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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  February 1, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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including bogos. give walmart every day low prices a try today. you'll be glad you did. . >> john: i can't believe it is already february. >> amy: already! >> john: went quick. >> amy: and it is a leap year, too. >> john: "good day orlando,"
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i'm john brown, i'm amy kaufeldt. happy you are with us, the stories we're working on right now. >> monday night could be an historic night for this country. >> amy: every night could be a historic night, really. just hours, america will cast the first vote in the e 2016 presidential race, we'll show you how candidates are fighting for last-minute support before the voters' caucus. plus... >> you don't give up. that is all we ask, all they ask, we are grieving over here. you know? and what would you do if that was your family member? >> john: family members of the 15-year-old boy gunned down in altamonte springs begging someone to come forward. we are live with the search for his killer. >> amy: do you need financial therapy? how your emotions could be bankrupting you. plus, david martin. >> reporter: good morning, the convention center, we are going
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hair and makeup styles, paul mitchell, the 2016 show with 2,000 of my closest friends, on the 8 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando"! >> amy: david martin! epic! have we ever had that many people screaming at the same time? >> john: i don't know that there are that many people watching! all those people make us prettier. we need all this help we can get. cool! >> how do i stack up to that? >> amy: go for it. >> jayme: accu-weather forecast update. notice now, the veil, canopy of clouds moving across the region since yesterday and brought a lot of gloomy weather in some spots, and now starting to thin some, good news, less clouds equals more sun and warmer temperatures. good morning, let's look, 50s up north.
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one of the warmer spots, a couple of spots reporting mid morning. the day ahead, passing high cloud, warm and dry, highs today a little closer to 80. and we may eclipse that for your tuesday and wednesday. compliments of high pressure to our east. dry air now sliding in in advance of a weather system. things got a little bit of punch and cloud over the desert southwest. we'll bring up the rain chances and the temperatures back down, the back end of the week as told by our 7-day forecast. if you like 80s, today, tomorrow, wednesday, down we go. big weather changes on the back end of the week. more in your full extended forecast, coming up in a few more minutes. i'll see you then. here's gina. >> gina: happy monday. we have a new crashing, on red bug lake road partially blocked. and use caution and be aware if you are there.
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cimarron, causing significant delays at that intersection, every direction on both roadways there. use caution, be aware if you are there. and down the road here, hoeffner around conway, this accident causing significant delays in both directions. so again, just be flavorful and be aware. for the most part we're looking okay, i-4 is a little slow, from lake mary to colonial, half an hour on i-4 eastbound, and those attractions to downtown, will take you 19 minutes and the 408 looks okay. the 417 to downtown, will take you 14 minutes. live life drastic. guys, back to you. >> amy: thank you, the hunt is on for a killer who shot a teen while driving through a seminole county neighborhood. >> john: and tam dana jay has more. you spoke with the family and what are they asking for today? >> well, john, it is really simple, they are asking somebody to, as you said, come forward, they say they are distraught and
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county sheriffs office, there was no development in the case. tamar harris, a special part of a big family. his loved ones say they don't know why he was driving his mom's car through the east altamonte neighborhood friday afternoon. but it was 3:30, when his aunt something. >> we have heard people in the neighborhood that were out, like guys and stuff, that are telling other people, yeah, they actually -- people outside, they said it was kids getting off of a school bus. >> reporter: someone standing near central and pine fired a gun while harris was driving through. harris's car kept going and slammed into e a light post tenthed of at the end of the street and he died a short time later at a local hospital. his family is asking the people
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speak up. >> and, somebody saw something at 3:00 in the middle of the day and someone saw him do that. >> and, if anybody did see them -- see the person who did that they are asked to call either the seminole county sheriffs office, or crime line, you can leave an anonymous tip there. seminole county sheriffs office says they are aggressively investigating the case and following up on any leads. reporting live in sanford, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> john: you decide 2016. we are just hours away from the iowa caucuses. >> amy: time is running out for these campaigns, and voters who have yet to pick their candidates. a register poll, donald trump leads the pack, he has 28% of support and ted cruz with 23% and marco rubio in third, 21% and our former florida governor, jeb bush, has 2%, right now. on the democratic side, hillary clinton keeping her slim lead over bernie sanders and she's at 45%.
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and brian ryan has more on the candidates' move to stay in the race in iowa. >> ryan: and, "the des moines register" saying they'll get 6-12 inches but it is later tonight after the caucus but it is a wildcard. donald trump spent most of his weekend focusing on the biggest rival in iowa, ted cruz. >> he wants to pretend he's robin hood and will protect everybody from big bad wall street and forgot to mention he borrowed a lot of money at almost no interest and anybody at this room will pay the interest rate. he pays almost nothing from goldman sachs and citibank. >> and not to be out done, ted cruz turned up the criticism of donald trump, arguing his history of finances is actually a negative. >> he owes at least $480 million, right now and it could be billions. and by the way, with loans, when heidi and i take loans, we pay them back. donald trump declared bankruptcy four times.
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seemed like a long shot at best a year ago, bernie sanders and hillary clinton extremely close heading into tonight's caucus. >> monday night could be an historic night for this country. we can make history. >> what we need is a plan and commitment and me, yes, thank you. >> again, the caucus started 8:00 eastern around the state and snow is not expected until an hour after and a few candidates will drop out before the new hampshire primary which is one week from tomorrow. remember, fox 35 is your source for continued coverage of the iowa caucuses and the presidential race, -- and you can find us on and download the fox 35 news app on your phone. john, amy? >> john: also new the florida highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash in osceola county. it happened just after 12:30 a.m., along 192 near hickory tree road in st. cloud.
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other details about the crash. in orlando, a major toll plaza on the beach line is now shut down. crews started demolishing the tolls near oia. last toll plaza before you got to the airport, which backed traffic up there. the work is part of a $32 million project to widen this beach line and tolls are being collected at the beach line, west main plaza, and at the four new ramp plazas. also developing this morning, investigators are working to figure out what caused the student at the university of florida to fall 6 stories to his death. >> amy: a horrific story. luanne is in the studio with more. >> luanne: good morning. 20-year-old chance wolf was pronounced dead at the scene. police say security video from several different cameras show him getting off of an elevator on the 6th floor at the gainesville social 28 south apartment building yesterday morning. he apparently walks over to a glass partition, and then falls over it. students who live at the
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>> i'm really sad. i mean, i know lots of people are probably hurting today. >> luanne: grief counselors were on hand yesterday to help students cope with the tragedy. at this point investigators say they do not suspect foul play. amy, john, back to you. >> amy: thanks, if you feel anxious about your money there are professionals who may be able to help you. >> john: coming up at 8:00, all new, we're asking an expert about the growing field of financial therapy. find out if you could benefit from counseling. plus, david martin, 2000 of his closest friend this morning! wow, you have a big group out there! >> reporter: nothing more intimidating, john, than being in a roomful of 2,000 top-notch hairstylists. these ladies and gentlemen will teach me this morning. at the 2016 paul mitchell extravaganza. they know everything about hair and makeup and we'll talk to all
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free flights in florida, if either one of them wins. you do have to go to the web site and you have to vote for your favorite candidate and enter your name and e-mail address and if marco rubio or jeb bush wins you get a voucher for a free flight. again on silver airwaysal go to for more information. >> john: amy, we're already here. all new at 8:00 we're taking a closer look at the growing field of financial therapy. experts combine financial advice with a psychological approach. looking into what is really behind a client's behavior toward money. and dr. leslie hamilton with total life counseling joins me to talk about it. appreciate you being here. it is a field that didn't exist 15 or 20 years ago. why is it a big deal now. >> there are so many emotional underlying causes for people having financial problems and the number one reason for divorce is financial stress. and, a lot of overlap between therapists without the financial
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the problems and financial planners who don't have the collage call background, and, so they overlap the two areas and bridges the gap. >> john: one guy on the radio, dave ramsey, of course says it is never a money problem, it is a head problem. >> absolutely. money is like food or anything else, a coping skill. a way of self-medicating and we're anxious and want to impulsively buy something to make us feel better and if we feel sad, buying something that compulsive spending, puts dopamine in our brain and helps us feel better. these are ways of self-medicating and we have underlying relationship problems with money that oftentimes stem from our childhood. >> i'm curious, you hear the stories, somebody comes in with $150,000 in student loan and credit card debt and make 30 to 50,000 a year. how do you counsel someone that far in over their head? >> first, you want to identify the underlying causes and we're
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between what they say and value between what they say and value and do and you say you want to save money for right. shoes. where is the blockage and we try to identify where the inconsistencies lie and the emotional triggers that lead to the spending. >> john: you have to address that you have a problem. when you get this far you have a problem somewhere and have to figure out what it is. >> a subconscious or unconscious origin and financial therapy we work to uncover them and work through them. >> john: doctor, what is your web site. >> total life >> john: appreciate you being here. >> thanks for having me. >> john: 8:16. jayme king. hob a little sunshine therapy today? >> jayme: looking like it. a lot of spots, high canopy of clouds, beginning to erode, allowing sun and fun back in. which would yield warmer day time highs today. i think a little closer to 80. now, though, a cool start, we
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dry and looks like 80 interior, talking like well west of i-95 and closer to the sea shore, looking for 70s. 76 by 5:00 and 74 by 8:00 tonight. the winds should be fairly light, under 15 miles per hour most cases. today same can be said for the local gulf scene, blend of sun and clouds and 78 by 3:00 and warm skies with south-southwest winds at 10 to 15. let's look, water vapor showing us very, very dry air over the gulf. now overspreading the area. one of the main drivers. shrinking up the layer of clouds. allowing more sunshine in. this is the next weather system loading up over this desert south and west and will increase clouds and ultimately rise in rain chances around here. as we get toward wednesday, and more thursday and thursday night. we'll reach the peak in rain chance thursday night and trend better, drier conditions, but cooler by friday. scattered clouds will keep the dry skies going and lows remain
8:17 am
wind to keep temperatures up and the model forecast, pretty benign weather and occasional high passing clouds and wednesday, the rain chance and thursday, it is going strong, looks like the front may hang up, stall out on the central peninsula. and could keep the rain chances going overnight thursday into very early morning friday and from there the front will drift south, better weather will ensue just untime for your next weekend -- in time for your next weekend. coastal locales in the this 70s and, tonight mild weather, again for the first day of february. not doing bad out there. staying above the mark there. and blowing the socks off what we typically should see, average or normal should be 72 for that high and you can clearly exceed that. record territory might be close in some spots, and down we go, temperatures and the rain chances coming up on the back end of the week. more coming up at 8:30. talk to you then.
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>> molly: and we do have a new -- >> gina: a new crash on the 1792 near spartan drive. causing significant delays in that area. use caution if you are there. looking now at your drive times, i-4 is pretty slow, westbound from lake mary to colonial, 24 minutes, right now, i-4 eastbound from the attractions-downtown takes 18 minutes and 408. from 417 to downtown, 14 minutes. time for your pump patrol. saving money. regular gas, $1.66 at the kwik part. over in orlando. and remember you can always check out gas saving tips on our web site, go to and click on traffic. >> john: thank you, 8:19. some of the best experts in the beauty industry are here in central florida this week. >> amy: fox 35's david martin is checking out the paul mitchell school. >> reporter: all of these cuteys
8:19 am
where are you from, jade. >> atlanta, georgia. >> reporter: -- how are you doing! one of 100 schools here, thousands of students! the paul mitchell school. all across the country. and they are here. to learn the latest be a greatest makeup trends and hair styles for the year. we'll talk to the guy who runs it, john paul himself!
8:20 am
orlando. >> amy: welcome back, 8:22. we are following breaking news, "sky fox" is over weatherby elementary school. in orange county, the school is evacuated. firefighters say someone reported a gas leak in the area. the leak is contained. no injuries are being reported. but again, just to make sure all of the kids are safe they did evacuate the school. no word on when the children will be allowed back inside. at this point nothing to be concerned about. today is day one of the paul mitchell school, talking about hair at disney world. >> paul mitchell and co-founder, and ceo.
8:21 am
time. and, co-owner, angus mitchell are there. and this is big, vips down there with you! >> reporter: it is and give us the accent... >> dijoris... >> reporter: you know his world. congratulations on being in florida. happy to have you here on "good day orlando." now i was outside the convention center with 2,000 screaming people, students of yours. who are ready to learn what exactly the three-day weekend is. >> these kids, some of them have never traveled in their life and they the top 2,000 are able to come here and they get advanced training on merchandising and marketing and, everything you need to be a professional hairstylist and one step above
8:22 am
they'll get advanced training here, an advanced class while they are in school. >> how did they get the honor to get here. >> it takes three months, a combination, you have to do everything right and also learn how to merchandise and market and talk to people and they have gift bags they promote, but to promote it you have to talk to a person. and many times people that are introverts become extroverts because they want to come and talk to their customers about taking care of their hair in between visits, at home and how to do it an forces them to talk. >> reporter: you have done it well. they are exide an cited an energetic. >> part of our culture is loving yourself and loving one another and having fun as well as a heck of a great career. >> reporter: wire in the back room, model prep room and what is happening here. >> we have our students here lang with our professionals. getting everybody ready for the show that is about to go on and
8:23 am
some professionals that went through the program. and it is people teaching people how to be great. but also allows your student to do exceptional hair styles, so good when they go on stage, they are showing it like a professional. >> reporter: how long is the stage show? are the students taking notes? i can do that, i saw that on stage. >> it is to know what we have while they take notes and there are classes, detailed classes that will follow and breakout classes to show how to do the various styles and color techniques. and how to do a combination of things including a little bit of business. >> reporter: what is the friend of 2016 for women's and men's hair styles. >> for women, there is a lot of color and with the guys, they are having more fuller heads of hair and for a while the no-hair coming back. there is color and style in it. maybe shave along the side of their hair and trying to be different than any other generation, which is wonderful.
8:24 am
of things, colors, especially, mixing colors and you have a green and blue together and nice and look at the reds and black! i think the red and black is stunning, wow! >> reporter: i could wear that. i don't have a lot of hair, but... >> we can do that. >> reporter: a little red, would be good. the web site for our local folks, paul and there is a local school. >> we have a great school in orlando. a lot of the students are from the school. >> reporter: thanks. >> cool to look at. i'm not brave enough to try it. cool to look at. >> john: thanks. >> amy: the new film, finest hours has a local tie.
8:25 am
the man who will fix up >> announcer: you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. >> amy: and it is exactly 8:30 on this monday morning, i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown, let's look at what is going on forecast-wise today. because we have a nice week to start off february here, jayme king. >> jayme: not bad but here on set, one, guys, we have good looking temperatures, i'll upgrade you to two thumbs up. looking nice and we have your 50s and your 60s and orlando at 62. clermont, 64, leesburg to sanford, more of the same, lower 60s and the day ahead, passing clouds and warm and dry and looks like we'll get a little more sunshine creeping in, thus warmer high temps and closer to 80 overall and the beachfront, low and mid 70s on the sand and beaches today. equally as nice, a touch cooler. here we go, this thing right here, going to bring up the rain chance in the back end of the
8:26 am
the way out and extra sunshine on the way in on this smund monday, as john pointed out. the start of the work week and february 1st, the calendar rolling by skirting through the new year and you can see we're in the 80s, tuesday and wednesday and thursday and friday, chances for rainfall come up. in particular, thursday and thursday night. more in your full detailed forecast coming up in a short bit. here's gina, good morning. >> gina: happy monday. and the first crash on hiawassee, partially blocked at anoka drive. be aware if you are there: not far down the road, we had the crash, earlier on 1792. looks to still be there. i had word it was clear and causing significant delays, still in that area. again, be aware and use caution there as well. more traffic news, there will be one less toll to pay, the toll plaza on state road 528 is going away for good.
8:27 am
plaza, tolls will be collected at the beach line, and they say it will not -- they'll simply pay the toll at a different location. look at your drive times, everything looking okay. i-4, john, amy, back to you. >> john: tonight a prayer vigil is held for a 22-month-old child shot and killed. >> amy: the story kicks off our morning rush. aden mcclendon was with his family in their car when he was shot in the shoulder and the stomach friday night. it happened at jacksonville. and police say it happened in a drive-by shooting. investigators do not believe the family was the intended target. a $20,000 reward is being offered in the search for the little boy's killer. >> a man accused of shooting a sanford police officer is in jail with no bond. rashawn smith went before a seminole county judge yesterday, accused of walking down 1792
8:28 am
and pointing a gun at drivers. police say when they responded to the calls, smith started shooting at them. officers returned fire but somewhere in the incident -- an innocent bystander was hit. the person was not seriously hurt and the investigation continues. >> also, orange county will not build schools in one section of southeast orlando. after an explosive scare a few years ago. 400 pound of old bombs an rocket were unearthed at odyssey middle school 8 years ago. found to be a former world war ii bomb testing range, the sentinel reports though orange county is now building new housing there, the school district says it will not risk building another school near the old range. >> three hours and we sank. >> reporter: the finest hours debuts at the box office. based on a true story, it recounts the 195 2 coast guard rescue mission to save 32
8:29 am
sinking oil tanker during a nor'easter. >> heavy waves and sleet and snow and wind and managed to save 32 people on a boat that was only supposed to carry 12. >> the story line is more than just a hollywood hit. it has central florida ties, too. >> john: joining me this morning is jim krzyzewski who worked with the sanford police department and a coast guard veteran and was involved in the restoration of the boat made famous by the movie. let's talk about your capacity with the boat. when did you see it? take us through the process. >> i was assigned to cape cod, province town and my wife and i were driving around the national sea shore and came upon the boat in the field, neglected and i got there a week ago and i was asking about it and learned of the rescue. a coast guard person told me about the rescue and said we are getting ready to restore it.
8:30 am
supplies on the coast guard station you could donate and i said i would donate surplus property and once the boat was restored he came back to me, getting ready to launch it and, the first event, a floating museum and he said how would you like to drive the boat? i got to drive the boat. i was excited and honored. got to drive the boat and only had one request. i could bring my wife along and we got on the boat and drove it in the fleet parade. >> john: in the movie, when it comes out, you knew the back story with the guys involved here. you got see the movie over the weekend. what were your thoughts on the boat and movie in general? >> my wife held my hand and i spent 27 years in the guard, the next generation of boats made of steel, these guys drove these wooden boats and those guys were made of steel, wooden boats and
8:31 am
were driving much, much safer and less risky equipment. >> john: the images here, waves with though boat trying to rescue guys, from what you have heard was it close to what happened? >> yes, they hadded to go against all odds, a miracle they were able to do what they did. >> you said you knew the guy on the expedition? >> i didn't know him personally. >> john: knew of him. >> that day when i drove the beat he was on the pier. and i regret not having an opportunity to get to show him any better. >> you got to know his boat and you were in the coast guard for years. did you see anything -- obviously the movie shows an amazing situation. >> i was on the ocean in heavy weather. very, very cold and never rescued 32 people in one rescue of course. i rescued, you know, up to probably three people, four
8:32 am
i was stationed at a station, difficult. >> john: quickly, you saw the movie over the weekend. what do you want people to know about what happened that day. >> bernie weber and his crew were an inspiration to me all of my life. my career and they are an inspiration to all americans. what we can do if we put or heads to it. he had a crew that were afraid to go out and pushed his boat and his crew. an inspiration. the police officers and firefighters i worked with every day demonstrate the same level of courage as they go out and protect us every day. >> john: i have to see the movie, the coast guard requires us to go out and don't require us to come back. that got me there. i appreciate you sharing your story and memories, amazing. i have to see the have now. thanks for your time today. amy. >> amy: thank you, coming up grease making a come back, how fans are now responding to the live musical on fox.
8:33 am
february 1st, 1974, good times premiered on primetime television and the show's early years, jj walker's catch phrase, was dyn-o-mite and it was changed in later years, what was the catch phrase changed to? what can i say? are you kidding me? or i'm free!
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good times good times >> amy: on this day in history, 1974, the good times premiered on primetime tv and in the early years -- i know you know this,
8:37 am
dyn-o-might. and it was changed in later years. was it, you know, what can i say? are you kidding me? or, i'm free! what was jj walker's catch phrase? >> i mean, this is interesting. i didn't realize the gal who played the mom was so upset about how jj walker was perceived in the black community, she threatened to walk off the show and said jj needed to set a good example and they said we promise to clean him up if you come back and she came back and i wonder if maybe this is part of the catch phrase change. i thought it was interesting. let's send it out to david martin first, joining us live, at disney with the -- all of the coolest kids in town, because they are like so perfect, i'm not sure the rest of us stack up! >> i know, they are beautiful, aren't they? the show started and i'll keep my voice down but i have the owner of three schools in florida.
8:38 am
campus, julio, playing the game. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: what is your answer? >> dynamite! >> reporter: it changed. it changed. >> what are you talking about? >> reporter: let's go with it. >> a different show! >> reporter: who cares! >> good answer, and, one of my all time favorite lines for a tv show, too. all right, luanne and ryan. >> luanne: i know it. do you want to come to us? >> amy: i'll come back to you. what is -- let's send it over to jayme and gina next. >> easy, buddy! >> gina: we are. >> jayme: we are. >> amy: are you kidding me? >> jayme: are you kidding me?
8:39 am
kidding me? okay, back to luanne and ryan, because she's convinced she knows the answer. >> luanne: i remember him going, what can i say? >> amy: okay. >> ryan: going with lu. >> john: no one picked, i'm free. i'm going with that. >> amy: here's your answer... ryan and luanne! can i tell you, i saw him do stand-up comedy once and he is one of the funniest people on stage, after all these years, sorry, david, that was for a different show. >> reporter: we loved it! >> loved it! >> >>. >> jayme: accu-weather forecast update and the thick veil of clouds, canopy of cloud cover we've had a couple of days is slowly beginning to erode, and
8:40 am
temperatures, now, have responded, kind of sort of in a lot of areas now, upwards of 3 or 4 degrees of additional warmth compared to earlier this morning. come back and look. 52 gainesville and 62 orlando and mitch of brevard county now, in the low and mid 60s. as we take a look at our latest web-cam. live cam. and you can see on the web. our orlando tower cam high atop the hyatt regency, looking toward i-drive. what a morning. one of those mornings where we have had some decent traffic conditions, weather has been pretty decent, overall, nice looking day lies ahead and passing clouds and warm, dry weather and see a high, metro orlando, close to about 80ish. and some of you may land on the mark and some may fall to either side. dry air in place will allow for decent weather and the cloud mass is on the way out and a is my monday ungolding. can you believe it now, the month of february has begun and we're looking at a high near 80.
8:41 am
the week as another front comes racing toward the region. let's look at what is going on now. big swirl, desert southwest, and it comes our way, knocks the control. and that is going to begin to now, the satellite in the foe showing us we have ample sunshine on top and decent looking day until the next system gets in here. the end result is going to be an increase in clouds and ultimately, increase in rain through thursday night and down the chances go and the temperature. as we head toward friday, high there, 63, lows at around 50 with rain chances wrapping up and shrinking up, 20% by friday. that's your forecast. you have a weather baby. christopher! looking good, i love it! button up shirt an collar. looked good looking kid. visit for more on the weather baby segment. that's all for now.
8:42 am
want to tell you about at silver star and pine hills road. causing significant delays there. it is partially blocked as well. use caution and then, a little down the road. we have the crash, hiawassee, partially blocked there. at anoka drive, going on for some time. be aware if you are there. a look right now at your drive times. i-4 westbound from maitland to colonial, 6 minutes and i-4 eastbound is a little slow from sand lake to downtown. and will take 13 minutes, and the 528 looks good, up to speed. back to you. >> t-birds and pink ladies, reunited last night on fox. grease live. >> a lot of fun to watch the production of the retelling of the 1978vie, grease, starring john travolta and olivia newton john. look at one thing. >> born to hand jive baby born to hand jive baby... >> john: the story created a lot
8:43 am
look at what people are saying. it looks great to me. >> right. grease is the word today, and a lot of people are looking forward to grease live and it seems the viewers really loved it. a lot of people on social media this morning, and, fans are showing extra love for vanessa hudgens who played rizzo. the actress announced on social media her dad passed away from cancer within day before the -- one day before the performance. and despite the tragic loss, viewers applauded her for her electrifying performance and here's what some people have said on social media. first, lacy tweeted: you brought back all my childhood memories last night. rodney says, count me in, completely converted from skeptic to fan camp. i love #grease live. awesome performance. and, then, the one and only olivia newton john, in the
8:44 am
facebook, julianne hough, dede. and the cast, so excited to watch dwrooes live i know you will be wonderful. olivia. she was watching last night! how cool is that! no word from john travolta. >> i tried to follow him on twitter and he had one tweet. i don't know if that was -- >> we'll call him. he watches every morning. >> amy: yeah. totally lying! >> john: thanks, lu, coming up they can rip a phone book in >> amy: look at that! so cool, the power team is here in our studios. we'll tell you about the message they are sending to kids.
8:45 am
coming up next. yeyes.s. t twowo m milillilionon, , fofourur huhundndrered d ththouousasandnd, , fififtfty-y-ththreree e grgraiainsns ofof s sanand.d. exexacactltly y twtwo o hohoururs,s, f foror ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke's's hohourur.. wewe'l'll l nenevever r mimissss h halalf-f-prpricice,e, hahandnd-d-dipippeped d mimilklkshshakakeses a agagainin.. bubut t mamaststerer, , hahappppieier r hohourur i is s frfromom t twowo t to o fifiveve n nowow.. papardrdonon m me?e? ththeyey a addddeded a an n hohourur.. .....t.twowo m milill l - - grgreaeat,t, i'i'veve l losost t cocoununt.t. hahappppy y hohourur j jusust t gogot t hahappppieier.r. geget t hahalflf-p-pririceced d wiwintnterer s shahakekes,s,rr nonow w frfromom t twowo t to o fifiveve..
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >> amy: welcome back. showing off the brute strength this morning. >> john: these guys can rip phone books and snap metal in half, break handcuffs -- did that last night, pretty awesome, for a great cause, this next generation power force is with us this morning and we have jerome king, down there on the end, former chicago bear and we have paul rogers from american gladiators, among other things and also, sean king with the coastline carolina panthers. who will win -- >> and, i'll show you a picture. those pants will make him win a game! you know, the panel -- i got you. >> you guys travel around the country helping kids. >> yes. >> john: talk about what you do, first of all. >> we go in and tell help how special they can be and tell them life is about choices, you
8:48 am
outcome of your life and we go in there and love on 'em and tell them how special they can be and pretty much do our thing -- >> you said something last night and most of these kids never get -- breaks your heart. never hear a positive message during the entire day from their family. >> a lot of kids don't get told they are loved at home and i grew up with a lot of friends that raised themselves and didn't have a lot of people that put structure in their lives and i love giving back and, hopefully saving some of these kids an turning them the right way, and doing the right thing. >> amy: how has doing this changed you and made you a better person, watching the kids. >> when i first joined the team and going out and giving the word of encourage. it helped me be a better person and father and helps you practice what you preach and try and live the life you speak. you know, encouraging kids to hang on that their dreams and never give up and encouraged me to go back to school and finish
8:49 am
it changed my life. you know, of a way to get their attention and when you get their attention you speak to them and give them a message of hope. >> john: and we have seen people rip the phone book and you do it with your mouth! >> show us what you got. >> i have really sharp teeth -- >> let's see, here he goes! look at that. crazy! guy. >> behind your back? let's turn around -- >> okay. >> here we go. >> hit it! >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, yeah! oh, yeah! >> amy: how long did it take you
8:50 am
>> great. >> we have -- it is for real as you can see. sometimes they snap just like that. you never know. >> amy: how about a metal one! >> john: no! >> john: he did the metal -- this amazes me, the frying pan, what do you do with the frying pan. >> it looks like an orlando burrito! >> john: no way! >> amy: no way! >> here you go! >> all right, there is -- they'll be performing at the elementary school and they'll be at crossing church in sanford, what is this web site so people can check you guys out? >> google search them and we'll have more information on the web site. >> amy: thank you so much! like them! >> thanks, guys. a lot more coming up in the 9 o'clock hour of good day,
8:51 am
and talking to the man who created the bebo, and what to expect at the convention. i have no idea what i said. >> amy: you'll figure out in a minute and how a grocery store is getting kids to eat smarter these days. plus, david martin. >> reporter: good morning, john, hi, amy. we have been live at the walt disney world resort, home to the paul mitchell school convention. for hair and makeup. we do have a school here in orlando at the oviedo mall and you want a haircut and find a severe you get a discount if you let them work on your hair. john, a way to keep money in
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