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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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steve: ain't-trump protestor storm grand hyatt, a handful made it inside the big republican gala. thousands in new york heating up for primary, all candidates are here in new york city. dari: one targeted by protesters, donald trump, right now, they are trekking across midtown, they start at grand hyatt where donald trump was. that is where dan bowen starts our team coverage. reporter: they said goal was to shut down this republican gala, they never got close, but there were several tense moments, and
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this was from balcony level of the grand hyatt. several demonstrators jumped off the elevator and started chants and cheering, they did that for like 5 minutes, sort of catching security guards off guard. outside, expectation was that there would be at least 10,000 protesters, the numbers closer to about 1,000 or 1500. this demonstration brought together several groups, whether they were pro immigration, women rights, black lives matter, they were all out side. they intended to surround grand central, when it became clear that nypd was not going to let them do, that the groups split in several different directions, eastbound and westbound 42nd street and there were several more
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>> i am willing to get arrested. reporter: why is that? >> because america has tried and true history,on lee only thing that ever made change in u.s. is civil disobedience. >> the ironic aspect of trump attacking so many different groups it gives them common ground, and common interest, that is to fight back. >> we're not about racism. we're not about islam phobia, we're not about building a wall between us and mexico, justice, we're all human beings. reporter: at one point, a trump supporter made his way to the pen where some anti-trump protesters, nothing major came out of that. there were a handful of pro-trump supporters on the opposite corner. it was a small but passionate
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as people walked by, here is what they said. >> mr. trump is not the smart est man in the world but he is a good be man he puts people around him to make him better, you have to have someone to work with you. that is what the problem we had with mr. obama. >> we support capitalism over socialism, we support freedom, we believe what made america great that is capitalism and freedom to earn a living. reporter: a dozen arrests this evening, this was not as big as it could have been, it is clear that this anger and discontent that seems to follow donald trump, campaign stop to campaign stop is not anything anywhere. dari: protestor use social media
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been monitoring their posts for us. reporter: the hash tag hate-free new newyork was in the air. no candidate should be able to get away with using hate to further their agenda. some liberal seemed to be more and more antifirst amendment these days, that antitrump protest inconveniencing many, who had no role in tonight's republican event. police had many streets closed, and sidewalks, protestors chanted and marched their way, through grand central terminal. >> just for me to go 4 blocks, took 20 minutes. >> you can only go north or east.
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is ridiculous. >> it is tax season, i am tired, i just want to get home. reporter: a number of twitter comedians, those declining to take a side in trump versus protesters, we see one, what kind of world are we living where new york is hate-free. and tonight millennials discover television. steve: thank you, a new fox news national poll shows donald trump with a double digit lead over his republican rival, 18 ahead of tud tud, ted ted, and -- ted cruz and kasich is close second. reporter: the event is still going on, hearing from all 3 candidates this marks one of the last big ticket evens for the republican party ahead of tuesday's big pro
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all on hand for today. crowd of about 800 on hand hearing speeches from all three republican hopefulled reported price $1,000 a plate, ohio governor john kasich scoring a minor victory with a endorsement from pataki. right now donald trump is way ahead in the polls. tonight candidates playing to that new york crowd, hammering home idea of new york values. listen to what they had to say. >> we talk about values, what to we see in new york values? we see really, really incredible, you look at september 11 especially, new york police, and firefighters, incredible. >> you are so alive when you are in new york. the fact is you don't want to sleep when you are in new york. and reason you don't want to sleep is because you are afraid you are going to miss something,
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so fantastic. >> god bless the great state of new york. i am thrilled to be here with so many friends, so many patriots, i will admit to you, i have not built any buildings in new york city. but i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution and the bill of rights. reporter: now before the even ted cruz taped an appearance on the tonight show with jimmy fallon, he joked about his new york values comment he said he values new york voters. dari: yeah, we're still upset about, that thank you. >> democratic candidates face-off in their last debate before the new york primary, which is tuesday. held at the brooklyn navy yard, and sharon crowley is there any fireworks yet.
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reporter: i would describe this debate feisty and fiery, two candidates, democratic presidential hopefuls, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, rail tried to go after each other tonight. ahead of new york's primary next week. that is because, there is so much at stake here, both strong ties to new york. there is bernie sanders who was born in brooklyn, and hillary clinton, of course, who lives in chappaqua was a senator for 8 years here. now tonight, they went over a broad range of issues, including clinton's ties on wall street, and her failure to release print transcripts of expensive speeches she gave, and bernie sanders fails to release his fact returns, he -- tax returns he blamed it on his wife. >> does secretary clinton have experiences and intelligence to become president, of course, she
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but i do question her judgment. i question a judgment which voted for the war in iraq. worse foreign policy blunder. >> people of new york voted for me twice to be their senator for new york. and president obama trusted my judgment enough to ask me to be secretary of state of the united states. >> i believe and i will appoint regulators who are tough enough and ready enough to break up any bank that fails the task under dodd-frank. >> i don't need dodd-frank now to tell me that we have go the a break off the banks, because they are based on fraudulent principles and when you have 6 financial institutions, that have assets irk quiv
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the gdp of this country they are just too big. >> candidates took shot at each other's records over issues like client at change, gun control and criminal justice reform and raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. and there is a reason they are feisty, more so than they have been in the other 8 debates they had. this campaign season, that is because, so much is at stake here in so many ways in new york. the new york primary is hillary clinton's hometown, she would not want to see a lose it would be embarrassing and bernie sanders could use a win. he falls far behind clinton in the delegate count. so a lot at stake here tonight. and dari and steve back to you. >> it is huge, thank you very much sharon. >> crucial ruling in manslaughter case of former nypd
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dari: a judge decided juror misconduct should ware an a new trial. >> how did you feel about texting at the movies, a major
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dari: officer liang's lawyers wanted a judge to declare a mistrial. steve: arguing that wok of -- one of the jurors lied to get on the panel but the judge was not convinced. reporter: a judge ruling that peter liang does not deserve a new trial in shooting death of unarmed 28 career old, back in november. liang's attorney pushed for a mistrial, once it was revealed a juror on the panel withheld information about his father's criminal past during jury
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in february that juror told daily news his father spent 7 years in prison for an accidental shooting, today the judge said he did not believe that vargas knowing he hid those details so he upheld liang's conversation of manslaughter. >> i find that, defense has not made -- met the burden. >> i thought it was sufficient, evidence there where vargas was not forthth coming with answers, you know kept on playing with the words, and stuff, there is always appeals court. reporter: before the ruling today -- hundreds of protestor descended to courthouse. rallies for judge chung to stick to the original verdict that captivated the city's attention, serving as a another symbol of national debate over race and police misconducting. >> as long as there is there
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plays tricks on families we have a duty to be here. reporter: vargas said he did not believe he was lying during jurisdiction jurysleek he was not close to his father. >>l -- back to you. dari: thank you. >> so far, no charges again mother who allegedly left her two young daughters in a bronx apartment that went up in blames, her 18-month-old and two-year-old died, and 10 others were hurt after the blaze broke out at a public housing complex last night, the fire was sparked by insense. the woman went across the street to do laundry. steve: 20th time charm for a manson family killer, recommending release of 66-year-old leasely van houten,
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labianca in 1969. manson remains behind bars, the decision to parole van houten now, under administrative review, and could still be blocked under governor brown. dari: two army reservists are in critical condition after their humvee overturned on the new jersey turnpike in afternoon. two others were injured. the vehicle lost one ofs had tires in the crash, traffic was backed up for miles. steve: crazy video of the day, russia said that its pilots followed all safety rules while buzzing a u.s. navy ship this week in the baltic sea. russia has stringent safety rules, u.s. filed an official complaint with russian defense.
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simulated attack profile, and unprofessional. the plane buzzed u.s. ship, repeatedly once coming within 30 feet of the bridge. dari: give yours extra time if you are playing out of newark liberty, second delays caused long, long lines, with waits running about an hour or more, officials, one said it could be worse during busy summer travel. the problem is a lack of manpower after the airport lost 70s tsa workers since 2015 travelers. >> the staffing issue here at newark is an issue that should have been addressed a long time ago. >> nothing else you can do, you get upset. dari: officials urge travelers to sign up for tsa preferred security screening. steve: right, with health insurance cost of prescription
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reporter: generics of prilosec, for 7 dollars. >> usually happens they try it once with one medication. then they next day they bring 4 or the rest of their medication, to us. reporter: those customers reportedly in hundreds of thousands include many who share their life changing experience on blink he'll health facebook page. including john who said he saved 50%. how do they do it. >> all come downs to collective purchasing. >> about power in numbers we did business deals that allow us to bring a group of 25 million americansing it negotiations power allowing to us drive lower prices for the users. reporter: they like to reduce out of pocket expences, the long-termviction
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every copay to zero. baruch shemtov, "fox 5 news." dari: everybody figures out something. >> with so many celebrity cheating scandals making headlines, is monogamy dead? steve: who knows, lisa evers trying to get on the bottom of why men and women cheat, next. dari: and mike piazza famous 9/11 jersey staying in the big apple.
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keep it here steve: this is a refound question. why do men and women cheat. dari: the topic of this week's street soldiers program, lisa evers with the preview. >> we've been together for a long time, and i love you. >> i want you to marry me. >> i want to marry you, but i don't think you're ready. reporter: from politicians and sports super stars, cheating scandals almost seem to come with territory but that is not whole picture. >> a lot of people believe in monogamy, we look down at those people, say perhaps they are outdated, but they are not in not -- they made i believe the tougher choice to commit to one person. reporter: the most important factor is honesty, that is usually what is missing when there is cheating. >> it's tough for almost anyone to be in
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there are temptations that are out there. reporter: ask video vixen, who worked with some of the most famous names in the music business, her approach to keeping her man, keep him around other women, hurd heard right. >> it is working for me, i am giving you everything that you want, and you are still going outside of my relationship. in the relationship with other girls, so, what to you want, is it possible to be faithful to just one person? when temptation is a touch screen away? that is what we're talking about on street soldier saturday night after the news, "fox 5 news." dari: the ufc can call new york home, governor cuomo signed a bill into law legalizing professional mixed martial arts in the state.
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during a ceremony at msg, the first big mma, vent to be held in the guard confident november. steve: the mets jersey that mike mikepy -- mike piazza wore, when he hit the home run after the 9/11 attacks will stay in new york. the jersey was loaned to museums, and including baseball hall of fame. dari: charges drops again donald trump campaign manager. steve: what the female reporter plans to do now. >> then -- dari: latest on the big anti-trump protest in the city,
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this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. dari: ain't-trump protestor on the move, they start outside of republican gala. but soon fanned out across midtown, there have been arrests
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steve: dan is keeping an eye on things for us. reporter: about 10,000 protesters were expected outside of grand central terminal and grand hyatt, but the numbers were closer to 1500, nypd really kept them penned into a specific area on south side of 42nd street, they were never able to surround the building and disrupt the event the. there were tense moments though this is video from balcony level of grand hyatt. inside there journalists were picking up media cre credencetion then out of no where, about 10 demonstrators got off an ale investigator -- vel elevator and chanted for about 5 minutes before they were taken out. several groups, all came
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they could not get inside or gittin side this hotel because of the gates and barricades that nypd set up, they moved out to several different locations. there were also small contingent of pro-trump supporters, both sides did not get numbers they expected, they expressed a lot of anger and frustration. >> ironic aspect of trump attacking so many different groups it gives them a people who have been vulnerable or oprossed common ground, and common interest. and that is fight back. >> we support capitalism over socialism and we support freedom, and you know we believe in make america great that capitalism and freedom to earn a living. reporter: there are still a small few demonstration, there
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inside of the pen with some anti-trump demonstrators there was a bit of shoving, things got a little bit riled up but in the init was broken up. >> thank you. dari: it seems that everywhere trump goes protesters follow, they were out in full force this evening after he showed up for a fund razor long island. -- fundraiser on long island. reporter: when donald trump arrived hire in long island, he got a warm welcome from some but not everyone. >> suffolk count police, and local officers tried to keep protesters and supporters away from each other. one point they mixed. but police sketched ed -- stepped in and diffused the situation, they both wanted their message heard. >> it is far to get our message across, i understand that suffolk police is trying to keep us safe. we would like to be closer because you know, our voices are -- should be heard, andure voices matter.
10:33 pm
trump i think he is the man we need. he is our voice. >> i love long island, but, we are finally home. reporter: inside the music hall 1100 people paid up to $300 to hear trump speak. >> what is more important to you the wall or trade deals. >> we'll talk about trade, i then area, they want business coming back in i see what is going on, i know what is going on. reporter: security of tight in and around the village, pa lose officers -- all of the officers and secret service shut down every road. >> we will be actively monitoring social media and other sources for intelligence, we prepared. reporter: we asked suffolk county police deputy how much it cost to pull off a security plan
10:34 pm
personnel, they should have that by tomorrow. reporting from long island, "fox 5 news." steve: donald trump a campaign manager will not face charges of battery in florida, corey lowandowski was accused of grabbing a report reporter fields last month. at first he denied it. they say, a simple i'm sorry may have avoid is it. but they felt they did not have a strong enough case toic to it to trial. >> the evidence is legally sufficient for police to have charged mr. corey lowandowski, it is not strong enough to meet the legal burden of a reasonable likelihood of a conviction. steve: prosecute say that fields was disappointed and she is considering filing a civil suit. dari: greg and roseanna on the town tonight, they paid a visit to g.o.p. gala. where they ran into ted cruz.
10:35 pm
is, grilled him about his new york values comment. >> have you so much flack about new york values in new york you are not tip going to win new york. can you wish you could take back that you said about new york values? >> not remotely. dari: well. there you go. more of ted ted cruz tomorrow morping on good will be interesting. steve: all right new video, surface showing mayor de blasio meeting with one of two men at center of a federal corruption investigation, he can be seen right there, hugging right burg who was hosting a fund-raiser for mayor. >> each raised steps of thousands of the campaign money for the mayor, they are accused of giving improper gifts to high
10:36 pm
de blasio denies any wrong doing and has been distancing himself from the min. dari: a town supervise supervisor in rock land county is accused of cooking the books. they faced a judge today had, charged with security fraud, u.s. attorney. said that the paralyze about town -- they lead about town finances to build a minor league baseball stadium, a project that the town voted again. >> the town will have to assume more debt and raise taxing to pay for that added debt, face higher costs of funding in the market, and forced to operate a stadium that is losing money, create a vicious strike else was hardship imposed on town and its citizens. dari: the two pleaded not guilty. steve: movie starting, time to sit back and put the phone away
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>> are you looking for a home? you might want to look at this 30-year fixed rate mortgage dropping under 3. 6%, lowest level of the year, we're closing in on all-time lows. >> costs you less to fill up fridge food prices dropping last month. >> breakfast lovers, cereal prices are falling but you are paying more to fill up your car, regular unleaded $2.10 a gallon. that is 20 cents higher in past month. >> and according to a new
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not feel protect the from a cyberattack at office. they don't think that company has emergency plan. steve: would you pay $400 for running shoes? they hit the market in the morning, first shoe with a mid sold made by a 3-d -- sole made by a lead to lead to 3-d printer, madebly by new balance. dari: say it ain't so. steve: a major theater chain wants to let people particular during the movies. then -- have you sign it yet. dari: i was watching espn this morning, saying a lot of people
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kobe rocking back and forth, this was anthem, there he is. steve: every thought that fle ea's
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steve: don't you hate it when you are sitting in a movie theater, when someone next to you starts texting, i hate it. dari: it does not bother me but it is just the light that is distracting. steve: it could be me. streaming the whole movie. dari: a theater chain is thinking about incouraging that. jessica explaining, that it may be one way to get millennials back into their seats. reporter: some say asking the millennial to turn their cell phone off for two hours would be inpossible, but amc, ceo has an idea, he is thinking about possibly opening cell phone friendly auditorium.
10:46 pm
hear and see at theaters before the movie starts. >> but amc ceo, is considering allowing texting while you watch the movie. to motivate millennials to pay for a movie ticket. >> oh, yeah, no. >> i have had people expectation text in front of me it bothers me, no. >> if i want to see a movie, it because i want to see a movie not text my friends. >> it makes good sense to have their own section. it is not so nice it it interferes with others. reporter: being on the phone all of the time is not just a millennial problem. but everyone's problem saying this would not work. >> this will be a disaster.
10:47 pm
this, what next? reporter: the ceo said, quote, press reported reconsidering a test allowing text in a few screens. -- this will it attract millennials into movie theaters? "fox 5 news" ." >> we know where steve will be sitting in the theater 92 . steve: even i need a break.
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47,right now, a nice day. dari: chilly tonight. >> in the morning tomorrow, it will be cold, you will shed that outer jacket, in the afternoon. as our temperatures warm up. we warmed up to 62 in central park today, we hit that number about 3:30, that is just about average for this time of year this morn we started off chilly, in the low 40s, and colder, north and west of city, that is same case tomorrow, like today, start off chilly then milder in the afternoon. area wide we're in upper fifths to low 60s across area, right now we chill down to 40 across region, 43 in monticello, 7 is current number in sussex, newark and central park. winds are light at the moment. we do have mainly clear skies, factor those in we're expecting a big drop in temperatures north and west of the city they go as low as upper 20s, a frost advisory has been issued starting midnight, through 9
10:49 pm
this is where you find frost possible on some colder surfaces like grassy areas or car tops. >> it is quiet across northeast, everyone in store for a clear, quiet evening, and it looks like high pressure will keep us in this pattern for a couple days, to the west we have an area of low pressure that is wreaking havoc across pacific north west, a low in south in pan handle of florida today georgia. it the ocean there is an area of low pressure. bring that -- no. okay. >> area of low pressure closer than indicate hire that blocking all these systems from making their a eastward, high pressure is control, is no not moving it is bees blocked -- it is being blocked that' keel keep us fry and sun i am we have warm
10:50 pm
highs in upper 7 0s across minneapolis, we'll get 70s sunday. future cast, career skies tonight. -- clear skies tonight. we'll have sunshine through the day. and same case for saturday. that low, that is going to sit offshore over the weekend, may throw back a few clouds across eastern portions of long island, but everyone else should have sunshine through the weekend, clear, chilly, suburbs in thirds, tomorrow, sunshine, nice temperature, much like today and tomorrow, we'll go down -- oh, just missed that to mid 60s ash cross tri-state area, there you go no, that is tomorrow, sunny sky, we'll see transports rising to mid 60 across the area, but -- oh, looking ahead to seven day, i'm going to pop it in there. dari: i feel like have you more luck on your snapchat account. >> that is only thing.
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dari: we'll take your word for it, it be nice californiaish.
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thousands of low prices.
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russ: i have to say, wow, i mean a big time wow, kobe bryant closing out his 20 year hall of fame career in l.a. last night, true hall of fame style, 39-year-old super star playing 42 minutes, taking 50 shots scoring 60 points. lakers win over utah jazz, are you kidding me? 60 points? kobe the oldest man to cash in that main points in a game, i don't care how many shots he
10:55 pm
were feeding hip the ball, session 0 points is a hollywood -- 60 points is a hollywood ending. but as great as it was, it of not the ending that kobe would have preferred. >> the perfect ending would have been a championship issue tonight was try to did out playing hard. and try to put on a show as much as i could. and you know so, it fell good to time. russ: the fans, and staples center last night, they did heat it up, they were reaching into their pocket, so much so fans purchased $1.2 million worth of kobe merchandise for new single day sales roar for any arena in the world. how about that.
10:56 pm
led zeppelin, 1 million in december, 2007 for their first full time concert in three decades, speaking of records, with their 73rd victory last night, golden state warriors surproos --surpassed bulls for most games won in a season. >> all right, yankees last night, 2-0 lead. so long, farewell, 3 run bomb, 4-2 final, on ice. to florida, islanders and panthers. islander trailed 3 different times in this one, but here, kyle carbs it in 4-3 islanders they go up 5-3, hang on to take game one 5-4. >> that is that for sports. steve: all right, last night's
10:57 pm
the rendition of star spangled banner done by flea from the red-hot chili peppers, it gets weird from there. he is a big lakers fan. take care. dari: tomorrow is friday. see you then.
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