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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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distribution] "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call". >> once again, donald trump at the campaign office at trump tower. turns out to be homeless. we will have the story. >> bad news for chris christie. his popularity reaches a new low .we will tell you just how low . >> it can go lower. >> good news when it comes to the homeless in new york city. the survey out shows there are fewer people living in the streets. >> will see if that passes the test. do we really believe that? and one year ago? still seems like there's a lot of people out there.
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i'm big ben's amount. >> i'm so happy you are back . >> i won't go any further than that .>> your doctor says you are not contagious. >> i think you are contagious on the early side. you fight them off and you are okay. >> i spent five days with you so you could get it. >> my makeup artist had it last week. >> it's going around. >> it is. >> michael how are you feeling today? >> i know the feeling all too well. >> is good to be back. >> it's kind of nice. >> except that it's not pleasant. >> good morning everyone. let's get you rocking and rolling.
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cool start but we have cloudy skies at 500 and is not that bad but the thing is, temperatures don't move much because it will be cloudy and cool with showers trying to pull through from time to time. 370 out by sussex and windsor pre-light and variable coming in from the east northeast at five 10 miles per hour. it's the same basic weather scenario that we have had for a while and what we will see coming at you is a lot of clouds and a few showers showing up on the radar and satellite locally. we have showers in the lower hudson valley and maybe a little bit more in the bronx. we will keep it cloudy and a little bit unstable with
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we will see it looking good for the time being but more wet weather is on the way for the weekend. cloudy skies and it will be cool with showers out there. temperatures topping out at the rangers is coming on this evening with cloudy skies early and it should dry out after that. small does not look bad. if you have to do something over the weekend, tomorrow would be the day to do it . 560 and 61 tomorrow. sunday, looking a little bit worse with cloudy skies.the day into monday. >> were in for ines with the latest on the commute. things are good out there on the roadways. it's not looking terrible over the belt parkway. it's a decent right on
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at the early hour in each direction. it's looking okay at the new jersey turnpike . it's at 13 a and in both directions is looking good in the western for the split . everything is looking well with the alternate side with money in the meter. >> a man claims he was offered a young boy for a sexual encounter in exchange for money. teresa joins us live from the upper west side. more of what we know works this is really troubling. good morning everyone. it happened at bow bridge. the iconic bow bridge inside of a central part . it's 74th street and according to police, they say witness called them and said that he was approached by someone inside the park who was offering sex with a young boy for $300. that witness told police
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years old and he said he declined the solicitation and he immediately called 9-1-1 . this is the description that the witness gave police. this is the description that police gave us. they are actively searching for this person. they are hoping the information will help you track this guy down. the adult says the child was a white male and 35 years old. he had dark hair and he was clean-shaven wearing a black jacket with a four color or a 400. a young boy he is wearing a spring type jacket and the color red. >> he is still being talk to my investigators inside of the central park precinct station which is inside the park. it's not far from the's inactive investigation they are
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this young boy.they don't have any reason to believe this is a prank or a hoax so they are tracking this down.violence broke out on a protest where he held the rally. it was pretty bad. robert moses has the details. >> police were called at 7:45 pm. testing revealed the powdery substance was harmless even though police and not yet said what it was. as the drama unfolded, donald trump was in california for a rally in costa mesa.
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trump's supporters clashed with them. the orange kind sheriffs department reports that about 20 people were arrested. trump appears to have a stranglehold on the nomination. ted cruz will attempt to make a final stand in indiana on tuesday . the former house speaker, jumping or, did not have kind words for cruise at stanford university. >> i have never worked with a more miserable sum of its. >> cruise seemed surprised to hear what john weiner said. >> i've met john we had two or three times in my life and if i have said 50 words to him i would be surprised and everyone of them has consisted of pleasantries. >> the other man, chasing trump , says he will stay in the race after consulting with his wife. >> you looked at me and
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choice. if you don't give them a choice, who will? >> ernie sanders has promised to stick it out just like john kasich even though hillary clinton has the nomination locked up . a sanders nomination with a long shot but he insists that it's a long shot . >> we are taking them on with much later . >> after spending two years chasing the republican nomination for president, governor chris christie's popularity in new jersey is at an all-time low. according to the new poll, it's at 26% among the registered voters. it's a three-point dip . it's pretty low. they are unfavorable and they call him dishonest and untrustworthy. >> is 63%.
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mia. yesterday he dismissed the polls saying he does not need a 70% approval rating. >> it is helpful. >> number of homeless people on city streets has dropped right double digits. that's what they say. it found 2800 homeless people were living on the streets on the night of february 9. 2800 people for the entire city. >> it's just not accurate . >> it's 12% lower than the count taken february last year.his 36% lower than the first count was taken in 2005. he says no, he is disputing the claims. he says he is doing a night. he does not produce accurate numbers.
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threatened to blow the whole place can actually see on social media some of the people inside the building tweeting about it. investigators say the man said his car on fire. he will went into the building and began making threats against the station. some people say it was some sort of roasting like a groundhog. police say he was carrying . when it did not happen, he went outside and police watch. >> when he walked down the street, he pose a threat to the community. they were forced to use a real gun to shoot the
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>> the robot is designed to protect explosives. they determine the device was released. chocolate bars wrapped in aluminum foil. >> this was captured on camera and some people thought he was being shot. the suspect is hospitalized and the man says he is unstable and that seems fairly right. >> link to san bernardino shootings facing marriage frauds. the sister-in-law and the wife of his longtime friend were arrested yesterday. prosecutors say they took part in the marriage and the other lied under oath. none is charged in connection with the actual shooting. >> still ahead, on this fabulous friday, this is some cloudy skies and an occasional shower. it doesn't matter because it's friday.
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the new jersey motor
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will come back . welcome back. >> light showers to the
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the frontal boundary is hanging out in the mid-atlantic region . we have plenty of moisture making it cloudy and cool but showers, doesn't look like we will get a whole lot . is making you cool and uncomfortable. we have 500 at central park and it's not too bad for this time of the year. temperatures will be going up that much. we have the northeast wind coming through and it's 500 in poughkeepsie and 48 in bridgeport. uniform temperature is between 46 500 . we will see a cloudy sky throughout the day with a few passing showers from time to time. looks like the greatest threat will be to the north. not as much happening to the south. we don't have anything major to trigger the storms but later this evening, we will see an upper level low swinging by bringing us and
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it swings through. we've got a cloudy day with patchy light showers. as we take you into 9:00, we have the upper level low coming and it will help trigger a few moderate showers. look at what happened as we head into sunday. we look at the next batch of showers with light to moderate rainfall. it's more of a washout. it will be light rain with cool temperatures coming at us. that's what it looks like now. high temperatures up to 460 with some patchy showers or sprinkles in the area. so a bit drier with a high of 61. that's a better looking day with sunday and monday and monday, rain chances are still pretty good. a live interactive radar . downloaded at the google play store and you are ready to rock and roll. let's bring in christina and see what's going on on
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>> not yet as we keep our fingers crossed. it's not looking terrible so far. good morning, everyone. one incident to talk about in bridgewater and that will be at the 206 on the southbound side of route 22 when we have an accident that happened. it was on the southbound side and it's closed. you will want to keep that in mind until future notice and you will have to avoid that spot . things are looking bad as you are traveling on the lie in the northern state . it's a sunrise highway in meadowbrook. it's all running along without incident and delay. let's take a look at the fdr drive. that will be in the area of 79th street. things are looking pretty good on the fdr as a whole. let's go through the gwb which is also looking decent as you make your way into town. no delay on the lincoln and the holland and the
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money in the meters. >> christina, thank you. >> if you are going to the motor vehicle commission , it could soon be more. >> like i have gone one day . >> you always have issues with your guitar. >> they will get more customer service training. customer they gave a requirement for all workers. this reports from editors and the fundamentals of good customer service. >> how much is the state spending on this? is it common sense?>> every single time i have gone to the dmv in jersey, every person i dealt with was really nice. >> it was the customers or the people waiting that i had a problem with. >> let's bring in curtis. he is the host . curtis: he is on injured reserve because when he left the show on wednesday , it was about 4:58 am, he was in a cab going across
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a truck. the car went bouncing off the divider and we talked about it on the air. interestingly, he brought us up and blamed us and insult us. >> i was smashed as i was leaving channel 5. i do a hit with good day early call new york with the diva girl, juliet eddie and gq boy, ben simmoneau. >> why you call her diva girl? >> i've seen the segment. >> beyonci worse than her . the worst of the worst. then there is ben simmoneau, past the great coupon. >> ungrateful! >> i have to say , i have no issue with what he said about me it's what he said about you.
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as a result of the fact that i wasn't feeling well after our hit because you are so insulting, attacking me for my attempt to be the next queensboro presidency. >> let me announce he is not running. >> there is no way! no way he will give up a half $1 million. >> if you want to take a poll now do you think i would do better than chris christie? >> let's get there in a second. let's talk about presidential politics. speaking of people who don't like each other , apparently john being or doesn't like ted cruz calling him lucifer in the flesh. it's the most miserable is so b he is ever worked with. >> here is john being her. remember mister mayor smoking cigarettes.he was always crying. >> areas. a person with no
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lucifer? how could that the? i thought he was jesus . >> either one of the other is lying. you can't be both jesus and lucifer. >> ted cruz responded and said we have never even work together. what are you talking about? >> we walked by each other in the hallway. >> he is too busy having carly fiorina saying the wheels in the was bus are going round and round. >> she was just trying to be entertaining. >> that is mean. >> let's talk about chris christie . >> you see him behind donald trump at all of these campaign stops. he is looking a little bit bewildered and sometimes perplexed. >> that look is that he should be the one giving the speech. doesn't america realize what they are losing? not having cmo.
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realizes it because they don't care. >> this guy is always missing in action. the whole thing is try to create favor with the voters . >> did you see the look on his wife's face? all of a sudden your guy trump is talking about hillary always playing female card. if that look could be replayed over and over, it will be the biggest problem. one of his best supporters doesn't believe that union. >> what do you think? >> let's leave it at that. >> there are many things that i think. >> the scratching and the deflection of both of you . >> curtis, i would think that as you have been shot in the back of a taxi would stop taking taxi. >> he did not wear a seatbelt because of the fact that the last time he was shot he was able to
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take a number?>> at 5:00 am. >> say hi to your cohort . >> we do do nice things. >> dominic likes you so much. >> he has absolutely no taste whatsoever. >> that's for sure. >> is the apple of the giants i've. >> this guy's last name is apple. we will talk about it coming up flex there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones.
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chondroitin, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra.
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time for sports with conflicting words words with ryan fitzpatrick. they said the jets quarterback would rather not play football. >> the offer is in the range of 78 million per season. half of what he is seeking. the daily news reports fitzpatrick is more likely to the starting position with the jet then on another team. >> the giants are going all
4:57 am
>> the new york giants select eli apple. >> it it took eli apple with the 10th pick overall. apple has in addition to the secondary after he signed for an agency. the addition gives him three quality quarterbacks in the league and the now used three receivers almost 60% of the time. >> i love when they have the camera at the home. >> that is fun. >> the jacks add up some speed with a playmaker. ohio state with daringly added for the number 20 overall pick. he joins in imposing defense finishing fourth. he had 12 sacks as an
4:58 am
the coach characterizes him
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bringithis is good day wake up. greg my serial my serial is not fully chewed. >> it will be cloudy and cool . here is what everyone wants to know. will it be nice and sunny for the weekend? for the weekend? like forecast. the answer is no. i will give you the head's up. the white powdery substance is sent to the donald trump campaign office. >> speaking of donald trump, he had a nice campaign stop in costa mesa until it all started going to you nowhere.


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