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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  November 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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juliet: good morning, the nypd and other responders take part in a simulation of a shooting. we have the latest on the terror threats. ben: donald trump is saying he saw sheering of the attacks. >> boiling water, it is a night mare for the folks over there. >> good morning. monday morning. juliet: thanks nor joining us today.
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juliet: did you have a good weekend? ben: we did. we are getting things done. we are trying to organize our lives. juliet: yes, an extra child. we had donald trump on fox and friends and made comments and we may show the comments, i don't know, and then mike huckabee. lots of interesting stuff. always fun talking to donald trump. mike: the story for the day is the weather. ben: are we getting a little you know what? mike: maybe a little bit. ben: an inch or there. mike: all right, we are going to to what we have what out there.
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the temperatures are cold enough to get the snow at least in parts of the tristate. 37 central park. haven't seen that for a long time. same thing in newark. 38 islip. 38 in bridgeport. the temperatures drop a lot. 17 degrees cooler in central park. 18 cooler in belmar. 15 cooler in newark. in general right around 15 degrees drop in the trey state. mainly clear skies. it is a quiet week all together in terms of the weather. just the colder air that is influencing us for the first days of the workweek. it is going to be a chilly start. today up to about 43 for the high temperature later on this afternoon.
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a lot of sunshine throughout the next five days. we are going to ines rosales and see what is going on. commute. right now things are fine in the bronx. things are fine. long island nassau county good shape. expressway. traffic is moving fine. a water main break in hoboken. the south side of hoboken. between harrison street and jersey avenue, that whole side of observer highway is tough to get around. a lot of people use that. closures remain until tonight.
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trains running on or close. ben: the water main break is causing a lot of road closures in the southwest part of the city of hoboken. juliet: and boil water advisory in effect and the water tankers are available. the water pressure is restored to a lot of folks over there. i had a friend, yeah, i'm getting a couple of drips. resides innt high-rises are having trouble. the break happened near neuroand harrison streets. ben: overseas, belgium, third day of lock down. the fear that terrorists are going to strike away. new york city.
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>> erie silence, the mass transit shutdown and the city put on pause. belgium is on lock down following the concerns of terrorists ready to strike again. overnight the police kwaered out 22 raids and arrested 16 people. >> no fire arms or explosives were found. salah abdeslam was part of the people arrested. >> salah abdeslam considered a key suspect in the paris attacks and he hails from brussels. here at home hundreds of emergency responders simulated a response. including what would happen if
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>> were they proceeding incorrectly and did they miss a threat. >> the drill organized a year ago amended to include the information relating to the paris attacks and paid for my the department of homeland security and this is all about a simulation simulation. it is an exercise that seems very important as the concerns over the next attacks intensifies. >> encouraging the public to be vigilant and aware and encourage encouraging the public to continue to travel, associate, celebrate the holidays, be with their families and know that law enforcement and homeland security is on the job. ben: senator chuck schumer is
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people on the terror watch list purchased guns or explosives. he says it should be simple, if on the no fly list shouldn't be allowed to buy weapons. >> the terrorists can travel to a state walk into a shop and buy handguns, shotguns and assault rifles. >> the senator is pushing for legislation to deny fire arms to anyone on the no fly list. they are worried that law abiding people could be wrongly placed on the no gun lists. >> well, they would just have to
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any way, celine dion bringing people to tears last night in the ama's. she paid tribute to the victims of the paris attacks and sanging in her native language. jarrod letto introduced the group. >> republican presidential donald trump causing controversy with the comments he made about the 9/11 attacks. juliet: he doubles down and claims in one instance he saw people celebrating the attacks in jersey attacks and saw people cheering. everybody over there, the cops, say it didn't happen. robert moses is joining us live
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from the news room. >> reporter: good morning. the consensus is that cheering never did happen. no news reports about it at the time and no confirmation of it since. trump has a habit of making controversy comments and the comments about 9/11 is certainly raising eyebrows. >> i watched in jersey city, new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. thousands of people were cheering. >> donald trump's comments on saturday at a rally in alabama became a hot topic quickly and even though no evidence of any such cheering in jersey city, he insisted he didn't miss speak. >> i saw it. it was on television. >> this didn't happen.
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the other side of new jersey as the world trade center came down. it is not politically correct to talk about it. there was cheering as the building came down. >> the jersey city mayor released a statement that trump has memory issues or wflly distortes the truth. no one in jersey city cheered on september 11th. in addition to trump's comments, terrorism is a big topic of the sunday shows. >> what happened in paris could happen here. >> marco rubio released a tv add
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build themselves as the toughest against terrorism. ben carson are defending his political chops. >> i hope everyone is on a learning curve. we are continuing med cad education and recognizes that the fact that things are always in the process of changing. >> a poll is showing six, yes, six of the republican candidates would beat hillary clinton. rubio doing the best, . that is the latest live from the news room, back to you. ben: you know, just about 350 or so days to go. robert, thank you. juliet: still ahead. wear a thicker pair of socks.
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it is chilly out there. mick woods has the chilly
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the temperatures coming down yesterday with the gray skies and the cooler temperatures. 37 central park. we have 32 in sussex. 38 bridgeport. winds are coming through from the northwest. the temperatures continue to come down and come down more more. winds 6-20 miles per hour from the northwest. it is going to be a breezy cool start to the day. the windchill down to 32. that is the feel like to the exposed skoon. feeling like 26 in belmar. it is a chilly start to the day no. frost advisories. but we have a freeze watch. there is a storm from yesterday coming close to us but effecting eastern long island and up no
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new england. it is continuing to roll out of the area. so we see clearer skies, even in eastern long island today with a t lo of sunshine and high pressure is in control. the futurecast is bringing thank yous clear skies today and tomorrow. not a lot happening here. high temperature up to 43 degrees for us in the city. sunny, breezy, cold. through the next 7 days, 43 today. 46 tomorrow. upper 50s and low 60s by the end of the week. turkey day is looking fantastic. nice and dry for most of the week. the knox 5 weather app has all of the weather. now to ines rosales. ines: it is going to be a rough week. even though it is short.
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problems in new jersey route 22 by michigan avenue. the parkway is doing fine. no problems there. putnam county 84, 684 good there. l.i.e., eastbound, westbound traffic is moving fine. the gwb is looking good. lincoln tunnel and holland tunnel in good shape. ben: thank you. the reverendal sharpton gave himself a 71% raise up to $412,000. he has millions of dollars in tax leans against him, including the money he owes to new york state and the irs n. a statement, the sharpton says the
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raise e flekts what is owed to him. juliet: i know curtis sliwa is shopping to talk about this. ben: he makes a fraction of what curtis makes. >> the moment i see the scuttle, the irs reaches in and garnishes. ben: or going to the ex-wives. >> or the lawyers. how does this guy with all of the friends avoids getting this wage increase garnishes. anyone else the irs sweeps in. he rewards himself with a raise. what a piece of work this guy is. juliet: and gets away with it over and over again.
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saying, giving him $20,000 in shot. rul rul how do you know about that? >> everyone knows about that. he's smoking the see gars with all of his friends. he's wining, dining, fok pocket lining. you civil rights insurance, from who, from me so i don't give you a problem. hate fest. that is how he makes it. juliet: so donald trump is known to don, double downing on the comments. he commented thousands of people it. he's insisting he saw it. is he mixing something up? >> yes, he uses too much hair
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in fact it was patterson. i was broadcasting at the time. the towers came down and everybody went to radio and calling in practice patterson and 12 kids on the top steps and they were cheering and others called in and adults grabbing the kids and dragging them into the homes. that was the only public display of support. >> that was talked about on the radio. >> our station. we were an wall to wall, 6:00 that morning until 3 in the afternoon and accepting calls. >> can you get the audio tapes? >> i'm sure.
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maligning the community. that went nowhere. it was proven to be true. >> so you think donald trump is reck leblthing what happened. what he saw was the woman on the west bank going -- donald that was in israel and nothing to do with jersey city. no film footage in patterson, new jersey, just calls to us describing what the kids were doing. i set the record straight. ben: curtis, sliwa, a rarity. >> play it today. >> i will do my best. >> this is good s. still ahead, the jets are ground in texas. duke is up next with sports.
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give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. ben we are back. juliet: duke is here.
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time to make a change at the quarterback. i don't know. iven't quite decided. ben: all right. let us know when you decide. duke: it is tough. if smith wasn't the backup, i would do it. the jets struggled offense and defense and the coaching staff not with a good game i they are. hopkins behind the great, 61 # is yard touchdown pass. he's a third string quarterback rushed into duty here to put up texas 10-3. in the third quarter, pits patrick struggling much of the game. texas comes right back. passers are wide open. houston 17-10. the jets trailed late in the
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4th. fitzpatrick running in. he was pick off twice down the stretch. 24-17. jets are 5-5 for the year. >> i'm extremely upset here today. >> i didn't play well. there were a lot of throws i needed to make. having a chance at the end, that hurts. >> duke: to basketball t nets faced the celtics in brooklyn. in the second quarter, larkin throwing that up. brooklyn with a 10 point lead. in the third quarter, lopez with a rainbow shot, the nets win. lopez 23 points on the night.
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the red bulls taking on the columbus crew. this game over from the start as justin of the crew scored ten seconds into the match. the red bulls would never recover from there. columbus takes the opener of the eastern conference finals. talk about bad timing when it comes to catching a bad case of the hiccups, take a look at this... duke: singing an australia national anthem on friday and the hiccups just came on, huh stuck it out and continuing to sing until the end. baseball is a big sport in
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