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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 27, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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next. >> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> good day, new york, thursday, august 27th. i'm rosanna scotto. >> i'm greg kelly. weather's going to be very, very nice, like a fo, and zi day, cool, not cold. >> everybody talking about that shocking tragedy, a reporter and cameraman gunned down on live tv in virginia. >> and the gunman, a disgruntled former employee with a history of trouble at the workplace. there he is, and his family is now speaking out, by the way. >> a wild fight onboard a jetblue plane that arrived at jfk from jamaica. a passenger was slashed, several others were pepper sprayed in the commotion.
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>> all right. also you heard about the new ladies -- nude ladies in times square and sometimes the troublesome costume characters? more cops will be on patrol. >> by the way, there was some guy yesterday with everything hanging out. >> i don't believe it, some guy was walking around? >> with everything hanging out. a male version with just paint on. >> i believe that is against the law. below the waist, below the belt, against the law. all right, more cops on duty. so, rosanna and is i had a pretty cool outing yesterday. we went to cryo therapy. you get into a freezing pox -- pox -- -- freezing box. >> they freeze the heck out of you. >> it's kind of wild. you came out kind of feeling energized -- [laughter] >> rosanna, it's 150 degrees below zero. >> i know. >> rosanna, by the way, do me a favor.
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hit that special music that i asked for, okay? >> uh-oh. [laughter] >> it looks like she's trying out for an r-rated movie. [laughter] huh? >> oh, stop it now. you have to think crazy thoughts to stay in there. >> it might have been cold, but rosanna's looking hot, hot, hot. [laughter] >> oh, my god. those are really like -- they are a little like x-rated. >> no, r-rated. [laughter] >> i'm telling you -- >> i'm going to kill you. what the heck? >> number one, i'm proud of the pictures that i took. i mean, i kind of saw it as, whoa, she looks great in there. [laughter] seriously. >> well, first of all, it really is not what you seem -- [laughter] you're just trying to stay warm, right? >> oh, yeah. how did you figure out -- [laughter] this stuff? >> mauro was in there, you were this there, jessica, rosa, joanna and some other guy. it was, like -- right? [laughter]
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>> yeah. >> it was, like, definitely -- but they tell you, sing, talk -- >> we're just admiring these photographs. [laughter] >> all right. no more photographs. [laughter] >> anyway, you know, i have the same kind of photographs of you in -- >> yeah, not that hot. [laughter] all right. >> anyway -- >> we're going to meet the owner of the joint. joanna and rosa, did you get the facial too? they kind of freeze your face a little bit. >> the works. it's a little on the pricey side, but it's worth thinking about. >> mike, if you have aches and pains, it immediately gets rid of them. >> probably because your focus is elsewhere, right? [laughter] >> you're fighting off hypothermia, the last thing on your mind was your aching back. >> we were goading greg. so, mr. marine, can you stay in there for three minutes? >> i hate it when civilians use
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that against me. >> i want to know more about it. >> you'll find out coming up. >> all right. let's get you out the door here, show you what's happening weather wise. we've got a cooler start to today, not that cold, but temps just going back to normal here, dropping down into mainly the 50s and 60s, and the dew points are lower as well. we've got a temperature of 67 degrees out at central park, 56 in sussex, 55 in monticello, so not bad with the temperatures. here's the dewpoint be numbers, sitting in the mid 50s, 58 dees in islip, 54 in central park, only 52 in belmar. the air's not so loaded up with moisture, so it's a lot more comfortable. there are no challenges weather wise. we've got a mainly clear sky here and throughout the northeast, as a matter of fact, with what high pressure in control. -- with high pressure in control.
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cold front moves through, so now we don't have any problems weather wise, a few high clouds working through from the northwest to the southeast, continuing for the next couple days as high pressure holds tight for a little while. as we get into the weekend, it'll shift offshore. still a few more days of this nice weather coming at us. sunny skies making it up to 76 or so by noon, high temp, 81 tomorrow and then temps getsing up into the mid to upper 80s next week. humidity makes a comeback too. i tell you, this commute this morn, we've had some problems, right, ines? >> good morning. first of all, manhattan, the west side highway southbound there's a stall by 96th street, so expect delays on the harlem river.
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construction wrapped up, so you have delays left over, residual delays eastbound, traffic -- it's kind of a combination of the construction days. bradley avenue slow westbound, that was running a little bit late. you can see bit of a delay. take a look at the george washington bridge, there's an accident past the toll plaza this morning on upper level, left a 45 minute delay as you head towards the upper level. the lincoln tunnel traveling into the city, that's a normal 30 minute delay, not bad. the holland tunnel, 10-15. >> thank you very much. so it was a regular morning news live show, we've seen them a thousand times a. reporter and a cameraman interviewing a woman, then a murder. and the murder was caught and shown on television. >> you talk about lye reality tv, it didn't get any more live and reality after that one. unfortunately, allison parker
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and her photographer, adam ward, were killed. allison 24, adam 27 years old. terrible. >> the gunman worked at the news station where they did at one point. he went by bryce williams on air. he had a lot of problems. robert moteses has more. >> greg and rosanna, good morning. allison parker and adam ward worked together each morning to inform and entertain, and by all accounts they did both quite well. the sheriff remembered them fondly from an interview that he did with them just tree weeks ago. 24 hours after their deaths, it is still hard to believe what happened. >> al soften. >> good morning -- >> as the sun rose, wdbj viewers awoke to allison parker telling them a story as she did each morning. adam ward was behind the camera. it was a story about tourism. >> to provide a better experience -- >> we won't show you what came next. gunshots on live television,
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screams from parker and then horror from the anchor in the studio who had just witnessed her colleagues getting murdered. the woman parker had been interviewing, vicki gardener, was injured. >> not sure what happened there. >> as ward's camera toppled to the ground, it captured this image of the gunman, later identified as vester lee flanagan, a disaffected former reporter who was fired in 2013. flanagan posted video of the shooting on facebook and twitter. we will only show you this still image. he also railed against his former colleagues, parker and ward, on facebook. in an extraordinary show of composure and heart, the journalists and general manager at wdbj had to wipe tears from their eyes at one moment and at the next, do what they're trained to do: cover a huge story. this one, though, was about their beloved coworkers. >> we have determined through the help of the police and our
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employees that allison and adam died this morning. >> a short time after the shooting, a 23-page document, part manifesto, part suicide note apparently from flanagan, arrived as abc news here in new york. in it, flanagan described himself as a human powder dell waiting to go boom. flanagan shot and killed himself scene. the station had many problems with flanagan during his time there. >> after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him, and he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> flanagan's family released this statement read by a representative. >> it is with heavy hearts and deep sadness we express our deepest condolences to the families of allison parker and adam ward. we are also praying for the
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recovery of vicki gardener. >> if there's anything remotely hopeful about this story, it is this: vicki gardener is in stable condition, and she is expected to make a full physical recovery. but as a witness to the deaths of two people just feet away, emotionally she likely will never be the same. greg and rosanna. >> robert moses, thanks very much. much more on this story now. the two victims, a 24-year-old reporter, 27-year-old cameraman, they were just getting their start in this industry. both were engaged to be married to fellow employees of that station. >> allison parker's father and boyfriend spoke to fox news last night. that's where teresa priolo picks up this part of the story. >> good morning, everyone. that is this interview with megyn kelly of chris hearst and her father, andy parker, and they told the world what viewers know all too well, that allison
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was a fantastic journalist who loved this job, and she loved working each and every day with adam ward. they also talked about being numb from their grief. >> that's the toughest thing for me, that she -- everybody that she touched loved her, and she loved everybody back. >> in the midst of unbearable grief, andy parker wants the world to know his daughter allison, just 24 years old, was a bright light, a young journalist just beginning to explore all of life's beautiful possibilities. >> she texted me, good night, sweet boy, and that was the last i heard from her. >> wdbj's evening anchor and her boyfriend is remembering her as kind, gentle and talented. >> andy and i have been trying to be strong today because we felt it was our duty to allison because she was a journalist, and this is what she would have wanted us to do, share her story.
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>> allison's story started like so many, moving up the broadcast ladder by going from tv station to tv station. she was seen as versatile and determined, a woman who hoped to be a national reporter someday, and adam ward, bubbly and bear like. >> best way to describe him, i guess, was a giant teddy bear. he was just this guy that was just the sweetest guy. he was always willing to help you out and do anything to help you. >> he was engaged to the morning producer who watched the horrific scene unfold from the control room. melissa ott released a statement saying in part: i'm not okay, and i won't be for a long time. adam, i will never find such a man like you. you were the one. you understood me. my soul mate. i will always love you. >> now, there is a strong social media component here not only when we talk about the suspect and how he posted everything online as robert was mentioning earlier, but there's also a huge
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outpouring of support on twitter and facebook for these journalists and for the wdbj community. this is just a few of the viewer posts on their facebook page, people from and michigan, all around the world, all across virginia offering their condolences and their prayers to the colleagues at wdbj. and then also i want to show you this, and this is quite important. there's a hashtag trending now, we stand with wdbj, journalists from around the country posting pictures, sharing, again, their condolences and thoughts. many also saying i am not afraid to be a journalist today, many talking about doing their own jobs today while remembering these two. back to you in the studio. >> teresa, we appreciate that. the killer, by the way, a former tv news reporter, and he engineered this crime to maximize his audience. he actually was wearing a goprocamera, was holding a gopro camera. he put this -- >> i know.
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he posted this horrifying video. i don't know if you looked at it. i wish i didn't look at it because it's just, like, it's haunting me all day. but moments after the shooting he took to social media to document his violence. >> he was also praising people over the past couple of months, people like the young man responsible for the virginia tech massacre and the recent church shooting in shaq? >> -- >> in south carolina? >> right. and also he went on twitter, and he said that allison made racist comments about him. adam went to hr on heaven -- on me after working with me one time. eeoc report file bed, you know? he went to twitter to make his case. experts say there may also have been another reason why he did this. >> he knew how to use social media to perhaps even become the star in his own mind that he never became, you know? working in tv. >> lots of pictures he posted on
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his personal web sites, and these are from are, like, 20 years ago. he flirted with acting -- >> he was a model, yeah. anyway, at one point he was actually a high-paid companion. >> according to him. all right. more on this story in a little bit. really, really tough stuff. back to our area, remember that missing boat off the coast of new jersey? they're still looking for it, and now they're look for the captain, thomas anderson, the captain of the fishing boat, and he has been missing as well. initially, there were conflicting reports about whether or not -- >> he was on it, yeah. >> -- all were accounted for. >> so he's been minneapolis missing since -- missing since tuesday, they found the 40-foot trawler el jefe yesterday off the coast of sandy hook, but divers stopped looking for captain anderson because of the dangerous currents. police believe he was alone on the boat when it went down, and unfortunately, he has not been heard from from since. >> okay. back to times square.
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the topless women, the costume characters, the police department. they're taking notice, and this became a huge story, what, about >> yeah. >> they've announced that they are adding cops to times square. >> all right. here's a live look right now. their job is to address quality of life issues and build a relationship with the businesses in that area. they would have nothing to do with the counterterrorism unit that's already stationed in times square. last week mayor de blasio suggested moving the pedestrian plazas, something they're mulling right now. but the presidents of the times square alliance call the new police unit, quote, a great development. >> yeah. he really wants to keep those plazas, and some people thought it was offensive, wait a second, we're going to get rid of the entire plaza? >> the other thing was they were concerned they'd go somewhere else, union square, battery park, and what do you do? do you keep taking up pedestrian plazas? >> so those plazas steam seem to
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be a hit. mostly popular. in the meantime, it's time for the weather. >> let's talk, mike. >> show you what's going on from this point toward. looks like, actually, some good looking, comfortable weather. picture-perfect weather to finish off this workweek with sunny skies and low humidities. the humidity i does turn back up, but not until we get into next week, and it looks like your chances at rain holds off until early next week as well. time off in terms of mother nature or challenging us with anything not so great around the tristate. 67 at central park, 63 in bridgeport and islip, 69 in montauk and 56 in sussex. we have a mainly clear sky here now, and it should be nice and dry throughout the day as we expand the view out. cold front came through a couple of days ago, now it looks pretty good for us and, yeah, high pressure's in control. we'll keep it nice and high and dry for the day here today. high temp goes up to 82 degrees this afternoon.
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81 is your high tomorrow, 85 on saturday. really not a lot happening until sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, then the humidity comes back. maybe a few low 90s here and there, and our next best chance at rain comes to us on tuesday of next week. let's get you to ines rosales, and we've had some issues popping up. what do things look like now? >> good morning, mike. nassau county, no issues on the lie, do have a stall on the springbrook at westchester right by with route 100b southbound. you have a lane blocked. let's go to our cameras, take a look at the garden state parkway, this is by exit 137 northbound, a multicar accident has at least two lanes closed there. on the southbound side, could see some rubber necking delays, but so far they're pretty minority. train screens, running on or close to schedule, everything, so is looking pretty good. >> thank you very much.
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how did that ice cold therapy make you feel today? >> today i feel okay, but yesterday i really felt reenergized. >> we stepped into a phone booth that had its temperatures at 140 degrees below zero and somehow lived to tell about it. >> it really was something else. who thought that three minutes could feel like three hours, right? >> hey, jim, turn the camera to the right. down who's in town? sully sullenberger, the guy who landed on hudson river? movie. sully in real life, i think, lived in california. not on the upper west side. >> it's a ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa. another episode? definitely. we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? call time warner cable to get the internet speed you need.
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>> i believe that's grant's time. >> is he in there? >> who is buried in grant's time? it was a trick question, rosanna. >> i know. >> why? tell us why? >> because i don't believe he's buried in there. >> tell me more. >> is he buried nearby? >> okay, rosanna, the trick worked on you. >> okay. >> so it's a mausoleum. not buried. >> oh -- >> i think i that's what they're getting at. >> gotcha. i said he wasn't buried there. >> well, buried implies -- >> underneath.
7:23 am
>> have you made your postmortem plans? >> i haven't, but i'm mulling it around. i'm thinking cremation might be news. and a party, a disco party. >> and maybe a grave slightly smaller than that. >> yeah. >> you'd like to make a statement. >> no, i don't want to -- i want to go with my family wherever they go, you know what i mean? i don't want to be left out. a.-- [laughter] did you hear what happened on jetblue yesterday? >> there was a borderline riot onboard a flight from jamaica destined for jfk. >> two women got into it just before 9:00 yesterday morning. a woman tried to climb over another female passenger because, you know, sometimes those aisles are a little tough. the two women began tighting, and then a male -- fighting, and then a male passenger tried to break it up. he ended up getting slashed with an eyebrow razor. the younger of the two women pulled out pepper spray, she used it. at least seven people needed to
7:24 am
be treated for breathing issues. both women are facing charges. how did she get the pepper spray onboard, by the way? >> that guy on long island who was adjusting red light cameras allegedly? there he is, from ronkonkoma, he doesn't like those, so he went around with a stick adjusting them, turning the camera pointing to the sky -- >> some people are calling him the red light rob aren hood of long island -- robin hood. >> some people think he's just a big mouth and, you know, possibly endangered lives. >> well, he's speaking out. he told newsday that he did tamper with the lights, but he did it for a reason. he says the tickets from the cameras are just a money grab. he was arrested after he posted a how-to video on youtube -- >> here he is, i think, pointing -- using a stick to adjust the red light camera. ines, nobody likes to pay a ticket, but i've gotten nailed,
7:25 am
and guess what? it got me going through -- well, actually, i was rushing the yellow. it's very unsafe. >> i've got a lawyer for you, by the way. anyway, if this guy is found guilty, he could spend a year or more behind bars. >> all right, joe biden, a lot of talk about him getting into the presidential race. apparently, he's thinking about it, but he might have serious reservations. he said during a conference call he's reported to have said he lacks the emotional fuel the, quote, emotional fuel to run for president are. remember, he just lost his son. >> i know. mrs. clinton says she understands. >> i understand, joe, please don't run. [laughter] >> she got a key endorsement from the agriculture secretary. she talked about the possibility of mr. biden entering the race. >> i just want him to reach whatever he thinks is right decision is, and he has to do that. and it has to be a really, really hard one. and i was at his son's funeral.
7:26 am
i mean, i cannot even imagine the grief and the heartbreak. >> anyway, mrs. clinton says if joe biden decides to run, she's going to keep campaigning. >> let's take a look at joe biden again. he's been in the united states senate since 1972, and before he was actually sworn in, after election day, he lost his wife and one of his sons in a car crash. he's been through a lot. ran for president before, it did not work out, in 1988 and 2008. >> i like him. >> what do you think? >> he's a little goofy. [laughter] you know what i mean? something about him. there's car crashes around him, he trips, there's always something goofy around him. >> says stuff he's not supposed to say. he could work here! >> he gets caught on camera dropping the f-bomb -- >> when did that? oh, that's right. this is a big blanking deal. >> yeah. >> all right. jim east looking -- jim's looking at a sailboat. we'll be right back.
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been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> early morning runners, i think, on the west side. >> i have to tell you, what a
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day to be outside. it's got a nice cool start to it. it feels like fall is on the way. do you feel it? >> not really. i'm kind of of oblivious to the weather. >> you are? >> yeah. >> i'm, like, i'm very sensitive to it. >> you're very sensitive about a lot of things. >> i am. [laughter] >> although not to the cold weather. shall we show those one more time? >> no, we shouldn't show those pictures anymore -- >> oh, rosanna. >> you know, television really cold, and i -- it was really cold, and i hate the cold worth. so to get into that vat of frozen air, but they said, you know, it's good to recharge you. i felt that. >> here's what we're talking about -- >> it's good for your aches and pains, i felt that. they said -- some people use it, demi moore thinks it makes her look younger. i'll try that. >> this is what we're talking about, and do me a favor, play that sexy donna summer music again. >> we don't need that.
7:31 am
>> you ridding? -- are you kidding? i did not look as alluring. keep in mind, it's 140 degrees below zero, and look how she's coping -- >> i'm screaming, actually. i'm so glad that you don't hear my voice because there was a lot more screams to that. >> huh? >> i've got pictures of you -- >> the music. ecstasy. i didn't know you liked it -- >> you see my iphone? >> yo, you can't. >> can you see my iphone? >> this takes a little bit of -- >> i should have thought about that. >> leave it alone. put it down. >> you look like you're in ecstasy in this picture. >> you can't see anything. >> oh -- i'll tweet it. follow me. [laughter] follow me me rosannascott toe, and i will be tweeting and instagraming -- oh, my, this is some sultry picture.
7:32 am
>> rosanna does get a lot more likes. what are you looking for when you tweet? follows. thank you. mean meantime, mike woods, one of the most popular men in new york. >> i'll put something -- >> i've been getting that little thing. just take off your clothes later anyway. >> that sounds good to me. >> he'll do it by himself. >> mike is an exhibitionist. >> all right, we're going to get you out the door. you're right, rosanna, it's one of those mornings where are you can open up the doors, the windows, let the fresh air in after a long, hot summer. here's what we see on average though, actually, you know what? here's one of the interesting bits of information. the average low that we have this time of year, 67, that's what we have right now. it's not that we have cooler than normal temperatures, we should see cooler temps at this time of the year. 81's the average high, we're going to be pretty close on that number as well. right now we've got 66 out at newark, 63 in bridgeport and
7:33 am
islip, 69 in montauk and 55 in monticello. we're looking at a pretty decent sky condition here, not much going on with the clouds at all. looks pretty good altogether, and it looks like a quiet day coming. we will be checking out the tropics, we have tropical storm erika still out there, maximum sustained winds gusting up to 63, affecting places like st. martin and st. bart's, and it will continue to head to the west as time goes on but hook nor more to the north, coming pretty close to puerto rico, and then it starts to head earlying this weekend, by saturday morning, to about turks and caicos. it's crossing through that area, then the bahamas, and then it heads towards the southeast u.s. it could be affecting florida or perhaps georgia, the carolinas. that's where it should be heading early next week as a category one hurricane. we have to watch that very closely, because the forecast track still has the potential to change quite a bit over the next
7:34 am
few days, could go anywhere within that blue range. again, that's a little ways off. at this point it looks like it would be strengthening but on the slower side next week. for us here, no worries for quite a while. we'll head up to 82 degrees later on this afternoon, and as we go through the next seven days, a high of 81 tomorrow, then 85 on saturday, 88 on sunday into monday as well. that's when the humidity is coming back, and the shower chances will be picking up at around that time too. now let's bring you to ines rosales and see what the biggest back-ups are at this point in time. >> good morning, mike. there was a problem here on the lie, there was an stent as you approached, that's been cleared away. grand central parkway had a car fire eastbound by the clearview, that is gone. stall on the fdr drive, that's brocking a lane there. -- blocking a lane there. report ares of a jackknifed tractor-trailer, let's take a
7:35 am
look at the garden state parkway northbound, traffic slow as you are approaching exit 137, two lanes are blocked with a crash. west side highway over in the 15 0s, that stall at 96th, a stall on the fdr by 96 so a little sluggish. traffic starts to slow down as you make your way towards 100th. george washington bridge, 45 minutes on the upper level, there was an earlier accident past the toll plaza, 30 minutes on the lower. lincoln tunnel, about a 45-60 15-20. >> thank you. so a little more than 24 hours ago, so shocking, a reporter and a cameraman shot during a live television news broadcast. there's the, there are the victims. >> yeah. allison parker on your left and adam ward. allison was 24, adam 27. they were both killed. they were interviewing vicki gardener, who you just saw. she was wounded. the gunman now identified, this
7:36 am
guy, vester lee flanagan, a the same station. he took video of himself while murdering the two journalist, and then he posted it on twitter and facebook, and then he killed himself. his checkered work history included a number of unsubstantiating complaints about his coworkers. >> this happened during the morning broadcast yesterday. they're on air this morning, wdbj, and this is, this is what they're talking about. >> this is a newscast like none other. we come to you this morning with very heavy hearts. two of our own were shot and killed during a live shot yesterday morning. allison parker and adam ward were part of our family here at the station, and many of you have told us how much they were day. we cannot express to you how much your love and support has meant to us over the last 24 hours, and to help us out with our coverage this morning -- >> tough to go on after something like that.
7:37 am
>> i know. you know, we all work together. sometimes we spend more time with our colleagues at work sometimes than our own family members, you know? >> and when you're out on a story like that if you watch the video and, sanaa, we reget that we watched -- regret that we watched it. you can be oblivious to your surroundings. this man had approached and had spent several seconds pointing a gun -- >> yeah. and it took a little time before they realized there was a gun aimed at them. i wish i didn't see that video because it just haunted me all night. >> our thoughts and prayers with the family. folks, we have to go on to other issues. >> let's do some good news. >> well, mixed news. the economy, stock market, the wild ride has, well, it's stopped being so -- >> wednesday we had the best dow closing since 2011. >> okay. but till up and downs, and what is going on in asia? because that's what -- from what i'm hearing on tv, that's a key
7:38 am
element in all this. allison morris, finance major from yale, and coffers business for us in the -- covers business for us in the nighttime news. >> everyone got excited yesterday, you think 620 points, you go to bed last night a, the stock markets in asia shot up 5%. not so tsa. we're hearing reports that towards the end of the day in china things got crazy because the government went in and said we're not going to let the stock is market close down, we're going to buy a bunch of tough and boost it up. >> oh. >> that's not an indication that things in china are better. things here were better. we had good news. if you guys haven't heard of bill dudley, he's the president to have new york fed. yesterday he came out and said -- there he is -- he came out and said, you know what? i think a rate hike looks less compelling, and the markets here loved that because we just need a little bit of direction about what is going on -- >> okay. why shouldn't the chinese get can help from their government? >> excellent point, but the
7:39 am
problem here is they have been getting a lot of help from their government all year long in the stock market, and there's really support. it's kind of like a wizard of oz situation, what's the real economic situation? >> we had that problem back in -- [laughter] everybody's worried about china having that problem, could be an issue. how are we looking today? okay. up. doesn't matter how they open, close. >> can we see that bill dudley guy one more time? raising his hand there. tell us more about this dude. >> he's the head of the fed here in thy. >> does he know what he's doing? >> a lot of people think he does. he's someone who has an impact on what's going on. he did not say is, however, that the fed has made any decisions, but people want to know what the fed is thinking, what could happen in september f we could see interest rates, and he's like i don't know if i want to raise are. people don't know what to do. if they don't know what our economic climate is going to be,
7:40 am
if they don't know what's coming next, so that was a little helpful. i should tell you this, hanging out in jackson hole, wyoming with, this week, a lot of economic brains are there, >> all right. i hope they know what they're doing. good luck, mr. dudley and all of his friends. >> allison mayor sis -- >> thank you so much for explaining that. did you see the newborn pandas? one of them died. >> that's too bad. apparently, the mama bear had very little interest in this one little cub -- >> oh, no, they were trying -- i heard the workers there were working round the clock to make sure that she bonded with her two cubs. they were born about five hours apart on saturday. the do keepers were -- zookeepers were concerned about the smaller cub's weight, but they say the remaining cub is strong and nursing regularly, and they're very optimistic about its future. >> meanwhile, if you can't make it down to d.c., go up to the
7:41 am
bronx zoo and check out the gorillas. there's a huge story in "the new york times" about the mating rituals up at the bronx zoo. they're doing just find thereupon. >> they are? they're mating? [laughter] >> particularly the head la. all right. jim, looks like you're over a body of water and featuring another boat. where are ya? >> we are over the east river. this boat is coming down the east river just about to go underneath the ed koch greensboro bridge. >> remember when we jet skied? you can jet ski all the way up the east river. by the way, the water is quite clean. >> and the day we went it really was not too choppy, and there weren't many currents, so we lucked out. but you've got to go with somebody who's experienced. don't start going around the statue of liberty. >> we had a guide. we didn't drink beers with them until after -- >> good move. good day's coming right back.
7:42 am
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feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> know what i mean? >> yeah. >> all right, jim, we kept him on a little assignment, to find one of the coolest rooftop bars in town, the peninsula hotel.
7:45 am
i think you might be right over it, jim. did you find it yet? >> we are almost there. need a few more seconds -- >> why do you like the peninsula rooftop? >> oh, it's just got a great view. the prices are ridiculous, actually, sorry. >> do they have a pool up there too? >> i think they have a mini pool, you know what i mean? >> ooh, that's nice. >> what else? i actually met david blaine up there, he did some magic tricks for us. >> what was he doing? >> he was hanging out. >> did he get a spa treatment? they have a really nice spa there. >> this was definitely post-work cocktail scene. >> gotcha. >> what else can we talk about? >> we can talk about what a lovely day it is. it's 7:45 in the morning. no. and you feel better because of that ice cold treatment you got yesterday? >> i have to tell you, i do feel a little better. i feel less foggy, if that's possible -- [laughter] i think the mind is like, you know, a little bit more sharper today. >> all right.
7:46 am
go today. go every day. >> you know what? i think that we're going to find out, we're going to talk to the people, and there are people who go just about every day. >> we got into a chamber that was 140 degrees zero. it felt kind of good. >> you let me know whether he pleasure. >> it was border ryan agony at times. mike woods, what's happening? >> the cooler temps are back, the drier air, nice and comfortable on this thursday morning. poughkeepsie, 58, same thing in allentown, 69 in montauk with a mainly clear sky throughout the region. dewpoints are a in a comfortable range, most of us in the mid 50s or so. not bad, not bad at all. mainly clear sky here and beyond, things look pretty good. high pressure's in control. there's the front that kicked up at least a few scattered storms a couple of days ago, but now it's not an issue at all taking you through the future cast.
7:47 am
we get the northwest flow keeping our temperatures at bay, high temps in the low 80s for the next couple days, only thing moving through should be a few high clouds, and that would be about it. mostly sunny today, nice and dry. high temp up to 82 today. 81's your high tomorrow and 85 on saturday. by the way, the fox 5ny weather app is at the appleitunes store and google play store is. it comes in handy, download it for free right now. also want to say happy birthday to star, it's star's birthday, 6 years old. there you go -- she's growing up quick, right? happy birthday. all right, greg, i'm taking a look at your little -- [laughter] >> isn't it funny? >> wow. [laughter] >> he looks like he was enjoying it. all right, check it out. rosanna scotto on twitter. staten island expressway, pockets of delays here. of it's just slow this morning. just moving slow, no accidents.
7:48 am
pretty much as you head towards the verrazano bridge, garden state parkway jammed approaching exit 138, there's two lanes closed, multicar accident can. closing the 59th -- crossing the 59th street bridge, no problems. as for the bqe, always slow heading in that direction. if you're traveling on the gowanus, of course, you have delays heading toward the bqe. as for the trains, everything running on or close to schedule. >> good news, the mets just keep beating up on teams like philadelphia. >> they are six and a half games out in front, first place. there they are this philly. the score was 9-4. the mets, by the way, they've hit 40 home runs as a team this month. that ties a franchise record. in the history of the mets -- >> the yankees need to wake up a little bit because a month ago the yankees held a six-and-a-half game lead in the
7:49 am
american league east, and in a matter of 24 games, they have seen that lead disappear. they lost to houston last night, 6-2, the final. there's at least another 60 games -- first mace. >> they can do it. >> all right. let's see for dr. raj. >> hello, doc. >> hello. >> what'd you think about cryo -- >> i didn't get to see a lot of it. i just saw some gorgeous [laughter] how long were you in there for? >> that's it. >> wow, in an ice cold box -- >> it was like a sauna that they get down to freezing temperatures. >> yeah. >> it's the reverse -- >> i will say if you have any heart issues, you do need to be -- >> you know what? it's interesting that you said that, because she took our blood >> before. >> before. >> rosanna has dangerously low blood pressure. >> i mean, generally low blood pressure is a good thing. >> 80 over 40. >> yeah. that's -- >> well, anybody who works alongside of him -- [laughter]
7:50 am
you need to stay very zen. >> my fault. [laughter] >> let's talk about germ ises in the household and bacteria. the fact that if you have pets in your household, not surprisingly, you do have increased bacteria. researchers from university of colorado boulder analyzed the dust in over 1100 homes, and they found that a those who did contain dogs or cats did have a significantly-increased variety and number of bacteria. interestingly, also found if you had more men in your household, you had more bacteria. so men and pet, is there some correlation there? >> what is the correlation? first of all, everybody has germs and bacteria. >> everyone -- good point. we all have germs on our skin. men actually do have more bacteria on their skin. >> why? >> hair on their arms and -- >> it's not clear, we do know men and women are different, it might be hormonal -- >> maybe they don't wash -- >> they may not be as clean. the point is, the more men, the
7:51 am
more pets, the more bacteria. some bacteria are actually good for us, and we do know actually some studies have shown that households that have pets the children are less likely to develop allergies and asthma, so some exposure to these germs may be a good thing, but it's an interesting study about the bacterial diversity in our homes. >> if you start thinking about the germs, you would be freaked out -- >> you don't want to go too crazy. >> there's probably like a billion living small bugs all over us, right? >> it's true. and when you think about what dust consists of, a lot of it is our dead skin cells -- [laughter] >> that is it, dr. raj. >> anyway, it's not going to kill you, it's just interesting to think about. >> doctor, thank you. >> thank you. >> we're going to take a quick little break. >> the helicopter is up over -- oh, that looks like a cruise ship to me, one heck of one too. >> that is fancy -- >> look at all that stuff.
7:52 am
where do you go?
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> all right. we're getting ready for empire. i'm so psyched for that show to come back.
7:55 am
>> it was a hit last season. what's going on, anna gilligan? >> empire will be back for season two, and you can expect a whole rosterover a-list d roster of a-list guest stars including mariah carey, alicia keyes, a lot more of cookie played by taraji p. hen seven, although -- henson, although producers haven't commented -- >> tearnls howard, meanwhile, i heard there's something happening with him. >> well, where e left him, he's going to prison, so we might see less of him in the role, but they haven't confirmed that's the case. empire premieres on september 23rd here on fox 5. and officials in los angeles are playing the blame game over a loud party by the kardashians. >> best fireworks ever. >> this is after khloe kardashian set off a fireworks display for her boyfriend's birthday party at mid flight on tuesday.
7:56 am
it -- midnight on tuesday. it woke up residents, people were very alarmed. tmz said the coast guard had informed the sheriff on monday by e-mail, and they said they didn't need a permit, but apparently the sheriff's department is blaming the coast guard because the display was set off from a boat -- >> you ever hear fireworks go off in the middle of the night, it feels like we're under attack. it happens in the city a lot -- >> but not like that. that's an elaborate display. >> but if you can't see it, you just hear these sounds and don't know what it is. >> they have fireworks displays routinely all summer long for birthday parties -- >> isn't it 9:30, 10 healthcare? >> it's not midnight. >> boy, it's very loud. >> so now people are saying why was this ever approved in the first place -- come on now. >> people are upset about it. >> thank you, anna.
7:57 am
>> barry burke, happy birthday -- >> it's barry burke. we're just celebrating because he says nice things about us on our fox 5ny facebook page. >> appreciate it. >> all right. good day new york is coming right back. installed as early as today. mom switched. we switched. i switched to time warner cable coming.
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call 1-800-341-9716. greg: almost the end maga, the twenty-seventh. rosanna: let's enjoy these last days and they are beautiful legs days, high and low thes coming days and cool out there right now, it will warm up, mike has the full forecast. greg: the whole country talking about that horrific news story, and news throughout arrested local standard thursday and a murdered on live television apparently by a disgruntled former employee. >> the gunman identified as vester lee flanagan, he worked at the same tv station using the name bryce williams and he took to social media and trade happened. greg: times square, controversy about topless women in those costs and characters, you will
8:01 am
see more cops in times square and their sole responsibility enforcing quality of life issues. >> how do you feel about the pope taking it a drive through central park, or will you have a major inconvenience while he is in town? the archdiocese is considering it. you 9 minutes around september 24th. he will be here for 2-1/2 days. relief asked in and out. philadelphia. >> we won't be horrified by what we are about to show. cryotherapy. i don't know what the science is behind it. it was 140 degrees below zero. rosanna: it is supposed to help your extent patience and revitalize you. >> some celebrities have been doing it. check this out, look at rosanna.
8:02 am
i got to tell you she is the most photogenic woman i know. rosanna: you are taking this out of context. i was freezing. rosanna: greg: you are cold but looking hot. rosanna: i and tweeting pictures of you. there is a fine line between pain and pleasure. greg: let's talk later. to me it looks like that movie from the 70s. rosanna: summer music. rosanna: only 25 people are in a room with me. it was cold on every front. rosanna: you would be content to be with somebody or alive. rosanna: a lot of people want to know what you wear. mike: as disposable underwear. i needed --
8:03 am
>> in case anyone would sneak a peek. >> we will meet the owner of that establishment. rosanna: the who's who goes there. don't want to talk about the people would go there but we know. people from valeries actors. >> it looked like a scene from logan's run. little risque. rosanna: i was trying to stay there for three minutes. i wanted to be there. greg: not allowed to stay in it for more than three minutes. use your -- it can't be bad. what else? >> your imagination. >> a little cool out side. like we had yesterday, temperatures coming back down, as humidity, dewpoint dropping down, feeling more like fall and that is what we have to look
8:04 am
forward to for the next few days, temperatures will be on the lower side and it is pretty comfortable, picture-perfect weather as long as you like a nice and comfortable, dry, that is coming cap-ex we finish the work week and it will turn humid and warmer next week, at least part of the weekend into next week, looks like it will be quite a bit warmer and their next chance of rain isn't here until early next week but will we have out there right now 69 degrees nice and quiet, center par, winds from the northwest at 13 meaning the front has gone by, is out to sea and we're sitting in the 60s, 60 in syracuse, same in pittsburgh, 69 at central park, boston with mainly clear sky and we are going to enjoy plenty of sunshine was dry conditions, a pershing control, there is the front from a couple days ago, now that moisture is forced to the southeast over the mid-atlantic region through the carolinas and so on where most of the moisture is and we don't
8:05 am
have anything to worry about whether wise for a while, 72 by 9:00 a.m. 77 by noon and high 82 it this afternoon, a humidity not a big challenge, tomorrow we make it 81 on saturday, eat sunday, warm temperatures coming through over the weekend. let's switch to ines rosales and see what we have with our commute as of the:05. ines: the commute withchester 684 south bound expect delays as you approach the sawmill, accident blocking a lane, staten island expressway slow toward the verrazzano bridge, traffic backed up almost to martin luther king expressway approaching the not verrazzano bridge. a lot low spots, nothing going on, slow this morning. let's look at your commute on the garden state parkway, and delays by exit 137, multi car accident, lane closed their but
8:06 am
meantime traffic flow northbound, as for the trains everything on or close to schedule. rosanna: we are appealing over the news of the reporter and photographer killed on the air during their morning news in virginia. greg: there are the victims, adam ward on the right, 27 years old, alison parker, reporter, 24 years old, both starting in the industry and engage to be married, vapor killed live on television. the gunman a former television news reporter described as a disgruntled former employee. let's go to robert moses for more. >> reporter: the general manager of the station said they saw the images of the gunman captured by adam ward's camera and recognized vester lee flanagan. that information was passed to the sheriff's office, flanagan would then shoot and kill himself but this story is about adam ward and alison parker and
8:07 am
how they represent all that is good in the industry than they and we love. >> good morning. >> reporter: as the sun rose wdbj viewers awoke to alison parker telling them story as they do each morning. adam ward was behind camera. it is light morning show fair, a story about tourism is >> to provide a better experience. >> reporter: we won't show you what came next, gunshots on why television, screams from alison parker and were from the internet studio who had just witnessed her colleagues getting murdered. the woman parker had been interviewing, vicki gardner was injured. >> not sure what happens. we will let you know as soon as we find out. >> reporter: as word's camera toppled to the ground it acted this image of the gunman identified as vester lee flanagan, a disgruntled reporter who was fired in 2013. also went by the name of bryce williams the cheapest and video on facebook and twitter.
8:08 am
he also railed against his former colleagues, alison parker and adam ward and facebook. the journalists and general manager had to whitey is from their eyes at one moment and in the next do as they were trained to do, cover a huge story. this one was about their beloved co-worker is. >> we have determined to help the police and employees, alison parker and adam ward died this morning. >> reporter: a 23 page document our manifesto, part suicide note from flanagan arrived at abc news in new york. the describe themselves as a cumin powder keg waiting to go boom. flanagan shot and killed himself 200 miles north of the crime scene. jeffrey marx, general manager wdbj said the station had many problems with flanagan during his time there.
8:09 am
>> after many incidents of his anger coming to the 4 we dismissed him. he did not take that wealth. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> reporter: flanagan's family released this statement read by representative. >> with heavy hearts and deep sadness we express our deepest condolences to the families of alison parker and adam ward. we are also praying for the recovery of vicki gardner. >> reporter: garner is in stable condition. is hard enough for journalists to cover murders involving people they never met. it is harder to do the same thing when you know and love the victim. that is what the journalists at wdbj have done and they have done a beautiful job. greg: we will stay on this for a little bit. what were they like? adam ward and alison parker, let's hear from their families as well. rosanna: teresa priolo has that
8:10 am
part of the story. >> reporter: their families and fathers and boyfriends, the wdbj web site is dedicated to adam ward and alison parker and their tv colleagues returned to the air numb, holding hands, crying to get through their newscast that they felt they had to return to honor alison parker and a good 20. >> it was yesterday around this time we went live to alison parker and the 20, they were out in the field. >> reporter: in the midst of unbearable grief that tv family of journalists alison parker and adam ward returned to the air this morning and with it they pause to reflect. >> please join us in a moment of silence. >> reporter: alison parker's dad spoke on the kelly file last night. he wants the world to know at 24 years old she was a bright light, a young journalist just beginning to explore all of life's beautiful possibilities.
8:11 am
>> that is the toughest thing for me. everybody she touched loved her and she loved everybody back. she texted me it good night sweet boy and that as allies fired from her. >> reporter: evening anchor chris harris, her boyfriend remembers the one of his dreams as kind, gentle and talented. >> we have been trying to be strong today because we felt it was our duty to alison parker because she was a journalist, she would have wanted us to share her story. >> reporter: restores started like so many aspiring journalists moving of the broadcast ladder by going tv station to tv station. he was seen as personal and determined, a woman who hoped to be in the national news reporters sunday and photographer des nudas, 20, bubbly and they're likely >> best way to describe him as a giant teddy bear. he was just this guy that was the sweetest guy, always willing to help you out and do anything
8:12 am
for you. >> reporter: using gaged to wdbj morning producer who watch the scene unfold from the control room. melissa off released a statement saying in part i am not a canned and won't before a long time. i will never find a man so happy, selfless, protective, funny or charming like you. you were the one. you understood me, my soul mate. i will always love you. >> such incredible outpouring of love and support on social media, checked out the wdbj facebook page, one random post, my mornings and many others will take awhile to readjust as we watched and waited for adam ward and alison parker with a live reports, older folks like myself begin our mornings with a smile. time and time again that is what we fear. that is what makes this morning and vine and so special is the relationship between do is kind of camera and who is in front of it. >> we spend a lot of time together, thanks so much,
8:13 am
thoughts and prayers are with everybody in roanoke this morning. greg: more on the gunman, a bizarre component to this, he filmed the assassination on his own, he had a gold pro camera the missile, then filled the engineer on social media, he was anticipating a great deal of attention after this. he cited the virginia tech massacre in 2007 as inspiration, expressed admiration for the columbine killers but he was of former tv news reporter with a paranoid streak. rosanna: he was obviously suffering and mental illness noticeable to the people worked with, and i don't know whether he intended to kill himself that day but he intended to get a lot of attention because he engineered all of the twitter and sending stuff to abc, he had a getaway car but in never got a chance to get into that car so
8:14 am
who knows? a lot of wives, all of young lives lost yesterday. greg: something to deal with in brooklyn, little girl, 8 years old, killed crossing the street. rosanna: she was playing with her friends at 5:00 on east twenty-second street, she ran in between cars, she was in between parked cars, was hit by an suv. a man raised to the driver and started hitting him in the face. the man was arrested, driver taken to the hospital was so far he has not been charged. neighbors say she was a tomboy, love to play basketball, had a great spirit about her, but she ran outside in the street between two parked cars and may be the driver didn't get a chance to see her until the last minute. greg: got to go to times square. you know about the controversy, some people had fun with this,
8:15 am
the painted ladies, costumed guess who is responding to the cops. christina: 7 they're putting more on the beat, and nothing to do with terrorism unit already there. juliet huddy in times square right now where it seems it is a little quiet. >> reporter: you can see the pedestrian plaza behind me. there was some talk about removing that by the bill deblasio administration to deal with this problem but that does not seem to be happening. walking around in a very cost him panhandling asking for money, taking pictures, walking around topless is not illegal unless you at that level of aggressiveness to it, a level that is unacceptable to locals, tourists, the mayor and the nypd. to bring times square back to more family friendly vibe of years past, even months past the nypd has announced the formation strong, double the current this area. essentially is this unit would be going out acting on the lines
8:16 am
of i guess you could say the neighborhood policeing model which is being tested right now in four presence and will expand in coming months to about a dozen precinctss. police say the officers will be the same, the same type of schedule, the goal is to build a solid relationship, a partnership between the local shopowners, owners of the laws and restaurants, security personnel of the hotels, people that make up the area between 42 and 49th street known as the boat tie which is a nod to the shape of the street. tim tompkins of the times square alliance was critical of the mayor's potential plan or proposal to possibly remove the pedestrian plazas to deal with this and eradicate the problem in the first place. now this nypd move is pleasing to him. he says having a season and consistent unit to address quality of life issues in times square is a great development listen bland straightforward.
8:17 am
we did talk to one of the guys who is in charge of security for the painted ladies, she is not too have the about this. >> if they are going to do that it would be great to sustain police officers, why not build commodities the street vendors. >> is a waste of officers who could be another place is doing more than they should be doing. in times square nothing crazy happens. -- >> this 100 officer unit is going to start patrolling within probably the next couple months or so. by october at least according to reports. according -- this is different from the counterterrorism unit assigned to this area. a totally separate unit. we are live in times square. back to you. greg: thanks a lot. what do you see? do you see anything right now? they don't show up until later. >> don't see anybody, requiring all. >> they got to be around when
8:18 am
the planes of the out at 10:00 or 11:00. >> reporter: they were very nice, came on the show and they said by october we are done with this anyway. >> there was some guy there, bottom nudists yesterday. greg: i like the way you did. bottom nudist. >> apparently they were trying to figure out what to do with him because he was also painted. it had a life of its own. >> i am a lawyer but i think that is illegal. what is up? >> meteorologist: i just learned a lot. it was a nice day yesterday but as far as the weather goes is even cooler, star of temperatures, most of us dropping to the 60s the we are on our way point, 71 at newark, 69 central park, 66 in bridgeport, humidity and dew points are low, nice clear skies here, lots of sunshine out there, another comfortable day but we could use the rain but it is not happening. we could use moisture from a
8:19 am
storm like this, erica which is a tropical storm, still in the caribbean and is forecast to continue to head to the west northwest for awhile here cruising just to the north of puerto rico and coming and the turks and caicos by saturday morning and it continues on through the bahamas and heads towards southeast u.s. could potentially make landfall anywhere from florida all the way to the carolinas but that would not be until learning next week. is forecast to become a category 1 hurricane if it holds together but it could provide much-needed rain for many locations but unfortunately looks like high-pressure will block that out and not allow moisture here which we could use the rain but doesn't look like it will be happening with that printed the the storm. high temperatures 82 to date, 81 tomorrow, 85 saturday, then we get into the upper 80s next week and humidity making a come back, next storm chance for us is a small one tuesday of next week. if you want to track the weather, daily and hourly forecasts on the weather apps, download the that
8:20 am
the apple itunes store and google play store for free right now, all set to go. let's get you to ines and see what is going on as we head out and get around town. >> traffic really busy, bqe, traffic jams as you head southbound and northbound, route 78 also slow east of the garden state parkway. let's go to our cameras and look of the commute on a lot by motor parkway we had an earlier problem westbound involving a tractor-trailer that jackknifed the was quickly cleared away with no delays left east bound west bound. as for the george washington bridge upper levels very busy this morning earlier problems, 45 minutes on the upper level, the level 5 to 10 minute delay, lincoln tunnel 45 inbound and holland tunnel tend to 15. greg: how did you feel after we did cryotherapy. greg: is 140 degrees below zero
8:21 am
and imus and i felt rejuvenated. rosanna: i felt energized. it does work. i wonder how long it works. it has got to be temporary. greg: not sure what happened to a scientifically but we got into these boots, 140 degrees below zero. >> athletes have been doing this a long time but it is going feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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greg: in a who is here. greg: you can see her on the nighttime news a lot. rosanna: you're dumping duty. >> romance in between. street. >> angela dave: a lot to look for. we have big economic news coming out and that will play into how markets today, expect gdp in a jobless claims just keep an eye on all these things. if we see good news we expect a nice bounce at the open, the market should be at 150 points and then we will see what happens. >> what do we need to make it? we lost over the last six a how
8:25 am
many points? >> we got back 600 yesterday but down 1600 and we are down 1% over the last week or so so we are not out of the woods by any stretch. >> is not that much in the scheme of things. >> in the scheme of things that people don't like to hear that this year thousand points and that doesn't make people happy and september not always agree months of people don't like going into september. greg: the big black monday or black friday. >> we are not an ideal position. >> big business people. >> i saw in a movie the stock market crash of 1987 was in october and it was a black >> 22%. so we are not in that kind of situation which is good. ben: >> we have to keep emphasizing that our economy is good. is not like it was a few years ago with the housing problems and mortgages.
8:26 am
>> we expect second quarter gdp numbers in a couple minutes and they're supposed to revise that. gdp is all of the product we're producing, a sign of how big our be revised upward. >> gross domestic product, everything all in one big pile. how much do we make a month? >> a lot of stuff. we make a lot of stuff. greg: we import a lot more stuff. >> got to start watching the dollar. >> you know what is going on, you don't need me. >> give us something highly technical that we don't know that is useful. >> like rule 48? of area known. until this week no one knew what it was. adelphia ease into the market. they, baden and use it when things are really volatile to make the market opened easier. we use a three times this week, this is the first morning this week in won't see it. >> they stopped trading? >> when you open a market in the
8:27 am
morning of the stocks need to indicate what their prices will be and someone needs to prove that. 148 says you don't need to indicate your prices, just open. >> i will be that charles schwab, h&r block and you. >> that you heard about this? robin hood red lights? camera guy?
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> the crimina rosanna: how about those red light cameras? greg: that got on long island taking matters into his enhance and redirecting them choose the sky. rosanna: someone is calling him the red light robin hood. greg: from me a big mouth because you know how he got caught? venting on facebook. look at me, look what i did. rosanna: he said he was sitting people in his community and maybe some people agree with him. greg: many people get caught because of their big mouth is. guess what i just did. this guy telling his friends on
8:31 am
facebook. let's go to times square, and the nude women not yet? rosanna: they come out later. it is and i stayed to be renewed outside. take off your jocks, everybody, it is legal in new york. greg: what about the new gentleman. rosanna: i saw a picture of him. he let it all hang out. he was handed up but there were a lot of moving parts. greg: he was not topless but bottomless. can't do that. rosanna: there was always a terrorism unit but now quality of life piece, when you're taking a kid to see a nice little play on broadway you don't want to explain the birds and the bees on the way. greg: i am ok with it. it is not a big deal. they have been there for a while. at least since 2013.
8:32 am
i don't see one of them. rosanna: they have to watch the paint off from last night and get a fresh coat of paint. greg: one guy called this prudish grandstanding, light not, everybody. times square looks pretty sweet. rosanna: we are prudish around here. greg: pictures of her in that thing yesterday. rosanna: i will post them to face book. it is time for mike woods. athletes do that cryotherapy. >> meteorologist: i heard great things about it. data benne or a bad back. rosanna: a bad stomach or is that excuse? greg: he called in and said his tummy hurt. actually used the word to me. you are not in fourth grade. >> meteorologist: a little better, but it is all right. rosanna: if we get sick we know who to find.
8:33 am
you can give it to somebody within 72 hours. ines is all the sudden she is like -- or herself away from the track. greg: you and mike were making out or something. we will stop. what is going on outside? >> meteorologist: everybody shows up but they are more like ladies in the night. morning is not their time. let's show you what is happening, a little cool for starters, temperature starting in the 50s and 60s, 60s and 70s, 71 in newark, 69 degrees at central park, 68 in islip, temperatures not so bad, it is cooler than we are used to but this is back to normal business as usual. mid 50s where we stand with the dew points meaning humidity levels dropping down.
8:34 am
once the front went by it is bleak and dry in the tristate, no chance of showers, fair skies for the time being, cooler drier air from canada, we could use tropical moisture to get showers and storms but here's what is happening, high-pressure holding it out to the south. with that being the case cooler drier canadian air is not going to happen next several days, won't be until this area of high pressure slides off shore the you see a better chance of showers in the area. if you want to head to the beach, winds out of the west at 5 to 10 knots, waves at two feet, water temperature not bad, 76 to 70 degrees, lightning president, rip current risk and all too. we have mostly sunny skies coming today, high temperature 82, tomorrow 81, nice try it days and as we head for the weekend in humidity coming back, shower chances too early in the next work week. for the most part the threat the next week is pretty small.
8:35 am
let's bring in ines rosales. >> go get some lysol. clean the area. please do. what is going on with the commute this morning, if you are traveling in to manhattan there's a stall blocking a lane. the lie really slow, traffic slow eastbound, and southbound, cross island, staten island expressway lot of stop and go traffic towards the verrazzano, delays on the brooklyn side, let's go to the gwb busy this morning, 59th street bridge, hov lanes doing fine man hadn'tbound, lanes, and of lower-level release low, gwb 45 minutes on the upper level, accident earlier this morning, lower level doing fine, lincoln tunnel about 30 to 40 minutes into the city. after kennedy things slow down, before kennedy things moving 5 near the billboard, holland tunnel 15 to 20 minutes, trains
8:36 am
running on or close to schedule. rosanna: is he a hero or an enemy to the police? the red light robin hood. greg: this guy steven takes a stick hand adjusted red light cameras, pointed them at the sky instead of the intersection and then brags about it on facebook and has been our arrested. rosanna: ben simmoneau has more from the west side near red light camera. you have not finagled that camera at all? >> reporter: i have not all flow of ensure some people in this neighborhood have had a mind to do that. him mention some folks in suffolk county certainly think he is the robin hood of red light cameras. there is the camera behind this bus on amsterdam avenue and the angle of these cameras is very important because it needs to be pointed slightly down so it can capture your license plate. that is how they mail you that bill. there are plenty of red light
8:37 am
cameras in suffolk county, nearly 190 of them spread across 90 intersections. the county takes in millions of dollars every year from the red light cameras so some folks might be frustrated by them also law-enforcement officials say they are there to reduce crashes in these dangerous intersections. steven says he doesn't buy it and told newsday yesterday it is a money grab, it is abusive, he pointed out his taxes, he owns a couple properties, they--and he says the county need to stop taking people's money. here's a clip from him from his video. >> i will show you how easy it is to take power back. it doesn't take more than a minute and the gratification, the gratification is a huge. take your extension rod, place
8:38 am
it on to the camera and point it off. point it upward. you save our taxpayers, you save innocent people lot of money. >> reporter: law-enforcement not laughing about this. he took an extension handle land pushes the camera up. he could face a couple years in jail should he be convicted. facing a couple counts of criminal tampering and two counts of obstruction of government administration. that is the technical crime here. each of those treated counts carry out one year penalty. that is the story on the upper west side. greg: we will stay on this and moment. go to the video of this guide. after he gets arrested he goes to face book and said i did it for the people who came back from war, abused by these cameras, i did because senior citizens are getting these, the us. i don't know if he was in the military. i was and we don't do this kind of thing.
8:39 am
don't do it on behalf of the veterans. rosanna: in some way people are enjoying that he did it and another wave not a encouraging him. malware i don't? greg: it is a crime. i don't like red light cameras are getting a ticket. i got a ticket from a red light camera and from a cop. it happens. bases. greg: we are due in court on the same day. rosanna: i may stand in for you. would you like that? greg: i saw you on the people's court. don't do it. rosanna: other news. greg: remember the big explosion in moonshiner several people were killed in an industrial explosion aug. twelfth 70 miles outside tianjin? prosecutors are arresting people now. this was an terrorism but a dereliction of duty. rosanna: the group of current
8:40 am
and retired officials are accused of dereliction of duty and abusing their positions for allowing a warehouse to store dangerous chemicals in an area where it was not allowed. 12 employees of the companies that run the port have been arrested accused of providing bogus safety assessments. greg: the pope is coming to new york city next month and there will be a trip through central park designed to get maximum people to see the pope. rosanna: the archdiocese of new york tells the new york times, quote, it is in serious discussions about having the pope's motorcade drive through the park next month and will allow more people the chance to catch a glimpse of the pontiff. the pope's visit will create gridlock throughout the city since it will correspond with the un general assembly but still holy father will speak their. the presidential, the president will be here, there are always several events going into town. there is no audience yet but
8:41 am
hopefully a sighting. what do you think? if i go you go with me. we are joined. lord knows we are sinners, we need some help. greg: you are, therefore you see in, we try to be better. getting way it dealt, theological road. rosanna: you know who will be here? miss teen usa. greg: we had miss america, miss
8:42 am
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greg: the 8 condemned building, look at the lightand m building, look
8:45 am
at the light on top of it. i have had it for years, there's another one in midtown, you can control the color of light for two minutes at a time. i will show this to marco and remind everybody, so cool. rosanna: i should you what was happening in times square, this bottomless died. greg: full frontal nudity in her iphone. rosanna: i got a picture of this guy in times square but it is under his arts. greg: to each his own but that is illegal. deegan trouble? rosanna: he did not. i showed it to dr. raja because she is a doctor and the wanted her to examine him. >> good anatomy lesson. he is perfectly man skipped.
8:46 am
greg: we all old enough to do this. don't worry, i got it cut off. rosanna: you can see everything, the family jewels and there are jules literally. he is pierced. greg: i hope you know what you are about to talk about. >> it is not about that man. we are talking about back-to-school time and how experts are saying in a plastic surgery field a are seeing an increase in teenagers undergoing cosmetic procedures both surgical and nonsurgical. summer time is time to get these procedures done. they want to go back in the fall with a new look, including rhinoplasty which is nose jobs but also breast augmentation and reduction as well as nonsurgical treatments, things like killers, injecta littles, liposuction. these procedures have to be done with parental consent but we are seeing an increase in the number of teenagers undergoing these types of surgical and nonsurgical treatments which is
8:47 am
a bit controversial, we know being at teenagers a time of anxiety and increase self-esteem and should you be doing something so dramatic as getting surgery? rosanna: in ideas about a dog -- the nose job. you had to wait until a survey age. your bones were still forming. greg: knows on is called rhinoplasty. >> rhino is for knows, plastic is changing. rosanna: if you look at the kardashian kids, i need jenner, her mouth looks like it is about to explode. >> a lot of girls are asking for that looks and is disturbing and good plastic surgeon hopefully will take into account the psychological state of the teenager and not rush to do whatever they ask for at that moment but something like that nose job can help young person's self-esteem. greg: i may get that al roker is thing, whatever he did.
8:48 am
rosanna: you have to be a certain amount over wait a you are not a candidate. >> you need a certain bmi but if it is a lower bmi other conditions associated with it. you are not a candidate. >> i start eating enough. >> if you'd like to get it will get the surgery. >> out roker is smaller than i am. >> now he is. greg: i want to be that small. rosanna: what about elvis the joy he lost 1 added 5 pounds. greg: elvis durant was 150, and want to be closer to 2 '50s and 250 but they won't give me is this. >> there are some new treatments for weight loss that don't involve that dramatic surgery. greg: diet and exercise. rosanna: we want a magic bullet. >> let's work on it together. rosanna: we are going to take a quick break. greg: look at that truck. rosanna: "good day" coming right back.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
rosanna: we love schumer. >> a lot of people love jennifer lawrence. we know they are friends off screen, on vacation together and the two of the will be teaming up on camera. loren is blase revealing this to the new york times, they are writing a screenplay for a movie together and they are going to star as sisters. i see the resemblance. they were created being made for each other and it will be very funny. apparently they are new friends only a few months, she wrote an e-mail how she loved her and they wake up in the morning and chat. greg: that is cool, the rich and famous get richer and famouser. anna: if you have an apartment with a great view of the hudson river you may be contacted by clint eastwood's production team. they are looking for a west side apartments that look out on the water to shoot scenes for the new movie solely about hero
8:53 am
pilot chelsea sullenberger. jimenez is played on the hudson in 2009 avoiding -- greg: he was so calm and collected, negative, going for the hudson river. anna: in september and october, tom hanks will play him. laura lee will play his wife as the copilot and maybe clinton eastwood will walk into your apartment and start to direct. rosanna: i wish i lived on west side. anna: you may want to head to the bronx zoo. there are new guerilla babies on display. a lot to get from. i had no idea the new york times in a full peace on it so there is a huge planning process to breed gore loves out of cleveland and they do genetic tests to met a male gorilla to five females and make sure their mating behaviors compatible. close to humans as you get in the animal kingdom. 18 females on birth control
8:54 am
until they get the go-ahead. correlates can read and then they do and they had good success with this group, call them the truth i think and they had four babies with five women and dad's mean is ernie. is hard to get a successful group of guerrillas, they have another group they are not ready for. rosanna: you keep mentioning ernie. greg: does not ring a bell. rosanna: he has a new show my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can
8:55 am
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