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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 29, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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feel like a kid again with dunkin's new oreo and chips ahoy flavored coolatta and iced coffees. classic cookie flavor in every sip. america runs on dunkin'. c now on chasing days. >> he didn't know where tom and some lesson they found his body in the water dead according to his wife. they still don't know why the boat went down in the first place. >> he may not have been experienced but he had a career. he wasn't just some young kid out there. >> i have no clue because dozens of free signs and bridge would have been stolen. >> showing up on people's walls. >> how are they supposed to decorate their dorms? >> this is nicole.
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she was a reason samantha brown and inmate of the facility. outside the supervisor's car engaging in sexual activity and drug use. >> it's really manipulation to have control over that staff member. >> you chased a story about a three-foot fishing boat that went missing and was found today >> when it sank on tuesday we didn't know where tom anderson was and it appears today they found his body in the water dead according to his wife. we still don't know why the boat went down the first place. it sounds very quiuickly in the waters off sandy hook. tom anderson had been fishing for three or four years. he had been taking out a commercial fishing dock called the delft -- beauford dock. people remembered him as a good guy.
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>> he was so nice and so friendly. nothing bothered him. like one of those happy-go-lucky type guys. >> tom's story is similar to a lot of the people in the close-knit fishing community. they are facing hard economic times and it was getting harder to make a living off of fishing. this is something common use to supplement his income after he retired. the people there say it's hard for everyone. >> all these boats we are seeing here should be out fishing. nobody is out fishing. >> it was founded 50 feet of water near sandy hook prayed the army corps of engineers was salvaged about and take it up from water sometime soon so we can get an idea of what causes maritime tragedy. >> how easy it easy is it to call for distress? >> if you were on the radio -- it echoes and tells you where
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you are. i don't think he had one on the boat. >> he was out by himself. is that a common practice? >> normally you have more than one person not just help you with the work but in case something goes wrong you are not dealing with it yourself. the reason he was by himself has he couldn't afford to have anybody with him. it's getting harder to make money and to earn a living as a commercial fisherman in the state of new jersey. a lot of his due to government regulations. the government places on -- a limit on how many fish people can bring in and they have make a season so short. it's going to be a season next sunday and could last two or three weeks and the next chance to fish is in january. >> all of these boats should be fishing now. >> i don't know people realize we have a vibrant fishing industry in new jersey. >> i spoke to someone in the co-op, when she went to get fish $16.99 at whole foods and $4 a
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pound at elford. >> were either you are commercial fishing or for sport three years of owning a boat doesn't make you a veteran and sound like he should have been there with other people on board. most people spend their lives growing up on a boat like this. >> he had a career so this was not just some young kid out there. >> the coast guard is going to try to find out what happened. they took over the investigation once the boat is salvaged they will pick it apart to find out what happened and what went wrong and why it went down so >> high-speed chase rohan. >> new jersey state police are looking for public assistance via their facebook page to identify a man wanted for walking into a convenience store and cape cape may counties stolen bag of $4 walked out the door. they said he didn't look like a regular customer. he's described as a white male wearing a blue blue-collar cheered in jeans and also when
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the photo is posted a lot of people on facebook said that looks a lot like matt dylan. new jersey state police put hashtag not matt dylan. to me he looks like a skinny matt leblanc. call the local police if you have seen this guy. >> video of a jewelry heist that took place wednesday at 3:00 a.m. and hamilton new jersey. two thieves smashed into trenton jewelers and hamilton and took $80,000 worth of diamonds and rings. surveillance is up and the first suspect is described as a male, 20 to 25 years old wearing a blue under armour baseball cap and a male 20 to 25 years old. anyone with information is asked to call police. understanding in ridgewood right now on the corner of actually
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bill i have no clue where i am because the sign behind me has been stolen. that's right. dozens of streets signs in ridgewood have been stolen in the last month. the problem has gotten so bad that the ridgewood police department has offered an amnesty to anyone who has stolen a street sign and brings it back before september 15. they don't get reported or get charged with a crime. so i went to the police department to speak with chief john ward about the problem and why he's doing this interesting new program. >> you take a stop sign and there's an accident with injury and/or death you could be held criminally and civilly responsible. we have seen where they have shown up in people's dorm rooms or on people's walls. >> the police department has offered amnesty to anyone who brings back this time before september 15 and after that you are not so lucky. it's actually a trend.
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they happen around august and that some students are heading off to college. they want to take a piece of their hometown with him. he told me currently 37 signs have gone missing this month and of that 20 of them have been returned. a few of those 20 are not from this year and they know that. so there were few signs are turned and he said this isn't just dangerous, it's also costly. >> i don't want to diminish the seriousness of this but what is dangerous about the street sign? >> i used to work as a paramedic i know first-hand the frustration going into an area for a lot of signs are missing and trying to get to a person life-support and we couldn't find our way. that could cost somebody their life. >> the penalty is hired to take a stop sign and someone gets injured or killed because of a crash. then you are facing bigger
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criminal charges if not homicide >> a guy in florida in 2001 based three counts of manslaughter because he stole a stop sign and there was an accident at the intersection and three people died. it's actually very serious. >> a kid can't decorate their dorm without a street sign. >> the millennial perspective. >> thanks tamera. i hope you find your way home. >> it took me 25 minutes to find it. >> michael its syracuse. >> tropical storm erika is about to bear down on florida and passed a part of the caribbean. what does that mean for folks up here in new jersey? our meteorologist with accuweather dan kozlowski said
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hurricane season in general and what we got going on with whether. >> gray. this is the time of the year when i don't get any sleep so if i doze off let me know. >> what does it mean for us? >> it means nothing. a large area of high pressure like a large balloon in the upper atmosphere is forcing erika to move on the west and northwesterly course and as a result the balloon is going to be sitting over new york city so we are going to get great weather this weekend and into early next week because of the high pressure area but is going to basically block the system from coming up the east coast. >> is our nice weather this causing problems for everybody else. >> exactly. >> it's our fault. what about looking over the course of the hurricane season.
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this is the 10,000 -- anniversary of hurricane katrina and new jersey still recovering from hurricane sandy. what do you think we can expect over the next few months? >> because of the fact that we have been, where we are right now the odds of us being affected by tropical storm or hurricane look small right now. >> dan, thanks. have a good weekend. appreciate it. >> a sketch of the suspect wanted for robbing demetrius diamond jewelers on august 24 but good luck identifying this man in a police sketch wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. the suspect is described as a white male in his 30s i did 11 inches with a medium build and a mustache. >> take a look this mugshot of a man arrested and charged with grabbing a police officer by the threat and attempting to take his gun. they were responding to a call about a disturbance at a home.
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three cops are right and edward rodriguez looks like he didn't make out in the battle of k. and he is being held on $150,000 bail. >> update alert i think eric you guys are going to like the show like man explaining and awsomesauce. the dictionary includes these words no big deal, roi and other new terms include [bleep] of my all-time favorite angry. >> this is nicole. she was a supervisor working for the department of corrections. she's an inmate at the facility. the inmate tells her boss the supervisors had to talk outside. allegedly engaging in sexual activity and drug use. >> it's an upscale fashion boutique in bridal boutique that
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>> five people, two adults allegedly broke into the house of nick mangal at 5 30:00 in the morning on august 23. he wakes up to his car alarm going off and his riders open.
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please have ran the five suspects. lucky for them -- to the ground. the halfway house in trenton looks more like a full-blown prison. bo robinson is no stranger to big problems with this staff. the trentonian reported misconduct and abuse of authority and with the most bizarre love triangles you are here. this is nicole plays nice supervisor working for the new jersey department of corrections at the bo robinson facility before she was fired for misconduct. the reason this is amanda brown and inmate of the bo robinson facility and also part of the work release program. she was working at a restaurant in nearby ewing new jersey. workers from restaurant alleged pleasanter ski -- sea mate patellar bosma supervisors have to go outside and talk to her. outside meant the supervisors car allegedly engaging in sexual activity and drug use. when brown returned to the bo
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robinson facility one day she tested positive for substance and spill the beans about the inappropriate relationship with her supervisor. the third in the triangle is her boyfriend a trooper. his face has been blurred in a photo because it seems like collateral damage and the mess. this conduct is not rare. i spoke to an official who stated mercer county is not comfortable sending inmates to the privately run facility anymore. things are so bad in new jersey with regards these halfway houses senator shirley turner has introduced legislation calling for greater state control and oversight for these privately run facilities. to give us insight we have psychologists jeffrey gardier via skype. you work extensively within the prison system. how do problems keep arising especially in a place is under a microscope like this? >> if there is improper training and harper rubber monitoring people do not doubt whether it's a halfway house for a full-blown prison they will get involved
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with the inmates. >> do you think sometimes there's unfair criticism? >> it really is about rehabilitation especially for inmates of drug abuse problems. they are doing time for doing it in a less secure facility one that is part of the community. >> let me go back to the sex for a minute. is about power? >> sometimes it's downright rape but sometimes in the minority of the cases it about manipulation to have control over that staff member and to get favors. >> year reminds me of the prison escape that happened in the state of new york. >> they have a photo of the two together. >> dr. jeff gardier, thanks. >> there's a new shop in town that caters to the indian brides. i chased this to -- where he met
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quattara and it's an upscale fashion boutique in bridal boutique that caters to south asian brides that typically find themselves having to settle because most stores don't cater to indian brides and there's a lack of choices for them in america. >> you would be able to order this and find in the three colors that are available. >> every star is different and we want our clients to feel like that when they walk into the store. >> since i'm not typically shopping for a traditional indian sorry i brought my friend to give me perspective. shouldn't. the shopping at bloomingdale's we can walk around and feel the materials. >> the store is very modern and it was a great experience. >> i took a look for myself. hollywood meets bollywood. this is a more modern dress for
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the modern girl. a western down. you can arrange an appointment or stop by the store whether you are a bright looking for a dresser looking for typical party dress for a fun night. >> very different than the traditional american white wedding dress. >> very different. she said red is the traditional color and modern girls go for pain. >> i have a couple of friends that got married. there are several days of celebrating. it's a whole week and just imagine how much people spend on wedding dresses. in manhattan where the f. i will have to move out of state to get married when i get married one day. why is that funny? the cost of a wedding in manhattan for example is $89,615.
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>> the store is traditionally no matter how old you are at this point you have to have somebody fly to india with your measurements and actually bring them back. we had a family member on a trip who sent the measurements over and my sister got married in paint. >> are you planning to do something like this? >> i thought it was cool. i shopped around and looked at it. >> a nightclub and a burger shop? we take you inside the hidden bar. >> this bar has most expensive bathroom door and all of new york. it's art. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted
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for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars. among them were four hospitals that are part of cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> the new york you wouldn't know it unless you are in the know so for this adventure i went to the west village at the intersection of seventh avenue and barrow street where there's
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a huge -- i went inside and saw her eating her burger and fries and diaster do you know if there's a bar somewhere around here? aybar? there is no sign. nothing. i couldn't figure out where the entrance was so i asked one of the guys where is this bar ended pointed to a staircase. when i got there i met the owner of the bark are all old brandi gave me a tour. >> he never had kids of his own so he was like that cool uncle and he tosses the keys when he is away. you can draw hearts party with your friends. >> this bar also has the most expensive bathroom door in all of new york to the value, $20,000.
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it's a famous art so that the value of this work. >> and the drinks. >> one of them is called the what why. bartenders want people to enjoy their time at the bar and the other drink i had was -- so i asked kyle what is in the first lady and what ingredients? >> love. what else is in here other than love? >> for those of us who live in manhattan i've been there a bunch of times and you can google it. if you google -- west village it pops up. this is why people and manhattan to don't go to these things because there are a million there. it's not that much of a secret. >> kara i appreciate you debunking my entire story but
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when i was there i spoke to a tourist that had no idea there was a bar there's so legitimately and that's the thing turn new yorkers know about the place and if that's what you are and as we know by people who are new yorkers don't know about it. that's what i'm calling it a hidden jim. >> here's what you missed on "chasing news" is week. >> jenny cannot take medical marijuana on legal grounds. >> on the next show. >> ogled void with a cute smile. >> he was born without any legs.
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