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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> not sure what happened there. we will let you know as soon as we find out what those sounds were from. >> reporter: flanagan, who went by bryce williams, used a go pro camera to record the shootings and posted the video to his twitter and facebook accounts. this is a snapshot of flanagan holding the gun. within hours, authorities found flanagan hundreds of miles off the road in a grassy area inside his rental car. he had shot himself and later died at the hospital. >> it's obvious that there was this gentleman was disturbed in some way of the way things had transpired at some point in his life. it would appear things were spiralling out of control. >> reporter: the manager of wdbj television says flanagan was fired earlier this year, that he was an unhappy man and was difficult to work with. >> he was sort of looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to.
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he -- and eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. and he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> reporter: after the shooting, flanagan went on a rant on the shooting. see facebook. and he accused the reporter and cameraman of racism. adam went to human resources on me after working with me one time. they hired her after that. eeoc report filed. alson made racist comments. the station manager says all of the allegations were investigated and it was determined that his complaints were unfounded. now authorities are saying that flanagan sent a 23-page fax to abc network this morning about two hours after the shooting saying that he had shot two people and that police were after him.
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now, he also said that it was the recent mass church shooting in south carolina that triggered his carnage today. we're going to have more for you coming up at 6:00. the woman from the chamber of commerce who was wounded is said to be in stable condition tonight. back over to you. >> unbelievable. thank you. virginia's governor offed con -- offered condolences. >> it's tragic this kind of legislation cannot be passed and signed into law. >> back in january, a package of gun control measures failed to get passed. it's not clear where flanagan got the firearm. steve: the shooting is a tragedy station. >> sharon crowley joins us with more on how friends and remembering their colleague.
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>> reporter: social media lighting up about this tragedy. most significantly from parker's at wdbj. he tweets, we worked together our lives. we wanted to get married. we celebrated her 24th birthday and a lot of famous people tweeting as well, including gabby giffords. she was a victim of gun violence. our country has a gun violence problem. shootings are too common. my prayers are with the wdbj family. >> let's take a look at the story we did on those two who were killed today. >> it is my very, very sad duty to report that we have determined through the help of the police and our own employees, that alison and adam died this morning shortly after 6:45 when the shots rang out. >> reporter: wdbj general manager jeff marks confirms the heartbreaking news on the air.
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24-year-old reporter alison parker and adam ward were shot by vester lee flanagan, who went by the name bryce williams. while the two were broadcasting live during the station's morning newscast. >> i cannot tell you how much they were loved, alison and adam by the wdbj7 team. they both were in love, and we'll talk about that a little more with other members of the team here. our hearts are broken. >> reporter: alison, a graduate of james madison, had worked at the station a year. >> hey, i'm alison parker. we're putting the final touches on our special report. >> reporter: her boyfriend is wdbj's 6:00 p.m. anchor, chris hurst. he tweeted today, quote, we didn't share this publicly, but we were very much in love. we just moved in together. i am numb. >> adam ward, news news sports.
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>> reporter: adam ward, who graduated from virginia tech, was engaged to the morning producer who was working when he television. the general manager has called in grief counselors and said employees had gathered for a memorial service at the station. he said today they have lost members of their family. alison parker's father spoke to the washington post. if i could read you part of his quote. it says my grief is unbearable. is this real? i'm going to wake up. i don't know if there's anybody in this world or another father daughter. back to you. thanks. the senseless killing and the subsequent police pursuit that ended with the gunman's suicide was broadcast through the shooter's facebook account. he used a twitter account under the name bryce williams to air his grievances against the victims to the world. he posted the video of the shooting from his perspective captured by a camera strapped to
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his body and posted to facebook. even though social media accounts were taken down, by that point, countless people had seen the ghasty video in their social media news feeds >> the nypd has increased security at tv stations after the shooting. officers stood outside our studios earlier today. the nypd says there's no word of any threats to local media, but they are being cautious. steve: in kol colorado, james holmes was given 3318 years in prison without parole for the murders of 12 people inside an aurora movie theatre in 2012. family members and survivors cheered off the sentence was read. a lone juror kept him from getting the death penalty. two u.s. soldiers killed in southern afghanistan by men who were wearing the uniforms of afghan security forces. nato officials say the attackers opened fire on the soldiers' vehicle inside the military
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compound. both shooters were killed when nato forces returned fire. several witnesses said there was an argument before the shootings. no one has claimed responsibility. steve: a hero is back home. the 23-year-old anthony sadler who took down a gunman on a train headed for paris over the weekend. he was surrounded by friends and family after landing. passengers on the plane said no announcement was made during the flight, but everyone on board knew who he was. sadler, spencer stone and another man stopped the gunman and stopped a terror attack. the search continues for a fishing boat captain whose ship capsized off the coast of new jersey yesterday. dan bowens is live in sandy hook where search crews found the boat. those who knew the captain are hoping against hope. >> reporter: even though police confirmed they have located the vessel, they are still searching for the boat's captain. choppy waters off sandy hook suspended the search until tomorrow.
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the captain, tom anderson, is believed to be the only person on board when it sank here yesterday afternoon. >> trying to make a living on the water. it's a dangerous job. sometimes you get reminded of that by accidents. >> reporter: an empty boat slip at the marina where tom anderson normally docked his vessel. fellow fishermen expecting the worst. >> i see his boat leave. he was a very good guy. everybody liked him. >> reporter: state police locating the sunken 40-foot trawler early wednesday morning. by afternoon, divers near the sandy hook peninsula confirming it is the boat. >> the man is working alone. nobody should be on the water alone. that's my opinion. anything can happen. >> reporter: emergency crews plan to continue working, but dangerous currents in the water suspended the search for survivors until thursday. >> tom was a nice guy. he has not been fishing all his
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life, but he's been around here for three years. >> reporter: anderson often sold his catch to the seafood co-op. the manager says wednesday another captain saw the boat sinking near buoy 15. they only spotted debris at the water surface. >> he was a hard worker. i could say that. even when nobody was catching, he would still go try to catch something. >> reporter: this was a massive effort involving several different agencies, including the coast guard, new jersey state police, nypd special county sheriff's office. they're searching for the captain. they expect to pick the search up again thursday morning. back to you. thanks, dan. less than a week after health officials said the legionnaires outbreak is over, another case has been confirmed. this time at new york presbyterian. state and city health officials are working to identify the source of the infection. the hospital says it's cleaned its own water supply as a precaution.
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no word yet if it's connected to the legionnaires outbreak in the bronx that killed 12 and sickened 128. steve: very sad news out of the national zoo in washington. one of two newborn panda cubs has died. they were born five hours apart saturday. earlier this week, zoo keepers were concerned about the smaller cub's weight after it was being rejected by its mother. they say the remaining cub is strong and is nursing regularly. another wild ride on wall street. this time it is the news you want to hear chlt . the dow shot up 126 points today. it was the best day in four years. don't get excited. traders have a name for this. they're called dead cat bounce. the markets have been on a downward spiral for six days on concerns of the chinese economy. expect this ride to continue. >> a long island man who hates
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red light cameras, took matters into his own hands. >> place it under the camera. you point it off. point it upwards. steve: a lot of people like what they see in that video. he turned the cameras away from intersections. he recorded himself doing it, as you see. surprise, surprise, what police did when the video get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. and i bank human at td bank.
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alison: traffic delays take a major toll on commuters. steve: a new report says our area has one of the most grueling commutes in the country. jennifer lahmers shows us why it's so bad from queens. >> reporter: frank works eight hours a day as a handy man. of those eight hours, he says five of them are spent stuck in a car driving from job to job. >> i go from yonkers to white plains. i go to new jersey. i try to stay busy with work. i have to take most of the city. >> reporter: this guy feels his pain. >> belt parkway. atlantic avenue. those are the ones i use most. belt parkway is the worst. >> reporter: a new study shows traffic congestion has hit an all-time high and delays are the worst they've been in 30 years and more than twice as long as they were in 1982.
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the info is based on federal data on traffic speed and the number of cars on the road. >> i live on long island. so it's different from living out here in queens where you can take the buses a lot. so i end up driving pretty much most of my day. >> reporter: new york comes in fourth on a list of cities with the worst congestion. the average commuter spending an extra 74 hours a year on the road. >> two of the top 10 worst roads in the country are in our region. total for us is very, very bad. i saw a report recently that said in 20 years, day by day congestion could be akin to that which we see over the thanksgiving weekend. >> reporter: experts say the study makes a good case for the need for more investment in roads and public transit. >> if you want to lay the blame at the feet of somebody, do it at the feet of congress, which has refused to do anything to get more money going into the highway trust fund, which we recommend that the gasoline tax
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be raised by a nickel or 10 cents a gallon. that would go a long way to solving all our problems. >> reporter: jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. steve: a long island man got so fed up with red light cameras, he did something about it and got arrested. >> did you ever think that the only ones that have to pay these tickets are hard-working americans? i did. as a matter of fact, i'm one of them. steve: all right. police say this guy, 42-year-old steve ruth, went to facebook using an expandable pole to push the camera up so it can't take picture of the license plates. he was arrested for tampering with several cameras along the long island expressway south service road in ronkonkoma. he says he's received six tickets for violations. he calls them an abuse of government power. he says he knew he would be arrested, but says it is a cause worth fighting for. we're not endorsing it. we're just saying a lot of people probably agree with him. alison: a lot of people are excited. they nail you.
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costs a lot of money. steve: let's talk to nick. it was a pretty beautiful day out. nick: yeah. humidity down today. that was great. temperatures nice and comfortably warm, in the middle 80s, a touch above average. it was the humidity being down that made the day special. and we're talking a couple of great days of weather coming up. 85, 67 in the books for the day. that's a touch above average. 103 the record high. that was back in 1948. it was 53 in the late 1800's. sunrise 6:18. down 7:38. you'll see it all tomorrow. look at the humidity. dry. 33%. wind west to northwest. the pressure is falling a little bit. 29.93. nice evening coming up. nothing on the radar. fox 5 sky guardian is showing that we are dry tonight and we'll stay that way for the next couple of days. we could use a little rain. we're seeing the rainfall start to increase again. it doesn't look like we'll have anything coming in the next five to seven days. 85 in the city. 80 at poughkeepsie. it didn't climb out of the upper 70s to the north and west.
5:18 pm
look at sussex. 77. low 80s jersey shore. and as you moved across long island, bridgeport coming in at 83. we're comfortably warm, right about 80. most of long island out to the east end, 79 at belmar. 82 in town. 79 hudson valley. 68 at monticello. 50s coming up in the far northern and western suburbs. click off the ac. open the windows and enjoy the week. northwest wind in most locales, 5, 10, 15 miles an hour. tonight only 5 or 10 miles an hour. we'll see that northwest wind return again for tomorrow. as our satellite photograph shows, more of the cloud cover up to the north and west of us. even a few light sprinkles across upstate new york and the western sections of pennsylvania. that will dry out as it comes down over the hills to the north and west. we're not going to be concerned about that. there will be a few clouds in the sky. we'll see sunshine and clouds as we head into tomorrow. high pressure will build in from
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the ohio valley and that will carry our weather through the upcoming weekend. it will keep the humidity low, and when it shifts offshore, we'll see the humidity rise. that probably won't be until about sunday. we'll be talking about great days. look at your day planner tomorrow. it will be 50s in the suburbs. 66 in midtown. 69 for 9:00 a.m. your lunch hour at 76. sunshine, clouds and we head to the lower 80s as we get into tomorrow afternoon. there's the futurecast showing the high pressure building in play. nice for tomorrow night. we'll have nice weather on friday. a sunny day, into the lower 80s. not too humid. as the high shifts offshore, we'll see more of an increase in humidity. great weather comes in as we head into the weekend. tonight, patchy clouds, 66 the low in the city. 55 in the cooler spots north and west. comfortable tomorrow. sun, few clouds, 82 in town. north and west, doesn't get out of the 70s. there is the seven day. there's great weather there. 82 on friday. 85 on saturday.
5:20 pm
lows still in the 60s. more humid sunday at 88. monday, tuesday, wednesday, nice august days. mid to upper 80s. about 70 or above it at night. you'll feel the humidity at that point. steve: that's ideal. think back to january, february. alison: you're getting nervous about winter. i know. nick: it will be here before you know it. steve: you would have paid a lot of money for that vacation with that forecast. alison: thanks, nick. he started his career as a new york giant and ending it the same way. he signed a one-day contract with the team today so he can retire as a giant. he played on two super bowl winning teams, first with the giants, the last two with the falcons. his heart has always been in new york. >> we would be watching games. we'd be watching the giants. i would be openly cheering for the giants in a plane full of falcons. they'd be looking at me like is he out of his mind? i couldn't help myself.
5:21 pm
it was that giant in me. there was no doubt about when it was time to retire, i was coming here. alison: he had a record six sacks in one game against the philadelphia eagles. steve: hard to believe, but it's alison: scary. don't let the end of summer get you down. next, fine ideas for celebrating the final days.
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steve: we don't want to be the bearer of bag news. but summer is starting to wind down. we won't get down about it. we'll celebrate. alison: let's have a good time. lisa g. is here with her favorite recipes. steve: i didn't know you'd bring all this. >> can't believe i didn't bring halloween candy. easy, breezy e y desserts. these are my basic sugar cookies. butter, sugar, flour, vanilla, good to go with sprinkles. use the same dough.
5:25 pm
cut out circles and put raspberry jam in the middle. these are summer jammies. these are melon balls and sorbet balls. you put the melon balls on the bottom and throw the sorbet on the top. it starts to melt. you can stick a straw in there and go to town. steve: it makes the fruit cooler. i love that. the fruit gets frozen by the ice cream. >> yeah. this is in honor of you, steve lacy. they're end of summer cupcakes. because you grew up in the boston area, i put shocks on them. steve: i like that. >> gummy bears. there's a little alison suntanning herself. alison: look at me. i have sunblock on.
5:26 pm
>> and i made those watermelon based drinks for the adults. it's juice, ginger ale, lime juice, real vodka. and this is watermelon juice, ginger ale for the kids, and i put peeps on top. steve: water melon ginger is a big combination. that's good stuff. alison: so refreshing. >> thank you. it's really easy. you could have your kids help with the cookies. take some fun cookie shapes, cut them out, fun sprinkles and get everyone in the kitchen. no one will be hot and bothered. it will be a lot of fun. pull it together last minute. alison: you don't want to do intense baking when it's hot. >> put chunks of watermelon in a blender and get it down to juice and pour it into a cup. you're good to go. steve: how do you get the juice? i've never done that.
5:27 pm
alison: juice it. >> are you ready? stores. steve: we did that yesterday. the caitlyn jenner costume. we're starting that process up. lisa g., we appreciate it. give us the twitter handle. >>@lisa g. 30 d. steve: we don't get into that story. >> that's another visit. steve: good seeing you. we appreciate it. alison: more news up next. for thousands of young new yorkers, school is the only heads. steve: the report that shows city schools where nearly half the student body is homeless. alison: the empire state building refused to go gold to
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call 1-800-341-9716. alison: a new report says a shocking number of new york city school kids are homeless. steve: that means they depend a lot on city services, including the classroom. it's taking a toll on the system and the kids. lisa evers takes a look. >> reporter: it's almost back to school time for children all over the country. here in new york city, tens of thousands of kids will be starting class without a place to call home. a shocking new report out today by the institute for children, poverty and homelessness, found
5:31 pm
that the number of children with no permanent housing is the highest ever in recorded history. >> the biggest thing our report found is there are over 84,000 children homeless in new york city public schools. if all those children lived together, they would make up a city that's comparable in size to trenton, new jersey. >> reporter: the report found that the impact of the instability on the children's lives and their learning ability could be measured and there's no question it takes a toll. >> one thing we found in the report is that for the first time, we were able to look at student outcomes, looking at students who are homeless versus students who were housed but poor, and students who were housed and not poor and across every indicator, homeless students were struggling more >> reporter: many neighborhoods are affected. on the lower east side, ps 15 has nearly 46 percent of its students homeless. on the lower east side, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news.
5:32 pm
alison: we reached out to the mayor's office for comment. they said the report cited statistics from 2015 to 2013 before the mayor took place office. since then funding has been increased for homeless programs. steve: a wild scene aboard a jetblue airport from jamaica. a 61-year-old woman tried to climb over another female passenger as the plane approached the gate. the two began fighting. a male passenger tried to break it up. he and the younger woman were slashed with an eyebrow razor. the younger woman pulled out pepper spray and used it. seven people had to be treated. the male passenger suffered a minor scratch on his elbow. the older woman faces assault and weapons charges. the younger woman was charged the first place. alison: the man suspected of plotting a truck bombing at a u.s. military base in saudi captured. u.s. officials say he was arrested in beirut. 19 service members were killed
5:33 pm
and 500 wounded in the june 1996 bombing at the military housing complex. he was the head of the military wing of hezbollah in saudi arabia. steve: supporters and opponents of the nuclear deal making their voices heard today. >> one, three, four, your deal will start a war. steve: there were demonstrations outside congresswoman's carolyn maloney's office. she supports the agreement, which is drawing mixed responses from new yorkers. >> iran is not someone you can trust. we don't understand. we want carolyn maloney to vote against this terrible deal. >> the middle east is too full of wars. it's too full of weapons of mass destruction. this is a good first step. steve: several holocaust survivors gathered in front of
5:34 pm
the brooklyn office of congressman jerry nadler announcing he supports the deal. alison: look up at the empire state building, you'll see it in all colors but gold. steve: groups seem to be running into a lot of red tape. liz dahlem is here with the update. >> reporter: good evening to you. fox 5 has been covering this story from the very beginning. you may remember last year parents hoped the empire state building would light up gold for pediatric cancer awareness, but it never did. multiple organizations applied this year but have been denied again. this 15-year-old was diagnosed with leukemia at 13. she's in remission now, but is more than upset. for the second year in a row, the empire state building is refusing to light up gold in september for pediatric cancer awareness month. >> it's really upsetting because we're asking for one day and
5:35 pm
they won't tell us the reason they're denying our request. >> reporter: alex was shocked to hear they sent out denial letters to organizations asking the building to light up gold. the letter reads in part, quote, the decision has been made to deny your request. last year, her mother paula and other parents posted pictures of their sick children on the empire state building facebook page hoping it would go gold. >> the empire state building deleted all comments. they blocked us from even commenting further once they deleted the pictures. >> reporter: other landmarks jumped in to help. one world trade, times square and the helmsly building lit up. first new york -- miss new york joined in the fight but received the denial letter and posted it on her facebook page. >> as a new yorker, i want to see it light up gold and recognize the children fighting, but if they're not going to, we're going to use this
5:36 pm
opportunity to really make noise on a bigger platform. >> the empire state building will light up green in october for st. jude's children research hospital. a spokesperson tells us the building's lights have shined many times for cancer awareness and said, quote, unfortunately we cannot light for all organizations which apply. but alex wants to know why not gold? >> i know that they lit it up for the lion, the poor lion that was murdered, but what about the poor children that are dying every day because of the disease? aren't they just as important? >> reporter: only 4% of the national cancer institute's annual budget is dedicated to childhood cancer. advocates believe more recognition will lead to more funding, more funding will lead to more research, which could lead to a cure. back over to you. steve: thank you very much, liz. kinky boots fans lined up for a special celebration today. alison: and they had no problem strutting their stuff for one of the stars hoping to win a big prize. steve: you may as well change the name of the show to the big
5:37 pm
bank theory after hearing where the stars fall on a new highest paid in hollywood list. >> hi. i'm a photographer who loves traveling around to get the perfect shot. >> reporter: she's taking her passion for photography on the road all summer long as part of the tri-state area where to now sweepstakes. you might catch her tweeting about her adventures as she packs for her road trips throughout the tri-state area. >> when i go on a drive, my essentials are the phone so i can find cool spots to stop, my camera so i can take pictures, and a sense of adventure. when i'm driving along and my favorite song comes on, it enriches the experience of a road trip. i move a little in my seat. it completes the whole experience. >> you can find out more about how she turned this into a business. if you like exploring, enter the
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where to now sweepstakes. and that's your new york minute.
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steve: a line of red boots outside the theatre this morning. people celebrating the 1,000
5:41 pm
performance of kinky boots. the first 50 fans in line won a free pair of tickets. the brightest boots were rewarded with backstage passes. billy porter, the genius, picked out the winners. kinky boots opened in 2013 and took home six tony awards, including best musical. it's a good, good play. the big bang theory is a big hit. the stars are getting paid. alison: someone is making money. baruch shemtov joins us with a list of the highest paid stars. some obvious names and some surprises. >> some of our favorite small screen stars are earning big bucks, really bucks. forbes released the list of the highest paid tv actors and the top 15 are dominated by a few shows. let's start out with the stars of the big bang theory. right at the top, we have at no. 1, raking in a whopping 2
5:42 pm
million, jim parsons. the big bang theory cast negotiated as a group to secure these mega deals. it's paying off in a big way. they have been very smart when crafting their pay structure with some earning more than 1 percent of the back end profits on top of their 1 million per episode salary. very smart business sense. the modern family men hold very impressive spots after their unified front in securing a pay raise. this is the first time we're seeing modern family actors on the list with burrell at 11-1/2 million. ferguson at 11 million. these actors have been very strategic when it comes to diversified revenue streams. they've been supplementing their significant salaries with deals like the verizon promotion and
5:43 pm
ferguson's deal promoting febreze and swiffer. ray romano brought in 15 million. everybody loves raymond has been off the air for years. looks like reruns must pay pretty well. alison: that's the way to do it. >> reporter: this is a taste of some of the big paydays. this is not to mention the big women who are earning big paydays. that will be coming soon. it takes time for them to really gain momentum to have that kind of leverage, to negotiate as a group. the empire cast, none of them made it on the list. give them a season or two. they'll be on top. steve: initially when they sign on, they don't make big money. once it's on for a while -- >> exactly. it's about having the piece of the back end. alison: that's the best pension plan ever. get on a show you make millions in reruns. >> reporter: exactly. modern family is experiencing that. everybody loves raymond.
5:44 pm
unbelievable. alison: can we get reruns of the news? >> reporter: i'm with you. steve: we'll negotiate together. let's watch the one from 1998. thank you. alison: one mother's small treat vending business is a big hit in washington heights. steve: how she plans to shake up the street vendor competition. nick is keeping an eye on the forecast. the tropics, et cetera, are a big issue that he will bring us
5:45 pm
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alison: in fox 5 health news, justin wilson, the indy car driver who died after being hit by debris in a race, helped save six lives by donating his organs. his brother made the announcement on twitter. there's a staggering shortage in the u.s. and they hope the gift of life will encourage more people to do the same. steve: joining us is dr. manny alvarez. this is an important thing, something people in general that they agree with and plan to do, but you have to actually set it in stone. >> look, every day people die in the u.s., waiting for organs. if you look at the waiting list, for instance, the northeast is about 10 years, the midwest, five to seven. there's a long, long time. people die. a lot of people volunteer, but at the end of the day, they don't realize there are many pathways to donate organs. if you look at the amount that
5:48 pm
are donated, they're flat year over year and living organ transplant, which is an option people have, that's down 16%. so, again, i think a lot of people are using social media and you see a lot of examples now where people are looking for living organ donors through social media and they've found several cases. this story, which is a wonderful heroic act that he did by committing and helping out six people, has to bring more attention to organ donation. i hope a lot of people look into this. i am encouraged. my son is in college. in college, they have organ drives now for people to register. now we have technology early in the game to type and cross, dna, have it in a database and people, the young generation, has to realize they'll live longer and there'll be more need as they get older. if people live to be 100, this has to be a broader approach.
5:49 pm
steve: one source of bacteria may be no surprise. pets, especially dogs, can track stuff all over the place. they're not the only ones to blame. man's best friend and then your lousy husband and your son. >> i didn't have to do a study to come to this conclusion, by the way. have you ever been to a dorm with three or four boys in the same room? steve: nothing more disgusting. alison: take the dog instead. >> a petri dish of microbes. dogs bring a lot of germs in. scientists say that's not that bad because in reality, we need germs to be around to boost our immune system. if you compound that with men and you have two or three men in the house, teenagers or whatever, you're going to find a lot of extra bacteria that usually don't want to have around the house. what's the message? what's the message? everybody take a shower once in a while and, two, clean your pet, take them to the dentist. there's a lot of bacteria in the mouth. everybody is going to be happy
5:50 pm
and germ-free. alison: i'm in trouble. i've got a husband and a 60-pound dog. >> get my favorite animal. a cat. they're very, very clean. steve: very civilized. good advice. let's talk about the weather, nick. the tropics this time of year, that's always what we've got our eye on. nick: exactly. that's what i'm looking at is tropical storm erika. hasn't strengthened a great deal. winds at 45 miles an hour. gusts near 60. it's moving to the west at 17 miles an hour. that's slowed a little. looks like in our track guidance from the national hurricane center, it will cross the leeward islands and pass to the north of puerto rico here. still is a minimal tropical storm. just north of the dominican republic here. then it heads to the central bahama island chains and then begins to strengthen. it may approach south florida sometime early next week as a minimal hurricane, a category 1 hurricane is what we're depicting. you can see the shaded area.
5:51 pm
it could be anywhere in this location by the time we get there next week. something to keep in mind. we'll be watching it closely. we'll see. this has been not the most intense hurricane season. it only takes one storm to ruin your day. we'll have to see how things go. in the meantime, today, what a great day. low humidity. warm, in the middle 80s. 84 at boston. 82 philly. 70s to the north and west. not out of the 60s detroit, pittsburgh. on our fox 5 sky guardian, it stays dry. our forecast, nothing going on tonight. a few scattered clouds are off to the north and west. we've seen a few during the mid to late morning into the afternoon. that's it. keep a couple of patchy clouds in the sky tonight. it will be a comfortable night coming up. it's 68 monticello. upper 70s sussex to allentown. low 80s around the city towards belmar, and about 80 across long island up to bridgeport with a northwest wind that will continue. it will lighten up tonight and
5:52 pm
return out of the northwest as we head into tomorrow. on the satellite photograph, you can see high pressure coming in through chicago. all of this real estate of dry weather is the result. that high will slide slowly eastward. it will position itself offshore. that's going to take a couple of days for that to happen. between now and then, we stay warm. we stay dry with lots of sunshine. and, again, temperatures will be through the lower 80s. 81, 82 tomorrow. upper 70s back towards minneapolis. 90s return to texas to oklahoma almost to denver. 90s in south florida. 102 in vegas. we're 80s for most of the west coast except l.a. at 92. here's the futurecast. we'll watch for a couple of patchy clouds. beautiful tomorrow. lots of sun comes back. nice tomorrow night. nice into friday. still low humidity and temperatures in the lower 80s. humidity will creep up over the weekend mainly for the second half of the weekend. north to west winds. boaters 5 to 10 knots. wave is running two feet.
5:53 pm
uvi a 7. nice beach day. we have a few patchy clouds tonight. 50s to lower 60s suburbs. 66 as you get towards the city. tomorrow, a nice day. sunshine coming up at 82 for the high. it will stay in the upper 70s north and west. 82 friday. beautiful. 85 saturday. looks good. a few clouds sunday. more humid, but okay at 88. and mid to upper 80s monday, tuesday, wednesday. lots of sun those days. 70, 72 at night. very nice late august weather. steve: pretty much ideal. thank you, nick. a popular street vendor is cooking up a storm. alison: her mexican specialties are so, she's been invited to the vendy awards. >> reporter: the mother of five pushes this cart full of food every morning to the subway station on west 191st and st. nicholas avenue in washington heights. >> she's been doing it for the past seven years.
5:54 pm
not always in the same spot. for a while she would walk the streets and avenues. the reason for getting into the business? her daughters. what i earn and what my husband earns goes to pay my daughter's college tuition. because she does not have any loans. she wakes up everything morning at 3:00. she cooks and packs her cart. we are here a quarter to 8:00, 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 and thank god we sell out. you will find nothing but mexican mexican specialties. it's her cooking that got her nominated for the vendy awards, a competition that determines the best of the best in street food. what got her into the competition was her specialty drink. it is made of chocolate, water, flour and cinnamon. it's delicious. >> i am very happy. after so many years in this country, this is the first time
5:55 pm
i will be doing something like this. she's in the drinks category. she is up against four others. >> it's different food from our culture. it is good. it's delicious. >> reporter: every day i'm more motivated because i'm nominated. the vendy awards take place on the twelfth on governor's island. island. alison: looked good. we'll see you at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. thank you very much, steve and alison. we're following the top stories for you. also tonight we'll tell you about the efforts to bring text 911 service to new york city. we'll show you how it's being used in other parts of the country and why police say it's not necessarily a replacement for calling. a live guest will be here. plus the latest news and nick's forecast coming up next at 6:00. i hope you'll join us.
5:56 pm
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ernie: it is wednesday night. good evening. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you for joining us. and we start with another gun-related tragedy, one that played out on live television. it left two young journalists dead in virginia. many questions about the man behind those shootings and his motive. let's get more on the story. our sharon crowley is in the newsroom with the very latest for us. sharon, what a heartbreaking story this is. >> it sure is. the two were gunned down by an angry ex-co-worker. we're learning more about his disturbed mind and motive. alison parker was interviewing a woman with the chamber of commerce about tourism on live morning television near roanoke. >> to provide a better experience, we're seeing tourism.


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