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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up" >> temperatures in the 50s. it's a cool start to your morning. >> mike woods tells us what to expect for watching the traffic's before ajogger was found murdered in howard beach queens teresa is there with a live report , coming up . >> big announcement yesterday. he is resigning. we will tell you who is replacing him. no, not mayor deblasio. the top republican fundraiser has some harsh words. she says she is supporting hillary clinton.
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you are with us on this third day of august. it's 5:00.hump day ?so many wonderful things. isn't tat something? >> i think i have a touch of a cold. [laughter] >> turn up the volume. >> yesterday had some decent temperatures. i don't think people cared too much. temperatures were so comfortable at 79b0 and 80 at newark. 70b0 in poughkeepsie and
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central park and the sun is not up for an hour or so. it will get a little bit chilly for this time of year. 50b0 in poughkeepsie and 64 in bridgeport. mainly clear skies without a lot going on. nor will there be a lot going on for a few days there. do we have any bigger changes coming up with high pressures and control. it's a mainly clear sky. it's not the best start to their day with showers and storms in the area.not too much happening here. the only thing we're keeping an eye on is a few showers trying to bubble up to the northwest. other than that we keep it clear here. lot of sunshine coming up for the
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comeback after two days. after friday and saturday that's when you start to see some stickiness in the air. their days are good. 71 may 9:00 am and a high of 80b0 today. a lot like we have seen yesterday. see the next few days with 82 tomorrow and a mainly sunny sky. 83 on friday and there is. showers and storms in the area and it's been pretty consistent. looks like it will be the threat but it's the only one in the forecast and that's the good we are off to a decent start for this wednesday morning. >> rockland here on the freeway heading towards the tappan zee bridge. 287 across westchester looking good. the new jersey commute doing fine. let's go to the cameras on the new england freeway , very quite northbound and set with the trains off to
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street cleaning rules are in effect citywide. >> ines, thank you. we have breaking news this morning out of the very quiet and beautiful community of howard beach queens. that's where police are investing in the murder of a female jogger. teresa, when we know? >> good morning. we have more information from police. they are able to get us a positive identification on the victim. we are told that it will be delayed. let's give you the specifics. the woman was found near the marshland in the vicinity of spring clique creek park. it's a jogging park that goes to howard beach. it's a very popular jogging path. according to police the woman who is a howard beach native was out jogging around five 30 p.m.. she typically goes for a
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or early evening with her dad. last night she decided to go alone and at 7:00 her father called and reported her missing. her body was found in this area at 10:30 p.m. by someone passing by. a very highly weeded area and unclear if this is typically an area where it's frequented by people other than those in this community. we are told it's quite a safe community. everyone knows as far as this woman is concerned, no word yet from police on any trauma. they are investigating that and looking at the forensics. they will have more information and in terms of the condition that her body was found in. they are considering this a homicide and they are investigating it as such. that is the latest from howard beach. some things that to both of you.
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father all the time and the one she decides not to. >> bill bratton announced that he is stepping down as the new york top cop. >> his last day on the job will be in september but his successor has been picked. liz doll and has more. >> i love being this cop and i love being in this uniform and what it stands for.> he has been promoted to the police commissioner. he is a native ne being born and raised in brooklyn starting his career as a transient cop in 1983 patrolling the subways. he credits his mother for helping him rise through the ranks. >> she taught me what good cops shouldaspire to. i learned that we should change the world . it's more than just us ? it's about all of us. >> he hasmade changes in the department to improve
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policing . >> knowing who your police officers are and you have their phone number at your disposal. it's one way to bridge the divide divide. >> despite the fact that he has a record in community police affairs, what does that mean and how will it be instituted. >> the retiring commissioner shows skeptics seamless. he loveless department in the city with a passion. we don't have all the answers. i sent him to los angeles or elsewhere in the country tounderstand that other agencies , as they struggle, have ideas. >> liz doll m, good dating are.> hours after
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commissioner say they will attend the national night out event. they have a warm welcome to the incoming commissioner, or neil. the purpose is to improve relationships with police and thecommunity. obviously a very hot topic . it's that silent neighborhood policing getting to know people and having them feel comfortable. o'neil is a very big advocate of this. bridge the rift between police and people. >> with everything that's going on, i think it's a good thing for people to react together. it makes you see the human of the police but not just a police officer. we see that part of that makes you understand the more and what they go through.
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>> by the end of next month they will have implemented the program. >> hewlett-packard executive is a big republican donor and fundraiser. she is now supporting not donald trump hillary clinton. >> that is a pretty bold move. controversial. she calls trump reckless and uninformed. dan bowen has the eventful day on the campaign trail. >> do you think she looks presidential? donald trump for his rival followed by an unusual moment where he sarcastically called for a crying baby to be kickedout . >> i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking believe me. >> from unusual to controversial. after a weekend feuding with the parents , the gop nominee says this when he
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>> always wanted a purple heart and this was much easier. >> he was called unfit to serve. >> has to be a point in which you say it's not something i can be supportive of. >> trump didn't mince words during the interview. >> i think he is the worst president in the history of the country. >> the new york billionaires question about why he did not endorse paul ryan and john mccain. i hate the way the veterans are treated by john and other people. >> increasingly we will see mister trump relying on the establishment for their expertise. >> the political science professor says trumps hesitance to endorse is
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especially after a convention to signal the unity. >> i don't know at this point that you can see them committed to electing him. >> hillary clinton and restoring her lead over donald trump nationally with a seven point balance after the convention. >> and even pulled day it was. >> 5:11 am. the judge release of his video testimony and a fraud lawsuit against the now trump university. he said there is a legitimate interest but greater potential for harm because the media scrutiny will undoubtedly generate it. the videos would be used in attack ads in june when he made headlines saying the judge could not be impartial due to his mexican american heritage since he has called for the
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mexico.> these are comments that him into a lotof trouble. we have a lot more coming up . that includes governor cuomo's plan to fight the zika virus. the mosquito is not an inhabitant of this area but with what's going on in miami, you never know. 5:12 am mike is here keeping track of the forecast . mike: good morning, robert. it will be nice and warm and dry with an average high around 84 ?85b0. [music] we will start you out at 66b0. there is all kinds of great stuff on like the interactive radar. all that good information on the app on the itunes store. it is free and ready to go now. we will beback in a little bit .
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would think we have to u - here. >> it took a little digging. >> they charge five dollars for a coffee ?i think i will take as much splenda as you can put in your pants. >> i was on the phone with my dad and he listened me order my drink any fruit
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he was like, $5.25 for a coffee! >> 84b0 and be a normal high and 69 be a normal low. 66 so far in the sunrise time is 5:55 am. we could drop down another degree or two because it is not warm up until after sunrise. it often times after sunrise. 64 in bridgeport and 65 in montauk. 55 in monticello and up to the northwest we have the cooler temperatures with some of this fresh air coming in. i know i did it and i gave my ac a break. high pressure is in control
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and dry day out there. high-pressure in control with clear skies and not much front threat out there. it would be a quick shower over the high country to the north and west around the catskills. it's where i would think something could fire off. it's the same weather pattern for the next few days. not too much happening. it does pick up a little bit by the time we get into friday and saturday but in the immediate range, we don't have much. mostly clear and nice and warm for you today with highs between whether nice and mild dropping down between 57 4a lot like what we have today. 82 tomorrow and 83 on friday. there is the 88b0 mark and there is a mixed sky with scattered storms still. a cold front comes by. you take a look at it and that the only rain that we have. it still doesn't look like a bad deal at all.
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>> it's nice and early. a great start here. putnam county at 684 looking good. let's go to our cameras and take a look at the commute. there is the lie by 106 ? 107. westbound traffic and eastbound and the george washington bridge. a good option this morning in the upper and lower level. when ken and holland doing fine. >> thank you, ines. new york state has 537 cases of the got one ways to control the mosquito population and subways. 6 million people take the subway each day. governor cuomo has ordered a mosquito killing larvae dropped into water.> there is a common standing
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breeding ground for mosquitoes. >> i can't stress enough the fact that this is all about prevention. it will help protect new yorkers from the devastating effects. >> will be dropped in state parks and they will hand out mosquito killing tablets for homeowners and that family planning centers state. >> stagnant water ?another word to add to list. >> there's a new church of scientology opening the doors in harlem. the religion long note for the veil of secrecy and so remember say the church in community center has been in the works for more than a decade. fox 5 was invited in to tour the facility on 125th street. the new location looks to include the numbers.
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the world and we want to be an island of sanity. >> and how to sayit helps feed a thought . it's the first process known as prominent role in the roman catholic church. the commission studies the question of women deacons. especially in the early days of the church. women served but were not ordained like male deacons. they can perform baptisms. half of the panel is made
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she has written extensively on women deacons in the early church. juliet: very interesting. a lot of news coming up for you. it appears local dairies have reached their date and they are now closing.
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they provide those new york city schools. i drop in demand for milk is her business and 273 employees will be laid off. they haven't operating at the same site in jamaica. they don't have a plan for the future. >> 5:24 am. starbucks recalling the stainless steel beverage straws after injuries. the reusable drinking straws were sold online this year. two and half million sold in the us during that time in theconsumer product safety commission reported three children with mouth lacerations after using the product .hey advise consumers to not allow children to use the straws. >> apple is dumping an emerging that depicts a realistic revolver. it'sreplacing it with a toy
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they urged apple to dump the handgun mod and there wascases where they took it as a threat . >> i can see that. the new mod will depict women in athletics and professional roles in the rainbowflag. it will be available with ios 10 . the next major revision. >> instagram wants to be more like snapchat. i don't un >> it's strange. any revolutionary change, instagram has launched stories. it allows users to capture and share all their daily moments with select followers borrowing a page from the rival, snapchat. the photos and videos disappear after 24 hours. sometimes that's a good in. >> new version has a new look featuring small round profile pictures of the people you follow at the top of your screen.
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all this social media stuff ?we are just in a dated. >> can we just read a book or watch some t.v.? >> amen brother! back to the good old days.
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juliet: looking at a comfortable day for august. looks really nice. a latte sipping day? mike will tell us the answer to that in a moment. >> breaking news out of queens. a 30-year-old female jogger was found dead in howard beach her and we will take you there live with teresa bigelow. >> bill bratton is stepping down. he will look at his replacement and have reaction for you. >> a stunt goes terribly wrong on live television. a flaming arrow misses the target. we will show you what happened. oh, boy! [ screaming]
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august. i am juliet huddy . >> i am robert moses. >> not doing so well today? mike: if i try it ?it just doesn't work. i just got coffee so let's see if it works. like i need the coffee. >> that was still kind of pathetic. >> 66b0 and 65 and bridgeport. 55 in monticello. they were looking at a mainly clearsky and we will see plenty of sunshine.
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guys start to brighten up of the sun is not up until 5:55 am. another 24 minutes. high-pressure in control. stormy weather hangs to the southeast but for us ?not much happening. a lot of sunshine at 76b0 and a high going up to 80. not bad at all. later wind from the southeast around three ? tomorrow make up to partly sunny sky. sarah is the day we say cold temperature pushing through. temperatures are not bad at all. the commute there is looking good.
5:32 am
parkway. new jersey is doing fine at 287. let's go to our cameras and take a look at the staten island expressway at bradley avenue. traffic was found looking fine. the bqe heading towardsthe brooklyn bridge is so far so good. traffic looks fine.s the fdr drive heading towards northbound , no the bridge. trains are running on" very sad and disturbing news out of queens. >> a 30-year-old woman who was jogging was found dead. teresa is there live with the new details. please have just identified her. >> i was just on the phone with the police and they were able to give us
5:33 am
that was killed behind me here. karina bergeron oh was a queens resident. she was jogging around 5:00 p.m. in the vicinity of gateway national park. spring creek part here with a very popular jogging path that runs along here and it's something that she did often. she was jogging last night around 10:30 p.m. in the vicinity of 161st avenue and78th street. it was a high weeded area . no obvious signs of trauma i found so they will rely heavily on the forensics to determine what happened to her last night. what caused her death here. she was pronounced dead on scene. the medical examiner will be determining her exact cause of death. katrina, from what we
5:34 am
jogger. someone who jogged on a nightly basis with her dad. it was her dad who was a retired firefighter who called to report her missing. we will take a look at what was her instagram account and social media accounts. you can see a life well lived. very short ?someone who was enjoying life in a lot of trips. she just started a new job at a private school in union square. a 30-year-old woman out for a afternoon and early evening when something tragically happened to her and her body was found at 10:30 p.m.. that's the latest ?sending back to you. >> it's such a beautiful area there. seems like it was right on
5:35 am
changes are at the nypd but coming to the top ranks after bill bratton announced his resignation. >> it won't take effect until next month. it's something that sounds like it's been going on for a while. change comes as bill de blasiofaces opposition with members of the pba . liz has more the mayor comes for his morning workout. he was met with a lot of opposition protesting members yesterday and they are expected to be here today as the mayor arrives here. the shakeup within the department comes at a time when tensions are high when officers are with mayor diblasio. interesting to see how the
5:36 am
i love being a cop love this uniform and i love what it stands for.> the chief of department has been promoted to nypd police commissioner . don't know is a native new yorker born in flatbush and he started his nypd career as a cop in 1983 patrolling the changes. he credits his mother with rising through the ranks. >> because of her, i learned that we can change e to be and life is much more than about just one. it's about all of us. >> or neil made changes to the department with employee relations by implementing policing. if you deal with the ncl, there is a phone number. it's one way to strengthen the bond. bridging the divide where it doesn't. the reverend called for
5:37 am
leaders to better understand that approach. >> despite the fact that he has a community police affair, what does that mean? how will it be instituted ? he said on you will help with community relations. >> one of jimmy's great strengths is that he loves his department and the city with the passion. don't have all the answers. i sent him to los angeles and elsewhere in the country to understand the other agencies have better ideas. >> the commission button will have a last day on september 1. bratton, as well as the blood deal, said the recent protest have nothing to do with bratton's decision to retire and leave the nypd. e are expecting members
5:38 am
here. firefighters are on the scene in whitestone cleans queens. that the strawberry farm supermarket. it's 150th street. they say the call came in at john hancock p.m. was brought under control by 2:00 am. they were called to the scene with four separate injuries. hewlett-packard who is a big gop donor and fundraiser is throwing her support behind the democrat , hillary clinton. she called donald trump reckless and uninformed. >> the republican nominee raised eyebrows when he
5:39 am
the gop nominee caused another star after a veteran presented him with a purple heart ?i always wanted one of these. >> an unusual step he called trump willfully unprepared to serve as president. trump snapped right back, of course. >> or has to be a point in which you say someone i can support for the president of the united states. >> i think he is the worst president maybe in the history of the country. >> trump appears to be further dividing republicans by not yet endorsing paul ryan on the left or john mccain. trouble in paradise. let's get over to mike for a check at the weather. mikey and little woody hanging out. >> oh, he sounds so much that her! >> caffeine infuse little
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we have the i dream iv drip going over there. whatever it takes. >> good morning. let's tell you what's happening. a cooler state around the tri-state. 67 in philadelphia and now at 61 in albany and 63 in boston. mainly clear skies over the tri-state and day with high pressure sitting on top of us and keeping the skies clear. the area is quite dry. future cast ?not much. we'll see the isolated showers popping up to the northwest but as we will you forward, it's uneventful. once we get beyond friday, there will be a cold coming in and it will give a scattered showers and storms. we will warm it up but only
5:41 am
days, a high of 83b0 tomorrow. there is a humidity making a comeback with scattered storms coming by. the high is 80b0. back to normal in the early part of next week. daily and hourly forecast on the weather app at the itunes store and google play store. it is free. check it out at any point. you are ready to go. bring in ines to s w getting around town. no problems out there. >> it's really nice. we are starting out the morning with problems on the bqe. heard about an accident on the westbound side. the accident as involving a taxi and the right lane. as far as your commute to new jersey ?your final
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this is affecting the george washington bridge on the upper level of the gwb. all kinds of cool stuff we
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my stop & shop. a jogger was found dead. the body of karina but trauma was discovered in a marshy area here howard beach along the water. the cause of death has not been determined. there was no obvious signs of trauma. the police commissioner says he is stepping down
5:46 am
current chief, james o'neill with the nypd since he began his career in 1983. he will spend more time getting to know those in the community. >> governor andrew, was fighting the zika virus. he has ordered a mosquito killing larva side dropped into stagnant puddles with a doughnut. it's in the city subway system and in state parks. you can contact them if you want one of these things. they will also handout prevention kids to homeow time to turn to sports and the subway series tonight shifts to the stadium. >> to into. from city field to yankee stadium ?let's talk about that game last night. it was the second game of the subway series. j bruce makes his first appearance and hegets a great welcome. it's the first that. it ended in a fry out . >> plenty of time to get the rbis going. it's the third inning with
5:47 am
to the third home run makes it 2/0. jacob was rocksolidon the mound and he strikes out . no runs with just four hits. the mets break it open with three big runs. matt reynolds with neil walker. the mets go on to beat the yankees 7/1 for the final score. it tied at one. it could be the end of the a-rod era. the yankees have called up gary sanchez. he is expected to be the designated hitter tonight. reportedly, for the next two months. what does this mean for alex rodriguez?e says he doesn't expect them to get it back in the near future. doesn't mean he'll be released today but they say time behind the plate and if all works out, the yankees could revisit trade
5:48 am
we will see how things evolve. cincinnati reds player misses a foul ball when a van and he go for the catch. it gets really crazy. had a change of heart and he went back to the fan to apologize. he took a photo with him and the reds go on to beat the cardinals at 7/5. that was smart on joey's part. >> another smart incident in the phillies and giants game. he stops the game and he walks over to the stands at the dugout. he tells the security to throw out a phillies fan
5:49 am
he escorted him out of his seat. davidson told the reporter that he was repeatedly yelling sexual and windows. davidson said, you can have your wife, girlfriend, kids ?they buy tickets and they don't have to come here to listen tothat. >> with the u.s. open around the corner , it's time to talk about serena williams. the 22 time ran slam champion wants you to work and she shows you how. serena is the cover model for self magazine. they released a video instructing us how to track. >> body get ready. >> it's a long video. important to see her silly side because it's back to business for srinath. she is seeing her fifth olympic gold medal to become the most decorated olympian of all time. >> she was in beyoncc's lemonade video.
5:50 am
>> i could play tennis better than i cantry. >> don't even think about it . >> mike likes to do that. >> i do? [laughter] even you get applause from the men in the room. >> that would involve some encouraging liquids. >> you have coffee over there. how is little woody? >> he is getting better does each work? let's get you going. up and out the door. it takes a little bit more than coffee. clear skies out of central park. let's check out the
5:51 am
60 in brentwood and stony brook. far rockaway at 65b0 with a mainly clear sky. sunshin will come at you here and it's just about five minutes with son up officially. we do have a clear sky here and not much happening locally at all. mainly clear skies with high-pressure and control with a good-looking day coming up for you. here's what we have for you in the forecast. high temperatures with 82b0 with a warm-up. it's a little bit humid for you as we get into friday. saturday looks like our best shot at rain coming through the tri-state. a cold front clears out and we have a high temperature at 86b0. 84b0 on monday and it's pretty good forecast there. let's look at ines and see what's going on. sounds like there are a few problems brewing on the roads. >> a couple of accidents right now. there is an accident
5:52 am
blocking one lane with two vehicles there. let's go to our camera and look at how it's moving. ockland county heading towards the tappan zee bridge. the cross bronx ?it's the second problem out there. things are looking better. traffic moving with an accident on the cross bronx. as far as the deacon, trains are running on or close. >> was at the airport in atlanta.hat airport is insane. we will tell you what
5:53 am
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only fios can. robert: welcome back. time for entertaining news. this is not entertaining. america's got talent got it quite a shock. theyo on the show and it was live last night. one of the sons went horribly wrong. ryan's stock is performed based on and she was supposed to shoot a hero into his mouth but missed badly. the arrow struck him in throat. it bounces off and he was in obvious pain. he tweeted later that he was fortunate to walk away from the incident. i bet there was some words later on the evening. >> penalize ?i love the
5:56 am
not such a nice guy at the airport in atlanta. >> flying could get anyone unhinged. he was supposed to take a delta flight for a gig but he missed it and had words with an employee. the woman took the video claims he was on his phone and arrived 10 minutes after the cutoff time for boarding but he insisted that he got there an hour before the flight. the rapper lost it when anothepa >> you don't work here, shut up! >> have to say ?sometimes it gets stressful. >> we don't see the ticketing agent. >> maybe the other guy should just mind his
5:57 am
an airport zombie and did not get enough sleep. p>> really sad story here. shannon daughter he says her cancer has spread. >> 90210 star told entertainment tonight that her diseases in her lymph nodes.he shaved her head as part of the ongoing fight. she said she wanted to just get out there and put all this stuff out there so the press with all this media and paparazzi. she says she will continue to get chemo and undergo radiation. she discovered it and february of last year. her dog sensed it because he sniffing around her and it prompted her. she had a single mass of me back in may and we write wish her the best and we hope she gets better soon. the couple minutes away from the top of the 6:00
5:58 am
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we're getting nice break from heat and humidity this is a great to pull out that old skateboard of yours and relive your youthful times. >> where did that come from? >> i don't know. that come out of my mouth? highs close to 80 kind of like all zapped out on my caffeine mike woods has complete forecast just in a moment. >> found dead in howard beach after jogging and never returned. karina last seen at about 5:00 yesterday. >> donald trump battling everyone from a cry baby to the


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