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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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you? >> it is frustrating and concerning. i hope i get put on a different airlines. >> delta ceo using twitter as a way to apologize to customers. >> apologize for the con conveniences and the team is working hard to restore and get the systems back quickly as possible. >> what are you supposed to do if impacted by the glitch, delta ask waiving the change fee to get you to the place you should be. >> thank you, melissa. >> jobs in the xi for hillary clinton and donald trump today. >> stacy is here with the latest on the campaign trail. >> after the polls are coming out showing hillary clinton widening the lead against donald
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trying to paint himself as the candidate of the future and her's as the candidate of the past. o we'll make america grow again. >> after a week of sagging poll numbers, drum z is trying to right the ship. >> i am proposing an economic tax deduction, this will lead to millions of new and really good paying the business income tax and eliminating the estate tax and focussed on new york state as the contrast of his record and hillary clinton's as senator. >> data shows that upstate actually lost jobs, a lot of them, during clinton's first term.
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disaster. we made it great. this is what i want to do -- thank you. this is what i want to do for our country. >> trump made the speech in detroit. millikin is growing a number of those jumping ship and crossing the clinton. >> i am the king of debt. i do love debt. >> clinton spent the day in florida talking to small business owners about job creation. >> this commission did a study under trump's economic plans we would lose three and a half million jobs. in comparison, my plans create ten million jobs in the first
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>> clinton is delirring an economic speech on thursday. in the meantime, is there a chance of any player in the race? he announced an independent bid for the presidency today and hoping to take the voters that are weary of trump, and analysts are saying he's got a long shot. >> yes a l >> first day. >> yes, fair enough. >> trump's economic speech is a way to boost the campaign, coming up, we see what it takes for the candidates to hit the reset button. >> gunmen kidnap an australia in avenuing, the men believe to be employees of the university. the officials say they were
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responsibility at this point. the student of affairs sent out an email saying that the campus is shutdown. >> a new york city woman visiting family in massachusetts was found dead over the weekend. 27-year-old woman was walking in princeton yesterday afternoon and didn't return. the death appears to be a homicide and the body in a wood area. >> we don't know if this is a random act. we are asking you to be careful. we have an active homicide investigation going on. >> so far, no arrests have been made and no suspects identified. >> the search continues for a murder in queens. >> we are live in howard beach where the local police are asking for help from the feds.
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is a crime scene here and plenty of police officers here and out near nonstop, combing through the crime scene and community leaders and police are holding a meeting tonight regarding the investigation, because this community is demanding answers. >> this is a very tight knit community and used to the quiet streets, people are nervous. >> assemblyman be holding a meeting tonight at st. helen church in howard beach regarding the investigation. during her evening jog on tuesday, 30-year-old woman was beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled in an area of spring creek park in howard beach, a national park. >> the agencies need to do a better job as well, the brush here could p should have been
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>> she tried to fight off the killer, during the struggle her teeth were cracked and the fists were clinched. >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak piece of fillth that you are. >> shuttering with anger, the mother delivered this blistering message to her daughter's killer yesterday afternoon. >> i a guarantee you, i guarantee you (bleep), that you will be reckoning with that force for the rest of your pathetic life but for the rest
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>> a pain no mother should ever have to feel. the meeting will be held at st. helen's church here in howard beach and the same church where the funeral service was held. >> thank you the city has lots of secludes trails where the joggers may feel uncomfortable. we have safety tip coming up. >> autopsy on a little boy that was killed while riding a water slide. it was at a water park in kansas city. it is treated as a civil matter. he was killed while riding the water slide. a fundraiser online has raised $20,000.
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arrested for bringing a homemade clock to the school is suing the high school. hefs charged with having a hoax bomb. the teen brought the project to school to show the teacher. now a lawsuit the filed on his behalf. the 14 year old's civil rights were violated. >> i lost a lot of things. i lost my home and lost my creativity. i >> the hoax bomb charge was dropped and he and his family since moved to cutter. this is because of threats and also a scholarship offered to him in the country. >> fivety cent dropped in aville contamination for a surprise concert.
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>> a performance at oyster bar caused chaos and congestion. casey said she was there and took this picture of the car still outside around 11:30 and saying that the police were trying to control to crowds. >> they had loud speakers and yelling for the people to get out of the street. >> they closed the street and two officers were >> it is not so much the show, it is an after-show. >> we saw a surveillance video that broke out and one that ended inside of the kitchen and things have changed since they have opened. >> we always work together, we are friends. this is not a friend. >> this video stamped 1:20 sunday morning, shows the police officer running towards the crowd. this isn't the only issue.
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a promoter who had topless girls outside, viewable from the street pouring champagne over the bear bare breasts. >> this is not the people were looking for here. >> this is not isolated incident. just stop. >> freefort police insist that they are continuing to comb over the videos. >> wow, lots of excitement. >> showing the girls the way to careers. >> where they are learning from the very best. >> latest therapy fad that is easy to spot at the olympic
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?? sfx: crowd cheering ?? sfx: crowd chanting ?? sfx: crowd cheering ??
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younger this week and there is a reason why. >> allison is here to talk about the partnership that is working to get women excited about stem. >> stem is the buzz, it is the hot thing, but we want to get more women involved. they are growing fields. these are great jobs with good pay helping to change the world,
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particularly women of color. there is a week long program that started today to help women in new york to get a head start. >> i just graduated from the secondary school of the arts. >> i am diamond louis. >> these women are high school students and nominated schools or a local nonprofit to be part of the studies, girls and stem initiatives. >> they are taking classes in math and hearing from a host of mentors, and they are seeing what the professions look like and they are taking classes in building college skills, reading, writing and research. >> do you see the pattern continuing?
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young women and young ladies of color and to dream big, be bold, and when they leave here, we want them to leave knowing this is a field they can get into. >> some of the young women are well on the way to careers in science and math. >> i'm going to move toal a see and i'm excited to study about >> this is a stem program and i want to look about other fields. today we have this introduction about the different engineering jobs and it is giving me more opportunities in the future. >> they have partnered with the
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how you think. >> the program started this morning but the girls are already working on a research paper of women in stem. most of them road the train by themselves, some of them for the first time, a lot got lost. later in the week they are going to columbia on their own it is a ahead for the future. very impressive. steve: great investment in the future. >> so glad they got to do that. >> lovers going to celebrate chi chinese. people enjoyed the festivities
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followed with another arc. >> very nice. >> i love when we get those. we get them here too with the storms, especially this past spring. >> so overcast was the deal today. >> yes, started off beautifully across the tristate and we had a deck of clouds coming in from the south and kind of breaking up and in the hudson valley. the sunshine warmed us up to 86 degrees. we hit that number at central park at 1:00. this morning we started with 71. area wide mostly in the 80s. we are up to 87 in poughkeepsie monticello high was 79.
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83 central park. belmar 80. everyone is in store for the comfortable evening. that is mostly courtesy of the dew point. it is the measure of the moisture in the atmosphere. that's going to be shifting into the uncomfortable level later on in the week. right now, the winds are relatively light, seeing mostly coming out ofhe across the area. and looks like we have a cloud deck rolling through and in the hudson valley it is nice and sunny out there. the clouds are creeping up to the north ward in new jersey. i'm guessing that things are sagging to the south here and mostly clear as we go into the late night hours. we are under the influence of high pressure. it is nosing down from canada. it is sliding off to the east over the next couple of days, so
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southwest wind flow and that is a warm and humid wind direction for us and building up of the heat and humidity later on in the week. they are getting rain south of dc. so look at the futurecast, we are going mostly clear into the evening. a couple of high clouds. tomorrow we start with the sunshine and a few clouds rolling in. then the main cloud deck is working in on wednesday, that i and thunderstorms across the area. wednesday they are popping from time to time. it is a wet day and take the umbrella. we are going to stay unsettled for the remapder of the week. tonight, nice and quiet, clear, mild and dry. the temperatures mostly in 60s and low 70s. northwest of the city, the temperatures could drop down to the 50s and that is nice to open the windows.
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the spots. a southerly wind flow is building the humidity. you will feel the difference on wednesday with the temperatures in the 80s and staying that way until the end of the week. 90s for thursday, friday and saturday and a lot of humidity, and uncomfortable and the threat of scattered showers and thundershowers. enjoy the rest of day and tomorrow and shifting >> thank you, audrey. >> surprising friendship between tony danza and a rapper. look at that guy. >> plus, reading is good for the brain and surprising health benefit coming from picking up a
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ing this around- it's dragging down your fuel economy. but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate. our best fuel ever! >> tony danza is returning to the stage tomorrow night. >> we hear about the new caberet show. >> listen closely under the hustle and bustle of 54th street and you will hear the pitter patter of the tap shoes.
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below, what do you love about performing in the small spaces like this? >> obviously the connection. it is about making a connection with the audience and in a space like this it is easier. >> ? i like new york in june, how about ? >> he's performing twice in the area. >> i am and the songs and i have a story, a narrative, a character even that has a beginnin, middle and end, and turns along the way, and a chance to tap dance. danz is full of surprises, the taxi and who's the boss actor.
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two pac. moved by the lyrics, danza wrote him a letter. are the letters a part of the show, is that coming up? >> no, no, i used to fool around, no way to sneak in or write-in him in the show. >> where acting? >> the first five years in taxi, i was out there at 26, i was a kid from brooklyn and a fighter, that changed me. think about it, you have to be there and look the people in the eye and listen and you have to be part of something, things you have to do in life, you know, so it, there is development through performance.
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>> catch tony at feinsteins 54 below. >> that is a great venue. >> yes. amazing. >> well, don't count on the chip card to keep you safe from counterfeiters. >> the security flaw that could allow crooks to enter your account. >> rapper saying that the club is responsible for a deadly
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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>> rapper charged in the connection with a dead nightclub. >> why troy is saying he's the real victim in the case. >> it is wild out there today, at times it is not seeming well thought through. he's facing charges on the attack today and saying he's in trouble because the club didn't do their job. >> he's a victim here and he didn't bring a gun into this
5:30 pm
for the ne glens. >> he's suing the owner of the urban plaza. troy has kept a low profile since the incident. colins was injured and the body guard was killed and the lawyer jockeyed for control and saying poor security is why it happened anything i don't want to address, ma'am. the security here did not pat down anyone who came in the back door. >> saying that colins was at the club to perform that night and this is showing colins shooting and he's charged with attempted murder and out on bail. >> he's been shot and going to
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that is a lot. >> security guards for the club didn't pat down guests that entered through the side vip entrance and colins included. >> no one was patted down that came through the back down. >> they are making the case that the club was not doing their jobs and if they had, none of this would have happened. the next court day is in september. >> murder of a jogger in howard's beach putting runners on edge. >> for the last 30 years t chinese academy is forcing women to put safety at the top of their workout rye teens. >> this is something to do against a wall or in a subway or from a certain position grabbed from behind. scenarios like that.
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classes for women and the attendance spikes when attacks make the headlines, like a jogger ambushed in howard beach. >> the women have never punched or kicking anything before and we want them to break the barriers. >> there is a number of things to do before an attack to give yourself a fighting landmarks are and the people are in the neighborhood and knowing what i know there is a garbage can next to the bench. >> during an attack, it is about relying on muscle memory and what you have on you to defend yourself, she took us through some of the drills. o this is one of the drills, we pull them to a shovel neck to the knee, knee, knee to the groin.
5:33 pm
into the eyes. right straight up. palm heel, palm heel. i take him put him down. >> finally, it is about where you go and who you are with, always try to exercise with a partner and listening to music is enjoyable, leave the head phones at home and pick a path that is well lit. self-defense classes on tuesday and thursday at 7:00 p.m. from the lower east side, fox 5 news. >> defendants in the george washington bridge lane closing scandal want to put the lawers from the governor's office on the stand. they are trying to block the
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former executives are tried on wire fraud and civil rights charges for closing the lanes on the bridge as a form of political retribution. >> it is a rough two weeks for donald trump as the campaign is looking to hit the reset button. >> we are here to explain how the reboots work. >> you will see that 2 trump campaign is having a rough go of it. the ten polls trailing by 7 points, that is causing many in the political world to call on trump to recalibrate his efforts. the past two weeks are the toughest stretch of the campaign and even though the billionaire disagrees. >> the campaign is doing really well. >> sinking poll numbers and leaks and gaps suggesting that the republican neats a reboot.
5:35 pm
messages. >> still others are saying that a reset is not necessary. >> everyone should calm down about it. certainly every opportunity for trump to win the election. what is a campaign reset and what would it look like for trump? >> getting back to the basics. he's polled above hillary clinton and he needs to bring it home to him. strategy, using more teleprompters and over the weekend, sticking to script in an attempt to repair the party relations. >> i support and endorse our speaker of the house paul ryan. and while i'm at it, i hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain.
5:36 pm
nominee hillary clinton is in hot water over the email scandal. and then... not doing herself favors while getting assists from the opponent. >> we have seen a little rise for her and a dramatic drop for him and the gap is more him doing a bad job than her doi elections are not won in august. in 1998, dukakus had the lead. you can be sure that the campaign is paying attention. >> time to start fixing it though. >> chip credit cards are not as secure as once thought.
5:37 pm
crooks use your account. >> the craze that has left spots all over the olympic athletes. >> yeah. but first here is the new york minute. >> who's next? >> kids getting free tennis lessons today in queens, and tfts part of a summer long and structured tennis program run by the city porks throughout the city. we have more tennis courts in new york than any other city in the country and trying to keep them active with getting kids to learn this great game. >> there is time to get the free lessons. kids can get a look at the world by visiting the bio bus at the new york hall of science, the world's only state of the art facility.
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the clock is fine. our live customer service is available all night, and all day for that matter. he's learning. at td bank we do things differently, like live customer service 24/7. bart: hello? hello! don't just bank, bank human. >> chip cards that were supposed
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counterfeit can be kofrn kofrn miezed by the crooks. >> this was presenteded at the black hat security conference last week and since then the banks and the companies are expressing skepttism that the flaws exist. >> if you rewrite the magnetic strip you can get around the security. >> tech expert advises consumers not to spend too much time trying to understand how it works. >> i can't imagine a scenario where the consumer is liable for anything more than $50, and i never heard of anyone paying that. >> if someone steals your credit card and the merchant or the bank pays you back. so the chip cards doesn't matter
5:42 pm
the owners of the credit card terminals. >> retailers would do everyone a favor by upgrading the technology. >> the banks remain under the siege all day and night and successful thieves are successful in the large rewards and the rest of us, really don't need to worry about this and devoting our energies to the headaches of a payment system. >> the readers rarely work. >> pray and hope everything works well for me. >> consumers don't need to worry about it. use it for cocktail conversation and saying that is interesting. >> new cards started to be issued in the fall and dl is a
5:43 pm
the merchants still have not upgraded the systems. >> and there are complaints about the cards. >> it is a drag. i hate it. it is annoying. thank you. >> if you have been watching the olympics, beg red or purple circles on the bodies of the athletes. >> the therapy that is causing the bruises that is becoming the rage in rio. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
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>> research suggests a new pill for those suffering from asthma. it is showing promise in reducing the chronic lung disease. >> joining us now, off, how do you pronounce it? >> you got it. >> it is working on the cells that more specific for the inflammation with as ma. the problem is that your body mistakes pollen or the environmental triggers like smoking, the cold, mistakes it for something to fight and attacks it and causing the damage to the airways and your
5:47 pm
bacteria or viruses and in this case, they tend to go up and when the people with asthma cough up, you see it. this is lowering that and they tested other measures on how bad the asthma is. they looked at the ct scans and by biopsies and tests and across the board it is doing well on those measures, but at the same time, it is not far enough long it is available yet and now they are start doing it in larger trials and the preliminary studies are showing it is helps those folks. >> all right. this is bizarre, reading is good for you, but apparently
5:48 pm
social science and medicine, it helps you live longer? >> well, i thought that was exciting, it is going along with the other research if you read more maybe that leads to delays in terms of cognitive impairments and the better shape your mind is the better shape your body may be in. they just observed people. they didn't really make certain groups of people read to read. so the problem with that type of study, you can't tell if there is something different about those folks. to read three half hours per week, you know, i would love to do that, but work interferes and it is not possible in terms of leisure time. >> how about the tweets every
5:49 pm
leisure time may be the leisure is protecting them, and the folks that can't read three and a half hours a week, why not, maybe the health problems are preventing them from doing that. the study is looking at reading, they tried to control some of the factors but didn't do that perfectly and the people that read the most are women who are college educated add more and all of that? >> exactly. >> well, reading and keeping your mind active is better for your overall health. >> thank you. >> and nice weather too. >> very good for the psyche. it is a beautiful start to the week. one more chance tomorrow and seeing things change and uncomfortable for the second half of the week. high of 86 in central park.
5:50 pm
a comfortable 71. sunrise and set set times for tomorrow. the winds coming out of the south, and southeast and steady. right now 87 poughkeepsie. it is a cooler 79 monticello. you are seeing a lot of clouds in place now. 79 islip. and elsewhere across the northeast nice readings. pittsburgh in the 80s. philly 83. now, we have had a cloud deck roll from the south and edging into new york city and long island. we turned overcast for a period of time.
5:51 pm
mostly clear across the tristate area. we are under the influence of high pressure and keeping it under control in the northeast and helping to protect us from the weather maker in the mid atlantic. the cloud deck is reaching to the north and the rain is staying to the south here. as this high is sliding to the east, the wind flow from the southwest, that is a very warm and humid air flow for us and things are building up for wednesday, t going up to 90 and the humidity is going to build too. the futurecast is showing mainly clear skies. that is how we start out tuesday. a couple of clouds in the afternoon. it feels nice and dry tomorrow. tuesday night things are going to change. on wednesday, lots of clouds in place and a chance of showers
5:52 pm
tonight we are going clear, mild and dry. the temperatures dropping down to 50s in the suburbs. tomorrow mostly sunny, quite warm and rising to 90 degrees and breezy in the afternoon. then we start to see the changes rolling through. humid on wednesday. the showers and thunderstorms returning to the region. same thing for thursday, friday and saturday. humidity. enjoy tomorrow, that is the last comfortable day for the next seven. over to you. >> thank you, audrey. check this out, it is a robot powered by living cells. amazing. researcher from harvard thought about the idea, using the muscle cells to control a remote controlled ray. the creator says he started the
5:53 pm
m mysteries of the human heart. there is a healing practice that made the mark on the olympic games. >> why the athletes are raving about cupping. >> the games in rio are getting lots of buzz, it is not about who is bringing home the gold, it is questions about the strange red marks that keep turning up on the olympians. >> i saw michael phelps with them and i was wondering if had a tattoo. >> turns out that the marks are caused by cupping, an ancient chinese practice. i stopped by for a demo and answers and i witnessed fire cupping. >> light a cotton ball. >> cupping is said to relieve
5:54 pm
>> what's is happening with cups, it is forcing the blood circulation to the contracted muscles. it gives the muscle information to release. >> i know what you are thinking, does it hurt? it looks painful, how do you feel? >> it is looking scareyer than it is. it is relaxing actually. i decided to try it. it is not that bad. i can handle it. the and the marks last 4-10 days. the national institute of health says it shows promise for pain management. >> what started as a therapy thousands of years ago, it is firmly in the 21st century.
5:55 pm
it is impressing being at the olympics. >> if it works, hey. >> why not. see you back at ten. >> here is ernie with 6:00. >> thank you, guys. we have a look at the problems you face trying to get to work. tonight what can be a frustrating trip in from new jersey and ideas that could help you out. >> plus, why your dauk is so good at reading your emotions. it is all next live at 6:00. i
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>> it is monday nieblth, good evening, everyone. we thank you for joining us. we start with a massive headache for hundreds of thousands of people trying to fly delta today. a power out aj earlier caused delays and cancellations and still affecting people right
5:59 pm
melissa is there for us, what is happening out there? >> good evening, ernie, if you are a delta passenger, it is a rough day for you, 450 cancellations and thousands of delays throughout the country and even here in la guardia, we talked to the people working here and different airlines, they are getting the overflow from delta. they say that the glitch is fixed, this is taking a few days to figure out. take a airline stru that seems to be occurring more and more often. >> you are seeing quite a few of those in the past few years. >> system wide issues that ground the flights and leave the passengers straineded. >> it could be electrical outage with nothing to do with delta or a computer problem. >> today the passengers around the world are scrambling to
6:00 pm
were dealing with a grounding of flights for hours. >> glitches are happening more frequently for many years the airlines neglected the i.t. systems and they were losing money and didn't invest and now they are profitable and they have to focus on the computer systems. >> it took roughly six hours to get the flights going again. >> i asked them the flight board and they couldn't check. >> delta's ceo using twitter as a way to apologize to the customers. >> i apologize for the challenges this has kcreated fo you. >> okay, ernie, if you are one of the passengers affected by


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