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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. steve: amazing stuff. another music icon gone too soon. groundbreaking artist prince found dead at his home in chanhassen, minnesota, at the age of 57. his death, as he would have imagine how shocked the world. >> he is being remembered as one of the most innovative artists. since the announcement of his death today, his albums shot to
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steve: "let's go crazy" was the highlight when they came out. >> absolutely. reporter: there are hundreds of people. this is a celebration of prince. it started here in brooklyn and now it stretches almost a full city block. there are hundreds of people and they are singing and dancing and some of them are crying. all of this love for an undeniable legend. reporter: a party for a princepri. the prince. the music booming with hundreds spelling to the streets. >> is an incredible inspiration for me since i have been a kid. he helped me to understand my place in the world better. >> so you have prince who had so
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many people have come out to celebrate his life and music. the. >> and he had it all. a musical icon that transcended generations and genres. >> the fact that he is gone now is leaving a hole in the music industry. and really, i cried. it feels like a member of the family died. [cheers] [applause] reporter: "purple rain", dripping with sexual lyrics, highlighted in the 1984 movie of the same name, earning him an oscar. launching him to international celebrity. the grammy-winning artist could
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arranging and composing many songs on this many 40 studio records. hit after hit after smashing hits, spanning the late 70s until the end. >> he held himself a high standard and he did expect the people around him to be that way as well. reporter: forever during his creative is soul, he released four studio albums in the last two months. he had been on tour before that. and his music, part of the universal artistic push. this is what it sounds like when the world cries for him. >> you really feel like you have a lost a friend. you know, because he has been a part of our lives. it was the soundtrack. reporter: president obama
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more to popular music. the party here is still going strong and they are playing all the hits and there are so many hit available. closing it out tonight it will almost surely be "purple rain." steve: back catalogue is amazing. that is for sure. reporting tonight that prince was treated for a drug overdose six days before his death. >> we now know that when he made the emergency landing in moline, illinois, last friday, after his atlanta concert, we were told from multiple sources that he was being treated for a drug overdose. multiple sources. what they tell us is that they actually started treating him at the airport on the tarmac. and that when they took him to be treated in the emergency room they gave him what they call a
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for opium. reporter: an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. toxicology results could take up to two weeks. steve: reaction coming in from the white house. president obama releasing in this statement that few artists have influenced the sound introductory popular music more distinctly, or touched quite so many people with her talent. as one of the most gifted and prolific musician, prince did it all. and fans that live in his home town near minneapolis are remembering the legend tonight in a makeshift memorial set up outside of the first avenue music venue where he got his start. the memorial set up outside of his home where the music icon made his last public appearance on saturday. >> he has given us so very much music. to be able to come here and dance and see him, it is like nothing else in the world.
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someone of that great importance. he completely revitalized the music scene in minneapolis. jenn: prince was called a child of the city, making it okay for his fans to be different and celebrate individuality. the. steve: in the 80s when he rose superstardom, he does like james brown, he moved like michael jackson and he played guitar like jimi hendrix. jenn: he also had his own unique style that influenced a generation. >> there were days where some of the more heated three costume changes on a day when he didn't have a show. reporter: alan whyte introduced him many times. but not once. >> he would pursue whatever
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reporter: yet somehow he belonged to no past or present moment. always to some distant future. to which the rest of us may not have ever arrived. >> if there is a single most important thing about him, it was his absolute sentiments independence of bravery, risk-taking. if not falling under any under lesser categories. >> prince asked listeners if i am black or white, straight or gay? >> he didn't like being defied. that is what he would change his name and changed his style. reporter: this senior editor recalled the hieroglyphic lollipop symbol to which he changed his name to read all of those outfits that he wore. the album covers, and the place
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>> fancher collis much of his style as they do of his music. >> he wore when he didn't care what you thought. reporter: in all of this he had a goal in mind. never breaking character, never sacrificing a style unlike any we have ever seen before. >> the little glimpses that you got were far more down-to-earth than all of the smoke and mirrors behind it. jenn: so many people posting memories of him on social media. a lot of them musicians. steve: a once and forever artist, it would be silly to say that he inspired our music, it is beyond that.
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i've ever written. >> john mayer posted this, he inspired a generation of musicians strive for greatness above anything else. his name is always infused with talents and the talentless as freedom and was a constant reason to be one of madonna showed a picture of her and prince saying that thing that we changed the world from a true visionary. what a loss, i'm devastated. >> carmen electra posted this picture thing that i feel so sad and confused right now. i'm in shock. i love you and i hope that you are comfortable and peaceful now. he was fiercely protective of his music and talk for artist ownership rights. we will have more on that coming up later on in the past. steve: the fallout has begun during tuesday's new york primary.
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with inadequate staffing. jennifer: they are going to find out all the way to the convention. reporter: democrats fall in love and republicans fall in line. the only problem is that party officials are not as taken. >> with donald trump in the lead, mathematically eliminated from 1237 delegates, ted cruz and john kasich main job now is to stop the millionaire from getting the magic number before the republican convention.
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reach it. >> tonight donald trump is calling his primary opponents to drop out of the race thing that ted cruz and john kasich on the path to victory and they should drop out of the race so that the republican party can unify. this is the gop hosting spring meeting where they are formulating a plan to figure out how to handle an open convention. >> if it takes one hour or five ballots, which will be the person that gets the majority of the delegates. >> the focus is on the five northeastern primaries on tuesday, pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut and delaware, all states where he is comfortably ahead in the polls. all while we are getting a preview of how he could attack the requested. >> i call her to get hillary. and i think we are going to win or not to be outdone, ted cruz is out with a new web
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kerry clinton and staffers making the case that he's the only one that can beat her. >> how do we stop ted cruz? >> i do not think the can. >> and on the democratic side, bernie sanders spending time at home in vermont. the question now becomes how long will this last is the mayor continues to work in his favor. jennifer: passover starts tomorrow. steve: what they are revealing about the celebration. jennifer: a postal worker says he was attacked and beaten. steve: how the national spelling bee switch things up to make sure that it does not end in a
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jennifer: here is a live performance of "purple rain."
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smoking causes 16 different types of cancer.
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to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. jennifer: a postal worker caught on camera being attacked by a pair of nypd detectives is doing this to the $100 million. he claims he was harassed by various officers after he unknowingly gave directions to a man that went on to murder to nypd cops in 2014.
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video capture detectives kicking and beating him. after they said he was parked in front of the hydrants. both officers have been indicted on assault charges, he suffered serious injuries and says his life will never be the same. though not. >> i am not the same. jennifer: both detectives pleaded not guilty. it can carry a sentence of up to name: steve: mayor bill de blasio regulating how and where these in the middle 10 perform, no soliciting zones. jennifer: this year's national spelling bee will be longer and hope we will not end in a tie.
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past two years. changes are being made, the final championship will consist of 75 words instead of 25. organizers will be able to choose harder words. the fifth-place price money going up to $40,000. steve: this rabbi has filed suit just before the start of passover, i he claims that this manufacturer pushed him out of longtime chief supervising rabbi because he complain when the company started loosening exposure guideline seven years ago. he also claimed the orthodox union that he worked for could not enforce the dialogue. the union says that it hasn't done anything wrong. the rabbi has not commented. >> as we said, the celebration of passover begins tomorrow. one of the most influential rabbis talked about the meaning
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finding faith. >> passover is known as the passover of spring, spring time. and so we emerge from the winter with hope and encourage. reporter: this rabbi talk to me about the meaning of the jewish celebration of passover. >> what would you like young children can take away from passover? would you want them to know about it or not. >> first of all, i think that the emphasis is really on the children. for children, it is a lesson of hope. instilling the lessons of history of jewish pride and identity.
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life has its ups and downs. reporter: it is a spring festival that marks the liberation of the people in israel. this man fled to budapest with his mother in 1938. many of his relatives died during the holocaust. >> it was total darkness with my family, i would like to visit the cemetery and i can only go to the crematorium abbas woods. that is where the ashes have been discovered. i experienced in humanity when not to germany took over for mackey and his mother came to the united states in 1947.
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that we came to the country of freedom here, where i was not only to rebuild myself but to be of service. to payback for having survived and i believe in building. reporter: how do you keep your faith to . >> it is something very personal. many of the holocaust survivors turned against god. and turned against man. and they say how to god let this happen? the question is gone, where were you? i say god, you saved me, you save me and i am grateful. and i'm going to be grateful for the rest of my life. it wasn't god who perpetrated these crimes. it was man. >> how is it that you are able to forgive to or have you to . >> it is a matter of not being paralyzed by the past.
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can have compassion, we can have mercy. there's a phrase that we use during those horrible days. god is with me, i am not afraid of. reporter: passover happens at the springtime in the rabbi says that it's a at the time when all of us can think about new beginnings and hope. >> if you trust in god, trust in your fellow man. steve: maybe not ready to retire quite yet. jennifer: , macgregor says that he still wants to fight. why the star admits that he got fed up with the demands of his bosses. steve: celebrities around the world continue to mourn the loss of prince. what music experts are saying about his lasting legacy let us know what you're thinking on her
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steve: prince one of the
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selling well over 100 million records over the course of his career. here to talk more about his legacy is the music critic for the "new york post." thank you for coming in. you have had the incredible experience of interviewing him at paisley park. jennifer: he came up with so many songs, hit after hit. >> absolutely, that was his hit factory. pretty much everything he did was done in a way. and it was stressful being there. >> yes, it was. you know, i'm a music critic and so i have had a very fortunate life. but just the aura of his
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you and i remember being intimidated. >> he is a very interesting artist and it's so hard to believe that he's gone. >> he carried himself in a way, he was a relentlessly cool. he was very conversational. i enjoyed chatting with them. >> the situation and what happens was, the kind of phoned me from a neighboring studio in the complex to talk to me and get an idea what i was like. and i think i passed some sort of test that he came into the studio where i was and converse with me one-on-one. in that moment it was part of his. >> you see his legacy. he fought a lot of battles and
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and even now his music isn't on spotify. we remember when he painted on his face and the '90s. a public battle. that is something the benefited a lot of artists. >> absolutely. he was very particular where he put his music out for streaming. and he really did put his money where his mouth was. he made a stand and that is the way it was in the way that it remained. >> i could talk you all day about this. >> thank you for having me. steve: coming up next, a scandal at a long island middle school. jennifer: sparking a multimillion dollar likes lawsuit. steve: why they didn't want this
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school on long island. they are accused of abusing special needs students and their care. steve: jessica talk to the parents of one student who filed a 10 million-dollar lawsuit against the district. >> i want them all punished, they all belong in jail for mackey claimed that their son's middle school teacher and her teaching assistant operated a torture classroom for years. >> he could not tell us the everyday torture that he was going through. >> verbal abuse, physical abuse, striking, tying up, concealing in a bathroom, spring aerosols that the children. reporter: this boy is autistic and nonverbal. his family said that he loved going school but everything changed about two years ago when they noticed a change in his
10:33 pm
>> he was all of a sudden not wanting to get off the bus, he doesn't want to go to school anymore. reporter: in the classroom there were six children of which we are told that five of the families are also suing the oldest trick for the alleged abuse. the lawyer representing the family says that since 2009 long beach school district had heard about the allegations of abuse. but nothing was done until october 2151 an anonymous letter was sent to the community. >> explaining the abuses that were going on in his school. and in this classroom. reporter: this superintendent released a statement saying that the long beach school district had complied and will continue to comply at all federal and state legal requirements regarding complaints to the district about possible abuse or mistreatment of the students.
10:34 pm
classroom but is collecting a salary on paid leave. the family lawyer says that there were cameras inside the classroom and in the hallway and he is hoping to obtain the video. steve: getting a look at the man that attacked the woman whose jargon and prospect park. surveillance video shows a man accused of grabbing a woman from behind and/in front of him before he ran off to the police released a sketch of the suspect and they say that he is about 6 feet tall with short hair and then a goatee. if you have the information call the crimestoppers. steve: the ninja burglar has been sentenced to 25 years. costanzo pleaded guilty to three counts of robbery and committing more than 100 burglaries in the area. he got the nickname because he dressed in all black clothing which must've been a horrifying sight for homeowners.
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longer welcome to perform at trinity college in hartford, next weekend. a student called off his concert, saying that his music was dismissed at will to women. george washington university canceled his appearance two weeks ago because of similar concerns. steve: conor mcgregor is we brief retirement is apparently over. he says that he's willing going to have on the main event in july, the irish superstar says that he was totally fed up with the promotional requests for such a big event and needed to focus on his training. no word if they will put him in the main event. a rematch against nate diaz. in mourning the loss of one of his biggest stars of all time.jennifer: billed as the ninth wonder of the world, chyna was a
10:36 pm
against men and women in her wrestling career. she fell on tough times ,-com,-com ma struggling with drugs and alcohol and was featured in several adult videos. the authorities have not ruled out an over overdose. jennifer: who is giving this museum $100 million enact. steve: having new yorkers lining up.
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>> from counting sheep to counting money. six out of 10 americans are losing sleep over money and problems about money. and speaking of college you may be making the grade, but that may not be good enough for getting a job. one in four companies don't think that universities are preparing students for the real world, putting too much emphasis on book learning. the dow jones dropping below
10:40 pm
in the week. once again pulling down stocks. and on the news of the passing of prince. several of the artists albums jumping to the top of the bestseller listings. jennifer: the museum of modern art on a very generous donation to. $100 million museum says it will use the money to renovate and expand and have three floors of art galleries to be added. steve: the nypd music awards returning to new york city, held at madison square garden. they were last held in the city
10:41 pm
center in brooklyn and that was the controversy with miley cyrus. the show is set for sunday night, august 28. a new ice cream craze hitting the city just in time for summer and instagram season. jennifer: what makes this frozen treat special and where you can
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steve: the latest ice cream craze right in time for summer. jennifer: jessica shows us how this sweet treat is inspired by thai street food. >> it is a very popular place. a lot of people are finding out about this i mean shop or social media. the owner says that on a good day they sell 600 cups of ice cream. >> literally roll up your ice cream. >> we make lots of batter and then we add the ingredients to
10:45 pm
and we chop it up and roll it and it takes about two minutes to mix it. >> then you add any topping you want. >> we went to thailand and we saw the concept. we thought it was really cool. my partner loves ice cream and we said let's bring it to america. >> they have made a name for themselves on social media. >> we have like $20,000. it really helps with the business. one. with the weather getting nicer, they will be rolling up a ton of ice cream this summer so you should get in here because they do have a limit on how many cups of ice cream they sell each day.
10:46 pm
everyday. jennifer: that does look good. hopefully they pay those guys right. the one everybody loves ice cream. it is a feel good thing. nick: today was phenomenal. the perfect spring day. 10 degrees above average and not all that human and breezy. nice with all the sunshine. we do have a cold front coming in from the west. we are going to watch out for showers and we will have an isolated shower in the morning.
10:47 pm
he just a bit of it in the morning. you can see 10 to 15% humidity which will hold the temperature up. mitac clouds that have started moving across the area. taking a look at the sky guardian the showers have gone up towards albany. a fair amount of clouds will be around in the showers threat will arrive tomorrow afternoon. seventy-seven and one, mid-seventies in belmont, we are expecting cooler readings near connecticut in the mid-60s there today, up to succeed at bridgeport and into the mid- mid-50s. holding onto 69 and we are in the cities, made 60s
10:48 pm
518 degrees from just 24 hours ago with a southwest wind that will continue tonight on into tomorrow about 10 to 15 knots per hour. getting in on the warmth. into the 70s or earlier. the seven in washington dc and then watch the showers that are now. the high pressure now moving offshore. keeping the south westerly flow and play. one storm heading toward the great lakes dragging this cold front through. climbing right out of the 60s to 74 at lunchtime. thunderstorms coming in from the midafternoon on.
10:49 pm
back onto 60 and up up to upper 60s. the future cat showing the front moving along as we walked through the showers on eye. starting with a bit of cloud cover and then getting much better by late morning and beautiful afternoon and the beautiful sunday is coming up as well. fifty-three in town. indeed in town. tomorrow 79, upper 60s at the shore. showers and storms moving into tomorrow night. 69 degrees, 72 on monday, it looks okay. dry is thursday in mid to upper 60s. steve: there is that moment of sadness. [laughter] jennifer: yes, definitely. steve: it's great, we love it.
10:50 pm
gala here on the upper east side. an impressive success rate of 90% of the minority students want to graduate. not only did the school attracted to start the school but she is a defendant of businessmen and a native new yorker cornelia vandevelde. jennifer: it was a rough night for the rangers and for their fans. steve: we have russ coming up next. simone loco. tracker. right lane closed on the long
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russ: how are you doing, everyone? tonight it is a different occasion. it is not a must win situation at madison square garden it is as close as it is to get to being one.
10:54 pm
would put them down three games- down to one. picking up the rebound, crashing in, making it quickly won nothing for the penguins. a couple of seconds later. the rangers are in more trouble. patrick cashing in. 2-2. conner taking the puck away from kevin klein. we did nothing for the penguins. talk about taking home crowd energy out of the building. continuing this onslaught for the bull's-eye.
10:55 pm
game number five now. now for the rangers is a must win situation. as for the islanders they resume the play tomorrow, down in florida two games apiece going in. serving up batting practice for the oakland a's. and then over here coco crisp gets all of this back to back. giving them a 4-2 advantage. flexing his muscles. and this is your final. in cincinnati tonight, the cubs
10:56 pm
bombed them succeed in nothing. jennifer: well, that his armies were tonight. first, ending with one last tribute. steve: here's a look at prince's amazing guitar solo. this is when he honored a hall
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