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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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by officials came to the same conclusion, that the recent cluster of legionnaires cases originated at the opera house hotel in the south bronx. >> we found every patient isolate matched every one from the hotel. >> reporter: the management issued a statement which said in part, it's particularly disappointmenting because our system is two years old, has the most up to date technology available and our maintenance has been consistent with the regulations the city and state are putting in place. after 128 cases and 12 deaths, the health commissioner says the current health threat is over. >> we know we have no people who have reported becoming ill after august 3rd. that's simply a fact. >> reporter: health department officials are confident the outbreak is contained because the incubation period is a maximum of 14 days. >> most people get sick within the first week. often people say eight to 10 days. the outer limit would be 14
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days. we are now well past the incubation period. we would be seeing cases if we still had people getting infected from this source. >> an army of experts worked around the clock, studying samples from various locations and comparing it to what they found in the victims, looking for a dna fingerprint match. >> we pulled people off their duties and had them focus like this. staff with whole different background of training. some are medical doctors. ists microbiologists. >> the officials say they had a lot of help from the state health department laboratories as well as the cdc. all of the cooling towers here cleaned. they also say there are regulations on the books to make sure that happens routinely. live in the south bronx, i'm list a evers, fox 5 news.
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christina: good news the official is over. what's the hotel occupancy like? are people scared? >> it is full for this coming weekend. tourists go here as well as people from the city. they're full conducting business and the hotel management says that they are exceeding the cleaning recommendations, moving forward that the city and state have recommended. christina: we're glad to hear it. lisa evers, thank you. turning to your other headlines, one of the killers who escaped from a prison went before a judge to be arraigned. david sweat is charged with first-degree escape and promoting prison contraband. the two escaped in june. sweat was captured after three weeks on the run. matt was shot and killed two days earlier. a judge entered a not guilty plea for sweat who will be in court next month. former president jimmy carter underwent radiation treatment today for cancer in his liver that has spread to his brain. doctors discovered four small spots of melanoma on his brain
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following surgery earlier this month to remove a tumor on his liver. the 90-year-old says he feels good with only slight pain. but plans to cut back his work with the carter foundation. >> and july was the hottest month ever, recorded on earth. while the united states didn't see the same extreme heat as other countries, there were plenty of records set around the world. this could become the hottest year ever. the noaa says july was the 365th straight month where world wide temperatures were above average. i see audrey nodding. >> it's true. christina: i feel the heat. >> yeah. it's been a global thing, not just here. it's more of across the entire earth that we've seen hot temperatures, record-breaking weather. christina: kind of worrisome. >> we'll have to wait and see. that's a whole other newscast. christina: we'll keep it simple with the forecast. >> let's stick to the tri-state. it wasn't as hot as the weekend. it felt uncomfortable because of
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the dew point. our high temperatures were slightly above average. mostly into the 80s. we hit a high of 85 in islip. it was 83 in montauk. we were just under 90 up towards poughkeepsie. here's a look at the current readings. we're in the 80s. we have rain-cooled readings in the 70s across poughkeepsie -- monticello and sussex. it's all about the dew points. you can see the readings are in the 60s and 70s. it is uncomfortable for another day. our winds are brisk. they're breezy coming off the ocean between 10 to 20 miles an hour. that will continue as we go through the rest of the evening. our focus is on a cold front that's working through eastern pennsylvania and western portions of new york. it's edging into western portions of new jersey and we're getting steady rainfall. the best dynamics appear to be over northwestern new jersey. that's why the national weather service issued a flash flood watch for that part of the tri-state.
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some could produce two inches an hour. that's why we had the flood watch in effect. the front will weaken. here's the front as it stands. it's bringing stronger weather towards the west. that will be bringing into the tri-state after 11:00, 12:00 tonight. through the rest of the evening, lots of clouds are in place. the line comes through overnight commute. the commute -- the rain will affect portions of long island tomorrow morning. it will linger along the east end of long island until 3:00, 4:00. inland, a mix of sun and clouds after noontime. shore. on saturday, things look better for everyone as we anticipate mostly sunny skies. sunday looks to be iffy. i'll show you on the seven day. tonight, we have rain developing from west to east. it will become heavy at times. we have tropical storm danny.
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it will be heading to the lesser antilles. we'll have to watch jamaica and puerto rico and the dominican republic. that's where we could see danny affect that region into the middle part of next week. for us, it's going to be about rain across the area. it will be muggy and mild. tomorrow, rain in the morning and it will clear out by the afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures in the upper 70s to mid 80s. we're expecting sunshine for saturday. that's the better day of the weekend. just offshore. i'm leaving in a chance of a shower and thunderstorm. that's mostly to the east of new york city. next week, we'll stay unstable but not a washout. temperatures will hover in the christina: all right. thanks a lot. there are few things more powerful than a person's faith. there's a growing number of faith. what that means and why the numbers might be deceiving. tomorrow, an in-depth look at the mounting labor issue that
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amazon and big retailers. we'll look how things got to that point and who bears the responsibility. >> check out the fox 5 ny weather app. it features daily and hourly forecasts, a live interactive radar to track the storms where you are, plus you can get weather headlines and storm alerts and warnings when lightning is nearby. down load it today. search fox 5 ny weather in the apple store or google play.
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christina: preparations are underway for the visit of pope francis. when he arrives in the city, he'll be greeted by hundreds of catholic school students and faculty. we caught up with some of the kids who will come face to face with him and they are very excited. >> i was like, wow, i couldn't believe it. >> i thought, wow! i'm going to meet the pope! >> i was like what? people don't go and knock on your door and say you're going to meet the pope. it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. christina: pope francis will spend about an hour at our lady of queen of angels in east harlem and meet with students
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and representatives of catholic charities before heading to the garden for a big papal mass. this comes at a time when the catholic church are struggling. younger people are continuing a trend away from organized faith. why the polls might be misleading. >> i try to go every sunday. >> i went to a jesuit high school. i thought they were wonderful people, full of love. >> mercedes and adam are both practicing catholics in their 30s who say the church is very much a part of their lives. population. the number of americans who now identify as christian has fallen sharply, by nearly 8%, in the last seven years. this as the number of people who don't identify with any religion has risen, according to the pew research center. >> there are significant changes underway in the american religion
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us landscape. >> reporter: we spoke via skype. >> almost one in five american adults now say they have no religion, despite the fact they were raised in a religion, mostly christianity. >> there are any number of factors behind the decline in religious affiliation. one is changing demographics as millennials become adults. they're less religious. these two have witnessed many of their peers leave the church. their parish, church of the nativity in the east village, was among 30 closed by the diocese this month, for reasons including falling attendance. >> some people say they're leaving because of what happened a couple of years ago with the sex scandals. there's young people who now are thinking that mass for them is not really relatable. >> it seems to me like the church could do a better job of engaging with people
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spiritually, intellectually, being less repressive of questioning tendencies. >> reporter: halting the movement away from the church is a difficult feat, but some catholics are hoping the ever popular pope francis, who's coming here, could change that when it comes to keeping people enthusiastic. some dub it a francis effect. a study found more catholics reported having a strong religious affiliation since he assumed the papacy. there's no evidence his popularity translated into more people going to mass. >> we have not found any increase, any uptick in the share of americans who identify themselves as catholics since his papacy began. >> the rise in mary american mary -- >> many of the people who don't align themselves with a particular religion still say
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they believe in god, sometimes pray, and consider themselves spiritual. stacey delikat, fox 5 news. christina: a lot to talk about. here's dr. list a miller from columbia university teachers college and the author of the spiritual child. lots to talk about. >> fantastic to be with you. christina: we connected on a spiritual level. it's a human thing, regardless of what religion you are, to be spiritual. >> absolutely. every single person on earth is born spiritual. spirituality is part of our birthright. it's innate. if we look at twin studies, twins raised together and apart, one-third of how spiritual we are was set from the day we were born. christina: we see studies where younger people are losing their religion, so to speak. the term being religious, it's kind of changed along the years, has it not, especially all across the world? we see atrocities and murder in
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the name of religion. it's become charged. >> it's a shame. there are two-thirds who are profoundly spiritual through their religion. so religion quite unfairly is getting a bad rap. many people, most people, have a deep personal relationship with their higher power, and derive deep values of goodness through their religion. that said, there are about one-third of people who are profoundly spiritual with beautiful values who would call themselves spiritual but not religious. that number is growing, particularly among the mentals. christina: what i found exciting if you're spiritual, you're at the forefront of doing good in the world. can you tell me about that? >> turns out that people who do good work for other people, contribution to service, derive as much as people who pray. in a sense, charity good works is a form of prayer put into action. christina: that's fascinating. you know, people still need something to believe in.
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we're seeing the trend of people saying i'm just spiritual. i'm atheist, agnostic. do they need a religion? is it the structure they need, a muscle they need to exercise, they need the community? >> although we're born with natural spirituality, two-thirds require maintenance. it is a muscle. it's about prayer and reflection and doing good things for other people and coming together with people of all generations on a spiritual footing. so that requires practice and deliberate effort. it can happen within religion and outside of religion. it takes volition and practice to maintain our spiritual heart. christina: can you address a little bit about the spiritual apathy? saying i'm spiritual and not religious, it's kind of a form of laziness in one respect because no one goes to church any more. you're not asked to do anything, not answering to a higher power. what does that mean? you can do whatever feels good in the moment? >> there's an irony.
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although we see decreases in the number of people that are spiritual, others are hungry on a spiritual quest. two-thirds of the people that leave their faith end up in another faith tradition. they're looking, whether to find something that speaks to them more personally or maybe they'll adapt to the spiritual tradition of their spouse. people, because they abandon religion, are not dropping their spiritual. it's alive and well and often time they're on a deep and serious quest. christina: a lifelong quest. >> doctor lisa miller, thank you so much. so coming up, lebron james has 23 million followers on twitter. that's a lot. that's one valuable audience to advertisers. russ joins us next to talk about how much the king gets paid for 140 characters worth of work. >> and we hope you come back for a great week of shows next week, including tuesday's story about new technology aimed at eliminating drunk driving.
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how it works and who's opposed. that's tuesday at 6:00.
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christina: time for sports with russ. they call lebron james the king. russ: when i saw this, i thought huh? it's something. for a tweet from lebron james christina: worth what? russ: according to open doors, which specializes in social media campaigns, 140,000. apparently -- i don't know how they came to the figure, but he's got 23 million followers. christina: that's massive. russ: for the 140,000 that you pay, you'll reach 23 million followers. they said you need to spend five times that much to reach that many followers in a tv ad. think about it. christina: that's huge. russ: it's quite remarkable. christina: i'd be tweeting all the time. russ: i tell you what, at that kind of numbers.
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what is really interesting, that most of the -- the majority of the top names, i think that's because the majority of them come from the nba. four out of the top five are from the nba. lebron is at 140,000. kevin durant, 66,500. kobe, 42,000. christina: that much further down. >> russ: it's remarkable. christina: he is the king. 140 grand. russ: they say, according to the company, they usually pay athletes for a tweet somewhere between a thousand and 2500. so you think about lebron james. that's what lebron james is. he's arguably the most popular athlete in the world. basketball is -- christina: the most talented. russ: basketball is certainly
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the most global. soccer global is one thing. in the united states, when you think about basketball and the way it's grown, it's no. 1. i guess that's why you tweet so much. christina: mine are worth a dollar. russ salzberg, thanks a lot. >> shipwrecked and buried treasure seem like something out of a johnny depp movie. they're real and made a few people rich in florida. that's coming up after the break.
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christina: in 1750, a fleet of spanish sank off the coast of florida. 300 years later, a group of
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treasure hunters found 4-1/2 million worth of sunken treasure. 350 gold coins were found. the divers said they knew they hit on something big right away. >> when you see gold coins come off the bottom of the ocean. nobody is planting them. you know they're real. we have an archaeologist on staff that will authenticate everything. they're as authenticate as they get. christina: the spanish government never made a claim and aren't entitled to the money. the state of florida can take 20 percent to put into a museum. while 4 million is a big haul, there's more than 400 million in undiscovered treasure still out there. good luck with that. that does it for us. thanks for joining us. i'm christina park in for ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5 and the control room, have a great night. see you tomorrow.
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