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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 22, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> it is a shock. it is a shock. you never know who is your neighbor. >> friends and family say they never saw it coming. why a gunman entered a federal building and shot a security guard before take his own life hello. good evening. i am christina park. >> i am antwan lewis. >> fox 5's lydia lidia curanaj is live where kevin downing lived. good evening. reporter: good evening. this is downing's home behind me. into the morning, investigators were searching it from top to bottom trying to figure out what made him snap.
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why did kevin downing walk to the lower manhattan federal building yesterday and kill the security guard himself? the neighbors are baffled and say he was a kind man whose wife passed a away from breast cancer a few years ago. >> it is a shock. it is a shock. you never know who is your neighbor. >> according to new jersey congressman, downing was westing blower who was fire bid the department of labor the federal bring where where the shooting happened houses a regional office for the department of labor. he had taken up the machine's cause told "the associated press" been given wrong deal to put it mildly" there was no excuse for it. he had been treated badly. him in the head before the senior guard even had the chance to reap for his gun. he was scheduled to leave work at 4:00 p.m., but agreed to work late. he was kelled only a
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hour later. >> a good man. a very good man. >> this is one with of many who gathered that he victim's home today. 53-year-old was a married father of four who immigrated to theness from the ivy coast more than two decades ago in search of the american dream. >> he is everything. anything you need, he is there. he is my children's friend them? is everything for us. >> we got pri, that he is all. reporter: i is also assisting the nypd in this case. they both believe it is isolated with no ties to terem. christina, antwan, back to you. >> thanks so much. >> three americans are being hailed aser rows. >> now those heros are speaking out about their courageous act. reporter: a bloodbath averted, countless lives saved thanked to the quick whit of three americans from amsterdam to paris. >> we couldn't let everyone die like that.
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>> spencer stone traveling with childhood sacramento state university and alex, a national guardsman from oregon when they heard a gunshot ring out. >> i saw a guy entering the train with anak and a handgun, and i just, i looked over at spencer and stated "let's go." he jumped up. i followed by pee hine seconds. spencer got the guy first. grabbed the guy by the neck, and i grabbed the handgun. the suspect identified by french author is as 26-year-old man of moroccan origin and flagged by spanish authorities last year for possible ties of the islamic radical movement. he didn't say a word. he didn't look leak was all thely that. reporter: the suspect detained after the train was diverted. meanwhile, spencer stone who was stabbed with a
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boxcutter during the attack as well as dual french-american citizen was shot. the three americans receiving honors are the city for their courageful they also got a phone call from president obama praising their quick action. meanwhile, authorities continue to question the suspect. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. >> tragedy to tell you about at an air shop in england. footinger jet crashed into a busy road injuring more than a dozen others. it happened during the shoreham air show broughton. he plowed ton the road hitting several vehiclesful? al the casualties believed to have occurred on the road. and a you may are have noticed gas prices are becoming more affordable lately because oil costs have plummeted. crude oil prices also declining fast. >> what does that hean for our economy? fox 5's dan bowen explains how it affects our prices at the pump. reporter:'s average price is $2.32, but can
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see, it is not hard to find cheaper. the price are of crude oil falling. some analysts redict, there could be more relief at the pump this fall. >> i am glad it is going lower for once. know? it is a good ease on the watt let. reporter: rites the ninth straight week, gas prices have fallen in new jersey. >> it helps out a lot. we're middle class. security. it helps us alot the lower gas price. >> it is well below. residents filling up at the ridge are in exxon lynn hears have noticed. >> it gives me the opportunity to go to toys "r" us and spend a little bit more money on my kids. >> i is tied to a shop drop in the price of of crude oil. >> every little bit helps. >> friday, a barrel of u.s. crude foal the lowest mark since the end of the global economic crisis due in part to a global oversupply, falling demand, china's slowing economy.
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while they scramble, motorists may-ton >> no i am saying it because when i look in the future with winter grade gasoline, he are going to be right at $2 a gallon in the national average. awesome. that would be filling like the tank like it used to be. >> that would bring me back to high school, tailingly t. the last time was in 1989. could not even drive. the last time that gas was that low. i love it. reporter: plenty to love as long as it last. dan wow wents, "fox 5 news." >> antiabortion activist protested in front of planned parenthood. about 150 people held signs calling for the defund ifing of the organization. the manhattan rally was one of hundreds. the protest organized by group showing officials talking with the sale of fetal tissue proved planned parenthood is ac illegally. they gathered across the street. they say the videos are misleaing do not show any thing that breaks the law. steve: legal troubles
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for the owner of a house where rosy oh done physical's a daughter was found. police arrested 25-year-old steven shearer at last night in barnegat for having inappropriate on-line communication was 17-year-old girl. a spokesperson says the case involved the officer's daughter, chelsea, who had been reporting missing. shearer faces charges of distribution of ob sen toy a minor. chelsea o'donnell found at the home tuesday after being miss fog a week. >> the cooling tower which tested positive for legion nir's disease at yonker's high school is now safe. yesterday, official as announced legionella bacteria was found inside of a riverside high school cooling tower. that building was closed immediately. the cooling to you wear was disinfected and cleaned. officials say it is no longer a health risk to students to faculty. school administrators are now getting the ready. >> another member of the core four honored today at yankee stadium. >> number 20.
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jorge row soda. >> yankee fans showing the love during pregame ceremony in the bronx. the long-time yankee great had the number 20 jersey retired and unveiled plaquing that would be displayed in monument park. several including derek jeter and andy pettitte coming up later in sports, you will hear what he had to say about today's honor. congratulations. dari: >> the famous par. >> that is a name. the bar is closing the doors for good but not before one last night s. partying. >> mo secret that pope francis is coming to town. what kind of wheel will with he be riding in. the answer may surprise you. >> we have a warning for contact lens wearer. what people could do
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antwan: so amtrak gearing up pope francis' shift to u.s. christina: they will be adding trains. amtrak will be adding 34 extra trains when the of is in philadelphia during september 26th and 27th. the rail carrier says with it length in regularly-scheduled
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trains in new york and washington. amtrak says travelers should buy tickets ahead of time for the high speed acela service. the pope will arrive in september 24th. antwan: he will be riding in rugged style. we are talking about a jeep wrangler. yes, the vet can confirming this especially-designed, outfitted pope mow peel, will be similar to the within win ecuador last month. that would have a glass roof allowing the pope more access to the followers than any other previous pope mow peels. the sum of popemobile in the hands of the secret service. christina: well celebrating the 150-year history this year. the fdfy is looking into a diverse future by recruiting. daniels pushing for a more diverse department and won't trying anyone trying to stop it. minorities now make up 17% of the uniformed fdn nebs up from 10% in 2012. women represent half by
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comparison, the nypd is 17% female. antwan: so tomorrow, the iconic bar hogs and heifers whichs the name of it, apparently, i shutting the doors down for good. it is honky tonk known for the wild night and tap pelltop dancing. antwan: is that all? christina: no. i am not lying. you may remember, it tris the film "coyote ugly." we sent a report arer out. reporter: a bittersweet moment as we pack in. prepares to shut the doors after the rent skyrockets from are 14,000 to $60,000 a month. >> this was magical corner, a magical neighborhood at unique time in new york city. reporter: for the own who who started out at the bar's bar ender. this final weekend bissell brating the hogs and heifer's legacy. >> it is a time where you could be an independent business owner to create a very genuine family environment.
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i cannot tell you how many people have come in. i am scared to come in here. everybody looks so mean. then they walk in the door. they find this incredible, amazing, dynamic place. reporter: then for the baning bar terns and decor. the park has forced a strong come machine ty since it opened in 1992 with the staff becoming a part of the experiment. >> it is very heartbreaking. there is a lot of history here. we are are family. dysfunctional, wear family. >> the reason this neighborhood is this neighborhood, we have been sheer long. when nobody was here. we were here. this is icon. this is a lan mark. this is what the city used to be. keeping customers nostalgic about en stitution that could no longer survive. >> the end of old new york. the end of an era. >> nor final weekend, it was time to dance the night's way, one last time. >> hogs and if he hess open to the public through saturday night. reporting are the meat packing district, "fox 5 news." >> all right.
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>> big day uptown this morning for the annual 5k run and walk which was held at st. nicholas park. christina: part part city's annual harlem week pesttivities. were you there. antwan: yeah. i was. 7,000 people took part. it is sponsored by the chamber of come hers. the new york road runner's club and fox 5 has huge supporters. i got to emcee the event again this year. the third time i have done. i still have not got in the nerve up to lays up. christina: one of these days. >> we'll get there. christina: encourage everyone. antwan: yeah. was hike them up. my hes are bad, man. christina: that is what ens when you get older. antwan: these 40's are killing me. christina: woe. antwan: and look who is here. christina: hi, guys. >> back to you. reporter: it was nice. now that we are getting toward the end of summer, closer to fall, we start to see more and more of these races and the weather is more pleasant as well. what a great morning. it was nice and dry. we had beautiful
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conditions out there. today's high, 86 degrees that northerly wind and the dry air a inlays. we did manage to warm it up fiesly with the sunshine. is 82. and the record high 95 back in 1916 it was a nice dry day but we will be tracking some changes, a little bit of wet weather possibly pushing in tonight and certainly for the next couple of days. so get out this to enjoy. this gorgeous summer evening that we do have coming up. right now cen tall tral park is pleasant, comfortably warm, 83, nice and dry at islip. a little bit breezy now. we have this north early wind that we're all going to see overnight tonight into tomorrow and that brings pack the humidity and it will be pushing in wet weather for sunday and then even monday and maybe even tuesday of next week. are coming. we see the north early wind right now. rise tonight. we will be watching increasing low clouds. overhead right now, it is mostly clear. a couple of clouds making the sky look pretty.
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should be a gorgeous sunset coming up across the tristate area. now, all the way back out to the west, you can see a couple of showers, thand is along with this stationary boundary. a little area of low stalled out. it is going to be backing into us bring in ocean. then, we'll be tracking that late tonight and tomorrow to bring some showers. we take a quick look at the tropics. danny. but danny is thankfully weakening as it get islands. we are keeping a track on that for the next two days this then eventually, he storm will be track closer to puerto rico be where the dominican republic, further weakening as it does so. bringing, we don't leak the winds but bringing much needed rain to those areas as well. there is a drought for parts of port tow rocco and the dominican rebe black. 11:00 tonight. clouds are pushing on in. we start to see those showers popping up. there may be a brief heavy why downpour with the rising humidity drug the day tomorrow. its not rain aring all day long. it is not a washout.
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but certainly, that chance of wet weather. monday does look a little bit better. we get sunshine. then we track a cold front are the west here it comes and by monday night, tuesday, we could be look at a soak rain. still a little bit drier than normal this im time of year. cloudy. a bit more humid. not a bad night. pi tomorrow morning, we see the chance of showers. we weak up to temps near wind. tomorrow. we top out near 83. then, really seasonable this time of year. not going to be quite as right. we have mainly cloud cry skies with a pop-up shower or storm. it is not range all day long. maybe a shower early monday. tuesday a, we track that cold front bringing some thunderstorms. temps still quite warm in the mid 80's. you will feel about it w the humidity. then we will be well coming gorgeous stretch of weather as we head to wednesday, thursday, friday, next weekend, and ap nice and dry, and kind of starting to feel haib a hell bit more look the end of summer or fall as well. christina: sounds nice.
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thanks a lot. meteorologist: you are welcome. >> no prices on the menu at one jersey restaurant. christina: see whatp that ens when diners were allowed to pay what they want. watch this. reporter: it is getting hot end here. you know what they say? if you can't stand up the heat. get out of the kitchen. we are here. >> get out of the kitchen if you can't stand up the heat! >> we're cooking with the meat company. find out his favorite
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antwan: 1% of american wear contact leepses are using them safely. both of us need listen to the story. hygiene mistakes among the other 99% put them at risk for eye infections now that could actually led to vision loss. the most common mistakes are listen to this, sleeping in contacts, failing to replace the lens or the case preyntly and you are pot supposed to wear them in the shower or when go swimming. germs or chemicals from the water could get trapped under the lens and never rinse or store in tap water. that i knew. instead saline. you don't want to use water. also don'tp reuse old contact lens solutions. christina: how do you reus? >> i questions if you keep it stored in the tray maybe. christina: oh. yeah. yeah. antwan: of course. christina: all right. if you are eating at a restaurant run by a certain celebrity chef you will never have to ask where is the beef.
6:23 pm
reporter: for leb ty chef, this is something special about cooking the perfect piece of meat. josh has four restaurants in new york city but his absolute favorite dish comes are the newest hot spot, bauer ry meat company in the east village. feast your eyes on the 40-ouncer. >> as a chef, you get squad question, what would be the last meal on the face of the earth if you knew you would be leaving us? >> after a lot of thought, i think it may be this. reporter: customers go nuts for it! >> when that thing hits the table, its a showstopper. mouths open. everybody stops talkinging this the plate is shaking and there is nothing left on it. reporter: josh invited us to the kitchen to make the favorite dish. to star, josh seasons
6:24 pm
the meat with salt and pepper. >> some people don't season it. well, i do. >> reporter: i feel like am getting to see something now that not many people get see. >> that is tu. >> once you larn how to you cook this piece of meat, you will be a hero at any barbecue. >> notice i am sng all seeds neath which is very important. now listen to this. do youer that? everybody be quiet. everybody bite p. hot. then it goes infrared boiler. 900 degrees. >> you are searing the meat. you are getting a crust on the meat. are making sure all the juice stay inside of the meat. >> reporter: so that cooks for how long if. >> approximately 20 minutes. reporter: what do you do during this time of anticipation? i mean, 20 minutes. a little dancing, some more waiting, very good. >> how is my meat looking. >> its very good. it looks really good. >> it looks good. >> yeah. >> black on the bones.
6:25 pm
that is beautiful. reporter: meantime, josh cooks some potatoes. >> then, the steak is done. >> now, you must wait. you must let your meat rest. >> moment of truth, here we go. >> look at that. >> look at that. we take a little salsa. >> drizzle of olive oil, a dash of salt, and the dish is complete. >> boom! reporter: all right. >> it is rich. it is decadent. it is absolutely delicious. it is mouth watering. it is something you are going to crave. sthoat reporter: for the dish, i am carey drew
6:26 pm
too. christina: yeah. right. antwan: all right. one company in manhattan wants to help adults feel like kids gain. christina: 81,000 ball playpen called um jp in is now open at lo sew the brainchild from pearl finisherment the overflowing ball pit is next them to heees hard at work in the manhattan's office. you got to jump in on the fun quickly and reserve the three 30 minute fessing. it is open until september 21st. >> we should totally put one of those in the middle of the newsroom. christina: i would hide. pop out and scare people while they are watching. you find weird things at the bottom of the ball pit bike band-aids. antwan: i don't know what to sti that. christina: watch out. they will be sh ed aring it up this weekend. antwan: baruch shemtov heads to jersey. christina: one restaurant owner wants customers to decide how much their food is worth.
6:27 pm
there is a good reason trying this unusual experiment. antwan: a check on the forecast. ji and it is a lovely evening coming up. we're k keep things nice and dry, comfortably warm. tempness the 70's. but tonight into tomorrow. clouds are thing up. woe are tracking some rain. i will have all the dealle thats, coming ava and i needed a little vacay. but we needed to watch our spending. meaning i needed to watch nikki. she's the spender. i'm the saver. so, mobile banking from td bank helps me keep track... for both of us. she was just browsing... we gotta go. i'm ava. i'm nikki. and we bank human at td bank. what?
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high fructose corn syrup. since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. antwan: so this weekend
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skateboarders are take over the prudential sen tern newark. christina: plenty of manuals and even some tail slides. about a rum shemtov caught off the stars with the skateboarding. reporter: pro skateboarder is gearing up to compete the scape boarding tour this sunday at newark's prudential center, but first we are catching up with the rock star sponsored skater as he rides the ramp at lo beaning skatepark. this is one of the most elite contest in skate boarding today. its the top 25 skateboarders in the world, so it is you against the idols if. >> what is a consequence the performance sunday into well, if i make the finals i get go to the super cron which is the world series of street come true. >> what does it tage to be a pro skateboarder. skill is a big part of it. also focus, sacrifice. >> speak of skill, i skateboard. do you think you could
6:31 pm
teach me in five minutes? >> i think i can. let's try. >> let's do it. >> first you put the front foot on the front so you can be able to maneuver of. you put it there. then what you want to do, you hold ton me. then, you step on. then, yeah. woe. woe. >> when you start to slow down, thin take the foot off. you get back on. okay. >> you purn. you get back on. >> got it. should we start off like this? >> then we are down. we do the same thing again. we're down. >> yes. >> yes. >> 14 all over again. >> at the prudential center. >> yeah. >> you skated all the way down. see you later. >> woe. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> all right. sly. >> i tin to see there you. you better watch out. tickets are civil to see manny skate with 24 other pros on sunday at the prudential center and also enjoy the competition on fox sports one.
6:32 pm
reporting from lo bong, new jersey, baruch shemtov, "fox 5 news." antwan: i the first 100 music festival his weekend. why formers in include just pin bieber, also performing feddy. little wayne takes police place at the jones beach theater. 46 ready a i riles will be on three stages. tech kets are $5 for single day. all right. one rest reason owner in new jersey is in the middle of a monthlong social ex per. >> he taking the prices off the menu see what customers will pay for the food he serves. as matt king shows us, the results have been very interest aring. >> interest aring. >> here is a little bit more upscale food so to be in business with ten years is urnable. reporter: chef and on ner 3:00 plans to close this restaurant when the
6:33 pm
lease expires at the end of august. million then, he wantings every customer who dines to the amount they wish to pay for their meal. >> i need number. i need figure for what you feel the food is >> don't do it. you will be out of bus mess. i said, i believe more. reporter: so far, he says the faith has proved well placed. 80% of the customers pay around drar 12 far late the restaurant values at between $12 second $16. >> it is top of style. i would pay more before they order, mother and son in the familys did agree as to what they plan to pay. the pat tree arc appreciates the gesture for thanking the patrons for decade of business. >> it nice to say. i only have this much. i that option. >> as with any system reliant. some customer have taken advantage of the offer opting not pay what they feel the meal is worth and instead use easting delicious dinner at
6:34 pm
budget price. it happens two or three times during the week. but what are you going to do? >> thank you. >> in montclair, new jersey. matt king, "fox 5 news." >> are you ungry? yeah. starving. >> all right. well, she is going on a high-flyinged a ren sture. coming up. see our simone pist boist conexaminer q the zip lines on long line. got see this. family of bears play in your backyard. that is what happen odd one new jersey family. you know what? it is not a unusual. this video is il
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christina: if you are flashing new kind of rush, we got an ad venture for. you. antwan: fox 5's simone boyce went through to long island to go through a forest on zip line. >> connor, how would you describe the adventure >> amazing. so much fun. anything from swinging bridges, rolling almosts, trapeze, zip lines. reporter: so should we get started? >> let's do it. >> this is the zip line. he is the zip trolley. reporter: i picked the worst day to run out of contact lenses. four eyes are better than two today. >> one with is always locked a in one is unlocked. >> yeah. if you look at the back here. there thrice holes. you will take both of the thumbs to put push on the out tom hole. can do you that?
6:38 pm
one will move. one will not. the one that move is the unlocked clip. you will push that with the thumb and hold it there. take the index finger and open the front part whichs the date. this he is how you open the clip. you will notice if you try to do it on this one. it is locked. reporter: unwhich is always locked in so you don't have to worry about making sure. that is why we're not up there with them. someone is always on the main platform to make sure every customers clipping in to the start of every course. unwitness do you that. come over here. we make sure you clip in. you clip in. this one is now locked. it is impossible to take that off. until you get in the of the course. >> wow. impressive. >> harder than it looks. >> it feels like walk withing on the ice in the within tern new york city. >> we rate the courses. it starts with the yellow. you progross a green then you doon a blue, a black die machined and double black. >> what is the best way
6:39 pm
to walk across like the balance obstacles? do you turn your feet out? do you keep them straight? >> just the way are doing there. >> cool. >> i like this. there is no wrong way to climb the element. it is however you find most comfortable four. >> so connor, how did you get into this certain thing spa well, the first time i climbed one of these was in europe. but in college, i majored in outdoor recreation. and i was a tour guyed for teens in europe. when i came back last summer, i heard about the adventure park that got opened you. it is hard to believe that i am here now climbing trees for living. >> zip line action. >> yeah, baby. zip rine willing in three. 3, 2, 1. yes! >> awesome. >> awesome. >> way to go. reporter: that is so fun! antwan: all right. if you missed simon's new show, you can catch encore episode right
6:40 pm
after this newscast at 7:00. so, when it comes down essentials. new jerseyians don't appear to be modest. it is ru. the study says the garden state tops the nation. we sent sharon crowley a nude beach of sandy hook for first hand look. i think being naked is completely natural. reporter: the beach is not for the modest located four miles north of sandy hook, it is new jersey's only nude beach. >> yeah, i love that there is somewhere you can go to be naked. you no he inthere is not man think place can go and be affected at the peach. reporter: the perfect spot for us to fine out for those comfortable baring it all a why it seems new jersey residents like to be naked. >> i am shocked. iiars sy. i mean, people normally don't want to come to jersey to get naked or otherwise. >> i find that hard to believe. >> why? >> because new jersey is
6:41 pm
cold most of the year. heating is expensive. so in order to be naked a lot, you have to turn up the heat at home. i find it hard to believe. new jersey is also very uptight. reporter: truly, the on-line company whispers teamed up to a do a sur i have asking people across the country what was the most unapologetic thing they did at home andp apparently here in new jersey getting affected was number bun. >> i enjoy being naked around my house and the fact that i can do it in public is really nice. >> even thought seems garden state residents mostly practice being in the buff at home in private, on the sweltering hot day, maybe the nudest at the beach are on something. sharon crowley, "fox 5 news." christina: natural. antwan: it has been my thought, people are quick to take their clothe rough the ones that should keep them on, you know? i am just saying. anyway. christina: coming up, a
6:42 pm
family of naked bears beat the summer heat with no clothes on! >> the animals threw. s into a backyard pool. christina: this is a nude party, too. antwan: do you want to take it from here. meteorologist: yeah, a great day for the pool or beach. nice and warm. we are tracking someng chas. we see more clouds overnight tonight and also a couple of rain showers for the second part of the weekend. the full forecast is some questions can't wait until morning. so i'm one of many nurses at cigna with answers, anytime, day or night. i'm lauren, and i've got your back.
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call 1-800-341-9716. christina: a new jersey family got quite surprise when they took a nek the backyard. antwan: a mama bear and thes can be decided to take a dip in the pool ap they were not shy about. linda schmidt has more. christina: playing with the tools toys. reporter: this house is not in the middle of the woods bane development. it is surrounded by fence that is about four-feet high, but somehow, this mama ber and the four cubs, they made it over the fence, they dove into this pool, having a good old time, and one of him are about to see video, it is so adorable. one of the cubs actually slitted done the slide. this family of bears decided to have a pool party earlier this woke in rockaway new jersey. now at one point, you can see one of the five cubs going done the slide. timothy, his wife, two little girls were inside of their home recording their six visitors and hear one of the children rek aing to the excitement. >> americans pool!
6:46 pm
reporter: but she is not too happy when thes can be get a hold of her floaty. >> they took my floaty. reporter: sam charty has lived next door for 50 years. >> that is natural. we see them every once in awhile. at least three times a year. three or four times a year. they were having fun, you know, really? it didn't both mer. >> chris rear done lives two houses way. t mocked done the fence on the way to bo swimming the or day. >> rear done says the mama ber and the cubs have been around all summer. he has pictures of the mother in the backyard and of thes can be playing with a neighbor's jungle game. you keep your distance and let them be. >> did it ear spew not really. >> some of the pool toys here did not survive this pool party but the family sure does have a great story to tell. and in rockaway new jersey, linda schmidt, "fox 5 news." christina: so cute. >> just look. christina: very cute.
6:47 pm
>> s 1 of all, you know, look, they are take it ov. this is my floaty, i got that. look at the one going done the slide there. then the mama is like, johnny, do not make me come over here. >> do not splash your bother. >> i told you. christina: il will go in there now. that answers the question, does a bear swim in the wood zoos yes. apparently. you know? i told you to go before you left the house. christina: what do you think? >> it is amazing. it leak its own short film. i could watch the whole thing from start to finish. they are harmless there as long as the kids are not outdoors in the pool or swing set. god to see them. adored stuff. great start to to the weekend. we had sunshine, nice, dry, warm. we're tracking changes. clouds increasing tonight. a il bit more humid in the morning. you well feel it. a couple of spotty showers meanly east for parts of southwestern connecticut. tomorrow, mostly cloudy.
6:48 pm
fot as bright as today. then, there is a chance of a spotty shower or storm. not going to be raining all day long but looking at unsettled weather and that will last through tuesday. the chance of a shower here or there. right now, temps are nice. 82 in central park. 83 newark. still warm. down to 72 system of a bit cooler. nice in monticello. 78 in montauk. we have a north early wind that is starting tong br in the more humid air. still nice and dry now for the city. but out east, montauk, up toward prove tense, dewpoints rising to the 60's to near 70. that tells us the humidity will be on the rise overnight tonight. high of were herb sure is with us now. no problems but there is the area of low pressure along with the stalled out front out over this ocean that is backing into us and will be bring us the chance of showers starting late tonight and especially i think the best chance tomorrow morning and then again in the afternoon. we'll put the forecast into motion for you. clouds tonight. spotty showers. you can see that. not raining the whole time. there is wet weather than tomorrow morning.
6:49 pm
maybe a thunderstorm during the afternoon. drifting tough the east. that frontal boundary will brk apart. the high pressure will back in then get broughter for monday. next chance of rain will get here boy monday night. not a bad peach day. going to be feeling cooler. water temp in the 70's. tonight the low near 7. partly cloudedy am inmore humid by morning. a spotty shower. tomorrow clouds thing up. show western the morning. temps will rise through the 70's topping out only in the low 80's so the northeast wind. more clouds, a shower are of here or there is going to keep us cooler. we show you the next seven days on monday. lingering shower in the morning. then temps are still in the low to mid 80's. tuesday, cold front comes through. we may be looking at another burst of heavy rain but wipes away the moisture and in for real treat toward in the of next week. more sunshine will be coming our way. >> just look you. >> thanks so much. >> trying to be pright for in the of summer here. >> very cool. thanks. >> thank. >> so an oceanside long island man has hit a
6:50 pm
grand slam the second career. 55-year-old retireed industry five years ago when a neighborhood kid ask him to make homemade come pi of a wooden bat. he took up the challenge and the beaver back company was born. he crafted practice bats. he said the first to deal with minor leaguers clients. >> i would rather, you know, stole the two or three million kids playing is about ball than 300 guys swinging. >> listen to this, only made 69 bats the first year this year. pecks to sell 12,000 about as. way to go. thousands with one throw of a basketball. the pressures with on during a pep rally at indiana. incoming freshman hit a half court shot to win free tuition. >> awesome. awesome. >> what sh the cloud filled with the fellow classmates wen wild and
6:51 pm
so did turner who hugged everyone even the mascot. >> i hope he calls. wow. yeah. >> no pressure, son. >> yeah. training like kids now. >> yeah. >> right. good idea. christina: start training now. you never know. rookie, louie has been pitching great for the yankees since the debut. le with today at cranky stadium. he was dealing with the major league start.
6:52 pm
get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank.
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reporter: he wassing about in the clinch, intense behinds the plate and in the dugout, now no other yankee will ever wear the number 20. today at the stadium, the storied franchise honored catcher jorge posada. the fans were out in force honoring the fan favorite and so were the forker teammates including his best pren, captain derek jet ler. this the er money began with jorge surrounded by family unveiling the retired number 20. he then was carted to the middle ef the field paying president to the yankee fans listening the way and it was there with his wife laura and the kids at his side he unveiled the plaque that will forever remain in monument park. >> a man who was born passionate about baseball and the new york yankees. i can tell you, this is
6:55 pm
one of the hapist days of by life. >> having a plaque in monument park and having number 20 retire is an honor and a dream come true. >> thank you for this honor. this is simply one of the best of my life. i love you all. thank you again. >> now one of the great. jorge was not done. the is before the game. posada throwing the first pitch to his son. he was not happy about his father's pitch there. as for the games, the yankees broke this one open in the first inning? much there is brett gardner putting the yankees up 2-1 then later in the first. brian mccann goes deep far sew slow shot. the 22nd home run of the year giving the 3-1 lead. the reason it was come manning was the rookie. he worked out of a jam here in the third with a ryk out. he went six giving up one run for the first major league win. yankees bat the indians
6:56 pm
6-2 the final score. >> maybe it was the course. maybe it was the weaker playing pealed. or maybe tiger woods is just getting his swing back. for the first time in two years? woods in the league at a golf turnment today. in greensboro. teeinger woods pat ling back for a title here. that is a long putt to save par. tied for the lead at 13 under but the putting would hurt him as well. that is on 18f. he ended up with a poe gianting toker finishing with a 68 today. he sits just two shots who has the hed and tiger is looking for the first pga touring have are in two years. and it is within reach. you can believe that all right. the first in denver at 8:10 that did police on the dr today with a bad back. so we got. that will start in a half-hour. highlights tonight atten. >> all right. sa man has final check of the forecast.
6:57 pm
hi, sa nan. hi. what a fun evening for football for anything outdoors. it is nice and warm. look at great weather. sunshine. we'll be in and out of the clouds here tomorrow. maybe a couple of spotty showers. unsettled weather through tuesday. a real treat coming up. >> all right. thanks. >> you are well col. >> that is it tonight. >> thanks for joining us. >> i am christ tina park. >> i am antwan lewis. remember are simone in
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