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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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[cheering]. >> all right. mike woods standing by. >> what was that michael? efntle having a weather computer issue over here. doesn't want to play the game but now it may want to play. checked out on this wednesday. >> we have issues here gremlins around the studio. >> tuesday like. >> or monday even. but it's happy -- tile to get you up and running but showers won't hang out too long. rain over the next hour, hour and a half or so and then a chance to breathe at least here in the city and points to the west. to the east it will take longer for you. but clearing out for everyone later on this afternoon along
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then colder weather follow-up. tomorrow lows back town into the 20s yeps that's a shock to the system and we could see snow coming in tomorrow night into friday. here's the rain as it stands right now. esp radar showing actually last of the heavier had stuff is coming through city as we speak so yeah by about 7:00 looks like showers and that's it for you here in the city. but out in long island or connecticut you have to deal with it a while longer much drier conditions to the west of us coming into tristate area. 50 degrees so your temp it dropped four degrees in last hour. this is probably heaviest rain that we're dealing with, as of about 6:00 this morning. and then your rain chances start dropping down quite a bit. 52 is your current temp in philly. 40 in albany. taking a look at the latest reported wind gusts all over the place. 40 miles per hour gusts in allentown. 28 in central park and we're expecting wind gusts in the neighborhood of around 40 to 50
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but the front with the moisture it's crossing through the tristate renal and looks like cooler temps on backside of this and temps fall throughout the day and windy. as far as wind goes you may miss out on it. be aware because it's coming down pretty good in locations and snow chance on fridays. okay over to ines rosales and she'll giveout current situation with what's happening with the because we have wet weather out there for sure. absolutely. >> accident on route 78 past exit 34 so a lane blocked there. as far as yours commute in westchester sprain brook an accident blocking a lane. tappan zee bridge has a 45 miles per hour speed restriction because of the roads. a look at long island on northern state parkway there accident being cleared this is westbound by willis so minor delays arranged that bend.
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morning. five o ten minutes minor delays. and trains they're all running on or close to schedule. a and s subway a service change suspended more on that in my next report. >> super tuesday turned the out to be a big night for donald trump. >> billionaire businessman won seven of the 11 republican contest yesterday an bigst day of the 2016 primary season fox 5's robert moses is in the newsroom he has all of the details for us. good morning. >> good morning to you yes donald trump with a big day, super tuesday winning those seven states and let's check out the diversity of these states. the regional diversity, alabama, south, arkansas the south. georgia the south. but massachusetts northeast, tennessee, the south. vermont the northeast so you can see his appeal has really tran
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regions that's a important note there. ted cruz not only did he win the plum award yesterday which is texas. 1585 delegates at stake butten two neighboring oklahoma an earlier this morning learn he won in alaska. march rubio disappointing showing in minnesota but that is only win he can count in his column. this morning donald trump is front runner but you knew that already. >> this has been an amazing evening. >> as expected donald trump coasted to victory in the majority of super tuesday's states. he won easily in alabama, georgia, massachusetts, and tennessee. he earned closer victories in arkansas, vermont, and virginia. his win demonstrate is his appeal is not confined to any one with region or demographic. >> i am l unifier. once we get afl it this finished i'm going after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> ted cruz secured home states of texas as well as neighboring
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cruz called on the field to unite behind him. >> so long as the field remains divided donald trump's past to the nomination remains her many likely, and that -- would be a disaster for conservatives and for the nation. >> marco rubio win in minnesota with the weak showing it is impossible for him to secure nomination but he didn't sound drop out. >> i will campaign wherever to takes to ensure that i'm the nest president of the united states. >> and it was a rough night for not only ben carson but john kay suck as well. they did not win any state last night that's not an entirely a surprise but still makes you wonder how long they can hang in this race.
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are what we call proportional states not winner take all. if you don't, i you get a certain number of delegates. ted cruz can incredibly say he is an alternative to donald trump but after marco rubio qeak showing thatting argument for him will be difficult to make. latest live from the newsroom this morning. back upstairs to you. enches from the republicans to democrats hillary clinton took a big step to securing his party nomination. >> formaller searkts of state scoring victories in eight of the democratic twelve contests. let's go to caroline live in washington, d.c. good morning once again. reporter: good morning to you ben and juliet, a huge night per hillary clinton, take a look at the break down on the democratic side clinton won search of the states voting six of them by huge margins. by at least 30 points. very important when you break down e delegates she has close to half of the delegates needed to secure the nomination. she has a little over a u
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superdelegates. sanders only has a third of that. senator bense took home four states last night, vermont, colorado, minnesota, and oklahoma. and some of those were by a razor thin margin. both of the candidates spoke to
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so u 6:0 right now after a year in space astronaut scott kelly we call him stud on this set back on earth this morning. >> this is cools kelly and russian counterpart landed in kazakhstan just before midnight our time. only three and a half hours after they departed international space station quicker than a train ride to washington, d.c. >> faster than flying to los angeles. >> yeah.
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in space. >> scott kelly -- back on mother earth after 340 days in space, and -- we got a great view of him now. the focuses here in mission control, houston letting out a very big cheer. >> looks weak. >> they say no gravity for a year that allows your muscles to atrophy and circled on a mission in march. hoping for year lock long missions. kelly tweeted out this picture saying -- thank you fur following out here in space. i retweeted this great picture. journey is not over. rediscovering earth see you down below. i bet he'll have a nice meal. not freeze-dried food. >> good for him so cool. >> back to work today for hundreds of municipal workers
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government shutdown. passed a budget and meeting last night and get workers become on the job and paid at least through this month. counsel members and mayor jose torres at odds during the budget and rejected the property tax hike of more 6%. yesterday's shutdown saved the city 225,000 worth of employee pay for the day. >> much more still to come u could you see more police on subways soon? >> and mike is watching windy weather. >> windy and wet but that's here for a little while longer. some come to a close, morning showers along with gusty winds and falling thaps is theme for the day. and you will see some sunshine later on in the often. but if you want to keep track of the rain right now are download our app in just a few minute it's free and show you where rain is.
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level to sew what it is affect you in your neighborhood. we'll be back in a little bit. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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>> all right that giant cruise ship the won tossed in this wilted storm last month has returned home early again, anthem of the seas,ing dog in bayonne new jersey, a short time
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cut two days short in order to avoid bad weather. like the ship encount effort back on february sixth. guests are report think suffering from norovirus although royal caribbean says less than ten people reported being sick out of 6,000 guests onboard. it is because of the weather they cam back home. guessing they're going to get credit for two days they missed and discount on a future cruise. >> guest and crew. 6,000, e yeah. still a lot of people. by popular demand people want me to teach you to yeah. [laughter] yeah. there very nice. that was good. i didn't know you were capable,
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>> yeah. little very there. showers coming on through with fairly heavy rain coming through and central long island we have showers out there but starting to break down just to the west of us so we'll see it coming to a close here fairly spoon proablg p probably around 7:00, 8:00 it's done. 50 degrees central park. temp came down here in the last hour. same in sussex and newark. colder air through the tristate region. watching for gusty winds even a few spots are reporting wind gusts but 40 miles per hour gusts in al opinion town, 28 central park and 26 in montauk but potential wind gusts in 40, 50 miles per hour that wind can do some damage opinion anyhow slowrs worst of it has made its way through new jersey and most of this city but it has to come
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and connecticut here. so you deal with it through the morning commute and backside we have cooler, drier air working its way in. you don't worry about snow from this particular area of low pressure but the next one in two more days that will give us snows at that time. so today we've got morning rain out there, and then some sun in the around with gusty winds and also falling temperatures throughout the day since colder air coming in as we speak. cold and clear for you tonight. close between 16 and 26. pretty bug drop this temps. tomorrow it is cold. sunny, 35 high on friday with snow shorris not a lot of snow but a little bit coming through tomorrow and basically tomorrow night into fridays morning and then gone bit weekend. the weekend cool and dry but then it gets warmer stays dry in the next work week. okay let's see what we have when
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or the roads. >> issues out there. new jersey route 78 westbound past exit 29 at least a lane closed there and in bronx we have problems on deegan coming off thru way by the park. one lane blocked with a crash. cameras take a look at long island keeping an eye on northern state parkway. that's cleared away all flashing lights are gone. traffic moving again. delays are easing out. talk about trainses bauds we have problem with the a and s train. right now no service with the l line. s you have no service between broad channel and beach 90. b67 or 90 to howard beach and take the q22 bus over to q52 or q53 so you have buses as an option. beaning ben and juliet back to you.
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dramatically increase officers. >> placed to combat crime. teresa priolo has more on this story. she's in times square for us this morning. >> when you talk to people here inside of this subway stop in times square you get two answer when is you asked if they feel safe in the subway. a lukewarm yeah, or it's absolute no. not at all. an so the nypd wants to change that . they want to cut down on crime and while they're teamghting to do that they want to make you at least feel safe and so in order to make this all happen they're going to send in the reenforce the. >> i'm more worried than ever -- fearless and then getting older crazy -- cops yeah. >> get ready for company on your subway ride overnight. according to new york post police commissioner expected to announce today that nypd is beefing up its security
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facultying a cop on every train. patrolling each one car by car. between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. this move comes as fears grow over slashings and stabbings and as the nypd reports major felony crime underground was up 36% for the first month of 2016. it also follows initiative by the nypd to wake sleeping straphangers who doze off overnight. and an increase of transit cops on patrol during all hours. the post reports that manhattan transits task force will pull 60 cops from around the city and put them on the overnight train duty. officers will travel all throughout the city, the idea is to show face on every car, on every line. >> would you mawk you feel safer know there are cops with you especially if you're tag it overnight someplace? >> it would. it would. >> it is a tactic that has been used throughout the nypd history.
6:21 am
it was deployed was before 2013. right now, the shift will be on a volunteer base sis but if there's a shortage of cops whrg to step up, new york's finest will be assigned to the tarveg task at hand. >> safe seeing a cop walk by on the train? fnlings yeah, and you -- >> i would feel safer a lot of people feel the same way so begin and expect to learn more about it allegedly at this news conference at 1:30. mayor, police commission hadder and tran are sit director will be all in attendance. latest from times square. back to both of you. >> i saw an officer onboard southbound 4 train yesterday actually. at grand central. >> fantastic. fantastic. >>s just sharing my personal experience teresa priolo times square. thank you. still to come they call new york city the study that never
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pills crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth heroin this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism and substance abuse services website today. >> welcome become police on the hunt for duo of armed robbers tarlgting gas station in brooklyn. police say on seven different occasions they showed a gun and demanded cash so there's some of the video there. if in one doesn't at a mobile
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boulevard they meads off with $3,000 in cash. if you have any information, please call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. in today's "health watch" if you're sleepless in the city. [laughter] nighttime light pollution might be to blame. >> new research suggest that people who live in neighborhoods a lot of neon light and stoplights report sleep problems. 29% of people in brighter areas were unsatisfied with their sleep quantity or quality. that's compared to just 16%. people who live in areas with less nighttime light, they were more likely fatigue throughout the day. studies done by the sleep epidemiology research study. >> if you're walking around at night and brightly lit neighborhood it wakes you perhaps or seeping in your windows. >> black out curtains. those are key, good. hotel you close them and wake up, you have no idea what time of day it is. top stwhoirs story when is we
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>> twitter is drive me crazy are today. hate to tell you that. sometimes i want to throw my computer across the room. fng take a break before you do that. >> obsessed after a rainy morning sun thissing afternoon but windy throughout the day. >> blue out there today. >> i loved that shot earlier. chopper was just fly across the city. mike woods has the full forecast coming up. >> all right hillary clinton and donald trump looking like they will go head to head to the fall begin to pull away from their party rivals in the presidential race each won majority of the contest on supertews. bill cosby pre-trial hearing decides whether to hear the appeal. >> yankees closer chapman will miss the first 30 games of the 2016 season.
6:30 am
league domestic violence policy and won't contest even though he was talking earlier like he was. all right wednesday morning good morning everybody i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy you were good. one, two, three -- >> yeah. >> sorry we apologize for the ear drums. >> do you watch wendy williams her hot topic is funniest thing. i crew u through half of it. so funny she's so goods. >> she watches. when did -- yeah. i do love her. she's funny. she swhais everybody thinks if by the way. >> she macs the show so great. why i love howard stern and wendy williams. they don't care. like this is her. let's be authentic if you don't like it sorry. but it is what had it is. sorry, not sorry. >> i have to get her a pillow too.
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it says not sorry because it is my favorite expression. >> good morning to you all. sorry if you don't bring the umbrella that's for u sure only if you're in the city and leeld and connecticut you deal with wet weather for a while. near the city it is coming to a close most of new jersey it has. the cold front bringing those showers through. it's continuing to drop some more rain but mainly eastern half of the tristate. new jersey you're fine. wendy you're fine. that's where she is. rain comes through last gasp in the city. winds from the south, southwest around 20 miles per hour. gusts up to 30, 40 miles per hour. that's going to be another problem so be aware that have. rain will be -- coming along with gusty winds and then your temperatures not going up but coming down during day. 36 and then 35 on friday.
6:32 am
on friday but not much and weekend looks cool and dry. but not too bad. okay lepts let's get you over to ines rosales keeping real with the commute this morning. what's happening? >> definitely keeping it real. you can see on our maps here we have real time traffic so here's what's going on in a second -- let's talk about route 78 here because there's an overturned truck. medevac called in with this thripped over truck there. as far as your newt commute in bronx offer the throughway. southbound by the courtland park you have an accident. cameras at the northern stot here both camera around. westbound delays by iu willis normal delays there. eastbound side you're fine. trains metro are north, long island railroad, new jersey transit and path trains on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules rules are in effect city wide. yeah -- >> you know who is doing that this morning.
6:33 am
trump, they are a -- >> how? >> yeah. winning -- there. nominations. >> nice. robert moses he has to keep things serious. stls a yeah this him somewhere. this morning? >> coffee -- hillary clinton and trump picked up seven states. both assured of getting their respective nominations. >> this has been an amazing evening. >> as expected donald trump coasted to vurkt in the majority of the super tuesday states he won in alabama, georgia, massachusetts, and tennessee and earned closer victories in arkansas, vermont, and virginia. his wins demonstrate that his appeal is not confined to any one region or demographic.
6:34 am
of this finished i'm going after one person, with that's hillary clinton. >> ted cruz secured home it is it a of texas as well as neighboring oklahoma and alaska as well. cruz called on field to unite him. >> so long as the field is united donald trump paths to the nomination remains more likely and that would be a disaster for republicans. for conserveatives and for the nation. marco rubio sole win in minnesota given weaking super tuesday showing it is nearly impossible for him to secure the nomination. but he didn't sound like a candidate who's ready to drop out. >> i will campaign wherever it takes to ensure that i'm the next president of the united states. [chanting] on graphic e-democratic side
6:35 am
as likely nominee won in alabama, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas, and virginia. like trump she demonstrated her widespread appeal and did especially well in the the diverse southern states in her victory speech she mocked trumps's campaign slogan. >> america never stopped being great. [applause] we have to make america whole. >> bernie sanders won in colorado, minnesota, oklahoma, and his state of vermont. his path forward is very diflts but he say he'll fight on. >> let me assure you that we're going to take our fight or for economic justice, for social justice environmental sanity for a world of peace for those states. >> hillary clinton will be here
6:36 am
she set to host a rally that is open to the public that begins late this arch. 5:45 billed as a post super tuesday rally, and ben and juliet given results yesterday, this no doubt will be quite loud and ruckus. back to you pup. >> i'm sure it will be. >> yeah. pretty good. >> we have singers here pretty impressive. good job robert. >> we have a lawsuit challenging ted cruz's eligibility to become president. one is thrown out of court another here in new york. >> two new yorkers suing board of elections trying to get cruz often the april ballot began hearing arguments yesterdays. issue cruz was born in canada to a cuban father and american mother. which makes him an american citizen by birth since his mother was american but suit claim he's not, quote, na. born worded in the constitution and
6:37 am
president. discussed a similar suit on a technicality say a copy of that suit was not given to cruz. >> all right on to chris christie right now not talking about christie faith here but 60 newspapers call for governor christie to resign. editorial established in asbury park press and daily record and labeled it him as arrogant opportunist and hypocrite apchristie refused to answer questions about anything other than his anonymous of a state supreme court judge. paper said endorsement of donald trump was the last straw. >> all right fox means business. >> joining us from the fox business stiewdz studio was lauren. not good news. >> fourth sporting goods retailer in the nation and
6:38 am
everybody buying them online. but it is a buzz word these days for wearing yoga clothes all day long as. lululemon, killing sports authority and now reported by the wall street journal and other sites that supports sports authority will file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. it could happen this morning. if that whats, if they get debt or in possession financing they can close 150 of their 450 stores across the the u.s. if they don't get this financing, that means by the end of april all stores done. you can get good sales but not good to see a major retail chain going belly up. fng jobs involved in that also lauren thank you. catch lauren on the fox business nec if you're not sure where to find it that's where you can fiend it or go to fox finder. >> owing. oh -- i was not prepared for that.
6:39 am
the weather. >> that wasn't yeah. >> yeah one more time. >> yeah. >> brave guy. >> aye-aye -- >> out the door do you need wet weather here todays? >> yeah. but mainly for early morning so we have rain coming through early morning commute with strong wind gusts 40 50 miles per hour. in new jersey or city rain is passing ousts area soon so if you're going to be not leaving for a little bit. you can probably may not have to deal with all of that. anyhow you're clearing out everywhere later this arch. along with falling temperatures and it will again be quite windy and then into tomorrow night into friday, got more not only cold air but some snow only the way for us. it's not a lot of snow but a little bit will make for potentially a slick commute at times on your friday. all right let's bring in ines and see what's going on. we are ready for it. what's going on out there ?enchts problem 178 this is heading towards 287 right before
6:40 am
flipped over trk and they have to call medevac so you have a buildup there. eastbound side you're fine that problem is westbound before 287. let's talk about the a and rockaway shuttle with signal problem. ashes train no service between howard and 67. excuse that mistake trying to update it. you have partial service restored but no service definitely on that channel to rockaway. two yawrs affected by this. take q22 to q53 as an alternate. tina cervasio is here for sports. hey. >> last night at the garden nothing went the knicks way not even a slam dunk. how bad was it? the story is it next. >> ben affleck had a special treat for fans looking forward to the new batman versus superman movie. tina cervasio thinks -- yeah. >> pretty good?
6:41 am
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in
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tomorrow -
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>> all right checking headlines for you on a wednesday morning with an increase in slashings in crime on the subway the nypd is going to step up patrols underground. post is reporting it they will now be an officer own every subway train overnight. it is a tactic used in the past when crime creeps up. after nearly a year in space, astronaut scott kelly is back on earth this morning. russian counterpart landed late last night and spent 340 days in in orbit onboard international space station. >> two of us -- 240 dreys. cruise ship that got caught in a storm is back home after another trip cut short anthem of the seas docked in bayonne, new jersey. passengers will reportedly be reimbursed for two lost days and i think they get a bonus to a
6:45 am
340 days -- five states, with juliet -- or would you kills me? >> i would go after you first. i have a lot of hatred in me. i have to get it out. [laughter] passports in new york. >> so last night it was a rough one for all the teams. and portland trailblazer taking on anthony and knicks. fouled and tries to dunk it anyway. ball just flies off the rim. mellow would laugh it off u. but second quarter throws ball out of bowppedz and this fan loses his beer. not goods for anyone even in stands. third quarter lance thomas is for three. hold knicks within three, then for college player of the year jim who is now at the end of the ten-day contract might be done
6:46 am
he played final three minutes. they lose by 19 and suffer 15th los as carmelo takes fans look owner is right there. you have to throw your money back ring towards -- a gift before the game but didn't play. third quarter. jordan clarkson he finds rustle of lawmakers knocked down three pointer and had a field day against brock line at staples center. under four minutes to play russell drives again he score and finishes with a career high 3-9d 39 points. thattes young pulls away. beats nets 107-101. hockey now delfts taking on
6:47 am
first period no score. 20th of the season a 1-0 lead. however, a new direction second period. they get even. ryan glides in there. that's a power play goal. third period gain still tied at one. ening bass in the rebound for the goal and then l carolina adds another goal after that. islanders visiting vancouver in the third. ties the game, both teams nodded at two. thomas pieppedz basket net, and ladies and gentlemen, we have had a new york winner. islanders beat the no canucks 3-2. in baseball yankees play their first spring training game this afternoon. against the detroit tigers, but this comes a day after commissioner robman ford
6:48 am
under major league baseball new domestic vinals violence policy. suspension stems from stints back on october 30 9 when he got into an argument with his girlfriend and mother of his child at his home. no charges filed but chapman admits to firing shots in his garage after. in a statement after chapman acquired by yankees during offhere is what he had to say. i didn't harm my girlfriend that evening however i should have exercise better judgment with respect to certain actions for that i'm sorry. new york yankees support decision by the commissioner today we're pleased that he has accepted this discipline. they will not appeal. here's something that will make you smile once again mets spring training happened it in the teen parking lot. showed up in style now last week a lamborghini tricked out three wheeler. yesterday morning a different
6:49 am
it was -- a horse. zest pee joined by pitcher noah syndergaard and he took credit for horse riding stunt he got the idea after learning he owned a u few horses. in florida and not far from the mets complex so they rode horses over. so if i guess babble they play tomorrow. >> whole week -- just kind of domino effect. >> he has his car. >> you have your thing. >> my thing is yeah. that was maybe second best all morning. >> tina, thank you. >> thank you. >> let's get over to mike. [laughter]
6:50 am
>> he should end his little week or spring training thing in a hospital today. >> going to be something else. [laughter] >> i can make this for you, my man, get it done. all right let's show you what's happening out there first of all rain rolling through tristate region. worst of it is done in new jersey. showers lefts other here in the industry pretty much same situation but in long island or connecticut going to take a while longer for things to clear out complel completely. temples coming down because the rain that is happening right now. also colder air back behind this front going to work its way through the area through the day. wind gusts few spots like central park, there wind gusts 20 and 48 out in allentown and winds behind that front up to the 40, 50 miles per hour range.
6:51 am
and storms rolled through the new jersey and into the city starting to dry out for you. but you have to deal with it thrilled for another k. hours. same thing in connecticut but after that front you're done. morning commute and yeah we get a break later on in the around. sunny skies later this afternoon. but look at temps this afternoon coming down because colder air behind the front is coming through. temps drop to 20s. 26 your low temp tomorrow morning. 36 high tomorrow. 35 on friday with snow showers especially in the morning might affect your commute. drier skieses into this upcoming weekend and cooler then and better in the workweek. a live interactive radar to show you moving fast weather.
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chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. >> good morning route 78 this morning, i see problems westbound, traffic backed up here approaching 287 a truck flipped over to lanes are closed right now on medevac. go to cameras to check in on george washington bridge driving into the city a 30 to 40 minute drey upper elf. 495 inbound 40 to 50. holland five to ten. train on or o close.
6:55 am
>> all right bill cosby sex assault case temporarily put on hold. delayed a pre-trial hearing scheduled for next week while it decides whether to hear appeal drugging a temple university employee in the suburban philadelphia home back in 2004. but he said a former district attorney promised he would never be charminged in that case. one reopened the case last year and filed charmings against cosby in december. drivers in california will pass through a new tribute to robin williams. >> a tunnel in the county named after the lates actor. i love this 63-year-old found dead near their dinner that area two years ago. he was born and raised in bay area. he also had attended college in the can be the. county nicknamed the rainbow countyings some say that goes
6:56 am
suspenders on mindy so cool waiting in the batmobile while they asked whether batman or superman would win in a fight when someone said superman he would jump out and gave rides to those around the studio lot. he plays cape crusadeer in dawn of justice. >> win between the two. >> superman fan. but cool that he did that. taking to universal studio tour and famous celebrities pop out. fun to watch. >> universal studies it is awesome. out in l.a. really cool. >> that's it for us. >> the beautiful rosanna scotto is here pretty in pink put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan,
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america runs on dunkin'. greg: the state after super tuesday. rosanna: it is a little when wendy. greg: donald trump. a couple of interesting things
7:00 am
what is up with chris christie? rosanna: let's talk democratic side. a lot to say this morning. that ship that has so many bad breaks lately. this should fit a horrible storm. rosanna: scott quiles says that it is great to be back. what a landing. they came to earth late last night.


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