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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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license plate. >> when events like this happen or situations like this happen, you'll find the muslim community gathering together collectively because of the concern that we have for each other. >> my police sources tell me detectives were able to use the partial license plate from the hit-and-run with the bicyclist on sunday night and matched it with a car that witnesses said left the scene after the shooting that was basically the getaway vehicle used in that. we're expecting to learn much mo conference. they're expected to have it earlier this evening. one of the key issues since this happened saturday was the classification of the crime as a bias crime because the imam and his assistant were both dressed in religious garments. that's something that the nypd has not yet determined. they've had hate crimes task force investigators involved in the case from the beginning, but it has not been classified as that. why is that important? it would carry a longer jail
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formal charges this evening. i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. back to you. steve: very well. thank you. family and friends of a new york city woman murdered while out for a run in central massachusetts are preparing for a final farewell. the wake is being held tonight in fitsburg, massachusetts. she was found eight days ago in the woods in princeton. investigators are combing through hundreds of tips, but at this point, no alison: a report that shots were fired sent passengers scrambling out of jfk last night. there are questions about what triggered the mayhem. >> reporter: one day after hundreds of people fearfully raced through the terminals of jfk airport, security experts are wondering how false reports of gunshots led to so much chaos. >> we need to find out how did this rise to the level of
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and how we can do a better job at determining a real situation from a hoax. >> reporter: at m.g. security services in chelsea, a former nypd sergeant manny gomez tells us he commends port authority for their quick response but says the scary incident needs to be a learning experience. >> last thing you want is to have a mass of people huddled together not knowing what's going on or what to do. they need information and possible, not to be easy targets. >> reporter: officials tell us no guns or shell casings were found, nor were there any injuries or arrests. there are reports from travelers about what started the mayhem. some say it's possible that loud noise coming from people cheering for the olympics could have been mistaken for gunshots. >> everyone was running. and they were scattering in all different directions. staff was locking doors. it was pure craziness.
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police using assault rifles and automatic handguns fully drawn and they escorted us out through baggage claim. >> reporter: they're learning into how the false report started, but they would not have advised law enforcement officials or travelers to have done anything differently. the situation was handled the way it should have been. alison: word of a mass abduction in puerto vallarta in mexico. armed men abducted a number of people from an upscale restaurant there. two suv's carrying gunmen pulled up to the restaurant on the main boulevard which runs through the hotel zone. one report out of mexico says more than a dozen people may have been taken. the reports have not been confirmed. steve: tensions remain high in milwaukee following weekend riots. protestors clashed with police over the fatal shooting of a
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stop. stacey delikat joins us with what we can expect as the city gets ready for a night of protests. >> reporter: last night saw more violence has protestors clashed with police. it was not as bad as saturday night when there was a lot of property damage, a lot of businesses damaged. today, autopsy results confirm smith was shot twice by an officer and officials are bracing for another night of demonstrations and the mayor has imposed a 10:00 curfew for all tes. milwaukee with one person shot, more than a dozen arrested and fires blazing again as demonstrators converged on an area where a young black man was shot and killed by police. seven officers were injured after protestors threw rocks and bricks at them. >> this was not an evening of insignificant risk for our officers. but i am grateful to report and they would be proud to know they successfully protected the community last night as they
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casualties as a result. >> reporter: authorities say saturday afternoon, an armed 23-year-old smith was pulled over in a traffic stop by police and took off on foot. officers chased him and when he allegedly didn't comply with an order to drop his gun, an officer, who is also black, reportedly shot him striking him in the chest and arm and killing him. the incident was recorded on the officer's body camera, but has yet to be released. the milwaukee police chief says the officer's actions appear to be credible and legally to expedite being able to share what actually occurred. but the fact get to see the vid has seen a freeze frame that shows smith holding a gun. >> i want the video released. i believe the video will provide a lot of context as to what's going on. >> anger at police has deep roots. the justice department has been
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department there on making changes. >> no one can deny the fact that there's problems, racial problems here in milwaukee, wisconsin, that have to be closely not examined, but rectified. >> reporter: as for the timing of when police might release the body camera footage, he wouldn't give specifics. the fastest we've seen was in chicago. that took at least a week. stay tuned for steve: thank you. alison: expect the big apple to bake in the 90s through mid-week. parks, playgrounds, fountains providing little relief today, even in the shade. steve: so, so hot. one thing to cool you off, watermelon. they were selling plenty of that at the roadside stand in harlem. it looks awful good. alison: we need a little more relief than watermelon. audrey, can you bring us? audrey: today was comfortable compared to the weekend because
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we've got to take relief when we can get it. we were in the 90s across the area. 91 at central park. 90 towards islip. 89 in bridgeport. that's a nice change. same thing for poughkeepsie. monticello came in with a comfortable 82 earlier this afternoon. down the shore in belmar, it was nice. 88 was the high there. our dew points very comfortable compared to what we've seen. they were in the 70s over the weekend. we dropped down into the 60s. a cold front swept through the area last night. drier air. it's sitting to our south. we're muggy in belmar as well as towards islip and montauk. other areas not as steamy as we saw over the weekend. dew points are in the 60s and when we factor that in with the current temperature, it's making for heat index values in the 90s. feels like 93 in the park. 97 at newark. 92 in bridgeport. 89 towards montauk point. we're in store for a mild evening. overnight lows in the 70s from
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up to the north we'll be in the 60s around poughkeepsie and in monticello. tomorrow you'll feel the difference. today was a joy. tomorrow we're going to turn up the humidity again and we're expecting heat index values between 100 and 105. that's why the national weather service has expanded the heat advisory outside of new york city. it moves through new jersey and we have an excessive heat warning around the philadelphia area tomorrow into tomorrow night and again it will be pretty hot and humid through the afte radar shows things are quiet. we have sunshine breaking through the clouds. no rain is in sight, but there's a disturbance that will be passing through overnight. that could squeeze out an isolated shower, maybe an isolated thunderstorm but that's it. tomorrow, dry, a mix of sun and clouds and in the afternoon, we'll fire up storms. some could be strong to severe. i'll talk about that coming up. steve: thank you, audrey. on the road to the white house. hillary clinton raising new questions about donald trump's
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sharon crowley is here with more. >> reporter: that's right. donald trump for the first time expanded his plan to defeat isis. in a speech today, he said, quote, those who support bigotry and hatred will not be allowed to get into the u.s. he said only those we expect to flourish in this country and embrace a tolerant american society should be issued visas. >> to defeat islamic terrorism, we must also speak out forcefully against ideology that provides the breeding ground for violence and terrorism to grow. >> reporter: republican presidential nominee donald trump outlined his plan to defeat isis. >> a new immigration policy is needed immediately and as well. >> reporter: trump mentioned terror attacks at a gay nightclub in orlando, florida, and in san bernardino,
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or the children of immigrants. clearly new screening procedures are needed. >> reporter: new polls show trump falling behind democratic nominee hillary clinton. trump's speech comes as he is also trying to rebound from a week of bad press and dwindling support in key battleground states like ohio where he spoke today. as for clinton, she was campaigning with joe biden in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. >> i really believe that together this plan will go a long stronger, fairer economy where everyone can contribute to its growth. everyone can share in its rewards. >> reporter: she continued to say trump does not have the right temperament to be president. >> i know some of you may have friends up here in northeastern pennsylvania who are thinking about voting for trump. you know -- i know. i know. friends should not let friends vote for trump. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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isis. she said that she would be opposed to adding ground troops to fight the war on terror. steve? steve: it continues. thank you, sharon. the only place to be comfortable this weekend was inside in air conditioning. alison: all that time we spent keeping cool may be making us hotter. we'll explain. steve: and then women aren't the only ones watching their biological clocks. the procedure more men are
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take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to alison: it was so ridiculously hot this weekend, a lot of people stayed inside with the air conditioning going full blast. steve: that's right. i don't remember this weekend. i never left. we're getting to the point here's audrey puente. audrey: we're well into our third heat wave of the summer and heat index values have soared past the century mark. the air conditioner is now man's best friend. >> my air conditioner has been running all day. >> reporter: some would say people are addicted to air conditioning. >> oh, it's a blessing. it's so good. you can't stand without it. >> it's really hot. and i really like the cold weather.
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without dying. >> i love it. every place we go, there's air conditioning, so we can sit and relax. >> reporter: air conditioning not only cools the air inside but takes out the humidity. very helpful, according to dr. jordan josephson from lenox hill hospital. >> you're able to work, be more productive when you're cool and calm and collected rather than being outside where the heat is brutal. the humidity is brutal. >> reporter: it is 73 and 78. most places have it colder. >> the ideal settings are what makes you feel comfortable. >> reporter: air conditioners began to cool private homes in the '50s. heat related deaths have dropped and air conditioning has been become a health benefit, especially those with sinus problems. >> even in the winter when i tell patients that are having sinus problems, i tell them open the refrigerator and breathe in the cold air, it makes their
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out air conditioning? >> going from store to store or trying to keep cool that way. >> i would cry. >> i'd probably be miserable. >> i would send myself to antarctica. >> reporter: it's true. alison: you become so addicted. we went to the yankees game yesterday. steve: i saw your pics. alison: once we put the ac on, we weren't leaving the house. steve: we'll need it for t >> for the next day. i'm seeing a break ahead. first let's talk about today. it was warm again and hot in some places. 92 was the high in central park. that is above our average. this morning we started off with a warm 77. it felt good. we had a bit of a breeze. the heat index wasn't a big factor this morning.pit was dri points. we're at 89 in the park. our dew point is 66, better than
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47 is the current humidity level. and we have a north to northwest wind flow which has helped to bring in the drier air across the area. 88 right now in poughkepsie. 89 in the city. 90s at newark liberty airport. 86 towards belmar. these numbers are running slightly cooler than they were at this time last night. our humidity levels have come down. we have a light wind out there. it is feeling pretty comfo compared to the weekend. our satellite and radar show things are quiet. we've had plenty of sunshine and clouds filtering in from time to time. we'll stay dry for a few hours, but there is a disturbance that will pass through the area tonight and could squeeze out an isolated shower or thunderstorm. i'm thinking it will be a chance of a shower. we turn unstable tomorrow. we have a warm front that will lift to the north and that will keep things unsettled for us. we'll see a rise in the humidity
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showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. a look at futurecast shows we'll say dry tonight. linger into the first part of tomorrow on the east end of long island. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and in the afternoon, we'll see the showers and storms firing up. i think the greatest instability or the greatest points of where we'll see the strongest storms will be north and west of new york city. those across new jersey in the hudson valley, you have the greatest potential for a thunderstorm to pop up and we could see significant downpours. small hail will be possible and strong gusty winds. that will exit the area tomorrow night after sunset. on wednesday, we'll wake up with a mix of sun and clouds. it will turn mostly sunny on wednesday. no rain chances in the forecast. it will feel comfortably drier. we'll take the good weather right into the second half of the week. it's going to give us a bit of a break from the heat and humidity across the area. tonight, it will be relatively
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shower or thunderstorm overnight. lows in the 60s in the north and west and the 70s in the city. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. we'll see the sun from time to time, but expect scattered showers and storms in the afternoon, especially north and west of the city. it will be warm tomorrow. highs will be in the mid to low 90s. it will feel humid. on wednesday, you'll feel a change. drier air will work in. it will be quite warm but comfortable. we'll have plenty of sunshine and dry weather for tomorrow -- fo friday and into saturday. as as we go into sunday and monday, we'll have a chance of afternoon showers and storms. let's get through tomorrow and then it looks good wednesday, thursday, and friday. steve: upper 80s is a cool-down. you know it's summer. president obama declaring parts of louisiana major disaster areas, this after a system jumped two feet of rain in parts of the state. the national guard is helping authorities rescue people.
5:20 pm
and six have been killed. officials warning people that swollen rivers draining towards the gulf of mexico could create more flooding. alison: in northern california, a fast moving wildfire destroyed more than 100 homes and forced thousands of people to evacuate. that fire is raging about 90 miles north of san francisco. it has already burned more than 3,000 acres. fire officials say extremely dry conditions plus high temperatures are making it really difficult to get it under control. so far, no reported injuri reigniting the debate over diversity in hollywood. alison: the actress with the new movie the great wall. steve: and the fallout of a data breach. what hackers may have been stealing from customers since
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steve: the great wall is stirring up controversy. alison: matt damon is saving humanity, but it's the latest case of hollywood whitewashing movie roles. simone is here with the story. >> reporter: earlier we talked about the diversity problem, the absence of the minority actors put this in the spotlight. on the heels of the great wall, which comes out next year, asian
5:24 pm
tv and film. >> this is like a beef vegetable spicy stew, super delicious. >> reporter: everything is so delicious. i don't know why i don't eat korean food more often. >> ellen lee is someone i met over barbecue and discussed what it's like to be. >> how about we not be the nerdy girl like in the club. >> reporter: her frustration is hardly new. depictions of the asian experience too often reinforce racist stereoypes or worse, cast white actors in roles designed for people of color, like the insulting yellow faced character mr. yinioshi. today there are signs of improvement. the outspoken lead actress constance wu is bringing
5:25 pm
>> constance wu is a pioneer for us. a lot of asian american actors are scared to say something. >> wu took issue with the 2017 film the great wall starring matt damon in which he plays an ancient hero saving the chinese from dragons. wu wrote we have to stop perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world. >> why is a white man in this movie about the great wall in china? it's this no. >> hollywood decision makers defend it with dollars. big names sell tickets while unknown minorities could be a risk. wu asked if they're forgiven for having a failure once in a while, why can't a person of color sometimes have one? >> why don't you give us a chance and try it out and why don't you tell the story without disrespecting our culture. >> reporter: what are the roles you would like to see?
5:26 pm
or where i'm a fetish. i want to be a character that has substance, that is a real human, that has nothing to do with my race. if it does, can we embrace it? >> reporter: i think it's got to be tough for actresses like ellie and others because you don't want to take that role as the fetish girl prostitute. you've got to have money coming in. it's a tough situation. steve: giving people roles that had the role. it's hard to get whole situation. alison: how about casting an asian american actor or actres in the role and making it not a thing. >> reporter: they happen to be. why can't we have parts like pt? alison: doesn't make sense. >> reporter: the one point that actresses like ellie and constance want to leave people with is bringing this to the forefront is not about blaming matt damon or the studio. it's about bringing awareness to the issue. steve: thank you. the presidential race may hinge
5:27 pm
alison: donald trump setting his sights beyond ohio and pennsylvania. more on his strategies coming up. steve: and women aren't the only ones looking to preserve fertility. the way men are making sure they can have kids as well later in life. td bank's new intern, bart, is one of those robots from an other bank,
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alison: we've heard a lot about the importance of swing states like pennsylvania and ohio in the presidential election. steve: donald trump wants to put others in place like new york and connecticut. he has an uphill battle. >> reporter: campaigning in connecticut, donald trump reminiscing about his unprecen wins. >> i won new york state in a massive landslide. by the way, i won connecticut in a massive landslide. >> reporter: trump is hoping the tri-state area will help put a republican nominee over the top in the general election. >> in the primaries, i spent 50 million. now i'm spending a fortune for the general election. oh, you better elect me, folks. i'll never speak to you again. >> reporter: throughout the 2016 race, donald trump insisting his
5:31 pm
help create a first of its kind election map, allowing him to win states republicans normally don't. >> i'm going to win states they never thought of winning. i have a chance of winning new york state as an example. we'll win new jersey. we're making a big move for the state of connecticut. >> reporter: the problem is the numbers don't seem to back him up. a poll from sienna college show is hillary clinton crushing donald trump in new york state by 30 points, 57 to 27. new jersey and connecticut both show trump trailing that states that are deep blue are all of a sudden going to turn red. you're talking places like new york, which has got a two to one democratic registration. a high diversity in terms of the population. a suburban voting group, which clinton is doing very well with. >> reporter: what's more, trump isn't only trailing in his important tri-state area, he's
5:32 pm
through it all, trump joking that if he doesn't win, he'll know who to blame. >> can you imagine how badly i'll feel if i spent all of that money, all of this energy, all of this time and lost? i will never, ever forgive the people of connecticut. >> reporter: all three states, new york, connecticut and new jersey, have not voted republican in a general election since the '80s. right now two web sites, new york upshots track these and form predictions about the results. both give hillary clinton an 88 percent chance of winning the presidency. still a couple of months left, but tough, tough numbers for donald trump. steve: indeed. alison: 538 has called big ones. >> hundreds waited in the heat to apply for a job with the carpenters union. the district council began
5:33 pm
training center where people filled out a card. applicants must be 17, have a high school diploma and pass a drug test to participate in the program. >> it's been like hell. hot, aggravating, fighting with everybody. not easy. >> i started this when i was 13. it's a lifelong process for me. i love doing it. alison: the union will be accepting lottery cards until friday. steve: that is a hot day to camp outside. >> the n offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of who whomever starved a dog to death. it was dropped off thursday at the five towns animal hospital and was emaciated and had open sores on her back. she died from renal and kidney failure. anyone with information, call the nassau county d.a. tipline: alison: a possible data breach
5:34 pm
may have put customer information at risk. hei hotels runs hyatt, sheraton, and others. malware may have collected information from 20 locations since early december. the company says the problem was fixed after it separated its payment processing system from the rest of the network. steve: twitter looking to capitalize on a live streaming deal with the nfl, in talks with apple to launch the twitter app for apple users could watch games on set top boxes for free. twitter has the streaming rights to 10 thursday night, the first being october 15th. >> adele turned down a chance to perform during the 2017 super bowl half-time show. the singer told an audience that the spectacle is not about music and she can't dance. this is so on brand for adele.
5:35 pm
have not extended a formal offer to adele or anyone else. super bowl li will take place in february in houston. alison: i want to see her do carpool karaoke. >> this spokesman has issued a statement saying i want to put all this talk to rest about alex playing for any team this season. it is not happening. >> a new speak specialty drinks in queens. steve: the cocktails come with a twist thanks to the bar's unique theme. alison: in spite of the warnings, a common mistake parents make putting their babies to sleep. steve: here's tonight's new york minute. >> we're going to go up and down three times. steve: image transferring at the long island children's museum. they turned images of insects into artistic creations and put
5:36 pm
full of photos at home anymore. this is a way to kind of preserve your memories and hopefully this little accordion book will inspire them to do projects with pictures. steve: virtual reality help be raise money in battery park. head to the brookfield place winter garden for an event about something we all take for granted, clean drinking water. >> we'll give you the on virtual reality and go into the life of a 13-year-old girl in ethiopia and see her life before she gets clean water and after she gets clean water. steve: learn more at charity and that's your new york minute. fios is not cable. we're wired differently,
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steve: a speak easy with craft cocktails. disguise it's sporting out he - front. >> reporter: looking for a place to serve an interesting cocktail? few would stop in front of a hardware store. >> my favorite is when i open the door and they have a pleasant person holding up a light bulb or a doorknob. >> we're not a hardware store.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: the co-owners have hidden the last word. >> it's a place where you can go and really try more adventurous cocktails. >> a buzzer notifies the host someone outside thinks they want to come inside. if in the mood for a drink and not in need of an extension cord, one passes by walls of tools and supplies before entering a darkly modeled after a speak easy named for a cocktail he encountered nine years ago. >> it is an equal part drink with four ingredients. london dry gin, lime juice, and green chartreuse. >> reporter: the last word offers four variations on the namesake with 16 other cocktails. many of them hot ones. the last word opens tuesday, serves bar snacks and drinks and
5:41 pm
hardware at any point in the future. contrary to what scores of visitors believe. >> they're baffled by it and think i'm pulling their leg. >> i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: a speak easy. alison: looks good. steve: men freezing their sperm to preserve their fertility. alison: while middle-aged men need to think about their biological clocks. steve: and the hobby that's keeping a woman shining through
5:42 pm
take a look at these
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alison: fox 5 health news, replacing a sweetened beverage with a glass of water may improve your health. swapping out one eight ounce sugary drink a day could cut your calorie intake by 25 percent. this holds true with diet for water. steve: looks like men are trying to fight the biological clock. guys are realizing as they get older, they're getting less fertile and doing something about it. alison: joining us, dr. teo mendez from lenox hill hospital. what's your take? >> the medical community has known advanced paternal age is a risk factor for infertility and medical complications with
5:46 pm
with the babies. we're starting to realize that advanced paternal age can cause problems. we've known you have decreased motility or motion of your sperm and decrease in storm number. as sperm age, they mutate. they have the same mutations women have as they get older. it's a problem because you increase the chance of some of these things, like dwarfism, autism and the increase is small. we don't know after 50 we've shown there's a doubling of things like autism, dwarfism and autism. but the question is the 35-year-old bachelor, should he be freezing his sperm? the initial cost of consultation is seven to $900. it's a per annum fee of 450 to store it. steve: you're looking at 5, 10
5:47 pm
it's something to think about. we don't have any firm recommendations. steve: ron wood, mick jagger having kids at 69, 70. alison: no problem. yeah. steve: plenty of time. we don't have to worry. that's a good thing to keep in mind. alison: despite warnings, a new study finds babies are still being put at risk of sudden infant death syndrome. what are parents doing? we've heard about how you should put your baby what's the problem? >> sudden infant death syndrome is crib death. a child dies without any known cause even after an autopsy. what we've seen over 60 years is as we've gotten good at neonatal infant health, s.i.d.s. is the no. 1 killer of kids between the age of one month and one-year-old. the american academy of pediatrics 1992 came up with the safe to sleep protocol.
5:48 pm
or blankets, free of stuffed animals, on a firm surface and you shouldn't have crib bumpers. studies have shown parents are very good. that's what the study shows. they videotape the babies, instead of just parents self-reporting what they did. at one month, 90 percent of compliant with the guidelines. at six months, only a third were complying. what happens is maybe the pediatrician the parents get fatigued. the mom is exhausted. we need to be vigilant -- steve: if nothing goes wrong, everything is fine. >> it's important to emphasize to parents this is the no. 1 cause of death for infants. this is the most important thing to do for your baby. steve: devastating for that to happen. doctor, we appreciate it. thank you very much. let's talk about the heat.
5:49 pm
alison: nice and cool for almost 6:00. audrey: it could be worse and it was over the weekend. steve: i don't remember the weekend. alison: it was like a heat wavy blur. audrey: melted away for you, steve. 92 is what we hit in central park. that was at 1:00 earlier this afternoon. and that is above our average for this time of year. this morning we started off with a warm 77. it was quite comfortable. we had a bit of a breeze this morning. the humidity was somew than we experienced over the weekend. that was more good comfortable news across the region. right now we're sitting in the 80s in many locations. bridgeport is in the upper 80s. so is islip. 84 towards montauk. monticello has cooled to 77. hot in newark. the temperature is at 93. belmar, we're in the mid 80s. across the northeast, we can see more comfortable temperatures sitting off to the north and west like in albany where it's 81.
5:50 pm
we're in the upper 70s in pittsburgh and towards detroit but hot in philly and d.c. are temperatures are in the 90s. we'll see this move into the region tomorrow. we had a bit of a break. a cold front swept through the area yesterday. that helped bring in some drier, relatively drier air across the region. it wasn't as steamy as over the weekend. we have a bit of instability sitting towards the southwest. that will pass through the area tonight. there could be the chance of a couple of showers, but most of we have a bigger system that's sitting off to the west. there's an area of low pressure that will make its way eastward. tomorrow, this is going to spark off afternoon showers and storms. some of those could be strong to severe mostly north and west of new york city. it will be a hot and humid day tomorrow. we're going for highs in the 90s in many locations and heat index values will be over 100.
5:51 pm
effect for new york city and most of new jersey. heat is confined to the eastern seaboards. behind that is much more comfortable air in minneapolis and chicago tomorrow as well as towards memphis. we have heat out to the west. the west coast looks good. seattle, 82. san francisco at a nice 71. here's a look at our futurecast. tonight we'll have clouds moving in. tomorrow, we'll wake up with clouds and the sun will struggle to break through. there will be a couple of isolated showers across the east end of long isnd clouds. the more sunshine we see, the more unstable the atmosphere will get. any thunderstorms that will be firing up, they could be very strong to severe. that mostly will be across northern sections of the area as well as towards the west into portions of new jersey. everything smushes out of here by wednesday morning. drier air will work in behind the front. high pressure will move in over the northeast by wednesday. that's going to set us up for a very nice weather pattern for the second half of the week. we're going to get a bit of a break.
5:52 pm
temperatures we're expecting tonight and tomorrow, we expect high numbers squeezing out a little closer to 90 or 90 or above tomorrow. scattered showers and storms likely towards the afternoon. we dry it off for wednesday, not with the rain but the humidity. it will be windy wednesday, but very nice. sunshine for thursday, friday and saturday. next chance of rain on sunday and monday. over to you. steve: thank you. one more day. a long island woman's creative hobby is keeping her young. alison: busy making dazzling jewelled mirrors. jodi goldberg visited her workshop in bright water. >> these are hydrangea plants. >> reporter: 88-year-old susan forbes has enjoyed gardening and growing vegetables for her life, but a favorite hobby is something she picked up only a few years ago. >> i went into an antique shop and i seen an old hand mirror jewelled. i said omg.
5:53 pm
just keep playing with it until i think i'm close to perfect. >> reporter: with a dose of patience and precision, that's what she's doing. >> i'll make this mirror a little smaller. >> reporter: she buys the mirrors from antique dealers and estate sales and transforms them into work of art. >> moderation isn't a word i learned in school. i overdo everything for the most part. and so i now have a lot of mirrors. >> reporter: susan has designed over 100 >> some turquoise in here. >> and sizes. >> the mirrors are 25, to 50, 60, one i paid 100 for. >> reporter: she's laid out over $5,000 in supplies and spent hundreds of hours of time although she hasn't made any sales. she considers herself ahead. >> i've got as many pains and aches of anybody else but i don't have time to think about
5:54 pm
more. her dream is to have them on display at the museum of modern art to showcase her passion. >> you're pretty good. >> reporter: how long are you going to do this? >> i don't know. a good question. it's the most enjoyable thing i've done in many moons. >> reporter: it's not about how much money she'll make. her health is a greater reflection of her success. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: great to have a hobby you're passionate about. it. steve: indeed. what can you say? alison: we'll see you back here at 10:00. here's ernie with what's coming up. >> keep it here for the latest news coming up for you. plus tonight, you don't want to miss this story. if you're thinking about buying a house or if you own one, how long will these really low interest rates hang around and how can you take advantage? great advice coming up. we'll kick off our tasty international food week, starting in delicious queens.
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ernie: it's monday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. we start tonight with the murder
5:59 pm
queens this weekend. police are getting ready, we understand, for a news conference in a few minutes to discuss that case. we'll have that for you as soon as it happens. today a funeral was held for both of those men killed. let's go to lisa evers for more. she's in ozone park, queens, tonight. lisa? >> reporter: this community is definitely in mourning. while there's no official word yet on this case at this point, i can tell you what police sources are telling me, that they have a suspect in custody who t in this case. there is that press conference about to take place at police headquarters. we have confirmed that the subject of the press conference is this particular case. i can tell you from police sources that detectives were able to crack it through a hot of hard work around the clock and also a hit-and-run accident with a bike rider. several thousand mostly male members of the muslim community filled the grant avenue parking
6:00 pm
maulama akonjee and his assistant, thara uddin. the mayor was greeted by the crowd and pledged support in the pursuit of justice. >> i look around and see proud americans. i see proud new yorkers. and i will never let us be torn apart. we will not let each other be torn apart. >> reporter: many held signs calling for justice and believe a h murders. both were dressed in religious garments. >> we will work to build a city and country where everyone is protected and we're all tolerated. >> reporter: in this surveillance video, you see the gunman run up to the imam and his assistant, then seconds later after shooting them in the head on saturday afternoon, runs away. police issued this sketch of the wanted man. he allegedly hit a bicyclist with his car sunday and the rider got a partial license


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