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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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general public. additionally, air quality test resulted showed the air is safe. do you think riders should be concerned? >> i do. i do. we bring that contamination up from track level. it gets on your boots and clothing. you can bring it up to the track level. from there, someone else will walk on it and carry it as well as it becoming airborne. >> fluid from old trains may be the source, which were used to prevent electrical fires on trains before being identified as a possible carcinogen. some think the massive closed dark labyrinth brews bad conditions. >> the stations are usually outside, not inside. i think that helps for health and the air. >> reporter: here's the layout as we understand it. there are 21 tracks at penn station with contamination on 1 and 10. it's testing the remaining tracks. they hope to have the results back in the next week or two if not sooner.
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arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. back to you. dari: thank you. we have this developing news out of harlem. two nypd officers have been hurt in a car crash. this is at 139th and 7th. that's a live look at the scene from skyfox hd. a victim flagged down officers to say they were robbed. police pursued somebody matching the description of the robber and that's when the accident happened. the officers were taken to harlem hospital, their injuries nonlife-threatening. two suspects were taken into custody. steve: the nypd looking into a claim made by a man from california. dari: this is disgusting. he told police he was walking through central park last night when he was approached by a man who offered him sex with a child. lidia curanaj is in the park with more on that tonight. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the nypd. they tell me right now this investigation is still ongoing. they still don't have any leads. a lot of crazy things happen in this big city.
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but everyone we spoke to was completely shocked by this incident. >> i never heard of something like that before. no. it's shocking. >> reporter: that's the reaction we received from most people when they heard what allegedly happened in central park thursday night. police say a man called to tell them that while walking along the bridge inside the park, a stranger offered up his 11-year-old son for sex. the price for a sex act with the child, $300. >> unfortunately, i think that goes on and we're not aware of it. it's disturbing. >> reporter: this allegedly happened before 11:00 last night. the witness told cops he's declined the offer. by the time he called police, the man and child were gone. the suspect is described as being a 35-year-old white man wearing a blue winter coat with a fur trimmed hood. despite what may have happened, they feel central park is as safe as it's ever been. >> it's a beautiful place. you're going to have bad things
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unfortunately you have bad people anywhere. >> reporter: every person we spoke to, the first question they asked is how is the little we don't know much. all we know is he was wearing a red and orange jacket. the nypd also told me they plan on checking surveillance cameras in the area, hoping that possibly something was caught on there and will lead them to the suspect. that's the latest in central park. i'm lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. back to you. steve: thanks. a man killed after being shot in the head near a subway station under construction in east new york brooklyn. the victim was 41-year-old charles jones. police say the suspect was wearing construction clothing. at this point no arrests. dari: an nypd officer was convicted by a brooklyn judge of misdemeanor assault for stomping on a suspect's head during a pot bust. the incident was caught on cell phone there. this was in 2014. the nine year veteran will be sentenced in june. he faces up to a year in prison. steve: mayor de blasio will run
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he made that clear during a radio interview despite a growing corruption scandal at city hall. as lizbeth hernandez potential challengers are -- >> reporter: mayor de blasio saying he will run for a second term. >> mayor de blasio has to say he's running. had he hinted he wasn't, he would become more vulnerable. >> reporter: this is a columnist for the new york post and says the recent investigation into the mayor's campaign fundraising isn't helping. de blasio calls it a politically motivated witch hunt. >> i think they should ask the question how a state board of elections official singled us out, apparently not understanding how state election law works, and then leaked their document to the media, which in and of itself may be a violation of law. >> there's no mistaking the fact that the governor has great hostility to the mayor. it's been the case for a couple of years. most recently, he's the
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damaging state board of elections memo that was leaked on the mayor last week. >> reporter: city and state political insiders say governor cuomo has a short list of potential mayoral candidates. >> i've been told that he's high on the list. >> reporter: diaz and cuomo attended a fundraiser at the home of a prominent bronx real estate developer. their city comptroller scott stringer. >> stringer has defeated spitzer in a primary. i don't think there's any doubt he would love to be mayor of new york city. if he had the opportunity would challenge de blasio. he might reconsider if he felt he could win. >> reporter: fox 5 reached out to diaz. his team had no comment.
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seek re-election for city comptroller. should be interested. steve: thank you, liz. breaking news from new jersey. joe beerman over the scene of what appears to be an oil sheen in the hudson river. >> i'd call it an oil splic -- slick on the hudson river north of the george washington bridge. the u.s. coast guard is in route up here to try and figure out where this oil slick is coming from. one of the key indicators is there's a marina up here that it might be coming from. but it's a fairly big oil slick on the jersey side, runs from two miles north of the bridge down to about the gw. you can see it mixing with the water. they'll have to test the samples of the water, go back and test the fuel in the marina and see
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the big mystery. dari: thank you. the current governor of new jersey and former one teamed up today. chris christie and jim mcgreevey met with clients in newark to promote a program that lets former prisoners re-enter civilian life. it helps people get training, housing and employment after their sentences end. >> the technology that is so part of our lives now was not a part of life at all for these gentlemen and how they need to learn all of these things before they can become productive, active, valuable members of our day to day society again. dari: governor christie says more than 80 percent of the people who finish the program return successfully to society. steve: an update on the race for the white house. things tense in california as hundreds of protestors rallied against donald trump. really remarkable video. police were forced to restore order after demonstrators broke
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hotel near san francisco delaying trump's address to the state gop convention. trump and his security detail were forced to hop a fence and enter through the back of the hotel to avoid the protestors. he said he felt he was crossing the border. dari: that video was something else. governor kasich is scheduled to speak at that convention later on tonight. kasich is hoping to stop trump's momentum in california, but he presently sits in a distant third place, more than 20 points frontrunner. steve: a big endorsement for ted cruz, the governor of governor pence. dari: to the democrats. hillary clinton was here in new york today speaking at a fundraising breakfast in manhattan. eagle academy is a network of all boys public schools that serves mostly minority students. steve: bernie sanders continues to campaign in indiana.
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he believes he can turn out a win but he is far behind in the delegate count. dari: a bizarre story at last night's nfl draft. tunsil went to no. 13 because of a twitter hack. steve: someone posted a photo of him using a gas mask bong. this is a hack that appears to have been a hack. >> reporter: absolutely. nfl prospects are scrutinized. rumors of drug use are a real red flag for pro teams. this is one expensive social media slip-up. >> it's the 81st national meeting. >> reporter: it is the nfl draft, the prime time off season sport. >> with the first pick in the 2016 nfl draft -- >> reporter: on this night, a
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>> tunsil's twitter account, a picture surfaced of somebody smoking. >> reporter: it was supposed to be the best night of his life. instead a picture of him smoking a bong was posted. >> some athletes have concerns, but not one that explodes 10 minutes before the draft. >> reporter: the lineman projected as a top pick found himself at the center of a social media scandal playing out on live television. team after team, including the giants, passed on selecting him. >> now with social media, to be able to see the reason, it's no longer allegations of drug use like with warren sapp. we have video footage, tweets, comments from the players. >> reporter: those images likely cost him millions of dollars. >> not only are we looking at
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there's a potential trickle effect of sponsorship dollars, endorsement dollars, that it will be hard to see. >> he was selected 13th and admitted it was him but insists the account was hacked. the nightmare wasn't over. his instagram account posted a conversation involving payment from his university. a strange night, but e spn says the man still bound for the national football league can recover. >> sure. if he plays his position well, you can recover anything. we've seen it happen in the nfl. >> reporter: afterwards, he said he made a big mistake and insisted the picture was several years old. whether early rumors that his own stepfather may have hacked his account because of a pending civil suit, i spoke with his attorney. he does not believe the stepfather was involved and says the family is still trying to figure out just who may have done that. dari: that would be taking money from the stepfather because he --
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who did it had it out for him and they did succeed in costing him a lot of dough. >> whole foods and other companies have found a way to help workers move up the corporate ladder. the language program that's rolling out in new york. dari: a former pharmacy turned
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tonight's [markers scribbling] paul, remember how mommy used to wait a long time on hold with time warner cable? now, they call mommy back when it's convenient for her. what did you just learn, paul? if time warner cable can change,
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now eat your vegetables. [crunch] changing for good.
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steve: they are searching rving up nostalgia. dari: we sample the sweet offerings in the snack. >> reporter: stepping into brooklyn soda fountain in carroll gardens is like stepping back in time. >> it is a historical place. it is old because it is. >> reporter: they opened the spot in 2010 in a building that was a pharmacy 100 years ago. >> back in the late ' it te teens, early '20s, there was a neighborhood pharmacy until the '60s. >> reporter: it was a pharmacy
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until peter took it over. >> it was filled with drugs and medicines. it says flatulence. it doesn't specify whether it takes care of it or gives you it. >> reporter: the name brooklyn pharmacy. these days it's known for cold, delicious snacks, ice cream sundaes and famous egg creams. peter calls himself the head soda jerk. >> it comes from the motion of jerking seltzer. it's a funny name. >> reporter: the egg cream is a throwback in and of itself. >> my dad taught me about egg creams when i was six years old. he brought me to ray's and said son, this is an egg cream. this is good. that stuck with me until now. all right. brooklyn pharmacy chocolate egg cream. >> reporter: just three ingredients. milk, seltzer and syrup. >> the first thing is start with whole milk. >> reporter: then the seltzer.
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>> and the syrup. a little stir. >> you don't want to overstir it because you don't want to beat all the seltzer out of it. >> and your egg cream is good to drink. peter downs it in three sips. >> that's it. >> reporter: the sign says it all. if you've never had an egg cream before -- >> you're in for a treat. >> reporter: after the egg cream, hopefully you'll have room for a homemade sundae. his favorite, mr. potato head. >> ice cream made from milk from happy cows. >> reporter: he adds potato chips, peanut butter, caramel sauce and whipped cream. >> the best way to know what
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>> i think so, too. it's like heaven on earth. >> it's enjoyable, an experience you can connect with. it's generational. you could somebody born and raised on this block sitting next to someone who moved in. >> for the snack, i'm kerry drew. steve: nothing gets the childhood memories better than the food of your youth. it brings you right back. dari: i've always loved egg creams. chocolate ones. some people like vanilla. soda fountains. makes you feel good. nick: it does. really does. dari: happy. happy. the weather isn't happy. happy. steve: i can tell the mood has soured. people have turned on this month. dari: zombie mode. everyone is mulling along. nick: exactly. just going through the flow. the weekend isn't a complete loss.
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tomorrow is going to be the nice day. sunday is going to be the soggy day. both days will be cool for this time of year. we should average 66 for the high. it was upper 50s today and some areas not getting much out of the lower 50s along the coast. 49 was the low this morning. that's average. and 5:55, the sunrise. down 7:51. a good amount of sun tomorrow. 54 currently. the air is dry with a 35 degree dew point. clouds in play. a couple of showers. pressure 30.08 and steady. some of the showers on fox 5 sky guardian. you can see them through the hudson valley as you get through nyack to montgomery and up towards monticello. some areas of rain towards scranton. not much around the city. we have light showers as you head down towards central new jersey. take a look at the temps. it's cool, in the upper 50s for highs. 58 poughkeepsie. 57 at newark. look at belmar. only 50 degrees today. definitely chilly at the shore.
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temperatures haven't changed that much. it's in the upper 40s by belmar. upper 40s towards monticello. 50 at bridgeport. mid 50s to islip and 50 as you head towards montauk. keep the east-northeast wind in play. 5, 10 miles an hour. nothing really dramatic is going to happen. it will be cloudy with showers around here early. take a look at fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. they're advancing through the lower hudson valley and extending towards central new jersey. there's not much left behind that. the showers get out of here early and we get back to a good amount of sunshine as we head into tomorrow. most of the night will be spent with the cloud cover. we'll have this system hanging off to the east. there's another one that will be tracking to the west. that is going to spread the moisture. it's an evening of severe weather from oklahoma to texas and alabama tonight. 40s as you go towards -- out the door in the morning. 55 midday. 60 in the afternoon. a good amount of sunshine. more clouds later in the day. see the futurecast, we're in the gap here. here comes the moisture. there's the rain for sunday.
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sunday, it will struggle to get out of the low 50s across most of the area. not pretty. early showers, otherwise cloudy, in the 40s. tomorrow, sunshine and a pleasant day. still cooler than average at 60. rain for sunday. only 52 or 53. 59 monday. rain in the morning. cloudy for the rest of the day. tuesday, sun, mid 60s. rain on wednesday, staying in the mid 60s. mid 60s thursday with a couple of showers. hoping for 67 by friday. so that's about it. dari: not pretty. steve: we've been stuck in this for a while. thank you, nick. dari: well, it's been just over a week since his death, but prince memorabilia is going on the auction block. the pieces of music history that are up for bid. steve: and disaster hits broadway. we go one-on-one with an actress
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steve: a new musical is a total disaster, dari: but it's a good thing. it's a song fest that opened last month. christal young hung out with one of the stars. take a look.
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laugh out loud funny. disaster is a bona fide hit and this is a big reason why. welcome, jennifer. >> thank you. >> reporter: your role as a nun is so funny and so right on time. are you having fun playing it? you look like you're having fun. >> 100 percent. i never thought in my wildest dreams that the greatest role of two good friends. we go back 20 years. we did sketch comedy together. they wrote this part. they said we think you'd be great. the rest is history. >> give us the plot. this is an homage to the disaster flicks, like the towering inferno and seth plays professor ted, but there's always a guy who knows what's going on and no one listens. the setup is in act one.
5:26 pm
it's funny, funny, funny. and the best part is when you're not laughing, you're singing. the '70s music. >> it's a great show to see after work. you don't want anything heavy. i want to laugh. that's what this is. you get people who can sing their faces off. >> reporter: you just come and relax and have a great time. the scene where you are -- >> i do the show and i call it a juke box. it's a slot machine. >> that is so funny. it highlights your comedic talent. you have to be soft, but then you want it and then you don't. it's the funniest thing ever. >> my colleague, we talk about the push-pull in comedy and how that's where the gem lies. >> you're genius in it. everyone should go. >> thank you. >> reporter: disaster on broadway. steve: a jacket worn by prince
5:27 pm
auction block in june. he was found dead in his home a week ago. he wore the blazer while riding the motorcycle. that looks like a trademark scene. it is expected to sell for more than the asking price of six to 8 grand. someone will buy that for 400,000. dari: imagine the motorcycle. steve: no one can make a purple motorcycle look cooler than prince. dari: up next, the cost of going green. the new fee you could be charged to use plastic stores. steve: a boy's wish comes true. it transformed his birthday into something unforgettable. >> you're a fantastic duo, your comedic timing spot on, your instincts. >> we have a great time on our show. >> i laugh. it is a circus literally.
5:28 pm
with a purpose. >> a very important thing about you that the viewers know how hard you work. >> we love it. looks like it's a big lark, but a lot goes into it. >> the bottom line is this. you have to be well read. you have to be well connected. we have had some incredible news makers on our show. there's lots of times before we go on the air, we're calling contact people, try to see if we can get them on the show. you never know who's going to be roaming on "good day new york" to talk to us. >> you never know what we'll ask. what did andy warhol say?
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more miles per tank. i' ll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate...
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dari: a new program is helping immigrants hone their english speaking skills. they work for whole foods. steve: jessica explains how the supermarket is providing opportunities for advancement. >> how long is the sale? >> reporter: it's not your normal english class. this one at laguardia community college is tailored to employees of whole foods.
5:32 pm
working as a cook at the supermarket since 2013. >> i can speak english but i have a problem with pronunciation. when i pronounce a word, i don't feel i do it right. >> she was given the opportunity to improve her language skills thanks to skills and opportunities for the new american workforce, a first of its kind program funded by walmart's foundations. >> it's companies like whole foods and foundations like the walmart foundation that are taking this important step. >> the goal for the students, to learn to read, write and speak english well so they can move up in the workplace. >> i'm trying to apply for a supervisor position because right now i'm working as a team member. >> the retailer sector is fast growing, one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. in new york city, in fact, 18 percent of immigrants are looking to improve their english language skills. >> it's a 12 week program. students come before or after
5:33 pm
2-1/2 hours. the rest of the day they're given online assignments. >> they're working, but they're working behind the scenes. i think this will give them the confidence to try to get a job outside out on the floor with customers. >> reporter: organizers say they hope to expand this program in the near future. at laguardia community college, i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. steve: a push to get shoppers to bring bags to stores in new york city. the city council is closer to passing the bag tax. they're in support. if passed, it would put a five cent fee on every plastic or paper bag given to customers at supermarkets and shops. a vote is expected next week. dari: in honor of world make a wish day, the make a wish foundation is transforming a new jersey's boy's wish into reality. that is seven-year-old jaden from middlesex. he celebrated his birthday at
5:34 pm
he was diagnosed with a form of sarcoma months ago. his ultimate wish was to meet one of the transformers in person. so the make a wish foundation is sending him and his family to universal theme park in orlando where he'll meet the optimist prime mega tron. >> what's the coolest thing about it? >> that i get to look at toys. >> he's doing very well. he's done great through everything. he is really strong, stronger than i would be. dari: isn't that amazing? well, the best news is that his cancer is now in remission, which is what you want to hear. steve: good news. new york's bravest coming to the rescue again. how a firefighter who donated bone marrow came face to face with the person whose life he saved. dari: and sun may not be the only thing that ages us. what your hair may have to do
5:35 pm
first, here's tonight's new york minute. sotheby's showing off a collection of art being sold off. the work will be sold. you can go to sotheby' to see them all. >> if you want to see what the second half of the 20th century looked like, this is the man that took the pictures. dari: that is former daily news photographer dan farrell, from sports to politics to pop culture. he took some of the most iconic photos in american history. many are now on display in his hometown at the oceanside library. >> when he passed away, there were memorials, but no place where the photographs and his work were displayed. we wanted to do that here at the library. it is a community center. we wanted to display the history of oceanside and the history of
5:36 pm
dari: the exhibit runs until the end of may.
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dari: new york's bravest put their lives on the line every day. several answered a different kind of call. steve: they donated bone marrow.
5:39 pm
they met the grateful people who received it. >> reporter: 47-year-old amy alcorn through in to meet someone special to her. a big hug and smiles from both of them. new york city firefighter michael wilson donated his bone marrow to the new york blood center and his marrow was given to amy to save her life. today they met face to face for the very first time. >> once you see them face to face and realize, whoa, this happened, i actually did help her get through her illness. >> reporter: amy suffered from leukemia. now she is healthy and has a strong bond with firefighter wilson and his wife. >> it's really made us family. we share several.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: frederick also met the recipient of his bone marrow, a 35-year-old from kentucky. jonathan had a blood disease. firefighter perdue's gift of life is a gift to jonathan and his two young children. >> i know my expression may not be what people may expect, but like i said, it is a deep feel that he does give me the opportunity to see my kids grow up. >> i didn't think about getting any notoriety for it or anything like that. just like being on the job with the fire department. i don't do it to get notoriety. i want to help somebody. >> reporter: there are more members who donate bone marrow and stem cells to the new york blood center than any other group. new york city firefighters helping to save lives in more ways than one. linda schmidt, fox 5 news. steve: pretty impressive. that's amazing to be able to see
5:41 pm
result of your sacrifice. dari: when it comes to staying youthful looking, there are lots of things in play. we'll talk about how it could have something to do with your hair and your skin color. steve: got to choose wisely. a beetle juice bar opening in the east village. the cocktails made to honor tim burton. first a message from fox 5 general manager and vice president lew leone. >> one of the reasons why donald trump is a real contender for president is he has always said he doesn't take money from any special interest group. michael bloomberg, like him or not, couldn't be bought, but now we have a mayor who is a career politician that appears to set policies that benefit his biggest donors. that's the main theme in a recent series of investigations, including a potential criminal probe by the u.s. attorney into several illegal policies of the de blasio administration.
5:42 pm
investigations and intertwined and complicated but they all boil down to one issue, the use of money by fundraisers and donors to directly influence practices, policies and operations of the de blasio add operation. one investigation is focused on the group new york class, which donated huge sums of money to help de blasio defeat christine quinn in exchange for the mayor's promise to ban carriage horses. he is denying that was a priority. >> it's not accurate. i said my top priority was pre-k and everyone knows that. >> we have him on camera. you be the judge. >> we are going to get rid of the horse carriages period. >> our carriage rides are going to continue or come to an end? >> i have said very clearly we're ending horse carriages in new york city. cities around the world have made the decision to end the practice of horse carriages because it's an arcane practice. >> will they be banned? >> the first day i'm mayor, i
5:43 pm
>> he denied making any promises. but listen to his friend russell simmons. you be the judge. >> mayor de blasio made a promise to us. i was there. anybody but quinn. it was the animal rights community that brought along the gay community that created a campaign that put him in office. >> de blasio and team have been accused of breaking election laws by funneling money to specific causes and election campaigns through non-profits. these allegations are mostly connected to de blasio's failed efforts to help democrats gain control of the new york state senate. it should be noted that prior to the reports being made public, de blasio quietly shuttered his non-profit campaign for one new york. the timing is suspicious now that we know the investigations have been going on since january. the third investigation is connected to a complicated new
5:44 pm
involving the sale of a nursing home. de blasio's approval ratings are at an all time low. the quality of life in new york city continues to decline and now we have a mayor who seems to be in over his head and may be part of a criminal proceeding. the man investigating him just convicted sheldon silver and dean skelos. will mayor de blasio be the next
5:45 pm
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steve: fox 5 health news. let fda approved the first commercial test for the zika virus. quest diagnostics says it will be available to doctors as early as next week. the hope is it will expand testing capacity and speed up the time it takes to get a diagnosis. right now the test is only available through a handful of laboratories approved by the government and can take up to three weeks to get results. get the answer earlier. dari: ever wonder why some people your age look younger or older than you? there's a new study that finds it could have something to do with your hair or skin color. steve: joining us, dr. doris day, clinical associate professor at nyu medical center. all right. spill the details. there is -- there are people who look old for their age and young for their age and we're figuring out what makes you good or older than you want to.
5:48 pm
general, if you show people picture, women look older and men look younger than their years. that's one point against us as women. but in this study done out of the netherlands, they looked at over 2500 people and took away sun exposure, lines, wrinkles and things and judged people for perceived age was. they noticed if you take a 70-year-old with or without sun damage, one 70-year-old could be perceived as looking older than another 70-year-old. everything else being equal. then they looked at the genetic differences in these two people of the same age who had this difference in how they looked. they found there was a gene that also codes for hair color and skin color as one of the things that it does. other things that that gene does is affect how your collagen improves after inflammation or wounding and other effects of aging. so that can affect your age by up to two years.
5:49 pm
out in the sun and say it's just in my genes, there's nothing i can do. you can't change your genetics, but you can change your behavior and give yourself the best chance. dari: why are we looking at video of people getting makeup on and hair being done? how does that relate? >> the same gene that helps code for hair color, the way your melanin is packaged to give your hair color, if you're missing or have a copy of the gene, you can look a year older. if you have a pair of the copy of that gene, you can look two years older. it doesn't determine -- if you look at skin color, you can't tell if they have or don't have the gene. you look at the people. it is the gene that helps to code -- steve: there is a genetic basis for -- >> there is a genetic basis. and because you can't control your genes, you can't control that genetic bases, as we get to understand, now we have a place to look for that genetic basis, look at other things that that gene does, and it can also
5:50 pm
and premature aging in terms of things that can be harmful to you and your overall health and well-being. that gene is important. it controls skin and hair color which is why we showed the video. it also affects how your collagen repairs after wounding and damaging. there's data that we'll find in the future. we have a path to look down to help with rejuvenation. for now, do everything within your power, use your sun protection every day, have your skin checked and your local dermatologist has lots of tricks that we can steve: you know all the tricks. we need the tricks and twists in case we didn't take care of ourselves when we were younger. who did? dari: nobody has to worry about glaring sun today or next week. steve: today was actually -- people were bundled up like late winter. nick: it was in the mid 50s much of the day and around 50 as you
5:51 pm
you needed the jacket for sure. wasn't a lot of wind or rain. a lot of clouds. we have some showers this evening. just a few. not a lot that will be happening. it's dry the rest of the night and tomorrow. sunday we'll bring the rain back into the forecast. look at philadelphia, 54. washington, d.c., 55. them. not out of the upper 50s in buffalo. boston 51. albany the warmest spot at 59. there are the showers in northeastern pennsylvania going across towards sullivan county. it's all advancing to the east and a few light showers may make it into the city in the next hour. again, very light showers, very scattered. we'll put this into motion. you can see there's not a great deal out there. they're moving at a good clip. first part of the night may see showers. clouds will stay for the night because it's expansive going
5:52 pm
eventually we'll have the dry air take over and will bring us a better day saturday. right now, 54 in new york city. only 48 as you head towards belmar at the jersey shore. it's 10 degrees warmer at poughkeepsie. 52 in sussex. 50 at bridgeport. same on the east end. holding in the lower to middle 50s across long island. east-northeast. we're going to keep the east-northeast wind tonight at 5 to 10 miles an hour. likely to see the wind coming out of the northeast tomorrow, switching onshore as we head into the afternoon. that's the problem again. i keep reminding you this time of year, anytime we get an onshore wind, it's going to make a big difference in keeping the temperatures cooler than they should be. that's going to happen again a lot in the upcoming forecast. the showers are going away. we won't worry about those too much. we will watch this. it's a nasty evening as you get into oklahoma and texas. severe weather there. tornados on the ground east of oklahoma city and alabama, they're having big thunderstorms with hail. look at the temperature forecast tomorrow.
5:53 pm
denver, 38. 60s to minneapolis. 52 chicago. we're going to struggle to get above 60. it's 80s through the southeast as you see. 60s and 70s as you get to the west coast. futurecast, watch the area of rain. first the temperatures. we'll struggle to get right up towards the 50s to 60. as the rain comes in on sunday, it's only low 50s, even 40s to the north and west as the futurecast shows the showers going away. sunshine tomorrow. as we get into tomorrow night, the clouds will thicken up. the rain comes back in most of the day on sunday. it will have rain with it. the rain is going to linger into the first half of monday. our forecast for tonight is going to show we'll watch for clouds around with early showers in the 40s tomorrow. up to 60. but sun and clouds, rain and only 53 on sunday. 59 monday. morning rain. then cloudy. sun tuesday. showers wednesday and thursday we hold in the middle 60s. hopefully by the end of next week.
5:54 pm
want to check out a new bar in the east village. dari: it pays tribute to the director's most famous films. baruch shemtov checked out the unusual cocktail spot. >> get out of my face. >> reporter: welcome to beetle house, a tim burton-themed bar and restaurant in the heart of the east village. >> we feel there's a whole subculture of people who love this thing. now there's a place to go and hang out. >> the atmosphere is dark and gothic. we pay tribute to our favorite movies. >> reporter: walk through the front door and you're greeted by walls plastered with tim burton memorabilia and menus full of times that make him proud. >> we have a mac and cheese, the chess chessshire max.
5:55 pm
tequila, lime and cranberry juice. now with customers already lining up, there's no doubt that it's show time. >> it's got that weird vibe. >> i love the music and the artistry and his films and characters. >> i think we can get out of here for a while. >> every night is halloween here at beetle house. go to beetle house for reservations. in the east village, i'm baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. >> you got it. dari: that's going to be good for halloween. steve: it's morphed into year round. all right. we will see you back here at 10:00. dari: here's alison with what's coming up. >> how knowing your family's medical history could prevent health problems. and russ salzberg's last 6:00 show.
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5:58 pm
join me for that and a lot more alison: good evening. i'm alison morris. ernie is off tonight. we start with toxic chemicals found on the tracks at penn station. what that means for the hundreds of thousands of people who travel through that station every day and for those who work there. arthur chi'en is at penn station right now with all of the details. >> reporter: here's the timeline. since early march, hundreds of employees have been working below as part of the maintenance
5:59 pm
it wasn't until last week they found out they were working in dense toxic contamination. riders are safe but some of them are still nervous. >> carcinogens in the air. of course you're going to feel unsafe down there. >> reporter: the discovery was made after workers found a sludge-like substance backing up from a train in amtrak section of penn station. thomas of the union representing amtrak workers at the scene says the legal limit is 50 parts per million. what testing determined was 600 times that amount. >> the levels they found were in excess of 30,000 parts per million. it was a huge difference between 50 and 30,000. >> that's a big difference. i would say that's a problem. >> reporter: workers have been on site for more than a month before the discovery was made at which point safety gear was made mandatory. the tracks are in operation when we checked, amtrak saying,
6:00 pm
>> air quality test results showed the air is safe. do you think that riders should be concerned as well? >> i do. i do. we bring that contamination up from track level. it gets on your boots, on your clothing, and you can bring it up to the track level. from there, someone else will walk out and carry it. >> fluid from old trains may be the source of the pcb's which were used to prevent electrical fires on trains. some think the massive closed dark labyrinth that is penn station brews bad conditions. this passenger is from portugal. >> the stations are outside, not inside. i think that helps for health and the air. >> here's the layout at penn station. there are 21 tracks. the contamination was on track 1 and 10. amtrak is testing all the rest of them.


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