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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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wherever. the remarks are one reason that more republicans keep jumping party ship, susan colin from maine is latest to say she will not support trump. writing trump's lack of self restraint. would make an already perilous world more so. >> the clinton campaign dealing with its own embarrassing scene last night. >> i know how many people, family members, loved ones and friend are still of orlando paying tribute to victims of pulse nightclub shooting, but in audience, rows away sadiq mateen, father of the shooter omar mateen. he said he was invited in a mass e-mail, but how he got such a
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>> we have a lot of twists and turns every day. >> never a dull moment. ernie: with all that back and forth, what about the debates, okay that or may not happen. >> it will be interesting when they come face-to-face, first one school september 26. she is committed to all 3. but he wants to know what the conditions are. a lot of 18 lift analysts beliet will hurt him than help him if he does not do the debate. ernie: a lot of uncertainty, some expected some not so much. talking about battle ground
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>> there are new numbers out from quinnipiac looking at 3 battle ground states, the list could be growing in this election, but we know that florida, ohio and pennsylvania, right now clinton leads in all 3. she has a bigger lead in pennsylvania, ohio and florida are close. but the polls change every day. it could be a completion -- comment that polls tomorrow, we never know. ernie: what will happen tomorrow, doe you want to guess? >> i can't. ernie: talk about some other stories in the news, disturbing statistics on opioid epidemic in new york, overdose death rates have increased.
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ernie: more travel troubles for delta customers, canceling 250 flights ad after thousands of delays, the world yesterday. quite a mess. airline officials say that problems were caused by a power outage at the atlanta headquarters. >> that is latest on what is going in news. and guess who is here, in white? looking lovely today, a beautiful day. audrey: s audrey: i hope you enjoy its. i gave the warning yet this is it. ernie: we need the rain. audrey: we need the rain, but the humidity? ernie: not really. audrey: my hair does not need it, that is for sure. today, we hit a high in central ppark of 81.
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and poughkeepsie and everywhere on the map, right now we have readings in 80s, 82 right now in central park, 83 in islip, we dropped to upper 70s in month take, 85 in bridgeport, and warm in poughkeepsie issue dewpoints, of. readings like this make is comfortable, these numbers will rise starting tonight, and tomorrow you will fee a difference. humid see comfortable at the moment, this will also be rising tomorrow, we're quiet right now across much of the northeast, under influence of high pressure that kept us dry, as going to shift to the east to tomorrow that will bring a shift in our weather pattern, high offshore into wednesday here. then on back side of it, we'll start to see a southwest wind flow, that is going to bump up
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to build in to tri-state area. so, looks like storms that we see here, these will not affect us. so, tomorrow, high numbers in 80s. this is just about humidity, 90 in mid second of nation over 100 across portions of texas. to west coast, temperatures are in 70s from looking at future cast, we'll have increasing clouds tonight. tomorrow we wake up with mostly cloudy conditions. you will see sun struggle to breakthrough from time to time but clouds the win out, have your umbrella handy. there is a chance of thunderstorms and showers tomorrow. thursday, mostly cloudy, but rain should spark up in afternoon, a chance of scattered showers and storms, that weather pattern will stay with us for
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as we go to tonight, comfortable for a while longer, then we will get muggy overnight attempts in 60s and temperatures in 60s and 7s 0s it will be mile. friday, we'll have highs in 90s, that is going to be the most uncomfortable time frame. we break in the pattern until tuesday of next ernie: summer variety, thank you. audrey we continue with our week-long look at your commuting challenges right after the break, today we have just how tough it is to drive around here. and why the roads seem more congested than ever, we'll be
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ernie: welcome back to our week-long look at commuting challenges, today we're focusing on roads, it is tough to drive
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roads are so congested. reporter: it seems, no matter where you go, there is always traffic in the city, gridlock sam, a former new york city department of transportation traffic commissioner. >> congestion in city is has bad as i have seen it. reporter: one reason there are more cars on the road. >> we have uber, you have lieft, and you have green taxis, we were not prepared. reporter: mitchell moss congestion, moss is a professor of urban policy and planning at nyu . >> last year 60,000 building permits were given that means someone is going to close down a lane of traffic so the trucks can come in and out. reporter: moss also points to creation of bike lanes, and citibike stations, pedestrian plazas and increased internet
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packages and fresh direct food. reporter: manhattan is booming, between residents and visitors, there are more than 4 million people in manhattan every day, all this activity, means, success. >> you had a record number of jobs created last month, people are working, getting to and from work and restaurants, then we have the huge number of people come to new york, health care or school or shop. reporter: next time you sit in great it is, for the economy. linda schmidt, "fox 5 news." ernie: that is something to think about. joining me now is city councilmember daniel garatnek . a subject that everyone talks about we all face difficulties however we're commuting, talking about cars today, good news, city is doing well.
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mess, right. >> no question about it, traffic and congestion is worse and worse, new york city. and there is a variety of reasons for that. we've seen construct permits going up, 7% since 2009. you have impact with people at every intersection blocking or even buses or bikes. ernie: and car services. >> yes, and uber and lyft, people are using them in way they did not use them 3 years ago. ernie: i drive in the city, have you bike lanes and bus lanes, narrow down the field a little bit. that is a bit of an issue. >> that is true, although when you take the bikes out of traffic could you are allowing
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bicycles and buses are moving faster. you have a lot of delivery trucks, people orders you know a tooth brush at this point, for convenience that great but on the street that causing real problems. ernie: talking about how we on and will go on. >> we have talked about for some time, i think are worth revisiting are, charging a fee for use of manhattan central business district during peak hours, or other business district in new york city, raising revenue for mass tra
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and reliable important option for -- transportation option for people. ernie: second avenue subway. >> vive been talking about that for a long time, phase one is coming in months, that just phase one that will take you from 96th street to 63rd and westbound then broadway line, but could pand to hanover square. and then, there are proposal out there can use metro north or long island railroad within confined of new york city at a reduced rate, that would help reduce congestion on the training, and create an incentive for people to get out of their cars, sometimes you have to spend time in a vehicle. every does it. but people are pulling their hair out at-this-point.
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traffic and congestion that is not good for your mental health, that is going to have you pull your hair out, and causing economic activity in new york city and region. ernie: et's keep on it thank you. >> thank you. >> a reminder, to tell you, we'll continue talks about our commuting challenges tomorrow looking at the mta bus system, what can be done reputation of being slow. ernie: a hospital in new jersey uses virtual reality to show dangers of driving while being distracted by your phone. a stim stim -- simulator was sep today, they could use risk-free how dangerous it is to take your eyes off the road and glance at your phone even for a second.
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could distraction you enough to hit a kid crossing the street or hit the person in front of you. >> almost like driving a entire football field without your eyes on the road. >> trauma doctors who have seen a jump in the distracted driving injuries, urge drivers to turn their phones off or put them away to avoid any temptation to use or look at. >> tuesday, and an a-list star calling out his costars. >> i have this question for you. >> what is your favorite activity when you are down on the beach? >> what do you like to do? interesting answers coming up here on the news at 6:00, be
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ernie: today federal court rejected new jersey attempt to legalize sports betting. 4 major sport leagues with ncaa sued state, claiming betting would damage the integrity of their games. ernie: time for trendy tuesday, simone is joining us, we'll talk about the rock, mr. johnson slamming a lot his costars, what
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reporter: let me say the rock is nopknown as the nicest guy in hollywood, i am upset to hear this. ernie: this sun usual. reporter: it is out of character for him. ernie: so why. reporter: it makes you believe he had good reason, in a post he said he is working on film, fast 8, on set, tension are high, he wrote my female costars a different story, some people, men on the set, are unprofessional. ernie: they are upset about that, some are not sure why he is doing that. is it publicity. >> it could be. one thing he said, was you will see some scenes in movie where i am angry and my blood on boiling, that is not acting.
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that part of it as well. reporter: we're talking about fast 8, "fast and furious" franchise, had is high octane. you probably got a lot of amped up men on the set. and you have a lot of male costars. kurt russell, and scott eastwood, a lot of people think that person he might be referring to is scott he is the son of clint eastwood. ernie: yes, he has been doing a lot of things as well. back to that this is a new film, a lot of people want to talk about it, but as you point out, it is unlikely he would do something like that. reporter: i think we can't rule out it could be a publicity stunt, but i think where there is smoke there is fire. it could be someone really did upset him.
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encouraged him to put it out there. ernie: always something going on, hollywood ? ? >> right. ernie: thank you. >> we had great beach days this summer, what is your favorite thing to do at the shore in answers coming up after the break here on fox 5, keep it here. [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn't look good. no, not you.
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? ? ernie: that time of year, what is your favorite activity on the beach? >> read and lay in the sun, and
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>> i love it. ernie: how about you? >> i walk the boardwalk. i don't go to the beach, i play golf. ernie: but you like to walk the boardwalk. >> yes. ernie: you go to stores? >> no. on long beach just walk both ways, i get my 10,000 steps in. >> i like to do nothing on the beach, i work hard, i just like to be brain dead. ernie: chill out. >> yeah. >> put my chair in ernie: nice. >> let the waves had my legs. ernie: oh, sandcastles are fun in. >> right. ernie: shovels and buckets. >> we build the biggest one we can build. ernie: a big sandcastle. until the waves come in. >> than it is their pool. ernie: frisbee? >> i love it. ernie: do you bring it with you of time. >> yeah. ernie: how long do you play frisbee for.
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the ocean. ernie: how about you? >> a cold beer in my hand, and the game spike ball. ernie: that is good sike ball is popular. >> a couple buddies play for hours. ernie: yeah, have fun. >> appreciate it. will do. ernie: everyone has fun on the beach, sandcastles that is fabulous, what dow like in. >> to be lazy, and lay there get vitamin detective, protected 92 that guy said that too. >> relaxing and >> we hope you have a good time where you are, thank you for joining us, i am ernie anastos for aus here in studio 5, and our control room, head for the beach, have a good time out there, i want all of you have to a wonderful night, see you again on fox 5 tomorrow, good night. always fun when you think about
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? susie got all germy ? ? a cold, a bug, a flu ? ? when school was back in session ? ? those germs were shared with you ? each year kids miss 22 million school days due to illness.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: well, justin timberlake seemed to say that this would never happen, but nsync reunited for one song. ? happy birthday to you ? >> everyone got together at the nice guy for j.c.'s 40th birthday. >> that means j.c.'s the favorite because justin doesn't go to anyone's stuff. >> no one goes to chris' chris'. >> one candle. >> the rock apparently hates some of his co-stars on "fast and furious 8." some conduct themselves as stand-up men and true professionals while others don't. candy asses. harvey: jason statham is a suspect. scott eastwood is a suspect. >> i feel like it's tyrese. >> why, because he's black? >> the rock is black. >> oh, yeah. >> zac efron.


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