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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 27, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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announcer: at 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. >> when we had our six month anniversary, she made a scrapbook for me and put in all of the pictures. >> might best way to describe her is a giant teddy bear. >> family and friends share about the two lives taken too soon. alison parker and adam ward remembered during a moment of silence in mono, virginia at wdbj. >> we are learning more about the troubled past of vester flanagan, he warned workers that conflicts at the station would make headlines. some employees reported seeing
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him around town after he was fired, but there were no confrontations and police are telling us that they found a stash of weapons and his getaway car. sharon crowley has more on the investigation. reporter: that's right, new evidence that he may not have been trying to kill himself but try to escape and hide out. investigators found a loaded pistol inside his car and a wreath case with three license plates and what appears to be a wig and a shawl and an umbrella and sunglasses. >> we miss them so much and as people and coworkers as well. >> this team worked through their, pausing for a moment of science silence to remember their coworkers who were shot to death viciously on live television. parker and ward and vicki gartner, the woman being
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ambushed, were together when the killer struck. he captured the image of vester flanagan as the camera goes down. hospital behavior caused him to be fired from wdbj in 2013. >> he was a troubled person and we thought that any hint of trouble would have died down because it had been two years. reporter: flanagan shot and killed himself 200 miles north of the crime scene. investigators went to his home, even combing through the trash for clues. he didn't say that he was bullied by coworkers in a manifesto, saying it was because he was black and gay, none of the claims founded. in a search warrant revealed that he may have been trying to escape and not commit suicide. detectives found several license plates in his car and a disguise. as investigators tried to figure out what drove him to snap, tributes continued to pour into
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the station. >> they cry, they hug, then they get the job done. reporter: the woman that she was interviewing is vicki gartner who is in stable condition after undergoing a second day of surgery. she is expected to eventually make a full recovery. steve: thank you very much, sharon. a fire tore through a penthouse in the east village this afternoon. causing the roof of the building building on east 13th st. two firefighters did have a fire under control in our but had to close down a large portion of third avenue for several hours. it's unclear what started the taking a look at the pricey penthouse cottage, this is what fire. property. both three bedrooms, three baths and even a wood burning fireplace.
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allison: a high-stakes gone bad on long island. sophisticated thieves stole over $2 million, breaking into a vault. they almost got away until a police officer foiled the plot comic catching this man with bags full of cash in his trunk. they are charged with burglary ,-com,-com ma larceny, and possession of burglary tools. four suspects are still being looked for. steve: aggravated vehicular homicide on long island last month, this man was speeding when he rear-ended a toyota which then caught fire, killing a father and his 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. before leaving the scene, he was caught on video tossing it bottle of tequila in the woods. allison: new jersey police don't know what happened to the captain of a fishing boat that sunk off the coast of san diego. it happened on tuesday.
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after search and rescue locating the boat underwater yesterday, there are no signs of the survivors. steve: focusing on tropical storm erika. people are stocking up. food, water, and other supplies. it's headed towards the dominican republic and has killed four people. allison: let's check with nick gregory on this story. nick: that's right, about a 40-mile per hour tropical storm. dustin to the 50s. trying to flare up around the center, but that has yet to take place or if the question is going to be what happens as it moves north and west. certainly bringing puerto rico. it will affect parts of haiti and the dominican republic, the question is what happens when it hits the terrain and a high level winds that are strong in this part of the world. and then it hits very warm water
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temperatures and that is when it can become a minimal hurricane. notice how close it gets to the east coast of florida next week. also noticed this big blue area. this is the area where it could actually end up from the gulf of mexico. this bears watching and after this point it just kind of sits off the southeast coast of the united states. so it may be making weather news for another week and a half. we will have to see. steve: it's that time of year. thank you. president obama touring parts of new orleans devastated by hurricane katrina this week. more than 1800 people died when the levee broke. the president spoke at a community center in an area that was under 17 feet of water when hurricane katrina hit. >> our work here is not going to be done when 40% of children to
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live in poverty in the city. that is not a finished job. that's not a full recovery. allison: hurricane katrina caused more than $1 billion of damage. steve: this system will include floodwalls, the east river, during the extreme storm conditions, the mayor is hoping that the federal government will help chip in with the money. allison: investors putting money back in the market today. the dow jones closed 369 points higher. that's on top of the more than 600-point gain yesterday. it's still a lot of jitters and wild swings before the close. oil prices rebounded today. second-quarter gdp upwards. both of them giving the markets supported. steve: you may have to show your identification to buy a soda pop.
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a bill proposed banning the sale of sugary drinks larger than 6 ounces. michael bloomberg says it would only apply to minors making the purchase alone, also labels on foods and beverages with the least 40 grams of sugar. allison: the new york archdiocese wants the pope's motorcade passed through central park to give more people an opportunity to see him. but frances is also scheduled to make appearances at st. patrick's cathedral. the united nations and madison square garden and a september 11 memorial are just a few sites you will be at. steve: this platinum selling artist is giving back to his hometown. giving a free concert tonight, lisa evers was there and caught up with him before he hit the stage. reporter: this own homegrown rap
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star. >> what you think about this crowd? >> it's awesome. reporter: he played some of the songs at the top of the billboard rap charts. >> who i am is who i am. [inaudible] reporter: the audience of 1200 high school students had to show their school ids in order to qualify for the free tickets. for many of the teenagers it was a rear treat to see one of the artists that they love perform for free. >> if he can make it, any of us can make it. >> i love everything about his music. >> i think he so great. reporter: the mayor presented
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fetty wap with a keys to the city and praised his hard work that took up them from the street to fulfilling his dream. >> i proudly present to you the key to the city of paterson. reporter: he's come a long way in the year, but he says he didn't do it by himself or in. [inaudible] reporter: after this, it's off to the mtv video music awards where he's nominated in two categories. next month he will be promoting his new album. lisa evers or "fox 5 news". allison: the e-mail might look professional but the spammers are out it again. targeting people looking for a job. allison: the start of the nude
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dj chama we are your friends. steve: and what's up with people that are always friendly and polite. you may want to watch her back specifically when you are around them. >> it has a unique flavor. >> revolutionizing the future of food.
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>> is this a perfect strawberry? allison: more about a new e-mail phishing scam. steve: if you're looking for a job, you could be vulnerable. the spammers are posing as job recruiters seem that we have all experienced online scams. who has not received an e-mail that their rich uncle from nigeria passed away and left the millions of dollars. the but now, there's a new scam
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in town. cheyenne was looking for a job and was ecstatic to receive an e-mail similar to this one asking her to schedule an interview. >> i thought that i was supposed to get an e-mail from where i officially signed up for but it was actually a scam e-mail. >> fortunately she didn't fall for it. it seems every day, everyone is being bombarded with issue e-mail is. >> how many? >> two or three per day. >> maybe like two or three. >> what do you do? >> i just delete them. reporter: scammers are becoming creative and clicking on just one e-mail can lead to a virus. >> people are going to watch what you're doing. looking at credit card numbers and passwords, be very careful. >> this cybersecurity expert is the ceo that specializes in network security and says the ease individuals are slamming you for more information.
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>> do not give any information. there are so may different things that could happen that could start to take your personal information way. reporter: the next time you get an e-mail, definitely don't click on it and then hit delete. >> there is also another scam going around and this one is by phone, people are receiving phone calls from the treasury department about their taxes. don't give out or sell information over the phone or online. allison: it's august and some individuals are already in the retail spirit. other retailers like target and toys "r" us are also planning "star wars" related promotions. but if you're not ready to do your shopping just yet you have time.
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there are 119 shopping days until christmas. allison: steve: tesla motors can brag about being good drivers, the best score given to this car, it doesn't come cheap, it cost $127,000 and it's quite a status symbol. allison: you could get a call from clint eastwood's production team. they are looking to have a place to shoot for the new movie, sully. it depicts sully sullenberger landed his plane safely on the hudson. steve: zac efron is playing a dj in his new movie. our reporter spoke to him about getting ready for the role.
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reporter: he's an aspiring djs searching for his voice. >> what would it take for each of you to find your own creative voices. >> i started doing theater auditions and playing piano and dancing and doing tap class and things like that. all that was perceived to be really ridiculous to my friends. >> that commitment paid off when the world got to know him in high school musical. >> what kind of challenges did you face. >> i took a step back and i tried not to jump into anything too soon. i really wanted to work with directors.
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>> and this creative evolution continues. >> it's like, i have to think back. >> what skills are using transferred to what you're doing now? >> one of the things that is hard am not used to is that i have to be super aware. reporter: reporter: zac efron himself faces a very interesting reality >> they don't really give a hoot what i'm doing. it's still the same. >> "we are your friends" opens
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tomorrow. steve: allison: this movie with easily raking in the most at the box office this summer. steve: that was a big winner but it was far from hollywood's only moneymaker. why the summer of 2015 could spark what is being called the
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bounce back of the box office. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new oreo and chips ahoy flavored coolatta and iced coffees. classic cookie flavor in every sip. america runs on dunkin'.
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steve: we want to do a story about that intro at some point. allison: it's my favorite song. steve: i love it. okay, after summer, slumping summer box office. what we are trying to say is that movies are back and that's the point of the whole thing. allison: more ways to consume entertainment than ever before, movies are thriving once again. reporter: with the success of films like this, 2015 is on track to become one of the biggest years in box office history. a film critic for "the new york
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times", you must be thrilled to hear this news. >> i like it when the movies do well and especially when there are good movies are also popular. reporter: perhaps the most significant take away for a strong summer is more options attract more moviegoers. >> they produced five of the highest grossing films by offering audiences variety. dominating this market by having not one hero inside. topping them all at 1.6 billion in ticket sales. >> conventional wisdom is the this will take up all of the room especially in the summer and dominate everything. reporter: they gave it an early
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spike with 1.4 billion in ticket sales. >> they will keep coming, but i think that there could be pressure? hollywood traditionally chases after the young white male demographic, but it was a culturally diverse audience that help turn to redefine things. >> when movies come out that those audiences respond to, they tend to do well. reporter: this trilogy helped to pave the way for a record-setting year for women and films. seven of this year's 10 highest grossing films feature female characters. >> all of them are very big hits, all of them are stories with women and girls epicenter. a lot of men obviously enjoy them as well. reporter: the box office
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continuing gain momentum. james bond returns as well. >> now they are back and this is going against everything the hollywood says, people don't want to watch movies with just women in it. and hollywood hasn't catered to a diverse audience but this is becoming a proven strategy. allison: it's so great to have him back where he had. allison: coming up next, a plan to revolutionize the future of food. allison: and usain bolt nailed by a segway. we have the story next.
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thirst for the extraordinary. ahhh perrier! [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa.
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they call it the ultimate area. steve: sharon crowley takes us to this month's vague idea. >> you will notice that it's not just on the outside but all the way through. >> something sweet and new goes all the way through new jersey. >> it has a rich flavor and has a volatile compound that makes each variety unique. reporter: scientist at rutgers university have been working for more than 10 years on trying to make the perfect tasting strawberry. >> did you achieve that? >> estimate included. >> 10 years in the making, the strawberry plant or fruit for the first time this year. >> it's very difficult to produce. >> there's stiff competition from places with warmer climates like california, florida, and mexico, new jersey farmers gave
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rutgers university scientists a challenge. >> the growers approached and said that they would like a better tasting strawberry. reporter: the team in new brunswick set up to create the perfect tasting strawberry. the first, years of trial and error. >> what we did was take the best qualities from varieties that we were developing within the greenhouse and in the field and we crossed those lines. if one had larger size but other plant characteristics, we would cross those two until we got the strawberry that we reporter: complicated further by the fact that the strawberry is not an ordinary fruit. there are so many species. it's very complicated. from one strawberry to another and then once that is pollinated that uses a fruit with many seeds on it. and we actually collect back,
10:32 pm
drydown, and there may be more variants to it. >> we are looking at what will go on to the next generation. reporter: this new jersey farmer was pleased with the result. >> he says that farming on the east coast is more challenging because of the weather. he's hoping that this will attract people to consider shopping at a local farm. >> it has a very unique flavor and it's probably not the most attractive but it's probably one of the most eaten. >> it's definitely worth it. >> and if you want to taste one for yourself, they are available
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at a few local areas in new jersey and more widely available next year. speak you can see all of our monthly big idea reports on our platform. steve: are you sick of slugging down multiple cups of coffee in the morning? check out these chewable versions of the daily cup of joe. three flavors, classic drip, mocha and cafe latte. the company that wants to produce it has raised more than $11,000. allison: he could be the fastest man on earth but he couldn't get away from a guy on two wheels. he just won the 200-meter final is and was doing a victory lap. usain bolt was run over by a camera guy on a segway. knocking a sprinter to the ground and luckily he wasn't hurt.
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>> he was so athletic when he rolls out there. and it's like, oh, boy, i can't believe that i just did that. >> now it is time for on brand and off brand. this artist making a new single for downtown. many people making appearances, ken griffey junior. and off brand, long island cops go to this instagram account. jerry seinfeld's life posted a picture of him and his kid with their hands above their heads. money is all going to charity.
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and on brand. parents who believe that their children sometimes pretend to be asleep, we have 18-month-old twins on video as proof. allison: i love it when they drop. you know those people that are always come from it and you complement and you? well, maybe you should watch out. steve: check out the "fox 5 news" weather application with live interactive radar. search box five and why whether
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>> two in a row after last week's plunge, stocks plunging
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forward. the gal sing its largest percentage gain since december 2008 and this is one reason for thursday's rally. the economy growing by an annualized 3.7% between april and june revised up from the previous estimate. and america is feeling it. consumer confidence climb into the second-highest level in eight years. meanwhile, pending home sales rising as mortgage rates drop. the 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 3.84%. and christmas coming early for wal-mart shoppers. retailer opening its holiday layaway program two weeks earlier than last year and customers will have 90 days to pay instead of 60. and oxford online dictionary just got a little bit bigger and so will your vocabulary. adding words like "hangry", defined as anger brought on by hunger and a new adjective,
10:40 pm
"awesomesauce", to describe something excellent. because we thought you should know, that is business and i'm stuart varney. allison: september 9 is the date of the new big unveiling in san francisco for apple. it is expected to show off its new iphone and their speculation about a new and improved phone, so stay tuned. steve: instagram allowing you to take and share photos in portrait mode or landscape. what this means is you don't need to put it through a third-party application to make it not square and then put it back into instagram. this is a good update and they say they want to make it easier to share your moments. follow me on instagram. my account is blowing up @steve lacy. allison: the dictionary is getting bigger. steve: is they certainly threw
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steve: by the way, sometimes you can meet people that are seeming a little bit two-family. allison: of those people freak you out, you have a right to be suspicious. >> passive aggressive. >> insecure people. >> people with -- with a lot of money. >> the untrustworthy. reporter: according to research, we all direct our suspicions elsewhere, towards the excessively kind people. findings presented to the association for computational linguistics show the family is as the most likely to double process. >> you are looking this way, they are sending you this way?
10:45 pm
the psychologist says that he believes in kindness and recommends that we accept whatever generosity we received to a certain point mackey should be suspicious of anyone who goes overboard in trying to compliment you, especially if you don't think that that complement rings true. >> your handwriting is so great, your muscles are huge. >> new yorkers are pretty honest about what they one. i expect them to tell me to my face. reporter: reporter: many others trust the world to look out for their best interest. >> you can never be two-family. >> it does my heart good. >> perfect prey for the excessively kind or the winners of a certain strategy game. on the upper west side, i am mac
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king for "fox 5 news". steve: i guess we have our guard up in new york. nick: the sun was out, we are going to do this again tomorrow. it's going to stay nice and we will see a little bit of a change in the humidity increasing back as well. and right on target for almost the end of august. the numbers for today, 81 and 67, there you go. 101 is the record high and then record lows are starting to creep by. we've lost almost two hours of daylight from the sunset and sunrise times. light northwest wind, all good
10:47 pm
weather science. taking a look at the sky guardian and again we don't have anything to worry about and then nothing to worry about over the next couple of days. we are able to do some rain. low humidity, 70s for the north and north and west. upper 60s there today, 80 is on the east end, down to the jersey shore and in the 50s again tonight, already 57 in sussex. back to 73 in town and 60s at the shore going to long island in the northwest wind five to 10 miles per hour continuing into tomorrow. sixtys for the north and west and satellites showing things
10:48 pm
moving through. the wind starts to flow to the southwest and that is going to result in a few more clouds and also bringing the temperature up and make it more humid. another comfortably warm day for friday at 82 degrees, 80s and most of the east coast. chicago to minneapolis. and day planner, lower 60s in the morning, suburbs about 66 in midtown, 76 at noon, 82 tomorrow afternoon. looking good. looking really nice as we head toward saturday as well. a few more clouds turn to appear in the sky, temperature going up as well. as the radar in circulation center just south of puerto
10:49 pm
rico. 45-mile per hour tropical storm moving out of the west at about 12 miles per hour and we will have to see how it interacts with higher terrain in the dominican republic which could disrupt the circulation a little bit and high-level wins. temperature and water, it could produce generating fuel to make us stronger as it approaches the florida coast, sort of the end of where this storm could end up. a great day to wear the sunscreen, succeeds in the suburbs, sunshine about 82 degrees, humidity low, up to 87 on saturday and it's a nice day, sun and clouds and then a little but more clouds on monday and then we will hit these overnight. more summertime weather as we
10:50 pm
approach september. >> it's going fast. >> yes, it is. steve: thank you. next we have ryan coming up on sports. the toyota traffic tracker, right lane closed on this road for construction, this is going to be going from 10:00 a.m.
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siera: looking to finish off a sweep of the phillies, the mets showing up when it comes to this red-hot lineup. no hole is too big to climb out of. the mets trailed five to nothing and then they storm back, it was five points-two points. the two run shot made it five to four and kelly johnson stepping up in the solo shots, all of a sudden tied at five points apiece. and then check this out. daniel murphy comes up with it,
10:54 pm
flipping it back to torres for a one to 13 out. they remain tied at five if they play on in the 12th inning. we have some good news today helped out with this, the rangers beat the blue jays and the yankees head into the weekend and the pga tour for the start of the fedex playoffs. today was the start of the month-long run, a 10 million-dollar playoff, that is 10 million. jordan on the course this morning, were surrounded he has played in years. he stands nine back in the lead
10:55 pm
after day number one. and 65, of a, spencer levine, and others share the lead after day number one. the plan is very much in play for serena williams. having our hands full as we go for the first grand slam in 27 years. featuring sloan stephen, madison, and her sister, venus williams. and this player, earl dokken, has passed away. he spent 16 seasons in the nba. the first to be drafted in the first round trade out of high school back in 1975. he became very popular by naming many of his earth shattering dunks. there'll dawkins gone at the age
10:56 pm
of just 58 years old. steve: he was a cool player. thank you so much, ryan. allison: the oxford dictionary getting an update. they have added hundreds of words to keep up with modern slang. allison: here are some words. "macgyver" him and that's a verb. a dictionary defines it as an inventive way of making use of whatever item on hand and also "hangry" made the cut of the words. steve: we always do the story of rear of the dictionary being funny.
10:57 pm
steve: all right, good night, everybody
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