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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 11, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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rosanna: greg gave you the blessing, nice to have you here. you don't have to deal with the hair thing but we do, humidity is crazy, off the charts, storms later, this weekend is looking even hotter, mike woods has the details. antwan: the man who captivated the city climbing trump tower using suction cups says he just wanted to talk with the donald. he posted a bizarre video explaining his rosanna: even more controversy from the campaign trail, donald trump called president obama the founder of isis. hillary clinton is facing more questions after newly released emails show close ties between the state department and the clinton foundation. was at a pay for play situation. antwan: the family the jogger killing queens raise a lot of
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they raise $150,000. rosanna: jacks will be here in a few minutes, she found out she had thyroid cancer, she found the lump in her throat. she is a young young girl. she is doing fine but she will be here in a few minutes to talk about her fight. a jersey girl, had to be very scary. how have you been? you are doing the night thing? antwan: we are doing our thing and during the week i will report day side. antwan: all the years on this couch absolutely. >> meteorologist: he doesn't miss the alarm clock.
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tremendously. give it an hour or two. rosanna: nice to have you here. how is the hair owing to look today? >> meteorologist: we did a coffee run at 6:00, what happened? she was outside for 10 minutes. that is all it takes. it was all ironed back rosanna: you don't have to divulge all the stuff. >> like a tornado there. antwan: sorry. >> meteorologist: she looks great. need to get my haircut off again. let's show you what is happening. it is hot and humid around the tri-state region. we are starting to head up to
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summer so there is another heat advisory, not just today but tomorrow, saturday, heat advisories up for the 5 boroughs, heat index values can go to 95, as high as 105 saturday. and excessive heat warning near the philadelphia corridor or. the sun is out and doing its thing, 80 ? central park, 80 in newark, 77 and islip, cloud cover outside, when it comes to showers there is not that but a little bit, showers come and go quickly, dewpoint numbers keep coming up, we are in the low to mid 70s, belmar same thing, bridgeport same thing, central park and the range where it is oppressive, the heat and humidity combination, hard for your body to cool itself down so keeps trying but doesn't do any good because there is so much moisture in the air. mostly cloudy, light showers in
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one this could be erupting later on as the heat of the day gets going and we expect a few scattered storms some of which could put out a lot of rain in a short time. high of 88 today, 90s three days in a row, a little bit of a cool down in the next workweek. let's get to ines and see how we are doing. ines: there was an tractor-trailer shutting down meadowbrook between southern state and hempstead. still have delays eastbound and westbound as people are trying to get onto the meadowbrook, bqe, one lane blocked with an accident and a big delay on staten island, the expressway three lanes closed eastbound by highland boulevard because of a flipped over oil tanker, let's show you clove road, traffic
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bridge, this morning you have to deal with that, westbound fine. as for the trains, two separate issue stretching problems, you have delays from hoboken to 33rd and the world trade center. good to see you. rosanna: what did you do for 21/2 hours yesterday? glued to the tv? the whole city came to a standstill watching this scale trump tower using suction cups. they said they are not that fancy, $90 suction cups, anything could have happened. antwan: friend of mine in london were asking if this was real life or a movie? rosanna: i want to know, the guy is undergoing psychiatric
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>> teresa viola, and things in the window at trump tower. rosanna: >> reporter: you mentioned the suction cups, the kind used often to clean the windows in the city. what a crazy story. some people calling this gy a real life spiderman, others calling him the human say he is downright crazy, he started on the fifth floor public atrium, went all the way to the 21st floor. he wanted an audience and got one. you see a lot of things in new york city, but this, part spiderman, part mission impossible, a desperate attempt
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cups of coffee. >> reporter: using suction cups to scale trump tower this man believed to be stephen regatta of virginia captivated his audience on fifth avenue and online with a skyhigh game of cat and mouse evading officers who punched windows, set up a bag they lowered rescue buckets attempting to reel him in. >> i was lowering the safety line. he was climbing and i could see he was >> reporter: after three hours what began on the fifth floor ended 21 stories up. >> i reached out, took a hold of his hand and said you need to come with me. >> reporter: the man reiterating claims he wanted an audience with the republican presidential nominee. >> we explained he wanted a personal meeting with mister trump and posted a youtube video. >> i climb your tower to get
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less likely to have success because you are a busy man with many responsibly. >> reporter: steve is an ardent trump supporter who wanted his message to go viral, and objective he reached new heights to achieve. stephen is meeting with donald trump because donald trump wasn't in new york city yesterday but the donald did tweet out great job by the nypd protecting the people and saving the climber. the trump organization the nypd had better things to do than chase this guy up the building but everyone is saying they are happy this ended without anybody getting hurt. that is the latest outside trump tower. >> next time we see the windows, what they look like or get some pictures of it.
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was unbelievable. how strong was he? let's talk about the road to the white house. antwan: a couple new controversies for both candidates donald trump making shocking comments about the president. rosanna: hillary clinton facing new questions about a new emails just released. what is going on? >> reporter: a lot of fallout for hillary clinton after more emails were released, more questions campaign, donald trump was trying to bury the story about his recent comments regarding the second amendment but he opened his mouth yesterday and has a lot of people shaking their heads. ? >> reporter: at a campaign rally in sunrise, florida donald trump blaming president obama for creating the islamic state.
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obama. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder. he founded isis. i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: the controversial comments come a day after the republican nominee appeared to call on gun rights advocates to harm hillary >> nothing you can do, folks. the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> reporter: trump insist he was trying to inspire second amendment supporters to vote. in iowa clinton was interrupted by protester who tried to storm the stage. that person was later arrested but it didn't distract the democratic nominee from slamming trump. >> casual inciting of violence. every single one of these incidents shows us donald trump
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temperament to be president and commander-in-chief of the united states. >> reporter: the democratic nominee is facing more questions about emails from her private server. conservative group judicial watch release 300 documents that reportedly show top donors to the clinton foundation push the state department for favors and meetings while clinton served as secretary of state. >> it is called pay for and illegal. >> reporter: in a new poll, one in 5 republicans want donald trump to drop out of the race altogether. those numbers show the rift in the party over trump's candidacy. a number of key republicans haven't endorsed trump, ted cruz deciding not to do that. a rocky road ahead. rosanna: i feel this particular
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it doesn't matter that a politician is endorsing donald trump. e is the anti-politician. chris christie may have a few problems. a former aide says the governor of jersey quote flat out lied when he said his senior staffers were not involved in a bridge delegate scandal. antwan: he said that after the governor held a news conference about the new court filings, one of the defendant in the lane closure case but a lawyer was also accused in this case, his involved based on text messages categorically falls irresponsible, governor denies he lied during the press conference. rosanna: they are stepping up the efforts to find the killer of karina vetrano by setting up
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award for information and they raised $164,000 in a short period of time. antwan: we are shocked and reacted to it this way. the money that was race supplement $20,000 that have been offered by the nypd. there is no suspect in the august 2nd murder. she gunned for a run minutes from her home and the way her body was found have been sexually assaulted. her father is a retired firefighter and had a message for his daughter's killer. >> you will pay here, you will pay now and you will pay for an eternity. there is no way to hide. >> anyone with the tip in this case, call 800-577-tips. a city police officer caught on
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head has been hired. antwan: it was a two year probation, he was attacking a suspect after spotting him drinking and smoking pot. edward, a 10 year veteran with the nypd. >> firefighters injured during a battle with a being called heroes, flame spread to 5 buildings in the waco section before it is under control. patrick morello, joseph brady, 51 years old, had a heart attack. doctors are trying to save the left arm of sean o'rourke. in stable but critical condition.
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do, how dangerous it is and they can change for firefighters to go into work. antwan: joseph was treated and released, children playing with a fire on stovetop and the commissioner says an adult was in the home but not closely watching island, 20 touched down yesterday. the storms toppling trees and flooding many areas. a house was on fire. antwan: it was an ef 0 tornado which was the weakest category of tornado with wind speeds of 85 mph, did not stay on the ground long, traveling a third
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it. rosanna: it is so hot and humid the atmosphere has to burst open. is that meteorological the right? antwan: are we making things up? >> meteorologist: pretty much. that is what happens over there. rosanna: you whether guys got a 50% accuracy rate. >> meteorologist: that is coming from that chair right there. are you done yet? there was severe storms associated with the cell, the damage that happened out there in north haven with the ef 0 tornado that came through. more trees in the back but look at this, about 560 in that range, a pretty good size tree came down, this happened in the ef 0 tornado.
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as big storms are concerned, small clusters of showers and storms in putnam county, more to the west, in the morning it is quieter than we have in the afternoon but there is potential at any given point on a day like today but we won't have any major disturbances coming through the tri-state region so patchy lighter showers for the most part but we will see more intense storms filtering into the area later in the afternoon as they bubble up as the heating of the day gives them of the storms to fire up bigger showers and storms. high pressure to the south of us is acting like a bermuda high directing up the heat and humidity right toward us. a cold front to the north blocks it in and keeps us on the hot and humid side and very unstable, future cast does the same thing the next couple days, keeps moisture flowing into the tri-state region with storms that fire up here and there in the afternoon but they could happen at any time but more likely in the afternoon and he
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keep going up day by day, high temperature this afternoon is 88 ?, heat advisories out there, heat index 95, 90 your high tomorrow, 90 saturday, heat index values could be 105, the heat and humidity combination finally comes down a little bit in the next workweek but that is different. let's bring in ines: big problem on the staten island especially, tanker flipped over, skybox hd, looks bad out there. >> reporter: small tanker truck overturned on the eastbound side of the staten island expressway near the area of clove rd. highland boulevard. there was a spill, it is not known if what's billed was from the truck itself or what it was carrying but they are on scene
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open, the left lane open on eastbound staten island especially, delays solid to the west expressway. ines: that will be a nightmare. the rest of your commute bqe cleared away an accident, delays remain between queens boulevard and metropolitan, new jersey commute doing good for the morse park, toward the parkway, 78, 24 doing fine. let's look outside at staten island expressway, you see j delays, a big mess around that area. fdr drive expect delays northbound, an accident down here blocking the left lane, two lanes open but a slowdown as you pass the 59th st. bridge, mass transit doing fine by the path trains experiencing delays between hoboken and 33rd and the world trade center.
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out. let's talk about zika. we are hearing about new things to worry about, it is linked to a second devastating birth defect. antwan: we will tell you about it after the break. introducing new olay eyes.
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rosanna: what we are hearing now, the zika virus is linked to another debilitating disease this morning. of joints in the arms and legs - to -- they are finding published in the british medical journal, zika outbreak was detected last year i 1700 cases. children born with a small head. the findings appear in the british medical journal. rosanna: some sad news, longtime espn anchor, 30 years covering
7:24 am
anchoring the award-winning show the sports reporters is remembered by colleagues as an extraordinary talent with a warm and informative style. the cause of his death is not being made public but it was very sudden. i was watching hannah storm yesterday, she was broken up. they had no idea he was ill. it came on very quickly. before duke was talking about how seamlessly he transitioned from anchor to reporters to play-by-play. it was certainly shocking. rosanna: john was 61 years old and leaves behind a wife and two children. the los angeles serial killer known as the grim sleeper is sentenced to death. antwan: he was condemned for the murders of 9 women and a teenage girl over the course of 20 years, they were unsolved for decades. he showed no emotion his family member spoke out against him in court, one of the surviving
7:25 am
>> i can't think of anyone i have encountered in all my many years in the criminal justice system that has committed the kind of monstrous and the number of monstrous crimes that you have. antwan: franklin was tried for murder she wasn't charged with and there may be as many as 25 victims. his nickname came from an alias a garage attendant for the lapd. state police say they are understaffed during the snoop dogg show. rosanna: 75 people were arrested for underage drinking and illegal drugs. 50 were treated for alcohol poisoning. the head of the police union said there were 16 police officers on duty on tuesday night and for a crowd of 10,000
7:26 am
number of officers. >> it falls on the office of parks and recreation. they need to hire sufficient police officers to do the job. rosanna: park police state wide are operating at 50% of the staff they should have. antwan: that tore, the railing fail, the same tour. that was in jersey. rosanna: these are kids going to the concert who were drinking and doing drugs. antwan: you probably need relief. rosanna: jacks from american idol, a hometown girl, we were rooting for her and now we are rooting for her even more. she found a lump in her throat.
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island ferry. i would not be surprised if he is up early, it is a beautiful day, 7:30 in the morning, go back and forth on the staten island ferry. antwan: it will be a steamy day, maybe thunderstorms. rosanna: too hot and humid, that is my take on things. i didn't study any you go outside, you can feel it. i know somebody else was studying the radar and has keen observations. i put my head outside the window. it is going to rain later. >> meteorologist: sometimes it doesn't happen.
7:31 am
chance you will deal with showers and storms in the area you are dealing with, and that he'd and humidity is building up and will get worse in days to come, and a lot of people do. here is what we have, what you should expect, the bigger player weatherwise because it will be hot and humid making it comfortable but dangerous. 88 ?, because the dewpoint and humidity forecast high is 90, 100 tomorrow and saturday the worst of it, forecast high is 94 but 105, heat index values getting to the deck it is straight up dangerous. if you do something outdoors do it in the morning or later in the evening when the sun has gone down but the hot and humid weather is coming, other than
7:32 am
the day but it is hot and humid, 80 at central park, 78 in pick up to, 76 in montauk with partly to mostly cloudy sky, do points real high at 73, the air is saturated from the get-go, you can't call your self down. the natural body process calling itself down from sweat doesn't work on hot humid days like this. we will see the same lower hudson valley and bigger storms are this afternoon. feels like 95, heat advisory, saturday, the heat getting up to 94. feeling like 105. that is rough. let's bring in ines rosales. >> stand on it especially not
7:33 am
truck, we are with this problem. >> on the east downside in the area of highland boulevard, in the tank itself, it spilled out, a spill on the roadway to the fire department trying to stand that down, one lane the accident scene, bumper to bumper, pretty much on the westshore expressway. >> if the i drive 61st cleared away, on 34th st. everything fine. see how things are doing on route 80 approaching exit 40 westbound report of an accident, on the eastbound side, and the
7:34 am
affecting your commute. no delays approaching the gwb upper lower level. the vanwyk, normal slow down to the q gardens and to change. rosanna: one of our favorite on american idol, you remember her on american idol. ? >> i loved her rendition of this song. the number 3 spot. antwan: she has a different fight she is working on, going public with this battle on social media, the work, pressure
7:35 am
toll on your body. you look good. >> thank you for having me, i am so excited. rosanna: what happened? >> over the last two months i sold out a show, everyone was focused on that. i was traveling and recording east coast west coast, living out of a suitcase, totally k of off and no one suspected it would be my thyroid. i went back to new york for a rehearsal and was grocery shopping. rosanna: you felt it inside your throat? >> outside. i wasn't even -- rosanna: did you ignore it at first? >> as much as my parents would let me. i literally went to an urgent
7:36 am
and they prescribed a precautionary ultrasound and found 18 tumors and from there, needle biopsies, pretending it wasn't going on and doing the show, it was when they called my parents and tested crazy for cancer. antwan: how did it hit you? >> slowly but surely. my initial reaction, i typically make light of serious things and joke about them because that is where my age shows. i tried to crack a joke and my mother was not laughing. rosanna: it is scary for a parent to see.
7:37 am
about it, went through it slowly and eventually it clicked. rosanna: did you have surgery? >> immediately they took out my thyroid i am thyroid free. rosanna: that you need to have radiation? >> i'm in radiation right now. i'm currently radioactive. rosanna: you have the scar on your neck. >> i tell people it is a shark bite. antwan: let us know because of your voice to this impact your vocal >> a little bit. everything feels different, had to relearn the muscles, the recovery phase after surgery. i was like doing a mike check, check one 2, i am always writing and singing. i have been singing but it is
7:38 am
my grandfather was diagnosed with the same thing two years earlier and had his surgery and he permanently can't talk. my parents were like oh my gosh, my mom went into full-blown supermom mode and did an investigation. she is my superhero. assured us he was going to do everything he could to make sure nothing was technical surgery. i had hashimoto's disease before it. doubled in time. rosanna: never heard of that. >> that was what put me in a weird, dark place throughout this year. and immune system thing with your thyroid where it messes up your hormones, your energy, your
7:39 am
rosanna: was that an indicator you were going to get the cancer? >> they are two separate things but i had them both at the same time. that had a huge impact on my body and my mind but i don't have it anymore because they took the thyroid out. there is medication for that, and we were assuming it was the end of that when they diagnosed me with that. we can figure this out and regulate anything, put you on medication but just in case, i know you're 20 and in case we should biopsy the tumor and make sure it is not cancerous. 12 were cancerous. rosanna: are you okay wth chemo? >> no chemo. rosanna: >> are you singing? >> i have been in the studio 24/7, putting out a single in
7:40 am
antwan: the doctor said you can? >> i didn't ask but he told me i could be working out. rosanna: this happens when you are 20 years old. >> everyone is calling me crazy but i know i can, doing eight to 10 miles a day. it is the only thing making me feel i have control of my health and my body and it is cathartic for me. i want to theatrically cross the finish line and feel i can beat this thing. i will let fans -- rosanna: can we hear a little of the voice this morning? >> pressure! i can if you want. antwan: whatever touches your heart. >> i will sing a little bit.
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morning. ? freedom is just another word ? for nothing left to lose ? if it ain't free ? feeling good ? saying the pools ? feeling good was good enough for me ? good enough for me ? we wish you all the best, "good day" coming right back. >> you guys are the best. rosanna: that was amazing. at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake,
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? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. >> meteorologist: another hot and humid day in the tri-state, very sticky, 80 ? at newark in central park, 78 in bridgeport, poughkeepsie, the same temperature, let's check what is happening with radar and satellite, a few showers around the tri-state, scattered all over th place, this is what we
7:45 am
organized, bits and pieces of rain but every once in a while they get a little oomph to them and put down a lot of rain and a severe storm yesterday over connecticut and eastern long island. looks like the same basic weather set up giving us scattered showers and storms with a punch there. in that frame of future cast at 9:00 for the lower hudson valley but it could happen anywhere. that is the bottom line the next couple is it will be very hot and humid. a quick look at what is going on with allergies, mold spores are at a high level, the uv index is at a moderate level because of heat and humidity, high temperature 88 with scattered
7:46 am
but feeling like 105 and closes down a little bit in the next work we, weather apps at the google place to with live interactive radar. here comes ines who will let you know what is happening on the streets. ines: staten island expressway a huge accident, sky fox hd over the scene, shoulder getting through, staten island expressway eastbound toward the verrazano bridge with travel lanes over, some type of spill, we don't know what it was carrying but spilled some of it onto the road. traffic jammed to the w. shore expressway, this happened a little before 7:00, out there for an hour and a huge delay eastbound. a couple problems in new jersey, 287 northbound by exit 40, route 80 oppressing exit 48, one lane
7:47 am
by bradley avenue, that delay going eastbound, westbound not affected, grand central pkwy. in front of laguardia, the bqe normal delay for the brooklyn bridge. rosanna: we talk about the yankees, we hope we will see a rod one last time. duke: yankees in boston, all eyes on alex rodriguez who took some autographs, seventh-inning, yanks trailing numfour-numtwo, a rod will be pinchhitting, can he play the role of hero? flies out, the runner does advance, interesting to see if they cheer him tonight. jacoby ellsbury brings gary sanchez, rbi to write, chase headley find the gap on the
7:48 am
numfour-numfour. after loading the bases, castro rips doubled to left and yankees take the 6-numfour lead, yanks go on, 9-numfour, a rod expected to play tomorrow night, yankees at home and you can watch a rod's last game tomorrow night on fox 5. before the game joe girardi said he made a mistake, he got caught up with e to a rod's playing time, he would ask how much he wanted to play the final four games and also said he made a mistake, it is his job to win games but not his job description to run a farewell tour. when ball games, a lot of baseball left. i just asked rosanna they get rained out tomorrow night, chance of rain but showers will
7:49 am
the 96 team reunion is saturday. it could be interesting. mike says they will get it in. once again at home facing arizona, down numtwo-0, kelly johnson pinchhitting, two run homer to write, seventh tied at 10. extra innings in the top of the 12, oscar hernandez will come to the plate for arizona again 3-numtwo the final score. metz two games back from the wildcard. football news the jets play anaheim at home tonight, their first game of this exhibition season. jacksonville is their opponent and giants at home tomorrow night versus miami. the american strike gold at the
7:50 am
gold-medal of the game in the women's 4 x 2 freestyle relay, the us trailed, the us was a second behind but she was so fast she made up the time and the team won by 1.84 seconds. the united states a little scary against australia, men's basketball carmelo anthony 31 points is the us won 98-88, he is the top score in olympic basketball history, 293 points passing lebr points, james skipped the rio games. michael phelps squaring off in the 200 m individual metal league, his 22nd gold-medal. finally let go to pittsburgh, foul ball, pretty routine. he wants to catch a ball so bad, the beer goes one away, his plate of food he other way and
7:51 am
now we know where he is. come on. look at that. what is worth? wearing the food right there or wasting a perfectly good big beer? that is a 23 -- antwan: everywhere else -- christina: they caught him without his shirt on because he had to take it off and the pirates gave him he gets caught on tv. rosanna: coming up the latest rumors on fast and furious movie. antwan: a twitter fight have a lot of people talking.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
antwan: they did it with ghostbusters, now remake of oceans 11. interesting. rosanna: in 2001 and a list cast of guys including clooney and brad pitt and matt damon starred in oceans 11 about stealing millions from a vegas casino. there were three ocean films costing $1 billion at the box office. now we hear reporting a new version called oceans 8 starring sandra bullock and cate blanchett and anne
7:55 am
project as well. the franchise is based on the 1960 classic calling the rat pack, it is going to be fun. don't know if you saw the new ghostbusters but greg and i have a cameo in it. don't blink or you will miss us. did you hear about vin diesel and the rock? they are shooting fast 8. it just finished. his last seen. antwan: some comments about major costars, nothing was resolved. rosanna: the rock is thanking the enormous team of stunned people who worked on the movie and guess who is nowhere there. the rock shooting his last seen, and complained about people
7:56 am
he didn't mention names but everybody assumed it was vin diesel. that has not been verified. >> heavyweights discuss things in public. and the hometown of brooklyn. antwan: the -- d greenwald scattered his ashes at the base of the statue for 10 years, and wrote captain america, the statue will be on display for two weeks before moving to the berkeley center. rosanna: at the berkeley ctr. barbara streisand, thank you for saying nice things about us on
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? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". rosanna: it is thursday, august 11th. antwan: thank you for joining us. rosanna: greg is resting, too hot and humid, gets very hot and
8:00 am
gets scared. mike woods have details, we are ready for another heat wave. he has the details coming up. antwan: millions across america, police capturing the man who climbed to the 21st floor of trump tower. respect locale the police officer grabbed him, they are strong. antwan: this is a creepy video about his intentions. he is evaluation. rosanna: donald trump's building was the focus of a lot of attention, calling president obama the founder of isis is accusing hillary clinton of a pay to play scheme but he may not be the only one accusing her of that. antwan: set fire to 7
8:01 am
box truck. some sort of limp or something going on. we have information on that as well. rosanna: a new theater in new jersey, and i have gone there with my family, it is coming to new jersey and the coming to new york, you consider in the theater and order dinner or a cocktail. there is service, it is so antwan: blankets and pillows. rosanna: don't know about the blankets and pillows. antwan: she passed out. rosanna: it is a fun experience. have you tried? >> meteorologist: not to that
8:02 am
this is why i only come once a year. >> meteorologist: you fit right in. rosanna: you go to the movies with greg. what was left? the last movie you saw with greg? antwan: star wars, the phantom menace. he told me not to see godzilla but then he saw it without me and i called him out on it. we got into rosanna: nice to have you with us. greg is sleeping in. antwan: very good. >> meteorologist: i just stepped outside again and should have stopped. rosanna: you are lucky you don't have hair to worry about. what did you do?
8:03 am
>> meteorologist: this is it. it is turning up. it is standing up. i am cutting it off. you can see right there. let's show you what is going n around the tri-state region. another hot and humid day coming at us. a heat boroughs not only today but the next 5 days, heat advisory here, excessive heat warnings and pink shaded areas near the philadelphia core door and that is in the tri-state region, we will have the heat and humidity building in, 81 central park, 80 at newark, 79 in bridgeport, those numbers, we will go from
8:04 am
top not. just cut it off like i will do later, thank you very much. it is another hot and humid day around the tri-state, showers and storm scatter into the tri-state region, doesn't look bad but we will get showers here and there but your chance of rainfall is 30% to 40%, you may not deal with it but a lot of you will. don't be caught by surprise, there should be storms around town, bermuda high directing hot and humid air. we are stuck in this pattern for several days so temperature gets to 88 ?, showers and storms pop up, some in the morning, more likely in the afternoon, and as we head into the next 7 days, 90 tomorrow, 94 saturday, 92 sunday so we have scattered storms through the weekend into next
8:05 am
back down. let's bring in ines rosales and see what is going on as you hit the roads out there. a hot steam bath but that is not a problem. ines: looking at new jersey, traffic slow, 287 towards route 80, staten island expressway huge mess, we had sky fox hd over the scene, still a situation for the just upgraded it. we don't know whether it was carrying something oily or gas but they have to clean that up, all travel lanes closed on the staten island expressway by highland boulevard, only one lane, the shoulder, getting through. let's show you the delays and how bad it is. bradley avenue traffic jammed you start with delay traffic to
8:06 am
jam you are dealing with because of the tanker that flipped over. everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect citywide. rosanna: for hours yesterday all of us. what was going to happen as this guy trumped -- scaled trump tower using these flimsy suction cups. antwan: we are learning why he did that. he is at bellevue hospital undergoing psychiatric evaluation. rosanna: teresa prelim is outside trump tower and you found some windows that were knocked out during the rescue operation. >> reporter: ask and you shall receive, those are two windows that were blown out by nypd officials attempting to coerce this guy who on twitter has been called climber steve back inside. it is the 12th floor. if you go up to the 21st you won't see the windowpanes blown
8:07 am
in place. this is a guy who wanted an audience as he got one. you see a lot of things in new york city, but this? part spiderman, part mission impossible. not a movie shoot but a desperate attempt to meet with the donald. >> i don't know if he is a hillary a trump supported, i think he had too many cups of coee to scale trump tower this man, believed to be stephen regatta virginia captivated his audience on fifth avenue and online with a skyhigh game of cat and mouse. officers punched out windows, set of airbags and the word rescue back at attempting to reel him in. >> i was lowering the safety line, he should lock himself in, he was climbing for a while and i could see he was getting tired. >> reporter: after 3 hours, what
8:08 am
>> i reached out, took hold of his hand and said come with me. >> reporter: the man reiterated claims he wanted an audience with a republican presidential nominee. >> he wanted a personal meeting with mister trump. he posted a youtube video tuesday. >> i climbed your tower to get your attention. if i solve this by conventional means i would be less likely to have success because you are a busy man with many response abilities. >> repor wanted his message to go viral. and objective he reached new heights to achieve. steve didn't get his meeting with donald trump because donald trump was in the city yesterday but he did tweet about this and great job by the nypd in protecting the people and saving the climber. back out here live with another look at windows that were blown out yesterday by this guy's during stunts.
8:09 am
they found this to be dangerous and reckless and clearly the nypd had more important things to do than tends to this man but they had to because no one was sure what he was going to do or how dangerous this could become had he slipped and fall on the people waiting below. that is the latest from trump tower in midtown. rosanna: he could have put those detectives in harm's that one detective reached out of the window to pull him in. i thought he might go over. he looked like he was resisting a little bit. antwan: he was hanging on to the outside of the window like he was trying to resist. rosanna: thank you to the men and women of the new york police department. donald trump was nowhere near trump tower when this was
8:10 am
>> he always has something to say. hillary clinton facing more backlash after emails were released from her private server and donald trump was trying to bury the story about recent comments regarding the second amendment, a lot of people are up in arms. ? >> reporter: at a campaign rally in sunrise, flid creating the islamic state. >> they honor president obama. isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder. he founded isis.
8:11 am
be crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: the controversial comments come a day after the republican nominee called on gun rights advocates to harm hillary clinton. >> nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> reporter: trump insists he was trying to inspire second amendment supporters to vote. in iowa clinton was interrupted by protester who tried to storm the stage. that person was later arrested, did not stop the democratic nominee >> his casual inciting of violence. every single one of those incidents show donald trump does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states. >> reporter: the democratic nominee is facing more questions about emails on her private server, and judicial watch released 300 documents that
8:12 am
the clinton foundation pushed the state department for favors in meetings while clinton served as secretary of state. >> it is called pay for play. some of these were bad and illegal. >> reporter: in a new reuters poll, nearly one in five republicans want donald trump to drop out of the race. those numbers may give a better picture of the rift in the party over trump's candidacy. you were saying nothing about this race rosanna: the old rules don't apply anymore. we have the debates. everyone is looking forward to the debates and how things will shake out after that. the hack of the democratic national committee was much wider than first thought. >> russian hackers breach the email accounts of 100 party officials and groups, not just
8:13 am
times, democrats are worried another batch of damaging internal messages to be made public after learning the hack was much bigger, the fbi expanded its investigation and agents are in the process of notifying party officials who were impacted. rosanna: police are looking for the person who set fire to 7 tractor-trailers in east brooklyn. this guy has a very unusual antwan: someone was seen getting out of the passenger side of a white box truck near stanley and essex streets, the suspect broke the windows of 7 tractor-trailers, and police are looking for this person. any information you may have call crimestoppers 800-577-tips. rosanna: they are still looking for karina vetrano's murderer. the family is stepping up its efforts to find her killer.
8:14 am
something to come forward. antwan: they set up ago fund me page. this has raised $165,000, this will supplement the $20,000 offered by the nypd. there is no suspect in the august 2nd murder of a 30-year-old who had gone for a run in a secluded marshy area minutes from her home. had she been strangled in a way her body was found suggested she may assaulted. karina's father, retired firefighter had a strong message for his daughter's killer. >> you will pay. he will pay here, you will pay now and you will pay for eternity. there is no way to hide. we are going to find you. rosanna: if you know who may be the killer call crimestoppers at 800-577-tips. everybody is talking about the
8:15 am
understaffed during the snoop dogg concert but i don't know if there were more people, more officers, would that have stopped people from drinking and doing drugs? antwan: 75 people arrested for underage drinking and illegal drug use, 50 treated for alcohol poisoning. the head of the police union said they will only listen to this, 16 cops on duty at jones night, out of 10,000 people, should have been twice that number of officers. >> it falls on the office of parks and recreation. they need to hire sufficient police officers to do the job. rosanna: fox 5 has learned police statewide are operating at 50% the staff they should.
8:16 am
be because of how muggy it is. rosanna: we can't go to you for any advice. it looks good, you have a good head. when you have no hair you have to have a nice shaped head. antwan: i listened to my parents have a child. i behaved. rosanna: it is looking good. rosanna: can you tell if it is humid with no hair? >> meteorologist: you get perspiration on the top. antwan: the subways are a mess this time of morning. >> meteorologist: i was on a broken down car with no ac. rosanna: what did you do? >> meteorologist: ran to the next car ahead of me as fast as i could. then the train broke down.
8:17 am
here is what we have. we have another hot, humid day on our hands with scattered showers, trying to take shape this morning, there is not a lot happening in the tri-state, several, new jersey, hudson valley, some cruising into connecticut, some showers trying to come together but light to moderate showers, very humid, the dew points are very high, 71 to 75 ? range making oppressive as far as actual temperature 81 ? but feels like we're in the 80s, 81 your current temperature central park, 75 in williamsport, 76 in albany, mostly cloudy sky in our area, not much happening with the rain yet but with the heating of the day going on that is all it will take to get some good sized thunder bumpers
8:18 am
and the next three to four days we have heat and humidity getting worse in days to come, today at high 88, 94 saturday but because of the humidity and dewpoint being so high it will feel like 105 and it starts to come back down saturday. 105, potential heat index value comes down after that. and indoor sort of day. if you stay outdoors drink lots of water, all that good stuff. don't forget the weather rosanna: today i can't breathe, so tough to breathe. ines: the commute is rough on staten island, problems there this morning, sky fox hd over the scene by highland boulevard eastbound, that anchor flipped over. spilled some of that on the road, cleanup going on. it was upright it already but a lot of cleanup. right now traffic eastbound, the shoulder getting through an traffic to the west shore to the w. shore expressway.
8:19 am
eastbound, one lane blocked with an accident, route 17 n. mountain accident, two lanes blocked involving a tractor-trailer before 287 so expect delays. look at the george washington bridge, upper lower level looks good, lincoln tunnel 40 minutes inbound. rosanna: 9:00 i have a special guest cohost at 9:00, elvis durrant from the 100. i don't think that looks like debbie lovato. who with it? carrie underwood. antwan: demi is a brunette. rosanna: elvis will be here, the guy on the right. he can be a little bit of a troublemaker but we will have
8:20 am
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? ? ? the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together.
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antwan: busy thursday morning. rosanna: they have h&m, they have best buy across the street. and good antwan: new york's own duane reade. rosanna: this is 70 something. if you go across the street, they have the best frozen yogurt, it is diagonally across the street, a little down the
8:24 am
they have a counter outside, i don't know if it is good for your not but it tastes so delicious people go crazy. always a line to get in there. don't use my name. they like me but they won't give you a discount or anything. i like the chocolate and peanut butter. what is antwan: probably strawberry. rosanna: they have plain chocolate and peanut butter. let's get down to business, fox means business. antwan: lauren simonetti tells us how some travelers lucked out -- >> one customer got a starbucks gift card. some customers miss their flights, they are trying to make
8:25 am
delayed, trying to make it right and the big way they did that was giving 40 people the opportunity to fly adult a private jet on the final end of their destination. this is like concierge vip service and they got the opportunity to see what it was like. the customers were random, the corporate travelers, people on vacation got the opportunity, not fair to the other people, on hold on the phone but nonetheless delta trying to make this disaster right for some people. rosanna: how long did you have to be inconvenienced? >> it was random. one woman said she showed up at the airport, by the way you can have this opportunity, another guy said get back to the airport, we have a way to get to the last leg of your
8:26 am
them. antwan: if i listened to that, get me too, let me do it. rosanna: have a beautiful day. we are excited about the new neighborhood. opening in the ne- i know it from boca raton, they actually serve you at your seat while you are waiting for the movie, that is fantastic and you you don't have to sneak in your own. antwan: makes for an interesting theory.. brill
8:27 am
8:28 am
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? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. ? rosanna: this is a great song. one of the favs. we love nile. he'll working hard and touring the world this summer with duran.
8:30 am
and we have recruited our pal antwan. it is nice. you are not go toeing work a double shift today? antwan: hopefully not. i dodged the bullet yesterday. rosanna: i would have been excited to do that story. i would have forgot i antwan: my friends in london thought it was a scene from a movie or a window washer. rosanna: you can't make that up. was the guy going to slip and the windows being broken out. look, you expect to see the card board on the windows in the neighborhood where i live.
8:31 am
pulled him in, heads off to the finest, they did a good job. he didn't come along as quietly as he should. rosanna: herp talking to him and con joeling him. he wasn't doing it. i was concerned that the officer would be do going out the window. suction cups. rosanna: it took a while to get the hooks off. meanwhile, he was upside down. maybe it brought sense o the brain, the blood. antwan: that could be cool to talk to officers. rosanna: hopefully we can do that. in the meantime, hot and humid. mike: oh my gosh, every time i
8:32 am
the wizard of oz. rosanna: the witch. mike: did you call me the witch. don't put water on me. we have heat advisory number effect for the tristate region. the beach might not be a bad place to be. this is what we are dealing with. 88 today. it is actualing going to feel like 95 degrees. for friday 90 feeling 100 because of the heat and the humidity. 94 for saturday and feeling 105. very hot stuff coming to us in the tristate. right now, 81 at central park. 79 poughkeepsie. we do have that heat advisory for the five boroughs and that is incompetent right now. the dew points are creeping up. 76 degrees dew point in islip. 74 central park. oppressive range.
8:33 am
and that is in the forecast. spotty showers this morning, all around the tristate region, there is a potential for more of it and bigger storms in the afternoon. but the hot and humid pattern is not changing. the high temp in the city 88. as we head to saturday 94. feeling 105. the storms are in the forecast until monday week. birthday shout outs. happy birthday and have a fantastic day. a real little guy, that is robby frances, the third, yeah, his dad works here. he's a floor director. that is a hand of god reaching in there. that is his father. that is baby robby, the third.
8:34 am
>> there you go. happy birthday, gang. welcome to world, i guess, in his case. any way, ines, what is going on. ines: it is his birthday literally. he was born at 2:00 this morning. mike: all right, i thought it was yesterday. ines: today, yesterday, welcome to the world, kid. an accident route 17 northbound. a couple of problems, route 80. there is an accident 287 approaching route 80 northbound. to the staten island, by bradley avenue, traffic is jammed up and because of a turn that overturned this morning. we have is video over the scene earlier. the truck was carrying an oil. we didn't get more information on what.
8:35 am
road is safe. travel is getting through on the shoulder there. avoid that. no word on when it is being cleared away. now to the george washington bridge. the gwb is looking good here. upper, lower, no delays. different at the holland tunnel. trains are running on or close. rosanna: so as we know, the weather yesterday got a little crazy and long island really got hit hard. antwan: a tornado touched down. it was ef-0. this is the weakest category of tornado. rosanna: well, thank goodness right. antwan: wind speeds up to 85
8:36 am
rosanna: former aide is saying that the governor of new jersey chris christie quote flat out lied when he said his senior staffers were not involveed in the bridge gate scandal. antwan: that aide texted that to a colleague in 2013. the text is part of the court filings, filed by the defendant, however, a lawyer from bill st was involved is false and irresponsible. the governor denied that he lied. >> rosanna: with netflix and home theatres and movie theatre attendance, movies, people are not going as much as they did. greg: and hulu. rosanna: yes, there is a new theatre in fort lee, new jersey that wants to kind of lure you
8:37 am
couch, ipic theatre. antwan: we sent robert moeses to check it out. oh, here we go. rosanna: rubbing it in this morning. are you served too? robert: yes, i have been served breakfast, excuse me, i have to recline a little bit. rosanna: we are hearing something. >> reporter: i have the blanket and the pillow and t ear piece. there we go. i was to comfortable. i am joined the president and ceo of ipic entertainment. this is the 14th ipic theatre in the u.s., the first in our area. we are in the fort lee area. this is one of the eight auditoriums in this new
8:38 am
the four ipic theatres coming to the tristate area. this just opened a few days ago. thank you for having us. excuse me, i had to recline. talk about where we are sitting and how you have revolution niced the movie experience. >> sure, you are sitting in one of the patented pods. they are designed for privacy and comfort of your home and sharing the exp group of people watching the movie. the seats are reclining seats, cup holders on the side. pillows and blankets. the experience is starting on the phone. >> reporter: so talk about the process of getting the tickets. this is not a theatre you walk up to and buy a ticket to a movie in a half an hour, you have to plan, right? >> correct. it is 520 seats.
8:39 am
are big and comfortable. so the experience starts on your iphone. you push two buttons. buy the ticket online and you know where you are sitting. tap of the button, you know where you are sitting. just walk up. this is uber experience. >> so the premium seating and done close to screen and where we are, of course, premium plus, and you have the unbelievable seats, the pods and you get table service. talk about this. this isn't just, you know, popcorn and you know raisinettes. this is far better than that. >> yes, we have combined movies and dinner. when you sit down, a puch of a button, the server comes to you
8:40 am
we never walk in front of you. we have aisles. the menu is designed by the culinary. you have sushi, pick it up with the fingers. no need for a fork or a knife. lobster rolls. it is designed by the culinary staff. these are celebrity chefs on food so you know, every month we feature on our program, the celebrity chef that designs the menu. we have a special of the month. if it is popular it makes it to the menu permanently. robert: i will stay here through about sunday. thank you so much. rosanna and antwan, supposedly we have another live shot coming up at 9:45 or something.
8:41 am
awake. back to you. rosanna: that looks comfortable. are they hoping at the sea port? >> yes, the one is supposed to open in october. the second of the four coming to the area. right. >> rosanna: excellent. antwan: looking forward to that. easy with the drink, moses. you know the one that went to prison for murdering martha mocksly, in the book, robert kennedy junior doesn't just talk about supporting his cousin he names the people that could be the killers of this young girl. i have to say it is a fascinating book.
8:42 am
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ats. this. is. everything. >> rosanna: there is a crazy story out there. it is hard to believe this, italy is thinking about making it a crime to raise a child as a vegan. antwan: the business emails could be taking a toll on the
8:45 am
>> well, starting with italy, a lawmaker proposed a bill to make it illegal to raise the child on a vegan diet. however, you know, the vegan diet can be healthy if you supplement with the nutrients you need with the protein. so it is something that can be health and probably is the choice of the parent, however, if they are not paying attention and not consulting a doctor or a nutritionist or being vigilant about the supplements the child could be in jeopardy. it is a proposal for a bill probably not going to be passed. italy of all places. rosanna: they eat so healthy over there.
8:46 am
and no meat or fish. if you are paying attention, it can be a healthy diet. rosanna: now to the emails that never stop. >> yes, the after hour emails are debilitating to the health. people that are dealing with the after hour emails poorer job satisfaction and work life balance is more difficult and exhawks. we are a 24/7 society. it is leading to poorer work performance as well as of course job satisfaction and personal fulfillment. if you can unplug, you have to do that.
8:47 am
antwan: usual around 9:00. >> we are in industries where you have to be available, so i would love to turn the phone off for everyone exseptembered for the answering service. it is difficult. but especially with the types of emails causing you stress and you are anticipating them, i try to get a couple of hours of tech free time every evening. rosanna: 8:00 i shout down. >> goodor rosanna: they can always text me. i will answer that. i won't look at the my emails. >> good. rosanna: thank you, dr. raj. it is good to disconnect for a while. >> yes, it is. rosanna: well, we are connecting with elvis durant. he's so much trouble. you know, i hope he was out last night and coming in with a
8:48 am
birthday. rosanna: it was last week. what is it, a national holiday for him. we celebrated last week. elvis durant is coming up. fact. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm.
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rosanna: all right. things are looking back to normal in new york city. people are back working and not glued to the tv set. one person i know is not sitting around, that is jennifer lopez, she knows how to juggle everything from the show in vegas and the tv show and now set to play a drug lord. antwan: now blanco is known as the god mother in the 70s and
8:52 am
and miami. rosanna: she's responsible for 200 murders and arrested and deported back to columbia and shot dead in 2012 by a cartel, i guess. any way, this just in, we are learning tla the founder is leaving the huffington post. she started that digital media company 11 years antwan: understanding she's leaving to focus on a soon to launch start up dedicated to health and wellness, called thrive global. she's remaining at the huffington post through 2019, but the contract allowed her to launch a few company. rosanna: she thought she could do both. antwan: she probably could. rosanna: any way, voting is open
8:53 am
america beauty pageant. antwan: go to the website or facebook and pick your favorite con cont contestant. you can only vote once a day. rosanna: the chosenen will be one of the final 15 and competing sunday september 11th. >> suppose the people try to go back and vote the system. >> it is interesting. new york city's newest food hot spot is opening today. >> i have been to the soho is the other one. rosanna: i don't know, flat iron. it is downtown now by the world trade center. lydia is cut technical ribbon today. >> it is the first retail to
8:54 am
the first one people get a tasting tour of the restaurant in september. rosanna: this is the second location in new york city after the first one in the flat iron and one in chicago and italy. that is where it started, in italy. we have a great performance from the phantom of the opera cast, fantastic. and elvis duran will be here. every part of you is strong. time to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile with strength.
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? antwan: taking a look at the pick of the morning from beholding eye. rosanna: antwan, thank you for being elvis durun is coming up next. ??? across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives,
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