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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we see on the streets will be out in full force. that's a given. there's also a lot of coordination and planning going on without losing sight of the special nature of the pope's visit. >> we'll work very hard to make sure that as many people as we are able to actually get to see his holiness while putting them. >> reporter: the nypd is not just coordinating with the enforcement agencies. they're also working with building owners and transportation and communications specialists so that the city will continue to function during this important time. dari: lisa, thank you. during his visit, pope francis will hold mass at st. patrick's cathedral. at 5:40, we'll take you inside for a look at the renovations that have just been completed in type for the papal visit. steve: three people charged in a gun bust that led to the death of an innocent bystander. the three pleaded not guilty to
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drug and weapons charges. police say one contacted an undercover officer friday offering to sell guns. when he went to mount vernon with the officer, another man pointed a gun at the officer's head and demanded money. the officer fired his weapon, shooting a bystander who later died. dari: the nypd is still searching for a prisoner who escaped from their custody yesterday. tiffany neumann was initially arrested for petty larceny on saturday. well, while in manhattan central booking, she complained she didn't feel so well and was taken to new york presbyterian hospital in lower manhattan. that's where police say the 23-year-old slipped out of her handcuffs and walked out of the hospital. she isn't the only person to escape from police custody recently. earlier this month, austin stevenson got away from officers in east harlem. later. in june, this man ran from police outside the 32nd precinct while handcuffed. he was later recaptured.
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steve: the last of the world trade center base jumpers was ordered to do 300 hours of community service and pay a $2,000 fine. the 28-year-old one of three men who jumped in december of 2013 as you can see from this footage. they recorded this on their go pro cameras. dari: mayor de blasio wants to use private buildings to fight the homeless problem. lidia curanaj has the details of the mayor's new rental assistance plan. >> reporter: there have been a lot of complaints surrounding the homeless population in the city. just last week, fox 5 cameras were rolling at panhandlers targeted drivers on park avenue. to combat the problem, mayor bill de blasio authorized an emergency measure to provide rental assistance to adults facing homelessness. the mayor said, quote, we've moved nearly 15,000 individuals into personal housing through our rental assistance programs and this is a continuation of our aggressive efforts to both prevent homelessness and move new yorkers from shelter into
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permanent housing. the $10 million plan is expected to provide aid to as many as 1,000 adults. rental subsidies will be available to tenants facing evictions and those who have timed out of homeless shelters. it's unclear whether or not the plan will help people already living on the streets. >> the landlords were very upset with mayor bloomberg for ending this plan. >> reporter: this man is with the manhattan institute. he believes landlords will participate in the program. he says many were upset when mayor bloomberg decided to end a similar subsidy program in 2011. the cap is 1,200 a month for a single adult. >> 1,200 may not seem like much for a manhattan apartment, but for a single room with a kitchenette in an outer borough, it's pretty good money, especially if you're a landlord with a crummy building that is poorly maintained. so the landlords did like this program and many have grown very rich on it. >> reporter: the coalition for the homeless believes the
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mayor's initiative is a step in the right direction. >> we're really, you know, optimistic this will -- these measures will have a similar effect for single adults who the population has not decreased in a similar way and has not had the same focus recently. >> reporter: as of this month, approximately 17,000 people were living in city shelters. as for the number of those living on the streets, the number is estimated to be in the thousands. dari: wow. thank you. august is ending, but the heat is still hanging out. steve: that's right. 5:04 p.m. 91 right now. that's the deal the rest of the week. nick: we will stay in the low 90s as we head into september. with this high today, that moves august into the third position as far as hottest augusts on record. as we go back to 1869. it will be another 90-plus degree tomorrow. 90 at islip. jersey shore at 90. 88 sussex. cooler monticello. for them, 82. that's warm. 87 at montauk.
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right now the numbers are 90 or greater around town, up to poughkeepsie. 80s islip east. we find readings middle to upper 80s at the shore. 87 in sussex. the dew point, while the humidity is up there, it's not oppressive, but you're feeling it. it feels like low 90s on your body. humidity will be a factor the next couple of days. there were a few isolated guardian. there's nothing tonight. our futurecast shows we'll have patchy clouds. we'll break 90. we'll stay in the 90s until a cool front slips through with isolated thunderstorms later on thursday. a little more comfortable weather at the end of the week. still i think you'll like the weather if you planned your vacation for this week. dari: terrific. thank you. a major hack attack doesn't seem to have slowed down biz at ashley madison. they are claiming hundreds of thousands of new subscribers women. steve: yeah, right.
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dari: last month hackers broke into the site and swiped the personal info of 37 million people. much of the data, including names and credit cards ended up dumped on the dark web. steve: the dow closed down 115 points, a total of 6 percent for the month of august. nervous investors waiting to hear if the feds will raise interest rates next month. the energy sector, oil prices rose on word of a slowdown in supply. dari: a federal judge could decide as early as tomorrow the fate of new england patriots quarterback tom brady in deflategate. last minute talks with roger goodell to lower the suspension failed. goodell upheld the suspension saying brady knew about and used underinflated balls during the afc championship game. a member of the players union executive committee says both sides tried hard to settle but came up short.
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>> we tried our best to reach a settlement, which we did not reach. but i think for us it reinforces the desire and need for an independent arbitrator in these matters of personal conduct. but we understand tom's position, and i think the process will work itself out. dari: federal judge richard berman expects to make his ruling in the next day or two. steve: remember this? a sketch artist was criticized for her cartoon like image of tom brady at the first hearing. take a look at today's sketch. this is the new one. she said it was not so great but looked better. she got a wave and a thank you from brady. she took a lot of heat for making him look like an old cartoon villain. she said brady's wave may be a pliget -- polite guy. queens. dari: the biggest names are competing for the title.
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many are waiting to see if serena williams will cement her legacy as the greatest player of all time. steve: russ salzberg caught up with the fans at arthur ashe stadium in flushing meadows. russ: today is day one, but the women's final is sold out. it's all about serena williams and her quest to capture the grand slam. you >> you want to see her win it for history purposes. i think she'll shine in the spotlight and i think she'll take it and make everybody happy for american tennis. right now there is none except for serena williams. russ: the top ranked women in the world begins her quest tonight when she squares off against her opponent. >> i think she'll do it this year. she's got the whole mind-set. she's got a great coach in her corner. and she's settled. she'll do it. russ: you don't see any upset coming? >> i do not see any upset coming. russ: what do you think of her chances of completing the grand slam? >> i think she can complete the grand slam.
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she's been winning a lot of matches lately in a row. russ: is she your idol? >> yeah. russ: you're a tennis pro. when you see serena, what do you tell your students? >> to work hard. it pays off. success. think positive. focus. >> i'm not a betting person. if i was, i've got to tell you, folks, this one, i wouldn't bet against serena williams. no way, no how. back to you. dari: well, former two-time u.s. open championship tracey austin stopped by "good day" this morning. she says playing in front of new york tennis fans, we know this, it can be intimidating. >> there are a lot of players that don't enjoy playing at the u.s. open because it seems to be a little more of a rambunctious crowd. especially the night matches. they get the music going and everybody is coming from work. they're ready to celebrate, ready to enjoy.
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there's definitely some -- a part that you need to focus on, and new york might be because of all of that, the toughest grand slam to win. dari: we're tough critics for all the sports. tracy was the youngest induction into the hall of fame. steve: a hiker's closer call with two bears. dari: the heart stopping video there of how close one connecticut woman came to being mauled. steve: the mobile car washes that are taking business awa yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves. yoplait original with no
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that's having your back.
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steve: nearly three years after superstorm sandy, fema has agreed to cover 9 million in repairs to long beach boardwalks. city officials appealed the decision to decline funding after agreeing to cover 90 percent of repairs. because officials had to choose more durable materials, the project has ballooned to $40 million. dari: all right. speaking of that, let's talk about the water. some schools are back in session, and that means that there is a shortage of lifeguards, even though we're walking into the holiday weekend. jodi goldberg explains why they're so shorthanded and what they'll do about it this weekend. >> reporter: swimmers at jones beach who are looking to use the west path house pool were out of look and will be until saturday because there aren't enough lifeguards. >> our lifeguards are not only students going back to school, but also teachers that are going back to school. >> reporter: george is with the new york state parks department. he says there hasn't been a
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lifeguard shortage in over five years. and this one doesn't have to do with budget cuts. it's because labor day is later this year and some school districts are starting earlier. >> the west bath house was the least impact to the public who want to visit and swim in the ocean. >> a lot of guards go back to their jobs. but the beaches are open. field 4 and 3 ocean is open. and field 6. >> reporter: not everyone is happy about the decision. >> it's the last week of the summer. so we feel it should be open. >> we like the pool better. what can you do? >> reporter: 350 lifeguards are on duty throughout long island and will be through labor day. that works for colette and her six-year-old grandson eli. >> it's a shortage of lifeguards, you're better off not having the swimming pool and having the beach. the beach is more fun. >> reporter: babylon's pools are closed. they plan on reopening saturday as well for the labor day holiday weekend. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news.
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dari: wow. you've got to look at this. it could have turned ugly fast. that bear right there, a woman was hiking in a wildlife area. this is burlington, connecticut. she ran into that bear and the other one, far camera. she caught it on her cell phone. she says she stayed calm. she didn't run even though the bear with the red tags touched her leg. opened its mouth. she's doing it. it's thinking about a nibble. she was very freaked out by it, understandably so. officials are looking for that bear that's tagged with the red tags in its ear because they say when they find it, they'll have to euthanize it. it was too curious about humans. the next step would be deadly. steve: they told you to hold scared you are. amazing. 1st. weather. nick: we'd think we're back in july. we're back above 90 and the
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humidity is up there. make your plans to try to seek someplace to stay cool. if you're heading to the beach for the week before labor day, should be a good beach day. not a great deal of a sea breeze, but a little bit. today, 91 and 76. that's a throwback to july weather when we should average between 80 and 66. the record high 100 in 1963. the record lows are starting to dip around the 50-degree mark. that was in 1976. 6:22 sunrise. 7:30 the sun time. humidity, 41 percent. the dew point in the lower to middle 60s in the area. 65 and older is what i tell you is the benchmark when it starts to feel uncomfortable. it's pretty uncomfortable when i was walking around. that dew point will rise over the next few days. winds are out of the southwest. that's when you feel the humidity come in. as we look at fox 5 sky guardian we have a few scattered clouds. there are no showers. earlier there was a couple. one isolated shower hit lower
5:17 pm
westchester 1:30. a couple strayed into north jersey. we'll look at the highs to show you it was 90 or greater poughkeepsie to the jersey shore, west towards allen town. 90 islip. upper 80s everywhere else. we're still in the mid and upper 80s most locales away from the city. poughkeepsie, 90. 88 at belmar. allentown the same. mid 80s across the island. we're up 6 to 15 degrees across the area from 24 hours ago. dew points, mid to a couple of upper 60s. nice little breeze might take the edge off that. the west wind will be a west wind tonight, coming around to the north for a while tomorrow and then out of the southeast tomorrow afternoon. you can see the showers earlier popped up and disappeared. that's about it. we're seeing a couple of patchy clouds in the sky. as high pressure rules in from the ohio valley, we'll keep that west-southwesterly airflow in play. the day planner showing sunshine, 70s in the morning. 84 lunchtime.
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we top off 90 or greater tomorrow afternoon. there goes the high dipping to the south. it doesn't go anywhere. sunny tomorrow. sunny on wednesday. another day in the lower 90s. thursday may be the hottest day in the area. watch to see if this front kicks off an isolated thundershower. i don't expect much out of it. after the front does pass, more comfortable weather at the end of the week. patchy clouds tonight, warm and muggy. 75 in the city. 60s to 70 out to the northern and western suburbs. the sunny weather stays in the seven-day forecast. look at this. we could use the rain. we're about 6 inches behind where we should be. 92 wednesday. 92 thursday. maybe an isolated thunderstorm late in the day thursday. 85 friday. comfortable over the weekend for the holiday weekend. sunshine, 60s to 70 at night. looks nice through labor day. steve: been a great summer. dari: can't complain. we appreciate that. we need to take you to breaking news out of rye, new york, where
5:19 pm
a truck has gotten stuck under a bridge that's used by metro north. steve: joe beerman is over the scene with what we know. joe? >> reporter: there's the two signs. warning, low bridge. clearance, 10 foot 7. what's this guy do? this budget rental truck? drives down the street in rye right underneath the metro north tracks and jams his truck underneath the new haven line. on the railroad, it's affecting five to 10 minute delays on the new haven line. inspectors are in route to double-check that this truck has not done any damage. there's the southbound train. they've had to slow the trains come down as they come through the area as a precaution. police are there. the truck driver is there. usually the first thing they try and do is let the air out of the tires and see if they can drag it out. he looks fairly wedged under there. steve: moving day. that happens. get ready for another week of nightly traffic delays at the
5:20 pm
george washington bridge. starting tonight, all westbound lanes will be closed for the removal of temporary construction platforms. the closings begin at 9:00 each night. they end at 5:00 a.m. the following morning. all lanes will remain open friday night to accommodate travelers during the labor day weekend. dari: car washes in the city have competition. steve: entrepreneurs are setting up pop-up car cleaning services and drivers are lining up. >> reporter: they cost about $8 to get a basic car wash at a location like this in the bronx. the employees fear it's the mobile car washers who are taking clients away from them. they take away clients. they take their cars there because it's cheaper. washes. >> people prefer us. we do the work inside. everything is correct. we have to do the car again, we do it again.
5:21 pm
>> they do things traditional car washes don't do. they help manage employees of the mobile car wash. he says his workers are hands-on, meticulous. they don't miss a spot. spots that traditional machine operated car washes would miss. they charge about 10 bucks for full service. premium, hand wash and interior cleaning. traditional car washes charge 12 to 15 or more. >> we've got a line of 100 cars, maybe $800, 8, 10 a car. a thousand dollars. >> reporter: that's on a good summer day. van. they have soap, water pressure machines that are hooked up to generators and a 400 gallon water tank. >> honestly, there's not that much places to get water. we have to sometimes tap into the fire hydrants. >> reporter: it's illegal. the portable car washes are on major city blocks in washington heights, inwood and the bronx. just to name a few locations.
5:22 pm
taking business away from traditional car washes. >> it's unfair. we pay our location, workers, water and they take work from us. >> reporter: we've been to speaking to some of them. they're upset with the service you're doing because you're taking away business. >> listen, it's pretty much survival of the fittest. >> reporter: owners want the city to step in and do something about the portable car washes. in the bronx, i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. dari: we asked the city, department of environmental protection, and the mayor's office if these vans are operating legally. they told us that they're still looking into the issue. steve: all right. a new home for an abandoned dog on long island. dari: we'll tell you who's decided to make the pooch part of their family.
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dari: a dog found abandoned in a long island apartment is now making himself at home with his new family. steve: mac king shows us how he won their hearts. >> someone abandoned brooklyn the dog in an apartment. >> when i met the dog, he was a little scared, but quite friendly.
5:26 pm
>> the officer received a call from the manager who cared for the dog. >> he hopped in the car like he was ready to go on a trip. >> reporter: the cop with no connection to the canine beyond chauffeuring him to caretakers returned several times to play with him. >> he's an animal lover. you feel bad. it came out of a bad situation. >> he told his family about adopting another. >> my brother-in-law said we might adopt it. >> it does complete the family. we got a new house. now it will be filled, kids, the dog, and people playing around. it should be good. >> reporter: his brother-in-law drove his family of six from the albany area to meet brooklyn. after conferencing, drove them back on monday to bring brooklyn home. >> you'll be home with me. they're going to school. >> the plus is i get to visit it now as well. along with my nieces and nephews. >> reporter: i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: very nice. dari: love it. steve: it was the first day of
5:27 pm
classes at charter schools. the chancellor visited girls preparatory school. she was taking notes to learn how each school operates and where improvements can be made. dari: kanye west makes a huge announcement at last night's mtv video music awards. steve: does he have his eyes on the white house? we'll see what harvey levin makes of all this white house talk. we'll check in live with tmz. dari: how the cast of so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network to the home, so you can get access to the fastest internet and in-home wi-fi available. and fios gives you big capacity too. so everyone in the house can get online. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month.
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steve: family and friends of a broadway actor are remembering the life that was cut short. >> jen lahmers was there as they paid tribute to him. >> reporter: tears, and hugs for him as he was remembered.
5:31 pm
les mis and tribute to the star of the stage. in july 21, kyle jean-baptiste became broadway's first african-american to play the leading role of jean valjean. >> i was in the second row for his first jean valjean. anyone. we hung out afterwards. it was a beautiful night. >> reporter: on friday, he died tragically after he fell from a fire escape at his mother's home in brooklyn. since then, the outpouring grief of shock has been prolific, from broadway's biggest performers to his best friends. >> i had two shows to do. i went on stage and i dedicated those shows and the run of the show until november to him. this was our opening weekend. and he's there. he's there on stage with me every night.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: brandon day met him as a freshman in ohio back when broadway was only a dream. >> i am so proud of him. so proud of him. we told each other how proud we were of each other all the time, even to graduate from college and move to new york city and pursue this life is an accomplishment. >> reporter: it was a talent that shone through on any stage he performed. here at a scene from les [music] >> reporter: his last performance was august 27th. he was set to join the cast in 6th. there's a campaign right now to dim the lights on broadway using the hashtag dim for kyle and positive words that came out of today's memorial. there was a go fund me page set up to raise money for a scholarship in kyle's memory. that reached its goal today by raising $25,000. jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news.
5:33 pm
dari: the man accused of executing a sheriff's deputy in texas will stay behind bars. shannon miles appeared before a judge today and was ordered held without bail. prosecutors say that miles ambushed deputy darren goforth at a gas station friday night. he was shot 15 times in the back. shell casings at the scene matched a handgun found at miles' home. he is charged with capital murder. steve: police in thailand hunting for two people they believe are responsible for a deadly explosion at a shrine this month. 20 people were killed. the suspects included a 26-year-old thai woman and man. one man was arrested this weekend. the police department awarded its own officers $84,000 for tips leading to the arrests of the bombing suspects. officials did that to show that thai police are good at their jobs. dari: a long island veteran has been laid to rest thanks to the efforts of a local funeral home. he served in the army and was considered a friend to the
5:34 pm
oceanside community. he was homeless and had no known family members. towers funeral home stepped up to cover the majority of his funeral costs. >> he didn't have an establishment. he didn't have a home. but he was part of a community. everybody knew angel. so it was our honor to serve this veteran in this manner. dari: the funeral home also saw to it that angel was buried at calverton national cemetery with full honors. steve: the crack down on the painted ladies prompted a reporter to see what the day is like. she strolled the day topless under that paint. she stopped by "good day" to tell us about the experience. >> i found the majority of tourists were thrilled and excited to see me. little kids would look at me like i was a princess. grandmothers would be laughing and excited to see me. >>
5:35 pm
steve: she earned about 300 bucks for her day of work and the other women were very supportive and encouraging. dari: all right. well, it was anything goes at last night's mtv video music awards and the most outrageous moment involved miley cyrus and her costume changes. the 22-year-old wore bizarre and revealing outfits and exposed herself. she traded words with singer nicki minaj. she closed the show performing a new song about, guess what, marijuana? then went backstage with what appears to be a lit joint and passed it around. there are pics. steve: shocking. it wouldn't be the vma's without kanye west doing something unexpected. he didn't disappointment. dari: tmz executive producer harvey levin joining us to talk about kanye's what everybody wants to get in on this term and he's figuring out what he's going to do for the future. >> he is indeed. to me the headline is this. at first i thought kanye west is running for president.
5:36 pm
it. he kind of screwed over hillary clinton clinton. i'll tell you why. because -- i don't know if you remember, a week and a half ago, scooter, justin bieber's manager, had a big fundraiser for hillary clinton. kanye west and kim kardashian were there and gave money but clinton. so if kanye says he's running in happening. either hillary doesn't get the nomination, she gets the nomination, but loses to the republican, or she gets elected president but only serves one term. so whichever way you cut it, it's kind of a dig on hillary. steve: you spent too long thinking about it. dari: you're a man -- steve: that's very thorough thought. dari: you're a man of many talents. a political analyst? perhaps he did this because he knew we'd be covering it the next day. >> i'll one up you on that.
5:37 pm
it was so bizarre, it was one of the most insane things i've ever seen, the whole 12 minutes. get this, we've got contacts over at mtv and the vma's, and kanye west could end up hosting the show next year. that is on the table. they liked it so much. steve: sure. right. it's like -- dari: what miley did in 2013 got her the hosting job. steve: whoever gets the most attention headlines. he's good at that. we know that. >> the only problem is it would be a 14-hour show. steve: right. he doesn't take time cues well. that's a great point. dari: you're right. steve: harvey, we appreciate the deep thought going into that whole chain of events there. dari: meet the press with harvey levin. 175 million dollar makeover for st. patrick's cathedral time. steve: see how it has been spruced up ahead of pope francis' visit. dari: first, here's tonight's
5:38 pm
new york minute. >> mets legend wilson and other members of the mets family spent the day bowling with soldiers stationed at fort hamilton in brooklyn, part of the mets ongoing military monday initiative which features fundraisers and free tickets for veterans. golfers hit the links today at the huntingdon country club to raise money for america's vets' dogs. they train service dogs for injured u.s. veterans. >> each dog is specifically trained to match each veteran. not only for their disability, but their life style if they're active, if they live in the country. >> probably wasn't prepared for the emotional support that i get from him as well. he can tell as soon as i get uncomfortable in an environment. he'll get up and try to get me out of it. >> you can get more info on vet
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congratulations yoplait! you did it! yoplait! dari: time is flying. we are less than a month away from the visit of st. francis. steve: robert moses gives us an inside look at the renovations
5:42 pm
completed in time for the papal visit. >> reporter: consider this a spring and summer and fall and winter cleaning of biblical proportions, the biggest restoration st. patrick's cathedral has ever seen. the rector recalls the day it started. >> i arrived 2006. six months later, someone knocks on the door and gives me a rock and says this just fell off the cathedral facade. >> workers hasted scaffolding to protect the public from falling debris. a $175 million project had begun. bronze doors, restored. 3200 stained glass panels catalogued, cleaned and in some cases removed for repairs. pews scrubbed of graffiti. exterior power washed and interior cleaned. st. pat's has always been an open place open to tourists and new yorkers and new york gung, which over time gave it a dark, dank feel.
5:43 pm
no more. >> you see more of the architectural features. it is lighter on the inside of the building. in our view, we think much closer to what it looked like in 1879 when this building was opened. >> reporter: jeff murphy is overseeing the project. it would have been complex enough with the building closed. but the archdiocese insisted that the church stay open. the conservation project here at st. pat's was hardly your normal house cleaning. an elaborate network of scaffolding had to be erected so workers could get within arm's length of every inch of this place. for workers like chris, the painting and scraping and cleaning felt more like a calling. >> it is an honor every time you mention working in st. patrick. it's a good feeling. you get a good reaction when you mention you're working at st. patrick's cathedral. >> reporter: hopefully the best reaction will come from the holy father. his visit drives the workers to
5:44 pm
get this place looking perfect for him and for the believers who follow. >> hopefully st. patrick's will be around for our great, great, great grand kids. that's my hope. >> a hope that as the years pass, st. patrick's will be around to provide shelter from life's storms. robert moses, fox 5 news. dari: it will. tennis star rafael nadal doesn't lose office.
5:45 pm
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you can too. steve: google introduced an app to allow iphone users to sync up with android wear watches. dari: joining us is tech expert seth porgiss, the cofounder of the cloth app. talk about the implications of this. >> up until now, smartwatches have fallen into two bubbles. the apple watch and the iphone. what doing google is saying they want to work with all phones. the big implication is for iphone users, there'll be real competition and real choice when it comes to smartwatches. more than one game in town. watches. are people embracing the watches the way -- seems like they want us to want the watches. >> that's up to you.
5:48 pm
people who have them like them. but it's a new category. not everybody realizes how this is going to affect their life. steve: do we expect to see more walls coming down as far as apple and samsung working together? >> this is a standard that manufacturers, such as lg and work well. google wants to port the watches to every phone. there can be cheaper smartwatches for the iphone. the iwatch is expensive. if we can get cheaper ones, maybe there's a watch for somebody that's not necessarily the apple watch. dari: that might change the game. people might wear them. i don't see them very often. thieves. the ceo is saying customers who abuse the network's unlimited plan will be kicked off. steve: they hate unlimited data. >> t-mobile is different. they love to talk about their unlimited data. what they don't like are people who abuse it.
5:49 pm
the way it works, if you have an unlimited plan, it's unlimited except for mobile hotspot use. they're upset about sneaky users who decided to install software that let you use it if they try to cap it. steve: explain that better. say that again. phone. it turns your phone into a hotspot steve: you're using your phone to give wi-fi to other devices. >> you can do that, but we'll limit how much you can do. otherwise you watch tv using your phone. they want to make sure people don't go overboard. sneaky people have found how to go overboard. steve: interesting. this isn't just using your phone for a lot of spotify or something like that. this is powering other devices. >> exactly. steve: through your mobile data plan. i can see why they want to cut down. dari: the little guy can't win. >> you can try. thank you.
5:50 pm
let's talk about the weather. final day of august. dari: look at all that red. nick: it's looking more like july than august. i can't believe it. the final day of august is here. with the high of 91 in new york city, if you were catching up at the top of the newscast, you heard me say this is the third hottest august since we've been keeping records in 1869 in new york city. there you go. we're going to start september very hot as well, likely to be 90 or greater across the area. it's hot up into boston. they're 88 today. bangor bangor, got to get it right, 86 in albany. 79 buffalo. 85 detroit. 87, washington d.c. a few isolated showers were on fox 5 sky guardian. there's nothing out there now. i don't expect anything tonight. we will have a couple of patchy clouds for a little while. by tomorrow morning, the sky goes clear. the sunshine will rule tomorrow. day.
5:51 pm
you can see how these isolated showers popped up. you'll see a few in north jersey, lower westchester and a few in western pennsylvania. but they're all disappearing. except for patchy clouds, that's it as far as the night goes along. tomorrow except the temperature will be uncomfortable as we break 90 and the humidity has been a factor. it's not been oppressively humid. range. it might increase tomorrow. later in the week will be a bigger problem. 84 in montauk. it's 87 at bridgeport. 90 in the hudson valley. back to 82 in sullivan county. and 90 in the city. 93 at newark. 88 at belmar. the same coming in from allentown. wind west, occasionally southwest, but it's mainly a west wind, southwest at the shore and across long island. slightly cooler there. water temperature is still pretty warm. we're averaging mid and upper 70s. another nice beach day tomorrow if you have plans to go to the beach. should be okay.
5:52 pm
the wind will come out of the an hour. no big weather factors going on. on the big picture, what do we have? thunderstorms in florida. this is what's left of erika. over the weekend it fell apart. we weren't shocked that was going to happen. the end of last weekend i was saying if erika survived crossing the dominican republic and headed to cuba. the upper level winds would potentially shear off the tops of the thunderstorms. that's what happened. the remnants have produced heavy rain in south florida. they're still getting showers and storms there. hurricane fred way, way out in the atlantic by the cape verde islands. that will fall apart. no threats from the tropics anytime soon. high pressure is our weather maker. it's sitting across the ohio valley. over the next three days, drifts slowly southward. the result will be the continued west-southwesterly airflow bringing the hot and humid weather into the region. you can see a line of showers here. that's marking a cold front.
5:53 pm
it is days away. that's thursday night before it passes, more comfortable weather week. the temperature drops. humidity drops. not a big cooling trend, but it will be more like the 80s. city. 90 to chicago. a lot of the country is hot. 90 through texas. 92 miami. 101 vegas. a little cooler in seattle. more comfortable at 67. here's your futurecast. nothing happens tonight except for a few clouds. sunny tomorrow. back up to 90. tomorrow night, it's dry and humid and uncomfortable. the humidity will stay on the high side with the heat coming sunshine. boaters, north winds becoming knots. mid and upper 70s in the water. uvi a 7. 75 in the city tonight. 65 up north with patchy clouds. it's muggy. as we head into tomorrow, we'll 90-degree weather again in new york city and same for wednesday and thursday.
5:54 pm
thursday may push the mid 90s. that could be the hottest day. in the 70s at night. cooler friday and saturday. middle 80s. upper 60s by saturday morning. we'll stay sunny through the holiday weekend. looking great through labor day. steve: got to love that. thank you, nick. the empire state building getting a major facelift. workers suspended more than a thousand feet replacing all 480 windows. the windows shield the lights to make up the colored lighting system, which is spectacular. many have been in place since the building opened in 1931. work began last month and is expected to be completed come november. that is not a job for me. drugged. >> he went from the boob tube to the silver screen and now it's way. nickelodeon is turning that guy, musical. the show will premier in chicago it does well. the music will be written by a
5:55 pm
host of superstars. this is a good sign. john legend, david bowie and cyndi lauper. they know how to create hits. holiday time next year. we'll see you at 10:00. coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. coming up. plus tonight, mental health at work. we've seen what can happen, what companies and co-workers should do when a problem is identified. good advice coming up for you. and also next at 6:00, ever been to fort green in brooklyn? we'll take you there. great, great things to see. i'm going to show you what you're all missing. it's all new for you straight ahead at 6:00. i hope you'll join us.
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
we thank you very much for joining us again, of course, and we'll check the headlines coming up in just a minute. first tonight, a story that impacts all of us. keeping track of mental health in the workplace. the brutal murders last week of two journalists in virginia sparked renewed interest in the subject and many questions. what are the warning signs employers and co-workers should look out for and what to do about it. antwan lewis begins our look front. >> reporter: documents have emerged showing vester flanagan was ordered by bosses to seek mental health treatment after repeated instances of threatening and/or unsettling workplace behavior. finally he took the lives of alison parker and adam ward, bringing this into a national discussion. >> you have to be prudent and


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