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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: okay. here we are again. friday. the 11th of the month. rosanna: it is friday. you need to say it that way. it will be a bit cooler this weekend. still really nice. mike woods has the details for you. greg: may or may not shut down. in effect midnight on saturday. rosanna: a rash of disturbing slashings. a man slashed to other people in prospect park.
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let's see. the big debate last night. little marco little marco. rosanna: nothing. greg: it was kind of calm. i could be so presidential, just watch me. that may have been the strategy. rosanna: a man that was wrongfully convicted of murder is finally working for you this morning. there was so much evidence. he is an amazing man. i am sure he must get a boatload of people who say they are incident. dave do so many things. greg: now he is out of jail and
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how do you make up for all that time? >> today is going to be a special day. we are celebrating hipsters. greg: the coolest neighborhood, arguably. we will have fashion throughout the show. maybe a cameo appearance. rosanna: i like that. it is good. williamsburg. some very nice restaurants. remember when we have that woman -- remember for sure mark you know, usually your memory is right on. greg: remind you again. hang in there, everybody.
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rosanna: you both look like you could go to the country club together. mike: he likes taking it back that far. rosanna: are you dressing up today? mike: let's get you up and running and out the door. not a big deal. that he was not only hot, but a little humid out there, too. that was a record high temperature for the day. seventy-eight out at laguardia. seventy-three in my slip. all of those were records. we did get a few sprinkles. now we have rain for at least some of us. it is 57 in central park.
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fifty-two bridgeport. temperatures have come down in most places. some showers have been crossing the area. your temperatures down three-10 degrees from what we had yesterday at the same time. the rain looks pretty impressive. it does not hang out for long. within the next hour we will see drier skies. the cultural works its way through. it changes things up as far as temperatures cool. this weekend we have that whole spring forward doing going on. your sunset time is out 558 for you today. by sunday, it goes all the way to 7:00 o'clock.
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our not so distant future. let's bring in mind as into what is going on. we have had a few problems out there. ines: a few issues. rockland county. an accident by exit six slowing everyone down. that is heading westbound blocking a lane. new jersey's. you have a lane closed with an oxidant. the lat. moving fine westbound. as for the bqe, this is the second stall this morning. slowing things down headed towards the long island expressway. then we have the investigation. the rest of the trains are running on a close.
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what about this strike. nj transit, looks like it might have been. rosanna: they really are trying to work this out. yesterday they thought they had a deal. it did not work out. maybe they can strike a deal. >> reporter: we talked to commuters here. they said they would try a little harder and get this done. so many people that are going to be impacted by this. an and he said that would be catastrophic for daily commuters. >> new jersey transit refuses to acknowledge these recommendations. >> reporter: a tense situation. talks between representatives and the union coalition have
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a divide about as massive. >> i hope that when i heard from the new jersey transit negotiations, the tone and tenor was positive and we would move in the right direction. obviously, that is not the case. >> reporter: bob menendez showed up to help, but even that did very little. workers being stripped of their benefits if they walk off the the agency says that notice is in accordance with federal law. >> their desire and our desire is all the same. >> the main sticking point,
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both sides continuing to work today. slowly preparing for a short down. they shut down that would affect over 100,000 daily riders come monday morning. 40% of its commuters. >> i think every effort will be made to not be doing this on saturday night. we cannot guarantee anything. the desire is not to do that. >> also on standby. afternoon. everyone says, at the end of the day, it is a union and agencies that actually need to do the hard work. that is the latest. back to both of you. greg: thanks a lot. back to both of you.
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rosanna: you are reading it now and between the show? greg: full-size are happy. all right. more on that. we have this on long island. the suspect stole the car and crashed a police car. rosanna: the man was handcuffed in custody. somehow made it into the front seat of the car. the suspect took off just after 11:00 o'clock last night. troopers chased him. he struck several parked cars along babylon road. he was again taken into custody. greg: there was a big debate
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2016. rosanna: a bone to pick two. they said that it was going to start it 8:30 p.m. then it was at 8:55 p.m. it was a date and switch. greg: did you watch the tv or did you turn it off? rosanna: you give me a hard time for reading the book during the show. greg: this was a different five last night. >> it was definitely different yesterday. not so confrontational. the republican front runner
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>> i would say this. >> reporter: there was not much name-calling. there is tremendous hatred. >> the president cannot just say anything they want. they have consequences here and around the world. >> you have to understand the nature of the threats we are facing and how you do with them. >> reporter: tromp was also
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>> we have some protesters father had to spirit they are really dangerous. they get in there and they start hitting people. we need to nominate and elect a president that remembers he works for the people. i was the best to be commander in chief. working with carson specifically.
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check this out. somebody got punched hard at a donald trump rolle. the guy with the cowboy hat hits them right in the face. greg: several videos show that wrote chester giving the middle finger at the rally on wednesday before ultimately being sucker punched. >> yes. he deserved it. greg: wait a second. didn't they arrest this guy?
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the protester. greg: there has been more slashings in the city. the most recent saying happened. police say this appeared to be a dispute between people who were drinking. this happened yesterday morning. walking on beverly wrote. they were found at the scene. the woman's injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. two joggers in prospect park wednesday night.
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jewish man in crown heights in early february. charged with attempted murder as a hate crime in that attack. >> we all saw it on tape. a big pipe that carries jet blue jet fuel exploded. rosanna: linden boulevard last night. about 2 barrels of gasoline.
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in the meantime. >> do we have the williamsburg shot up and running? i do think you need some facial hair, a cup of coffee. smoking a cigarette. >> the jeans were too baggy. >> you have to have tight jeans on. rosanna: i want you to get on board. mike: i am ready for it. all right.
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on. highs up to 62. we have some pretty decent temperatures out there for sure. 57 degrees. two-point sitting at 50. we have seen some showers early this morning. sitting at 37 degrees. dropping into the tri-state region. it will not get called by any means. a real strong one. it has enough cool air with it. today it looks like we talked about in the lower 60s. the showers to get out here
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clear skies as we head into the afternoon and evening. high pressure is in control. today, a few morning rain showers. about 15 degrees from what we had yesterday. same thing for you on sunday. fifty-one on monday. they wash out, put some showers. they are out there, too. car fires slowing everyone down
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let's go to our cameras. as for the george washington bridge, 30 on the lower. the holland tunnel 10-15. jimmy. eighth and ninth avenues. it is on the scene of a fire in the building. that fire has been distinguished. that fire is out. they they're wrapping up all of their equipment. that is the eighth avenue. you see the traffic is not that that.
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rosanna: hipster. hats, hoodies, facial hair. >> he is definitely cool. >> crowned him on that. >> i think that that was a real one. >> girl hipsters. >> that is easy. a new outfit. the definitive word. greg: going upstate right now. a bizarre case. two young girls kidnapped about a year ago have been discovered safe and sound.
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her sister 16 on the right. they returned to their foster families home after school. acting on it to have. they found the girl inside the home in new york. prosecutors say, she committed numerous acts to prevent law enforcement to finding the girls. police are not discussing a motive or the tip that led to finding these girls. >> almost a year later, they are back. the wounded were your charity. a series of reports that raise questions about how that charity was being ran. the author rating officer has opened fire by the tours. >> current and former employees describe the organization as
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retrieved in first class airfare. not programs to actually help the wounded soldiers. overhead cost of just 10-15%. former first lady. former president ronnie reagan. she lay in repose. today, the funeral will be attended by relatives of every president dated back to jfk. we will be there. apparently, nancy, before she died late out every detail of her funeral.
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casket will be next to her husband. very, very close. >> seemed like a great lady. the new prime minister justin trudeau. who is the son of the great peer. >> it is the first visit by canadian prime minister in nearly 20 years. is that possible? >> they were just too busy to come visit one another. >> anybody who was canadian. >> by the way, people are crazy. look at how handsome he is. his wife is beautiful.
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>> the intrepid museum. greg: really cool. rosanna: where is the press enterprise? the concorde is on the other side. greg: the space shuttle that
7:31 am
can see it. rosanna: you did not use that the hay, i am great telly, -- greg: here is a little traffic to remember me by. rosanna: it is friday. justin trudeau. rosanna: he and his wife will make a very spam the pair. greg: it is the power.
7:32 am
the aphrodisiac. >> may be that access. his father was also prime minister of canada. his glamorous wife margaret. do they have an open marriage or something? greg: go back to that justin god that rosanna like so much. how much of it is his job and how much of it is his looks? >> that is not barbara walters.
7:33 am
they look kind of cool. mike: a very handsome looking couple. good morning. have a great weekend here. we have to get the rain out of town. looks like the rain is heading out of town. a cloudy skies. mild temperatures. it is about 15 degrees cooler than what it was yesterday. altogether, this is still not bad for this time of year. it may start off on the sunny side. you will see a mostly cloudy skies by the end of the day. sixty-three is the hype. the advertised. does not look like we are
7:34 am
starting off with 57 degrees. sixty-three this afternoon. rain chances come through monday into tuesday. good morning, ines. >> this is the northbound side of 95. we had a car fire earlier. it is causing rubbernecking the l.i.e. doing fine. let's go to our cameras and take a look at the staten island expressway. heading towards a verrazano. just normal delays. westbound side, you are fine. everything is back to normal. mass transit running on a close. greg and rosanna.
7:35 am
thank you very much. another man that was totally innocent, but spent 25 years in prison. greg: convicted of the murder. her body was found through to leave beaten back in 1991. after a review of his case, the innocence project found that mister williams initially identified another man as the killer. never disclosed to the lawyer. [inaudible]
7:36 am
members. mr. thompson is here with us this morning. i am sure that you must get so many people who say that aaron jail for the wrong reasons. how do you determine who is really telling the truth? >> 10 full-time prosecutors. you are right. everyone says that they're wrongfully convicted. sadly, there are innocent people who are in prison. we have to look at the case and investigate it thoroughly. make it the decision. >> do think that this is a problem throughout the country? >> no. we are leaving the country.
7:37 am
country. >> it is actually, in a way, easier for you. leaders in the criminal justice system. murder that they did not commit. >> it is an amazing place. everyone is so dedicated to giving them out of jail. it was physical evidence that i read about. if anybody knows anything, the guy could not have physically done it. >> prosecutors back then.
7:38 am
walk. this man could not do that, physically. >> we love to see innocent people go free. what about guilty people going to jail? public urination, jumping a turnstile. we have had some noise on the city council. consider them not severe. >> eventually growing into something more significant. what do you think? >> there was a new initiative.
7:39 am
the sidewalk. i do not think that everyday new yorkers should have to fix a warrant. what i am doing in brooklyn is i am dealing with open warrants. >> if somebody has an open warrant for walking their dog without a leash, i have never done that, but, you know, it sounds enticing. do we approach your office or do we wait for a phone call? >> they should contact the police department. that warrant will pop up. we have over a million of these warrants for people here in new york city.
7:40 am
i have the third largest ea office in the country. >> we have a high conviction. it is more than 70%. it is high. we cannot judge the das office based on the conviction rate. >> talk about safety. is / of stabbings. two guys behind two or three / angst. what is going on in brooklyn? >> it is not just brooklyn. it is all over the city.
7:41 am
commit any of these kinds of crimes. being more careful when people approach you. >> this recent sloshing rampage going on how to do because there are left guns on the street. >> that is a good thing. >> we have been able to stop guns from hitting the streets in the last few years. >> we are seeing that this year. we only have so much time.
7:42 am
case was handled? treated unfairly because of this race. >> and innocent man. he testified in his defense. the guns just go off. we called the witness. the guns that police officers have for specific a modified. greg: they believe he was treated unfairly. >> i disagree with them. other white officers.
7:43 am
prosecuted. >> the black and latino officers. this was a fair prosecution. >> last question. are you interested in running for mayor? pretty popular in brooklyn. mayor deblasio is up in two years. >> i am interested in serving the people of brooklyn. >> you are ruling that out? rosanna: greg is looking at you. >> i am looking greg right in the eyes. >> you love some point. maybe not years from now.
7:44 am
she served the city for 21 years.
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>> let's get to your weather headlines for the day. lots of sunshine tomorrow. as we head into the work week here, we have temperatures in the tri-state once again. we are certainly getting a break. fifty-seven is your current temperature. there is the rain and clouds coming in the tri-state. maybe a few more sprinkles. that is it. our highs come down a decent amount in the next couple of days. they have 31 trails open.
7:48 am
out there. more sun in the afternoon there will we have in the morning. more rain chances coming through on monday and tuesday. download it free today, you are all set to go. happy birthday to you. northbound southbound. expect delays.
7:49 am
normal delays. there's a there is a stall inside one of the tubes. you have to laze on the upper level. let's take a look at the southern state are quaint. eastbound side, you are fine. driving into the city. normal delays on the upper level. forty-five-50. holland tunnel 20 from each approach. greg: friday, it you are usually off. >> yes. i work sunday through thursday. garden. >> big east tournament order finals.
7:50 am
creighton down by three. we have a tied game at 66. less than a minute left. he had a career fast 27 points. no good. going on to win. marquette is no match for them. they go on to win. hours earlier at noon, the action kicked it off.
7:51 am
here in the second half. eighty-one-67. an impressive 38 points. i have a top five pick. 6:30 p.m. the winners had tomorrow afternoon. helping bad defense. three-point ryan fitzpatrick. the new europe post jeff bolling.
7:52 am
really not offering much money. the jets did go 10-six last year. i am not sure you get to the playoffs. i am not sure how deep he can take it. multiple reports placing the jets interested in colin capper neck. rosanna: very nice. thank you. good to see you on a friday. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. when you're told you have cancer start with a specialist. start with a team of experts
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new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating. greg: i think that there aren't some good movies out this weekend. greg: it does not happen as much as it used to. rosanna: revel wilson. this action comedy script. a top spy. it is getting mixed reviews online. reviews.
7:56 am
we had one of the stars on this week. two men getting into a car accident. >> what else? >> a chemical act. a romantic comedy. celebrating all things latino. >> the brooklyn nets will dance. the very good song. >> the national anselm will be performed by our friends. greg: a cast member of hamilton.
7:57 am
very cool guy. greg: break a leg, anthony. say hi to your mom. we will be right back. >> he will be president someday. i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that'
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rosanna: friday. making the world a better place. greg: rosanna, she is on drugs. the weather is better. it is a pleasure. >> it will still be very nice. spring has sprung on march 11. >> they worked out a deal. some sort of arrangement. >> we hope so. responsible for another random slashing. that is not the problem they are looking for. he has already been arrested for other slashings in prospect
8:01 am
>> do they have a flint michigan problem on their hands? >> they have known about the problem for two years. >> last night's presidential debate on the republican side. there is donald trump. they looked very presidential nobody really gave him too much of a hard time. this is not the right time to be mister mr. nice guy if you want to stop donald trump. >> you have a really good idea. williamsburg for oakland.
8:02 am
neighborhoods in town. >> people want to know, why are we fascinated with hipsters. it is not like it is a derogatory thing. greg: that is a lot of people. >> you see those pants. that is cool. rosanna: somebody who has been in williamsburg for quite some time. greg: i am vaguely uncomfortable . rosanna: we're going to have some fun. we will be dressing as hipsters. greg: mike. what's up?
8:03 am
shopping yesterday. rosanna: are you bringing me something to put on? mike: i think so. here is what we have out there. high temperature measured up to 81 degrees for you and newark. park. laguardia made it up to 78. it was borderline hot for this time of year. we have a milder morning this morning. 58 degrees out at central park. fifty-two in williamsport. your temperatures drop off a lot. showers are moving through.
8:04 am
cooler temperatures coming along with it. high temperature makes it up to about 63 later this afternoon. same thing for you on sunday. rain chances come back on monday. the commute this morning, well, we have a rough spot. traveling on 95. the new england freeway. also some leftover rubbernecking delays there. let's go to our cameras and take a look at the northern state cameras. you can see that it slows down. an accident in the area.
8:05 am
trains running on or close. >> thank you so much, i nets. wondering what will happen in next few days. >> looking at a strike. still time to reach an arrangement. >> good morning. this is what everybody is talking about. what will happen today. yesterday, they were making progress when things were going well, until they weren't. >> refusing to act out which these recommendations. >> reporter: a tense situation. the third busiest commuter railroad. a divide about as massive as the inconvenience a job action was
8:06 am
approaches without a deal. >> read and heard from the new jersey transit negotiations. the tone and tenure was positive. obviously, that was not the case. new jersey's senior senator bob menendez showed up to help. telling workers they would be stripped of their benefits if they walked off their jobs. thursday started out so well. >> it is the same. that is to reach people across the table. between the rail coalition and new jersey transit. >> reporter: healthcare costs. new jersey transit will also slowly start preparing for a
8:07 am
affecting over 100,000 daily riders come monday morning. only accommodating 40% of its commuters. >> i think every effort will be made to not be doing this on saturday night. >> federal mediators are also on standby. today, negotiations resumed at 10:00 a.m. >> thank you very much. a major drug bust in the bronx. they may be connected to 22 shootings in the west bronx.
8:08 am
charged in a indictment. you can see all the loot and drugs that they were covered during that raid. donald trump on the debate stage last night. >> they were very similar. liz, what do you think? >> not so many personal jabs. i thought that it was a little bit more important. everyone is starting to make their decisions now. case kasich kind of stayed on the sidelines. rubio and crews did press trump on his policy. trying to look a little bit more presidential.
8:09 am
we will come up with some issues. so far i cannot believe how simple it has been up here. there was not much name-calling. did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i met a lot of them. >> reporter: rubio and crews pounced. >> the president cannot just say anything they want. how you deal with it. >> we have some protesters that are bad dudes.
8:10 am
they are swinging. they are really dangerous. >> reporter: the best candidate for eight two-man race against trump. that is the frustration that is boiling over. we need to nominate and elect a president that remembers he works for the people. >> reporter: next weeks super tuesday. >> 55% of the foreign-policy experts in this country said i was the best to be commander-in-chief. >> reporter: ben carson expected to endorse donald trump. he did say he will work closely with carson to work on education reform. down in florida did. greg: last night was a good debate. i think the fox news debate was a great debate. check it out.
8:11 am
there is chris. sometimes we just look at him as a guy that comes to our show on friday. rosanna: i never looked at him like just a guy. greg: he is an incredible journalist. >> $10 trillion to the nations that for 10 years. even if the economy grows the way you say a well. >> correct. the department of education. >> we are getting rid of common core. >> the total budget is set.
8:12 am
>> congratulations. an amazing job last week. >> well, thank you. i think especially -- i think trump especially throws around numbers. i thought, let's try to fax check them in real time. i had half of that. one of my producers. what if she does not mention any of those four? >> i said that we are screwed. let's move on to the next candidate. rosanna: did i miss to more? >> i will tell you, my son works
8:13 am
sending my favorite e-mail that night. [laughter] rosanna: that is great. he will not spend nearly as much money. everybody is saying, you know what, it does ... i will make it work. who knows. maybe he is onto something. >> attitude and persona then it is about policy. he is a businessman. he knows how to balance. you know, his numbers do not add up. i do not think people care about it. people used to coming out with this plan.
8:14 am
guy that will make it work. rosanna: okay. nancy reagan died over the weekend. i was watching cable news. white house correspondent for another network. amazing stuff. tell us about her. what was she like? >> a few things about her. people that she liked him people that she did not like. you can switch back and forth. you could not have been nicer. you were the only person in the room. this is how she adored her husband. better antenna for people that
8:15 am
opposed to their own. a real impact on the policy. i think that there is no question he was pushed in the second term. pushing them to dance around the cold war rhetoric and make some deals. she loved her husband. she loved her country. i mourn her passing greatly. sunday we will be talking to basically all the top candidates. by the day is done, we will have all of them on sunday. rosanna: have a good weekend, chris. >> by, guys. rosanna: by. let's talk about newark and that water problem. the teachers unions say that
8:16 am
problems two years ago. greg: could this problem have gone back that up fark? it advises administrators to flush water fountains use by students for at least 30 seconds to protect against lead. all of this as school officials tried to decontaminate water and 30 schools. >> a contamination issue three years ago, if not longer. >> ensuring the health and well-being of our students. have and will continue to be our primary driver. greg: did you get all that?
8:17 am
going on? mike: the rain is getting out of town. we will have a good-looking weekend. sunny and mild. more clouds coming into the area on sunday. that is some good news there. we have 58 degrees out at central park. fifty-one in bridgeport. 45 degrees at monticello. right around 33 degrees. we are well above that. when this kind of variable. it looks like the showers have moved on. they are well out to sea. you have a clear sky and the cooler air up to the north will
8:18 am
time. do not forget this weekend we change the clocks forward. rain chances back in the area in the next workweek. it will do some good big things for you. cecelia is turning a year all. her family loves her so much. happy birth day. >> all right. problems with this weather. everyone is trying to avoid that. 684 southbound. one lane blocked with a crash. the expressway is doing great. things are doing fine.
8:19 am
bridge, driving into the city, 30 on the lower. lincoln tunnel, at least in our delay. >> okay. giving some of our staff extra makeovers. greg: i wrote the book on cool. i wrote the book on hip. rosanna: i think that you need a little help. greg: lew leone is always professional is tired. we are giving him a makeover. rosanna: what are we doing? greg: you will be the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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this morning. e 5 it is a mess. rosanna: it can be a mess. let's get down to business. fox means business. how about saving that money and forking over $50. watching it from the comfort of your own house. it can happen. the founder of napster, he is funding the start up called the screening room. every time a new movie comes out, for $50, you can watch that movie for the comfort of your
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there are some issues with this. they have to get hollywood on board. they could fork over half of what you are paying to the studio just to say, okay, we are on to this. his technology will prevent people from copying the movies. >> you do not have to spend a lot of honey on candy and popcorn. >> are those movie theaters going to go along with it. >> that is the problem. justin timberlake played him in the movie. justin timberlake. you like that dude. >> the social network.
8:25 am
napster guy. >> apple sent out invitations. a big product launch. >> let's loop you in. >> what is this? i cannot see anything. >> possibly a new ipad or up date to the apple watch. nobody really knows. >> iphone seven, i guess. >> the big event is march 21. stay tuned. you and i both did not get an invitation. what else do we have going on here? >> he had that. tricycle. if you can afford it, you are
8:26 am
rosanna: also, a session online.
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greg: happy friday, everybody. rosanna: you know what that means. greg: this song, 8:30 every friday. we have been doing 37 years. rosanna: what, 37 years? greg: well, for a while. we try to pull it off. rosanna: every friday at 8:30 we celebrate native yorkers and those inspiring to be one, like in williamsberg. you can't tell. greg: half the city coming from some place else.
8:30 am
iowa, india, everywhere. in a little while we are focussed on one subset of the population and they don't like to be called it, hipsters. it is not hip to say hips. rosanna: we say it with love. i feel i can say it, my daughter lives in williamsberg. facial hair, messenger bag, sunglasses when you don't need it. >> greg: you know it when you see it. rosanna: a cup of coffee, walking, talking, message ing. a backpack. greg: that is steve lacy from the 10:00 news. where is anna gilligan. that guy married anna gilligan
8:31 am
rosanna: you barely kept your mouth shut. in williamsberg they really use the citi bikes. they are out in force. coming up, we turn greg and like and lew into hipsters. mike: are you doing? rosanna: yes, i embrace it. greg: good morning, i hope you have good plans for the weekend. maybe working, hopefully not. what else? disease. 'tiz is season and it is worth than we are talking about. we are trying to get everyone up to speed on this. mike woods, what is going on with you? mike: the rain is closing, we go into the weekend and drying out range. weather. the bulletin headlines the
8:32 am
temps are warm for this time of the year. not compared to the past couple of days. anyhow, it is a great start to the weekend with more sunshine for you saturday, but more clouds on sunday. then wet cooler wet coming into the workweek. it could be a rainy day monday thing setting up for us. get out and enjoy it. we have 58 degrees central park. 56 poughkeepsie. 45 monticello. with a lot of clouds still in with a lot of clouds still in the area. the temps have come down in the past 24 hours. we have cooled off. it is 6 degrees cooler out at central park. the showers made the pass by. now we are looking at the clouds breaking up the tristate region and high pressure is building in from the north. canadian cooler air is taking over. not cool for this time of the
8:33 am
the futurecast is saying we have tomorrow. a t lo f o sunshine coming up for you. on sunday the clouds are coming back. today sunny and high of 63 degrees for you. a high of 62 for you tomorrow. same thing on sunday. the clouds are coming back and tuesday and thursday. by the way, we have a birthday shout out to this guy, alex is turning ten years old. happy birthday to you pal. now to ines. ines: i love it. good morning. happy birthday, alex. potholes around.
8:34 am
deegan by yankees stadium. now to long island. here is the l.i.e. by south oyster bay road. there is a crash in the southbound lanes. george washington bridge, traffic lightedened up there. upper level 5-10. same with the lower level. headed to the lincoln tunnel 495 that is backed up 45-60 minutes. the bus lanes are slow. holland tunnel 20. trains are running on or close. street cleaning rules in effect. >> greg: here we go, more slashes in this city. another rash. rosanna: it is random, by the way. greg: the police are looking for a slasher. prospect park. there is a man in custody for those attacks. rosanna: kerry drew has more this morning.
8:35 am
kerry: good morning to you, there are four slashings and stabbings in brooklyn in the past 48 hours. the most recent this morning. we have more details coming up. first, we want to let you know what happened yesterday morning around 10:00 a.m., here at the intersection of bevly road and rugby road. we have surveillance video to show you. in it, the suspects are running from the scene. the victim of this 53-year-old woman approached from behind. the police say she was slashed in the neck. the injuries are not considered to be life threatening. some items were recovered at the scene, including a knife and bandanna. meanwhile, a man is in custody for the stabbings of two joggers that happened in prospect park on wednesday night.
8:36 am
in crown heights last night. he's homeless. he lives in a shelter on the upper west side. >> we didn't him on the radar prior to this. if you look at the criminal history, it is not much and he lives in a shelter on the upper west side of manhattan and when we dig deeper, his sister lives nearby the stabbing. >> new this morning, another slashing to tell you about, this on kings highway, police say a hispanic man in his 30s were slashed after a dispute. all the incidents the latest in a pattern of the slashes and stabbings across the city.
8:37 am
attacks, 753 blade attacks recorded this year, that is a 20% increase over the same time period last year. if you have any information about this morning's slashing or yesterday, the police would like to hear from you. call 1-800-577-tips. we are live in the ditmas area this morning. >> you don't see a lot of picket fences in the city. that is a nice area. are you in front of someone's house? >> yes, bifr beverly road. this is disturbing. >> kerry, thank you. we are talking lyme disease on "good day new york." you know, if you know anybody suffering from lyme disease, you know so many additional health
8:38 am
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gleg greg look at the cool places to eat and drink. rosanna: this is in williamsberg? >> greg: yes. rosanna: they have great galleries on the side streets, you know, you are surprised walking around williamsberg. greg: it is hot. guess what, the prices are going up. rosanna: yes. city prices for sure. greg: my understanding is that lyme disease is not such a great in the city as in the suburbs. rosanna: well, it is a problem, we are approaching tick season, when the temperature over 35 degrees, the ticks come out and we have to know more about lyme disease. >> greg: we have an expert with ughs, a yale trained physician and specialized in infections, a transfer of disease from animals to people and lyme disease is
8:42 am
welcome to "good day new york." >> thanks for having me. rosanna: how big a problem in our area? >> it is prif lent in westchester and long island and connecticut and other parts of the world, there are hot spots of lyme disease, it is not just in the u.s. i have had patients from 20 different countries and patients. for example, i was asked to give a talk in oslo last year. rosanna: how many people do you treat? >> over the years, i have been in practice 20 years and close to 20,000 patients. greg: one is your father? >> yes. rosanna: part of the
8:43 am
condition, right? >> right. rosanna: some controversy among the lyme disease community, is it a chronic disease, do you call it lyme disease or post traumatic lyme disease. >> post treatment. rosanna: what do you call it, explain that. >> so, you know, lyme in the earliest of the stages, in the rash stage it is associated with a high failure rate. the doctor says to them, you know what, in the studies there is a minimum 20% of the people develop the chronic symptoms, you are going to be fine. after that month, what do you do then.
8:44 am
one says in a nutshell their position seems to be that lyme is relatively easy to diagnoses and you need a full positive blood test and if you fail the treatment you are diagnosed with post treatment lime disease syndrome and the critics are saying that is that, they are the same symptoms after lyme is resolved with the antibiotics and the lyme bacteria are hard to grow from the people. if you live the animal lyme and you didn't treat them and isolate the bacteria that causes the lyme, you can do it. the value of the animal studies and treating the animals up to three months, they are not eradicating it. rosanna: so it is taking how long to treat lyme disease?
8:45 am
some people get over and others do not. the take home message, you can't cook book the treatments and saying that everybody is getting better in a month and 20% plus that don't, have a mysterious have a syndrome, by the way, it is the same symptoms as the disease. it is not making sense to anyone. >> rosanna: we had talia, a famous singer and she has lyme, she was bedridden. others saying it made them psychotic. nobody understands that the lyme disease caused other problems. >> i think that like i said there are certain factions of
8:46 am
to oversimplify lyme. i'm not saying lyme causes everything in the world, it is triflalized. >> by the doctors? >> many doctors unfortunately. i'm speaking from personal opinion. the side of science is on medical society that believes that the persistent symptoms are elated to to infections. greg: how do you find a thought? >> it is a rapidly growing specialty organization, ilads.
8:47 am
alive from humans, not just animals, from humans after months and years of antibiotics. the longest record in the united states is a case where they found it alive from joint tissue from years of antibiotics. and now it is proven they can't kill lyme in a test tube. how can people deny that it is hard to get rid of it when we can't kit it in a test lube. rosanna: the problem is the insurance, because they are not saying it is a chronic disease. >> in some parts it is a problem, in connecticut and new england states there are actually laws passed which protect lyme patients' rights
8:48 am
cover the treatments. that is the case. i testified in connecticut, rhode island, vermont and the laws are passed easily. they send in me and a representative. a lot of the data documents was written by the idsa doctors. the data is there and they wrote it. how can you say it doesn't exist then they wrote it. >> you have a great bedside manner and how do they find you? >> i'm in the book. i'm in connecticut. i don't need the business. i appreciate that. i'm swamped and booked out middle of the summer, i need another doctor to help. if you want to put that on the camera.
8:49 am
>> infection specialists? >> yes. i am willing to train the right person.i need smart, nice. rosanna: a question, what spray do you suggest? >> i wish deet worked better than it did. national insecticide works better. you can't spray it on the skin. you have to spray it on the clothing and leave it overnight. the hunters use it. the deet doesn't make shem them jump off. greg: i hope you find a partner. there. >> thank you for having me. thank you so much. rosanna: so many questions that we have.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
8:53 am
>> hello. may rye ya carey maybe getting a reality show. rosanna: she's shooting residency at caesar palace and the tour coming up in the spring. >> good for you. >> billy crystal giving back to long beach. we moved out of the office of 23 years and auctioning off the stuff that will help his community. >> this is a proto type of the poster and signing everything to raise money for my hometown of long beach, long island. for though of you following me, there are great personal things
8:54 am
rosanna: 80 items for sale on ebay. >> greg: billy attended nassau community college. rosanna: we are getting hipstered out. greg: hipster fashions are coming to "good day." everyone is doing it, including us. let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
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hurry, this offer ends soon. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. >> all right. we are here in downtown williamsberg. what'd you think? greg: appropriate music. they say it is a cool place to be and we agree. rosanna: there is a certain energy in williamsberg that is very fun. greg: a certain vibe? rosanna: yes. greg: actually -- rosanna: bicycles included. greg: french stuff, canada, neighbors to the north, guess


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