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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: let's take a little best, could this be the nicest week of the summer? more sunshine on tap today, it will be beautiful, highs in the lower 80 humidity, no man buns, mike has the forecast. >> hundred gathering in queens, police looking to track down the young woman's killer. libra for coming up. juliet: donald trump the 9 report his campaign is imploding this is a new poll shows him 10 points behind hillary clinton.
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the first us law-enforcement officer rick to be charged with the terror related crime. authorities accusing him of trying to aid isis. >> might have been those trips to libya. i am juliet huddy. theresa: i am teresa priolo. juliet: we are moving along. theresa: could we consider this a chamber forecast? ever heard anybody say a beautiful forecast? >> meteorologist: chamber of commerce, got it. juliet: promotes tourism. >> meteorologist: you could say that. it is very nice out there and the bold prediction of this being the nicest week right on point. 67 ? central park, same temperature yesterday, 66 am a the same today as yesterday, 64 newark, 63 in bridgeport,
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since you were talking about the hair thing we are at the wavy part here, it might get a little wavy with the humidity creeping up but at least we are not going into the for the area where things are not so good, and the humidity, we are going in that direction, mainly clear sky and the air still fairly dry, not so typical for this time of immediate future with high pressure in control. this will be the front that brings us action but that is a little ways down the road, high pressure being in control mainly clear sky, a few shower starts barking in upstate new york, not really in the tri-state at all, dry weather coming today and tomorrow but as we head toward saturday there is the cold front dropping into the area bringing us scattered showers saturday, nice to get it over with but we have to wait and see, some
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than others, today it is sunny, 78 by midday, high temperature 82 ?, pretty close to where we normally are this time of year, the advertise 84, 83 your high tomorrow, 88 saturday, that is the day with a chance of scattered showers and storms. looks like hopefully it gets out of here quickly but we will wait and see. that is your forecast. a warm one but not too sticky outside. we are going to bring in showers saturday but ines has the latest with the commute. ines: a couple things going on, just cleared away and accident southbound blocking two lanes by country club road and delay leaving out through there as far as your commute on the bqe eastbound blocking a lane, construction on grand central pkwy. has two lanes closed,
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island expressway, approaching the verrazano bridge traffic moving slow because of earlier police activity, just blocking two lanes, with the trains metro-north, long island railroad, new jersey transit and path trains on or close. ben: a big 5 alarm fire in queens injured four firefighters. >> smoke and flames shot out of the starting at 5:30 yesterday afternoon. it took 200 firemen and four hours to get this thing under control. officials say no workers were injured but some firefighters may have received minor injuries, because of the blaze under investigation this morning. juliet: police are searching for answers in the killing of karina the toronto.
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>> the medical examiner has ruled her death was a homicide saying she died of strangulation. the community morning the loss of karina. >> this is a tightknit community howard beach, everybody knows each other and a lot of people would see her going out for her jogs during the day near that park and she also workedt and she was a cocktail waitress, the restaurant owner decided to shut down so people could gather here at this memorial and remember karina. >> the whole neighborhood is upside down, horrific shame. >> reporter: hundreds of people gathered at a candlelight vigil outside the restaurant were 30-year-old karina vetrano worked in howard beach.
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morning. >> you would see on any given day somebody on an atv, their bicycle walking their dog, jogging, whatever, this is not supposed to happen. >> reporter: going running or biking in spring creek park is routine for many. karina vetrano and her father, a firefighter, jogged the path together regularly but tuesday at 5:00 pm and injury prevented him from going with karina and she went alone. inseparable. >> very very close. don't know what phil is going through. >> reporter: investigator say karina was exchanging text messages with friends but suddenly stopped, her dad tried calling her cell phone but she didn't pick up. after two hours she was reported missing, police k-9 teams and helicopters moved in but not after karina after dad with police discovered her body, she
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161st st. and 78th st.. investigators believe she was sexually assaulted. >> there is evidence of strangulation, asphyxiation. we are investigating anybody who uses his walk. >> policeman posters offering a reward for information. investigators are collecting surveillance video from nearby homes and dissecting karina's cell phone. at this point police do not have a description of the suspect, th help. a lot of neighbors at this vigil yesterday brought up the fact that there are a few homeless people and vagrants who hang out near the park, they hope police will look into that lead as the investigation continues, live in howard beach, back to you. >> check social media to see the overwhelming response to this story this community and others
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parks department to cut down some of the weeds in that marshland. because they were so high they couldn't see what was going on. juliet: a horrible story, thank you very much. moving on to politics donald trump insisting his campaign is united behind him despite reports of deep frustration among senior staffers >> a new poll shows hillary clinton is in front with a double-digit lead over the gop nominee. robert moses is outside trump tower with more on this. >> reporter: one buzzword that has emerged is intervention, as in the trump campaign needs one that donald trump says no intervention needed, there is no turmoil or crisis to see anywhere. a new fox news poll shows hillary clinton enjoy the 10 point lead over donald trump,
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effectively as president, 37% think trump does, 72% think clinton has the knowledge to serve effectively as president, 40% think trump does, trump two rallies in florida yesterday amid claims his campaign is in disarray. >> the campaign is doing really well. it has never been so well united. >> reporter: trump and running mate mike penn seem divided whether to endorse paul ryan for re trump says he is not ready to do so yet. in a phone interview with fox news mike pence said he is. >> i talked to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan, our longtime friendship, he encouraged me to endorse paul ryan and i am pleased to do it. >> reporter: report surfaced the trump campaign is in such turmoil that the republican party was reviewing rules for how to proceed in case trump leaves the race. the campaign and the republican
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on the democratic side clinton visited a factory in denver and took trump to task. >> if he wants to make america great again he should start by making things in america. >> reporter: according to trump's campaign trump has narrowed clinton's fundraising lead. the campaign and the are in the raised $64 million through a joint digital and mail effort, most of that in the form of small dollar donations. tonight trump is expected to attend a cocktail party in suffolk county. two republican congressman announced yesterday that they can no longer support donald trump and this follows the major defections including that of the hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman and prominent gop fundraiser as well as richard hanna, a congressman from upstate new
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trump tower. theresa: rudy giuliani coming on in the next hour, 7:00. rudy giuliani johnny rosanna and greg. okay. where are we right now? thank you. let's go to a quick break. let's go to mike first. theresa: technology hindrance at the same time. >> i know how things go, gremlins, we have clear sky at central park, beautiful day out there. not so hot, not so humid, average high temperature 84 ? but we will end up with 82. the whether apps has daily and hourly forecasts, download at the google play store, all the weather information you need for wherever you are.
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through. theresa: you bring some for the rest of the class? juliet: i want a candy bar. >> meteorologist: 84 is your average high, 69 the average low, we dropped to 67 ?, we may see it drop a little more, the sun is up but takes a while to go to work, 64 in newark, 54 in monticello, 63 in bridgeport, everyone looking at a clear sky around the tri-state, we will have a lot pressure in control. this is the area of low pressure, cold front coming into town bringing some showers but it is quite a ways off, it rolls in this direction over the next couple days but it is clear in the tri-state with high pressure in control. late friday you start to see moisture making a come back and
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up in the morning on saturday but then looks like the bulk of it comes through in the early afternoon and we are done. got to keep an eye on the topic, hurricane earl, moving west 15s through billy's, made landfall early this morning, heading to the west as time goes on, came in as a category one hurricane forecast to drop 8 to 12 inches of rain, then it we can then becomes a tropical storm fairly quickly, dropping off a lot of rain, doesn't over the water enough to restrengthen to a significantly stronger storm but continues to drop rain into central and southern sections of mexico and should dissipate altogether and not be a big player for folks in the mainland us unless moisture gets caught in the front down the road but things look fine. a great day, high temperature in the city 82, mostly clear
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82 the high today, 83 tomorrow, 88 saturday, clouds, showers and storm saturday, out of here by sunday, monday, tuesday, looking nice and sunny with high temperatures where they should be this time of year. let's bring in ines, problems popped up fairly early. how are they looking now? ines: the espresso dealing with file still easing out, police activity on the upper level brooklyn bound blocking two lanes, delays easing out at the time you get there should be gone. working on the bqe inbound, suffolk county northern state and southern state you are fine this morning, time to see how things are moving if you are traveling on if the i drive it 96th st. southbound towards the 59th st. bridge with no problems, 495 towards the lincoln tunnel pretty good this
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but gwb on the upper level construction going on on the cross bronx by webster avenue causing that delay. juliet: a court hearing will be held for the first us law enforcement officer charged with a terror related crime. theresa: nicholas young worked for the washington dc metro police under surveillance since 2010, he claimed he traveled to libya and joid claim that but he was arrested yesterday in an fbi sting. according to prosecutors he bought nearly $250 in gift cards he thought were going to be used by isis to purchasing messaging apps. he could face 20 years in prison. juliet: a man in london went on a rampage with a knife killing an elderly woman and wounding 5
6:19 am
near the british museum. officers used a stun gun to subdue the suspect, police said terrorism could have been a motive behind the attack. and also mental health of the suspect may have played a significant role. new video from the plane that crashed in dubai, crash landed, shows people trying to grab their luggage as the cabin was filling with smoke and the plane on watch this. you can see video, this on twitter, showing chaos after it hit the runway on its belly. oxygen masks were down and so were the luggage compartment so people could grab their stuff. instead of getting out they decided to block the people who wanted to get out. how insane is that? the woman who took this video gets down the emergency slide
6:20 am
fire. moments later you see the video, the blast, a big blast blowing off the right wing of the plane. theresa: until the firefighter on the ground. the good news is all the passengers, 282 people got off the plane, 18 crew members escaped safely. the pilot had announced a landing gear problem just before touchdown, no official wat exactly went wrong. >> the fact that everybody got out is a miracle. it boggles the mind. theresa: you have a few weeks left to visit what was once the largest casino in the world. "good day" will be right back. i know you!
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juliet: in today's healthwatch we are talking about stopping west nile virus and zika. the city will be spring neighborhoods in the bronx at 10:00. the recent the cover outbreak in florida has crooks trying to cash in on people's fears. according to the attorney
6:24 am
warning the public about 7 companies that sell ultrasonic bracelets and patches that claim they can protect you against zika. >> they are lying to consumers, exploiting fears about real public health conscious to make a buck and we won't put up with it. juliet: more than 500 travel related cases have been confirmed in new york state. none have been contracted by local mosquitoes. theresa: americans are much heavier than they were 20 years ago according to figures from the centers for disease control and prevention. the average american man is 15 pounds heavier than they were in the 1980s in 1990s. the average woman is 17 pounds heavier. that was without significant gain in height. about the same for kids, 11-year-old boys are 13 pounds heavier, they gained an inch in
6:25 am
which is interesting considering the push for health, healthier foods, organic foods. are we gaining muscle? that is my question. in new york city making a left turn could be deadly. according to a study by the vision 0 initiative between 2010, and 2014 drivers turning left killed 108 pedestrians and cyclists, left turns caused 30% of all pedestrian and cyclist injuries. >> at the data we determined left turns were involved in serious injuries more than a quarter of the time, left turn crashes are more prevalent than right turn crashes. theresa: you can see the pedestrian on the left side. juliet: some cars have blind spots. >> the city is testing new left turn design that 100
6:26 am
street, also putting up barricades meant to force left turning cars to slow down and make a wider turn. >> the new tappan zee bridge is halfway done. more than 1 pile of road that has been put down, additionally 35 of the 43 pairs of peers that will hold up the the first few steel cables that will hold it up have been strung. there will be 192 cables opening is set for 2018. will it be call the tappan zee bridge or will it be renamed? the trump taj mahal casino says it will shut down after labor day weekend due to the ongoing
6:27 am
of the unite here union began july 1st, the longest union walkout in the 38 year history of atlantic city's casino area. the union once health insurance and pension benefits restored after a bankruptcy court judge allowed former owners to eliminate those benefits, the trump taj mahal not owned by donald trump, it is owned by carl icahn. >> the queensboro 59 ed koch bridge has three names, can't the tappan zee be named after somebody? we got to go, top stories when we come back.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day" wake-up. theresa: low humidity, sunny sky, gorgeous day, temperatures in the low 80s. how long will this weather last? that is the question.
6:31 am
remembering karina vetrano. police are investigating her murder in a howard beach park. and examiner says she was killed by homicides, strangulation is the cause. >> the obama administration denies it made a random deal with iran even though 5 americans were released the same day $400 million in currency arrived in tehran. the money was part of a settlement of a legal claim that had nothing to do with random. president obama, the sentences of 214 federal inmates, serving time for nonviolent crimes. on an unrelated note, the president's birthday. >> happy birthday, mister president. i am teresa prelim. juliet: i am juliet honey, you have a lovely voice. he goes like this.
6:32 am
called the dying cats. >> meteorologist: good morning. let's get you up and running, temperatures in the 60s, a cool start to the day, 54 in sussex, 67 central park, 64 in newark, your dew points on the lower side, lower than it was yesterday, the air is drier, water dewpoint is not bad, you are in the comfortable range in the tri-state region. it is not bad, nothing to complain about. enjoy the fresh air. clear sky in the tri-state, high pressure in control, coming into town but quite a ways down the
6:33 am
the forecast, high temperature 82 ?, 83 tomorrow, 88 saturday, that is where scattered showers are and it dries out in the next workweek, let's bring in ines as we hit the roads and rails. >> westchester no problems, traffic on both sides tappan zee bridge, look at long island, live by 106-107, smooth sailing in both directions, the george washington bridge upper-level dealing with an hour delay with late running construction, two lanes closed, a better option, watch for an accident off of the george washington bridge. 495, 30 minutes inbound, holland
6:34 am
juliet. theresa: a sad story, nypd investigators pouring over surveillance footage and other evidence as they hunt for whoever murdered 30-year-old karina vetrano. theresa: live dollar and is in howard beach with the latest details. >> reporter: a lot of people in this neighborhood very tightknit, they all know each other and would see karina vetrano running in this neighborhood, she was seen at work, she was a cocktail waitress and worked in that rooftop bar at the top of the building and the restaurant owner made the decision to close the building yesterday and host a memorial. you can see flowers and candles, lots of people gather to remember karina. >> the neighborhood is upside
6:35 am
outside the restaurant where karina vetrano worked in howard beach, the entire community is in morning. >> you would see on any given day, somebody on a bicycle walking their dogs, jogging, this is not supposed to happen. >> reporter: going running or biking in spring creek park is routine for many. karina vetrano at her father, retired firefighter, jogged the past together regurl tuesday at 5:00 pm and injury prevented him from going with karina and she went alone. friends and family remember the father and daughter as being inseparable. >> very very close, very very close. i don't know what phil isgoing through. >> reporter: investigators a karina was exchanging text messages with friends but suddenly stopped. she did not pick up her cell phone.
6:36 am
missing. that is when police k-9 teams that helicopters moved in but not long after karina after dad and police discovered her body, she was 15 feet from the trail in a marsh near the intersection of 161 steuben st. and 78th st.. investigators believe she was sexually assaulted. >> there is evidence of strangulation, asphyxiation. investigating anybody. >> reporter: police hung posters offering a $2500 reward for information. investigators are homes and dissecting karina's cell phone. you are looking at spring creek park, cross bay boulevard. a lot of police are gathering, looking for clues to narrow in on the suspect. police don't have a description yet but they said there are a number of vagrants wandering
6:37 am
park. neighbors are hoping police will look into that leads. we had a woman who drove past us who stopped by a few minutes ago asking if there were any donations being collected for the family. another sign this neighborhood is rallying together to help this family through this difficult time. live in howard beach, back to you. juliet: president obama has commuted sentences of 214 federal inmates, 67 of serving life sentences. theresa: they were serving time for nonviolent drug crimes. the president has cut short the sentences of 562 federal inmates, more than the previous 9 presidents combined. juliet: federal official denying they paid ranson to iran for the release of detained americans, the wall street journal reported
6:38 am
currency arrived in iran the same day 5 americans were released, the state department says it was the first payment in $1.7 billion settlement to iran over failed 1979 arms deal. the obama administration says it disclosed the settlement in january a day after both countries enacted -- labeling as a ransom payment. >> it for the hostages. may have been a separate agreement, negotiated in technical details by separate people is a big deal. >> any suggestion it had anything to do with ransom is utterly false. these were two processes run by two separate teams. >> reporter: that was the state department, allegations are not true stressing the us does not pay ransom for hostages. the money was sent as cash and
6:39 am
>> joining us is lauren simonetti. good morning. happy thursday. >> reporter: little friday here. we are talking about what happens when people retire and how it affects the economy. >> messages don't retire, keep working. if you have gray hair in the office you are looked down upon. maybe not that you have experience or knowledge but you technology. that thinking is so yesterday. new research from rand corporation suggests those gray-haired workers are absolutely vital to the company. the message to them is don't retire because the economy needs you. research shows every 10% increase in population over 60 reduced per capita growth by 5% so as we get the jobs report
6:40 am
in other reports on the economy and the job situation there are not that many workers available to fill open positions, companies might hang on to workers a little longer because they value experience and the older you get the more experienced you are and companies need that knowledge and might pay for it. >> you can't put a price on the institutional knowledge people have from years in the business whatever business it might >> institutional knowledge. juliet: a lot of 20 and 30-year-olds have gray hair. not us. >> let me pulled out my mirror. >> mike doesn't have a gray hair on his head. >> meteorologist: they are there.
6:41 am
they come. >> meteorologist: either that or just getting old. headlines for the day mostly sunny skies coming at you and other nice days with beautiful comfortable temperatures and nice summer week altogether but doesn't last all the way through. the weekend saturday is getting shaky as showers and storms are in the forecast saturday. those are your weather headlines. a snapshot of what is happening with the commute, doing? ines: we had police activity on the upper level cleared away but left delays on the expressway traffic backed up to bradley avenue and grand central pkwy. eastbound blocking lanes, george washington bridge, late running construction by webster causing an hour and a half delay on the
6:42 am
to take that with a 30 minute delay, and with some ways police activity, the m trains, metropolitan terminating at broadway, terminating with the f trains northbound running on the a line and some on the g line at jackson heights, do castiglione is back with a duke: things getting heated at yankee stadium. highlights from last night's yankees/mets game when we come back. >> fallout from her parents marriage leave kelly osbourne facing a new legal battle. we will explain. keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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every part of you is strong. time to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile with strength. with colgate enamel health mineral repair. dari: 7 a look at headlines four firefighters injured battling a massive warehouse fire, it took 200 firefighters four hours to
6:46 am
karina vetrano who was found murdered in howard beach. police say she was strangled and may have been sexually assaulted. her father discovered the body. investigators hope surveillance video will catch the killer. >> a new fox news poll shows hillary clinton with a 10 point lead over donald trump. trump and mike pence seem divided whether to endorse house speaker paul ryan for reelection, trump is not ready to do pence says he is all in. juliet: as the nfl season approaches fantasy sports lovers are in the game in new york state, governor cuomo signed legislation allowing daily fantasy sites like fan dual and draft kings to operate in the state but they have to apply and receive registration with the gaming commission. the law contains new regulations
6:47 am
companies will pay a $50,000 annual fee and 15% tax on revenue. >> the skill depend on how lucky you are? can't be games of luck anymore. >> meteorologist: do it for living now. duke: the mets/yankees shifted to the bronx, the subway series rolled on, the game got off to a quick start, curtis granderson leading things with a home run at 17th of the season making it a 1-0, later, james will tack on a run with rbi single to center. at this point the yankees tie it up in the bottom of the first, a two run double, the game tied at two, next inning game tied at 3, mark teixeira blasts a 3 run homer to write and things get heated in the bottom of the fifth. stephen matt will hit mark to
6:48 am
happy about that. he hit the ground pretty hard. some drawing back and forth with the extent of it. >> met is a good kid but when you miss a patch like that after a home run you will get that reaction. whether he did it on purpose or not it is a good pitch and didn't like it. >> a-rod is not going anywhere, the team has no plans to release him. the plan is to give time to other people and matching injuries, a-rod will come back in and get more playing time. it is not easy to release the money a-rod has on his contract but he hit well last year playing sporadically makes it
6:49 am
rhythm. even if they released him they have to pay it. he could go someplace else and get the league minimum and make money. next year's contract is 28. over the mets clubhouse going on the 15 day dl because of the train wreck quad he has been battling for weeks, a designated hitter, met say he will go on the dl, and triple-a las vegas, sent out tuesday after the team traded for jay bruce. the new york post points out this is not great when you are fighting a leg injury. former major league player kevin miller tweeting they were playing golf yesterday morning. golf is not the most strenuous sport. i play enough of it, not very
6:50 am
golf shoes, swinging the club. >> would it be considered rehab? >> no. more mets injury news, lucas due to's season could be over, he is ordered by a back specialist to rest for 30 days, he says he doesn't need surgery but there is little time for rehab, it is getting up there in the we will see what happens. former next head coach derek fisher thinking about coming back to basketball as a player, posted a workout video of him on his facebook page with hashtag i am not done yet. fisher looking to return to the nba or head to china, fisher turns 42 next month. the knicks hired him after he
6:51 am
dari: 7 let's go to mike for a check of the weather, beautiful day today. >> meteorologist: we have a few linked together, 67 your temperature central park, 61 in bellmawr, a clear sky, nothing to worry about with rain or anything of that sort, sunshine almost the same temperaturewise. this is the next cold front sliding in to bring showers and storms but we have high pressure in control, mainly clear skies the next couple days, very little going on on the eastern seaboard until the cold front gets closer. friday evening still getting closer, not here yet but saturday morning it is here, coming through in the middle of the day saturday. not the best news for your saturday forecast but we will
6:52 am
elderly g forecast, mold spores at a high-level, uv index up but the air quality is good with heat and humidity, we get a break with air quality. high temperature 82 with mainly sunny sky, 83 tomorrow. there is your shot at rainfall, everything about sunshine, temperatures warmer than normal, whether apps has daily and hourly forecasts. it is free. we will be back in a little bit. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> staten island expressway moving slow because of earlier police activity on the upper level of the verrazano bridge to bradley avenue, late running construction left a 90 minute delay on the upper level of the george washington bridge, lower level xxx minutes. the lincoln tunnel 40 minutes inbound. as for the trains, there is police activity, metropolitan terminating at broadway lafayette, hillsboro, some at the northbound, running on the a lines from j st. to w. 4th st.
6:56 am
heights. theresa: chris jenner doing okay after a car crash. juliet: it happened in california off of the 101, his rolls-royce, brand-new, rammed a previous. the previous had turned in front of her when getting onto the freeway. jenner and the other driver refused to be taken to the hospital but jenner may have broken a wrist and was treated by juliet: a week after ozzy osbourne and his wife sharon say they are back together, his mistress says she is going to sue his daughter. dari: 7 michelle pugh is her name. he told people magazine she had
6:57 am
barrage of angry tweets and included pugh's private phone number and this caused great emotional distress. michelle swears she and ozzie had something special but a spokesman said the aging rocker is a sex addict, can't get better than this and ozzie is sorry if the relationship was out of context. juliet: happy birthday to tony bennett, 90 years old and president obama's birthday today. theresa: we will see you guys. ? ? ? you look at these things and you know you always have people in your corner. you know, no matter what. ?
6:58 am
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? rosanna: hello. "good day new york." thursday. august 4. beautiful day. highs in the 80s. mike has the forecast for us. greg: the girl jogging, we know she was strangled and possibly sexually assaulted. rosanna: politics. are the recent scandals taking a toll on donald trump's campaign? he says no. we may have one of them coming up in a few minutes. rudy giuliani is here. supposedly he is one of those people that will do an intervention with donald trump.


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