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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! i didn't know your home wifi could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable. 300 megs. crazy-fast. dad! you can get wifi all over this place. cool! make your home as connected as possible. get 50 meg internet with unlimited data for $39.99 per month. and ask about free installation. call now. announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. >> the fire department busy in brooklyn tonight after
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dari: fortunatefortunate ly it has been contained, the people are still worried. sharon crowley has more details. reporter: hello, as you can see behind me right here at this closed, hazardous materials crews are working to clean things up area lets take a look at some of the pictures that we ground when we arrived. all of this started unfolding just before 6:00 p.m. this evening. and the fire department responded just after 6:00 o'clock and discovered that there had been a crack in the pipe that carries jet fuel to jfk and la guardia and new new details
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calling the smell here. luckily they were able to contain the problem within an hour and they are still out here tonight and they are also checking the air quality that we saw inspectors looking at. trying to make sure that there are not any other problems. the company figuring out how this happened. and it has a lot of the residents here are confirmed. >> for that to be out here, it's not good for the area. >> we have to cover our nose so
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the tree behind me still closed off. you can see the train is up and running and there has not been any evacuation. i talked directly to firefighters and they said that the scene is under control but they are working to clean up what is left here. hopefully they can reopen the street. for now, sending it back to you in the studio. >> the police are searching for an attacker that lashed a woman on the neck this morning. the officer stated she did not know the man in the attack appeared to be random. he had an american flag bandanna. the woman's injuries are not life-threatening. steve: two stabbings of joggers in prospect park area the police believe that he stabbed a jewish man in crown heights in february.
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murder as a hate crime. dari: new jersey transit riders are getting worried. they're set to strike if they did not get a new contract. it could start slowing down as early as tomorrow. jennifer has the very latest on this negotiation. >> a transit strike is looming end negotiations resume today. both sides doing everything possible is a set to begin at midnight as there is no hope for resolution. workers went home today still deadlocked. that means tens of thousands of transit riders are closer to what could be a disastrous
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if the strike goes through. a contingency plan will be in place on friday and if the two sides can't agree, the federal negotiators will step in. at a news conference today new jersey transit official labor council said that progress has been made. >> their desire and our desire is the same. and that is to reach a peaceful across the table effective bargaining agreement. >> however, just several hours later, union reps blasted new jersey transit for sending out a notice to employees at their efforts would be stripped in the event of a strike. >> we object to the conduct in this matter when authorities are fully engaged in the negotiating process. and missing from all of this action is chris christie who is
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being a no-show as the state hangs on the precipice of a mass transit nightmare. >> at the end of the day we need all responsible parties at the table to make this happen and to avoid a strike and to stop a blow to the economy and the transit riders. >> the contract is set to begin tomorrow morning. jennifer law mercer "fox 5 news". steve: learning more tonight, personal data has been obtained on members of isis, phone numbers, addresses and even blood types. the documents reportedly were kept on a memory stick from the groups have security. speak to the four remaining candidates for president were back on the debate stage in
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tonight, the debates were fairly civil. >> the democrats support illegal immigration because they view illegal immigrants as potential voters in the whole key to the future in america is strong economic growth with commonsense regulations, lower taxes and a balanced budget. and if we capture any of them alive they will not have the right to remain violent and they will not go to courtroom in manhattan. they will go to on time of day, cuba. >> so far i cannot believe how civil it's been. >> the real news tonight was made before the debate. >> i want to get something really clear.
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the period they are supporting whoever that is 100%. there's no question about that speech to the statement comes just two days after donald trump called on all republicans to unite behind them if he does win the nomination. steve: tomorrow ben carson will make an announcement donald trump's club in palm beach brady center more than meets the eye. of course he dropped out of the race due to shrinking support. dari: canada's new prime minister justin trudeau met with obama today the white house. it was the first official visit by a canadian leader in 20 years very and the two men agreed on a new joint climate control plan and also taking progress on trade and security issues. that did not stop the president from writing the prime minister. the stanley cup currently resides in chicago with the
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steve: this new york officer back home recovering. he says that he is happy to be home and he is thankful for the messages of love and support that he has received. he was treated for the illness back in 2013. dari: former first lady nancy reagan is lying in state. tomorrow sunol will be attended by relatives of every president dating back to jfk. michelle obama, former first lady laura bush, roslyn carter and hillary clinton will also attend. anti-reagan will be laid to rest next to her house and president ronald reagan on the grounds at the library. >> 72 degrees outside. dari: it feels like a night in july. why do we have to give it back reign. nick: we do have to give it back
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even though we're not talking record heat we are still talking about temperatures hitting on the mild side and above average. and so 79 today ,-com,-com ma the new record in central park, the old record 74 in 2006. sixty-eight, 73 in islip, and then 81, that's two days in a row. these are the highest in the area. eighty-three in trenton. sixty bridgeport and then temperatures still quite mild. lower 70s around the city and getting the 69 in the last 10 minutes or so. sixty-two in hudson valley, 67 as we get towards islip and we are finding right across the areas we take a look at the showers moving across the hudson valley. putting this into motion and you can see the trajectory has
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this area of brain needs to get here and it could last longer. so take a look at the future cash that shows the rain coming right on through. we will get back to lots of sun. not cooler. highs in the lower 60s and in fact we will stay mild through the weekend and most of the weekend should be fine. fortys to lower 50s in the suburbs of the rain does move nnn tomorrow a bit of rain to start 50s to about 60s at lunchtime and beautiful as we stop at 62 degrees. steve: are you dreading losing that hour of sleep this weekend? dari: i am not because i like the daylight. some parts of the country want to dump daylight savings time altogether and white him say you just don't need it. he wants him couples share everything from phone accounts and passwords. but it could make things messier than they need to be if you
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dari: it is time to spring ahead again, which i like. steve: we are turning the clocks forward, we will lose an hour of sleep, that is the idea. some want to get rid of daylight savings altogether. jessica explains the rationale. >> the number one reason why new yorkers hate daylight savings is because we lose an hour of sleep but there is a proposed bill to get rid of it entirely. so why is this such an issue? >> i like my sleep. >> i'm happy that we are going to get more daylight. >> this creative writing professor wrote spring forward and says that there are reasons
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time and it's not because we are saving energy or it's good for farmers. he said that those are all myths. >> many refuse to give it up. after that, almost all the major cities in america were magnetized by new york's economic power. reporter: they plan to create a commission to move new england states which is an hour before the eastern time zone all year
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the year. >> in order to put it on nova scotia time come it seems like one of the worst ideas we have come up with. steve: airlines packing on extra fees. two u.s. senators plan to eliminate checked baggage, selecting where you 60s, a all the options it came with a price of tickets. he deregulated the industry in 1978 speed to. dari: a major frozen food recall to tell you about. limited number of digiorno, lean cuisine, stouffer's products are being recalled after some customers found pieces of glass in them. nestle is investigating the they believe that spinach is the common ingredient.
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pizzas, ravioli, lasagna and other dishes as well. steve: there is a worldwide olive shortage. which means a price increase for olive oil. farmers say that it led to the worst harvest in two decades. three weeks of high temperatures last summer created the issue. >> the tech world is abuzz. the invitation for this product went out. something that apple is about to lease updates to apple watch. but nobody really knows until the big event is a few weeks away. steve: do you share all of your technology information with your
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check out this story. >> casebook reported as the number one source for finding online evidence of cheating. with the divorce rate at 40 to 50%, it could be a smart idea to reassess what is going on. [inaudible] >> i am good. >> i'm not sure. [laughter] >> maybe not your instagram password or something like that.
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>> i knew that it was a real situation. >> in one extreme incident, a vengeful ex-boyfriend remotely wipe them off his ex-girlfriend's phone. the perils of sharing too much, even if there is complete trust. >> that means your private information gets broken into and so i think it is best to have the best protection when it comes to social media websites. reporter: sharing is caring does not always hold true. "fox 5 news". steve: this new dating application helping parents of pets find their soulmate. dari: having a hard time staying awake at work? you are not a alone.
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smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. ones that can kill you fast. ones that can kill you slower. ones that can take away life's most basic pleasures. there are 16 different types of cancer caused by smoking.
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to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. steve: kelly clarkson making music history. she now has 100 billboard hits after she gave an emotional performance piece by piece last week. carrie underwood trails close
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and even dog lovers need human companionship. dari: a new application is matching dog owners who are looking for love. >> i look around to the people here. >> that is just mingling at the dog park areas try dating in new york city. people nowadays hardly have the time or energy to invest in the search for mr. or mrs. right.
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significantly narrowed. >> he engineered an application appropriate in name. it is called sniffer, a nod to how dogs interact with each other. >> this is essentially a tinder for dog lovers. whether you want to make new friends or go on a date with someone that loves dogs. reporter: he tested his theory on other dating application, setting up a bogus account. the profile from a good-looking guy with a dog. reporter: it makes matches based on your existing social connection. >> undersold, she's almost
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>> i had common connections with her. for common connections. >> and that one in the middle? that is the wag feature similar to a superlight. >> we are a match made in dog heaven. >> it's not the first of its kind, but it's hoping to change the game for love and royalty. steve: no one seems to have a shot. okay come out rage after elevated levels found in the water at new york schools. dari: what we found out and how long it has been going on and what the city is going to do about it. and from food to fashion.
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distributing bottled water. steve: summer demanding to know how much people new. >> the district knew about the patterns is a long as two years ago and did not do enough to fix the problem then. now the school officials are scrambling to decontaminate water and the parents tell us that they are outraged. this woman's daughter's school along with 29 others had levels above federal bannered. by thursday her daughter was drinking bottled water at school because all of the phones were
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>> and explosive allegation, the local releasing this memo from facilities management dated august 2014 advising administrators to flush water fountains for these 30 seconds to protect against lead. the measure was in addition to what was it installed about a decade ago, precautions appeared to have failed. it will continue to be the primary driver in our decision to bring drinking water into schools. new jersey senator cory booker thing that he's monitoring the situation. and city officials here say that the problem is confined to 30 schools and does not affect the
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dan bowens the "fox 5 news". dari: a long island teenager says that he will grant 19-year-old youth will offender status because he was 17 at the time of the accident. a street race in the driver lost control and crashed into an oncoming suv grade killing women for passengers. he faces a six-month behind bars when he is sentenced in may. steve: the biggest gang bust in the bronx. the police recovered 16 guns and more than 30 pounds of drugs. they plan to resell them in new >> this drugstore giant is
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50 million-dollar anti-smoking campaign which will be geared towards young adults. it is intended to double the number of smoke-free college campuses. coming a year after cbs stop selling cigarettes. >> a new study shows most workers could use a nap. and it can negatively affect job performance. researchers say that they encourage breaks, only 2% of american companies offer rooms dedicated to naps. i can't believe that 2% actually do speak to the theme at saks, why the retailer is doing this spring preview. >> at saks fifth avenue, a
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italian. >> we have italian fashion and jewelry. reporter: it's dedicated to the craftsman of italy. reporter: yes, you have seen that before. plus, truffle risotto and other delicacies. they continue throughout the weekend with a made-to-measure event where shoppers can get access to luxury brands. >> we have customization for our clients. it's really about the experience
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i think it's a part of this and we also have some of the best artisans in italy. reporter: check out my facebook page for more from the event. steve: what about baseball? dari: the rising stars that want to see players get riled up like this next. steve: fans are psyched about the latest captain america movie. what it reveals about the new spiderman reboot. and be sure to check out our weather application that features a daily and hourly forecast and live interactive radar to track the storms where
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dari: the battle between gawker and hulk hogan is heating up. >> did you see the interview with tmz at that time? >> yes. i think that they told them that i didn't know anything about the still pictures being taken and that he would impress upon him the. dari: gawker is arguing a first amendment defense. but he said it is a straight invasion of privacy in the eking $100 million.
10:39 pm
amazing memorabilia on ebay. >> i am signing everything to raise money for my hometown of long beach that was devastated by hurricane sandy a couple of years ago. we hope to rebuild the city. steve: the ebay auction is going on as we speak. about three days left. dari: mariah carey is taking her biggest act to a new reality. she is reportedly shooting a documentary tv series that shows what goes on behind the scenes during her residency at caesars palace and also her upcoming european tour this spring will be featured.
10:40 pm
war trailer is out. >> hey, everyone. >> and it looks like he will be excited to have that come out. it hits theaters on may 6. >> one of these rising stars wants to see more raw emotion like right there where he's all
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steve: is america's past time past its prime? dari: one of the people calling for change is the reigning national league mvp. mack king tells us more. [cheers] [applause]
10:44 pm
condemned and dissected across the nations in game five of last year's game. it was called a disgrace and those that embrace analytics have nerves. >> is the ugly comments in there. but it really is not a good look for him or for anyone. >> although it may either take traditionalists, the next generation of players and fans react a little differently. >> that was absolutely amazing.
10:45 pm
really coincides with the timing. >> in an article published on thursday he called baseball entire export because you cannot express yourself. reporter: all of these players in middle village agreed that many endear themselves to us because of their personalities and baseball's older viewer base seem accountable with his haircut and neon sleeves. >> and some argue that those critics stop arguing about the soul of the game and they may see historically good talent
10:46 pm
whether or not we approve of the way it that they take their bats. >> we want more of these moments in baseball, not a few of them. reporter: mack king for "fox 5 news". >> i took monday off and i was walking down by the hudson river. and this is the time of year when it's so rough to do outside sports typically in the northeast. >> it has been great weather. they have moved up the cherry blossom time in washington dc. the last week of march which is corner. and don't forget that we changed the clock this weekend. even though it's not one of the
10:47 pm
the next couple of days, we are still not giving it all back. above average temperatures, the advertiser be 48. and we won't be anywhere near there. monday will be the coolest day. seventy-nine and 63, the new record high of 74 and 2006. still seeing clouds and showers at that point and then you will enjoy the rest of the day. humidity 55%, cloud thickening to the north. and it is holding steady. the rain is getting closer and closer to the city. and unlike showers there going back to the west. moving through later on tonight or tomorrow. upper 70s to low '80s. eighty-three down by trenton, isolate.
10:48 pm
the warmth. rain advancing from the west and it will continue to do so. if you see that we are going to get the rain just a little bit here in new york city. looking at her satellite photograph, it's moving quickly and we will get into the rest of the day. and so it's another nice day outside. not 75 but we will take 60 to tomorrow and there goes the showers out of here tomorrow. sunny on saturday, breaking into that. i will hold the showers up
10:49 pm
the threat of rain on monday. showers on sunday night, then rain, back to 62 on tuesday. wednesday is 64 and still 60 around thursday. >> thank you. coming up next we have russ lsr on sports. >> westbound construction, the right lane will be closed from
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>> even come everyone. college hardwood for the big east quarterfinals. it started at noon with the wildcats taking on the
10:53 pm
hanging tough. twenty-eight-27. here in the second half, finishing with a 2 plus 1. georgetown ,-com,-com ma 67. as to who will play tomorrow cashing in 38 points. at eight rebounds. seventy-four-60 victory. moving into action from tonight. the golden eagles were no match at all. following up nicely winning 90- 72. the blue jays make the
10:54 pm
by 11, 31-20. and 6:30 p.m., once again all they that can be seen on fox sports one. onto the diamond we go in port st. lucie. this was a pleasant sight to see. going on to win by a score of seven act after 2. meanwhile over in tampa, the blue jays come up with a five run inning courtesy of this
10:55 pm
go on 11-format. steve: coming up next, meeting a man in his angwin. a pang this little penguin was healthy enough to return to the scene. and he swims back year after year to visit the person that saved his life. we. dari: that's so awesome. we just don't understand these wonderful animals. >> the thing to do would be to tag him. steve: definitely. but apparently the little penguin knew who saved him speak you take care.
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he can look out the window and see the majesty of the universe unfolding before his eyes. his dim, uncomprehending eyes. it's like a cat in an airport carrying case. you know, it's not exactly glamorous up there. the water that the astronauts drink is made from each other's recycled urine. must be nice. nobody wants anything that comes out of me. (sighs): i wonder what he's doing right this very second. mm, conducting experiments in zero gravity. peering through his telescope at the birth of the cosmos. whatever it is, we know his life will never be the same. mrs. wolowitz: howard! can you hear me?! i can hear you without the phone! don't be snippy. i'm just excited to talk to my baby!


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