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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: he says police are still searching for one of her sneakers and one of her earbuds. the u.s. parks service police chopped down sections of the high weeds where police are looking for more evidence. authorities say she and her father jogged often in this undeveloped park, but a back injury prevented him from going with her on tuesday. >> we increased reward to $10,000. there's a severe community threat. we think it's random, not anybody in her life tha this. >> reporter: once again, this is an undeveloped park, federal parkland. it is patrolled by u.s. park police. they were here today and i was asking how often they patrol. they patrol five to six times a day. as a result of the vicious attack and murder, they plan on increasing the number of patrols. that's the latest from here. back to you. steve: london police say last night's deadly stabbing spree in russell square was not
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60-year-old woman from florida. five others, including another american were wounded, but they are expected to survive. police arrested a 19-year-old somali man who migrated from norway. he selected his victims at random and believe he suffers from mental illness. >> >> the administrator of a fund for the survivors and family members of victims from the orlando nightclub massacre held the first of two meetings about how the money will be distributed. the fund raised $23 million from donations and all of it toward the victims' families next month. 49 people were killed and dozens hurt when omar mateen opened fire inside the pulse nightclub in june. steve: melania trump tackling questions head on. >> how she's trying to clear up the controversy. >> reporter: another day, another controversy. there are reports melania trump was once an illegal immigrant. it stems from nude photos
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the would be first lady is strongly denying these claims, this as donald trump navigates what's considered the most difficult week of his campaign. >> that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> reporter: she could become only the second first lady in u.s. history to be born abroad. >> i traveled the world while working hard. >> reporter: now melania trump is rejecting suggestions she violated visa rules when moving model, posting on twitter, quote, let me set the record state. i have at all times been in full compliance with the immigration laws of this country. the comments following a report in politico questioning her immigration status during a 1995 photo shoot, the images published in the new york post. >> our whole country is becoming different. >> reporter: illegal immigration has been a focal point of donald trump's bid for the oval office
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come during a week his campaign has been hit with one controversy after the next. >> this talk that you are one of the people who are going to stage an intervention -- >> on "good day new york", rudy giuliani downplaying reports other top trump advisors are planning an intervention as reports indicate republican establishment is worried the trump train is out of control. >> we're in a different stage of the campaign. >> does he realize that? > he believe he does. i believe donald trp throughout the campaign that he -- it's my way. he can absorb the blows. >> reporter: hillary clinton restoring her national lead in the polls. the former secretary of state continuing her west coast job tour in the ever important swing state of nevada. >> my job as president is to help more people get the skills that you need to be able to get those jobs. >> reporter: trump advisors insist the campaign is unified and momentum is strong.
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$80 million in july. much of it grassroots support. there are cracks. just today the harvard republican club became the latest group announcing it will not support the party nominee, describing him as a threat to the republic. back to you. >> >> hillary clinton and donald trump are the big names in the race but not the only ones looking to move into the white house. steve: joe will tell us about some of the oer >> reporter: fair to say for many voters the presidential candidates leave something to be desired. in fact, recent polling in may showed clinton and trump were the most strongly disliked candidates of the past 10 cycles. it could be a perfect storm for what some are describing as the year of the third party. >> when you watch television, when you read the newspaper, there are only two parties running, democrats and
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johnson, the libertarian party's nominee. if he gets his way, he'll become the third president johnson. >> either trump or clinton are elected, things will be more polarized than ever. >> reporter: johnson, who is fiscally conserve and socially liberal with jill stein are third party candidates banking on the hope that voter dissatisfaction with trump and clinton will open a lane for them to make waves in 2016. >> i would not be doing this if there weren't the oor the only opportunity that i have of winning is to be in the presidential debates. >> reporter: that's easier said than done. a candidate has to hit 15 percent to make the cut. johnson is at 12 percent. experts say it goes a long way in a long shot campaign. >> you have a captive audience. you get all kinds of earned media attention you wouldn't get. and remember that these
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they can't afford to get their message out to voters using traditional mechanisms of advertising. so the debate literally is a stage for their platform. >> reporter: johnson wouldn't be the first third party candidate with prospects. there was ralph nader in 2000 and one of the most successful in recent memory, ross pirot, received 19 percent of the popular vote and cost george bush 41 a second term. >> when someone votes for a presidential election, oftentimes what that means is that the person that they would have otherwise voted for is harmed by their vote. >> reporter: polls say there's an appetite for another option. in 2014, 58 percent, three out of five adults, said they believe a third party is necessary and gary johnson says he's the guy. >> i'm the only third party candidate that's going to be on the ballot in all 50 states. so all this talk about third
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third party talk every election cycle. gary johnson has done the third party thing before. in 2012, he received 1% of the popular vote, but experts say this unorthodox campaign cycle really is breathing new life into third party candidates. what he thinks is working and what's not working in the fight against the terror group isis. after meeting with his military and national security advisors, the president held a n he insisted the u.s. remain relentless in the fight against isis which keeps losing territory. the president also said isis leaders can direct and inspire attacks. the president added that isis is losing territory partly because of more than 14,000 u.s.-led coalition air strikes. >> isil has not had a major successful offensive operation in either syria or iraq in a full year. even isil's leaders know they're
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acknowledging they may lose mozul and raqqa and they will. we'll drive them out until they do. >> this is the president's last scheduled event before he and his family head to martha's vineyard. ste steve: several of the aides operation. >> federal prosecutors say they busted a major east coast mob ring operating in new york, massachusetts, pennsylvania and florida. 46 suspects were arrested, including a 72-year-old who investigators say is a member of new york's crime family. they face extortion, loan sharking and fraud. >>
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reduce mosquito activity in neighborhoods in the bronx, queens and staten island tonight starting at 10:00 p.m. more than 500 travel-related cases of zika have been confirmed in new york state, but none has been contracted through local mosquitos. >> it could cost new york state a pretty penny and taking a century to clean up contaminated groundwater in bethpage, long island. the bill to fix the groundwater at than half a billion dollars. a new report claims the contamination has put drinking water at risk for 250,000 residents. >> the chemicals that we know are in the plume are problematic. we know that. and we're dedicated to cleaning its up and reversing mistakes that we have made. >> the state is seeking financial restitution from the
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toxic chemicals. >> and a salute to the coast guard's birthday. plus, maybe one of these kids will grow up to build boats. the program that's turning
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jennifer: putting bodegas on the front lines in the fight against obesity and diabetes. steve: zachary shows us the effort to get healthier food into corner stores. and vibrant culture in the ch - bronx. >> you also see a lot of poverty. it is a poorer borough overall. so, therefore, you don't see as much fresh fruits and vegetables. you don't see as many grocery stores. >> reporter: from outside the newway deli, they're the jack-of-all-trades trying to be all things to all people. from salad to soap. now they're participating in a special program in conjunction with montefiore hospital to increase healthy food options, a move intended to address health disparities around here. >> we think about it in both ways. important to build healthier communities and important for our patients to be able to make the advice that they've been given actionable.
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research, a third of the people in the bronx are obese. they're also high levels of diabetes. nicole joseph makes visits like this about once a week. >> i think it's about communication. >> reporter: her weekly visits means offering suggestions and buying healthier products for the store. it's a holistic approach. >> and providing them with additional signage and baskets and displays they need to promote the healthy items they >> reporter: data from the hospital showed this area was important to target. they reached out to 23 bodegas. 13 have agreed to work together. jimmy says the changes are going well. >> it's good for business. business is going okay. >> reporter: what's interesting is the program runs counterproductive to most hospital business models, that says more patients translate to more money. here the goal is to keep the people here in the bronx out of
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i'm zachary keisch for fox 5 news. steve: good approach. jennifer: keep the sunshine coming. it was so nice this morning, i went for a walk before work. steve: it was more comfortable than before i went on vacation. nick: as soon as you come back, you brought the humidity back. it's coming back towards the end of the week. welcome back. what a gift this has been the last couple of days in august to have temperatures warm and the humidity levels down. look at the morning low, 67. very north and west of the cooler valleys. w'll see upper 50s tomorrow morning. 81 the high today. a little below average. 100 for the record high. 56 your record low. 78 now with the wind out of the south and the humidity still definitely in check. only at 52 percent. the pressure at 30.11 and holding steady. a couple of fair weather clouds but nothing on the radar. take a look at fox 5 sky
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tonight or tomorrow. the problem will come in for part of the weekend. saturday is the trouble day. after that, we'll be getting into another nice stretch of weather next week. very comfortable as far as warmth. 8 sussex. the humidity low. mid 80s to allentown. 79 at the jersey shore. back to 80 across long island. cooler on the east end at 75. montauk is holding at 74. it is 80 at bridgeport. 84 at poughkeepsie. upper 70s in the city. 80s towards newark. and low 80s we'll see that continue tonight and again heading into tomorrow. satellite photo shows the northeast is in great shape, clear as high pressure ridges in. the high pressure much further offshore, so ultimately we will start getting into a southwesterly airflow. temperatures come up. humidity rises by tomorrow and we watch this cold front off to the west. that will bring scattered showers and storms, maybe as early as saturday morning in a
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it's saturday afternoon and saturday night and we'll set up for great weather to return. tomorrow, starting in the upper 60s. 79 at lunchtime. 84 in the afternoon. not all too humid tomorrow. watch the humidity come up later in the day. more so tomorrow night. and certainly on into saturday. there's the futurecast. we're in good shape. front comes in. here comes the moisture. there's the showers and storms. notice the time stamp about 1:00 in the afternoon. so, again, mid to late afternoon, particularly still pretty warm and much more humid on saturday. it will be up close to 90. the front that there west all the way to the middle part of the country, it's dry. that's going to guarantee nice weather. few clouds. up -- enjoy another great august day. more humid on saturday. showers and storms again. particularly afternoon and evening at 89. and look at what we have after that. sunday right through wednesday in the middle 80s. lower humidity. it gets more uncomfortable towards the end of next week. jennifer: i like at night you
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nick: exactly. it may get uncomfortable tomorrow night and saturday. okay after that. steve: kids in brooklyn learning to use their hands for more than tapping or swiping a screen. jennifer: stacey delikat shows us the program that's teaching children how to use tools. >> reporter: these little hands are learning some big skills this summer. >> the kids learn how to use real tools, hammers, drills, we give a saw lesson. they learn to use tools safely. >> most of the kids of the week know how to use tools. >> reporter: the motto at construction kids is old school tools for new school learning. >> it's a fun that you get to use adult tools and you get to build stuff with wood. >> in school we usually do books and computers and we type stuff. in construction kids, we build stuff. >> reporter: there are no touch screens or keyboards.
5:19 pm
nine years ago. >> really what it's about is understanding how things work, how things get put together. above and beyond just putting a battery into something and turning the on switch. >> reporter: the week long program costs $500 and this summer, 1,200 kids, four to 10, will participate. today the campers were building life size wooden skeletons. >> where does the big toe go? >> this might be the coolest thing i've >> and i've made an elevator. >> reporter: the goal is not to turn out construction workers or architects but to make these little ones think outside the box. >> it's about tactile full child -- whole child learning where they're using their hands, head and whole body to think about projects and make projects. >> reporter: the program is at five location and there are
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round after school program as well. in the brooklyn navy yard, i'm stacey delikat, fox 5 news. jennifer: making elevators. i had the clock i made in shop class. pretty cool. raising a glass to the summer olympics. steve: that's right. the authentic brazilian cocktail you can kick back with while watching the games in rio. jennifer: and the perks some are offering to get movie fans back
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switch today. steve: the games set to start in brazil tomorrow. drinks are shaking up the scene. jennifer: simone to show us how bartenders are mixing up south america favorites. >> reporter: not a bad assignment. this is the spirit of brazil in a bottle. it's distilled from sugar cane juice and blends with fresh fruit. we found a bar that's serving up a taste of rio in brooklyn. we're hanging out with ivy mix in cobble hill brooklyn and
5:24 pm
cocktails. >> we want to celebrate rio, brazil, and other cultures being represented. this is brazil's drink. fresh lime and sugar is delicious. put chocolate in it and it's more delicious. we put a lime into quarters. we take normal sugar and a big spoonful and put it in. we give that a little bit of a muddle. i'm the sweetness goes well with the lime. two ounces of that. then you add ice and shake it up. >> reporter: that is so refreshing on a hot day. >> this is cool because we're doing this and tequila. we put a little mint in there
5:25 pm
you put a little sugar in watermelon juice and a little vodka to stabilize it. we have jalapeno infused tequila. this is the white. this drink is the say anything. the last cocktail is really popular in brazil because it's hot. it's a frozen of coconut milk and cream, lime juice, vanilla syrup, a little passionfruit and we're going to do this again. this one is the maiden name. it's our hour special. >> reporter: alcohol and sugar. can't go wrong. steve: that's true.
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deal. she learned about mixology down there and brought it back to brooklyn. steve: thank you, simone. jennifer: the trumps take a break from the campaign trail. steve: tough to get a table hotspot where donald and melania went for a date night. jennifer: and battle over the future of this hotel in queens. what the city wants to use it for. hey, what are you doing?
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jennifer: a hotel in queens may be turned into the newest homeless shelter. steve: as jessica shows us, some people say queens has more than its fair share of shelters. >> reporter: according to the department of homeless services, the city has 58,000 225 could call the holiday inn home if it is converted into the latest shelter. the holiday inn could become a new homeless shelter in 60 days. >> they want to plop 200 people in the middle of our neighborhood and expect us to accept it which is unacceptable. >> reporter: tony, a resident of the area for more than 30 years and a business owner, opposes the new proposal saying right behind the hotel there are homes and a park nearby where children
5:30 pm
plowed during the winter, the mayor forgets us, but when he wants to dump people who don't have a house to acclimate into society, house them in a warehouse is unacceptable. >> reporter: it would house homeless adult families. according to mayor de blasio's administration, community board 5 has no shelters. but elizabeth crowley says that's no excuse here, blaming mayor de blasio for dumping shelters left and right in her borough. >> we're already impacted by two shelters. it's not fair to the people to be inundated with another shelter. it's unbelievable, unthinkable and we have to stop it. >> reporter: the city says there'll be full-time security inside and patrolling the area. fox 5 news reached out to the mayor's office and in a statement his spokesperson says in part, quote, while no final decision has been made regarding
5:31 pm
this administration has committed to housing homeless new yorkers and diminishing rents of hotel and cluster spaces. the residents are committed to fight back. on august 11th, they'll hold a meeting at the high school at 7:30. they want the mayor to find another location for the homeless shelter. i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. steve: mixed news from the nypd when it comes to crime stats. the monthly report shows there were 96 shootings in the month of july. that's 21 fewer than the same period las and the 11th straight month the nypd has recorded less than 100 shootings. there were nine fewer murders in the first seven months of the year. >> it is not a good time right now to be a criminal or a gang member in new york city. our cops, our detectives every day are continuously pursuing them. steve: while crime is down about 7% compared with july of last year, felony assaults have gone
5:32 pm
musicians, athletes, activists and law enforcement are putting their heads together to find ways to make our streets safer. jennifer: it was a town hall style event sponsored by hot 95 radio and the subject of street soldiers. lisa evers is here with a preview. a packed house? >> reporter: it was. more than 200 people. a really good turnout. as you know, tensions are high between communities of color and the police, but there are people on all sides trying to make a change. it all start and the community and that was the point of our sixth annual street soldiers push for peace. >> the best way to insure that mothers don't cry because cops in blue uniforms take their lives is to make sure brothers in blue jeans are not taking their lives. we have to be consistent. >> reporter: the brooklyn borough president eric l. adams kicked off the street soldiers push for peace town hall event in brooklyn for the third year in a row. >> it's about no innocent person
5:33 pm
take it. explore it. conquer it. make sure we can push for peace. >> reporter: we used the entire borough hall. hot 97's d.j. magic gave us music. >> we need to talk for them, to put the positive energy out there. that's all we have. >> with everything going on in the last few weeks and months, people need an event like this. >> reporter: celebrities came out and [inaudible] >> more than ever, everything you see what's happening in the communities, it's good to influence the people to make right decisions. >> it's important to maintain my presence here no matter what i'm doing in the world. to say connected with what's going on in the streets and to be a voice.
5:34 pm
in the wrong way and violence, we have to put together and come up and try to figure out a way we can be peaceful and have some type of result at the same time. >> we have to really figure out collectively how to create change. >> it's a wonderful cause that's close to my heart. i'm always promoting peace through every neighborhood i go to. >> reporter: some of the celebrities met with the many community groups there were there to make everyone aware of their work. like g >> i love everybody. >> reporter: the whole idea was to get as many different viewpoints together as possible and highlight the daily work of many community organizations, making a difference. the main attraction was our panel discussion, which included diverse comments from community activists, hip-hop artists, a former nypd lieutenant and a professional athlete and questions from the audience. you can see it all on street
5:35 pm
steve: an important conversation. thank you, lisa. testing begins today. a new count down clock for lettered subway lines including eight stations between 23rd and lexington, 59th street, eventually all 269 lettered line stations will get countdown clocks, part of the $27 billion five-year mta capital upgrade. jennifer: even presidential candidates need a tell us where they went on their dinner date. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really?
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steve: presidential candidate donald trump and a date with his wife. >> it's good to be doing hard political subjects guys. finally we're talking about donald trump on tv. jennifer: what a difference. >> they had a special evening at the polo club across from donald's place. they got away for a much needed respite from mike pence telling donald how government works and went out for an intimate dinner for three, them and the press corps following them. it was a special night. it was the third wives drink free night. steve: very special for them
5:39 pm
the airport. >> the line at chik-fil-a was too long for the donald. the polo club recently marla maples was at the bar. would have been awkward. there's mistress no. 1 and wife no. 2. i hate when it happens. they avoided that. jennifer: the picture under that -- he was eating a bowl and a tweet and a picture of marla. >> it's been a crazy time for trump. at trump tower, security is really tight. it's been very difficult for residents of the building to get in and out. they fill out forms. if you're a mom coming to visit, you do all but have a full cavity search. they can protect trump from everybody except himself. jennifer: you're headed to bermuda to try to get in the record books? >> we're setting a broadcast
5:40 pm
satellite. we're going below the ocean in a two man submersible to do the deepest conversation in broadcast history. there's never been a radio show done this deep in the ocean. our guests by phone will include david crosby, louis black and markham -- mark hamill. steve: when you get a clear cut -- >> let's hope it works out. we're going to prove we can sink even lower. steve: john fugelsang, watch him page six tv 7:00 here on fox 5. jennifer: streaming movies has made things pretty tough for theatres. steve: you don't want to leave the house. the service 116 ma is offering to -- one cinema is offering to
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steve: fox
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a common knee surgery may not be necessary. exercise therapy could be a better inspection. jennifer: joining us is dr. steven nicholas from the nicholas institute of sports medicine. tell us about this. any way to avoid surgery is a better option. >> this is not new news. tis has been going on for years. this study looked at people with occasional aching knee pain. got an mri on them. there's a little fraying in the meniscus. they, when treated with phyca those treated surgically. but when we talk about true cartilage tears, which are flaps of cartilage that catch and click and lock in the knee, the study said it needs to be treated surgically. older patients with arthritis try and treat them without surgery. steve: it seems to be part of a trend of we're getting away from operating on everything at all times. >> i think most high quality doctors have already done that.
5:45 pm
years. like anything else, some doctors operate right away. it's easier and profitable. you've got to be cautious about them. in general, if you have a doctor that's high quality you can trust, when he decides to go to surgery, it's needed. in this circumstance, people have aching knee pain with mild tears should try therapy and other modalities prior to surgery. jennifer: also, this is something that's been long-awaited, the government has launched the first human trials of vaccine >> there have been other vaccines developed over the last several months for the zika virus. this is a dna-based trial. they've taken pieces of the virus and introduced it to people to try and create an immune response so they respond to the proteins that the particle is creating. those proteins, if you get a proper immune response, are killed and the virus can be killed. this is going to take about a year to develop.
5:46 pm
have been developed in the last several months. it will take a full year to apply them to the general public. jennifer: even though it's low risk. >> they are low risk, but like anything, we've got to dot the i's and cross the t's in the united states. steve: thank you very much. let's talk about the weather. it's very beautiful, comfortable out right now. jennifer: i'm liking this pattern. nick: when you use the word comfortable in august, you know that's rare. august is not necessarily one of the more comfortable months of the ye it. the dry air that's come down basically from northern canada has stuck around for the last couple of days. it will do so for more tomorrow. humidity comes up later in the day, more so into tomorrow night. look at the nice temps. here in the city, 82. mid 80s to washington, d.c. look to the west, there's some heat out there, detroit and buffalo, around 90. we'll see the temperature come up as we get into the first half of the weekend.
5:47 pm
nothing showing up on our fox 5 sky guardian radar. there's not much in the way of cloud cover. a few scattered clouds will be around as they were last night. no big deal. it should be nice and quiet and turn cool. cool by august standards, into the upper 50s. we'll stop in the upper 60s in the city. right now 78 in midtown. 84 at poughkeepsie. monticello comfortable at 79. mid 70s down to the jersey shore. same as you get towards long island. 78 at islip. bridgeport, you'r it's been a light southeast wind most of the day, east-southeasterly wind. that will be the story tonight. no big changes as the high pressure zone is still sitting way, way out into the atlantic. not a lot going on around the contry. showers and storms around the gulf coast. going to have that watch that area potentially for tropical development. we've been talking about hurricane earl that went through belize and parts of guatemala into the yucatan peninsula. they're still getting heavy rain
5:48 pm
was. not much else going on around the country. you notice this line of clouds. that's a cold front. ahead of the front, some thunderstorms. that system will be bothering us saturday. when you're making your weekend plans, the better day will be sunday. more humidity saturday. up close to 90, but showers and storms are a good bet from early to mid-afternoon into the first part of saturday night. and the typical afternoon showers and storms firing up this time of year as you go through the desert southwest. quiet when you get towards the pacific northwest. tomorrow we'll bump the temperature up i is off to the southwest. another 100-degree day in dallas. 101 for them tomorrow. 98 to memphis. atlanta. 91. cooler for minneapolis. denver, 73. back to 103 for phoenix and 70s for the west coast. l.a. will be at 82. here's the futurecast. a few scattered clouds tonight. that's about it. and dry weather tomorrow. looks beautiful. we'll have lots of sunshine. it will continue to kick in as we head through the day.
5:49 pm
stamp. we're into saturday afternoon. here's the humidity back with scattered showers and storms that will last into the first part of saturday night. then they go away and just like the last few days, air coming down from canada will take over. for the next days beyond saturday, we're talking sunday through the middle of next week, it should be real nice. boaters winds west, 5 knots. waves running about 3 feet. we have a water temperature holding around 73, 74, something like that. god day at the beach. rip current risk is coming back up. it will be moderate tomorrow. 68 in the city tonight. 50s to 60 in the cooler suburbs. tomorrow, sunny and warm. the humidity will start kicking up by late in the day into tomorrow night. we'll hit 84 tomorrow. humid, warm saturday. somebody hits 90. 89 in the city. afternoon and evening showers and storms. there's the nice stretch of weather, sunday, monday,
5:50 pm
thursday. thursday, we may push 90. steve: the olympic torch continues through rio ahead of the opening ceremonies. hundreds lining the beaches to watch water skiers carry the eternal flame to the final destination. an interesting visual. it's traveled some 12,000 miles through 335 brazilian cities. jennifer: coast guard cadets are learning to sail the old-fashioned way. steve: christal young takes us aboard t keeping the coast guard in touch with its roots. >> reporter: as the eagle is tugged into new york harbor, it's more impressive. the coast guard cutter is the only active commissioned sailboat in the u.s. armed forces. its history a part of american history. the ship was constructed in 1936 and acquired from germany as a reparation following world war ii. its arrival from salem, massachusetts, coincides with
5:51 pm
today. and because alexander hamilton created the coast guard, actors from the musical hamilton are paying homage, too. >> every day i'm learning something new about alexander hamilton. just getting to know the history of the ship and just like all the things that he has done for the coast guard has been amazing today. >> reporter: looking up at the eagle's massive sails, makes you feel like you're an extra in the pirates of the caribbean movie. but it has a practical real vessel. >> we take cadets out and teach them lessons in navigation and seamanship, damage control and engineering, all the things they'll use when they graduate as officers. steve: >> reporter: i got a chance to look below deck. >> we're looking at every transit she's made since 1946. >> reporter: including ports of call, like halifax and bermuda. the bowels of the ship are like a floating city when it's in training mode, more than 200
5:52 pm
this is the war room where the officers come to eat. >> this is where we have people like foreign dignitaries, flag officers will come and stay. this is where they eat dinner. this is their lounge space. >> reporter: when kids come on, they're attracted to the helm, the steering mechanism. you can check it out for free through friday from 2:00 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on the weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. i'm christal young, fox 5 news. steve: cool. to lure people away from streaming movies from the couch. jennifer: baruch shemtov shows us how a new theatre in new jersey is trying to give moviegoers a memorable night out. >> nothing beats enjoying a movie at home with a blankets and pillow except doing that in a movie theatre with an endless array of gourmet food and drinks. at the 14th u.s. theatre in new jersey, they're redefining the movie going experience, starting
5:53 pm
delectable finger food served at your seat. we're not talking pizza and chicken tenders. the menu is designed by celebrity chefs and includes spicy tuna to sliders and lobster rolls. let's give the spicy tuna a try. that's restaurant quality except it's in a movie theatre. if you'd rather eat before or after, there's a farm to table restaurant called city a top mixologyist and feature juices like this one. this is the tequila and passionfruit ginger beer. cheers. that's really good. with movie theatre ticket sales declining in the u.s., theatres are offering a unique experience that can't necessarily be replicated by sitting on your couch and watching netflix. >> we go beyond just dining in the theatre and giving a great
5:54 pm
go out for a night. >> reporter: it starts from the moment you reserve your ticket on their app and order your food in advance. tickets are $25 with a membership and less expensive seats are available, too. when you arrive at the theatre, you're greeted by an environment that's a far cry from your typical multiplex, complete with mood lighting and artwork. >> doesn't look like a movie theatre. the space is very much like a luxury hotel. >> reporter: once you're in, you'll feel you're at home only better. baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. steve: funny how much it takes to get us out of their homes. added enticements every day. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. jennifer: here's christina park with what's coming up at 6:00. >> there's an effort to reclassify attacks on police as hate crimes. how much does it do to protect cops and would that change the definition of what a hate crime is? we'll have an in-depth conversation. plus whether it's best to use
5:55 pm
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5:58 pm
christina: good evening, everyone. i'm christina park. ernie anastos is off. a new effort was launched today
5:59 pm
which pushes it into the center of a sensitive debate. sharon crowley joins us with a look at what the bill would do. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, christina. the violence against police officers prompted new york state lawmakers to draft a bill that would make it a hate crime to assault a police officer anywhere in new york and it comes after murders of cops in dallas and baton rouge. those who support it say the measure is needed to further deter people from attacking men and women in blue. >> we need to do something york city police officers, from assaulting police officers throughout the state of new york. >> reporter: the murders of five dallas police officers just one of the reasons that they plan to introduce a bill to make assaulting a cop a hate crime. >> what i'm hoping for with this bill is to promote a sense of peaceful assembly and a deterrent so people will think twice before they throw that sucker punch to a police officer
6:00 pm
assault our men and women in blue. >> reporter: by classifying assaulting a police officer as a hate crime, offenders would face stiffer punishments than they do now. the president of blue lives matter spoke, showing his support. blue lives matter was formed in 2014 after nypd officers ramos and lu were ambushed and murdered. the president of benevolent association urged lawmakers to act. last year, 48,000 police officers were assaulted nationwide. that's about 9% of all the cops in the united states. >> if this piece of legislation can help protect the men and women in blue, that protects society, we would urge the entire assembly, the entire senate and the governor to see this important piece of


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