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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 21, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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you guys have a good weekend. is this is good the new york. greg: it is friday august 21st. rosanna: hope you are feeling good. dislike the news this morning but we are driving albite this afternoon. greg: an explosion at high school and the bronx. the science lab was under construction and something that happened. rosanna: how do you get rid of those pushy costume characters and topless painted ladies in times square? the police commissioner is thinking and so is the mayor maybe we should get rid of the pedestrian plaza.
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greg: they have been on rose's list since they established them. rosanna: it has not cut down on traffic and has created a cloud of people on those pedestrian plazas. greg: i am mixed. checking for police. did you see that? rosanna: this is a possibility. greg: jimmy carter, a cancer has spread to his green, 90 years old, former president of the united states in tough shape. we are learning more about his medical condition. greg: 7 hot and humid? it bears are coming out of the woods for a dip in this pool. this is the cutest thing ever. i am glad it is not my backyard pool, but oh my goodness, look at this. they are having a grand time and going in for a little bit. this isn't a jersey by the way. rosanna: don't take any. mayor on a sliding bond.
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greg: which one is the mob there? rosanna: in the pool. i will carry. greg: where's the-ibert? rosanna: i don't see the daddy bare. greg: out hunting probably. rosanna: our we feeling? greg: too many strikes in the suit. you look fantastic. rosanna: i feel like i have an aztec blanket on. greg: kind of greek. mike woods looks rather dull in comparison. rosanna: usually you have a country club look. it is good. >> meteorologist: not quite as much as the others. greg: you look like an fbi agent. >> meteorologist: i assume that is good. rosanna: it is the weekend. how is it looking? >> meteorologist: any soreness kicking? rosanna: i feel ok a. p rosenberg comingle later.
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starting to think he is a big cried the be. greg: a d.j. was in the softball game who injured himself pretty bad. rosanna: i was back at work not really crying or anything. greg: after you went to the hospital the governor called with condolences. big deal when that happened. no pictures of that. what is going on? >> meteorologist: we have a rich and passing through the tristate region mainly in line and moving out of the city at this point so that is good news but it has caused a few problems in western long island, a lot of localized flooding which slows you down on the major roadways but this is what the live radar looks like in central sections of long island dealing with heavier showers. the good news is these showers are on the move making their way to the east. if they sit on top of you too long you get localized flooding
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and that happened over nassau county into brooklyn and queens that is happening now. 75 degrees tonight, 73 in central park, 64 in sussex. our dew points are dropping back down now that the rain is coming by, in the upper 60s for those who folks who got the rain done within the city, it is moving on but if you are to the east it will take a while longer. the cold front making its way through the ariane and it will continue to go to the east but it takes a little time for that to happen. then it gets hung up on the coastline which means we have a threat of more showers over the weekend too. today primarily morning showers, high temperature in the afternoon 85 degrees but it will be sunny in the city, high of 86 tomorrow and 83 sunday and that is where another shower chance will be. let's bring in ines rosales and check out what is happening as we head out the door for the
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commute which was soggy for a while. ines: some accidents happen with the region. the alberta bridge we have delays before but looks like everyone is looking for an alternate route. the ramp toward west shore closed with the outer bridge because of an accident involving a flipped over car so no access to the west shore, flooding the fdr drive north down, right in centerlines flooded by grant street, traffic a mess of bound, flooding by 301 ended accident along with the downed free, a lot of delays traveling through that area. if you want to use 970 as an alternate is jammed both directions due to flooding conditions. new jersey dealing with an accident on 70 eastbound before exit 24. all lanes the-one lane closed we did getting through but delays, northern state parkway dealing with flour. all lanes are closed, 106-107 overpass.
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right here in northern state parkway, he's gone no one is getting through. traffic being diverted by flooding conditions. now you used the law as an alternate. trained in the meantime doing fine. heads up with new jersey transit, buses replacing those trains having mechanical problems. greg: thank you very much. rosanna: investigators looking at an explosion that injured three contractors at a jfk high school. this happened last night. greg: at the science lab. accused last. robert moses has more. rosanna: why are you shocked that they doing work at a:00 at night? there is no school right now. greg: sometimes over time or whatever. what is going on? >> reporter: good morning.
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i want to direct your attention through the trees andould those windows, a shocking scene and witnesses would concur with that. from the ground the damage to the sixth floor of john f. kennedy high school is easily visible. science labs look more like war zones, the results of a violent explosion shortly after 8:00 last night. >> a quick flash, large explosion. >> custodians were outside the building and brake when the explosion occurred. >> i'm about to go to the sixth floor. i could have been caught up in that which was scary. >> reporter: three private contractors were doing work to improve the school's science labs when the explosion rocked the building and surrounding neighborhood. one of the custodians on break told us he heard the contractors were using a blowtorch. >> like a typical science lab
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they had a bunch of burners so they had gas supply. no one mentioned smelling gas, the contractors did not mention it. >> reporter: one of the three contractors suffered serious burns. the other man who police say are 38 and 53 years old also suffered burns, all are expected to survive. the men were working for a contractor the mayor declined to in the but which the mayor said had a good reputation. the bill must be assessed to determine if some or all of it will be ready for the start of classes. >> the building is seriously damage the that structural damage is limited. >> reporter: another look at jfk high school this morning and one of the huge-es in the side of the building, already we have seen representatives from the office of emergency management, cleanout the focus turns toward the repair work that has at this school to get these classrooms ready for the beginning of
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classes which is september 9th. the good news here is even those workers were seriously hurt they are at jacobi medical center this morning and are expected to survive. that is the latest from marble hill. greg: we will check back with you later. rosanna: the deadly legionnaires' disease outbreak officials. they made this big announcement yesterday. the health commissioner dr. mary bassett says there have been no new illnesses reported since august 3rd. rosanna: the worst legionnaires' outbreak since we discovered in the 1970s. they narrowed it down as suspected. the original source a cooling tower at the opera house hotel. historic hotel and a cooling tower has been cleaned at least twice. greg: 12 people died in this outbreak in the one hundred others sick and but now they tell us it is over. rosanna: this week to guys who
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escaped from prison, the one who made it hot and was captured was back in court yesterday. remembers a escape from prison in upstate new york. this was the first time we have gotten a good look at david sweat since he was recaptured in june. greg: he was shot. he is in more trouble. he is going to die in prison someday but what will the days be like in prison? he is being punished within the prison right now. prosecutor and you will hear from mr. sweat's attorney. >> david sweat and richard matt committed a crime in clayton they committed the crime of the skate in the first degree and it is my job as prosecutor in this county to prosecute people who commit crimes with in this county and that is the bottom line. >> let me negotiate with the dna's office.
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not sure of the offer will plea offer will be coming or not. greg: before he was incarcerated he shot a cop fatally. rosanna: jimmy carter undergoing radiation this morning for cancer in his liver that has spread to his brain. greg: doctors discovered four small melanoma spots following surgery to remove a tumor on his liver. despite this grim diagnoses the 90-year-old former president remains upbeat. >> i have had a wonderful life, thousands of friends, i have had an exciting and adventures gratifying resistance. i was surprisingly at ease much more so than my wife was. rosanna: he has a good sense of humor about it. he feels good with only slight pain and plans to cut back his work with the carter foundation while he recovers.
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he also says he heard from all presidents who are alive. rosanna: you are the living with? george herbert walker bush the father. bill clinton. w. president obama. rosanna: he said he hasn't heard from them in awhile but this was the first set of phone calls him receive from the former president. greg: very exclusive club. rosanna: a court in jersey reducing a child abuse law saying leave kids alone in a car cases. last month. outside a costco in hackensack. police busted a window to get a out. she was all right. her mother came with another child in a shopping cart. screaming at the mother. greg: she said sorry, sorry doesn't cut it. rosanna: the mother was charged with child endangerment but
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yesterday's running is from a different case in 2009. a mother arrested for beating her kid in the car, it wasn't hot and windows were slightly opened. the supreme court unanimously sided with that mother indicating some cases can be legal considering time, temperature, distance from the parent and other factors. greg: this footage we are looking at was illegal because it was so hot that day. listen to this. >> i would be nervous for the child to be alone in a car. >> if the child was left on the sidewalk alone, that would mean they are abandoned. to me that is a crime. rosanna: the court said other parents or guardians with similar charges must be allowed to hearing. if the child was not harmed. we don't know how this last case is going to go but anyway point. greg: let's go to times square, nude women walking around, have they figured out a solution? is there a legal way to rid them
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from times square? rosanna: breaking a pedestrian plazas, once a staple of the bloomberg administration. now is a possible solution to this problem going on in times square? dave: 1 is going on? >> reporter: city officials call this a quality of life the issue and they're trying to come up with a plan to deal with these topless women in times square. one proposal calls for getting rid of this whole area you see behind me, 30,000 square foot pedestrian plaza runs from 47 through to 40 second street. >> i am unhappy with what is happening in times square related to the costume characters and painted women. >> reporter: bill deblasio has appointed a task force to study the problem saying police commissioner bill brandt and city lawmakers will look into ways to address the growing number of topless women who charge money to pose for pictures in times square. >> the goal of the task force is to give me more tools to work on
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this issue with. right now the laws in place don't give us all the enforcement capacity i think we deserve. >> reporter: some options being considered, designating the area as the park or treating the performers as businesses so they one idea suggested by bill brennan would be to get rid of the pedestrian plaza in times square and restore traffic to the neighborhood. >> i preferred to take the whole thing down and put it back where it was, broadway's broadway and not a dead end 3. >> we talked about that option. that will be considered by the task force. that is a very big endeavor and like every other option comes with pros and cons so we are going to look at what those pros and cons will be. >> reporter: not everyone is on board. the times square alliance told the daily news', quote, sure, let's tear up broadway. we can't govern, manage or police public spaces so we should tear them up.
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that is not a solution, it is us surrender. a bit more about this pedestrian plaza in times square. was closed to traffic in 2009 as a temporary move and became permanent the following year. the mayor's taskforces is scheduled to release its findings at the beginning of october. the mayor says the nypd will keep a close eye on these win in making sure there is no illegal activity happening. the latest from times square this morning. greg: they have been out there couple years. what is the big deal? rosanna: there are more of them. you would see one or two, now there's a whole slew of topless people there and if you are taking your kid to a movie are around there or a broadway show you may not want to expose them to is this. greg: i have been through there and some people seem delighted. i have never seen an incident around there. i am neutral on it. we did meet these girls earlier this week, they were nice, hard-working and what they're
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doing right now is within the law. hi don't know. it looks like -- momentum is against them. rosanna: how do we feel about the pedestrian plaza be eliminated? go to our web page at way in. you know how i feel? i never liked it because i felt the traffic was still a real pain in that area and when it was time to go if you were going to the theater it was so clogged up with a lot of the costume characters and everybody else you could navigate the sidewalk. you could not navigate the sidewalk. greg: okay. i am all right. rosanna: you weigh in. i don't know. greg: how about the snake? they found the snake in times square. these cops did. rosanna: it is up boa constrictor.
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this picture when no word who put it there but they're not afraid. greg: i once played with a snake that began tried to marry him. was amazing. it was -- >> meteorologist: going places where -- we will be that there. let's show you what is happening. let's get the showers out of town, heading west but solid rain coming through the central andes transaction the long island but it is on the move. for a while it got hung up in nassau county commonalities moving on, still a flood advisory but that will be expiring pretty soon, 73 at central park, the rain has cleared the area in the city and it will continue to clear the tristate region as time goes on in long island or connecticut, another few hours will for it starts to break up for you but as we head to the afternoon you are a good end tomorrow looks good too. sunday looks like there will be showered chances as a frontal boundary just off shore starts to spin back more moisture and give us a small chance of
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showers. we have clearing skies, high temperature 85 degrees, tomorrow 86 with 7 out there, a few showers possible and more showers coming through and storms early tuesday. i want to say happy birthday to my pal brenda to turn 7 years old and wants to know if lorayne all seven days, mainly morning showers and many of us read that. let's bring in ines rosales. ines: northern state parkway close both directions for flooding conditions and the lie seeing those delays because of alternate routes, northern state parkway is closed. across island parkway south bound an accident causing rubbernecking delays northbound by jamaica avenue. garden state parkway exit 98 flooding blocking at least one lane by exit 98 on parkway's southbound so be careful with that.
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northern state parkway camera shot this is 106-107 that overpass and not seeing any traffic was down dandies down because of flooding conditions, tough to see the rain. you see pavement that is under the overpass and you have that flooding. i will show you an accident, another problem and the northern state parkway, an accident, got to be careful, that is blocking one lane. they actually just pushed it to the side blocking the left lane, just be careful if you're traveling on long island, lirr has the shoes. let's check the hudson river crossing with the george washington bridge upper level, 20, 25 minute delay, fine with the lower level, lincoln tunnel looking good, no delays towards kennedy boulevard. normally we have delays to the turnpike and the situation today a 13 minute delay once you pass kennedy boulevard. holland tunnel 5 to 10, long island railroad, high water condition, 15 minute delay on
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the port jefferson branch, leister bay and hempstead branch, all west, you got to be careful around there. everything else doing fine. greg: glad i am at work. rosanna: let's look outside. i didn't hear anything.
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greg: how about this classic song. it is good. the girl from where again? where is that? rosanna: brazil. such a beautiful classic beautiful summer song, don't you think? greg: also like the disco version. there is another one. very nice. what else? rosanna: very disturbing news. kiss rocker jean simmons's home is being searched for a child born but police emphasize neither he nor anyone else in his family is a suspect. greg: gene simmons of kiss and reality tv. we are hearing that task force investigating internet crimes against children, a search warrant at his home. they are looking for something or someone who was there when he wasn't. they are emphasizing -- rosanna: the family has and cooperative.
7:25 am
greg: if there is an internet crime related to child porn it was somebody not in the simmons family. rosanna: may have happened when simmons was touring with his band. is wife shannon said thanks for your support. we couldn't be more horrified that someone used our residents for such heinous crimes law enforcement is on it. greg: jean simmons is a native new yorker. rosanna: so has josh bugger and his family. that really start admitting to living a double life after it was revealed he had set of two accounts on the extramarital hookups site-lead madison. greg: it was recently hack and personal information of 30 million users has been leaked on line. rosanna: bosh says he is the biggest hypocrite ever. those were his words. his family's show, 19 kids and counting, was canceled after it was revealed he had molested three underage girls including two of the of his ancestors.
7:26 am
greg: the united states army got the rangers, it plea to female officers graduated from ranger school, the first-ever and are now officially army rangers. rosanna: capt. greased and lieutenant haver of texas at the first to graduate from army ranger school. the women past the grueling, 62 day course training in the same conditions as their male counterparts. >> i came for the same reason clinton to get the experience of the leadership school. we have been able to inform that decision as to what they can expect for women in the military and we can handle things physically and mentally on the same level as men. rosanna: despite passing the notoriously difficult training of the women are still prohibited from joining infantry or special forces units including the 75th ranger regiment. the pentagon may be recommending changes to that policy next year. greg: rangers are very very good.
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rosanna: ever try out for that? marines. i was a marine. rosanna: once on marine always a marine. right back.
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rosanna: the last few weeks. greg: things like easy rock. what do we have? listen to this. rosanna: i like that. when you think of this song what does it remind you of? sitting in your back yard? greg: i tell you what it reminds me of, the parking lot in baldwin on grand avenue waiting for my mom to come out of the store. it brings me, a listened to a lot of music. rosanna: in the backyard with my parents having ice tea. or soda. in our screened in porche. isn't that nice? greg: let's see if we can keep you there. a good place mentally. rosanna: 7:30 in the morning. it is fried
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rosanna: joy different little psyche when you wake up on friday. greg: everyone is 10% happier on fridays. the cover story of donald trump in time magazine. i haven't looked at time magazine in a while. is an in-depth interview. egos on and on. isn't it amazing? people are seeing him potentially as winning the presidency. rosanna: he is on the cover of variety. he should adopt that song arranged no stopping me now, we are on the move. anything he says seems to resonate with everybody. greg: not everybody. rosanna: most people, a majority. he is closing in on the polls but we will talk about that later. greg: he has some detractors as well. keep us informed. >> meteorologist: interesting stuff. people are paying attention. rosanna: we are learning new words. i didn't know what anchor baby wasn't julius rosanna: greg: still don't know what it means.
7:32 am
rosanna: we will tell you about it in a little bit. greg: born to immigrants who are not here illegally, the baby gives some legal cover to stan. arguably. rosanna: did you know that? greg: thrown about in the immigration debate. >> meteorologist: let's get you of the door, if you are coming through a long island you have issues with the rain that is moved on for some folks but for some people it is a problem. let's look at the maps and radar and show you what is happening, temperatures 73 degrees, partly cloudy sky in the city, the rain has moved on. it was coming down pretty good bet most of us lived through that. here is where the front lines at this point. is making its move through the tristate region that heavier showers in central and eastern sections of long island. from this point forward we will see only some showers in central and eastern sections of long island as well as connecticut as the front makes its way of sure,
7:33 am
drier air comes toward us, high pressure pushes in and we will see more sunshine coming through as time goes on but the area of low pressure on this frontal boundary is stalling out over the weekend so what it will do is throwbacks moisture as we head into sunday and that will bring us a chance of a few more light showers in the area but i don't think there will be too much happening with that. here is your forecast for the day. after the morning showers get out of your central and eastern sections of long island and connecticut you still have more rain to deal with and we will see more sun and high of 85. we will see sunny skies, 86 yen, your high tomorrow with storms, make that sunday but normally a few here and there. another shot at showers on tuesday. let's bring in ines rosales and take a look what happens to the commute.
7:34 am
>> let's start with fdr drive, by grants read an accident has been out there for an hour. there is an accident blocking a lane. in queens you have an accident on the cross parkway by jamaica avenue in not only causing delays of bounds but delays on the northbound side. exit 98 southbound, slowed down there, northbound you are fine. the northern state parkway close by this rain left its role flooded. this is 106-one 07, includes both directions because of the flooding condition and the lie traffic picking up this morning because that is the alternate every one uses. trains also problems with that because of the rain. 15 minute delay, some trains have been canceled, a 40 minute delay, this is the ford jefferson and hempstead branch
7:35 am
because of high water conditions. rosanna: donald trump but, we keep talking about him because he is making news again, the cover of time magazine and variety. greg: the headline deal with it. deal with it. she is here to stay apparently. juliet huddy has more. >> reporter: donald trump is touting his new cover of time magazine probably saying i look really hanson. the most handsome man in the world. rosanna: craig. is an imposing photograph with that line deal with the. one of the big headlines out of the time interview, authenticity of the gop field of his rivals. voters want their candidate to be real and none of his challengers fall into that category, they're surrounded by too many handlers and consultants. get rid of the consultants ends he says he is hoodie is why is he is doing so well in the polls. what he doesn't do so well as follow directions according to the photographer who was hired trump. martin says he brought a
7:36 am
real-life bald eagle from texas to bose with trump to kind pose with trump to kind of gift from something to do, he does not listen to anything the photographer said but overall he was that with the total issued. greg: bringing in that live eagle. rosanna: better than a dead one. greg: interesting to compare the two. you can find some stuff. rosanna: he has no fear. this is what it comes down to. rosanna: the contrast between jeb bush and donald trump, the crowd didn't show up for a rally in new hampshire, bush accused from of not proving his conservative record. >> i don't see how he is delectable. >> i am a proven conservative with a record. he isn't. i cut taxes, he proposed the largest tax increase in mankind that history, not just our own
7:37 am
country's history. i have been consistently pro-life. he until recently was for partial birth abortion. >> the former florida governor is fighting back against those upset with his term anchor babies which as you said is used to describe kids born in the u.s. to illegal immigrants. cheese says he doesn't think it is offensive and if somebody can find a better term he will use it. bush says people born in the u.s. should be american citizens, stark contrast to trump's plan to repeal the fourteenth amendment if he is elected. we continue to watch donald trump. continues to make headlines and covers of time magazine. rosanna: you know duties making headlines but not in a good way, bill cosby. two more women that come forward to say weber drug and sexual abuse by bill cosby. greg: they teamed up with gloria allread has claims against many women -- let's hear from these women and what they have to say about bill cosby.
7:38 am
>> i was going to get pass out or get very sick. teammate me kneeled down. i will not repeat what happened next. all i know is it was the most horrifying thing that could happen to any young woman although all of them keeps it secret from the public of what they allege happened to them. for many years they have known come forward in an effort to help other women. and hold bill cosby accountable. for what they allege was his misconduct with them. rosanna: gloria allread well -- 35 women, have come for band said bill cosby abused them after being drug to the diaz denied the accusations, he has never been charged. greg: gloria allread will join
7:39 am
us on "good day new york". rosanna: moms to raise. women of all ages have a family but they still want to go out and dance the night away. greg: subculture of mother plastic and instagram. moms to rave express their joel lifestyles with images and slogans. one single mother we spoke with says she goes to raves an average of twice a month, she as gone from three to four hours she has 3 to young boys. rosanna: they were 6 and 8 years old to stay with family or a babysitter. >> other single moms go to a girl's night out. rosanna: there was concern about this. are there drugs involved in this? that is supposedly part of the rave culture. this young woman will join us in
7:40 am
the studio at 9:15 to talk about her life style and how she manageds to do this. rosanna: let's look outside. greg: it will be drizzley but sunny too. rosanna: the weekend, the weekend. greg: what is going on tonight? rosanna: nothing. family night. how about you?
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malik what you want from me, this is george michael. rosanna: i love george michael. greg: what happened to his buddy of his speech envy or andrew? rosanna: he is in the bathroom. greg: first of all that was unpleasant. we are talking about beverly hills and george michael. rosanna: look at these pedestrian clauses. people just relaxing, enjoying the plaza. greg: rosanna was on not rant. rosanna: i wouldn't cry if they disbanded them. if they a eliminated them. it messes up a lot of traffic and when it is time during the
7:44 am
busy period, so many people, the characters, the topless women, the naked cal rosanna: is the spectacle. when was less than you weather? greg: a week ago. rosanna: you went to see beautiful. greg: leave it alone for now. >> meteorologist: it looks better in times square because the rain has moved on but you are still dealing with central and eastern sections of the long island. fox 5 sky guardian picking and heavier showers through suffolk county, cruising to the east but along the slope had he run into localized flooding at least temporarily so you will have slow conditions for the commute through long island and parts of connecticut especially on the i-95 corridor. 76 in islip, 74 central park,
7:45 am
dew points are high but not as high as yesterday coming into the upper 60s so have a ways to go but there will be drier air coming in as time goes on. the cold front moving by with no pressure hanging out for a little while and continuing to keep showers close by in eastern long island. not as nice part of the weekend whether. your beach and boating report, 5 to 10 miles an hour, record risk is still at a moderate levels so keep that in mind, be careful out there. just take it easy. let's show you what is going on, morning showers and a high of 85 degrees this afternoon, not bad at all. sunny tomorrow and on sunday partly cloudy skies with a small chance of showers. most of that year the twin forks, hampton and cold front tuesday. weather apps at the
7:46 am
apple itunes store and google play store with live interactive radar and a day like today in long island you can see where the heavy showers are so check it out, download for free, search in u.s. it to go. let's bring in ines. i don't know if we have had time to recover from this. ines: flooding starting to subside but dealing with that, suffolk county not a big problem with letting just ponding, since low spots but not bad ride. your commute in new jersey looking good. parkway turnpike no problems but the hour bridge, the ramp toward the west shore closed because of a flipped over car. let's go to the northern state parkway dealing with flooding conditions. they had to shed that down in both directions, the overpass of 1067107 where everything is closed and traffic trying -- a lot of delays. the lie, everyone is starting to
7:47 am
use the alternate, slower than normal. george washington bridge doing fine, no problems manhattan bound up for lower, 495 towards the lincoln tunnel great ride this morning, 20 minute delay, holland tunnel 5 to 10 and the rain affected long island railroad, a 25 minute delay on port jefferson, leister bay and hempstead branch because of high water conditions, port jefferson branch making local stops, everything else with trains on or close to scare the, than wickes low self down towards jfk. rosanna: the traffic is supposed to be little less on friday. ines: lincoln tunnel is 20 minutes. greg: how is he likes doing? rosanna: duke has a day off in the summer. we're in charge of sports the we will make it simple. greg: nets and yankees in first place, they go to denver play in the rockies. rosanna: they started with
7:48 am
cleveland at the stadium, yanks almost rally back but cleveland will win this 3-2. that is it, no more sports. greg: the pope coming to new york in a month. preparations are in overdrive. rosanna: he will be greeted by hundreds of catholic school students and staff and faculty from the archdiocese of new york and we caught up with some of these kids who will come face-to-face with his holiness and are very excited. >> i can't believe it. >> wow! the pope! >> i dislike what? sign up on the door and say going to meet the pope, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. rosanna: mommy at, i am going to need the pope. greg: they were poised and articulate. what kind of reaction is that? rosanna: the kids from our lady
7:49 am
queen of angels in east harlem are the lucky students who were present a catholic charity before heading to madison square garden for a big people mass september 25th. that will be fun. that is holy father. greg: what did these bears in a pool in new jersey having a good time, like they know how to use the pool. greg: rosanna: do you have to drain the full after the bears win in some? i would. her mother and five cubs decided to stop by the bass the family house in jersey. the bears had a grand time in the pool, they played, did they go down a sliding board? how cute. thank goodness nobody was hurt. everybody got away. greg: mod berries in the pool. we had an above-ground pool in the backyard for a while. rosanna: did your mom ever get into the plans to jump in, i will catch you. greg: the regular pool. rosanna: that is what the amount of barry's doing.
7:50 am
greg: today is pretty nice, meany, friday. what else is going on? rosanna: it is the weekend. we can slow down. we are reeling from our base yesterday. greg: bumps and bruises and glorious memories of a home run king doing the job. rosanna: still might mvp. peter rosenberg will be here in the 9:00 hour, he ok. so everyone is saying 'hey, you've gotta get fios.' but why? why fios? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optics network to the home, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. and access to the fastest internet and in home wifi available from any provider. with big capacity too, so everyone in the house can be online all at once. only fios has 500 meg download speeds, with equal upload speeds.
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7:53 am
greg: an afternoon delight. rosanna: i thought there was only one. greg: let's get it out there. of their romantic relations. or chinese food. rosanna: and chocolate
7:54 am
sprinkles. it isn't always good. and he is on order. >> caitlin jenner could face the commands water charge for the democrats in malibu, l.a. county sheriff's department will present its case to the district attorney next week and the department says it doesn't recommend charges against caitlin but found enough evidence after the d a decides to subdue it. >> he was -- >> still bruce jenner. bruce was driving on pepsico's highway, rented alexis that had been stopped -- >> wasn't text in your on the phone but they determined that. >> that could lead to more serious charges. one explanation was on another
7:55 am
day this could be a rear end but they didn't think there was that intense, very unfortunate. we will see how that turns out. he was going under is the speed limit the too fest for road conditions. wind direction released their first music video. anna: they say this will be one of the hits of the summer. greg: summer is over. anna: it is called drag me down and is shot at nasa at johnson space center. everyone says it is out of this world. they put on astronaut's suit. i thought they'd showing off how good they looking skinny genes. it is a good song. i feel like i am too old to like them but i got into this video
7:56 am
and song. and the afro punk confessed at, or buried part, the lineup is great and includes lenny kravitz, a warrant hill and grace jones. rosanna: oh my goodness, i love her. got to play in that song. rosanna: tickets start at $45 so you can go. rosanna: great shows, story. we lend to a great show, concert with my parents when we agree on and it was new year's eve and she was supposed to show up at new year's at 12:00. i think at 2:00 we were still waiting. my brother went that's it, everybody, we are going home. grace jones. i don't know, i do love her music. greg: that was a great story. rosanna: did you like my story? she doesn't look like she liked my story. thanks for liking does honor facebook page. greg: what is the be?
7:57 am
you want your money back? rosanna: i heard -- like other people we know. got a bit of reputation. greg: cut her some slack. my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call 1-866-ny-quits
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[music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft.
7:59 am
>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york.
8:00 am
i'm rosanna -- it's almost the end of august. late, right? >> yeah, thank goodness. september this year. [laughter] it is, september 7th. >> every year it's in september, >> i know. >> let's take a look weather wise, what do we have out there? rained hard night. we've got some crowds. >> we slept right through it. >> yep. we worked so hard this week playing baseball, it was a lot of fun. mike woods has details. also this -- >> three people were injured when an explosion tore through a city high school. it happened last night in marble hull. thank goodness classes were not in session, but they were doing construction at 8:00 at night. >> more women coming out with allegations against bill cosby. gloria allred, the famed attorney, had a press conference yesterday with some of the women who have chilling tales about what happened to them. >> she will be here momentarily.
8:01 am
meanwhile, the nypd is looking for this woman who reportedly became violent, she's accused of pushing, scratching and biting somebody else on the subway. >> well, let's talk about baseball. number one, it was the day before yesterday, softball technically, in coney island. the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. >> yeah. >> all right. here's the thrill of victory part, rosanna. >> this is when you did that unexpected home run. >> you were in a state of shock. >> i was. i almost fell off my sneakers. [laughter] >> this was definitely a highlight. a low light was in the infield. mike woods and another player -- >> peter rosenberg. >> -- had a nasty collision, i think we have a picture of that. two athletes coming together -- >> we do have a picture coming up, i believe. it's from the brooklyn eagle. >> [inaudible] >> that's the video. my husband is covering it because he was on the pitcher's mound. he was like in shock, too, by
8:02 am
what he saw. >> anyway, the guy dislocated his shoulder, it was actually a big deal -- >> look at you, the catcher -- >> what about me? >> and then you're like, they're all right. the manager comes out, what the heck are you -- >> that's true. you came out like you meaned all business. >> is heck the word that you used? [laughter] >> maybe not. i was down two players. >> that guy with the black shorts, he actually dislocated his shoulder. mike woods skinned his knee. we're going to meet peter in a little bit. mike, you came through for us. >> and then i came back and played like, you know -- >> first of all, john franco was on yesterday, you know, the meants' hall of fame pitcher. yesterday he really -- i don't know if you caught the dig. after you got your boo boo -- >> yeah, i know. i heard it. i didn't have a chance to respond to him. you know why he's mad? because he hit a pop ball to the outfield, and i was this close to getting it.
8:03 am
i really wanted that -- >> he's mad about that? >> he's mad because i almost got him. >> he's not mad about that. baseball's not your thing. >> oh, really tough guy? >> stick around for that. weather, we're getting it out of town, the rain, that is. depends on where you are though. most of it is out of here. of course for the city you're in good shape. you can see what's happening on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. yep, the showers are out of the city, but long island still in the central and eastern section ises, well, it's either just coming to you or really coming down. anyhow, this is what we're looking at at this point. the good news is the intensity, the reds and oranges and yellows are fading out on us. and when it comes to lightning, not a whole lot of that out there either. should be getting quieter as time goes on. 72 in central park, 76 out at
8:04 am
islip and 37 in montauk -- 77 in montauk. kind of a mild start to the day, and the drier air will be working in. cold front keeps pressing offshore, and then it gets stuck just offshore, and we are going to have a chance for a few showers just kind of lingering in the tristate region. he's the cold front coming offshore, and it's hanging tight with that area of low pressure helping to hold onto that front, and then it tries to throw back a little bit of action as we get into sunday. saturday looks nice and sunday, but sunday looks like a few showers could pop back in again. for today, most of the rain is gone for the city and jersey, but you will see clearing skies and a high of 85 later this afternoon. tomorrow it's sunny with a high of 86. 83 on sunday with a few more shower chances, but it doesn't look like anything major, another round of scattered showers on tuesday.
8:05 am
a little of this, a little of that. let's get over to ines rosales, there's still some problems. >> still some issues with flooding and some earlier accidents. flooding southbound by exit 98, we have an accident still trying to be cleared away since early this morning on the outer bridge, staten island bound, the offramp toward the west shore still closed because of a flipped-over car. you can see delays go back to the brooklyn bridge. two lanes are flooded, southbound an accident just cleared away on the fdr drive by the triborough bridge. northern state parkway all lanes are closed because of flooding. you can see the water standing here. this is at 106/107, so before you approach that exit eastbound and westbound, all lanes are closed. the lie, that's what everyone's using. and problems with the trains east of westbury. you have a 25 minute delay on the port jefferson, oyster bay and hempstead branches.
8:06 am
greg and rosanna. >> thank you so much. >> so there was an explosion at a high school in the bronx. kind of mysterious. they were doing some construction, and a huge explosion. you can see some class rooms blown out, and several injuries. >> yeah. three contractors got injured at jfk high school. it happened during construction of a science lab at the school, and by the way, that explosion could be felt in the area. fox 5's robert moses in the marble hill section with more this morning. robert, what's going on? >> greg and rosanna, you mentioned that it could be felt in the area, that is absolutely true. i just is talked to a map who rents an participant -- a man who rents an apartment nearby and he said this impact was of greater or magnitude than anything he's ever felt, i'll step out of the way because you can see the end result. that is a gashed building, blown-out windows and classrooms in serious need of repair. from are the ground the damage to the sixth floor of john
8:07 am
236789 kennedy -- john f. kennedy high school is easily visible, the result of violent explosion shortly after eight last night. >> we saw a quick flash and then a large explosion. everything shook. >> custodians just aen and his coworker were outside the explosion occurred. >> i was just ability to go back up to the sixtieth floor to go to work. i could have been caught up in that, which is very scary. >> three private contractors were doing work to improve the school's science labs when the explosion rocked the building and the surrounding neighborhood. one of the custodians said he heard the contractors were using a blow torch. >> like a typical science lab, it has a bunch of burners, so it has gas supply. smelling gas. >> one of the three contractors, serious burns. the oh men who police say are 38 burns.
8:08 am
all are expected to survive. the men were working for a contractor that the mayor declined to name but one which the mayor said has a good reputation. >> this building has been seriously damaged, although the structural damage is very limited. >> another live look at that building. there's been a steady stream of people showing up here at the school trying to get into the parking lot, and they -- can like we -- have been turned away because of officials now want to make sure that everything inside is safe. clearly from the video that you saw those classrooms will need to be repaired. there are office of emergency managementinging representatives here and others as well who will be assessing the damage inside of those class rooms, and september 9th. that is the latest live from to you. >> robert, thank you very much.
8:09 am
marble hill, it's kind of interesting, rosanna, it's right here, right about here, and technically, believe it or not or, it's part of manhattan. you have manhattan here, the the bronx, but this little area, marble hill, politically is part of manhattan -- >> even though the harlem river is separating snit. >> right. a long time ago the harlem river actually went up here, and it was filled in. the residents wanted to are e main part of -- wanted to remain part of manhattan, so technically, robert moses is not on manhattan island. >> i'm following you, which scares me. [laughter] anyway, let's talk about police. they need your help finding the woman they said went ballistic when someone asked her to move her bag off a subway street. >> another straphanger asked her to move her bag so she could sit down. the person ignored her. when the other woman went to sit
8:10 am
down, police say she pushed her, scratched her, pulled her hair and bit her on the arm. >> wow. >> there was blood. >> she then ran off the train at the 21st street queens bridge station. if you know this woman, if you've seen her, please call crimestoppers at 1-800-577-tips. >> remember those guys who escaped from prison in upstate new york? one of them is dead, the other is in even more trouble. there he is, david sweat, at a court proceeding. they're prosecuting him for the escape and other offenses. >> yeah. his arm is in a sling, still recovering from two gunshot wounds. mr. sweat faces two counts of escape and one count of promoting prison contraband stemming from the hacksaw blades prosecutors say he and fellow inmate richard matt used to cut their way out of clinton correctional fundamental. mr. sweat is already serving a life sentence so why the new charges and a new trial? the prosecutor said this:
8:11 am
>> david sweat and richard matt committed a crime in clinton county, they committed the crime of escape in the first degree, and it's my job as a prosecutor in this county to prosecute people that commit crimes within this county. and that is the bottom line. >> negotiate with the da's office. i'm not sure if a plea deal's going to be coming around or not. >> it determines how he'll spend his time in prison. there's richard matt. he was shot by state troopers, i believe, and they determined he was drunk at the time. that captivated the whole country for a couple of weeks, the escape of these two. >> apparently, this next story is blowing up our fox 5ny facebook page. it seems like the mayor is trying to figure out a way to stop the topless women in times square. >> one proposal is to to get rid of the pedestrian plaza. is that too much? >> i don't know. it's a possible solution to the issue.
8:12 am
carry drew is in times square with the latest this morning. what's going on, carrie? >> good morning to both of you. the big question right now, what can be done about all of these top toless women that are here in times square? one proposal is calling for the removal of this whole area behind me, this 30,000 square foot pedestrian plaza where women wearing only body paint are charging money to pose for pictures. >> i am unhappy with some of what's happening in times square related to the costume characters and the painted women. >> so mayor de blasio has appointed a task force to study the problem. he says police commissioner bill bratton and city law headachiers will -- lawmakers will look into ways to address the growing number of topless women in times square. >> the goal of the task force is to give me more tools to work on this issue with. right now the laws in place don't give us all the
8:13 am
enforcement capacity i think we deserve. >> some options being considered, designating the area as a park or treating the performers as businesses so they can be regulate ared. one idea suggested by police commissioner bill bratton would be to get rid of the pedestrian plaza in times square and restore traffic to the neighborhood. >> i think we ought to just dig the whole damn thing up and put it back where broadway is broadway is and not a dead end street. >> that option will be considered by the task force. now, that's a very big endeavor, and like every other option comes with pros and cons, so we're going to look at what those pros and cons would be. >> not everyone is onboard. tim thompkins of the times square alliance told the daily news quote, sure, let's tear up broadway. we can't govern, manage or police our public spaces, so we should just tear them up. that's not a solution, it's a surrender. a live look once again at this pedestrian plaza.
8:14 am
a look down broadway here between 42nd and 47th streets. the pedestrian plaza has been closed to traffic since 2009. initially, it was done as a temporary thing, and then it became permanent in 2010. the mayor's task force, as i mentioned, is scheduled to come up with its findings by the first of october. a lot of attention on this issue. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thanks a lot, carrie. our viewers are weighing in via our facebook page. >> don says, gonna shut down the whole plaza? like naked women can walk other places? what's next? union square. shaking my head. >> so smh, that's what that means. what about christa white? >> anyone that don't want to see it don't need to go. if you know that's what's going on and you don't want to see, why go? that's the beauty of new york state times square, whoever can go to see entertainment including the street characters and now these painted topless ladies. >> thanks, christa.
8:15 am
speaking of those characters, rosanna and i, i tell you what, this was highlight of my life when i was big bird and you were elle hoe. >> it was nice to feel anonymous. go there and frolic -- [laughter] >> how much money did we make that day? it was a lot. >> $1.99. >> good stuff. >> what about that college student who took a selfie after climbing to the top of the brooklyn bridge? he has been charged with trespassing. >> they found him, back in new york city yesterday to face charges. they actually arrested him in tennessee. there was a warrant out for husband arrest. he shouldn't have been there, obviously. that's trespassing. >> what was he thinking? >> okay. i know, you see that up there, you think, oh, my gosh, is he going to jump? >> he had to know it was a little reckless. he had to be scared, right? his lawyer told the post the student didn't know there was a warrant out, and a phone call to him would have been easier.
8:16 am
this young man is back in court september 31st. >> antwan lewis is joining us, he usually anchors in the evenings on the weekends. antwan, what's new with ashley madison? >> we've been talking about this for a while, of course, the adultery web site. employees have been checking out the site using their government internet connections, but now we understand there's a new york city connection. city officials have turned over more than two dozen e-mail addresses of employees of the education department associated with ashley madison. the, the oe is among the first local agencies nationally revealed. as we've been reporting, more than 20 federal agencies had accessed the site through government internet corrections including the u.s. state department as well as the pentagon where so many civilian and military employees have security clearances and could be wide open for blackmailing. >> i'm aware of it.
8:17 am
of course it's an issue because conduct is very important, and we expect good conduct on the part of our people. >> for people in the military, if you are determined to be a philanderer, you could end up being in prison for a year, dishonorably discharged, you could be the target of an extortion plot, you could also have your security clearance in jeopardy. even if you're a defense contractor, they have security clearances. >> now, that gentleman actually has the private security or company. regarding the city education department, the mayor's office confirms there are suspected e-mail addresses that were turned over to the conflicts of interest board. a spokesperson saying they take seriously allegations of misuse of city resources. getting very, very close to home here, greg and rosanna, back over to you. good to see you. >> nice to see you, antwan. okay. 8:17 in the morning. let's check out what's happening outside, mike woods.
8:18 am
>> things are getting better for us around the tristate, and that rain was really coming down at times. looks like jfk is going to be the big winner in terms of totals, just under 2.5 inches of rain came down in a pretty short period of time. jericho, just over two inches. you can see why it is we saw some localized flooding. central park, it only ended up being just other a quarter of an inch of rain. so it really depends on where you are, but it was primarily around nassau county, queens and brooklyn that sow the heavier showers and storms. your not done yet in suffolk county, but the intensity is backing down can. 72 in central park, 75 in philly, 70 in boston and 66 in syracuse, and we are going to see the drier air sliding into the tristate region. that means we've got more sunshine coming up soon. as a matter of fact, we start off with some showers and storms or at least we already did in the city.
8:19 am
still dealing with it out east, but mostly sunny sky ises this afternoon, highs between 82 and 86, about 85 for us here in the city. lows dropping down between 58-70, and there's your seven-day forecast. dry for you tomorrow, that's the best looking day of the weekend right now, a few isolated showers on sunday, mainly in the east. got a quick birthday shoutout to caprice rose. have a fantastic birthday. check out the fox 5ny worth app, check it out for free. let's bring in ines and see what's up with the commute. we're doing better, hopefully? >> a little. some flooding out there on the northern state parkway. take a look at the delay, traffic backed up to the meadowbrook traveling eastbound, all lanes closed at 106/107, and i'll show you a live picture, but i want to show you the lie. not as bad, everyone's trying to
8:20 am
use that as an alternate. southern state parkway, normal delays. westchester, we're doing pretty good. you have a lot of these little excha haitians, there was an accint heading towards the merit, that's just been cleared away. a little bit of that delay, but no flooding. let's show you that northern state parkway there, that's the reasons why traffic is so jammed up, everyone's trying to get off at 106/107, the road is completely flooded eastbound and westbound. gwb's looking good, no delays. lincoln tunnel, also a delay of 20 minutes, normally at time it's 45-50. long island railroad, because of the rain, there's a high water condition, so there's a 25 delay on the port jefferson, oyster bay and hempstead branches. everything else running on our close. >> she is delighted by a 20 minute delay. >> at the lincoln tunnel at this time? yes.
8:21 am
>> hey, one of the most famous attorneys in the country, gloria allred, will be here in a few minutes. >> all right, times square, we're looking at it. will changes be made to times square? what's her name? >> who's this? >> grace feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
8:24 am
>> hi, everybody. uber, they seem to be taking over the world. a new service, rosanna, food delivery. they call it uber eats. >> they just started running here in new york city between 14th and 59th street, limited delivery. uber pairs with select restaurants in the area, offers just maybe one or two items from a menu and gets customers the food in ten minutes or less. >> so it comes in a car, not some guy on a bike. >> that's right. and with uber returns, this is another feature, a driver will collect whatever you ordered on line but now want to return, and they'll take care of dropping it off at the post office, fedex, ups. it's a $4 pickup charge. >> that's it? >> the service is operating
8:25 am
right now in manhattan below 110th street. >> all right. so it's time to do business. >> fox means business. >> lauren simonetti, what's happening? >> oh, no, we have some bad news for you and your money this morning. i'm looking at the future markets, so this is how the market will open when it opens in an hour. the dow's down another 100 points. another 100? we were down more than 50 points yesterday -- 350 points yesterday, this week we're down about 500. why is your 401(k) not making money right thousand if you're tracking the broader market? the reason is china. big economy, they're not doing well, their factory activity totally slowing, their stocks in the toilet. european stocks are lower as a result, and we're lower here in the u.s. the other big reason is oil prices. look, we're knocking on the barium -- on the door of $40 a barrel. it's bad news for big energy companies like exxon is, valero
8:26 am
and conocophillips. they hire people to go find oil, to refine it, to sell it. their stock prices, as a business how do you compete when you can't make money off of that raw product? so these are some of the issues that the economy is facing, and it's been such a rough week for your own investments. i know, my driver in to work this morning was asked me about his 401(k). regular people are talking about this stuff. it's an -- not a flattering picture. >> you know what's cool? >> yeah. >> dud you see the money being printed at the manipulate? >> in the video? >> i used to think that it grew on trees. [laughter] >> you can probably think that, rosanna. i do sometimes. >> now i though. >> all right. thank you very much. >> have a good weekend. >> it's worth a tour of the treasury department where they make the money. coming up, gloria allred, one of the most famous attorneys in the world, she's representing -- >> so many women have gone to her. they're talking about bill cosby and the terrible experience they
8:27 am
say they had at the hands of
8:28 am
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what you do with it is up to you. tylenol .
8:30 am
>> ah. round the subway -- >> i needed that. [laughter] >> all right. it's our friday tradition. native new yorker's song. >> friday at 8:30, we celebrate native new yorkers and those who want to be. sung along with us. >> we're a little vague on the words too. it's okay. [laughter] let me drop you off. at east 33rd. >> altogether thousand. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> you're a native new yorker. >> where are those nude women with the paint?
8:31 am
>> they're sleeping in right now. meanwhile, facebook page has gone crazy, people just really weighing in on whether this pedestrian plaza should be eliminated. police commissioner thinking about it as a way to get rid of the topless ladies. there's been some problems with the characters as well, although i have a thing for elmo. >> and big bird. that was so much fun. we actually put those costumes on. >> i'm so glad you chose not to go with the naked cowboy -- >> i would have. >> mike, you are an welcome. >> little bit. >> how we feeling this morning, mike? >> i'm a little sore, i am not going to lie to you. >> stop it. >> first of all -- >> take a look at this. >> oh, that's the shot. >> the other night, by the way, three teammates coming together to get one ball, and nobody coordinated, nobody called it, and it was a big calamity. mike woods was, had minor injuries. the guy, peter? he dislocated his shoulder.
8:32 am
>> he separated it, it's not quite dislocated, but it still hurt. >> agony of defeat. >> what's ines doing back there? >> i don't know. but ines is trying to cover up after you two fumbled and hurt one another, she grabbed the ball. [laughter] she's like, i got no time for that, i gotta get this bill. >> see if you can find my dignity while you're down there. >> a simple ground wall to second base became a triple -- [laughter] the guy got to third base on that. he should have been thrown out at first. >> i should have thrown the two of them out of the game. that was an error you made. anyway --? >> oh, please. >> anyway, we're going to talk to peter rosenberg from hot 97, and he's got his own gripes. i don't know if i'm in the mood for him this morning. [laughter] kind of short, that's it. >> cut him down. [laughter] >> he's coming after you too, you know that, rights? >> i can take him on. >> uh-huh. we're ready. yeah, good looking weather coming to us here but, man, that
8:33 am
rain was really coming down especially through the city and parts of long island, and i believe we got a shot out from wood mill coming up for us too, but that's where the rain is on the radar. there's woodmill, and you can see looks like the rain is start ising to move out of the area but, boy, it did come down for a while. that's what we want, we want the clouds to break up into the weekend and the run to get out of town. looks beautiful there now, right? absolutely. just a few showers left over for you. all right, let's take a look at the maps, show you what's happening right now. showers still cruising through mainly in the eastern half of long island. connecticut, looks like those showers are breaking up for you as well. for a while it was really coming down, especially through that is saw county, brooklyn and queens, that's where they had some localized flooding. things are much better. 76 in islip and bridgeport. it's still muggy, but the dewpoints will be coming down. it's down to 66 which is still a high thurm, but better than the
8:34 am
lower 70s like they still have in the central and eastern sections of long island. the air will get a little better as the cold front continues to head to the east and carries a lot of that moisture out to see. high pressure will build in, and we're going to see decent conditions starting later on this afternoon, smart. there's the cold front getting out of town. and we're going to see a lot of sun shine today into tomorrow. a few clouds in the mix but still not bad at all. as we go into sunday, see this area of low pressure getting stuck along that stalled-out frontal boundary? that's going to start throwing back maybe a few showers, especially for the eastern half of long island and over into connecticut. our temps may come down just a hair. all right, so today we've got mainly sunny skies later in the afternoon, most of the showers moving on, high temp up to about 85 today. tomorrow sunny skies with a high sunday. there.
8:35 am
drier on monday but then early on tuesday another front passes by with a few more scattered storms coming through. all right. let's bring in ines. ines needs to chime in here, because you know there's a battle coming up. >> yeah. you've got to see pete rosenberg's tweet, he's going to milk it. now his neck hurts. >> oh, really? >> this is going to get good. >> i'm going to get gloria allred, she's on set. >> that rain did leave slow spot, northbound fdr drive approaching grant street because of flooding. still working on an accident, route 440 northbound still closed because of a flipped-over car and the northern state parkway by 106/107, the road completely flooded, so they had to shut that down right at 7:00. so traffic backed up both directions as you approach 106/107 eastbound and westbound. long island railroad also affected, there's a 25 minute
8:36 am
delay on the port jefferson and ronkonkoma branches, they're all making local stops. >> thank you very much. bill cosby, at one point one of the most popular men in america. the allegations against him, dozens of women with tales of sexual abuse, assault, rape committed by bill cosby. yesterday we saw new alleged victims coming forward teaming awl red. they spoke powerfully about what they said happened to them. listen. >> we went to a restaurant. cos had told me he was staying at the beverly hilton. he arrived at the restaurant before me. i did not drink or use drugs. but he insisted i drink sake. it was already poured for me. i sipped it, but it was too sweet. he insisted i drink it and loosen up. >> this is elizabeth, and lots of people are talking about what she had to saw yesterday.
8:37 am
morning. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for inviting me. >> tell us about elizabeth and how she contacted you and how you kind of verified her story. >> well, i mean, i've represented -- i'm representing now 23, 25 women, many more who have not yet spoken out have been contacting me. some may speak out, some just want to contact me to give me information that may help in the one lawsuit that we have on behalf of judy who alleges that she was 15 years old when she became the victim of sexual misconduct by mr. cosby at the playboy mansion. others say they'll speak out if and when they're subpoenaed and could testify in this case can. >> but these two latest women -- >> these two latest women contacted me. many people contact me by e-mail, some by telephone. i speak to them, and then he make an evaluation. look, for them it's too late to file a lawsuit because of the statute of limitations.
8:38 am
the arbitrary time period set by law. it's too late for mr. cosby to be criminally prosecuted even if a district attorney would find that that, they thought that that case could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt because the statute of limitations. but there's no statute of limitations on the right of free speech, so they are speaking out in the court of public opinion, they are giving what they say is their truth, and they have every right to do it. >> now that they've done it, what next? i would imagine that you're looking for a settlement here, right? >> well -- >> he's worth, some estimates, close to a billion dollars. >> woo we're looking -- what we're looking for, greg, is accountability and justice. these women have gone from being survivors the fighters for change, and they just want accountability. and we're going to get it in whatever form that we can get it. >> what are some options? >> well, i gave mr. cosby all the options possible. one, he could invite all of the women who accuse him to sue him in a court of law, and he could agree not to assert the statute
8:39 am
of limitations in which case a judge and jury could decide the case. he he rejected that. i offered him the arbitration option, behind closed doors with a retired judge, present his evidence, present the defense's. again, he rejected that. and the third option, mediation, a negotiated settlement. again, he rejected that. what can the women do? they can speak out. they have a right to voice what they say is their truth. >> and each one, is there a similar thread? i guess the drugging is the similar thread with all these ladies? >> of the women are -- many of the women are alleging drugging and sexual assault. some just is sexual assault. that's bad enough, of course. and in the case of judy, the it's a serious allegation also of child sexual abuse. and we are taking it seriously. is so when we take mr. cosby's deposition -- >> when is that going to be? >> on october 9th. we expect to take the can deposition of bill cosby, not
8:40 am
the friendly dr. huxtable on television. this is not a sitcom, it's real life, and we're not laughing. >> has anyone reached out to you what? their story is not credible. >> there have been some women who have reached tout me that, you know, for a variety of reasons we have decided that it would be best for them not to go public, but i don't tell women to speak out or not speak out. what i do is i present the benefits versus the risks, and then they are adults. they can make their own invested decision as to whether or not they want to voice what they say happened to them. >> so you'll be in the same room >> that's correct. >> what's your strategy? >> well, you know, in any deposition we have a right to ask any questions that may be relevant and that may tend to admissible evidence. so that's what we are going to do. we would hope that mr. cosby would welcome the opportunity because he has been silent publicly to be able to give his
8:41 am
side of the story, to give it truthfully and to give a full accounting of what his position will be so that we can adequately prepare for trial trial. >> what's the most important question that you hope he answers? >> well, i can't preview the questions, but i can say that every question we ask will be important. and, of course, it wouldn't be surprising to his attorneys if there were questions about other accusers, other accusations. but, you know, we'll have to see, and the point is that he is going to gulf his deposition -- give his deposition. we've been attempting to take his deposition for quite a while. there has been an attempt to block this case from moving forward. we have been able to schedule his deposition, and now we're going to move forward. and then our client will give her deposition not long thereafter. >> gloria allred, we thank you, and we'll see what happens next. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. all right, good day new york's going to take a quick
8:42 am
break, and when we come back, we're going to talk to emmy award-winning actor tony hale. he's on that show veep on hbo. he plays gary walsh.
8:45 am
now he's in a >> this was the funniest show. >> the coolest, cleverest show on hbo at least. veep. julia louis-dreyfus, is she the president now? >> she is the president now. >> she's got a great cast. the dialogue is so funny, and let's meet one of the stars. >> yeah, tony hale, he stars in that show, and he's in a new movie called american ultra. nice to have you here, tony. >> thanks for having me. >> it's not a hint or anything, you go from playing in the white house administration to being in >> yeah. it's kind of, it's kind of a twisted bourne identity where jesse eisenberg plays a stoner, and i work someone who's been using hem as a puppet. >> very cool. i think we've got a clip. it's out today, right? >> it's out today. they don't like -- >> something's not right. i am standing this front of the fire. you -- >> i need a weapon.
8:46 am
>> oh, my god. >> and i need to know where yates is pulling the subjects >> okay. i can't -- >> no, don't hang up. don't hang up. he's going to drop me like a rabbit, and he's going to kill me. >> uh-oh. it looks like your not one of those stand-up guys, you're afraid of your own shadow. >> i do nervous well. i play -- [laughter] >> and does that come from experience? [laughter] no, i'm kidding. but i get to work with great people like connie britton who's just amazing. it's a really fast, it's like a stoner, like, action comedy. >> you keep saying stoner, so what does that mean? you have to go this a little ineven rated or something? >> no. i love the fact it's just this typical kid who is a little bit of a pothead, and all of a sudden we discover he has these crazy skills, and he discovers it in himself. that's what's fun to watch, really fun. >> tony, a lot of us remember
8:47 am
you from arrested development. we thought you were fantastic. how'd you start in entertainment? what was your big break? >> that was a pretty big break, but i was doing commercials and theater this new york for eight years, and loved it. arrested development brought us out to l.a., and that was a crazy ride. it was really fun. >> while you were getting your feet wet here in new york, what was it like trying to work and get by in new york city? >> i mean, i loved it here. i miss -- one thing, i'll tell you what i miss, the subway. cause l.a., it's tough to get around. you can hit so many auditions in, the like, an hour. out there, it takes forever to get places. >> i went to visit my daughter out there, a half hour just to get a block. >> going from the west to the east side, it's really rough. >> i said to the taxi driver, i'm going to walk. he said, nobody walks here. >> we just drive a block in l.a. [laughter] >> but i do. i love coming back to visit. it's like you walk on the sidewalk, and it's like a moving
8:48 am
sidewalk, it just takes you. >> yeah. >> well, welcome home. >> thank you. >> anything we should expect in veep coming up? >> well, she's still president, which is terrifying -- [laughter] she should never be near the white house. but the writing is so fun, and julia's great, and it's going to get crazier. >> do you film that in new york? >> we shot that in baltimore for a long time. but they just moved us to l.a., which is great. we loved baltimore, but we like to be closer to our families. >> we look forward to american ultra and really cool to see you. >> thanks, man. >> all right. good day's going to take a quick little break. we'll look outside. it's going to be a nice weekend, maybe a little rain. oh, we're going to meet that race car driver, graham. do you know who he is? he'd one of indy car's top stars. he's racing in our area, in the poconos this weekend. >> check that out.
8:51 am
>> i have my mattress from sleepy's.
8:52 am
>> you do? >> i do. >> very nice. i think i do as well. >> i do three. >> are you serious? you just call them up, and they show up. >> well, i went and tried 'em out. okay, you guys remember banksy, right? he made a lot of headlines here in new york city, but we never knew what he looked like. well, he's got a new project. it's the opposite of disneyland, it's called dismalland. it just owned at a site on the english coast near the city of bristol. it's being described as a beamusement park. one of the pieces depicts a crash of cinderella's carriage, paparazzi there take photos of the carnage. another one shows the little mermaid with her face twisted up -- this isn't for all families. >> it's going to give me bad dreams. >> yeah. another display includes this killer whale jumping out of the toilet. legal representatives of the
8:53 am
wallet -- walt doesny corporation are prohibited. it's quite terrifying -- >> what's going on with this guy? >> i was trying to figure this out. this looks like cruella deville -- >> they seem to be feasting on the organs -- >> oh, man. >> banksy's weird but cool. >> they're expecting it to sell out right away. this is all put up under top secret conditions, how he likes to do things. it stays open until september 27th if you want to take a trip over to england. and the first-ever billboard top 100 music festival is this weekend, great perform list are including justin bieber, nicki minaj, little mix, lil' wayne, the weekend, and there's a singer called michael woods. not our mike woods. i found that interesting. >> he can't sing or dance. >> oh, harsh! so it's all happening tomorrow and sunday at the jones beach theater.
8:54 am
two days, three stages, 40 recording -- $75, tickets. >> turn up the volume on this classic '70s soft rock, huh?
8:55 am
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>> tara, thank you so much for liking usen -- us on our fox 5ny facebook page. >> cool, tara. >> a new movie out -- sorry. we have an indy race car driver, sorry, graham. >> get her some water. >> he's going to be here. he's got a big race this weekend. we've got to get him in the zone.
8:58 am
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