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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. it's full frontal friday. >> okay! >> we are looking at mostly cloudy skies . i am on fumes today. >> i might not make sense. i might just be completely inappropriate. tomorrow will be a little bit stormy. maybe some snow. >> mike has a full forecast. >> the police commissioners calling it a sad day for the nypd after a corruption investigation leads to the transfer of four top officials.we'll have a live report. >> it's getting nasty! hillary clinton bernie sanders they were kind of saying some not so nice stuff yesterday. seems like the gloves were off. then they pulled back a little bit . after 15 isn't seasons, american idol comes to an end.
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for you.>> he is falling over because he is so happy . juliet: i am juliet huddy . ben: i am ben simmoneau and i note chance of winning that show. good morning to you, juliet. >> the snow is looking less likely. is there a chance of snow that even comes to you. it 61 in newark and so six. it's ahead of the rainfall
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it came out for many of us. if it makes a difference at what you top out at this time of year. 450 right now in central park and 41 in sussex. it's another mild morning here for us. it rotates in the northeast and it keeps things unstable. minimal moisture since most of it is scooped out. it will be a small chance of showers and if anything, it will be to the warm north and it will be to the west of the tri-state region. not much happening at this point. let's of the future caspian there is an area of low
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the area there. 40 tomorrow with a rain and snow mixed. let's bring in ines and see what's going on in the commute . ines: we are off to a good start this morning. things are fine with no problems crossing the bridge. in the jersey commute , it looks good. let's go to the cameras and look at the fdr drive. traffic is slow the cause of construction. 51st st. leaving one lane open southbound. in the northbound side you are fine. the checklist is running on are close to schedule with street cleaning rules in effect. >> think you, and as. >> were talking about these four high-ranking officers who have now been reassigned and removed. is a joint investigation and teresa joins us now
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who will be next? the commissioners naming names and taking action. it's some of the senior management of the nypd. this is after allegation service that they were involved in a major scandal. this is sending the top cops embarrassing the department and violating the public's trust. >> this is not a good day for the department. >> the police commissioner discusses the embarrassment caused by the nypd with top cops. >> the public has expectations of the public officials and the police department and leadership. if those expectations are not met , actions must be taken. >> as a result , it goes into a quid pro quo scandal. police commissioner has lowered the handle . >> have modified and transferred deputy chief michael harrington and the
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grant. deputy chief rodriguez is second in command of the south precinct. deputy chief colsn is placed on death duty. all four stars with close connection to the farmer chief seems to be at the center of both investigations. the fbi used wiretaps, phone records , easy pass and tracking these officers movement. the story broke earlier this week and officers expect lavish gifts and luxury trips. it's exchange for favors of deep pocketed businessman. these are two men who served on the inauguration
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while it's unclear what, if any laws were broken and how far it reaches, the police commissioner says he isn't letting up. there is reports that one has lawyered up. teresa, thanks so much. >> in queens, police arrested a 16-year-old boy. he is accused of threatening to slash the throat of a female student. that boy has a diver and has been charged with criminal possession , harassment and menacing. the 17-year-old girl wasn't hurt. it's a fit time since mid-march a student has been caught with a weapon in the new york city school. >> the city council cracks down on the costume characters.
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yesterday that gives the department control of pedestrian prizes. if it planned to set up the zones to restrict where they can work for tips. dimaggio says he will sign legislation in early this week a performer was dressed like spiderman and he pled guilty to disorderly conduct after he would was restraining the boy who refused to give him a tip. >> no rules will be in effect . >> things are getting heated in the democratic race for the white house. it's a lot of very respectful ones over the last few months. >> have you ever had problems with the metro card? >> have you ever had to swipe it five times? >> maybe five. >> i always put it in their. >> that have been to hillary clinton. she and bernie sanders have had a couple of interesting days here in new york. robert moses joins us live from oakland. robert you have to say you love the tablet treatment. >> you are about to begin
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>> presidential candidates are fooling no one. >> hillary clinton had an issue with her metro card and bernie sanders told the daily news that he still used tokens. neither of those went well. this is what bernie sanders will hold a rally and these are his old stomping grounds. he grew up. he went to high school here. he will hold a rally around east 26 street. this is where he grew up . it's his childhood home. he along with the others are making a major push for your votes. it's become not-so-subtle. >> hillary clinton question sanders qualifications during an interview on msnbc quite had done his homework and he was talking
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doing things that he hadn't really studied or understood. >> sanders returned fire . >> maybe the american people might wonder about your qualification secretary. you voted for the war in iraq the most disastrous foreign policy blunder. >> it's a silly thing to say but i will trust the voters of new york who know me. >> many crisscross the city and attempt to show voters that they are relatable. clinton rode the subway with but not without swiping her card again and again and again until it worked. she sounded like a regular old straphangers. >> is so innovative and the best way to get around. >> the key to new york is through their stomachs. john casey dynamite stelly in the bronx. cruise line the new york values.
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them . >> our friends in the media are very comfortable with this new york liberal who supported hillary clinton and chuck schumer. >> drum did not have any public events and he is expected to win the primary saying ted cruz attacked the new yorkers and their values. we don't forget . >> speaking of trump, cusick says he is not qualified to be president. >> you have to spend the first 100 days trying to figure out where the bathrooms are .>> in addition to sanders stop here , he will hold an additional rally in the greenpoint section later on today with stews and strand
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that's the latest. it's a great way to get around. thank you, robert. >> they bumbled across the city it's kind of true. >> let's move on. it's a american idol reunion. >> it was a trip down memory lane. >> the contestants kicked off the series finale. that's it it's over. >> also, they were crowned the next american idol. >> it was a surprise to the observers. he stumbled out to the stage. ryan seacrest in on some of the winter.the contestants say the show
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>> will stop from shrinking airline seats. mike is watching the forecast. >> . [music] juliet: sorry, i misunderstood. ben: i was going to say maybe check out? mike: we have a mostly cloudy sky today. there is a possibility you could see a shower but it would be mainly to the northwest. 450 or start off so should be a dry temperature together. the weather information is
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i am writing my thoughts. i'm writing on facebook so you can see it. juliet: [laughter] let me know that. i do appreciate that. we will get more active on facebook. we have decided.
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michael. we are pretty active on twitter but they say we are doing it all wrong.>> we are changing it . >> they want us to be more active on facebook so we will make a renewed punch. it's coming up later on this morning. >> i tried to tell you. >> exactly! i was just letting you know that i did a live chat yesterday. 10,000 views . >> you are so humble i love it. >> 42 is your average low
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this morning. we will probably drop another degree or two. clear skies now and winds could be from the west 44 in islip and the same thing in montauk. winds are coming in from the north west and there is still some window there. the area of low pressure is keeping it a little bit stirred up with showers going but it's later showers to the northwest of the tri-state region. you have a cold air lingering and there will be
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a shower. it's the next interesting area. yesterday the future cass had it on top of us but today's down to south. it will not be a big player. two of the other models say it's way further to the south. it's not as threatening. there's a little bit of snow to the northwest possible later on tonight. we don't have to talk too much about accumulation because of the rain and snow mix. temperature are pretty mild.
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it's another hard freeze. we have to go to work! here is what's going on this morning. it's looking good and mostly green there across the screen. we are dealing with the 63rd st. it should wrap up around 6:00. no problem on the northbound side. flights resume last night with 17 and the deadly terror attack. new surveillance video shows the man in the hat it's pretty clear. he left the airport after the bombs went off. they are looking for him.
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photo and he was the guy on the right with the to their suicide bombers there. when the bombs went off, he was walking out of the airport.he was seen that morning on camera. another suicide bomber was later struck at a brussels subway station. the attack killed more than 30 people and injured 300. he presented a bill that will block airlines shortening the legroom and narrowing the aisles. legroom is by 4 inches and it's already a nightmare. the airlines appeared to have a lot of money. >> these seats are like couches completed two the
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>> i bet you this plane is there seriously! >> is that i wearing a skinny tie? >> for goodness sake. ben: we have used this video every time we talk about the airlines and i want to know the genesis of the video. where did it come from? who shot it? when was the plane built ? juliet: let's do that. you launch the investigation. let me read the story. a new jersey man says he was fat shamed on the united flight .he has been visiting for his birthday. he boarded the flight back and he says the man that was supposed to be sitting next to him said no and refusal he was kicked off the flight. he was forced to take the
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>> there is over 200 staring at you as you walk from the back of the plane to the front.was the armrest up?>> the customer had not previously purchased the second seat. the guy says he was stuck in las vegas for six hours before he could find a flight home.>> it's tough. >> the seats are small. >> they are tiny. it's a long's uncomfortable. >> it hasn't happened since
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it's coming up on to the women who know what real values are,
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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. ben: your casinos has helped the surviving casinos. they say the profits are up 40% last year. he was 547 million.the increase is being attributed to the closure of four of the cities 12 casinos. reports say they were pretty healthy. three quarters of atlantic city hotel rooms were occupied in 2015. >> for the first time in a century, the post office is lowering the price of the stamp starting sunday, this
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from $.47. this is due to the expiration of the temporary increase. it makes it even worse . >> janet jackson fans are not too happy this morning. >> the city center post ford postponed and sent she did not outright cancel, people spent hundreds of dollars in the can't get refunds. got to run.
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will show you more about what goes on.>> it's the decision scheduling to fix the home of the today. his wife could give her that any minute. >> here's the question. >> you think the kid will be born with here? juliet: i don't know. >> i am going to go for yes. >> here's the thing you might have long hair but it doesn't mean it's thick and healthy. >> looks pretty thick to me.>> it doesn't mean it's the . >> and a lot of people that
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the . >> committee here and let us feel your hair. >> he has a man crush on himself. it's funny. >> do you know who does not look like that they can help you here? >> noah.>> look at the analysis here. the mantra crush will be a little bit jealous.>> mike woods good morning. >> you are probably scratching their heads. >> you will let your hair grow and look like a chia pet . >> it will be all over the place. >> it's as short as it is. >> it's under control.>> i'm every two weeks and 10 days. >> let's show you what's going on. 430 in central park. same number in poughkeepsie and the same thing in montauk. these are so bad. it's a little bit milder
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it's fairly close to where we should be. maybe a little bit below normal. have rain yesterday . it's a thing of the past. we have colder air that's to the north and west. i don't think we will get much out of it other than a partly mostly cloudy sky. shower chances are pretty minimal around 20%.this area of low pressure is keeping things interesting. it's diving down the midwestern states and it will head to the south. the chance at the wintry mix here in the tri-state is dropping down because of the storm centers to the south. the highest 520 with a mostly cloudy sky. 400 tomorrow. there is a chance out there in the central sections. we will have to keep an eye on things as to who gets how much. let's bring in ines now. see what's happening . we will head over and see what's going on in the
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>> it did feel long. >> let's see what's going on with the commute . there's a lot going on this week. in the northern state, were doing fine. heading into brooklyn we are doing good . as far as the drive , construction is cleared away and we should go to the camera at 61st st. traffic is moving in again and has no problems in the northbound. everything is looking good and running on or close to schedule. >> thank you very much. 533. the new poll shows seven out of 10 americans hold an unfavorable view . >> the democratic race are a little bit more heated. they were more respectful
5:34 am
>> robert moses talks about this. did you take the subway there? >> keep in mind bernie sanders in an interview thought that you still needed to get tokens from the subway. mark ruffalo is on east 26 street. the race from new york is officially on. >> the civil campaign has become not so civil. >> they will question them
5:35 am
>> he hasn't done his homework and he was talking for more than a year. maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications secretary. you voted for the war in iraq. i will trust the voters of new york know me. >> many of the candidates crisscross the city in an attempt to show new york voters that they are relatable. clinton rode the subway but not without swiping her metro card again and again and again until it worked. she sounded like a regular old straphangers. >> i love it because it's so the best way to get around. >> the republican candidates subscribe to the theory that the key is through their stomachs. >> had chris visited
5:36 am
dined at mike's deli in the bronx. crews continued to malign what he characterized as new york values. he says donald trump subscribe to them. >> our friends in the media are very comfortable with the new york liberal . trump did not have any public events yesterday and expected to win new york's primary tweeted that ted cruz attacked new yorkers and new york values. we don't forget . speaking of trump k-6 says he is not qualified to be the president. >> he will have to spend the first hundred days trying to figure out where the bathrooms are .>> one person who thinks donald trump is qualified to be president is rudy giuliani. he says he will be voting for trump . >> that's the latest. you have to be careful how
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>> you have to curb it a little bit . in her defense, if you fail once the machine knows and it will really test you . >> you can't go to the special entry either. you can go to the one on the front. >> . ben: we are out of time. julia has to go . juliet: people take this stuff and twisted into something. forget it! let's talk about something making headlines. it's really a big concern. ben: police commissioner is taking action. >> of the time have been removed from their post. teresa is watching a story for us and will tell us more about the investigation. theresa: this is big, big stuff.
5:38 am
entire careers to get there . there is two investigations happening. an internal internet guy probe with a criminal investigation there are. >> were basically waiting to see who will be next. as part of an fbi investigation into a quid pro quo scandal. william bratton has reassigned for members. they are considered rising stars who work their entire career to reach the level of the department where they were assigned to. michael harrington was a officer of the manhattan north precinct. james grant served on the upper east side and both were transferred and stripped of their guns and badges. the deputy chief, eric rodriguez is the second in command them david clone was a top cop in the housing bureau. this story broke this weekend officers except lavish gifts .
5:39 am
favors of deep pocketed businessman. two men who served on mayor diblasio's committee. these are easy pass records and wiretaps. they admit to accepting the gifts. all four men appeared to have close ties. they will resign back in 2014. >> if the expectations are not met , actions must be taken. >> it's unclear if the laws were broken. many were approached early in the morning. the police commissioner
5:40 am
are far from over and they will follow the lead wherever they take them . it's been going on for some time. >> it's a horrible mixup . consuelo rivera died on the 22nd. her family says it was a problem and they wanted to move to the ortiz. home in the city. they would not accept her body only found out she had been cremated in the remains were missing. they were found in a crematorium but they turned out to be somebody else's. >> there is grandchildren volume came and say goodbye . we can't even take her home because we don't know where she is. >> can't even have my last
5:41 am
it's not right at all. >> those poor people. >> that is terrible! they are suing all three homes for damages citing extreme negligence! juliet: you know there are those crazy card chasers? this is taking the cake. two robbery suspects led police on a wild card trees. it's all about how they wanted to get caught . they got off the 101 freeway and they knew the helicopters were following them. they were also almost derailed by a tmc tour bus. the driver says he never saw the chase behind him but he ended up changing lanes before cutting off the suspect . there weren't any passengers on the bus and by the way, the suspects got out and pose for pictures for people on the street and took selfies
5:42 am
>> already. >> let's check the forecast.>> we were just like, okay! this is the world we live in now. mike: they needed a selfie stick. that's to blame for all. >> it's a mostly cloudy day and it will be drier. the milder is in terms of the temperatures and how to go for this time of the year. it's coming to us once again and it will head to the south with rain and snow possible. most of that will be to the south and the tri-state region. truly whether will return to the area on sunday. this is what's not so bad. 35 in central park and we have a partly cloudy sky with a mixed sky throughout the day here. it's only a very small
5:43 am
with a high temperature at 52. this is the rain and storm mix that could slide by. the next chances monday and tuesday
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checking the headlines for you. the tool they used to have into the iphone in the san bernardino terrorist will
5:46 am
says the method was from an outside party unlocked in iphone 5c that was a couple of generations old.that's what syed farouk used. at 3:30 a.m. at the six train in greenwich village, a man in his 60s was last in his head, face and hands. >> this is crazy. he was taken to the hospital and his injuries don't appear to be life-threatening. they are looking for the tractor and trying to determine the motive. >> a six-year-old boy was arrested in newtown. he is accused of bringing a dagger to school and threatening to slash the throat of a female student. the 17-year-old girl was not hurt .>> the new york city councils cracking down
5:47 am
the definite is in the fuzzies pass a bill yesterday that allows the department of transportation to control and set up the zones where the performers can go. the mayor says he will sign legislation and the new rule could be in effect by the summer. >> the only costumed character that we hope to see today is mister matt . >> that's go out to city fields almost forgot. there is due. >> we will see mister matt . the mets and the national league champions will play their home opener today. who will be on the mound when they take the field against the phillies? you may have heard the story he has smacked his wife expect the first child down in florida. if he can't go, he plans to be with his wife and he will leave and have a flight to be with her. if it happens, terry collins says he will likely make the start .
5:48 am
situations. he is used to having rain delays in getting all of those things that occurred throughout his career. he's the best guy to step in. >> the yankees at yankee stadium versus the astros . they jump out to an early lead. it's a one run score. he scores the rbi this season with the game tied at five. mark with the play and the rockets are at one 11. at a three run homer. the yankees beat the phillies and they beat the astros 8/5. in hockey, it was a big
5:49 am
the rangers will clinch in the third place for the islanders. the rangers will wind up as a wildcard. as the prudential center scrambles, tampa bay flips a part . the night lightning beat the devils and they hold out 4/2. it's during the first round and in golf, at the first round in the books playing second later today.the defending champion is jordan speak. he was on fire yesterday and he went six under .he had a two-stroke lead on shane lowry. that's the story from here. it's a big story of the city field. the mets home opener will he be on the mound? he plans to leave if she goes into labor. she will give birth in florida. ben and juliet back to you.
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the weather . >> will show you what's going on out there. 42 is the average low. we drop down to 450 but we are not at the bottom yet . sun rises around 630 or so with a westwind at 12 miles per hour. we have other temperatures in the area at 450 now in newark. 46 in bridgeport and the same thing in montauk with a partly cloudy sky. wind is coming in from the southwest at 14 miles per hour. there are some places where we see sunshine and we still have a troth putting things unstable with clouds popping up in the afternoon. there is a possibility of sprinkles and showers to the northwest of us.
5:51 am
year but it should not be a big deal. this area of low pressure has been interesting. yesterday, future cast gave it a pretty good shot of snow and now it looks like we will take it down to the south on the future cast. the other forecast model seem to be an agreement for the most part. one of them wants to bring us no it looks like we'll have a smaller snow chance tomorrow. it's still out there. high temperature today goes to 53 with a mostly cloudy sky and there is a rain and snow chance . you see it cold on sunday . let's bring in ines. >> good morning. we have a flipped over car on the garden state parkway. northbound , two lanes blocked by 138. we expect delays. no problems on 287 if you are heading towards 80. let's go to the cameras and
5:52 am
. it's heading southbound tours across prongs and you are fine with no problems on the northbound side.
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things are l to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. brace yourself. can you read the next story? >> it doesn't bother me. it's misleading. >> is statistical. it's been one of the
5:55 am
television. everyone freaks out. people who watch game of thrones it's not a mystery anymore. >> ms. hbo has confirmed that the game of thrones character is dead. >> that doesn't mean he can't come back. >> don't give it away. >> we probably should have said spoiler alert. this is the description of the first line saying john snow is dead. he meets the strongman and percy sees her daughter again. the fans are left wondering what the fate was. he could be a white walker. >> we are a few hours away from the 31st annual rock 'n roll hall of fame in brooklyn. it's being filmed to air on hbo on april 30. this year's inductees with people photos and that is rob thomas, by the way.he
5:56 am
there . it was so cool being there. the other end of these are cheap trick, deep purple, and wan chicago. i caught up with them and he was presenting and performing with chicago. listen to this. >> for me , i think i have played the rock 'n roll hall of fame myself. i played in front of bruce springsteen scared but got through it . i am more scared about this because this is i can't mess this up! >> please, i beg you! >> we were walking down the hall. he was so cool. you can see all the people performing on the posters. it's the best front man ever. better than bono? >> yes. better than prince. >> kendrick lamarr they will also be on hand for
5:57 am
>> we have more coming up in the interview. >> we look forward to that. quickly with the american idol reunion. >> it's a trip down memory lane. >> the winner is trent hartman! some of the judge's looks surprised. >> interesting. he was announced as the winner and carrie underwood was there. she is releasing 5 albums
5:58 am
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>> yes, and good friday morning to you. look at that beautiful start out there. not even too chilly out today. >> you know it's going to be cloudy, but here we have a little bit of good news. a little sun on the horizon sort of not really. yeah, so to speak. know drama that may not be happening. j may have fallen off a bit. >> snow totals may be going e away. >> remember when hillary clinton and bernie sanders managed to keep their rivally civil like the grownups compared to republican crowd. well those days appear to be e over. the war of words heat oing up in the presidential race as their votes get in new york tabloids. >> former president bill clinton had his war of words and lashed out at black lives matter activist at a rally for hillary clinton's campaign in philadelphia. >> corruption probe leaves


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