. he is on his way to cleveland for the debate tonight. safe flight, dennis, too bet you can't watch your tv, she is doing an amazing job right now. juliet: don't know what you are talking about. a lot more coming up. the yankees future phenom takes the moell n how did he do?
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juliet: police have identified the man who attacked theaters of the goers in tennessee as 29-year-old vincent, three people discovered minor injuries when he attacked a patch and pepper spray. police shot and killed him as he tried to escape.
5:43 am
robert: a 25-year-old man went missing in sandy hook in new jersey yesterday. rescued crews suspended their search at 9:00 last night. that search expected to resume later today. juliet: a big night for republicans, final preparations in cleveland. it is the first big debate of the 2016 presidential race, 17 gop hopefuls taking part in two separate debate on fox news. carly fiorina calls the first one happy hour debate. it could be interesting to see what happens. heading in, she will join us in the next hour but we will handle bear right now. juliet: i want to reserve the bronx. robert: top pitching prospect lewis making a major league debut against the red sox, top of the second. a la han grow --alejandro
5:44 am
wall for a double, 1-0 red sox. top of a fourth day minorities, leading off against him. their egos, solo home run deep into right field, 2 havens your red sox. he was solid in his debut, no complaints from yankees fans they send this performance, those were the only hits he surrendered when walking none, striking out five. those two striking out seven. this two runs were all the red sox needed, 2-0 red sox, the yankees' home run came on a carlos beltran home run. did they do it? juliet: top of the second. overs center field, curtis granderson racing home from second making it 1-0 mets.
5:45 am
let's go to the next batter, lucas is up to bat, rips the double to no man's land as they say. in centers that sends daniel murphy from second followed by 3-0 mets. would they continue? fifth inning, another new met playing big dividends. this pitch, a three run homer making it 7-0 shutting them out. they will go up 8-0 but it is not over, no, no, no. bottom of the ninth marlins coming back, six runs in the inning, tying run on base. he rounds out to first, the mets hold on, winning 8-6. that was a close one. >> they are two games ahead of the washington nationals. this offensive juggernaut, they couldn't score one or two runs
5:46 am
earlier in the season. juliet: i'm like the energy. robert patrick. juliet: we are doing great. getting it in control in to yankee stadium, about to get faster for some fans. robert: at a secure biometric identity platform, the same system in several airports across the u.s. including westchester county, ticket holders registered with clear will hold fax ss entryways for yankees and games than any other event at the stadium. fans can register outside the 4 on game day starting tomorrow and that is free of charge, the only thing that is free at the stadium. juliet: i met this wonderful man named anthony who watches the show all the time.
5:47 am
is so cold. robert: take the train. juliet: down in baltimore definitely a close second. family friendly. let's go to mike for a check of the weather. >> meteorologist: she is on a roll today. oh boy. getting and her way today. good morning. it feels like a little fire, of little friday is what it is, is what it is. 69 degrees your temperatures central park, n.y. 59 degrees in allentown, 52 in monticello, 69 in montauk, mainly clear skies. what would happen to temperatures over the last 24 hours, dropped down, 6 degrees cooler at central park, same in poughkeepsie, 4 degrees cooler in sussex, as well as new work, actually feeling pretty fresh outside, mainly clear skies, some clouds coming into 7
5:48 am
will be the general trend, clouds building in south jersey working their way north, sold-out frontal boundary the areas of low pressure riding along that and things shift as the day goes on so looks like that in the area of low pressure will drive up the majority of the moisture, first one not a big deal but the second one we are more concerned with. on future cast it forces cloud cover into the tristate by 8:00 this evening. by 8:00 this evening clouds are on the increase, shower chances pick up in the overnight hours into tomorrow. looks like the bulk of the rain will come through the mid-atlantic region in the carolinas to virginia and the nation's capital. we miss the majority of it here but there could be a few showers over central and southern sections of new jersey on coastal areas where you will see more cloudiness as low pressure falls into the south and east of the tristate region. not much coming from that low. high today make it up to 80 degrees with mainly sunny skies
5:49 am
seven days we have a high of 81 tomorrow. more clouds and showers, looks again like most of that will be south of us with a few clouds saturday morning and sunshine for the rest of it, high of 82 saturday, a recent day, shower chances come back monday into tuesday and humidity next week, we gotta break through the upcoming weekend. the weather apps at the apple itunes store but this you can download for free, up for free, tex. the word whether to 70377 and send a forecast to your phone, handy in your hand, you can check it out and know what is going to go on at 6:30 in the morning. here is ines and she has what you need to know. >> the commute is doing great. 82, 87 in persephone moving fine, those of you on long island, suffolk county okay on the lie, slight delay by terry road but construction being wrapped up, you are fine was done, take a look at your
5:50 am
in queens, they have construction going on, that has been cleared away moving fine west bound east bound. as for the bqe we have delays, normal delays for this time approaching the brooklyn bridge, a construction being cleared away. back to you. robert: what? we have plenty more coming up including the and trying to grab tennis with when she was on
5:51 am
that is frightening. a hand-pressed burger, melted cheddar with crispy hash browns and an egg your way. now that's a burg... (explosion) (groans) you want that to go again sweetie? the thing burger. welcome to denny's. fantastic 4,
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>> meteorologist: oh man. what did you have for breakfast? juliet: golden grahams. robert: we have sports, entertainment, everything. juliet: we start with frightening moments for taylor swift on stage. check this out. juliet: she did not like that. let's see that again. first of all she is on these really high issues and the stage, what an idiot. robert: how does she keep her balance?
5:53 am
an overzealous fan, and indeed, nearly pulled her off the stage when she was performing, she managed to recover like a pro because she is status with, security did intervene. one post on instagram at the show says the guy was in a head block. robert: one of the 6 survivors of the grateful dead, performing on a new group with singer john major, call themselves dead and company making their debut halloween night. tickets go on sale next week. juliet: the muppets have sad news with the breakup, divorce of miss piggy and kermit but as they get ready for their tv read. video. you will see it, we hope.
5:54 am
juliet: 1973. robert: the new series is a reality show, behind- music: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer.
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