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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 27, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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juliet: good morning everybody it is 6:00 on a thursday. a little friday. beautiful shot will, and beautiful banner there because it is true. it is going to be great today. good day to go sit along the water. maybe hudson river. have a -- latte. perhaps a froesen cocktail i don't know whichever way you would like to go there. by anyway low 80s. ben: sounds nice. low humidity. mike has the full forecast coming up. routine story yesterday morning right around this time. that urn ited into cold-blooded murder and a played out live on television in southwest, virginia, a reporter and photographer are killed by a
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former disgruntled employee. nypd is crack down on painted ladies an aggressive in times square. putting more cops on the beat there. we'll have an update. : good news on wall street dow had the best day yesterday in 7 years up about 600 points. what analysts say we could expect today. juliet: good morning everybody i'm juliet huddy. ben: and i'm ben simmoneau couple of days left in august. labor day a week and a half away. late this year. juliet: you recall -- ben: 'fastrack'ing for the victory. we bet him he would complain between memorial day and labor day about the weather because that's all he ever does. stays strong opinion ben:. ben: been a nice summer. i've missed the worst of it. >> four-day heat wave.
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yeah. but -- ben: hot days in the 90s and then cools back down to this nice weather. mike: exact. we could use more rain. not many will complain about. although in the weekend here's what to expect from this point prld. no point to register unless you're looking for the rain. we can't help you right now. we have a picture perfect looking setup for the rest of the week in terms of getting sunshine out there. it is going to turn warmer into next week. but looks leak our chance of rain well that's not coming to you until next week so drier if a while as it stands here in the tristate. right now 64 newark. 67 central park. 62 bridgeport and islip and temps are about where they should be this time of the year a little bit cooler, than what we had a few days ago but our temps above normal for a while. we have a mainly clear sky throughout the region. nothing producing any rain or even close by. things look pretty dry even
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though there's a trough over the section of knock but that's about it. nothing else coming to us other than cooler, drier air shifting down from canada high pressure is the player for the weather for next several days to come. so today we're going to start you off with a temp of 67 degrees where we stand right now. 77 by midday. high of about 82 and then back to 08 for ride home with mainly clear skies. humidity is low. dew point is low. high of 81 tomorrow. 85 your high on saturday and then on sunday humidity making a come back here. high temps pumped up a bit here. a qk break from it but again believe it or not these are your temples that are normal for this time of the year. now over to ines rosales with several problems working around the tristate in terms of accidents what's going on now, ines? >> a lot of accidents start off with serious accident has the taconic shutdown northbound so investigation going on.
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this is northbound between 9 partner answer bull head road with everything shutdown and you can see traffic jammed because they're not going anywhere. use route 9 around that. cross county parkway an accident westbound by saw mill blocking a lane this isn't causing a lot of delays. staten island expressway, see how things are moving this morning. construction set up by victory boulevard cleared it right on eastbound traffic fine. all lanes reopened same for westbound side. george washington bridge upper level after the toll plaza you can see left side you have an accident blocking a lane. left. if you can go to the right you'll be fine upper level. but you have a 20 minute delay from 80, 95 express because of this accident. local lanes into about 10 minutes. lower level no delays. lincoln tunnel fine as well as holland. bqe traffic slow. construction wrapped up a construction. water bury branch a 15 minute delay this morning. mechanical problems everything
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else on or close. ben and juliet. >> two aspiring journalists one reporter one photographer killed on the air during the morning news. >> early in their careers. gunman identified as vesterly flanagan this former disgruntled ex-employee he had worked as a reporter kind of all across the southeastern united states. using the name bryce williams on air. robert moses joins us with more about what we know morning. good morning. rntion good morning to you. first thing we want to say this is not a story about us but morning show reports we've all stood in front of the camera with bright lights in our faces obscuring our vision easy to lose track of what is going around us. this is a suburban shopping mall on a tranquil late summer morning. so many of us this morning are schismly asking yes.
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as the sun rose they awoke to allison walker telling them a story as she did each morning. adam ward behind camera light morning show fair, a or story about tourism. >> to provide a better experience for sighing tourism. >> we won't show you live gun choates and screaming from parker and just witnessed her colleagues getting murdered. the woman parker has been interviewing vicky gardner was injured. there. we will, of course, let you know as soon as we find out. >> camera toppled to the ground it captured this image vesterly flanagan a diseffected former reporter at wdbj flanagan went by bryce williams posted video twitter. we will only o show you this still image. he also railed against his former colleagues parker and ward on facebook. in an extraordinary show of
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composure and heart, the journalist and general manager at wdbj had to wipe tears and do as they're trained to do. cover a huge story. this one, though, was about their beloved coworkers. >> we have determined to the help of a police and our own employees that allison and adam died this morning. >> short time after shooting a 23-page document park manifesto part suicide note from flan begun arrived at abc news here in new york. in it flanagan described himself as a human powder keg waiting to go boom. flanagan shot and killed himself 200 miles north of the crime scene. jeffrey marx, general manager said the station had many probings with flanagan during his time there. >> after many -- his anger came forward we had to
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call the police to escort him from the building . >> this statement read by a representative. >> heavy hearts and deem sadness we express our deepest condolences to the family of allison parker and adam ward. weir also praying for the recovery of vicky gardner. >> flanagan family members said that they're thoughts and prayers are with the wbdj family. they spoke of being a male model as well as a high priced companion he was also a well-traveled and volatile reporter. no one, though, anticipated this. >> we were talking a little bit earlier this is a culture and i admit i'm part of it too. most of us are obsessed with celebrity. obsessed with social media. obsessed with reality television, and it is getting to the point where you're seeing on reality television people doing things that are just so outrageous yet we all sit there,
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laugh, clap becoming completely desensitized and detached, and you know we're looking at people now as leak -- like emojis and words but not as flesh and blood. >> i have to tell you i have a young daughter. wife and i are expecting and my first thought is what -- what is happening to our society? and what does the future look like? >> one thing i want to say from the perspective of this businessening it is important is that it truly is a partnership between reporter and photographer. you know, when we say that we're family with these photographers, we really are are. i mean, the guys that i work with know my intermost fierce, my worries, my desires, and need to appreciate they're out there with us and we're truly partners, and -- >> eight hours with them every day. >> more time you spend with them than with your blood relatives.
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>> there are journalists bringing back to them like we were going and put ourselves in danger. we sign up for this job this is what we do. you have great experiences get to meet incredible people but you have -- serious experiences covering riots things leak that. but that is what we sign up for. this is about two young journalist and one crazy person who lost his mind, obviously. >> thank you very much. we talked about two young journalists getting their starts in this. allison parker dating one of the station anchors and had just moved in with him. >> teresa priolo live in the newsroom and she has that angle. teresa. >> good morning ben and juliet. good morning everyone as you were just say there's a strong partnership between reporter and photographer, and there is a significant bond between the reporter or the anchor and viewer as well. especially as they tune in every single morning like we know here.
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well down in roanoke, virginia, they knew allison parker very well. on the kelly file andy parker talked about allison parker how much she loved this job. her enthusiasm for it, her plans for the future and how much she loved working with adam ward, an they also talked about their unbearable grief. >> that's the toughest thing for me that -- you know, with she -- everybody that she touched loves hurl. and she loved everybody back. >> in the midst of the gear andy parker wants to know his daughter al sole judge was a bright light. a young journalist just beginning to pex employer all of life's beautiful ponts. her live-in boyfriend chris is remembering the woman of his dreams as kind, gentle, and talented. >> andy and i have been trying
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to be strong today because we thought that television our duty to allison because she was a journalist and that is what she would have wanted to do is share her story. >> started look so many aspiring journalists moving up the broadcast lad or by going from tv station to tv station. she was seen as versatile and determined. a woman who hoped of being a national news reporterrer someday. and photographer adam ward just 28, bubbly and bear like. >> adam best way to describe my guess is a giant teddy bear he was just this guy that was just sweetest guy. always willing to help you out and do anything for you. >> engaged to morning producer who watched horrific scene unfold from the control room. saying in part i'm not okay and i won't be for a long time. adam i will never find a man so happy, selfless, protective, funny or charming like you. you were the one. you understood me, my soul mate i will always love you.
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as we continue to remember allison adam i want to turn your attention to the wdbj facebook we have a number of videos remembering these two. some ben and juliet are also light hearted. these kinds of videos that we often do about your favorite things you look to do and favorite foods to give you more perspective of who they were as people and journalists they can that out if you got a minute. back to both of you. >> days other news still to come morning what hillary clinton is saying about joe biden possibly entering the race for president. >> mike is watching the forecast for us. >> we have a little taste of fall temps are back to normal. humidity is lower, yeah it is geng to -e nice and comfortable. by the way if you want some weather information like daily and hourly forecast download the fox 5 weather app at the aye toons and google play store there for you to take advantage of right now. we'll be right back.
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ben: all right it is you 6:16 on thursday morning. >> hair is getting caught on my face. save me. mike: good hair day. dry conditions, exactly. exactly. we've got humidity dropping down. diewpghts are dropping down so don't worry about that too much.
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can. eight hours. l64 in newark, and 62 in bridgeport. mainly clear skies throughout the tristate region. the sun is just coming up so sky nice and bright right now. dew point at 54 degrees central park. 56 in newark, same thing for you bridgeport and montauk at 57 in islip all of those dew points are nice here. dry air a is come back to us here along with the mainly clear sky here. in the tristate region, and even beyond. as the cold front from a couple of days ago fennelly through, and u now drier air behind it you can feel it. felt it yesterday but you feel it this morning feels fall-like with high pressure to the south and west of us. stays there we continue to get more of a -- flow and notice the high pressure drifting offshore and
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east of us we're going to see a return of a southern flow and bring back moisture and dew points will creep up here early next week. heading out to do some boating or out to the beach winds out of the west around 5 to 10 miles per hour. not bad at all. lightning risk no, with no problem there today. sunny skies high temp around 82 degrees. tomorrow up to 81, and a next shot at showers and storms good chance is on tuesday of next week not for a while. all right let's swing over to ines rosales oh, boy what's going on ines? >> a lot going on mike this morning. start off the with long island. things of nassau county are are poon. a delay into queens on the l.i.e. by little neck your normal slowdown westbound. taconic dutchess county lanes are closed. active investigation has everything shutdown at 9 partners road between that an bulls head road. after north of that you're fine. use 9 as an alternate tough to get around you can see traffic already jammed everybody trying to use it.
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tay congressic not going anywhere. cameras talk take a look at your commute no issue into manhattan. we have processing crossing hudson george washington bridge camera upper level accidents that's looking like just cleared away here. left with a 30men delay. ings right here on the left side. they just pushed it away there. so you're statistic with 30 minute delay. lower level that's batter option or lincoln and holland tunnel doing fine. trains are runnelling on or close to schedule. earlier report that metro-north, water bury branch had problems a mistake ben and juliet. >> thank you ines. complaints about the costume characters and topless women hustling pedestrians to drop. giving a better unit to better patrol that area. >> checking out characters are dawning their furry outfits as we speak. so the job of this new unit is to address quality of life
6:20 am
issues and build a relationship with local businesses. nothing to do with the counterterrorism unit that is in place in times square. s last week mayor de blasio these -- characters and painted ladies will be to remove pedestrian ma disa entirely. but the president of the times square alliance did not like that idea he called the new police unit a, quote, great development. a father and children burned to death. >> o'neal sharpe junior rear-ended a car on the southern state parkway last month. he threw a bottle of tequila into the woods before being driven off by a friend leaving him and two young children trapped in their burning car. only his quite a few survived. sharp accused of leaving scene of a fatal accident friend and two codefendants will also be arraigned. hillary clinton is taig some
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time out from her vacation in the hamptons to campaign in iowa. fng even though she can't escape e-mail scandal that she has been caught up in, she is leads polls there in iowa. she even got a key endorsement from agriculture secretary tom vilsack but joe biden may jump into the race for vice president been talking to powerful democrats. clinton, though, says she understands it will be a tough one for her but won't stop her from campaigning. >> he has to do that. and it has to be a really -- really hard one. i was at his son's funeral. i cannot even imagine the grief and the heartbreak. >> and also say she's not spoken with biden about presidential plans. >> all right speaking of the clinton scandal it seems
6:22 am
diplomats sent secret material on unsecured e-mail. revealed documents said that happened during beaming and bush administrations. clinton used a home server makes her case different ap says it is different if it was secure going through state department seivers says they checked for classified information in response to a public records request. so -- there you have it we have a lot more coming up.
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>> people are suffering from heart and lung disease and trying to prevent and treat major diseases to improve the quality of life. the adorable eight-year-old boy who is the first child it ever to get a double hand transplant is finally back. >> zion harvey all smile when is he left the children's hospital of philadelphia yesterday when
6:26 am
he was just age two harvey suffered lost his arm and legs. in july he underwent 11 hour transplant operation and doctors say he's doing so well he's playing with action figures and even baking cookies. juliet: he grows older -- how does it -- ben: grow larger? i don't know. good question. all right top questions this morning. juliet: we have good news on wall street. the dow had a big day yesterday. best in seven years as a matter of fact. what analysts say we could expect today, coming up.
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>> ben why are you getting so
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frustrated with me? >> not understanding what i'm trying to say. juliet: another beautiful day today. yeah . going to be absolutely gorgeous actually. highs in the low 80s. mike is checking out the forecast and weekend looks pretty nice too. >> routine story that turned into gold blooded murder on it's yesterday when a reporter and photographer killed by a former disgruntled employee. we'll have latest for you on this story that caught a lot of people's attention yesterday. >> a story herl in the city, how could it not? painted ladies, topless women with their tops painted. apparently cracked down upon by the nypd a new unit that is sent into tiles square to deal with all sorts of things including the painted ladies. >> finally good news yesterday on wall street, the dow had a best day in seven years. analysts say might happen this morning once the opening bell rings.
6:31 am
thursday morning, hello everybody i'm ben simmoneau. juliet: and i'm juliet huddy a rough day yesterday. very, very upsetting situation where it is telling you all about the latest developments in that first. over to mike for a check of the weather which is looking absolutely stunning today. gleek today looks fantastic out there. dew points dropped down and humidity and it's not bad. bit. a lot of folks don't want to think about it just yet but some do. 55 monticello. we have of 67 central park, and nice fair sky here in the tristate no problems out there weather wise because high pressure is in control. and i'll keep it nice and quiet. so mostly sunny nice and dry. high temp up to 82 in the city. 81 your high tomorrow. dry into the sunday that's where the humidity makes comeback. ines is busy with all sorts of issues with roadways. what's going on out there? >> accident on taconic this is in dutchess county. northbound all closed because of this accident.
6:32 am
looks leak we opened so taconic by bulls head road. throughway looks good. cameras tack a look at your commute on 59th street bridge looks great. very nice a little sun rise there. but george washington bridge, we have delayings this morning there's an accident past toll plaza upper level leaving 60 minute delay if you want to take lincoln or holland tunnel five to ten each. back to you. ben: very sad story yesterday out of southwest, virginia, a reporter and a photographer were killed. they were live on the air during their morning newscast. j gunman is vester lee flanagan disgruntled employee of wdbj using name as bryce williams bouncing around the for several years different stations. robert moses joins us now with more on the investigation into this horrible, horrible story. reporter: good morning to you vester flanagan worked as a male model as well as a high priced
6:33 am
companion according to his social media posts. but he was also a volatile reporter who bounced from one small market to the next and then trouble seemed to follow him. but no one could have anticipated that his anger could boil over to this degree. >> good morning allison. >> good morning. >> sun rose wdbj workers rose adam ward behind camera. light morning show fair a story about tourism. >> to provide a better experience. we won't show you what came next. gunshots on live television. screamsscreams from parker and then horror from the anchor in the studio who witnessed her colleagues getting murdered. woman parker has been interviewing vicky gardner injured. >> we will let you know -- >> as the camera toppled to the ground it captured this image of the gunman as vester lee
6:34 am
flanagan a former reporter at wdbj he went by name of bryce williams posted video of the shooting on facebook and twitter. we will only show you this still image. he also railed against his former colleagues parker and ward on facebook. in an extraordinary show of composure and heart, the journalist and general manager at wdbj had to wipe tears at next moment do as they're trained to do. cover a huge story. this within, though, was about their beloved coworkers. >> we have determined through the help of the police and our employees that -- allison and adam died this morning. >> a short time after a shooting a 23 page document part manifesto part suicide note from flanagan arrived at abc news here in new york. many it flanagan described himself as a human powder keg waiting to go boom.
6:35 am
flanagan shot an killed himent himself 200 miles. jeffrey marks the general manager said the station had many problems with flanagan during his time there. >> after many incident of his anger coming to the floor, we dismissed him, and he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. reporter: flanagan family released this statement read by a representative. >> heavy heart an deep sadness we express deemest condolences to adam and alison parker we're praying for the recovery of vicky gardner. reporter: in this rambling manifesto that we referenced flanagan suggested that the killings of nine black parishion ergs at a church in charleston served as a his timing upon the according to a copy of that manifesto on tinged by new york times flanagan said victim initials are wren on the bullets.
6:36 am
now if there's anything remotely good to come all out of this story sses that vicky gardner is in stable condition and she will likely make a full recovery. ben and juliet. >> that is one bit of good news we've heard this morning. robert moses thank you very much. juliet: 6:36 victims both young journalist just getting their start in the industry. ben: bright careers ahead of them. heartbroken familyings now are speaking out. fox 5 teresa priolo is live in the newsroom teresa, good morning. >> good morning ben and juliet. good morning everyone. yeah they have their whole life ahead of them and they were looking forward to according to andy parker alison parker's dad an boyfriend chris also the main evening anchor. they talked at length last night with megyn kelly about alison parker and adam ward. chris as i mentioned was allison's boyfriend they had just moved in together and dating for about nine months. her father said she was a bright
6:37 am
journalist with a strong career, that was going for her also big bright future ahead. she wanted to be a national correspondent for a major news nec. he said all of this wouldn't be lost on her but thftion the way she made her national debut. he said she had a smile on her face. take a listen to both of them. >> that's the toughest thing. for me that -- you know, she -- everybody that she touched loved her. and she loved everybody back. she texted me good night sweet boy that was the last that i ever heard from her. >> absolutely heart wrenching to hear. also let's talk about adam ward 27 years old station morning photographer, he was engaged to the station's morning producer who happened to be in the control room at the helm when this live broadcastings going on when this crime unfolded. he's remembered as kind, caring, a beg guy whoftion always sort of like a teddy bear. back to the newsroom now. we can talk about the social
6:38 am
media aspect of this from the gunman did and posted everything but there's also an incredible outpouring of support and remembrances for alison parker and adam ward let's about are them that way this on the wdbj facebook people from michigan, kentucky, all around the world leaving remembrances telling their colleagues that they stand with them. one last thing to mention to you, on twurt, we all know that we have a strong bond between our viewer and also with our photographer, and also although we don't know the two journalist we are one community. on twitter journalists from around the world are posting picture pictures saying we stand with wdbj saying we're not afraid to be journalists stand united with them. >> teresa priolo downstairs teresa thank you very much. juliet: moving on now fox means business. ben: what will happen on wall street when that ohming bell rings? lauren simonetti joins us from
6:39 am
the fox business studio. >> i'm in the wrong color. it is all green everywhere we look today. finally it is okay juliet check your 401(k) check it today. you'll be okay. i know you haven't wanted to do it. yesterday stock market bounced biggest in the dow to the upside 619 points. it did not fizzle at the close like the day before fortunately. and we have followed through this morning in asia stock markets up china 5% in europe about 2% in the u.s. about one and a half two percent when markets do open. does this meenl everything is, you know, in the clear for now? absolutely not. volatility is still -- back, and back in a big way. we have a report on how fast our economy grew so if that's positive with all of the positive reports we had stateside this week, maybe folks will say all right the u.s. is okay. we have a major official meeting throughout today an the weekend
6:40 am
that's key as well. ben: guessing that that -- hook will happen a little bit later than perhaps thought -- rming that's what new york president said basically yesterday dudley. >> lauren lawrp for us thanks very much. catch lauren on fbnam go to fox >> channel finder. >> straight for the. over to mike. >> on this thursday morning we have our temperatures starting off in the 60s. 50s out there too but a picture perfect weather setup for us here as we wrap up this week here and then it is beginning to turn a little more humid into the weekend especially on sunday that's when humidity starting to make that comeback here. next chance of rain isn't until monday into tuesday. there will be looking at rain but for the next three days don't have anything to complain about unless you want rain. then i'm sure we'll hear it be. anyhow here comes ines we have
6:41 am
accidents everywhere. what's happening, ines? >> a lot going on this morning. your commute some of the accidents cleared away although delays on gwb60 minutes lower level. lincoln tunnel 30. holland fine. cameras take a look at your commute on long island expressway in queens. cross island parkway good westbound and eastbound no delays this morning. as for trains everything on or close to schedule. ben and juliet. >> thank you. all right youtube launching a its own streaming game site and becoming competitor with the other sites.
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call 1-800-341-9716. >> 6:44 checking headlines for you mourning loss of a reporter and photographer from a virginia television station they were shot and killed while on live tv yesterday. the gunman a former employee later shot and killed himself. >> the nypd is setting up a new unit to patrol times square. their job, to keep an eye on the costume character and topless women who hustled women for money and nothing to do with the counterterrorism unit that is already there. ferght best day on wall street yesterday in seven years. dow jumped 619 point.
6:45 am
stocks had tumbled previous 6 days losing about the chiengdz economy. china main index rebounded this morning storing more than 5%. >> pay attention kraft hines is recalling more than 2 million pounds of turkey bacon. >> i enjoy turkey bacon. products may spoil before their best buy date. >> affects oscar mayer branded turkey bacon. select uncured sold in 56 ounce cardboard bocks and smoke cured turkey chopped and formed. >> sold in 48, and 36 ounce boxings those are big boxes of bacon. rooght? >> smoked -- chopped and formed. >> all recall products with a f0970 inside health officials have not confirmed reports of anybody getting sick but issued recall on its own after getting sol complaints.
6:46 am
>> microsoft new system is running on 75 million devices that's less than a month after a its official release. microsoft sayings free upgrade is running in 192 countries on plethora of devices including those made as early as 2007. company is hoping to get woingdz ten on a billion devices within next few years. >> video game players and a pc gamers live stream on the apparently. website twitch is popular for that. but youtube hot on heels launched, quote, youtube gaming. >> you can sit there and watch people play video games. >> that's the general point which i don't understand. >> if you're a gaming fanatic you see the competition. don't you have better things like play your game yourself or go outside. you're to be says gaming videos account for billions that's right i'm judgeing this story,
6:47 am
and most watched uploader is swedish gaming commentator. sounds like a swedish app. [laughter] all right duke is off. we needed a chuckle this morning we have your sports. >> mets are beating up on teams like phillies. >> yeah, juliet. highlighted that before for me. third of four games down last night. once again mets get going early. top of the first already 2-0 mirk el single right. right there, and then in come michael and quickly 3-0 new york. if bartolo on parking the mound seven scoreless innings striking out nine. a 4-0 game, and the lead to two-run shot to left. 40th home run mets make it 6 in a row. 9-4 the final. >> well not so --
6:48 am
successful the yankees held a 6 and a half game lead in the american league. 24 games later all gone down hill. yankees wrapping up three game series with the astros. this is just not been a good series pl making his first start july 24th and not sharp. up to 2nd tacks deep panetta allowed three in four innings. down five in thetivity and the way they've been swinging it no comeback. chris young swinging with five hits on the day and 5-2 game in the 8th. goes deep again, and final is 6-2. >> part of one of the most dominant defensive lines in football and yesterday ended his career in the nfl, the same way it began. as a member of big blue. the giants signed to a one-day contract and yesterday he said good-bye to the game.
6:49 am
after a 12 seasons. nothing like winning in new york. nothing look losing here, that's horrible. but winning here is truly an amazing experience. >> won two super bowl titles with the giants. >> how much do you think that one-day contract was or for? >> like a dollar. something leak that. all right, this old school rivalry between shaquille o'neal and kobe bryant may be over. they're talking about the few that developed when they were teammates on lakers made a podcast set to air monday. two were teammates from 1996 to 2004, an they won three championships together before they split. and o'neal, of course, went down to miami. in the podcast they expressed regrets and held hands. they cried, laughed a lot of things were said out of the heat of the moment. briern says now that he's older he said, quote, i was an idiot when i was a kid. so --
6:50 am
for the record juliet your o's not so great. >> i believe that was a yes. >> yeah. when the last time was that baltimore won a world series. i think it has been couple of decades. [laughter] may or may not have been alive. >> they've been questions and your phillies, i knew that would get it. [laughter] >> they're going to go at it. going a little ameba. >> popcorn an watch that. good morning. let show you what we have as you step out the door. not bad at all. 67 central park. 64 newark, nice and cool and fresh around the tristate not a cloud. maybe clouds around tristate but nothing that is producing rain. light showers in way of new york over new hampshire and vermont that is where you find showers. weather focus with erika. which is a tropical storm with 50 miles per hour winds. forecast to head through the
6:51 am
caribbean close to puerto rico and kirks we have to watch it could be making a threat to the southeast. atlantic a little bit later on. next week, but for us today for a while we've got sun n skies high temps in low 80s for next few days, and also the "fox 5 ny" weather app at the apple itunes and google play store there for you to download for free. check it out, and we will feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> welcome back this morning the commute is doing okay. we have earlier problems but for the most part dealing with normal delays on l.i.e. approaching queens boulevard. cross bronx approaching bronx river parkway. accident on upper level and that caused problems 60 minute delays upper level. lincoln tunnel not a bad option 20 toe 30 inbound. holland with a 10 to 15 delay. juliet and ben. >> thank you ines. [laughter] juliet. >> trying to get it out. what is the worst thing he's ever done. a conversation going on for couple of days whiewl you think -- first seems like captain derek
6:55 am
jeter told president obama at a fundraiser that last november he played jeter in a round of golf and jeter was shanking ball >> where so he asked how long he had been playing he said two weeks. obama gave him a handicap and a cash bet needless to say, president obama was lighter at the end of the day and had to take a picture of him giving money to jeter. confessed to cheating on his wife and addicted to porn now josh duggar into rehab. the post calls it a, quote, long journey towards wholeness and recovery. it didn't say where or what kind of fig m he's getting last week 27-year-old apologized saying he was biggest hypocrite ever after a reports surfaced surfaced that he was subscriber to hacked cheating website ashley madison. duggar admitted to molesting underaged girls including two of his own sisters.
6:56 am
and taylor swit, obviously, is a fan performing duet of the classic sitcom song, smelly cat. take a listen. yep that is lisa who played on friends bringing smelly cat back this time to a sold outside staples center last night. lyric if you couldn't understood them obl not their favorite pet. not with noses you watch friends you love this song. a class feck some of the original and crowd loved it. officials in los angeles are playing blame game over a loud party by chloe kardashian after she set off a fireworks display after a midnight on tuesday. sheriff's department is blaming coast guard because the display set off in its jurisdiction but coast guard says any noise sheriff's office. >> who was in charge saying it was okay to do that?
6:57 am
>> sounds like management company of the kardashians told o the coast guard who told the sheriff, and they're all just -- rk a ferment to set off fireworks. >> they didn't address it people were scared thought there was maybe an attack. >> definitely. at midnight yeah. thank you.
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