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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 28, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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you don >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: it is friday. it is going to be nice and dry, thank goodness, to finish the thank goodness, to finish the work week but the hot and humid weather arrives later in the weekend. ben: he promised to make headlines, the gunman who killed journalist on live television is described as having a, quote, hair trigger temper. tribute for alison parker and adam ward pouring in. juliet: bill deblasio announcing a $100 million flood plan for lower manhattan and other coastal areas.
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we bring you the update on that story. ben: question whether it the jericho, had an inappropriate interest in children. juliet: good morning, i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau. it is friday morning, the 28 day of august. september starts tuesday. juliet: you might be winning the bet. juliet: he always complains about the weather. so we back him that if he complaint between memorial day and labor day he would have to buy us -- really good as though he walked on the edge at one point. but he was able to slide. will it be complaint free? >> meteorologist: nothing to
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complain about. we expect humidity. ben: the peanut gallery. >> meteorologist: all the complaints are happening in the traffic and weather department. it is going to be fabulous. we are starting with nice weather across the tristate area, it is dry in some spots, 54 degrees in poughkeepsie, 66 degrees. 57 degrees, nice, 40s and 50s, dry air in place, enjoy these numbers because they are going to climb as we go in to sunday and next week. high pressure in control keeping eyes and drive from new england ford slut mid-atlantic. it will dominate weather for the next several days, not much to worry about across the northeast. assistant to the west, nothing to be concerned about, plenty of sunshine across the region
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today, tomorrow in to sunday. sunday, high will slide to the east allowing warmer and more humid air to move into the region and things get a little bit uncomfortable. the planner expecting mostly sunny skies, a few high clouds towards the afternoon and temperatures will rise into the low 80s. over the weekend we expect mostly sunny skies will rise into the upper 80s by sunday and it will turn humid and the and humidity will going to next week, monday i of 90 degrees, we should stay close to that number through much of next week and next chance of rain late thursday, a chant of a scattered showers or storm. ines is not complaining about the weather. ines: no complaints, construction in the staten island expressway, two lanes open, one lane closed on staten island expressway by bradley avenue, the bridge just reopened and the verrazzano some road work on the upper level, your
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commute in putnam county find any 4, essex 84, let's go to our cameras, problem on the vanik boulevard. cameras closer, at the northbound side, southbound an accident, you can see we have flashing light and activity so i bit of a delay traveling south bound. bqe construction slowing everyone down from atlantic avenue to the brooklyn bridge, one weighing close on the bqe, fdr drive, a look from the empire state building, traffic moving pretty good, gwb wrapped up construction, no delays left, lincoln tunnel looking good and holland in trains running on or close to schedule. juliet: produced are starting to pour in for the two journalist gunned down on live tv. ben: we are learning a lot more about the troubled life shooter lead. teresa priolo with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the full weight of what happened in roanoke is beginning to set in.
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the community is struggling to understand if and how this tragedy could have been prevented as investigators work to piece together vester lee flanagan's life including his troubled employment history filled with outbursts and rage. >> reporter: somber faces eliminated by the light of candles lit in honor of alison parker and adam ward. the vigil outside wdbj. >> we've report on violence every day and this is awful. doesn't make sense. >> it hits you with a ton of bricks that somebody right here in your home town struck down by gun violence. >> reporter: investigators work to determine what caused vester lee flanagan to snap. flanagan planned on getting away with these murders, filled his rental car with ammunition, three license plates, sunglasses, a black hat, back up
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iphone and residue. in his apartment disturbing picture emerges investigators found sex toys, calf feces, pornography and pictures of himself as a reporter at wdbj. flanagan who went by the name and 18 was fired from the station for being hostile. he frequently complained about his colleagues including writing delusional ramblings to roanoke businesses saying he was discriminated against for being black and day. the same incoherent thoughts in a 23 page manifesto he sent to a news network after he killed alison parker and adam ward live on air and despite all of that those who knew him say they couldn't have predicted this. >> anecdotally he was very in greek, angry when he left year two years ago, something i would never have expected to happen certainly not two years after he left. >> reporter: described himself as a powder keg.
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the woman alison parker was the interviewed is shot in the right side of her lower back as she dropped to the ground to avoid the hail of bullets. husband said she lost a kidney and part of her:but she is expected to make a full recovery. some good news in this horrific tragedy. juliet: another attempt to curb the use of sugary drink, you may remember mayor bloomberg tried to ban sugary drink but that was rejected by the courts, staten island assemblymen has introduced a new bill in albany to prevent sales of sugary drink larger than 16 ounces to minors across the state. >> would a part individuals? juliet: i have no idea. if you are 10 years old you usually don't have id. his bill would require warning labels on food and beverages. i don't have a problem with that.
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in the tropical storm erika lashing pr and the head toward florida. some areas could get eight inches of rain which i believe they need presently. yesterday the storm dumped 12 inches of rain on dominica, perhaps not this much rain, killed four people, 20 others are missing. erika is expected to hit the british and u.s. virgin islands later day. forecasters say the storm could strengthen to hurricane by monday as it continues to move northwest toward the florida coast. mayor bill deblasio back here at home making efforts to protect the city from a repeat of hurricane sandy. juliet: he announced on the one hundred million dollar flood plan for lower manhattan and other coastal areas. robert moses live in lower manhattan this morning with the story. >> reporter: good morning. the mta had to reopen the old station here at south ferry when sandy destroyed the new station here. the storm brought hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to
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the station alone. the mayor wants the city in general and this neighborhood specifically to be better prepared when the next storm hit. >> i saw with my own eyes what this community went through. >> reporter: part of the devastation sandy inflicted on lower manhattan, the storm flooded the brooklyn battery tunnel and sent water cascading into the south ferry subway station. >> so much of what is important to the cities in lower manhattan. it all has to be protected. >> reporter: the city is taking a step towards doing that. the mayor announced a $100 million commitment in city money to direct terms which are essentially man-made hills and deployable flood walls with the director of the mayor's office of recovery and resiliency explained what those deployable systems might look like. >> and types we are exploring, some are free installed in the ground, you just have to put in place, of all that is temporary in nature. >> reporter: according to the city than one hundred million
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dollar investment would be used to build flood walls from montgomery street near the manhattan bridge south around the tip of manhattan and up the west side to the north end of battery park city. the city acknowledges the project will cost far more than one hundred million dollars but the hope is that investment will bring hundreds of millions more in federal dollars. >> people in this community can means that there's still a threat out there and we don't take it lightly. >> reporter: people in this community of all places know about the damage that all of that water can do. this is an especially timely september is national preparedness month and we are entering the peak of hurricane season. that is the latest live from lower manhattan. back to you. juliet: it is 5:10. new york's first news subway
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station is open next month. the seven train stop at the 34th street and eleventh avenue area will open up on september 13th. the mta says the trip will take six minutes. the 2.4 million-dollar extension will serve as a link to the jacob javits center and new developments underway at hudson yard. the opening comes two years behind schedule because of construction delays and equipment tests. morning. what did the search -- subway restaurant chain know about jerrod vogel? some are questioning the company with more. juliet: the sunny forecast, but at the little yellow blob of. >> 66 degrees in central park, it feels nice and dry, we expect mostly sunny skies, warm with low of humidity. if you want to track the weather, download our weather apps at whether, get daily and hourly forecasts and track any systems coming caraway.
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ben: friday morning a pretty nice week. juliet: the weather has been great. your bright orange. >> meteorologist: we expect to see lots of it, beautiful an end
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to what has been a spectacular week across the tristate area. little shaky, 66 degrees in central park, very nice start. dewpoint humidity nice and dry, we have rising barometer indicating high pressure in control and it will set us up for a nice stretch of water into the weekend, temperatures beautiful across the northeast, 13s in burlington through see refusing to pittsburgh, 64 in philly at this hour, high pressure keeping things nice and dry across the northeast into new england down toward dot midlantic. will bring dry conditions in the great lakes and new england and where it is not right is the caribbean where we have tropical storm erika moving across the island nation's. the winds of increased 50 miles an hour, it is moving west northwest at 17 and with the new update wheat looked at it carefully and see the track is now taking it, shifting a little further south and west making approach toward florida.
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that means it is now expected to run through the middle of the indicated it would put along the coast but now we can see the beginning of next week will take it through the center and bring some rain and wind cross much of into monday. we have to keep an eye on that and see how it will be affecting that part of the nation. we expect right conditions across the area, mostly sunny, temperatures and a 70s to 80s and mid 80s saturday, sunday will turn up the cuban 80, he and humidity will stick with us next week so we could be in store for the next heat wave. ines as your traffic update. >> not a lot going on, friday morning off to a pretty good start, what i've been fine, nassau county, no issues, northern state, met notebrook, new jersey, bridgeswater fine on 78, 287, keeping an eye on an accident just cleared away
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southbound buying linden boulevard blocking two lanes, accident and delays cleared on the northbound side, taking for earnings this morning, long island railroad, metro north, new jersey transit and pedestrians on or close to schedule. juliet: there are questions whether subway, the sandwich chain new the jared vogel had perverted interesting children. ben: a woman who owns several franchises warned the company seven years ago mobil had a sexual interest in children but did nothing about it according to the woman's lawyer. she says vogel told her he had sex with a child prostitutes between ages of 9 and 16. last week mobil agreed to plead guilty to charges of having sex with minors lose some ways as it does not have a record of him making a complaint. ben: juliet: a new class of drugs to fight cholesterol, gave the okay to a new drug, it and other
5:18 am
drugs approved last month are known as pc s k 9 inhibitors that held liver removed bad cholesterol and been able to reduce ldl levels by two thirds but researchers say too soon to say of drugs will lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. these drugs don't come cheap costing $40 a day but they may be less dependent on your insurance. something to watch out for. dave: you meet somebody and they seem too nice, over the agreeable. not you. juliet: you have every right to be suspicious. matt king. >> insecure people. >> a lot of money. >> the and trust worthy. >> each of us describes him differently.
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according to new research we all directed tensions elsewhere for the excess of the kind. >> any further than ike and throw them. >> reporter: the association for computational linguistics shows the friendliest among us are most likely to double cross us. >> looking this way, they are stabbing you in this way. >> reporter: he believes in kindness and recommend we accept whatever generosity we receive to western point. >> you should be suspicious of anyone who goes overboard in trying to complement you especially if you don't think that, rings true. >> reporter: such a great jump shot, your handwriting is so great, your muscles are huge. >> new yorkers are honest about what they want and if they are duplicitous. >> i expect them to tell me one thing to my face and then do something else. >> they want something. >> reporter: the skeptical among us cruise through life suspicious of all people, many others stress the world to look after their best interests. >> can never be too friendly.
5:20 am
>> makes my heart feel-good. >> people are good. preferred to believe people have an agenda and how to get you. >> reporter: perfectly pray for the excessively kind or winners of western strategy game. research for balls around players of diplomacy. nat king, ben: do you believe that? the most kind of the ones most likely to double cross us? juliet: like that woman said they can be duplicitous. you do like the whole -- we were talking about turkey bacon. yesterday. you were talking about -- i don't know. i was amazed by that. i don't understand that. ben: the new format option for instagram. juliet: 7,000 ounces.
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call 1-800-341-9716. ben: mcdonald's cutting ties with the chicken supplier accused of animal cruelty. the accusations in tennessee came from an animal rights group opposing graphic video showing farmworkers' breaking bird's next or hitting them with a spike. of the contractor for tyson foods who then supplied the chicken to mcdonald's. tyson has terminated the farm's contract. mcdonald's said it supports tyson's decision. mcdonald's is the country's second largest purchaser of poultry behind kfc. juliet: facebook setting records. on monday alone, 1 billion people use the service, one of every seven people on the planet. ben, expressed excitement over this. ben: i did not use facebook yesterday. juliet: you are one of the weirdos. the first time the company but the milestone and it is, quote, just the beginning of connecting
5:25 am
the entire world and taking it over and having everybody worship me. he didn't say the last part. it is not just sharing pictures of babies and that means, it is rolling out in an effort to bring the web to developing countries using solar powered planes, beaming down access. i love facebook. ben: you spent last our ignoring us on facebook. on instagram, instagram is changing shape. voter sharing site is letting portrait. previously limited to just square shaped pictures. instagram says it wants people to share moments the way they would like to. another internet based story for you, you have likely seen wildly popular grumpy cat, she is so famous she is getting her own figure.
5:26 am
juliet: the first-ever cat to be enshrined in the wax museum. the cat of the web by storm in september of 2012. for a letter posted a photo of a sourpuss and it went viral. spending a little time in san francisco and then 4 other locations including one in times square which i like that place. ben: i thought you didn't like times square. it is a cool place. do better to help us colonize mars than a man who landed on the moon? more on buzz aldrin's master plan for of mars settlement.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: heat and humidity coming
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back for the weekend, not today, nice, week out there, beautiful morning. dockery is in for mike woods with your full forecast. juliet: more details about the gunman who killed two journalists live on television, described as having a hair trigger temper and we are hearing more about that temper. tributes for alison parker and adam ward pouring in. juliet: ben: bill deblasio announces a flood plan to lower manhattan and other coastal areas to better protect the city. juliet: marking ten years since hurricane katrina devastated new orleans, president obama pays tribute. i am ben simmoneau. juliet: thanks for joining us today. it is august 28th. what you doing this weekend? ben: we don't have any plans. maybe next weekend. labor day weekend. one week away.
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juliet: isn't that crazy? where did summer ago? >> meteorologist: came so fast. ben: it is april and all of a sudden it is july 4th and then later day. >> meteorologist: as we start aug. we are seeing temperatures in the 50s nw, 54 in poughkeepsie, 50 in sussex, same in monticello, new york city with a comfortable 66 degrees, 65 in islip, 67 in montauk, belmar can degrees cooler at 57 degrees vidal about the dewpoint, a feeling nice and dry with readings in the 40s and 50s, refreshingly comfortable air in place will stay with us all day today and even into tomorrow. high pressure in control, clear skies across the northeast into new england, dry weather from ohio valley all the way to the mid-atlantic, all being influenced by this area of low pressure which will bring mostly sunny skies with temperatures
5:32 am
rising into the 70s and low 80s, northwest wind keeping things try and change in wind direction will bring more heat and humidity in the second half of the beacon, they mostly sunny skies with a high of 88 and closing on 90 in many spots in the beginning of next week and the heat and humidity will be with us for quite some time and i will let you know how long enough you minutes. out. ines: the commute doing pretty well without any major issues, earlier accident south bound by linden boulevard cleared along with delays, new jersey commute doing fine and 70, the parkway and route 280. let's take a look at staten island expressway, you have your regular construction set up east bound by victory boulevard, the left lane open, two lanes open eastbound and a couple lanes open, minor delays as you pass the construction zone.
5:33 am
bqe 11 delays because of construction. one lane closed, traffic backed up 2 atlantic avenue northbound and all lanes closed on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge. juliet: trivia joy are pouring in for the two journalists and down on live television. ben: we are learning more about a troubled life of the shooter. teresa priolo here with what we know. >> reporter: good morning. hundreds gathered last night to remember alison parker and adam ward, two young journalists executed on live tv. as they for 8 investigators' work. they are taking a disturbing picture of vester lee flanagan who went by the name bryce williams on air. investigators say suicide was planned and at last option, he loaded his rental car with an low, a wig, a three license plates, sunglasses and a black hat, he expected to get away. when they searched his home they found a more troubling sight. according to multiple published
5:34 am
reports and the search warrant, there were sex toys, feces, pornography, pictures of himself as a reporter at wdbj, one out that reported he is a loner and would get into fights with neighbors often. on the job before reporter was wrigley reprimanded for his outburst and for performance and threatening his co-workers league claimed they disliked him because he was black and day. according to a note in his personnel file he believed sending a reporter on the field was a thinly veiled reference to cotton fields and show racial bias. despite all of this his co-workers said they could not have predicted this. >> he was a troubled person. we fought any hint of trouble would have died down because it had been two years. >> anecdotally he does very angry. he was angry when he left here two years ago. it is something i would never have expected to happen
5:35 am
certainly not two years after he left. >> reporter: alison parker was interviewing vicki gardner. she is in stable condition, president said she was shot on a right side of her lower back, she dropped to the ground to avoid any of bullets. fresen says she lost a kidney and part of her colon but is expected to make a full recovery. ben: it is 5:35. bill deblasio at home plan on how to avoid another disaster like sandy. >> reporter: that $100 million is fog of as a down payment for a project that will almost surely cost a whole lot more than that. the subway station which was just behind me was destroyed during sandy so an old mothballed part of the station
5:36 am
back into service. this is one example how lower manhattan is so vulnerable. >> i saw with my own eyes what this community went through. >> reporter: it is hard to forget the devastation sandy inflicted on lower manhattan, flooding the brooklyn battery tunnel and sent water cascading into the southbury subway station. >> so much of what is important to this city's in lower manhattan. it has to be protected. >> reporter: the city is taking a big step towards doing that. the mayor announced a $100 million commitment in city member to erect firms that are mandated hills and deployable flood walls with the director of the mayor's office of recovery and resiliency explained with those deployable systems might look like. >> the number of times we are exploring, some are installed in the ground and can come up and you put in place and the flood wall, temporary in nature. >> reporter: what $100 million investment would be used to build flood walls from
5:37 am
montgomery street near the manhattan bridge south around the tip of manhattan and a boat west side to the north end of battery park city. the city acknowledges that the project will cost far more than one hundred million dollars but the hope is that investment will bring hundreds of millions more in federal dollars. >> people in this community it is very vivid what it means that there's still a threat out there and we don't take it lightly. >> reporter: sandy was a once-in-a-lifetime storm but the threat in lower manhattan is very real especially considering the fact we are entering the peak of hurricane season. incidentally the southbury station here, the new station that opened in 2009 and was destroyed in sandy is not expected to reopen until next year. that is the latest from lower manhattan.
5:38 am
back to you. ben: president obama, speaking of storms tour parts of new orleans devastated by hurricane katrina. hard to believe that is ten years ago. juliet: when you go down there it looks great in the tourist areas that there's a lot of work to be done. 1800 people died when the city's levees broke flooding the lower ninth war. the president spoke at a new community center, an area under 17 feet of water, he praised the progress that has been made but there's a lot more to do with hurricane katrina cause $150 billion damage in the gulf area. the second man to walk on the mission has his sights set on mars. ben: buzz aldrin will work with the 40 institute of technology on a plan to colonize the red planet by 2039 which happens to be the 70th anniversary of the apollo levon moon landing.
5:39 am
the astronauts as it won't be at one way for a bonnet ten year tour of duty. juliet: how much to spend ten years on mars? ben: you couldn't pay me enough. $100 million, you lose ten years of your life. juliet: $100 million. have to be good. venice. >> meteorologist: let's talk temperatures. it is feeling pretty good. 56 degrees is where we are in central park as we start the morning and we are very comfortable dewpoint and humidity levels courtesy of a west northwest wind which helped bring in drier air across the area at high pressure in control, the barometer rising at the moment. 50s nw, checking in at 54 degrees, attended restorer than that in newark and 57 in belmar. across long island in the 60s through islip and montauk and
5:40 am
bridgeport, waking up with 64 degrees, satellite radar shows things quiet. we have high clouds wrinkling skies this morning but other than that we don't expect green and will be nice and dry through much of the weekend courtesy of high pressure which is dominating our weather in the northeast. will bring a fabulous weekend ahead but when it shifts to the east we will see the back side of a change in wind direction from the southwest helping usher in warmer and more humid air into the region by sunday. in the meantime we are keeping an eye on tropical storm erika. as of the pot:00 advisory winds of increased to 50 miles an hour. is moving through the caribbean island that is expected to track a little further south and west as it makes its approach towards florida. originally in the last observation was believed it would be along the eastern side of florida but now the center of the track is taking the center straight up the middle of the state. we will keep an eye on that and see how it will affect those folks. another interesting thing is originally it was classified as
5:41 am
a category 1 hurricane once it reached florida but now it is downgraded and looks like it may not reach hurricane status once it approaches the sunshine state. for our area nothing but sunshine around here, we will see plenty today with high temperatures into the low 80s, mid 80s tomorrow, aubreys by sunday and throwing humidity so it will get uncomfortable next week amid temperatures hovering around 90 degrees. factor in humidity and it will feel warmer than that. nice and dry thursday, next chance of a shower and thunderstorm in the afternoon. you can track storms by downloading our weather apps, fox 5 whether, weather, fox 5 whether. joy in the and hourly forecast can be found and used in check storms that will get here by thursday too. it is weather. how is fox 5 traffic?
5:42 am
ines: westchester county for rockland no issues. as far as your commute through new jersey looking good, let's take a look at the wyatt bimotor parkway west counties bound, nice ride this morning with the son coming up, george washington bridge upper lower-level no delays in to that bridge this morning you are fine, 495 towards the lincoln tunnel, no delays, same goes for the holland. trains, everything on or close to schedule. juliet: a lot more coming up. a run in with a camera man. ben: he was run over by a guyana segway. be right back. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99.
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america runs on dunkin'.
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juliet: checking headlines tribute pouring in for the two journalists gunned down on live television in virginia believe vigil was held for the victims last night. a lot of folks who went to the vigil saw this unfold live on the air. low and survivor lost the kidney and remains hospitalized. ben: bill deblasio like to prevent a repeat of hurricane
5:46 am
sandy coasts of the rig the storm defense plan is the project will include a barrier of flood walls to better protect lower manhattan. juliet: staten island assemblymen introduced a new bill in albany that would prevent sales of sugary drink larger than 16 ounces to minor perhaps across the state and would require warning labels on food and beverages with 40 grams of sugar. duke is off so we have your highlights. let's do it. start with the mets, down in philadelphia, looking to sweep the phillies right off. the field. 7 straight wins. ben: 5, two games, man on, go z with home runs before being traded to new york, this week to run home shot makes up 5-4 game and still in the fifth, kelly johnson comes through, solo home
5:47 am
run tied at 5, saying that way, the hot shot off of the foot of carlos torres, daniel murphy comes up with the first for the out, 9-5, the '80s of last night started the day two games back to the blue jays who were down in texas, yanks get good news on the off day held by sloppy defense, the rangers beat the blue jays 4-1, yankees had the weekend to demand a halfback in the a.l. east. juliet: u.s. open tennis, serena williams going for her fifth straight major title, fourth of this year at the open. yesterday in queens, the open was released and the number one will have her hands full as she goes for the first grand slam in 27 years. serena's draw will feature american smart stevens, and venus williams. ben: i-man known for his rib shaking and backbreaking dunks in the nba has passed away,
5:48 am
jobless thunder, he spent 14 seasons in the nba including five seasons in new jersey with the nets, the first nba player to be drafted straight out of high school in 1975 and became very popular by naming many of those her shattering dunks. darrell dawkins is gone at the age of 68. moving on at 5:48 he may be the fastest man on earth but cannot get away from a guy on two wheels. ben: juliet: he won the fine world championship in beijing, he was doing a victory lap and obviously was run over by a camera man, he does not know how to ride a segway. he was knocked to the ground. he joked his rival must have
5:49 am
paid camera guy to take him out. ben: agreed wednesday is here, good morning. >> meteorologist: cool start across parts of the area. you may want to grab a sweater, debentures and 50s, exactly 50 degrees in monticello, ought same number in sussex, new jersey, we are in the 60s in new york city and belmar checking in at 57 degrees, nice north-northwest wind flow helped bring in dry air across the area and high-pressure keeping things nice and clear across the northeast, continuing toward the mid-atlantic. a couple hop clouds but other than that mostly sunny conditions. this area of high pressure with us for the next couple days as it shifts east, change in wind direction from the southwest bringing in more heat and humidity later this weekend. plenty of sunshine today and saturday, a week have been
5:50 am
looking out this summer and sunday expect more sunshine and temperatures into the upper 80s. today's sunny skies, nice and dry after a cool start warming into the low 80s and tomorrow in the mid 80s. upper 80s sunday, 90 monday and bring heat and humidity back for the first half of next weekend and thursday we have a chance of scattered showers and/or thunderstorm. let's see hallux, roads. ines: it has been such a good summer, out what is his name hasn't complaint. ben: i have worked here 2-1/2 years. ines: let's talk about the commute and see what is going on on the lie. new jersey commute morris county checking in with no issues on 80 and 287. that see how things are moving this morning on staten island
5:51 am
expressway by victory boulevard, construction sets up two lanes open eastbound and westbound, slight delays east bound as you approach victory boulevard, delays to richmond avenue. let's go to our other cameras, parkway doing good this morning in front of the airport, no problems eastbound west bound in front of jfk and 33 looking good with beautiful sunrise the city skyline as you approach the meadowlands you are fine eastbound and westbound. back to you juliet and what is your name. ben: nice shot behind you. you guys were deep in thought. juliet: we were paying attention to our work. presidential candidate donald trump went after is the media when campaigning in south carolina. this time for attacks on his hair. ben: he was angry with the new york times for his relationship with spanish media and he is now
5:52 am
called the man of the to pay. juliet: which is inaccurate. ben: you know from personal experience is not a to pay. juliet: i ran his hand through his hair on live television. ben: he likes ladies running hands through his hair because he invited a woman. juliet: they are truly authentic. a lot more coming up. ben: star wars, excited to see this comes to instagram and a big way. they have done any teaser trailer out this morning just posted. people are breathlessly awaiting any video they can get. juliet: we will be right back.
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ben: anna gilligan, can we skip this first story? i have to say i have been not a fan of these stories for a long time but i didn't walk office that. anna: figuratively walked off the set. kim kardashian and kanye west stories. they earned some serious cash for getting engaged. if you remember, this had been a big scandal. they had two youtube founders
5:56 am
leading video of the proposal. on his sight. t m z reports, they agreed to pay $400,000. the couple claimed he manipulated his way into at&t part in san francisco to witness the event. they then recorded it despite signing a confidentiality agreement. he made $1.6 billion when he told youtube to google, just pocket change. he was promoting the new web site. star wars, a new frenzy about a clip of the new film posted on instagram. take a look. >> there has been an awakening. have you felt it? anna: it is only 15 seconds long but that was enough to generate
5:57 am
166,000 likes and gave a few new clues, one of the biggest surprises, we sought a first trailer, with a blue light saber, us star wars of force awakens opens dec. eighteenth. made the force be with you, september 4th is coming up, lot of people saying maybe another trailer coming. zak afferent --efron taking under leading man in a movie, searching for his voice and his love interest, you best know him from another video. we talked about what it took to find their voices. >> i started doing theater auditions, started playing piano and dancing and doing my class and things like at, really nerdy and ridiculous.
5:58 am
>> i am still finding my voice. it takes a while, many of the
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