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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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distribution] it turned into a celebration of life as people across the country took to the streets >> note mayor bill de blasio says he is cooperating with the band for strong carriages . >> good morning.thank you
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i am carry drew in for juliet. ben: im ben simmoneau . happy friday. >> mike woods is in his friday best. that morning, sir . >> good morning.thank you very much. passover begins tonight . >> happy passover. >> happy friday. let's get you rocking and rolling. 40 65% at central park right now. it's mild. we have 640 in newark and 57 in belmar. same in bridgeport. temperatures are mild this morning. those are not yesterday's highs. that's what we have now. we are 150 warmer than it was yesterday in central park. 21 in sussex and 26 in poughkeepsie.
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temperatures. the other trade-off is that we have a lot more can't cover in the tri-state and showers moving through northern tier of the tri-state and a few sprinkles that have tried to flirt with us . you will see this our chances picking up and the reason being is that there is a lot going on. if the east and northeast. it's the isolated storms and i think the big day with severe weather or anything like that but the heavier downpours and isolated storms. 720 by midday. shower chances picking up towards midday and headed to his late afternoon. showers are out of here very early tomorrow morning. we are really looking at a sunny weekend with high temperatures at 69.we
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tuesday of next week . now, let's see what's going on. we got to see gestapo in on this friday morning. how is it going? >> good to see you.thank you for tuning in this morning. not too much going on the roadways. you are traveling on staten island expressway to the go on this and everything going up to speed for you. if you are traveling in new jersey , things are looking too bad. you are traveling at 78 or 72 or route 80. they are all roadways looking pretty good . we will take a live look in the area of exit 42. things are moving well and the next life shot will be of the new jersey turnpike . it goes to newark airport and things are looking good here to the eastern and everything is looking well to you there. you. >> people around the world
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of friends who died at 57. >> this is the questions are coming up saying drug use may have played a part. >> you don't have to be beautiful . >> there are questions over possible drug use after the mysterious death of the musical icon conference. the 57-year-old was found dead at his paisley park campground. this comes nearly one week after his plane made an emergency landing in illinois for medical reasons. >> all these things will be looked at but the most likely thing from the history is some kind of drug overdose. they said he was sick with the flu. they're trying to contact the hospital moline to get his medical records. maybe he had the flu but i'm concerned about this
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better. >> he performed a private show at his home one day after the emergency landing. >> everyone was there said he looked and sounded great . that's not consistent with someone who has the flu. >> fans gathered outside paisley park and they say can't believe his favorite musician's ground. >> i can't believe he is gone.the guy could play every other instrument. no one could do a slow song like print! his manager says he is shocked and devastated. there is much more to hear from the seven-time grammy winner. >> i have heard that there are things that paisley park that he records and things that they will unpack for years and decades to come . >> his autopsy is expected to be done today. posting memories of prince on social media. >> a lot of them are musicians wrote about how he influenced their art. justin timberlake wrote
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artist. just a once and forever artist. it will be silly to say he has inspired music. he is beyond that . he is within ever song i've ever written. >> john mayer post this. he inspired a generation. his fame is always infused with talent and a talent with freedom. it was a constant reason. that's what an icon is. >> we change the world a true visionary. what a loss. this is not a love song. >> ,and electra dated prince in the 90s posted this picture saying, i feel sad and confused right now. i am in shock and i love you prints. i hope you are comfortable and peaceful now. play on my love, play on. the fallout has begun from the voter problems. they were reported during tuesday's primary periodicity of elections
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rihanna without pay. that's until they figure out what took place. this is reports of issues including thousands of names issues missing from voter rolls. the big problem seems to be with democrats and democrats are overseen by the rules by where the problems were found. rihanna was being skate coded. the city comptroller is investigating. >> mayor bill de blasio says he is cooperating with a corruption probe into a fundraising effort and its attempt to ban horse-drawn carriages. >> teresa perillo follows the story live in the newsroom. >> good morning. seems to be the probe that just keeps growing. there are reports of the us attorney's office handing out subpoenas to donors connected to the horse-drawn carriage
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large amount of cash to the mayor's not-for-profit. >> everything we have done we had done legally . >> it was one of the issues at the center of the mayoral bid . the horse carriage industry he promised to ban during his first week on the job . now, two years later, mayor diblasio is forced to answer tough questions about his connection to the industry and why he pushed so hard for the ponies to be removed from city streets. >> women to make a change. it's very clear and that's all there is to it. >> group pushing the band has revealed that it's been subpoenaed by the us attorney's office as part of the widening corruption probe into mayor diblasio's fundraising efforts. records show to donors donated more than $100,000 to the mayor's not-for-profit campaigning for one new york. the campaign is a question as whether it's a back door approach to aveda election
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cash for favors. when asked if he ever used city hall as a way to solicit funds, the mayor said city hall , i taught them how to get the carriages off the streets. >> a spokesperson says the group intends to answer every question. after taking up the issue, plan fell apart. the mayor ultimately found little support in public and in the city council . the horse care scandal is beginning with allegations of four nypd officers giving preferential treatment to two of the mayor's big donors. it has now included nine officers in the mayor's fundraising efforts . >> mary baggio is not been charged with any crime
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any wrongdoing. teresa, thank you. donald trump is calling on ted cruz and john kasich to drop out. cruises out with a new ad saying he's the only one he can win in november. >> how do we stop ted cruz? how do we stop ted cruz? >> i don't think we can. >> the republican party is hosting the annual spring reading meeting . convention? party officials are not convinced. cruises going to stop him from getting to the magic number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. >> i will not reach 1237 immutable donald trump. >> if it takes one ballot or five , the nominee will be majority of the delegates on the floor of the
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perhaps.>> bernie sanders took a break to spend time in vermont after hillary clinton's win in new york. the question becomes, how long will the democratic convention last and it continues to work in her favor. >> still had, get ready for april showers. mike woods has the details. the weekend is looking pretty nice. >> the number of broken complaints is on the rise.
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, welcome back. let's take a look at what happened yesterday. highs are getting up to a very comfortable range. we are expecting low 70s at 730. at central park , 770. is close in poughkeepsie and 64 in islip as well as montauk . here's where we stand now. there is a mild day yesterday and a mild start . it's not just the warmer temperatures. 65 in central park and it
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out to the ocean water. still, very mild for everyone. should be coming in from the southwest.bit variable. it's only at five 6 miles per hour. showers we see on the radar with just a few over the northern tier popping up on the radar. don't believe a lot of this ground. we are expecting more of the showers to make it to the ground as time goes on. it's an area of pressure here. the front will slide through and it comes to a lot of us working their way through over the next 24 hours. that will bring us in the cloudier skies in the showers. look what happens with the future caspian not much
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there will be a few cups of showers here or there. headed to the ever overnight hours as the cold front comes through we are not expecting much rainfall. it will be a quarter of an inch or your less. a quarter of an inch is more or less what i'm thinking. >> we see rains out of here early tomorrow morning. sunny skies through the majority of the saturday and the weekend. cooler temperatures are here with another scholar shower chance coming on tuesday. fox five weather app on the apple itunes store with live interactive radar . it's free so check it out. let's bring in christina. that helps us out without commute . it will be pretty dry. >> not too bad on the roadways. things are moving well.
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looking good. it's not looking so bad in the palisade parkway. the garden state parkway moving up to the freeway. nothing going on in this area of the fdr. in the george washington bridge just a great ride for you as you make your way in town. we will continue to keep you up to date with that. lincoln and holland are . as far as the trains are concerned, the new jersey transit is running on or close. the alternate site is in effect . >> think you, christina. if you are seeing a lot more rats in the city , you are not alone. more people than ever complaining about the growing problem. complaints for the first quarter are up 39%.
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period last. 39% it's been an ongoing trend with 15,000 complaints last year up 50%. of course that means pest control businesses are doing great. orkin says they have almost 130% in the last three years. >> speaking of rest . >> curtis leela joins us in the studio. curtis, i have a big beef with you this morning. you are selling the queens chronicle that there is no doubt about it to the fact that you are running for queens borough president. i will call bull on this! there is not a chance! not a chance that chris runs. excuse me mister gq upper east side . ben: you don't live in queens and you can't give up that lucrative radio salary. curtis: i know you were born in a silver spoon but
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mill village. there is dirty water hot dogs with cooling's mustard. hundreds of people gave me a standing ovation. >> just because did that does not mean you are really running.>> you are leading these people i am lying to them. >> and you are lying to the journalist? >> we are talking about real issues last night. the corrupt democratic machine. the most corrupt of all the country. i will give the machine . >> have you given your notice? >> you have to be for you to clear so what day will you tell them. >> this race has not officially begun. i know you want but again, read my lips. he is not running for
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not going to happen. he will not give up that radio salary. >> whatever amount of money and make , i don't see it because it goes to all of my exes and the lawyers. >> there is no way that those exes >> -trying to be a viable public and kennedy and you are so hostile towards me. >> i am sorry to dominate the conversation. >> you are getting hostile . >> vibrators up. >> why would he run for office unless he wants to end up behind bars like every other mayor. >> i am unlike the others and not going to be wined and dined and pocket line. >> you have to pay it.>> stacking the deck against me until one vote is caused
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>> his wife is asking for leniency. here is what she said. she said, i am not sure what i can say except my husband is a good man . it terrifies me that they both died from the same kind of cancer. she is asking the judge for leniency. we think about this? >> did you miss the letter from bill de blasio? a night of integrity?>> now they say he has prostate cancer. so what ? i have prostate cancer and they went in with the wrong robotics surgeon and plopped it , you live to have another day. you just don't have that and behind bars, you don't need it . i hope you rot ! i hope you go straight to hell without an asbestos suit. you are so corrupt that you have to find a black and decker power tool to drill you into the ground. >> let's remember prince.
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truly. >> we were at the trolley at the time and his had everything bathed in purple. is the first avenue club. that's how the song raspberry beret came about . >> when you heard about his death yesterday, what went through your mind? >> we would be so close and having dirty dancing episodes that you would separate us. >> curtis labor . 1999. >> getting paid handsomely.
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good morning. let's show you what's up. it will be a very warm day out there. temperatures right now still dropping a little bit. 650 is where we start in central park. 570 in bridgeport. we have a cloudy sky here in the tri-state with showers flirting in the northern tier. it's really like stuff. we do expect the showers to expand and we have the potential for storms out there. the fronts come on through especially later this afternoon. we will make it up to 77 with a high and shower chances pick up in the afternoon. it's dry over the weekend and it could certainly bring us a shot of tuesday of next week. >> duke is off so if sports tonight. floats florida series now tied 2/2. >> the rangers in the penguins at the garden!
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none of them we could use on television. >> five goals for the first 69 seconds into the game. pulled after the fourth goal and they approach the ranger. it's game five coming up on saturday. the rangers are down 3/1. the only hope left is coming back on the deficit. we'll see if they can repeat history.the yankees try to avoid the sweep the oakland a's. >> top of the seventh at the game-high . he sets the solo homer at 3/2. the next batter up is coco here to to the left. it's back to back home runs making it 3/2 oakland. now, to the top of the eighth and is doing again. chris coughlin with a shot to the right . they go on seven three to get their first sweep at yankee stadium. >> it's a couple of minutes away from 5:00. top stories, weather and traffic , coming up . "good day wake up" coming up .
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gary for temperatures near 80. with that warmth comes the rain. we will see showers out there. mike has the details coming up. up. >> it's a celebration of life and a music legend. people are still shocked at the death of friends. >> mayor did tell diblasio plans to and the horse carriages. he will say what we will


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