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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 28, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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steve: nypd converges on a neighborhood after officers are caught in an under cover deal gone by, shots fired. in end a suspect and a bystander were wounded. >> stacy delikat to tell us what went wrong. >> reporter: a under cover gun sting went wrong, one of the subjects involved pointed his gun at a under cover nypd officer, that officer opened fire, striking the suspect, also hitting a innocent bystander, police say a team from organized firearms bureau were running a operation involving undercover buying of illegal guns, they detective met his main subject in bronx then they drove to
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mount vernon here. >> the that location, there was some discussion, a gun was put toure undercover's head. the under cover signaled to his back up team, and engaged the subject that robbed him, the suspect pointed the gun at the under cover who then fired at the suspect. >> reporter: the suspect was struck, and fled but then arrested with a second subject. >> during the suiting a bystander, a 63-year-old man, who was standing behind the suspect was struck by two rounds issue he was rushed to the jacoby hospital, we're told he is in serious condition. our hearts and prayers are with him and his family. >> reporter: police later reconsidered the gun. and determined it was a represent that looks similar to a 45 caliber semiautomatic handgun. >> undercover work is one of the
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most dangerous work that we can do as police officers. >> reporter: bailey lives across the street. >> i get on -- my 18-month-old was pretty much traumatized. my son in the car with two bullets outside. >> reporter: the suspect that was shot is in stable condition, the bystander, he is in serious condition tonight at jacoby medical center. stacy delikat, "fox 5 news." steve: a stunt pilot practicing for this week's air show died when his plane 1 -- went down this afternoon. >> our thoughts and prayers go out. >> reporter: this still photograph taken after 2 p.m., shows the stunt pilot flying the single engage plane -- think in plane, spinning upside down in the area practicing for this
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weekend's air short in new windsor, new york, the next picture shows something goes wrong, the tail of the plane is breaking away. the third picture shows the crash. >> the aircraft appeared to experience a structural failure, the plane enter intoed a steep dive, and landed in a wooded area, pilot, the only occupant of the aircraft, was deceased at the scene. >> reporter: as you can see from sky fox, it landed in the woods just beyond the air feel, ben is the associate editor at new york city, he was there when the small plane went down. >> i am really impressed with the pilot for keeping his aircraft clear of you -- a there were not a lot of people on the ground but there were people on the ground. 1 he knew he -- once he knew he was not going to be able to continue flying it he did he did
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everything he could. what i know of air show industry, they are focused on safety above everything else. >> reporter: the investigation is in hand of new york state police, and the ntsb, the name of the pilot has not been released. but the plane is registered to a owner in austin, texas, the air show will go on as planned that weekend. sharon crowley "fox 5 news." >> the body of a missing boat captain in new jersey has been recovered, thomason dreesen's boat cap sided on tuesday they found hid body today in the cabin of his boat, they brought his body back to shore, captain tam tom was remembered as a cheerful member. steve: the father of reporter killed in the shooting in virginia, pushing for stict stricter gun laws. parker and cameraman ward were
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conducting a live interview wednesday morning when a former employees of news station, vester flanagan opened fire on live tv killing them both, parker's father vows to become an advocate for gun reform. >> i want to go to virginia legislature and i want them -- i want them to look me in the eye, tell me why can't we have a reasonable proposal, any reasonable background check, you know the things that common sense dictates, i want them to look me in the eye and tell me why they don't want to support that. steve: memorials are held for parker and ward next week. >> teen, the survivor of the shooting, said she never saw the shooter because the bright lights were blinding her. she was shot in the back. vester flanagan went by the name of bryce williams, he shot and killed himself. police have no indication that anyone was helping him.
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>> we're looking at devastation tropical storm erika caused on eastern caribbean eye island of dominica. rescue crews are searching for missing and injured people, the damage has set the area back 20 years, erika is setting for florida, the governor has declared a state of emergency, volunteers spent the day filling stand bags. many people stocking up on water, batteries and other non-perishable, erika to travel up the state a gulf coast and remain a tropical storm monday. steve: we go to nick gregory with a look at erika's path. nick: it is disrupting the circulation as it moves over the higher elevation there. the questions will be can erika stay as a tropical storm,
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forecast weakening it, if it weakening enough, the folks in florida may be preparing for nothing much, we'll see if it holds, right now winds are 45 miles per hour, that down from earlier, it is moving fast now west 21 miles an hour. looking at track, now you see moving over the western part of hispaniola then cuba, that signifies a tropical depression, winds decrease, about 35 miles per hour, the question, as it hits florida straits, does it strengthen back. there is also strong high upper levels wind in that region. so we'll see, right now forecast the bringing on -- west coast of florida, it has gone westward from yesterday, a minimal tropical storm, if it does holding it worst will be of a lot of rain potential for florida. not so much as far as devastating wind.
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but anything can happy. we'll see what happens anyones erika passed over the higher steve: thank you nick. >> cheating web site ashley madison and its ceo going separate ways. resigning after last month's massive data hack, after a third wave of leaked e-mails surfaced. dari: after more than 3 decade on job one of nypd top hostage negotiators is calling a career, jack retires as longest running head of hostage negotiating team, holding the position for 14 years, bill bratton called him a model for hostage negotiators in the world, his nickname is gentleman jack. >> the thing that police act demy can not teach a police officer is comb passion and common sense.
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>> cambria will stay busy during his retirement. >> all right, could tides turn in new york baseball world? >> deep left field. that is gone. >> we're at citi field, mets fans may have more to celebrate. steve: the pope about a month away from his visit at nyc. how his present is being felt in midtown manhattan. >> can you believe it is the last weekend in august? some fun things to do in town.
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>> you got to believe for years, flew more bad season than good, the rallies cry of new york mets fans. steve: the mets in first place at the end of august, as mac king tells us the fan are feeling confident. >> deep to right center it's out of here. >> reporter: in august, partially thanks to a trade deadline, mets started hitting. >> this team is the best team the mets ever had, 86 and 69 this is a hit machine. >> reporter: so to do confidence of fan base.
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>> mets are for real we're going all the way. >> reporter: with a 6 1/2 game lead in the division before friday a first pitch. the prospect of mets going all the way seemed something that majority of fans in the stadium recognize as a real possibility, that represents a major change from past season. >> last year at this time it was bleak. >> they done spend money, i didn't spend money. >> reporter: this season the yankees chose to the to spend money. relying on performers. >> they should have got a couple more players. i am not blames it on the yankees. bronx. everyone has to lose sometimes. >> they have their own issues. ours. >> who is ready for a cold beer? >> reporter: one fan admitted to
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experience confidence of the liquid variety. >> can you tell me where my seats are. >> reporter: i don't work here, i work for channel 5. >> cool. >> reporter: they have reason to believe. >> we got most championship out of all of baseball. >> we're never out of it, there are no worries. >> reporter: not even september, yankees are a gave 1/2 out of first, there is time for both teams to either choke or win their division, mac king, "fox 5 news." steve: follow that guy, he talked, that guy knows hugh to have fun. >> greatest coach in new york islander history died, al aurber has died today, he finished his career second winningest coach in nhl history. >> new york is biggest city in
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u.s., so pope francis gets a massive welcome who he gets to town next month. >> reporter: pope francis smiling and waving his hand. this is what the finished piece will look like. >> coming the holy father here to new york city. >> reporter: 4 artists could one from as far as costa rica started sketching when they say is one of the most important painting they have done. >> i am honored to be a part. >> reporter: an eye-catcher, a 225 foot hall billboard. >> beautiful, beautiful, amazing. >> reporter: even though the mural is not finished yet, nicholas, who visits from venezuela said it is touching to see the image. >> i am from latin america, i would like the papa. >> reporter: mural is one of the bidsist
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the-- busiest areas in manhattan. christina who walks here every day did not notice it until today. >> it is great they are honors him. >> reporter: the image is steps away from madison square garden where the holy father will hold mass next month. >> we wanted to engage people, if you look at that smile, you can see they are drawn in. >> reporter: the mural should be finished by sunday, and will remain in place for about 6 weeks, that is after the holy father leaves new york city. jessica, "fox 5 news." steve: new study suggestions that alerting parents about their children's body maxine max index may not help fight childhood obesity, they study data at centers for disease control in arkansas, a law require that schools respect bmi to persons,
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they concluded there were no significant change in diet or exercise from the children. >> a city in illinois fighting back against public intoxication, aurora has a habitual drunkard list, you end up on the list, you can't buy booze in the city. steve: 6 times is a lot of incidents. >> in just a couple of months. steve: only fitting that show about pablo escobar. >> [ speaking in spanish ] >> cabbies tries to fight back against uber, the new app they
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hope will help level the playing steve: netflix just keeps pumping out great new shows. >> latest drama serie based on one of the world's most notorious drug lords, simone boyce joining us to talk about niarchos. >> reporter: time to set you're sites on niarchos. i like to think of it a mix of "breaking bad" meets document style film making -- cowboy meets the wire half in spanish.
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steve: that is a big thing in and out of spanish and english. >> reporter: it would have been an easy cop-out to do it in english. it makes it that much more real, they shot majority of scenes in colombia. the lead actor who play as pablo escobar. he is brazillian, did not speak a lick of spanish before taking this role. he learned a new language. it is narrated from perspective of the dea agent that took down escobar, played by actor holbrook, he is a talented guy, have seen him in the back ground but here he is front and center. narrating the story, that is
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cool that takes on good fellow's type of feel. >> is it tough to follow because they are going in and out of language? or can you pick it up? >> reporter: you know, it requires you to be active, a lot of our entertainment now it very passive, you don't have to be active but this allows you to be involved and it is smart writing. steve: i can't tweet this and batch, i will have to keep up with my spanish. >> nope. steve: thank you, simone boyce. >> so available right now. >> out today. steve: awesome. sold. >> a major milestone for the mta . steve: when you will be able to take new 7 all way to hudson yards -- and this. >> yes. a long time to wait.
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oh, i'm going to tell my teacher. is that so? charl that's really hot. >> a boy's priceless react when he finds out his mom is having a baby. steve: i love it. >> the accent just makes it.
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>> the wait is over after years of delays, 7 train will soon be pulling to a brand new station. steve: mta said it will open next month. >> there is no way to get here except bus, with the extension it will be more convenient. >> reporter: the far west side will not feel so far any more, 7 train with a new stop at hudson yard. >> it is great. >> reporter: the 1.5 mile extension will run from 34th and 11th to grand central terminal, they are expecting 35,000 riders
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to take the added route, 550,000 take the 7 train every day. benjamin writes a important blog, and said that -- transportation plog blog and said it does not come without controversy. >> it was supposed to include a station at 41th and 10th that was eliminated. i think that is a missed tuned. >> reporter: that is something they are disappointed about. >> right now a whole neighborhood developing there with no means of transportation, it frustrating for them to go to work and commute, and to get anywhere. >> reporter: construct started on 2.4 billion dollar project in 2007, then mayor bloomberg hoped it would be done before leaving offers, construction is nearly two year behind schedule.
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>> we had some issues with the elevators, escalators, some security systems. to put it in perspective we don't manufacture those but we have to make sure once they are installed they pretty properly. >> reporter: they will have two included elevators to take customers to 20 feet below -- 220 feet below ground. you can take first ride to this subway stop on sep -- september 14, trains are to start running around 1:00 in the afternoon, "fox 5 news." steve: a new app could help the tacky industry come beat with ride share like uber. you can pay for ride through your phone, several thousand taxi drivers are learning how to use it. the price is the same during peak hours, this not first time a company tried to compete with ubers, but others have failed.
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>> a company called halo that based in england, it to pull out of north american operation just because they were gets trounced by uber, whether or not this new company, arrow is more successful remains to be seen. steve: what app goes live next month it will be free to drivers and passengers but they have not ruled out possibility it was a future fee. dari: an adorable little boy from england got very excited when we found out he is going to be a big bro. >> are you really going to have >> yeah. >> is it in there in. >> yeah, no, it is about some mal. >> i'm going to be new big brother! steve: a baby in there. >> they recorded that react after she handed him a son gram to break will news, she posted
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it on-line, and it went viral economy -- ethen has been pestering her. steve: delightful, long island residents up in arm over a ban preventing them from bringing their dogs on the beach, those answer. >> reporter: if you want to create controversy in city of long beach ask just about anyone, if dogs should be allowed on beach. >> if you have a dog, and you responsibly tick up after -- pick up after your dog it is fine. >> i don't see it happening. >> reporter: a handful of beaches throughout long island allow dogs as long as they follow certain rules, project 11561, started a petition to make a second dog beech friendly during off season. >> i think week collective small registration fee, from residents
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and nonresidentses that could help. >> in less than 24 hours there were over 700 signatures, lauren said right now there is nowhere to bring dogs, the beach would be a perfect place. >> it works in other communities, i am sure that not here. >> these are my fur kids, we like to take them children and do activities. >> reporter: long beach city manager, said that the city is open to the idea, and listen to hear in majority of people feel strongly one way or the other. >> if we can enhance our quality of life is great. >> reporter: they will continue to collect signatures and hand them in in september. "fox 5 news" in long beach. steve: time for on brand off brand.
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off brand, houston, texan quarterback, responded to being passed over complaining to press then sleeping through practice yesterday. he was not made available for come today, off brand, new york city psychics admit it is a scam, a fascinating article eploring parole board interview of convicted psychics who seek an early release from prison, article summed up by one, said, if they are taking your money they are not for real. >> on brand, oregon professional marijuana cultivate or who gifted his guests with different -- he has been getting a lot of text from people who had a good time at his wedding. >> a bud tender.
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>> open bud bar. >> if you are looking for fun stuff in town. steve: how about rocky on the big screen on the beach? one of many big events, in what is shaping up to be a pretty good weekend. >> and good year blimp's new replacement. steve: first, let's look at tonight's new york minute. >> nyc park, summer sport jam boary of held today. in the bronx. this is second year of the summer long program that provides free activity to school-age kids. >> we have basketball stations, we have the activity on the synthetic fields, as kids participate, and after we finish we give out prizes. >> reporter: kids pack the
10:35 pm
inwood hill tennis court to get free tennis clinic from tennis pro, he is first dominican player to make it to top 100, he wants to inspire the next generation. >> to me meet victor was such an honor, i am so glad i got to meet him. something to scratch off the bucket list. >> that is your new york minute. >> check out fox 5 ny weather app, forecast, and radar to track storms and weather headlines and storm alerts and warnings when lightning is
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nearby, search fox 5 ny we >> a big sigh of relief from investors after last week's plunge, markets finished this week up. personal income rising about a half of a percent last month, personal spending is rises as much, looks like one of casualties of that cyberattack on ashley madison is the company's married ceo, he was not just leading web site for cheater, his name was on the list of folks using the site.
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>> do you want to know how bad some college kids' to pay off student loans, one in 9 would eat a a -- that is business, i am trish regan. dari: if you prefer bottled water over soda you are not alone, they will surpass the soda sales went next two years, both coca-cola, and pepsi own water brands, most health expert point to benefit of water. steve: all right, the iconic good year glimp is retiring, they will still have a float going over sports events almost the same, and kept aup with helium. >> rocky on the big screen on
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the beach. steve: or hang out with ll cool jay, two of options of a pretty busy weekend for fun. >> talk about fun, we'll tell you about time that amy schumer and jennifer lawrence jumped on stage with billy joel. prep trauma unit 5. what've we got? bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do.
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steve: we're heading to homestretch of summer. >> there is a lot to do before the season ends, we look at a few of things worth checking out this weekend. >> reporter: summer may be winding down but there are so many ways to heat up your weekend. in story of queens, crews wrapping up finishing touches before tomorrow's new world queen's festival, 7 anniversary of annual event bringing live
10:44 pm
music, visual arts, dance performances, children's activity, food and more to the main lawn. >> puppets and music, and entertainment for all of your friends and family, all ages. >> reporter: also tomorrow, llcool jay will return to hollis, queens to celebrate 11 anniversary of jumping ball at 2 2 p.m. at daniel o'connor park. >> did you see the range on that shot? >> at brooklyn academy of music, french master, 4 other period films will be playing through september 3. general admission is $14, and yes subtitles will be included. >> just bridge a beach towel --
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rocky is playing tomorrow night. just bridge a beach towel, you are good to go, no sun screen is necessary, for more on the activity go to "fox 5 news." steve: a beautiful shot there. >> nice gorgeous for movies or whatever you want to to. steve: aus awesome week. nick: to you remember the names of turtles in rocky one. steve: no way. nick: cuff and link. steve: was -- -- nick: 2 turtles. steve: no kidding. there you go. should be a trif imral trivial pursuit question. >> yeah. nick: a great day as you pointed out, still not too humid. next week temperatures hovering
10:46 pm
90 a lot of time, 82-63 today, 81 is average high. we did a little bit better, sunrise 6:20, 75 right now. few scattered clouds. almost full moon tonight. it is spectacular check it out. our highs today, we had low 80s, islip to city in shore, 70s in north and west, 79 in poughkeepsie. and we're back too 50s north and west, 50 at sussex, 55 in moon sello, close to -- monticello, close to 50 in some of the valleys tonight,. look at that a 20 degree change. wind calm, it will become more south-southwesterly as time moves along warming things up this weekend. boston at 69. and 70s south of that, fill to
10:47 pm
washington, d.c., with a few clouds in sky, a clear sky tonight, sunshine tomorrow. the high pressure will slide east, nene we'll have a shift on a more south-southwesterly air flow, bringing clouds in sunday, but rain will stay away, we'll see an increase in humidity at that point, heat on southwest, phoenix 109 tomorrow, 90 in l.a., 90s in the plain states until you get to chicago to 70s, we'll be in mid 80s near in new york city. your day planner is beautiful, is upy, 60s -- 50s mooter and north and west, and 86 tomorrow afternoon, now running a bit above average for this time of year, future cast with that system moving ogood weather for sunday, and more clouds at that point. then more humid. north and west could have an isolated shower storm late sunday for higher per rain in poke
10:48 pm
--poconos and catskills, erika holding on for life. it may not survive, track guidance weakening to a depression, over cuba, we'll see if it restrengthens up to the florida locale. jersey shore 82 tomorrow, 84 sunday, more sun, more clouds, nice but heum humid. and connecticut shores, saturday 84, to 86 on sunday, more clouds. humid, saturday, looks good in poconos could sunday, isolated thunderstorm in lower 80, same in catskills, and i think we'll keep showers out of the berveg berkshires, west-southwest wind, 5 knots, water of still upper 70s, uvi 7, watch out for rip currents, 68 in city, clear, 50s
10:49 pm
and lower 60s in burbs, and a beautiful bay, monday, tuesday, wednesday, about 90 or greater, 70s at night. it gets more uncomfortable, we're try, with high 80s thursdays friday. steve: is that a little bit normal for us. nick: yes, we lose a degree every few days. steve: the days will get shorter, a great time of year. not a depressing link. good stuff, all right, tina is
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(gong) marinate your steak with kikkoman to enhance its juicy, natural essence. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat) tina: for first time in 14 years, the mets kick off a home series again boston red sox, trying to win 8 straight. start the out great, but reliever logan could not hold it it. red sox with a 3-2 lead, now 3-3 in top of 10, this goes to the
10:53 pm
wall bounces back into the park for a inside the park home run. also the go ahead run 4-3 red sox, and right now in bottom of 10th inning red sox continue to lead mets, 6-3. >> yankees in atlanta, no mark teixeira out with that shin bruise, no alex rodriguez but the rest of the lineup steps up, chase utley with that one. yankees onboard, 2-0. 2 on for greg goreious, he launches this pitch to right field seats, yankees score 5 runs in first inning, and keep hitting, yanks holding on, leading braves 13-3, right now actually it 15-4, in bottom of the ninth. barclay golf continues in our backyard in edison, new jersey,
10:54 pm
jordan spieth entered tournament as number one ranked player in the world but not any more this is today, he shot a 73, missing the cut, and surrendering his ranking. as for bubba watson on 18, this birdie putt, brings him to 7 under, your leader. heading into saturday. >> as we told you earlier, a saturday for islander fans, hall of fame coach al arbour passes away at age of 82, he led the islanders to 4 straight stan li cup championships from 1980 to 1983, coaching one of the greatest dynasties in new york sport. hired by islanders in 1973, arbour coached for 19 season, becoming nhl's second winningest coach. tina: no doubt he will be missed. with the closing of coliseum. steve: a lot of milestones for
10:55 pm
islander fans. on to a bigger and better in future, thank you. >> billy joel might be in love with two new up -- steve: jennifer lawrence amy schumer, climbing atop the me piano man last night in chicago. we know they are close they become best friends this summer, they are working on a movie where they will play sisters, this is their moment, this is a perfect fitting end to their summer. dari: they have been on news every night this week. steve: they have. dari: come on. >> resentment can creep in. tina: i want to be them. steve: right.
10:56 pm
>> who won't do that. >> good for them. steve: fun, fun, that is the end of our night, i don't know, enjoy it. dari: have a great weekend. nick: it's going to be a good one. tina: friday.
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