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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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is with the treat you make together. ? ? ? >> from fox 5 news, it is time for more "good day new york." coming up this hour, actor troy guarranty is giving us the scoop on his new film, "the brooklyn banker." what we can expect during this season of hbo's, giant lava eating at at that rat you last. steve guttenberg is here. beth stern getting ready for the kitten summer games. she is stopping by our studio with adorable kittens to be adopted. giant brazilian music festival is hitting our area. a performance from brazil's
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>> i love about civilian music, don't you? -- brazilian music. so sexy. >> i know it when i hear it. i can't think of any brazilian off top of my head. >> it is old one. sergio mendes and the brazil 66 i think it was. very, look it up, greg. >> what about julio igelesisa. i think and his son enrique is still around. where are we out there. >> people enjoying beautiful day. >> see if anybody is hanging out in front of the mayor's gymnasium. goes to a gym in park slope. he was greeted, i don't know, 70 or 80 cops. >> i think they're gone now. the mayor decided not to work out in brooklyn this morning. >> again you're looking live at the ymca is park slope.
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there. what is his morning routine? wake up, wheneverrish. get in the car, wheneverrish. drive to park slope, that take as good 20 minutes or so. upper east side to park slope, brooklyn. get into the gym. kind of work out. kind of walk around. get the city hall 11ish. >> there are still paparazzi outside. >> i think the mayor is still in there. >> they said the mayor didn't show up today. >> i think the mayor is inside. the mayor is inside, right? >> he is >> yep the mayor is inside. >> he came already. >> the cops let him know how they felt. they dispersed. >> he will work out another good hour. i'm sure police officers have to go to bork. >> show the ymca one more time. i learned how to swim there. the one in hempstead. i learned how to swim. >> wow, i think it is pretty cool the american work out 9:00 on wednesday morning. most of us are at work by that time. >> do you think it is pretty
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guy has how many people working for him? 250,000 people on city payroll. how many billions of dollars is our city budget. he rolls into work at 11:00. rosanna, that's wrong. >> i know. >> like him or not, democrat or whatever, whatever you're affiliation, you have to show up to work when the work day starts. >> you set the tone. you set the tone. your work ethic sets tone for people that look up to you. >> no offense to the were. we love the y. >> there is perfectly good why in manhattan. doesn't have to go far. would cut down travel part by 40 minutes, right. >> what is the last part? >> cut down travel time by 40 minutes. 20 minutes to brooklyn and 20 minutes back. >> he lives a couple blocks away from the 92nd street y. that is famous. everybody knows the place. i'm sure he could go there and throw a few beanbags around, whatever it is he does. >> do we know his workout?
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treadmill. elliptical. >> treadmill. stretching. very mild stuff. if i were him i would make him hit the free weights. i will stop talking. >> that is the least of our problems right now, his workout. >> time to resume talking. donald trump, boy, oh, boy, picking fights with everybody. this may be absolute lunacy or maybe utter genius. he continues to dominate. more than half the time it is because of the crazy stuff he says. the latest skirmish took place yesterday. he is giving a big and guess who interrupted him. >> a baby. >> a little baby. >> watch this. >> don't worry about that baby. i love babies. i love babies. i hear the baby crying i like it. i like it. what a baby. [baby crying] >> here is little bit more from yesterday. watch this. he doesn't really love that baby. >> actually i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. [laughter]
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don't worry. [laughter]. i think she really believed me that i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking. >> rosanna, i was only kidding you can get the baby out of here. he wasn't smiling. >> he is playing to the audience, greg. >> babies have driven my crazy from time toe time. they seem to not be kind to donald trump and vice versa. they both look to be in agony. how about this one. ah! however certa very, very cool with. that might be his new grand daughter. >> that is a sweet baby. anyway, do you think, i know that is getting a lot of play right now. but i mean there is other things that politicians are talking about. what he said about president obama. i would think would have a little bit more traction than, you know. >> lots of republicans have said that they were saying that, since they said president obama, worst president ever. a lot of republicans have been saying that. that doesn't make news. what obama said about him
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essentially. what do you think? >> well, it will be up to the american people when they go to cast their vote in november, right? >> it will be here soon. mike, what is going on, buddy? >> for us, we have a really good-looking forecast for us here. a few nice days all linked together. we love it in the dead of summer. get the break from heat and humidity, that is what we have for you. it is 70 at central park. 74 in philly. 70 in williamsp little break. driver air working its way from canada. our temps are little bit cooler. last several hours of imagery, not much on it, because it so dry here in the tri-state region. looking for stormy weather. it was around earlier around the carolinas. most of that is in the offshore waters. pretty quiet weather situation for folks up and down the eastern seaboard as we look at
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few little showers that try to get going later on in afternoon, but i don't think there will be much happening here. just not enough happening with the atmosphere to get showers and storms going. today and tomorrow look pretty die. as we head toward later friday into saturday. humidity starts making a comeback. that is not going to be the case for next couple of days. look what is happening in the tropics. we have, now our newest, latest tropical storm, earl is strengthening rapidly. maximum sustained winds at0 miles per hour. that is one click below becoming a hurricane -- 70. it continues to roll to the west. it is rolling to the west at this point at 14 miles per hour. the forecast track from hurricane center continues to take it into the belize here in about a day or some looks like it could become a category one hurricane before making
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peninsula. dropping a lot of water, 10 to 15 inches of rain into that area and into the central regions of mexico, still dropping a lot of rain. it will not have a chance to restrengthen and affect more folks other than rain dropping in the area. time to be aware of the tropics, hurricane season is getting wrapped up, which is typical for this time of the year. we've gotten our temps going up to 80 degrees for high temperature later on this afternoon. dry at the same time. tomorrow we make it up to 82 for a high around 83 for a friday. same thing for you on saturday. only chance of storms looks to be on saturday as a cold front coming through the area. it dries out as we head into sunday, monday and tuesday. things looking pretty good especially today and tomorrow. greg, rosanna back you to. >> many so of the most popular films have featured our next
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steve gutierrez 10 berg. next we have cocoon. slightly more controversial. ron howard directed that. a hit nonetheless. who can forget the "police academy" movies. >> didn't president bill clinton talk about watching all the "police academy" movies. >> he talked about binge >> wild when he said that. chelsea said it too. >> hi, nice to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> did chelsea and her dad watch it together? >> it was truth in politics because i saw bill privately a few years ago. he told me was having a tough few days. he sat down and he watched "police academy" and laughed. of all the great hits, "star wars," "ghostbusters" i was touched. i police academy was an easy show to watch.
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world. you're embedded in our head. >> you're really lucky as an actor you get a property that works or you become a character that works. >> who said this? chelsea clinton said it during the democratic national convention, that in middle of her speech that they watched you in the movie. >> great to know recreation is important. we have to work really hard. you have to rest of mind. a great metaphor for everybody. >> by the way, you look amazing on the cover of resident magazine. >> tha amazing. >> stop it. good pictures inside. is this your home in manhattan. >> very nice. button-down shirt. not button-down. button-up. >> that is not my home but looks like my home. but it is not my home. i don't have anybody in my home. i don't even go in my home. no, i don't. i will not go in my home. >> i heard you have a very special person in your home those days. >> i am in love with a lady emily smith works for cbs.
9:11 am
>> she does the real estate shows. >> living large. >> she is a great lady. >> what disit mean? >> it means i'm a lucky guy. she is balanced lady. real nice family. >> is she the one in the pink? >> is that me in the pink? >> would be great if you met the one in the hat. >> steve, you are, you used to have a reputation of a being a pretty good serial dater. few months. >> is 100 years in guttenberg dating live. >> like dinosaur age. >> have you met the old man? >> i met mom and dad. she comes from buffalo. beautiful place like grand island. >> this is getting serious. >> it is serious. >> do you need to get a dress for this. >> get a dress. don't spend a lot. just saying you never know.
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airs 11:00 on sci-fi channel. >> true story. >> tarantula. >> you read about it. >> watch the trailer. this is a true story. >> true story. ? >> ah. >> then what? [screaming] ? >> no, no, not again. >> so hot out here. >> just one more time. >> i could fry an egg on my face ? >> oh, snap!
9:13 am
phobia. >> god willing. >> what is going on? >> i have no idea. was i in the movie. >> it looks fun. >> it is sequel to lavaantula. it did pretty well. >> if this does well again. >> there will be lavantula live. like they dot musicals live. >> we're available for cameos. >> you do mind? great. can i pick the clothes? >> it looks fun. maybe a way. you are a very versatile and serious actor. >> actor. >> worked with woody allen on broadway. shakespeare in the park. >> yes, sir. >> you practice your craft aggressively. >> every job is different. i really believe, if i'm a carpenter, building a small room or building a 7,000 square foot house you have to put the same effort in. you have to be dedicated to it. even a silly movie like this, you have to put your acting chops in.
9:14 am
really imagine and use your -- green screen, right? >> yes. >> use your imagination. it's a lot of fun. >> we have a treat for you in a moment. >> come on. >> tell me this. there were people in the know who tried to talk you out of becoming a actor. >> you will at time. >> sat you down, never make it in hollywood. tell me about that. >> ten minutes ago, lew came out around said. >> back in the day you wanted to do this. a lot of people tried to tal you out of it. >> when you want to become a professional wanting to become a professional painter. i'm sure picasso's father said, seriously what are you going to do for money? with me, what are you going to do for money. i had a dream. my parents were supportive. i snuck on to studio. put my own office and made myself my own agent. i hustled a little bit and i got lucky. there are plenty of great actors all over the world, minneapolis, at the guthrie has some of the greatest actors in the world.
9:15 am
actors. >> a million people want your jobs. we're really lucky people to do what we do. >> it is true and we love what we do. >> some days we like it, if you know what i mean. >> listen, when it is, sometimes uh-oh, it is so tough. reality it is, it is not so tough. >> listen we meet people like you and hang out with you. we want you to use your imagination. >> go back to the diner. show us footage from, "diner." >> barry time. tell me a little bit the movie. it was 198 -- >> 1, 2. >> for whatever reason, i was too young at time. they were talking about sports, girls, whatever. this touched a lot of people. >> oh, my goodness. look at us. >> tell me about making this. >> first of all i was brilliant. i just wanted to tell you that. i was brilliant. >> what was it about? >> where am i? >> it was about what.
9:16 am
when they have to sort of leave hood to go into adulthood but the diner was the place they all gathered. we all have those places which are very comfortable and a dirty spoon but you know, no matter who you are, you are really enjoy it. >> can we update it to 2016 version we are one female. >> of course. >> this surreal or not. >> my goodness. are you going to eat the whole thing? are you going to finish that? finish it, finish it. >> 65% is passing. >> 65% is passing. >> diner, okay. how about another taste. see the diner poster one more time. did this movie make you, by the way? >> no, no. i think this interview is going to make me. >> all right. there it is, "diner." >> that is so sweet of you guys. >> what was "cocoon" all about? >> it was about the fountain of youth and hope.
9:17 am
>> ron howard and dick san nubbing produced it and run produced it. it is about life to be affirmed. now is important. that is how i live. now is important. pay attention to now. >> i am always worried about the next thing. stop that. >> what about yesterday. don't forget yesterday. >> yesterday was great but i like to stay in now. i think that is what "cocoon" was about, paying attention to now. you have only some more days in a way. >> i like it very muc "cocoon," got to check it out. we have something from the "police academy." >> i was in four out of seven. i was lucky to be in them. that movie gave me a lot of credibility. >> hard to tell, this is the police academy. sort of. >> that was actually a psychiatric hospital that was empty. and haunted. and we shot there. >> where was that.
9:18 am
>> it was haunted. did you see anything? >> i saw a lot of things. you're too young to know. too young and too gentle. >> you're so sweet. when can we see the new movie? >> this saturday night, sci-fi channel, 8:00. no, 9:00 in new york. >> excellent. you're the best, steve guttenberg. one and only. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> congratulations on everything. >> yes, i am a very luckify. >> coming up brazilian music. and beth stern. animal rights activist. >> wife of howard. we'll be right back. >> all right.
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>> thank you. nice day out there, huh. what else, rosanna? what the he can else? what do you think of our little experimental movie thing? >> i think steve liked being in the green screen. >> that is the like the hollow generation? >> i do. >> you can go anywhere. fantastic show on hbo a lot of people love. "ballers." great cast featuring troy guarranty. >> troy was reading hisries dent magazine. steve got to excited. >> steve loves "ballers" along with millions of others. there is new movie called the brooklyn banker, featuring troy guarranty. first let's meet troy.
9:22 am
>> thanks for having me. you're a new yorker or lived here a number of years? >> no, i'm native to los angeles. >> oh, you are. >> but i went to american academy of dramatic arts in new york many lifetimes. >> you don't live here at all? >> no. >> we kicked you out and said go back to l.a. and make a movie. >> correct i happied to be lucky enough to bring a brooklyn girl home with me. i have a piece of you with me in los angeles. >> your next movie that you are in iset >> that's correct. the brooks lynn banker. >> look at trailer. usually can tell a good movie based on trailer. >> he is nervous. he is nervous. >> all right. >> it was very special time, that month, would change our lives forever. >> the hand wants to see you. >> he tells me you're some kind of mathematician? you're like a walking calculate tore. he is in to me for 60,000. >> where do i go to cash for the checks.
9:23 am
bank. >> what are you saying? this is god for us. >> i need a favor. i have cashiers checks i need to run a trace see if they're clean. >> i see you're spending time with an manny. do not get wrapped up in his life. you have a good job and family. >> trying to play robin hood? try not to get yourself killed, okay. >> if you don't say what manny wants you to say, we have a lot of trouble. >> this looks good. >> i don't know e going on. i want to see it. what is going on, troy? >> well, i play a banker in williamsburg brooklyn in 1973. and, i'm cursed with a photographic memory that the local mob boss tries to exploit for his benefit. i try to, keep on the straight-and-narrow but, but, they kind of manipulate me into doing bad things. >> is this a comedy or tragedy?
9:24 am
certainly not a tragedy. but it does have its funny moments. there is so much authenticity to it. you know the real italian neighborhoods in the boroughs have a lot of life and comedy. >> i saw paul sorvino from "goodfellas." it felt a little bit "goodfellas" issue. >> that is the weight of paul sorvino. you associate everything with his iconicol authorship of a film. >> i want to see troy in action. shall we. >> oh gosh. >> troy in the brooklyn banker opens friday. >> manny told you this. >> absolutely. he said he would take care of us too. >> you don't understand. i don't want anything, okay? this is not me. this is your problem. it is not my problem, benny. >> what the hell is going on out here. >> never mind. it is okay. >> what? so you look good.
9:25 am
with the shirt on top of that. >> your wife, who is that? >> that is elizabeth pestucci. she is new york girl. she is very talented. >> when does the movie open? >> this friday august 5th. and in selected theaters. i'm not sure where, but it is a good film. on video-on-demand. so i suggest everyone go out, give it a shot. >> excellent. troy, how are things going on hbo hit show, "ballers"? >> we have more success than i postively to the show. it's a lot of fun in miami. this clip right here, i'm playing an agent. an nfl agent. i'm trying to recruit a player out of florida state who lives in the everglades. and, because i didn't give him a bag of money or a car to sign with him, to sign with me, he tests my manhood by leaving me in the middle of the swamp and i have to get out. >> we actually have a clip of
9:26 am
we don't mess around here on "good day new york." >> two clips. >> roll it. >> whoa! city boy made it out here to the everglades, manny. oh, my goodness! would you look at this car. >> not bad, huh? >> good to meet you man. >> jason. looking real good, tracy. country strong. >> he has jokes, pretty boy got jokes. these are my uncles. >> mime bother bob, and wade. >> billy bob and wade. snoop do right by me justin. >> not for you. careful with that. >> all right. well, what did you bring me then. >> you look good in the show. >> appreciate that. appreciate that. >> i was doing a little research last night. came across that your mom came to visit you on the set in florida. right, your mom is jane fonda.
9:27 am
>> your dad is forgive us. >> legendary politician, tom hayden. >> that is correct. >> they made you. >> they did. >> something else. >> great parents. my mom visits me every time i have a job. it is really sweet. >> mama's boy. >> i don't know about a mama's boy, she might be -- >> helicopter parent. >> overbearing mother? >> don't say that. i think that is wonderful. so when she comes to the set, because i know she was saying i like miami. my son's does this whole blog on you. >> yes. >> didn't hear her say anything about brooklyn. did she visit you when you did it in williamsburg? >> she did. manhattan has so much to offer, as does brooklyn obviously. we're here quite a bit. florida was a new experience for her. >> she was never in florida? >> not really. neither had i. i'm from los angeles. there wasn't really, so far away. i didn't really need to go to
9:28 am
he feel like a fool. miami is a amazing city. >> let me ask you about your dad, tom hayden. no kidding, folks, if you can remember back then, was almost a household name in america. what always looking back, struck me, he was only i think an assemblyman. ha was as high as he got. >> state senator. >> state senator. state politician had such a huge following. how did he achieve that? >> i think he spoke to a common feeling in the nation and in his town believed in and he worked hard to try to implement policy changes. i mean, he really, when we moved to santa monica and los angeles, him and collection of his friend decided they would you know, create legislation to sort of preserve the town. today it has paid dividends. >> has a lot of canneriesma. state senator, achieving that kind of national profile is pretty wild. >> yes. >> i'm also wondering, your
9:29 am
activists. do you have a little bit of that spirit in you? >> i do. my household we were raised to, you know, believe that, you have to be a participant in society and give back and work towards building a better future. i so i work in gang violence prevention. i work in kids in the arts, promoting theater. theater really was powerful for me as a child, helping to give myself identity and voice and confidence. so, you know. >> troy guarranty. very cool. >> now you're a barrel. look at you. >> now i'm a baller. >> brooklyn banker opens friday. see ballers on hbo. >> nice to have you here. coming up we'll talk a little brazilian music. >> fantastic. thank you, guys. i appreciate it. >> thank you. that was great, troy. take a photo with us? >> of course.
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? ? name the country. >> i know this proablg looks like rio or something right? >> we have brazilian fomo with the olympics. >> they have that big statue of jesus on top.
9:33 am
go. let's celebrate brazil right here. >> okay. why not? we're going to have the founder of brazil summer fest, the lead singer in the band nice to have you here, and we are celebrating all things brazilian starting tonight, right? >> that's right starting tonight through august 6th we have shows all over the city. ticketed free efnghts brooklyn public library tonight, central park summer stage lincoln center. >> brazil now? why in august right now? >> festival is every year and happened that olympics is now. >> brazilian independence day. so it's a lucky coincidence there you go. so warming up for the olympics. >> is it all music or food or? >> all music. ferlings that's good i love the music has a sexy sound.
9:34 am
feeling, >> so what are you doing for us? >> make you like in brazil. >> carnival like right now. [inaudible] ? ?
9:35 am
? ?
9:36 am
? ?
9:37 am
? ?
9:38 am
[applause] wow. you're amazing. you almost broke his bongo. are your hands okay? >> i think so. amazing. by the way you teach percussion. >> everywhere around >> all the world. excuse me in europe. >> france to give a kid a lesson? >> you're up for two weeks i know can be from frns. fnlings is there hope for us hold on. do you mind -- >> what's your name ma'am, leslie come on help me. so you -- >> take her sticks back. let me hear you.
9:39 am
oh. come on. cj and the band free at 7:00 tonight. >> the band pretty much anything else? >> you get info on brazil summer >> anything else -- see arnold schwarzenegger when he went to brazil it's on ut new york" in portuguese -- [inaudible] one more time. >> bonjia. >> that was good. >> thank you. improvise that.
9:40 am
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>> all right crystal young joins us. where did you go this time? >> in your neck of the woods downtown. i went to the sea glass carousel. pledgets pretty over there. it was fun i hadn't even heard of it. loved all of the fashion and vibes so take a look. ? ? it's not your typical marry go round. sea glass carousel has steel, glass, music, for kisdz kids of ages that is a valley interesting belt. where did you get that?
9:43 am
belts this is actually a cheap belt but i like it because i'm a marvel fan. >> i don't know the cartoon characters on this. some little kids know. but i don't. it's a very cool belt you can open it up and looks like you can see the belt you can to buckle for the highway. it's important. >> i like that so not on the highway but uk led up anyway. safe and sound. about if louse where did you get that? >> nordstrom. >> off shoulder or up. >> either way and back is nice too. >> what you got going on? >> oh. so it ties in the back? >> you think television about like 50. you know what i love about rompers it is one sop shopping. so hot today and you look so cool and comfortable. where are you going to? >> statue of liberty.
9:44 am
of liberty. two cute little girls. her hair clip and her so adorable. denny children wear. dennys is is where you get breakfast. so her hair clip is em mow perfect ponytail and you're ready to do chatting. do you like your shirt? >> yeah. i think it's cool but what do you like about it? >> i like all of this stuff on it l and everything. my name is brannon and i'm seven. >> you're really, really working your outfit i really like it. high-five. all right. spotted a cute pair of glasses. i like those where did you get that? >> from algo. all right they do have a lot of accessories now which one? >> plaza they're in season i got them like two weeks ago. fnght now what drew you to them?
9:45 am
oh i look like a superstar. [laughter] i love it how much were they? >> i think it was $20 i got them on sale. >> iss noticed you those are really nice glasses. one of the great things is venders cute did you choose this hat? where did you get that? >> at the venders behind us and it was only $10 supercheap. >> i think you chose black and white because it goes so perfect with your outfit. >> versatile i have jeans and a white tank top so it goes with everything. amazing shorts where did you get that? >> pac sun sufferer leak and those look very serious.
9:46 am
>> how much? >> 34 just a little too big so they don't hug you that way you keep them elegant. >> yeah, perfect i think so. >> so lots of fun downtown, and greg you're holding cat i have to say in my fashion brain that that cat matches your outfit. >> thank you, jaunt like hats but i love kittens. i love kittens. all right beth stern noted animal lover. animal activist happens to be howard stern king of all media special cat segment, next.
9:47 am
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with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. [laughter] >> live you're looking at kitten summer games premiers august 5th 8:00 on hallmark channel doing all kinds of crazy stuff. a great big hit. >> so much fun to watch every year and it starts on friday. the host of the kitten summer games is stern who is so by the way -- she loves truly not only loves howard stern, her husband but truly loves kittens. j you know what rosanna i love all animals no animal left out of my love. i work with wildlife rescue center of the hamptons north shore puppy, kittens and i helped a pig last week. a bunny, no animals i love. >> but you foster cats.
9:50 am
they need so much help. shelters are filled with cats and i worked with north shore and no kill shelter so many are filled that they fun fortunately have to euthanize by the minute, and that kills me. so just bringing awareness and saving ones that i can. howard and i fostered 300 over last couple of years. >> that is crazy. >> not at the same time over the years. >> over years but i've seen howard has them under his arms. >> he's singing one happy birthday. j like animals that are wild unlike dogs. am i on to something? >> depends on kitten i have six resident cats and they're like dogs i call them my dog cats they completely connected they're completely calm, and yeah it depends on personality >> is different.
9:51 am
to their name. >> every one of my cats i have two blind cats at home. resident cats and they all know their names and each come individually when called so there. >> you are the expert you have a whole load of cats. thfnlgt friday on hallmark chap part centers with hallmark channel last four years for kitten bowl and such a success not only you know for the network. but for the adoptions of all of these animals people watch cu local shelters thousands of animals have been adopted as a result of what had hallmark is doing this friday we have kitten games to coincide with olympic. >> so what do kittens do? >> there's a decatlon my favorite is wresting because who wrest lings better than kittens, nobody. gymnastics non stop filled adorableness and a one person watches show and goes to local
9:52 am
what, that's worth well. >> north shore animal leak america right now or there so many cats and kittens it is kitten season. so if you're ever considering -- it is warm outside and female cats -- go into heat. cycles they're escalated to kittens have your pets spade or neutered so they can get pregnant at 6 months old. >> wow. and then give litters of eight, ten kittens so manage imagine. the neighborhood cat is outside the nobody you feed have them spayed or neutered and then release them if they're outdoor cats if not if there's a changes to have outside cats i'll find homes for you. fng when you go to homes to bring cats out, i don't know how she finds time but she does it. what was craziest things you've ever rescued you walk around and find things -- fnlings oh, my gosh you're going
9:53 am
howard and i were taking a beach walk and tine rodent that was hanging on for dear life and didn't know what it was but it was a vol so we took him to wildlife rescue center of the hamptons they go this is a vol and we grade googled it said mot aanything rodent in your garden. how to kill the annoying vol and we saved him so somebody's garden is ruined -- rat. pretty much. and we do it begin we would save them all. >> i would call exterminator but glad you're doing your thing. one more time beth your husband profiled recently no "new york times." your husband and those interviews he's doing over the past several years, he's truly a legend. he's evolve pleas sent us his love. he's an amazing guy and we know
9:54 am
life. >> if i feel the article mentioned how like she played a very influential in this new howard stern. >> i don't believe it but that is very nice of them to say. watch friday night kitten summer game on hallmark channel.
9:55 am
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>> what's that thank you so much for say nice things on our ny facebook page. >> again i don't like you guys when you're full grown but be right now as kittens you're incredibly cute adorable i love you, love you. put you in this cage if you don't behave right beth? >> you know cats, thank you so much. see they're oblivious to us. except for you. very active. give this to you rosanna. sweet have a "good day new york" we're live on our facebook page comi u you're almost a cat by the way. you're almost a cat. did you hear these thingses get pregnant at six months. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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swarks . live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: right back at ya.


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