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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 28, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> the easter egg roll. this is a live look at the white house a day after easter. yes, today is the day of theester roll. the president will be there. that is the south lawn of the white house. kids and families and friends. >> very subtle and no one is running and grabbing things. don't you think? it is not like what happened at the pez familiar tri where the people went wild and jumped the gun. this is orderly.
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they have chocolate bunnies hidden. rosanna: did you ever do that. correspondent. >> yes, i worked at the white every day. i went to a 4th of july party. it was hot. very hot. rosanna: not in a good sense but weather wise. >> again, the balcony, the president came out and waved. rosanna: just now? >> no, that is what we got. rosanna: the president is there today and the first lady. greg: rosanna, you are back from two days off? rosanna: yes, lovely. spent time with the family and learned meditation. by the way, we did a group meditation one day. that was nice. we all meditated. >> it was a bonding experience?
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>> we'll thank the staff there. we are giving it a true. mike woods on vacation, rosanna, while you were gone we almost ran over about a dozen and a half people. look at this. rosanna: where'd you get the car from? greg: greg: nissan. rosanna: lady, run for your life. what are you doing driving that on the sidewalk? greg: why not. rosanna: you are not allowing to do that. greg: come on. rosanna: people get hurt when you are around. greg: no one was harmed. rosanna: it looks like a clown car. kerry has no idea. greg: we came close. mike woods is able to fit in that thing. it was a lot of fun. we thank the folks. rosanna: can you buy that?
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the doors open up vertically. it is cool. rosanna: talk about on "good day" earlier, two of the former executives of the wounded warrior project. greg: do you remember this? we have seen the commercials for the wounded warrior project and we are hoping they are doing great work, but the questions are raised about money and how much is going to the wounded warriors. cbs news and new york times in january a series of scathing reports saying not enough money is going to veterans, rosanna: meantime, the people on the board is saying it is not true. 80% is going to the vets. greg: well, the story was very, very powerful. here is sample of it. >> they are using our injuries and dabbingest days and
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can have the big parties, let's get a mexican band in there. let's get it catered. have a big old party. i will be dammed. if you are taking the hardworking money and drink it and waste it. >> former employees are saying that the spend something skyrocketed since the ceo took overpointing to a meeting in colorado springs as typical of his style. he repelled down the side of the building. >> to make a grand entrance? >> yes, he's coming in on a segway or a horse. >> 500 staff members attended and the price tag $3 million. >> donors want you to have that bar tend and fly the staff members to the five star resort
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>> after that, the ceo and chief operating officer were fired. they have been speaking out selectively going on fox news channel and came on "good day new york" this morning. >> they wanted to set the record straight. some of the numbers used in the cbs reports were not true. 80% of the money raised went to vets and they were critical programs taking care of these wounded vets. the other thing was they said that they felt they were scapegoats. >> i would have to say when you look back on the decision making and the impact that we have made, we have life saving changing programs and every year we have life saving programs and yes i believe at the end of the day, the media intensity so
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though we were doing an incredible job. >> we spent 10-15 minutes with them. find it online. >> yes, go to and watch the whole thing. i thought they were candid. we asked the tough questions. >> there are a lot of layers to this story. 80%, well, a firm saying they spent 80% but there are still questions how much money going to troops. they used direct mail and fund raising costs. in terms of charities, 80% is not a gold standard. you are looking for 90%. a lot of questions are raised about this group. see the whole interview now fired steve and al. ooze ooze yes, go to
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>> kiss, the rock band, legends, right, ace freely spent a good portion of his life with kiss. there he is. the spaceman. one of the greatest guitarists in the world joining us in a couple of minutes. he's got a new solo project. >> yes, he is does. we are talking about e prescriptions, okay, i'm fascinated about this. because we all went to the doctor, we all get a scratchy script and take it to the pharmacists and waiting to get your prescription, that is now yesterday. >> it is actually the law of new york state no more of the lines, and email is sent by the doctor directly to the pharmacist. it is the law of new york state. i can live with it. >> it is called paperless prescribes prescribing prescribing.
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the opiate epidemic going on in the country. drug addicts stealing prescription scripts and going to various pharmacies in the neighborhood and you know filling the prescription. this is going to really keep an eye on that kind of stuff. >> i am also thrilled i found out why the platform is elevated. the druggist is looking down on you. for discretion. they don't want you seeing the prescription. somebody can look over -- hand it over. if you hold it up. >> oh, look at you, oh, you need a lot of medication. >> i do.
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i think if you are go into a modern pharmacy now, there are security features there. they are not elevated. >> well, it is a classic. audrey audrey? >> that is a good question, greg. if you want to know the answer to the rain ending, this afternoon, folks. to the temperatures first, 46 in islip. 43 bridgeport. poughkeepsie in the 40s as well as central park. and 30s up to monticello at 36. area wide, we are seeing fog is in the issue too. reduced visibilities across parts of area, down to two miles or less. this gradually improves in the afternoon.
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be slowing you down. the winds are not an issue yet. these are picking up in speed later this afternoon too. there is a wind advisory issued by the national weather service. we are expecting gusts up to 50 miles per hour starting tonight and tomorrow. that is why we have the advisory in affect. it goes right through 6:00 tomorrow. again, gusts up to 50 miles per hour are expected with sustained winds 20-25 miles per hour. it is about the rainfall. it is coming across the area tristate area. it is filled in on the radar here. valleys. this is yellow and orange on the radar. long island it is raining. the rain is overspreading into connecticut. there is a batch coming out of eastern pennsylvania and crossing over shortly and this is moving out to new england and
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make its way through western and central pennsylvania and through the area by the afternoon hours. we are expecting to see the sun breaking through before setting this evening. there are patchy drizzle too. look at the futurecast, 2:00 the england. before the sunset a peek of the sunshine. op tuesday, plenty of sunshine across the area. no rain in the forecast for tomorrow. tomorrow we have the winds, gusting up to 50 miles per hour. tdz going to feel chilly. so for today, rain and drizzle for the first half of the day. the winds are increasing in the latter half of the day. tonight, partly cloudy, we helicopter to be windy and over night lows down to the 30s north and west. low 40s in the city.
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dryer and sunnier, but again windier. wind gusts blustery for tuesday. wednesday sunshine and temperatures in the mid 50s. at the end of the week, 60s and increases in chances of precipitation. not the washout like today. but enough to take the umbrella. good news, clearing out for the weekend. a mix of sun and clouds. greg, rosanna, over to you. >> thank you so much. >> everybody remembers when rhonda was pumelled in the ring by holly. holly beat rhonda so bad, it was disturbing.
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rosanna: choked her out. yes, there she is pumelling holly. tate is the current bantam weight champion. she's here on "good day new york" promoting mixed martial arts in new york. welcome to "good day". >> thank you. >> when did you go from cupcake to face puncher? >> i was a face puncher first and cupcake came along. >> you don't look like a fighter. >> well, thank you. >> the logic is you can beat up rhonda. >> well, i hope it is a match coming to fruition.
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bl. >> yeah. that is what is fascinating about the maa. it is going to be legalized here in new york. >> we are waiting for the governor to sign the legislation in new york, how long do you think it will take before you fight here? >> well, about four months that the mission has to assemble the rules and how it is governed in new york. >> you should fight holly here. reason, we have had mixed martial arts here, it is going to be big. holly, rhonda? >> i don't know, i have to be ready any time for anyone. >> you beat holly? >> yes.
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other people are traumatized whep they watch it, what should they know about the mixed martial arts? >> no victims are in the sport. we are signing up for it. we love it. we compete because we love it and we prepare ourselves. >> sheldon silverman going to jail and he was opposed to it. why are we the only hold outs in america, do you know? >> i don't know, maybe the origin of boxing and old school mentality. it is evolving quickly. >> i'm looking to see if you have scratches, bruises, breaks. >> i'm good. >> you are a professional face puncher. >> yes.
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i heal quickly. i must be half bodily ver even or something. >> do they put you back together? >> it was broken enough that it is some what straight. you can feel it. do you feel the bumps in there? >> yes. >> let's look at the video one more time, tell us, well people are worried about the con constitutions in football, what type of gear do you have in this sport? >> we have four ounce gloves and a mouthpiece. >> no helmets? >> no. >> would the sport be helped or hurt if they wore a head gear? >> well, it is not effective. >> have you ever had a concussion?
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they happen fairly often. >> what type of childhood did you have growing up. you are a fighter. >> yeah, i was born with a strong mentality and strong female in this world and in this sport and i started wrestle in boys' team. i made it four years and much better and then found maa in college. this is a ten year journey. >> congratulations. >> so the future, what is going on? >> immediate future is enjoy this a little bit and enjoy the victory and the belt. >> first of all, can you pick that up. it is like a hundred pounds? >> yes. oom you have a dress on. how do you wear it? >> over the shoulder.
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it is better than a baby at the moment. >> mixed martial arts is illegal in new york. do you think it is going change? >> yes, the governor voiced opinion, and he needs to sign the paper saying it is legal and he's said he's going to do that. >> if you need to warm up before hitting holly or rhonda, greg. >> oh. that's great. >> do you spar ahead of time? >> yes. >> what do you pay them? >> an a little extra punches in the face. if lucky, i bake them cupcakes. >> thank you. >> all the best to you. >> thank you so much. >> coming up. >> the impractical jokers out of staten island. watch this. >> i am here and in the middle of a business meeting, how rude
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>> when you are going over the george washington bridge and you have a the back up from the cross bronx. you want to pull your hair out. >> the backup making history. would chris christie be on the verge of being the republican nominee if not for the traffic jam? >> i don't think they made a thing about it. >> well, it followed him around for a while. he was certainly the butt of jokes. >> yes jokes, brilliant guys, i call it a little originally candid camera and jerky boys are thrown in. take a look at this...
9:23 am
>> that is so funny. joey. he's always behind a lot of this stuff. he's got to be made the fool of. >> punk'd a little bit. these guys have taken the genere and run with it. they have a special vent in brooklyn. joe and james welcome back to "good day." >> happy easter. what'd you do? >> ate so much. >> uf moved to long island. what happened? >> i had a baby and had to get to the burbs. what is the deal? >> opening the amphitheater at coney island and we are the very first act to perform there. >> live? >> yes, a live show. >> a lot of stuff is taped though.
9:24 am
they were at radio city, greg. >> we tell stories from the lives and videos that we have filmed. >> the show is actually a brand new tour. it is a brand new show. >> have you seen the amphitheater? >> we are hired to work on it. >> what is it looking like? we have just seen pictures of it. >> it is like jones beach but better. >> interesting. that is looking cool by the way. >> any suggestions for april fool's day. we like to have fun. >> the way we get them, we take the day off.
9:25 am
>> i ran for congress. legitimately, people wrote me in. i ran for congress for staten island. >> by the way, you might have won that election. >> might have. >> i sense you don't do it for the paycheck. >> it is the best job in the world. >> did you ever think in your life you were going to make a living doing this? >> no. >> i was saying a moment in radio city we brought up or families, and it turned to joe, this is the greatest moment in our lives. >> we are fortunate. >> what about the tickets for coney, are they on sale yet? >> we can get you some. >> we know what you are getting at. >> everyone else can buy them on friday.
9:26 am
>> in high school our freshmen year. >> when we were born, really. that was the prank. >> who'd you work first, the substitute teachers? >> mostly the teachers in the beginning. school. we had a common enemy, the teachers. >> were like the class clowns? >> you were. i was a pretty good student. >> he was a slacker? >> no, we were good boys. >> i have a feeling, candid camera, jerky boys, they influenced you growing up? >> yes, naked gun movies for sure. >> you came from very good families on staten island and what did you tell them you were going to do with your lives? >> i have an accounting degree.
9:27 am
what is happening here? >> this is sa new game. keep your hands on the car as long as you could. i pretend i lost my wedding ring ournd under the car. he pulls me off the car. >> he says get out of here. >> yes. >> is there ever a skit that would horribly run because? >> there are a couple of times, some people just were not in the mood. >> we did open heart surgery. >> one time we took a photo of a credit card, and she didn't respond well to that. >> did she punch you? >> she called 911. >> is the adrenaline pumping or nervous
9:28 am
>> we are legitimately nervous. that is the magic for us. there needs to be a stake. if people are recognizing us, we move them along. >> i am getting punished after this. >> can you tell us? >> we are good at punishing. she's into that. >> yes. >> see you live at coney island july 1st. so cool. >> tickets are going on sale when? >> this friday. >> thank you. >> impractical jokers.
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introducing oikos crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious crunchy toppings like chocolate and peanut butter chips. crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable. >> kiss. awesome performers and by the way a new york band. they are coming from new york, rosanna. that is what i liked about them and still out there. ace freely. founding member of kiss. o yes, into the rock and roll
9:32 am
>> he's no longer with kiss, but a great solo career. the newal boum callel origins volume one. new york". >> hi. >> you are still making music. >> back in the new york grove today. >> what inspires you these days when you write? >> i don't have a formula, it is coming from a number of things. sometimes the guitar or a hook or a melody line or a lyric i write. no formula. i have been having to so much fun. last year i travelled through europe and australia and new zealand. >> you are a native of the bronx? >> yes. >> where are you living these days? >> san diego.
9:33 am
>> well, my fie an see lyes there? >> you are not retiring? >> no. i have been busier in the past two years. >> ace, going back to how you started with kiss. how'd you come together. >> i auditioned with them on 23rd street in a loft. i had two different pairs of sneakers on. i put on one red and one orr range. i went in and played. >> who evaluated you? >> the other three guys. chris, paul and gene.
9:34 am
>> was the makeup part of the deal? >> we knew we wanted to be a theet at ri cal group. we developed the makeup. we came up alter egos. it just involved. >> tell me the life of a rock and roller. i mean, you know, there's got to be affects of all of the years on the road. regrets. but fun, right? >> yes. >> when i go to concerts boy they are loud and the hearing, my ears ring for days. how do you deal with that? >> i can't wear ear plugs.
9:35 am
i have some ear damage. >> so you have ear damage? >> yes. i am hearing you, right? >> a lot of people have it because of on the iphone all the time. kiss is still out there and what is happening with that. >> >> they have continued on. you know, for this album, it is special thing a happened. i called paul stanley and asked him to get involved in the song and redid a song. i am excited about that. >> that is on the new album? >> yes, i had guest stars.
9:36 am
performing in town, bb kings on april 11, '12, paramount on april 13th. >> yes. >> do you like being on the road? >> i am having more fun now. since i inducted in the hall of fame, it's been uphill rush. i'm riding the wave. >> good for you. i had a kiss lunchbox with you on it. >> i bet. >> what was in it, nails? pot? [laughter] just kidding. >> that was part of the equation back then. i'm working on my second book. >> more regrets you have out there? >> well, you know, i have been sober ten years on september 15th. and i don't really regret
9:37 am
i have made mistakes but i had to go through the falls and down sides, negative things just to go who i am today. today i'm in a great place. never felt better. >> awesome. origins volume out. we heard about the bb king performance. >> and the paramount. >> thank you. >> and the sandwiches were in there. >> all right. you never know. david barton is here. >> he's totally ripped. designer gyms back in the 80s
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you had to go through the tough times and learn from the mistakes. here he is in the early 60s. another ten years sober, boy oh boy, that is inspiration to the lot of people. >> i have to check out the book. you heard of greg pohler.
9:41 am
amy, the megasuper star comedian. well, he got a law degree and moved to sweden. and he became a star in sweden doing stand up comedy. he start add show welcome to sweden. funny, funny stuff. he lives in sweden. >> is he bringing it here? >> you can see it. some of the best shows are cancelled. you, me, her. that comes out on direct tv, tuesdays at 9:00. take a look. >> it is an about a show about a couple in a rut, they have been married for a while. the character strays outside of the marriage and hires an escort and immediately feels bad and
9:42 am
wife who then wants to meet the escort and unlocks a lesbian path and turns into a 3-way relationship. >> this is mandatory television. >> it is a family show. >> let's see a clip. >> hi, you are like a unicorn. >> okay. not what i was going for. but, we can keep going. >> you are the rare girl that looks better up close. >> that's nice. >> was it? >> yeah. >> you are nice. >> greg, you are falling in love with a prostitute. >> it is a husband trying to get the mojo back. >> chaos pursues?
9:43 am
>> where to see it? >> on direct tv. it is an at&t show. >> greg pohler. >> yes, we are siblings. >> close growing up? >> yes. that is sa lot of comedy in one family. >> yes, and my parents are not funny. >> how did that come about living in sweden? >> af swedish wife. that is the short story. >> wives usually follow the man and you followed the wife. >> someone has to follow the love. >> you were a lawyer initially right. >> yes.
9:44 am
working here in new york for 7 years before i made the plunge. >> made the plunge into comedy? >> no, into sweden. >> you meet her and fall in love and you go to sweden? >> yes. you? >> i started do stand up and i wrote the script for my previous show welcome to sweden. >> what is the stand up scene like in stockholm? >> swedes are not the most out wardly expressive people. you are never quite sure if you are doing well. they laugh on the inside. >> that has to be tough for a stand up? >> yes. i finish and i think it went horribly and they are saying it is the best.
9:45 am
america or the country is weird. >> there are a lot of american and sweden fish out of water. >> you are an immigrant? >> yes a foreigner. >> so you put together the show. here is greg and amy in welcome to sweden. why are you here? >> i have a speaking engagement and receiving an award, mother of the year. >> wow, congratulations. >> yeah. so i have to do q & a after with kids. i need to be stoned for that. can you get me some weed? >> sure. >> it is easy the sweden. >> it must be everything in this country. they are liberal. >> i assume they hand it out in the library. >> thank you so much. available on direct tv. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> that looks fun. he's a nice guy too.
9:46 am
and stayed there. barton. >> this guy started the designer slash night club gyms in the 90s. >> i remember going on madison avenue and it was so dark, i couldn't find the treadmill. it was fun.
9:47 am
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>> david barton. >> don't miss with david. check out the junes. >> you have heard op schwarzenegger and jack lalain. he's up there with the fitness. >> i used to do there. it was a lot of fun. >> thank you. >> huh row doing? >> i'm doing great. >> temple on 49th and 8th. just a lot of innovations to make the best gym i could do. >> wow, it is gorgeous, by the way. >> thank you. >> not clubby, but a lot of technology. >> i don't know ever clubby before. i have grown up. this is me as an older person. >> what is that thing? >> virtual reality spin room.
9:50 am
it is inside of a video game while spinning. >> that is sleek. >> it is a room devoted to butt and lower body. they magically transform your butt. >> can you really make somebody's butt a life changer? >> absolutely. there are machines that render the gluts from whatever state they are in to rock hard spears of muscular. >> rock hard? >> buns of steel. you want buns of steel. >> what'd they say? >> bones for for dogs. >> well, don't overdo it. how much does it cost? >> about $160 a month for the membership. >> that's not bad. >> we have 25 meter salt water pool. >> wow.
9:51 am
cool things that people are excited about. >> can you show us the life changing butt exercises. >> we have donna and tonya. if you can't make it to the gym, here are a couple of things do at home. women need to squat to develop the firm butt. >> how many? >> loads of squats. we'll start with a couple. what we are doing to do is hold the dumbbells like this. and when we are squatting down, push tight planting the balls of the feet in the ground and pushing outward, what the gluts do, they extend there but rotate the hip this way. push out, and feel the glut contracting. the name of the game is contracting the muscles and
9:52 am
contract the muscles. you have to push against and generate the force. >> i want to see the gym again. that movie screen is something to watch star wars on. >> that is cool. that is the spin room. >> where is temple again and why temple, why the name temple? >> well, the gym is my temple. the body is a temple. my son came up with a name. >> i like it. what about the nutrition. you are in good shape. unless you are eating the right thing? >> absolutely. we are assessing the metabolism. >> like what? >> to identify any kind of met botic disturbs and recommending how to eat.
9:53 am
>> tmpl. >> we'll see a few more going into break. >> dead lift. this is wonderful thing for the gluts. squeeze and push forward. reverse direction. this is actually the most direct attack on the gluts possible. >> impressive, the guns there. what is your routine. >> i work out every day. i do weights. >> i am good with the recovery day. >> yes, that is a favorite. >> i never miss that one. >> david, thank you.
9:54 am
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mmmm, yoplait. >> debra, looking good this morning and thank you for saying nice things about us on facebook. >> welcome back, rosanna. >> i had a staycation and i had time with the family. it was good.
9:57 am
we had a group meditation. >> mike woods travelling out there. be careful out there. he's safer than in the car on friday. it is a car from nissan. we are live on facebook. check us out. have a good day, new york. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we are a 100% fiber optic network... and fiber optics move at the speed of light. over the last 10 years, our cable competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more. including pc magazine's #1 for internet speed 10 years running. and jd power ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for
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." live from new york city, it's e"the wendy williams show"! >> with all due a row expect. have a seat. >> my girls have always turned out. >> announcer: now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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