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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 24, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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ber piegding >> happy monday. getting dark in the mornings. staying dark not mornings. i love fall, though, but today begins with decent conditions and increasing clouds will bring showers early tomorrow. mike will have the forecast coming up. >> nypd officer assigned to mayor bill de blasio security detail suffered minor injuries last night when she was shot with a pellet gun. two suspects later taken into custody near gracy mansion. we will have the latest . >> investors are watching markets really closely this morning. as -- there's a bug selloff last week. asian stocks tumbled by biggest margin in eight years. not good.
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>> hundreds of topless women yesterday. nearly naked ladies were demonstrate their right to bear their breasts in public. >> naked men too. >> nearly naked. hello good morning everybody i'm juliet huddy. >> and i'm robert moses you have one more hour until you can see ben simmoneau he grow a beard on vacation we presume he shaved it off. beard looks awesome. >> do we have any sightings -- do we know he looks really good. really good i bet alini likes it. >> shaved it off but scruff looks awe? >> we support the scruff. >> okay. [laughter] good morning everyone. it is monday morning tie to get you back to it here. you have to get up. got to shave do all of the right thingings. anyhow we have with showers out
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haven county. tiny showers trying to hold together here and inconvenience a few folk but really it is not really of any major consequence. 72 right now with cloudy skies in montauk. 72 islip and 73 central park. now 56 in sussex. mainly clear sky around tristate region except east with clouds and light showers but main cold front which will have more potential for a shower is coming through later on tonight. there it is right now coming across western knock through the great lakes and cold front will continue to head this way increasing clouds during the day here today but showers don't get going until late tomorrow morning probably after midnight for most of us. it only looks like passing qk showers as that tront front passes by. not a lot of moisture but as it passes by not a lot of ran out of it either. in and out of here fairly quickly tomorrow and dry skies basically from that point forward quiet day coming at you here with with mainly clear
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start for most of us up to 77 by -9d a.m. 81 noon. high of 85 degrees a little humid outside, and in front of that cold front we've got that southerly winds keeping our conditions on stickier side for you today as well as tomorrow. tomorrow showers pass by here later on -- early in the morning and then see drier conditions after that. 81 for friday with passing showers coming at you again for the morning commute tomorrow. all right we have issues out there right iendz? >> north of the cross county watch out for a leaning closed because of a downed tree there. suffolk county fine on l.i.e. construction beginning on sun rise highway by southern state parkway not a big deal, though. new jersey commute checking in without any issues in parsippany 82, 87.
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turnpike has a speed restriction 45 miles per hour because of fog. this is between 7a and 8a both directions. talk about subways because they have things with that right now. maintenance. one train they're term enatessing southbound at 14th street two trains some of them on the 5 line between 149th chamber street. earlier problem with the 7 train back to normal. track maintenance both directions on r line to canal street. rest of mass transit on or close to schedule. thanks ines. smg mayor of bill glash owe security detail is recovering from minor injuries this morning after she was shot by a pellet gun outside of gracy mansion. >> yes two suspects taken in for questions. teresa priolo is live outside the mansion with the story. teresa, good morning. quiet on upper east side
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considering what happened yesterday tense moments involving a mayor of mayor de blasio security detail. they're questioning a 20-year-old male and 19-year-old female. apparently they say that the 20-year-old is the one who potentially fired off that pellet gun. 19-year-old woman was his accomplice. >> the incident outside of gracy mansion unfolded around 7:15 last night. a police officer, a member of mayor de blasio security detail parked on 88th street getting out of her unmarked police car and felt sting sensation in her lower back and realized she was shot with a pellet gun. searching nearby apartment l building identifying two individual they believe played a role in this attack. new york post reports that shoot rs a young man who was a known troublemaker. police tell us they are aware of at least two recent incidents of windows being damaged by pellet
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the near gracy mansion. it is unclear the same man is responsible. police are also attempting to ascertain whether this officer was the intended target or vandalism attempt gone awry. officer transported to lenox hills hospital treated for minor injuries and released. understanding they're questioned in the 19th precinct station house south from where we are on 67th street. and juliet and report i can also it will you that i don't see an increase police presence here outside o of gracy mansion as you both know it is often swarming with cops anyway. we're not seeing anymore that have because of what happened last night. that is the latest back to you in the studio. : all right teresa thanks. sounds like it is, you know, a punk. keeping an eye on your 401(k) actually don't anyway. investors in for another rough ride on wall street.
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>> china index lost 9 today amid fears that economy is slowing down. it unloaded shares basically fever sector. dow tumbled more than 530 points on friday cap off wall street worst week in four years. composite index lived so far today that analysts and investors watch signs signs that central bank might intervene. songs in hong kong, japan, australia also suffered losses. >> to the story that just keeps giving. hundreds of bare breasted women painted. they were marching through midtown, though, yesterday to promote right of women to be topless in public just like men are. >> demonstration came a day after several of the painted ladies in ims too square were reportedly approached by investigators with the state lawmaker department. they were looking into business prabts practices or so they say.
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liz dahlem good morning to you. >> stays plit -- state police were out here and fox 5 cameras couldn't find any of them out and about on the street. mayor and governor both said they want these women gone but there's a debate been should they stay or go? it is the latest hustle to hit times square. topless women exchanging cash for pictures. on sunday more than 300 people went topless in the cross roads of the world. not to make money, but to make a point it was all part of the go topless day campaign. the global movement coincides with women's equality day and organizers expressed their support for the times square worker. >> our mission is to open up peoples' minds that women should be created equal, and that they shouldn't feel embarrassed or suppressed when it comes to
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being topless. >> on saturday governor cuomo sent state cops into times square to speak with the women. koargt "the daily news," officers were instructed to make sure they were in clients with tax law and compensation requirements. ladies are still getting mixed reviews from visitors. >> government is the main hustler and people trying to make money, hustle us, you, her, him, them, everybody. >> out here being out here that's fine. but it is their getting money. >> mayor also wants them gone. de blasio created a especially task force to find out how to place restrictions on the naked ladies. he even suggested tearing up pedestrian plaza to stop them hassling people for money. >> mayor group is received a lot of criticism, and it would go completely against his fed safety plan. better known as vision zero
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supposed to make it safe around the city. live from times square this morning. robert and juliet back to you. >> that first guy that they interviewed here, there, everywhere. love that guy. [laughter] 6:09 new video about that released showing the moments after a gunman was subdued on high speed train in france. >> hear about this over the weekend. unbelievable, cell phone video shows him on the floor of the train. tough to tell but he has his hands and leg bound after being taken down by three americans. u.s. airman spencer stone national guardsman and university student anthony are heros created for saving lives of fellow passengers on friday and now they're recounting as they stop that man armed with assault rifle ak47 smaflt. nine magazines, and a pistol and a box cutter. tackled him. we hit the ground and grabbed gun out of his hand while i put
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him in a choke hold. he kept pulling more weapons left and right. >> nonchalant he sounds. >> got bless america. stone shot the video of the suspect fen while he had been stabbed in the neck and hands. france's president franc ois awarded three americans today. the prestigious legend of honor highest honor you can receive in france and authorities say he's an islamic extremist he may have spent some time in syria. and -- the details are starting to unfold about him. we'll keep you updated on that one. curtis said this earlier, but they could have parades here. that's amazing such a terrorist attack. >> stone had his thumb severed basically. >> unbelievable story all right we have a lot more coming up potential >> michael -- >> all right. and a decent looking day for most of us here. a few little light showers out there in the east end of long island right now but those will
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be passing by shouldn't be a big deal at all. most of us see sunny sky for early part of the day but clouds increase during the day. also dry as well but there's a cold front coming up for us here to bring us showers later on tonight. if you want daily and hourly forecast information. fox five weather app has that for you. check it out download it for free at the apple itunes and google store search "fox 5 ny" weather and it is right there for you. we'll be right back. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> welcome back. welcome back we remember rocking out to shawn mendez in stitch. you said they were like -- >> must have been 100 -- 100 young women outside as he came in. got that song stitches maybe we can hear it. >> a good guy. good kid. look 16 or something? >> yeah, now. >> growing up. good song. talented right here on good day anyway get you going on this monday morning. do what you've got to do. set you up with weather. the averages for today 82 average high. 67 average low on august the 24th. and generally speaking this time
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of the year cooling it back down that's happening for us. we have passing showers out near the east end of long island they've been popping up but right now most of us looking at dry sky around the tristate region. temps are mild. 73 central park. 72 newark, 55 degrees i should say in monticello. more clear skies over the majority of the tristate with the exception of those showers that are pass through east end not a big deal but drifting up to north into connecticut but only very light showers that we have for you. all right this is the cold front which will kick up the showers later on tonight into torm. that one should be more significant than what we have out there right now. that cold front passes by right around 3 to 5:00 tomorrow morning that bring in a few scattered light showers maybe a quick thundershower but drying. we have danny out there which is now a tropical storm with winds 40 miles per hour.
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forecast to become a depress as it passes through lesser here, and heads to the south of puerto rico, and haiti, dominican republic may bring in showers but not a big deal at all ppg that's good news so far it has been a quiet year for tropics in the pacific or atlantic i should say. high temp up to about 85 degrees. tomorrow same thing. with yik morning showers. days this week looking at stickier conditions but dry from wednesday on. lots of sun out there wednesday through the end of the week with high temps in lower 80s for majority of the week. so qk showers tonight and then good for a while. let's bring in ines rosales see what's going to slow you down. too -- >> good morning mike few somethings starting off with the bronx river parkway a lane block by thompson street a downed street and new jersey turnpike truck. but he flipped over northbound on turnpike to garden state parkway.
6:18 am
interchange 11 so could be rubber necking delays. heads up on that. parkway doing fine. camera withed george washington bridge traffic build on the upper level a 10 minute delay from 80, 95 express everything else good. tunnel. minor delays. van wyck moving slow through qrk garden interchange that causes delays southbound on the northbound side you're fine. as far as street cleans rules they're in effect today. this weekend hung out with audrey. jody goldberg a reporter and mark like a boyfriend at the billboard hot 100 fest over at jones beach. so cool saturday, sunday huge music festival really cool. jason derulo the weekend they were there. i can't feel my face. when i'm with you. >> any time i can see live music
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i'm there. thanks i. 6:58 u ber is pushing back against mayor de blasio assertion that it is not pulling weight to fund mass transit. >> according to a letter from de blasio u ber will pay nearly 40 million from an 8.8% sales tax. on rides in the first 7 month was this year. the letter says that works out to $2 a ride on average. while yellow and green cabs pay just 50 cents per ride but new york taxi alicense claims that doesn't account for other levies on yellow and green tax industry. >> the air show death toll has ruse ton 11 of a it failed to pull out of a loop maneuver that video so disturbing. this happened in a seaside 7 and a half hour drive and packed
6:20 am
into the motor way hitting at least four cars, including a oh -- that's awesome. officials fear the death toll could rise to about 20. pilot survived the crash believe it or not but remains in critical condition in the hospital. >> 6:20 now closer to home this is really frightening police released a sketch of a man wanted for attacking a woman queens. the 59-year-old victim was getting into her car on hunters point when a man called her from behind. she turned around he threw an unknown substance in her face. she was later taken to the hospital with third degree burns, the suspect is in his 30s about 5 feet 8 inches tall according to police if you have any information, call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. >> there's more fallout over the data leaks from cheating website ashley madison. two law firms in canada launched
6:21 am
a 578 million class action company that run the website saying they were doing so on behalf of all comeed i cans affected by the hack. data breach the lawsuit class action status is certify bit court. basically they're saying that ashley madison has been taking extra money on top of the regular fee it charges to clear the personal information so there wouldn't be any sort of record so people were with paying this money and the information was never cleared. whoops. good job ashley madison. your favorite story of the day giant pandas. >> this is just -- >> this is the baby pandas born over the weekend at the national zoo. juliet loves this video and loves this song. this is shawn mendez. our 17-year-old adorable singer. we love him. blast sthong.
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>> 6:24 on a monday morning just days after a undergoing radiation treatment for cancer, former president jimmy carter is keeping the faith. the 90-year-old taught a fair of sunday school classes in his hometown of plains georgia, yesterday an gave one lesson to several hundred people.
6:25 am
at the small baptist church that he regularly attends there with his wife and then he held a second class at a nearby high school. former commander in chief is battling brain and liver cancer and urged visitors to remain faithful when faced with failure or disappointment. >> one brave and very cute american sol jerl demonstrated in new jersey how he operates on field of combat. k-9 soldier staff sergeant is a german shepherd served in both iraq and afghanistan. sniffing out bombs and explosives. they visited morris animal in morristown yesterday to show you have at skills. part of a fund razeeing campaign for the united states war dog association that brings home k-9 u.s. veterans and reunites them with veterans. a great organization. optimistic that twin giant panda cubs will survive. watch you do this.
6:26 am
gave birth to two cubs. about five -- [laughter] five hour it is apart on saturday. both appear healthy. zoo officials wait for it -- will now perform the delicate task of swapping cubs every few hours so each get a chance to nurse and bond with mommy. mommy panda. their survival rate for panda cubs born in captivity is now greater than 80%. [laughter] >> top stories when we with return. >> do you have anything to say? live update how markets are responding to the big selloff. it is 6:26, 73 degrees on a monday. stop it. coming right back.
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>> good morning everybody. 6:29, on a monday morning. weekend. the day is going to start out pretty nice. but then rain will move in. mike is watching the forecast for us carefully and he'll be in in just a moment. >> all eyes on markets. oversees suffered the plunge in stock prices will be looking at wall street quite intently later on this morning. >> that's for sure. and a member of mayor de blasio security detail was shot with a pellet gun near gracy mansion last night. she's going to be tune she was treated and released two suspects in custody. >> 14 months after losing his life on a terrible accident comedian tracy morgan ties the knot and marries his long time fiance
6:31 am
megyn happy for the two of them as tracy returns to "saturday night live" this fall. juliet huddy. >> i'm robert moses in for ben simmoneau he's sitting in for greg kelly today that's fresh and a -- refreshed from a vacation and unfortunately clean shaven he had a beard going. >> ben. ben. looked really -- >> really good. regardless but i tell you with this scruff -- approval by bobby moe. >> i went to an amazing wedding out at a winery. in -- north fork, yeah, it was awesome, and rich and natalie got married and then my friends rob, and christine got well they were engaminged but they had theiren gaugement party yesterday it was a weekend of
6:32 am
love. a little bit of rain by need rain out here, in fact, we could use a lot more. but still squeezing out showers here along the north fork you saw like of light rain nearby we have showers pass on by. but things are drier ow. and looks like a fairly dry coming up for most of us during the day here today. 73 central park. 72 newark. 55 only in monticello. mainly clear sky with a majority of the tristate out east yep showers but waiting for a cold front this one right here passing by later on tonight to bring us a chance at showers. then. but for the day today we're looking pretty good. partly cloudy sky heading up to 81 by midday. high of 85 stick isy out there. today as well as tomorrow. and our showers in the area passing by early tomorrow. maybe a quick little thundershower in the area that's it.
6:33 am
dry for the rest of the week and temps on the coolish side right around lower 80s. let's bring in ines now, and take a look at what's happened as of 6:30 something. what's going on with your commute? >> mike couple of problems westchester bronx river parkway watch the for a lane closed. downed tree by thompson street there. and new jersey turn peek two things going on. first an overturned truck northbound as you approach garden state parkway off the road by truck lanes so you have delays there rubber necking but it is okay. also speed restrictions between 7a and 8a because of fog. transit screen because we have a lot of with the subwayings. one train southbound they're terminating at 14th street. two trains to nevin street local only for 44th street to chamber street that's going to take extra time. n train running on r line both
6:34 am
directions between decaw avenue. slow to the brooklyn bridge but usual delays. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> ines thanks so much. it is 6:34, and fox means business. >> yes it does. joining frust fox business studio is the lovely and talented lauren simonetti. keeping an -- you're busy with this -- this market stuff what exactly is going on and what we see for next few days. brave enough to check the 401(k) this weekend? >> no for good reason. we saw the dow fall 1,000 points last week that's tremendous. this means that if you're invested in market you're calling your broker and saying what is going on? and some people are saying okay 1,000 is a lot. maybe we'll have a recovery this monday morning -- maybe you can come on in and buy stocks real cheap. yeah, no recovery at all, in fact, if you look at the futures market right now dow futures are down 400 points.
6:35 am
this is ugly. it started in cheen, shanghai for the year. fell through to europe stocks down 2.5% across the board. here in the u.s. open about 3% lower this is as ugly as it gets. reason is china is slowing down so sharply. that here at home you know we give you housing number and consumer confidence numbers and tell you everything is great. while it is strong china could derail us that's a fear for a lot of people. our federal reserve meets next month and then again in december. so they have this really small opportunity to raise interest raitsz. and i know that sounds terrible because that minus your car loan and mortgage will go up. but it is what happens in a normal and healthy economy. if we keep pushing that off that doesn't spell strength for the u.s.. i do a break spot, though, oil prices near $38 a barrel. do you know how cheap that is? that is lowest level in six and a half years. that means you are saving money
6:36 am
at the gas pump. sometimes doesn't matter if you're saving at the gags pump because things have gotten so bad you're not filling up as much anyway. >> best that we don't look at our 401(k) and keep it like that for next couple of days or week. >> ignorance is bliss. >> that's what i say. lauren good to see you. >> let it ride. >> you too. >> thanks watch lauren each weekday morning on fbnam at 5 a.m. not sure where to find fox business in your area just go to fox >> in icelandic means channel finder. two suspects taken into custody near gracy mansion after a member of security detail shot by a pellet gun. >> that officer suffered minor injuries and this morning fox 5
6:37 am
teresa priolo live outside gracy mansion with the latest on this investigation. teresa, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you robert, juliet this all happened on 88th street outside of the mansion. police tell us they're questioning 20 and 19-year-old. they also say that they believe the pelt gun was fired from one of the apartments that lines 88th street on the other side of gracy mansion. 20-year-old is one who fired that peel pellet gun and 19-year-old was the accomplice. incident outside unfolded 7:15 last night. a plif, a member of mayor de blasio's security detail parked 88th street outside of the mansion gates was getting out of her unmarked police consider and suddenly felt a sting sensation in her lower back and realized she was shot with a bb or pellet gun. fellow officer searching nearby apartment building identifying two individuals who they believe played a role in this attack 37.
6:38 am
new york post reports shooter of a young man known troublemaker. police tell us they are aware of at least two recent incident of windows damaged near gracy mansion. it is unclear if the same man is responsible. attempting to ascertain whether awry. she was treated and released. no word when that officer will be back on the job. last we heard from police they're questioning two individuals and robert and juliet as you can see behind me there's a bunch of activity outside of gracy mansion here but it seems to be in line with what we normally see on 88th street outside of the mayor's home. side this morning. back to both of you in the studio. >> all right teresa priolo thank you very much. >> teresa thanks. police looking for five men involved in a deadly beating in brooklyn. >> these are the suspects police are looking for. cops say early saturday morning,
6:39 am
the group attacked 29-year-old michael brown on utica avenue punching and kicking him but emergency cruse arrived victim he refused help. >> call crime stoppers that number is 1-800-577-tips. >> potential tragedy avertedded at the pokemon world champion it is in boston. police say they found this arsenal in a car belonging to two men. the men an 18-year-old and 27-year-old from iowa were arrested on gun charges convention reported thursday and suspect stopped before they could get into the event. >> all right that's good news. what is beginning on over there? with you people --
6:40 am
[laughter] duke is -- [laughter] anyhow potential empleght never a dull moment. yangt whole thing out. a little bit. kind of funny. we've got mostly sunny skies coming at you here today. mostly sunny by clouds gather later on. clouds make a pass here. doesn't look like a huge storm coming up for us and a lot of sung sun. again most of that is happening for you later want to, tomorrow morning bring in ines that was funny. [laughter] see what's going on. funny muscular and ripped it out. a delay there bradley avenue a same suffolk county an l.i.i. driving into the city george
6:41 am
washington bridge upper level starting to see some delays there. but not bad a 15 minute delay from 80, 95 express. five minute for rest of the approaches. holland five. duke for sports. hi, duke. >> my bad. embarrassing looking for a protein bar. >> everybody heard it. all right coming up in sports, always a big race -- just got that much bigger. i guess i'm l allowed to. triple crown winner become on the track yes race again this saturday at the spa. details next in sports. >> all right plus latest in entertainment. [inaudible] broken. fans of one direction might be feeling low. you'll probably guess why.
6:44 am
>> 6:44 now let's check the headlines an officer assigned to mayor de blasio security detail was shot with a pull peel the gun near gracy mansion police took a man and woman in a nearby building into custody. officer treated for minor injuries. she was released. investors could be in for another rough ride on wall street.
6:45 am
stocks in asian markets tumbled. china storkt dropping nearly 9%. two law firms in canada have launched a 578 million dollar class action lawsuit against the companies that run the cheating website ashley madison. the data breach exposed some 39 million members. worldwide -- >> all right duke is here with sports and you've got your protein bar. >> therm in the drawn if everybody didn't hear. i have low blood sugar asked for a protein bar to get me strong and quest here so all -- expect more. because triple crown winner ann, american pharaoh will run at saratoga at the traverse on saturday. it was august 2nd he did race the full triple crown. yesterday.
6:46 am
american pharaoh strong workout in del mar, you know what, right afterwards they said yep. he's beginning to race and race sold out. crowd cammed at about 50,000 because he's running purse will go from 1.25 million to 1.6 million. now last triple crown winner, to win the traverse after winning triple crown whirled away in 1941 i have to admit this shocked me. american pharaoh would rest up and run again at the breeders cup. but nonetheless hasn't been to saratoga it is awesome. all right. thoughts and prar this is morning for a large debris from another driver's car. hit wilson during the race at pocono raceway. knocking him unconscience and then she slams into barrier. wilson suffered a severe head injury. he's currently in a coma and in critical condition and is undergoing further evaluation
6:47 am
our thoughts and prayers with him. phillies kicking off off the disabled list start at third base and bat second that's what he said yesterday. this was first game since april 14th. mets in colorado yesterday they jumped out to early late daniel murphy. double to deep center field. remember this team that couldn't buy a base hit before the trade decline. now it is just raining double all over the place. they led 1-0 in the first. hits this first double of the year. drives in a run. mets take a 5-0 lead. start of the game, though, pitcher logan filling in for matt harvey we told you being skipped. gave him extra rest down the stretch. win eightennings allowing one run on or to hits striking out l. five games up on nationals put matt in the bullpen help to improve that bullpen and see this team once mattes comes back
6:48 am
in the bronx -- had to leave the game after hurting the right knee. had surgery and had to drain a bunch of tile this is year, headed to the disabled list. gives up go ahead home run to rookie right there, and you know what, it is first time he's ever given up a home run to a lefty in his career that puts cleveland up 4-3 in the end. lose three out of u four they're now half game out of first place. giants defense hit hard by bennett jackson and justin curry done for the year. jackson torn right acl curry, broken ankle all fibia. preseason football. wow. >> showing his sense of humor regarding that fourth of jolt fireworks incident that caused him to lose his finger.
6:49 am
i don't know how they fund that tweet. he tweeted out this message yesterday my bad. except lost a finger laugh out loud. first time pierre-paul has commented on the accident. tweeted out that the incident was not a setback that god has greater plans for him. still no word when or if jpp will be able to return to giants this year. finally how about the ball boy in oakland this kid can pick it. sign him up. check him out showing range in in play. tough hop. i mean -- he's out there with a big within showing where he belongs. that is nothing. did you see what he did on saturday in this is saturday -- full extension. saves the guy in the bullpen -- i mean look at that. >> that guy -- >> great guy. yeah. remember recollection barney in baltimore used to say give that fan a contract. by the way brooklyn, and great
6:50 am
pitcher but yeah give that ball boy a contract right there. and at a cool thing he got salute and fie fives from both teams. >> that was cool. amazing. thanks duke. >> thanks. all right mike is back in with a check of the forecast 10 minutes before 7. michael. >> yep a quick shoutout as well to my pal. you know ines was talking how somebody mentioned they've been watching eight years. look at this guy now talk about making me feel old when he was 5 years old now 15. cool little self so there you go. happy birthday to you. yep that's john michael silver good looking kid grown up to be a fine looking man. happy birthday there pal. 73 degrees that's your current temperature central park with mainly clear skies. light winds coming at you 5 miles per hour. through most of the day you have light winds coming in from the south. and we've got 73 central park, and more clouds out to the east, there were some showers earlier on.
6:51 am
but now moving to the north up through the long island and into connecticut but not a whole lot with the rainfall here this morning. other than that light showers that have passed through the east end of long island. anyhow we have another cold front on the move. and it is beginning to scoot on down through the tristate region. and bring us more clouds through the day and showers later on tonight. doesn't look like a lot of rainfall with that cold front. but there will be passing showers very early tomorrow, in fact, i'll take a lot of folks may sleep right through it. and then out of here. so if anything you have showers for morning commute tomorrow. and then drier skies for you for rest of tuesday into wednesday. there is your seven-day forecast. high of 85 today. sticky outside. same thing tomorrow with few showers. maybe a quick thunder should you for early part of tuesday and then clearing skies afterwards with a lot of sunshine for rest of the week looking nice and dry and a actually quite comfortable. "fox 5 ny" weather app at the apple and google play store you can have your hot little hands. download for free at the google
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>> welcome back 5:54 this morning and your commutes are looking pragd right now. although there's a stall exclusive bus lane of the lincoln tunnel. heads up for that. a 20 minute delay. other than that normal delays. we have some problems with subways this morning. there's track maintenance going on so one train right now. southbound terminating 14th street, some of the two trains running on five line between 14 e9th an 7th street. two and three local between chamber street. robert and juliet -- [inaudible] we have a ben sighting but without the beard. scruff look it is great. >> entertainment news. juliet there's word that one d could be -- splitting up. >> don't do this to me please. apparently heading in different directions.
6:56 am
oh, apparently they're going to be taking extended hiatus means they're breaking up people. now we have to deal with it. i'll start a support group if we need to. they're going to pursue their own projects not beginning to tour for their fifth album coming out later this year that means it is kaput. you have to just face the facts. one source tells the sunl out in the u.k. that this is not a split aen they fully intend to get back together but like i said this is -- flee to change their miewndz. this is going to happen. they probably have already decided. tracy morgan now a married man an emotional ceremony apparently. >> tied the the knot married megyn after the wedding 14
6:57 am
months after badly injured on a crash on new jersey turnpike. he worked hard physical therapy because he didn't want to go down with the crane on wheelchair and she's looking forward to what the future holds. >> all right that is it for us. there's rosanna. shawn mendez and free music day. so enjoy.
6:58 am
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