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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 29, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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plans start at $14.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc to switch today. time warner cable. enjoy better. >> right now on fox 5 news at 6 -- >> the nypd expressing sorrow after an innocent bystander or was fatally shot by police. hello and good evening, i'm antwan lewis. commissioner bratton issuing a statement earlier today expressing remorse to the family of 61-year-old who was fatally shot by an undercover nypd officer during a drug bust gone bad. friends of the victim are in mourning tonight. >> that's right, antwan. all that's left here an the scene are some gloves by the paramedics. i also spoke to a friend of that victim, mr. komamy, and he's absolutely in shock that something like this could happen to such a great guy.
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>> you hear about felix, and right away i was like, oh, my god. i can't believe it. just out here minding his own business. >> vincent walton is talking about his longtime cowalker, felix coomey accidentally killed when an undercover gun-buying operation went terribly wrong on this normally-quiet mount vernon street. >> he was one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. very religious, very quiet, you know? just a guy out here working hard to support himself. >> police say the undercover officer met his main subject in the bronx, then they drove to mount vernon around 4 p.m.. once there another man unexpectedly jumped into the backseat of the car and pointed this gun at the officer's head. the undercover cop gave the suspects cash, and as they ran away, the officer fired at the men, hitting one of them as well as mr. coomey, an innocent
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bystander who lives nearby. a second suspect was arrested. >> a lot of police excitement. oh, my god. it was something i've never seen before. >> this man lives near where the chaos unfolded. turns out the gun was actually fake but looked just like a real, large semiautomatic pistol. today the police commissioner issued an apology to the coomey family reading: mr. coomey was blameless, and this tragedy has tested and tried his family. i spoke to some of the neighbors and asked them how they felt about the police commissioner's apology, and they said they really appreciated just how quickly he actually did apologize. as for that gunman, the man who held a gun to the officer's head and was shot, he's still in the hospital this stable condition. that's the latest here in mount vernon, antwan, back to you. >> lydia, thanks so much. police in texas have arrested a suspect in the fatal shooting of a sheriff's deputy at a gas
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station in a suburb of houston. the deputy was approached by shannon j. miles from behind and shot multiple times last night at a chevron. investigators believe the deputy, a 10-year veteran of the force, was targeted because he was simply wearing a uniform. miles will face capital murder charges. police arrested a hand they say may have been involved in morn a dozen office building burglaries this summer, caught on this very clear surveillance video from an office building on west 46th street. this is from monday night. he and another suspect made off with laptops and other electronics. the duo is accused of hitting up 13 office buildings. the surgery continues for the second suspect. well, the show went on at an upstate new york our show one day after a small plane crashed during practice killing a pilot. dan bowen has the details. >> the new york air show here at stuart international airport in orange county soaring high as
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federal investigators are still looking into just what caused that faith fatal crash as pilot was training for this event here friday afternoon. a spectacular display of aerial acrobatics. the show about 60 miles north of manhattan drawing a crowd of thousands. many who watched saturday afternoon mindful of the tragedy playing out here just 24 hours earlier. >> just such a tragic thing that happened, but, you know, we've got to keep going. >> right here you actually see some debris come off of the rear of the plane. >> kevin kelly was standing on a ridge nearby and caught it all on video. you can see a piece of debris breaking off the single-engine plane. seconds later the aircraft dives out of control and crashes, killing the pilot identified as andrew wright from texas. >> it's very unfortunate. my condolences go out to the family. it's unfortunate, but at the same time i'm sure he understood the risks that he was involved in. >> the ntsb's still investigating just what happened
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here, his family decided to attend to honor that pilot. >> i was surprised they were going to still have it, but, i mean, i guess he was out here to do it, so support what he was out here to do. >> from orange county, dan bow want, fox 5 news. >> florida's bracing for the arrival of erika, the tropical storm has been downgrade today a low purchase system but not before it avenue ravaged parts of the dominican republic. in the dominican the storm killed also at least 20 people. let's get to audrey puente with the very latest on erika's track. hello. >> hello. it has been downgraded and is bringing significant rainfall across cuba and hispaniola, but the tropical storm status has weaked significantly. the center is located just across eastern portions of cuba. it was kind of shredded apart as it moved over hispaniola, and that is why it has weakened.
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it will be moving over cuba, and then all eyes will be focused on florida. expected to move just along the west coast of florida bringing a lot of rain as we go into the next several days. so a look at our future cast down towards the south shows a lot of scattered showers across florida, in fact, it's business as usual for them. a lot of clouds in place. if you have vacation plans, you will be encountering a lot of scattered showers and thunderstorms as the remnants of erika make its way towards the peninsula. by monday still scatter showered, not a drenching rain. the west coast could see steady rainfall, but it should be relatively quiet compared to what they earlier attempted at the end of the week. -- anticipated at the end of the week. still some scat iserred showers monday and it's slow to move inland, so it looks like portions of georgia will be affected too. there's another disturbance that the national hurricane center is watching. you can see it in the last screen shot just off of the west coast of africa moving towards the cape verde islands.
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this one has a 70% chance of developing into a tropical storm over the next 48 hours, but if it does so, it'll be named fred. that's the next focus for the national hurricane season. as far as our weather's concerned, we're nice and dry. we are having another fabulous weekend. we've had a nice stretch over the last month or so, and it continues as we go through this weekend. we'll have the details and the upcoming week which could bring us our next heat wave, and i'll have the details coming up. antwan? >> thanks so much. today marks exactly ten years since hurricane katrina left new orleans in ruins, but there are hopeful dreams in the big easy tonight. fox 5 has more a decade after the storm. >> this superdome was the shelter of last resort for people with nowhere else to go during the height of katrina. ten years later those who chose to stay here in new orleans are celebrating. >> in true new orleans style, a wreath laying in the crescent city is accompanied by a jazz band and a singer in flowing
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robes. come by here. >> the memorial laying is part of this weekend's ceremonies marking the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> flood came in, the water began to recede, but another flood came, and that flood was each other. >> more than 1800 people along america's gulf coast died. according to federal statistics, katrina was the worst natural disaster to ever hit the nation. louisiana's governor, bobby jindal, says although katrina devastated a major american city, it did not extinguish the flame of hope for recovery. >> we can take comfort this knowing that although hurricane katrina brought us to our knees, we did not allow that storm to keep us down permanently. new orleans and louisiana have come back stronger and better than ever before. >> here at the superdome the repairs cost about $336 million but ten years after katrina the city of new orleans has about 100,000 less residents. in new orleans, joel waldman, fox news. >> a tragic accident has claimed
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the life of one of broadway's rising stars. 21-year-old kyle jean-baptiste died last night after falling from his mother's fire escape. now, the brooklyn native was a cast member in les miserables making history as the youngest actor to play the main character. details on how he fell remain unclear, but many people are expressing their condolences. actress kristin chenoweth tweeted: my love and hugs to his family and the cast. rapper drake appears to be at the center of a war between apple music and jay-z's title. pressure. >> apparently, it's all because he performed two songs at last night's hurricane katrina charity concert to benefit children in new orleans. now, according to "the new york post," lawyers were called in because the event was being streamed live through title, and drake has an exclusive deal with apple music said to be worth about $19 million.
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now, sources say the tech giant threatened to sue for $20 million if the rapper appeared or if the his music was being streamed. title took to twitter this response to the lawsuit threat saying apple is interfering with artistry, sorry for big brother's inconvenience. we'll keep you updated. still have a lot more to tell you about, coming up it was out with the old and in with the new in jersey city, a building implosion that gave residents a very early wake-up call. and the nypd stepping up efforts to get sip nettic marijuana off the streets. how to local officials want the feds to give them a hand. halloween's still months away, but we'll show you some of the costumes already causing quite a fuss. >> fox 5 sits down with christian mcbride who shares his musical
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that is a sight. if you were near jersey city this morning and heard a few loud booms, don't worry, nothing serious happened. three of the six build beings of the montgomery gardens public housing project were 'em loaded to -- imploded to make room for more affordable units as well as a senior living center. well, lawmakers are working to get synthetic marijuana off the streets. linda schmidt has more on the fight against k2. >> it poisons your system. >> this woman nearly died from smoking synthetic marijuana which is commonly called k2. it is not illegal to sell. she bought it at a bodega for $5. >> i didn't know what it was going to my body, so i kept smoking, and then i finally got sick off of it. and i winded up -- [inaudible] >> ellis joined brooklyn borough president eric adams and other city officials to call on the federal government to help battle the k2 crisis.
6:15 pm
the drug can lead to seizures, violence and even death. adams says new york city saw 220% increase last year in emergency room visits. >> it's pathogen to attract young people. >> k2 comes in animated packaging. it is called synthetic marijuana, but it's not marijuana at all. >> the term synthetic marijuana is misleading. this is not marijuana. you do not grow this in someone's backyard or someone's plant. this is grown in someone's chemistry lab. >> adams is urging the dea to add synthetic marijuana and all synthetic drugs to its banned control substance list making them illegal. and next month city council speaker melissa is introducing legislation to crack down on the sale of k2. the bill would implement serious penalties against stores and bodegas that sell any synthetic
6:16 pm
drug. >> the penalty can be up to one year in jail, $5,000 penalty. if you are, basically, do it again it could be up to $25,000, and if that bodega or establishment has some sort of tobacco license, that could be revoked as well. >> linda schmidt, fox 5 news. >> well, one family is very lucky to be alive today. officials say a mazda four-door was hit by another car yesterday, sending it through a fence and into a backyard swimming pool in miami-dade county. the car with a woman and two kids end up upside down in the pool, but fortunately, everyone made it out okay. a new study confirms what most new yorkers already know, our commute is killer. why it's so hard to simply get around here. >> frank ortiz works eight hours a day as a handy han, and of those eight hours five of them are spent stuck in a car driving from job to job.
6:17 pm
>> i go from yonkers, bike lane. i go to jersey. i try to stay busy. >> this guy feels his pain. >> atlantic avenue. yeah, these are the ones i use most. >> a new study by the texas a&m transportation institute shows traffic congestion has hit an all-time high and delays are the worst they've been in 30 years and more than twice as long as they were in 1982. the info is based on federal data on traffic speed and the thurm of cars on the road -- the number of cars on the road. >> i live in long island, so it's different from living out here. we used to take the buses a lot, so i end up riding most of my day. >> new york comes in fourth in a list of cities with the worst traffic congestion. the average commuter spending an extra 74 hours a year on the road. >> two of the ten, top ten worst roads in the country are in our region. and total for us is very, very bad.
6:18 pm
in fact, i saw a report recently that said in 20 years day by day congestion could be akin to that thanksgiving weekend. >> traffic experts say the study makes a good case for the need public transit. >> if you want to lay the blame at the feet of somebody, do it at the feet of congress which has refused to do anything to get more money going into the highway trust fund which we recommend that the gasoline tax be raised by a nickel or ten cents per gallon, and that would go a long way to solve ising all our problems. >> jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. >> well, if you find yourself loving all things '90s, this next story is just for you. the jersey is worn in the 1996 movie space jam is up for auction. it's the exact jersey michael jordan wore in the climactic scene. the jersey is described as having some signs of wear and minor saving. bid -- minor staining.
6:19 pm
bidding starts at $10,000, and there are rumors of a space jam sequel with, who else? lebron james. fall decorations and halloween candy are are already in the stores and costume shops are unveiling their pop culture costumes. many of them are, of course, meant to offend as matt king shows us. >> it's august, the skies are clear, it's 80 some degrees so naturally, many of us have started thinking about halloween. [laughter] >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no, not at all. >> halloween, i'm not doing. >> costume manufacturer spirit halloween has started -- or never stops -- thinking about october 31st. this year it's offering a unisex caitlin jenner costume which many on twitter apparently hate. >> we have it on order. nobody's asking for it. >> tony by yankee's managed new york costumes for 30 years. >> the cliches, you know? flapper costumes, pitchforks, 2ke68s, vampires.
6:20 pm
>> but every year tony stacks racks full of costumes pertaining to more recent events. >> this wasn't something that was going to celebrate her, this would mock and further marginalize ask reduce our experiences and our identities. >> addison identifies herself as a trans-feminine gender/queer advocate. she started a petition against the caitlin jenner costume. the internet offers a $60 costume of the dentist who killed cecil the lion. anyone anywhere may create a homemade costume of ray rice or anybody else. >> i think i'm going to be this year. >> and tony has any number of other outfits dozens of populations could find offensive. >> we're not politically correct. we're not. we don't care. >> in union square, i'm matt king, fox 5 news. >> fox's hottest show is gearing up for season two. we're going to take you to the set of empire and hear what the
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6:24 pm
season two. simone paid a visit just to speak with the stars about the new season. >> this is a hot set, people, and i mean really hot. >> just one month away from the season two premiere, the energy is electric on the chicago set of empire, especially when jesse and gabby get together. >> turn the dining room into a house party. >> that's right. go, gabby. >> the cast is still filming an expanded 18 episodes, and already they're just as shocked as fan z will be. >> mine was the fifth episode and the tenth episode. ones -- >> i'm on the tenth as well. >> we genuinely are fans of the show as well, so there are things we want to see as fans that we know the fans want to see as well. >> empire's record-setting last
6:25 pm
season brought taraji p. henson her second emmy nod. >> it's history being made if i were to win, first african-american to win in that category, so that's pretty dope. >> and it's no surprise all of hollywood wants in on empire. who are the big names that are coming to the show in season two? >> chris rock, lenny kravitz. >> i'm working with swiss beatz. >> pit bull and mariah carey and cookie's new love arrest could arrive in the form of actor adam rodriguez. >> is there something going on between cookie and his character? >> there's just a little spark. i mean, look at him. seriously. and, i mean, look at me. >> yeah, let's look at her. >> she set things up for herself. >> okay. >> cookie is a smart cookie. uh-huh. >> tell me more, keep going. >> that's all i can tell you, or
6:26 pm
cookie going to have to get you killed. >> simone boyce, fox 5 news. >> colleges around the country are welcoming their new class of freshmen, so volunteer students dressed in their red storm greeted the incoming class to help calm any nerves, there's a deejay on campus along with administrators and faculty to answer any questions. many students told us they are looking forward to college life. >> i'm excited to meet new people, excited to see all these new events and to have all these new experiences with people that look like an unfamiliar territory. i'm just excited for the school year to start. i met my roommate, he's really cool, and everyone here is really nice. >> about 1100 students make up this year's freshman class at st. john's. coming up, a legendary bassist shares his journey in tonight's modern masters. and we'll introduce you to a popular street vendor who plans
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>> you're watching fox 5 news at 6. >> jazz bassist christian mcbride's legendary career has taken him to the stage with some of music's biggest names. he's considered by many to be the bridge between old school jazz and the next generation of
6:30 pm
new players, and tonight he's a fox 5 modern master. >> my name is christian mcbride, and i am a bassist. >> it's just about letting the energy and the spirit flow. >> when i was 8 years old to, i saw my father play. for some particular reason this one concert, it really struck me, and i turned to my mother, and i said can i have a bass for christmas, a bass guitar? my first electric bass is still in philly. i never brought it to new york with me. >> the minute i touched the instrument, i knew that's what i wanted to do.
6:31 pm
>> that's actually one of the pieces i used to get into julliard. the bass was sitting there -- bass jury was sitting there watching me like this, just no nothing. didn't know if i was doing good or bad. >> the great saxophonist bobby watson maybe two week into the school year, he, he found his way into school, and he said, hey, what you doing this weekend? i went, why? he said because i got a gig for you this weekend, you know? we're playing the birdland. what? i decided to leave julliard after one year. i don't regret it, because i had a chance to play with some real legends who are no longer with us. ray brown, the late great george duke who was a giant influence on me not just as a musician, but as a person as well.
6:32 pm
>> as a young jazz musician, you are expected to know a number of songs from the great american songbooks. so i've been in freddie hubbard's band for a year and a half, then freddie says, hey, we're going to make a live album. yes! i'm going to be documented with freddie hubbard. so we're recording, tapes are rolling, crowd is packed. freddie starts playing this trumpet intro. i don't recognize what he's playing, and right away i think i turned white. because freddie's back was to me, i took the microphone that was in front of the bass, and i kind of made it drop out of the way so it wouldn't record -- [laughter] it wouldn't get the sound of the bass. at the end of the night, the assistant engineer comes down, he says, you know what? we had a shadow mic on the bass, so we were able to salvage the track. [laughter] ask ask and i'm going, no!
6:33 pm
so, yes, on freddie hubbard's live flat tuesdays is a rendition of but beautiful with me playing all the wrong notes to be documented forever. [laughter] >> everything that you learn as a trained musician you have to call op all of those skill -- on all of those skills to be a jazz musician. and you have to make it all sound simple so the untrained ear can understand it. >> as a bass player, you're supposed to come up with different creative bass lines every single chorus. it could be like this -- >> or i could start it off like this -- >> or i could start it off like this --
6:34 pm
>> now, when you switch it to the pop side, the discipline is almost the exact opposite. if i may reference my dear friend sting, we play "every breath you take," this is the bass line. >> i have to play that exactly like that, you know? none of this, you know -- >> i mean, i could play that, but it would get in the way, and it would really break up the flow of how that song is supposed to feel. james brown has always been hi biggest music -- my biggest musical influence. i produced what turned out to be his final show at the hollywood bowl. he said, son, i'm proud of you. thank you, mr. brown.
6:35 pm
no, no, you're really doing some good things, son. i've been proud of your career. you're doing a lot of good things. you ain't just play aring bass, you're upholding the standard. i went, whoa. it's sort of a natural inclination to want to nurture these young musicians and help them the same way the older guys helped us. >> so it's all full circle. >> listen to that all day. thanks, christian. well, she's turning street food into culinary magic. a local vendor who plans to cook her way to the top at next month's vennty awards. and he's the star of we are your friends.
6:36 pm
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>> a popular street vendor has been invited to next month's vendy awards. jessica has this story from washington heights. >> the mother of five pushes this cart full of food every morning to the subway station on west 191st street and st. nicholas avenue in washington heights. she's been doing it for the past seven years, not always in the same spot. for a while she would walk the streets and avenues. the reason for getting into the business? her daughters. [speaking spanish] >> translator: what i earn here
6:39 pm
and what my husband earns goes to pay my daughter's college tuition because she does not have any loans. she wakes up every morning at three. she cooks and packs her heart. [speaking spanish] >> translator: we are here a quarter to 8, 8:00 in the morning until 2, and thank god we sell. you will find nothing but mexican specialties, that tamales, tacos, and it's her cooking that got her nominated for this year's vendy awards, an annual competition that determines the best of the best in street food. what got her into the competition was her specialty drink. it is made of chocolate, water, flour and cinnamon. and it's delicious. [speaking spanish] >> translator: i am very happy. after so many years in this country, this is the first time i will be doing something like this. she's in the drinks category up against four others. >> it's different food from our culture, and it is good, you know?
6:40 pm
it's delicious. [speaking spanish] >> translator: every day i'm more motivated because i'm nominated. the vendy awards will take place on september 12th at governor's island n. washington heights, i'm jessica fermoso. >> he's one of hollywood's leading men, we go one on one with zac ephron and learn about his new movie. and, of course, everyone's talking about the weather. >> they sure are, antwan, because it is fabulous. we have another great weekend ahead of us. i'll let you know what to expect for the switch now, new york and get installed as early as today. mom switched.
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>> actor zac ephron plays a movie this his new movie, we are your friends. fox 5 spoke to him about preparing for this role. we are your friends stars zac ephron as cole with feelings for sophie. >> you know, this party's looking a little stiff. >> what would it take for each you have to find your own creative voices? >> i started doing theater auditions and auditioning for plays and started playing piano and dancing and doing, like, tap class and things like that. all of which was perceived to be really nerdy and ridiculous to my friends. >> and that commitment paid off when the world got to though
6:44 pm
ephron in high school musical. what kind of challenge did you face when you transitioned from high school musical to the actor we know now? >> i took a step back and tried soon. and i really wanted to work with directors that could show me more about acting. because i didn't really know what acting was at that point. i was more or less be just having fun. >> and for emily who burst into lick consciousness in robin thicke's blurred lines video, her creative evolution continues. >> i think i'm still finding my voice, and that's one of the things i like. it takes a while and maybe many times in your life you'll have, like, i've got to start from scratch. >> which skills are you seeing foreverred from modeling -- being transferred from modeling to the big screen? >> one of the things that's hard is you have to be superaware of what you look like, and with acting it's completely forgetting what you look like. >> well ephron's character
6:45 pm
struggles with his friends, zac himself faces a different really. >> a lot of my friends are from cished garten, so they don't give a flying hoot what i'm doing. we're always the same. >> i hope i get tickets to the movie. >> there are at premiere. [laughter] >> my friends get comped. >> we are your friends opens tomorrow. >> so hundreds turned out to watch the what floats your cardboard boat. you do this in boats made out of cardboard, duct tape and spray paint. some didn't have an easy time of it, their cardboard boat simply fell apart which you kind of would expect that, wouldn't you? it's made out of card both and in the water? >> i don't know how they last as long as they do. >> let's try thit the hudson. [laughter] >> if you do want to do some boating this weekend on a more
6:46 pm
stable type of water craft, this would be the weekend to do it because the weather is going to be fabulous as we've had over the last few weekends. 87 in central park, we hit that about 7:00, earlier this afternoon. this morning we started out with a very comfortable 67 degrees. looks like right now we have high temperatures mostly into the 80s, although we're just under 80 at month sell low, and our current readings are in the 70s. 77 in montauk, 77 in islip. beautiful day in bridgeport now. 81 in the park, 83 in poughkeepsie, still in the 70s in monticello and sussex at 81 at the moment. starting to climb. it's not uncomfortable just yet, but we can see these numbers creeping up into the low 60s. when we start getting near 70, that's when it gets uncomfortable, and that's going to be the case starting tomorrow, and it's going to sit with us at least through the first half of next week. that change in wind direction from the southwest is what's going to bump up our heat and humidity across the area.
6:47 pm
right now the winds are relatively light, but southwest wind flow kind of makes things more humid across the region, and that's the case over the next few days. plenty of sunshine found across the area, just a couple of high clouds north and west of the city right now, and there is a front well off towards our west, but that's where it's going to remain out ahead of that front, that southwest wind flow will bump up the heat and humidity. we'll get clouds from time to time from the southwest. the heat is building, though, across the eastern half of the nation. a lot of readings in the 80s and into the 90s as far south as new orleans and san antonio. comfortable numbers towards the west coast, 70s in san francisco and high 80s for l.a. tomorrow. a look at our future cast shows partly cloudy skies tonight, that's how we'll start off our monday, and we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, but in the afternoon with the humidity building, i'm going to throw in the chance for a couple of isolated showers north of i-80s. we'll see a chance of a couple
6:48 pm
scattered showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. and on monday more of the same. a mix of sun and clouds with the threat of a couple of isolated showers and after that the heat and humidity stays, but i think we're going to be dry. so tonight partly cloudy, very nice temperatures mostly in the 60s, upper 50s north and west, and tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds with a chance of an isolated shower, and it will fill more humid tomorrow. high temperatures approaching 90 degrees, so a great day to go to sunscreen. the uv index will be high at a seven tomorrow, and the surf heights will be about 2-3 feet. you might want to take a dip, although there is a moderate risk of rip currents. temperatures hovering into the 90s next week, we may be in store of our second heat wave for central park. and it's going to stay hot and humid it looks like for the majority of week. not much of a chance of rainfall category, just a couple of isolated showers tomorrow and then on monday, and it looks pretty good and quiet. you know, the u.s. open starts on monday.
6:49 pm
>> 90s. that's awesome. >> hot and humid, but overall very nice stretch of weather. >> and we recently learned how much you love tennis now. >> i'm going to be there for several days. >> all right. thank you -- >> if you can't me, you'll find me at arthur ashe. >> a lot of single women complain about how hard it is to find a good man, and a new book explains that the odds are stacked against them. >> are you looking for love? >> yes. >> young, college-educated single women looking for love this new york city. >> obviously, nice, funny. handsome. >> if you're one of those, you another city. >> it's particularly bad in new york. >> john berger, the author of a new book says the odds are stacked against college-educated 20-something women looking to get married. >> it's gotten to the point among millennials there are now
6:50 pm
four college grad women for every three college grad men. and it seems like new york the numbers are actually worse than the census numbers indicate. >> the ladies even though the odds are stacked against you, i've consulted the experts and have some tips even if you live here in new york city. >> if there is an undersupply of men, there's going to be an oversupply in the working class dating pool. and that is, in fact, the reality. so i have this line this the book instead of an upper east side wine bar, you might want to try a firemen's bar in staten island. >> would you consider dating someone who wasn't college educated? >> yes. >> and if you want to increase your chances of marriage after college, consider thinking about it in high school. choose the college with more men than women. already out of college? well, berger suggests moving to a city like denver or the san francisco bay area like silicon valley where college-age men outnumber college-age women. not only will there be more men to choose from, those men are
6:51 pm
likely to treat you better or risk losing you to another man. sharon crowley, fox 5 news. >> sharon has spoke been, huh? you tell us about sports. >> well, coming up triple crown winner american pharoah is trying to keep his winning streak alive at saratoga race course earlier today in the $1.6 million travers stakes, you won't believe what happened.
6:52 pm
the results and get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank.
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>> triple crown winner mesh -- american pharoah keeps racing again today in the travers stakes. >> on the front outside -- american pharoah -- [inaudible] keynote has won the travers over american pharoah -- >> and the reaction in the studio, wow. american pharoah is beautiful. the bay colt came into the travers winning eight straight becoming the first triple crown upset. is saratoga race course is known as the graveyard of champions, only one of twelve triple crown winners has ever won the travers. well, after losing to the red sox this extra innings last night, the mets had a quick turn around for today's 4 p.m. start. david wright not in the lineup, he just came off the dl for hamstring and back injuries, but
6:55 pm
terry collins is calling it normal soreness. jacob da gram bouncing back big time from his poor performance in philly earlier this week, striking out nine hitters through his first five innings, and he had a runner on second. no score through five innings, but he struggled in the sixth. sandoval scored luke key -- [inaudible] all the way from first base. red sox scored two runs in the sixth inning, continue to lead 3-1 now in the ninth. preseason nfl gets interesting when the giants and jets go head to head tonight, kickoff at 7 clb 0-- 7:00. jets outscored 24-3 and with ryan fitzpatrick you should center, the offense has only produced 10 of those points. thousand, the similar story for the giants as well, the offense has struggled generating points, and they're still awaiting victor cruz's return. while adding injury to insult, four safeties have been lost to
6:56 pm
potentially season-ending injuries on the defense, so tonight the last chance for these giants to get themselves together. as for tasting their local rival, it doesn't even matter to georgia meal mclean. >> i don't like anybody, to be completely honest. i'm out there to beat you, and you're out there to take my job. so the number one goal is if you're trying to take food off of my plate, you don't need no rivalry from me. >> all right. whether you're green or blue, tonight we find out. >> still preseason. >> already intense. >> yes. >> final look at weather? >> weather is a lot calmer. we're expecting a beautiful weekend across the tristate area. temperatures will be close to 90, a little bit more humid tomorrow, and we do have the threat of an isolated shower up towards the hudson valley and northwestern new jersey. hot and humid into next week, we could be in store for our next heat wave of the season for central park, so get to stretch out that summer wardrobe a little while longer. >> and u.s. open. you're excited -- >> starts monday! [laughter]
6:57 pm
>> i'm antwan lewis, we hope to see you again at at ten, but stay tuned, empire season two game on is up next.
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