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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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hurry, this offer ends soon. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. dari: state of uphoria this
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dining in new york city in the middle of march, record-breaking temperatures seems to be putting everyone in a good mood today. it is 10 p.m., the temps are in 60s. steve: 72 degrees out. nobody wanted to be inside. people posts their warm weather picks all over social media, that is how i spent my day. dari: they are ready for the beach. that is long beach where i don't think and old were out enjoying boardwalk. steve: still warm enough on pose a sunset pick in central park. a beautiful shot, great day to be outside,. outside. dari: nick is was so hard to come inside. and is smiling us. nick: great to see everyone smiling and happy, look at record highs, everyone hit a new
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most of records were set in 2000, we blasted past them, 77 in central park, laguardia 75. newark 82. a new record high. belmar 81, cooler on long island, we expected that with the wind off the ocean, now temperatures have cooled down, on the coastal areas, out to long island, mid 50s there. up to bridgeport 51. still 72 in poughkeepsie. 60s elsewhere, nothing weatherwise just stat scattered clouds in the sky, eastern part of the nation, record high from maine washington dc, the cooler air will get here. emphasis is cooler not colder,
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also notice some showers starts to approach, cold front coming in, showers mostly tomorrow night, first part of it were night, and friday, it gets breezy, we'll cool it down to lower 60s, that is still above average, average high is 7. steve: i am obsessed with it love it. >> vice president biden once compared laguardia airport to that of a third world country, now it almost crumbling. dari: a huge pot hole forced closures tonight. jen is there right now. reporter: something tells me that our vice president would have a field day with their one, the good news is that runway has
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hours it took crews to do the emergency repairs one pot hole did quite the destruction here at laguardia. crews working to repair a pot hole, an 8 foot by 2 foot gash that closed one of the airports two runways, backing up dozens of planes attacksying for -- taxiing for take off, and ruined drafty's plans. >> i'm trying to rebook for tomorrow morning. >> a little bit scary, i wish they would have said something or gave us more information you gave us more information than they have. >> it was a 20 minute delay but now it looks about 2 1/2 hours. >> that frustration of shared on line, angry passengers tweeting things leak, sitting on laguardia tarmac for an hour, is fun.
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-- saying nobody ever, can you uber a monster truck from la guardia. >> i think that is crazy, hopefully city works to put some funding into the airport, get the pot holes prepared quickly. the pilot of a departing plane recorded the damage. and they closed the runway this afternoon. they have not confirmed cause of the damage, but we're hearing that it could have been a plane that touched down, we just checked boards, a few scattered delays, nothing over two hours. back to you. steve: all right. thank you jen. >> a brutal stabbing on a
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22-year-old man in serious condition, he was stabbed 3 times in the back during a wild brawl at crescent street station, the cops have recovered the knife but so far no arrests. dari: a major setback for a woman who was determined to have a baby, a uterus transplant has failed, on monday the patient seemed to be doing well. but hospital said she suffered a sudden complication that required surgical removal of the uterus yesterday. >> water has been turned off at 30 public schools in new york after elevated levels of lead were detected. >> purpose right now is focus on the school itself, on the schools, and make sure we do both testing then remediate the
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steve: schools will remain open but officials are asking for bottled water donations that kids will use. dari: contract talks to resume tomorrow to head off a new jersey transit strike, new concerns over how the train would be taken out of service, so riders are not stranded early sunday morning, transit officials say they have been talking to the unions about it but the unions deny, that talks yesterday said to be productive, both side use today to review the offers. steve: a brooklyn man arrested tonight. police say 45-year-old oscar was part of a suspected drug deal in bushwick last night, the injured detective, and his partner stopped a car, and opened fire, when one of them everything dragged by the car -- one of them was dragged by the car, as suspected tried to get away. the suspect is in stable condition,. second suspect also in custody, police looking for a third.
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attorney general has a warning for you, old phone scams are back, you are target, they are pretending to be debt collectors, court office, and even the irs, saying you have unpaid taxes overdue bill. or fines here is what a call sounds like. >> the reason of this call to inform that you irs has issued app arrest warrant against at your physical address, it is under a federal investigation, call me back to get detailed information about your case. >> attorney general said you should never give out any of your personal information to somebody on the phone. steve: hillary clinton is bernie sanders, debating one-on-one just 24 hours after sanders pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the campaign. dari: winning the michigan primary, despite all polls saying that clinton was to beat
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crowley with how thetic powers economy -- experts got it wrong. >> if you get indicted -- >> i that is not going to happen, i am not going to answer that. >> you can catch up? >> you know, we began this campaign, i was 3% in polls, i was probably 70 points behind the secretary. we have cam a long way in 10 months. reporter: this is heels of clinton surprised defeat in michigan, a pole predicted that frontrunner would end, clinton still ended with more gel delegates but it did leave some in her camp wondering what happened, sanders can thank young and independent voters for his victory. >> strongly suggesting this is not over. reporter: donald trump more invincible than ever, ahead by
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contake in florida, and a close race for first with governor john kasich in ohio, if marco rubio losing at home it could be the end of his campaign, texas senator ted cruz behind in both states got an indexer am today -- endorsement today from carly fiorina, trump attempted to extend a olive branch to g.o.p. establishment today, sort of. >> it is time to unify, we have something special going on, unfortunately the people of the party, they call them the elites, but those are the people that don't respect it yet. reporter: marco rubio as we said, had a dismal showing last night is still hoping to win his home state of florida, john kasich could gain from ground still banking on winning ohio. >> all right. thank you sharon. >> carly fiorina backing ted cruz for president, she made the endorsement announcement while
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rival in miami, trading cruz. -- praising cruz, and she believes he is the only one that is beat donald trump. dari: jeb job trying jeb bush will meet with remaining g.o.p. contep doors except for donald trump tomorrow. steve: three days of mourning have begun remembering former first lady nancy reagan. four first ladies, including michelle obama and hillary clinton will attend mrs. reagan's funeral friday. the former first lady died sunday at the age of 94. dari: after drive by shooting of the queens rapper. steve: there has been no break
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dari: 50 cent back in corrupt court -- bankrupt court. steve: she had a big time job in the city, why she gave it up for goats, a viral instagram
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steve: it has been a year since rapper khnx was murdered. >> today marks 19 years since christopher wallace of murdered in los angeles, his case remains unsolved like murder of chnx here in new york. >> his brave wife vows to continue to fight for justice until her murderer is caught. >> working with hot artist.
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2015, a drive-by shooter sprayed his porsche with gunfire, killing him, and wounding his passenger. i spoke with his wife just days after her loss. >> i have to be strong. reporter: as a memorial to the rapper grew, so did questions about why no one was arrested, the queen boulevard is known for its surveillance cameras, but this appears to be in a dead zone. former homicide detective derrick parker known as the hip pop cop. >> they are still working on it. >> his wounded passenger, told me previously in a interview, that when the bullets started
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>> devastateed and hurt, and angry that we can't find the killer. >> parker believes that the nypd can solve the murder case as long as they understand the unique nature of hip-hop and street culture. >> this is not traditional homicide, because of the community you are dealing with, the industry of people, and what the -- it entails. reporter: jenellei hopes to in day have closure, and get past the memory that still troubles her broken heart. >> it has been locked in my mind of the actual events in trying to peace it together. i see it when i sleep. him being ambushed and gunned down, the fear that overcame him. the worries, what crossed his mind at that time, it is hard. reporter: she appreciates people who have come forward with tips, she will be my guest saturday on
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i hope you join us for part two of our special series hip-hop's unsolved murders, a childhood friend of chnx will be with us. >> all right. thank you lisa. dari: hip-hop mogul 50 cent was in a connecticut courtroom said that money in his instagram photos of fake, he reached a deal with his creditors to pay 75% of what he owes. 50, filed for bankruptcy last year after a jury ordered him to pay $7 million to a woman who said he posted her sex tape on-line. dari: an attorney for record producer dr. luke, is denying reports that sony has terminated his contract, pop star kesha has accused him of sexual abuse.
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month, dr. luke denying the callgation. the. allegations. steve: jeremy meeks was busted for gun possession in california last year, he out, he said he has given up his life of crime, he wants to be a model, and reportedly hired two hollywood agency, this is the new american dream in the wacky tmz world we live in, right. dari: a lot of people have been able to do it,. steve: why not. dari: it is -- is it okay for parenting to post their -- punish their kids on social media. steve: why so many people want their parents to cool it with their pictures of them. dari: a car that changes itself to meet a driver's needs, a look at bmw's new car of future but
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general manager lew leone. >> >> i'm a life long new york yankees fan, a true believer in a free market economy that is why it was disappointing to me, when team announced that tickets printed at home would no longer be allowed for admission to a game, if you have yankee tickets you can't use and want to resell them you can do so with picket master -- ticket ticketmaster but you can't price them below the arbitrary amount, the biggest competitor it stub hub, they used to have an office across street from stadium. however, the yankees force them to relocate about a half mile away, it is no so convenient, stub hub customers have option of prints their tickets at home, yankees cite security and fraud as reason but i can print my
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with no problem, you can store an electronic tick frit ticket master your phone but yankees have not allowed that for tickets on stub hub that makes harder er to sell your tick out that platform, restricting ability for many fans to buy cheaper tickets for low demand games. >> who gets hurt in the battle for control of ticket retail market? the fans, in a perfect world there should be equal access to tickets and fans who pay for them should be able to resell them, yankees should have full control over the initial purchase but attempts to control after market should be untre stricted, i am -- inrestricted, i am sure that yankees i have the same dream that is a sell out, with every seat occupied in a free market that would happen there is more than enough demand for tickets, i am sure we'll never see a season where every seat to every game is taken, i would encourage my team to do
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fans in the/8, they should give buyers knowledge they can resell them at some level above zero, that has added benefit of giving those who can't afford full price the opportunity to buy a
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so they post it. steve: parents you should know your kids are not into that. that. reporter: taking, editing and shari a pick sharing a picture require less time than in the past. >> a lot of pictures. >> most of the memory. >> no why where my parents took this or when, i am thankful it happened before social mead cra or digital cameras, today kids have no such luxury. >> children get older they express preferences about what their parents should or should not share on-line about them. >> reach that conclusion after surveying 2 print 49 pairs of parents and children and how they use technology. >> they say, are you putting
10:25 pm
that on facebook. >> they start this awareness as early as 6 years old. >> it is easy to embarrass them. >> camera phones and social media have not existed long enough to provide data how this affects children as fay get they get older. >> he has to edit them that is his job. >> parents risk fines and jail time should children decide to sue in france. >> likely there will be a long record of which were identity on-line starting from birth, before birth. reporter: they recommend parents think of their posts of permanent public records of their child a life, and children might warm to embarrassing posts. and start taking pictures of their own children. >> mac king, "fox 5 news"
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>> first it was calorie count then salt. >> now food police have a new target. what the city wants to force restaurants to do now. steve: how a dog trained to sniff out diabetes, most likely saved life of a little boy. ha, ha, great job. alright, pass it over. woo! good job. here, here, here. new game, everyone in the car.
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steve: first calorie count, then a push for sal warnings -- salt warnings, now a proposal to warn diners about -- carbs and sugar. dari: they are fighting this proposal. reporter: new yorkers love to eat out but obesity is skyrocketing they want you more well informed about what you are eating. >> in this nation, people are far exceeding what is recommended intake in terms of added sugars and carbohydrates. reporter: a bill would require restaurants to warn customers about dangers of sugar and ashes. >> -- carbs, sense
10:30 pm
interferes with met bolle metabolic functioning and overweight. >> this is how it would work, restaurant would have to put up a poster similar to this one, . but this new poster, would list the risks that are associated with eating too many works and -- carbs and too much sugar. >> we' them to have information that would make them have a wise choice. >> of all the things the city can to this is something i feel should not be a number one priority for this administration. >> it is an experience when you are out at dinner, enjoy your, don't worry about calorie or carbs. >> there are certain platforms they should be addressing they are not addressing. >> what type of item about
10:31 pm
>> crime, people slashing in the subways, get a hold of that then focus on restaurants afterwards. reporter: the poster could become part of the decor at your local restaurant, linda schmidt, "fox 5 news." steve: more trouble for chipotle, another confirmed case of norovirus closed a restaurant in massachusetts, outside of boston, they closed yesterday after 4 employees called out sick. so far no customers have reported getting sick, chipotle trying to recover from norovirus outbreak in boston, by bc. dari: atlantic city could go bust, moody's said that city has $102 million budget deficit could face default by april, lawmakers are considering two
10:32 pm
give straight control of local government allow them to sell-off city's assets, if they are not passed issue the city will run out of money, in the next few weeks. steve: bmw said this could be car the future, the vision next 100, concept car is self driving, alters itself to wims of the driver, like automatic wing wipe doors, and a retract able steering wheel, fancy. dari: race to space has a new contendor, jeff bezos, said that if all goes well, his company could start taking paying passengers to space, 2018 that is soon, he said they will probably fly test pilots as early as next year, company will build reusable rocket to fly 6 passengers high enough to look down at earth, and float weight less for a few minuteses that would be i life changing experience.
10:33 pm
$125,000. >> a dog saves life of a 7-year-old boy with a sniff, luke has type one diabetes, jed is a --jedi is a special diabetes sniffing dog, he woke up luke's mom, without jedi she would not have known her son was in danger, amazing. >> my dog had a similar experience with's relative, it really exists they can do that? cancer they can smell. dari: a know this year. steve: i spoke with former congressman anthony weiner to get his take. >> it would seem that donald trump would be stronger of the two in a general election. >> 50 state landslide for democrats.
10:34 pm
steve: he does not think that trump will be nominee, and what he thinks is behind bernie sanders' strong showing. dari: what starbucks is doing to get more people to polls but first here is tonight's new york minute. >> mozart's marriage of figaro is getting a makeover. the opera figaro 90210, opened in march, it opens with a new english and spanish lebreto . >> the story of undocumented workers on a beverly hills estate, where looking to help contemporary audience relate to this message. >> it run through april third at duke on 42 nd street.
10:35 pm
america's tour for life kicked off at empire state building. they lit the building in white and blue. over next 6 weeks, pet adoptions will take place in 53 cities, saving the lives of thousands of homeless animals, that is your new york minute. steve: 70 degrees right now, why would you not have a fox 5 weather app, you could have live radar.
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dari: starbucks is trying to get out the vote by pushing more employees to get to the polls. brainchild of starbucks ceo, it is done in partnership with brooklyn group, called turbo vote, they will cover cost of registration or absentee ballots for its employees. steve: if you are interested in
10:39 pm
campaign has been fascinating, i sat down with anthony weiner about this year's race. >> 2 parties are tugging far to the extreme, they knew something was going to come, bernie was the embodiment of it. i don't know it is craziest scenario of world that trump wins florida, and then rubio drops out, then ted cruz starts beating him. more casual voter, the one that looks up from their newspaper a couple of times a year, said what is my political choice, they are not crazy. they are not trump lunatics, they don't believe in -- >> they are energized that would not normally vote.
10:40 pm
>> you look at republicans right now about 60% said they would not vote for trump under any circumstances. steve: do you believe that? >> i think they lot will vote for hillary. >> you do? i hear a republican would vote for hill rear hillary clinton rather than donald, i am skeptical. >> have to talk about brooklyn dodgers, there are fewer fewer brooklyn dodger fans, there are fewer, fewer republicans and democrats issue these people that come out for bernie sanders for example, a lot are were not realm sterred democrats -- registered democrats until they were voting in the booth. people are saying, i can't believe that republicans are voting for trump, it like a
10:41 pm
our parties, similar, charging right before us. steve: we talked about 20 minutes, he is married to one of hillary clinton's most trusted aides, he said there a fire wall with talking official campaign business. i tweeted out a link, worth checking it out. high knows what he is talking about. dari: cat videos are funny, but goats are going viral. steve: goats of anarchy, find out how they have become one of the more popular animal accounts on instagram. dari: nick is up next, tell us how long the 70 degree temperatures will stay with us put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan,
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for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. steve: sometimes in life you have to listen to your gut, even when it says to drop your job to raise goats. dari: that is what one person did. >> i traded my high heels for a
10:45 pm
why i wanted goats, i just decide one day, i want goats. >> sometimes you leap out on faith. >> i took a line of faith, i quit my job. reporter: you find your true calling. >> i needed my life to have more meeting. reporter: she left a lucrative city. >> goats are so misunderstood they are not just livestock or a food source, they are very similar to dogs, they have their individual personal ni. reporter: she has 11 goats now in her sanctuary in new jersey, about 70 miles from manhattan. they have a huge following on instagram, goats of anarchy page followed by people from all over the world. >> i have met a new community
10:46 pm
support system. reporter: she started goats of anarchy game she had about 2900 followers after posting first photo of his rescue it jumps to 30,000, now she has more than 1 97 thousand followers. >> an zell was one of the first rescues. >> he came from a horrible cruelty case. >> they have similar stories, so mainly an is moving to a bigger piece of property. >> a bigger spot, a wooded lot so i can build a i have been calling it an enchanted goat palace. >> she was born with only three legs, she is missing her entire hip, her pelvis. >> with leanne at this sanctuary, they now have a new
10:47 pm
>> i am giving my life 100% to these animals, until the day i die. >> "fox 5 news." steve: they don't know much about goats. dari: the way they hop is funny, they are comical. steve: they seem to have a lot of penalty. nick: i travel to greece they are all over the place. steve: they seem country? what -- country what is their temperament. >> reporter: j they temperament. nick: they just chill. dari: a eat grass. yep, we're going to 75 tomorrow, today was a stell lar day. no record of 77 in city, 44 of low this morning we started cool, lower than i thought,
10:48 pm
the happening any time soon. we will stay mild, 70 right now, air is dry, holding temperature up there are high clouds to the sky, pressure 30.01 on the rise. fox 5 sky guardian not much to see showers way off to the west, better chance from area will be through tomorrow night, will be a quick hitting type system, a cold front but it will cool us down friday, not bring back the cold air, low 80s in hudson valley, this is earliest it broke 80 in newark since they have been keeping records there. over 75 in new york city, last time that happened was 1987 if i recall, earlier it hit 75
10:49 pm
laguardia today. inland you find 72, still up there in poughkeepsie. 69 in now work. and -- newark, and 10 to 20 degrees warmer than 24 house ago. wind out of swift could light, swift again tomorrow 5 to 10, warm night all through northeast, 62 in boston, 63 in washington, d.c., phillie and to pittsburgh in mid 60s issue we still have southwest wind, this cold front will come in but it will take tomorrow night early friday morning to pass on threw, clouds, sun duke it out tomorrow, sphiefer the sphiefer the high, 75 the high, shower threat late in the day, breezy friday, sunshine, clouds, cools down, most of weekend will be okay, next shower threat will be sunday.
10:50 pm
patchy clouds tonight. sun and clouds tomorrows are showers come in later in the day, best chance tomorrow night, now record high 75, close to 60 at coast. 62 friday, sun, breezy, still above average. sunday morning clock goes ahead one hour. remember that. and shower by late sunday, so most of sunday is fine, monday, tuesday they look showery. >> i. steve: i love -- i was a week morning anchor in boston, springing ahead was the worse. you had to wake up at 3 a.m. anyway. nick: you get that hour back in the fall. dari: i love that is will be light late sunday. steve: after 7:00 now. nick: right. steve: thank you, nick, big east tournament. today conference hand the out
10:51 pm
providence star chris dunn player of the year. dari: in with more on big east. russ will be joins us. reporter: i am ines rosales with toyota traffic tracker. -- right lane will be closed this week for construction from 7 to to 2:30. i'll keep you updated on everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. no artificial colors,
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russ: being roughly 56 1/2 million under salary cap, giants had money to burn on free agents in their hopes of improving their defense, they wasted no time doing so, once the signing period officially began at 4 p.m. this afternoon. first big fish they reeled in jenkins, considered a top shelf
10:55 pm
seasons with the st. louis rams. agreeing to a 5 year deal. jenkins now is the second highest paid cornerback in the league, after jets rivas. >> jet, went after a big member of gangrene, defensive line man harris son. harrison agreed to a 5 year deal with big blue worth $46.5 million, 24 million is guaranteed, good signs for giants, a big loss for jets, harrison an important part of gangrene's frontline, then, giants sign miami dolphin defensive end, vernon to a 5 year deal, worth $85 million, 52 million is guaranteed, vernon is 25 years old.
10:56 pm
good news with injuries costing him almost two years of playing time victor cruz signed a base salary deal for coming season. with incentives that could allow him to recoup what he was to earn. >> jet sign former bears running back matt forte. to garden for big east opener, late second quarter, johnson slams deuce downs hatch, marquette in at half leading st. johns, 50-38. second half we go, smith rivera, dead on target, put hoyas up. that is it for sports.
10:57 pm
arm out tomorrow. nick: enjoy it. steve: good news take care. dari: see you tomorrow. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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