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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  February 2, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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coming up >> john: it's 7:00 a.m. on this tuesday morning. "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you're with us this morning. tonight is a victory for courageous conserve
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>> iowa, thank you. >> we finished second. i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >> amy: a bit of a g.o.p. upset in iowa. ted cruz did beat donald trump. breaking news, it appears that the democrats may finally have declared a winner. stion >> john: the top local story. a brevard county teacher has died in what is believed to be a murder suicide. >> amy: how local official are responding to the zika virus. >> john: a weather alert here in central florida. we're in a bit of a haze. >> amy: look at that. >> john: . thick fog is blanketing the roadways. it's a little dangerous. you pull up to the exit and don't realize you are there yet, and suddenly you are, it's very foggy. >> jayme: three words for the commuters this morning, slow it
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there's a fog advisory for all of us here in the viewing area and goes all the way up to georgia. visibilities are awful right now. the list goes on and on and on. no big improvements expected until at least, at least mid-morning. after that we'll begin to see areas improving with overall visibilities. the advisory will be canceled by then. and dew points and temperatures are very close, neck and neck right now. this means we start to condensate the atmosphere. we begin to crush up the water particles and the nasty layer of fog very evidence at the airport. and shower risk at 10 to 20% today. because of extra moisture moving in on enhanced breeze, and
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again, slim odds. but better odds as a progressive system moves our way. lines of thunderstorms are breaking out over the gulf south. so it'll be an interesting weather day. for us, we see the winds rise, and the rain chances rise, with back down with rain chances and temperatures on friday. a big cooldown. and the full forecast is coming up in 10 minutes. >> gina: a live look at i-4 near the 436. we have a crash causing significant delays. it looks like its picking up a little bit. i'm getting word that the two`` right lanes are blocked in the area. looking to get more information on the crash. i will keep you updated. another crash at i-4 westbound near sax. causing significant delays in the area. use caution. give yourself a lot of extra time this morning, as it's very, very foggy out there.
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you 22 minutes. i-4 eastbound attractions to downtown, 13 minutes and the 408 is up to speed. >> john: it's 7:03. it appears that the democrats caucus. details. >> reporter: bernie sanders said that they're challenging the results. bernie sanders and hillary clinton have been in a dead heat since last night. fox is now reporting that clinton is the winner. her campaign said there's no way that sanders can win in iowa. his group is saying they want a gross recount. sanders gets 695. and hillary clinton 699. and only one more precinct to
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delegates. a results show a win for sanders. >> i think about what happened today. i think that the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment, and, by the way, to the media establishment. [ cheering ] >> it is rare. it a rare that we have the opportunity we do now to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for and what we want the future of our country to look like if we do our part to build it. i am a progressive who gets things done. >> reporter: it turns out martin o'malley really didn't pull votes from either side.
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and he dropped out of the race after getting less than 1%. on the republican side, it was ted cruz beating donald trump. the billionaire had a slight lead in the polls. a bit of a surprise. and marco rubio is big might for him. a percentage point behind trump coming in third. here's reaction from the candidates. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> we finished second. and i want to tell you something, i am just honored. i'm really honored. and i want to congratulate ted. >> the people of this great state sent a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama we're not waiting any longer to take our country back. >> reporter: rubio will take the momentum to the next state primary. former governor mike huckabee
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and rick santorum with less than 1% of the vote. and former governor jeb bush sixth behind rand paul. with hundreders of voters, not one person stood up to speak jeb bush. that's what he has to overcome. we'll see if he stays in, but a really tough night for jeb bush. >> amy: telling donald trump to stop rolling in the deep. making it clear to donald trump and other candidates that her songs are off limits for her campaigns this comes after donald trump used her song at a visit. keep it here on fox 35 for complete election coverage in 2016. you can get instant updates at that's big font there. >> john: that's helvetica bold.
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a teacher is killed at rockledge high school. >> 54-year-old sandra cook was killed in what the police are calling a murder suicide. her body was found at a home at chaparral drive. dana jay has the latest. good morning, dana. >> reporter: good morning. the principal here at rockledge high school said that sandra cook was one of the finest people ever to walk the halls here. based on conversations we've had, it'll be another sad day for students and staff. she was 54 years old. a long time employee of the brevard county school district. she had been here at rockledge high school since 2013. she taught math and led the gifted program here at the high school. a student said that cook touched a lot of people and that the news yesterday, as you would
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>> a great teacher. she always cared about her students. she put her students first. she made sure they were okay and they were in a great environment to learn. >> reporter: cook and her estranged husband rickey wayne cook were found in a home in melbourne. they don't believe anyone else was involved in her death, police say. the school district is urging parents to let the school know if they think their kids need to spend time with the counters that will be -- with the counselors that will be on hand there this morning. >> john: daycare worker is behind brothers accused of beating a child. >> amy: we learned this is not the first time that the woman was involved with the law. this is the children's place learning center.
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4-year-old with stuffed animals and throwing down the child on the cot. another daycare worker said it's not the first time that this has happened and that reed had been rough with the children for a few weeks. >> it's very disturbing to watch. a with any child but a helpful 4-year-old child who don't know what is happening. >> amy: and . >> john: a virginia man accused of day tacking a passenger and fighting with the crew. >> amy: he also tried to leave mid-flight before he was subdued. this happened on a flight from dc down to jacksonville. the plane landed safely in jacksonville. local police arrested sharky,
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>> john: surveillance video. a store clerk fought back against a man who tried to rob the place. the guy left the store. got into a getaway car and the deputy it's are looking for the person. >> john: on the health watch. >> amy: folks are on alert after a global health emergency has been declared. some of the things you can do to stay safe. let's check in with jayme king >> jayme: a foggy start. until 10:00 a.m. after that, much like yesterday. although it trends warmer
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spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. on the health watch. local officials are taking action after a global health emergency has been declared. >> john: all because of the zika virus virus. >> reporter: mosquito control workers in orange county are busy now trying to prevent the virus from spreading here. workers are going door to door looking for containers that
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dumping out the water. mosquito control said they won't have many of these types of mosquitoes in florida but they still want people to take precautions. >> be very aware of the items in their yards and make sure to dump out any containers that are possibly holding water. and talk to the neighbors too. when in doubt, dump it out. apply insect repellant. if you can wear long pants long sleeved shirt to minimize contact. >> reporter: the only way to know if you are infected is to be tested. 31 confirmed cases in the united states. three of those are here in the state of florida. it's 7:15 on this tuesday morning. still a foggy start, jayme? >> amy: >> jayme: it is, luanne. this rolls strong through 10:00 a.m. and we should see marked
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downtown, o town, and it's a foggy and a mild scene. 64 at orlando and many locations in the low to mid-60s. we have 50s over north central florida. the general gist of the day, foggy threat then sun and clouds and isolated p.m. shower risk. and winds flipping out of the south and the east. and we're bringing in a little bit of extra moisture. some could produce isolated showers rolling on shore over the eastern third of the state. as of the snow potential today. that's over 1,000 miles. the canopy of snow from the eastern rockies, around denver, to the east side of the chicago suburbs into lake michigan now. a lot of folks were affected by this. and it's just dumping now. and a severe thunderstorm threat. seeing a lot of these clusters of nasty cells developing. you can see the distinct
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30s and 40s here. 70s across the gulf south. that's where the atmosphere starts to go boom and pop with severe weather later today. rain chance moving towards us by thursday. the rain chance coming up. 70% chances. and strong storm, i am not concerned but, it looks to be over far northern florida, but we'll be watching for you. everybody in the 80s today. winter garden to apopka, solid low 80s. a blend of sun and clouds after the fog dissipates. very much like yesterday. scotts more, mims, titusville, and melbourne and palm bay, solid 80s for you. and for the remainder of us.
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gainesville, for example, at 81. 82 ocala. kissimmee and st. cloud about 84. for the four corners, polk county. and widespread 60s. another foggy scene. shouldn't resemble what's happening early this morning. locally dense fog. a lot of you affected by the lifting. the fog and the av'sory. the forecast looking okay. peaking in temperature tomorrow at 84. temperatures down, winds increase, thursday into friday. a strong front moves into the region. some rain chances slight to moderate by sunday at 40%. a high on sunday of 68. >> gina: happy tuesday, everybody. s this i-4 at the 434. we had a crash earlier which seems to have cleared but the backup is still pretty significant in the area. very, very foggy out there.
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we have another cracker at i-4 westbound. and -- another crash. and this is i-4 at saxon. it is beginning to pick up. give yourself a lot of extra time as it's very, very foggy. and i-4 westbound 14 minutes. time now for the fox 35 pump patrol. saving you money with regular gas, $1.64 at the speedway at turkey lake road in orlando. check out the gas saving tips at >> john: up to half of young people in the u.s. are nearsighted. >> amy: kind of a shocking number. and that's doubled over the last decade. we'll talk to a expert on the
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a weather tradition. today is groundhog day. the crowd is going wild already. >> phil! >> punxsutawney phil will come out and see if he can see his shadow. >> okay, it's time. >> john: they're going early. >> we have a big padlock, one, two, three. get my man out. >> here comes the unveiling. they're about 5 minutes early. we're going to stick with it. we don't need commercials when you have this going on right now. >> this is huge. to they always get so dressed up? i don't remember the top hat. >> oh, he's feisty. >> john: of course, he is kept in a cage outside of the library all year. >> amy: here he comes. >> john: jayme. >> amy: do they wear protective gloves for this?
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what if he takes a chuck out of their fingers. >> john: he could. >> leajt, punxsutawney phil. [ cheering ] >> john: it looks cloudy. >> amy: look at him, he's like, huh? >> john: it's always opposite what you think. here in florida, what to we care? >> you know what i am thinking now, where is my brill? brother bill bill murray. >> john: a couple hour trip. >> amy: every day is groundhog day to me. i don't need to go. >> you ready? i gotcha. whoa! . >> amy: he escaped. get me outta here.
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>> amy: how do you tell anything by that? >> john: they'll read it now. here we go. >> amy: ridiculous. >> here ye, here ye, here ye. the second day of february, 2016, the 130th annual trek of the punxsutawney groundhog club. punxsutawney phil, the prognosticator of all prognosticators, was awoken to the cheers of his thousand of faithful followers. and he directed the president and the inner circle to the precise prediction scroll which translated reads been the inner circle get to great ends to keep me abreast of the latest trends. down in my burrow i never get bored riding on my hover board. and i sure have fun auto flying my drone, but the weather
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is this current warming trend -- is this current warm weather more than a trend? per chance this winter has come to on end? [ cheering ] there is no shadow to be cast, an early spring is my forecast! >> john: they're having a good day. we're doing our own version. it may be the dumbest think we've done. we have a dachshund, and we'll make our prediction for orlando. and amy has one envelope, and i have another. whichever one that the dachshund runs to will be the winner. >> amy: i can't wait. prediction. >> john: it'll be you
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to our fox 35 friend of the day. there's a new friend of the day each and every day. find us by going to facebook and searching for fox 35. doctor mike is up in pennsylvania as well. i wonder if he saw that. >> amy: we should ask him. the near sighted epidemic. that's doubled over the past 50 years. fox medical team is joining us from pennsylvania where the big groundhog reveal just happened. he's joining us now. how are you? >> reporter: i'm great. for the record, i live groundhog every single day of my life. >> amy: me too. don't feel bad. >> reporter: it's a movie. yes. they made it about my life. >> amy: oh, yeah. i feel ya. talk about the discovery. it's shocking. all of the kids being diagnosed with nearsightedness. what does it mean, and why? >> reporter: the experts seem
7:26 am
spending much, much more time on things like kindles and ipads. i can tell you for a fact that's the story withmy children. and they're not getting out looking at things far away. that's one theory. that perhaps we are doing a disservice to our children by not getting them outside more each day so that they can use those imusles to focus on things -- imusles to focus on things far away. we're seeing myopia or nearsightedness. >> amy: what do parents need to look out for? . >> reporter: one, you need proper eye care. every child needs to go to the eye doctor and make sure they are checked to see if they are developing myopia or nearsightedness and that they get outside. you want to use those muscles.
7:27 am
get your kids out. they look around. seeing far things. that gets the muscles working and that should be what you need to do. it's a simple fix. >> amy: always a pleasure, doctor phil. thank you. >> john: dr. phil. >> reporter: i do need doctor phil. >> john: doctor phil up in philly. >> amy: i have punxsutawney on the brain. >> reporter: i have been called worse, amy. >> amy: love you doctor, oz. >> john: just put her away now. >> reporter: oh, my gosh, now. i love you. >> amy: bye. >> john: 7:29 here on good day. one of those days. >> amy: every day is one of those days. it's groundhog day. >> amy: we're monitoring a situation out of iowa. >> john: democrats now appear to have a winner. >> the voters of iowa have sent a message for the political@k
7:28 am
>> john: but that was not the
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we're looking the the numbers >> john: all right. punxsutawney phil ran us a little bit behind. we have to catch up. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. let's get over to jayme. >> jayme: we were out doing a little facebook live, and it's thick in all locales. that's why we have the fog advisory in all locations in the fox 35 viewer area. this goes until 10:00 a.m. got fog? that's the question. you bet we do. gainesville, ocala, leesburg. everybody getting some form or fashion of this. all of the kids off to school but we want you to take it real slow and give yourself extra time to get into work or wherever you are headed. 50s and 60s right now. the dew point and the actual temperature are very close. the atmosphere condenses and you
7:30 am
that's the case until 10:00 a.m. the winds become more southeasterly and this here is a tremendous amount of snow around the high plains and the upper midwest. south of that, a dangerous scene setting up today. we bring in very, very strong storms. windy weather, colder, and rainy. we'll talk about the detailed forecast coming up here in just a bit. >> gina: happy tuesday, everyone. a live look at i-4 near the 434.`` significant delays in both directions. we have had crashes on either side of i-4 in this area. a new crash at hoffner and semoran. causing minor delays at the intersection. use caution in the area. and another new crash at clarcona ocoee at aldare street. give yourself extra time.
7:31 am
i-4 to downtown, 16 minutes. >> amy: new this morning, it appears that the democrats may have a winner now in the iowa caucus. >> john: fox news reports that hillary clinton is the winner. following dead heat that the sanders and clinton campaign were in a dead heat. and martin o'malley has decided to drop out of the race. on the republican side, a bit of a shocker. ted cruz wins iowa beating donald trump. 28 to 24%. trump projected to win the race and he didn't. and marco rubio came in third. behind trump by just 1%. and rubio could have come in second, they say, had he had more a ground game out there.
7:32 am
rubio getting a lot of attention. some said he is the big winner because the establishment and safe money will start to gravitate his way. do you agree? >> no question. he has all of momentum moving into new hampshire. he spent a lot of money and time there. the establishment in all likelihood will coalesce behind him. trouble for jeb bush, and chris chris christie, and john john kasich. but out-perpetuated all -- out performed all expectations. >> john: cruz was the winner but they had trump leading in a lot of the polls by a significant margin. maybe the pollsters and the pundits were the losers. >> ted cruz's group the evangelical group. and things got chippy at the end with iowa in donald trump with the controversies over the debate and the different moves
7:33 am
final days. this was ted cruz's night to shine. >> john: and rubio turned out way better than polled. if he does well in new hampshire, he will have a lot of momentum. >> he probably doesn't make the establishment completely batty in november. a calm, controlled message that's still powerful. a lot of the leadership will look to for a potential challenging for hillary clinton if hillary clinton is, indeed, the nominee. >> john: what do you think about trump's spin? >> a mediocre night. he markets himself as a winner. he expected to win this. so confident that he blew off the last debate. i can't say it's horrible. he has a lot of momentum going into new hampshire. a need ocher night -- mediocre
7:34 am
for jeb and some of the other traditional candidates. what is your take on the democrat side? >> not a great night for hillary. kind of groundhog day, similar to sway. they will get the same number ofx delegates.@p@x not a great night for hillary.p still probably the favorite to win it all, but not a good night for her. >> john: that's a great point. some of the polls had her up by 40%. and they come out pretty much a tie. odds are he's going to win new hampshire. the first couple weeks will not look good for hillary clinton. >> she was supposed to walk, and now she is the underdog. and she still enjoyed a comfortable double digit lead.
7:35 am
the lead in more of the states. >> orlando >> hrkm rick keller and frank torres, thank you for being here today. political analysts will be with us here for the next few weeks. and in new hampshire, a primary will be held february 9, a week from today. complete coverage of 2016, and instant ups at >> amy: we're learning more about the good samaritan who tried to help a motorcyclist. >> reporter: a 33-year-old mother of three, tina martin, was hit and killed in volusia county. troopers said that she was kneeling over a motorcyclist that had crashed and both of them were hit by a car. her brother said he was not
7:36 am
>> every time she saw someone in need. she would just jump out and help someone. that's just who she was. i love her and miss her. >> reporter: a go found me page -- go go fund me page has been set up for expenses. they said they had a teecialg oral deal, for 10 years and if they ever won, they would share the winnings, instead he said that she walked away from the relationship. craig handhouse was sentenced to 45 years in prison for second degree murder after he killed an orlando bouncer in 2011. an appeals court shows that his charge should be reduced to manslaughter because he did not act out the malis or ill will.
7:37 am
his brother at the time of the incident. >> john: lake county school district has gone over the class size again. >> amy: how they're fighting back againsted allegations. >> amy: a snowy crash scene outside of colorado. we'll tell you about the winter storm that's stretching across several states and making kind
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>> amy: lake county school district has gone over the class sized limit. >> john: the daily commercial newspaper reports that they exceed the class sized limit at treadway, lost lake and tavarres schools. they have had the same issue in the past. but this year they plan to
7:40 am
they said that it is a first of all small groupof schools. >> john: a winter storm alert. a live look on the roads in denver. not pretty, huh? the winter storm caused a seven-car pile up outside of denver. many areas across the rockies are expected to get over a foot of snow. and the storm winds down tomorrow morning. jayme king, prefer 80 degrees florida. >> jayme: we're looking righteous with the temperature. if you like it warm, you've come to the right spot. all eyes on colorado and east. over 1,000 miles on dense, heavy packed snow. and a lots of folks south of the line we continue with vigorous storms firing. we have enhanced risk of widespread severe weather, upper midwest and areas in the gulf south.
7:41 am
roof and the fog through the roof. everybody has some form or fashion of fog. it's locally dense. we find zero visibility in. and the shade of red is never good on the map. widespread 60s closing in on 70 for you in the melbourne area in southern brevard county. a foggy scene early. sun and clouds going through the day. from 11:00 a.m. to 2. isolated showers could pop off. and in particular throughout coastal areas. it's not a big chance. isolated overall. 10% or 20%. i have included that for the golf forecast. golf locations near the east. and low pressure winding up here will drag that cold front into our general direction. you can see it enter the scene
7:42 am
during the day today, tonight, early tomorrow, and all the while we're loading the atmosphere and moisture and dynamic. widespread showers and storms. and i wouldn't be surprised to see over an inch of rainfall, beneficial, and i don't think we'll see severe weather. wednesday tomorrow, 30%, and then 70%. and then friday looking so darned nice. and the weekend, a rain chance by saturday and sunday. it looks like we trend a little better as we close out the work week. 32 omaha. 20 in denver. 60s and 70s across the gulf south. an explosion of storms likely to take shape later this afternoon. no big rain chances. isolated showers over the eastern third of the state. and the southeast winds race up
7:43 am
nothing too breezy but enough to drag in imra moisture. the rain chance isolated a the 10 to 20%. dense fog may develop yet again. dense fog. and 60s. the front comes in, the rain chances come up and the temps come down, easy peasey into friday. and the morning low of 49. and this is a gorgeous weather baby. no kidding. this is -- okay. is this a? >> amy: probably. daniel with a j. >> jayme: or daniel. >> amy: and a typo? one of the two. >> jayme: it happens. this is a cute kid regardless. i want to you visit our website at for more on our gorgeous weather baby`` segment.`` >> gina: hi there, happy` tuesday.```
7:44 am
and taking a look at the map, you can see a lot of red. we don't have too many crashes. people are slowing town and taking the fog advisory to heart. hiawassee, debris near the 414. be aquair in the area. and hoffner at semoran causing significant delays at the intersection in all directions there. be aware of that. definitely give yourself extra time if you are getting out there on the roads. drive times are really slow. 35 minutes. and i-4 eastbound, attractions to downtown, 26 minutes. the 417 to downtown will take you 20 minutes. just be careful out there. >> john: 7:49. a big day for self-high profile bills in tallahassee. , including one and people with
7:45 am
they can open carry in florida. other bills that the lawmakers will be looking at. the gang is all here on a tuesday.
7:46 am
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7:47 am
>> amy: this is our camera on top of the sun trust building. you can get an idea of how thick the fog is and how high it goes. serious dense fog issues this morning. people are heading out and saying it's thicker than they thought.
7:48 am
there. >> john: in tallahassee there are bills. >> amy: everything from guns to recess. >> reporter: a bill in the florida house talking about carrying guns on college purses. allowing -- college campuss. . allow those with a conceal carry permit to carry on college campuses but many have opposed the campus carry bill. the senate jeb -- allowing people to openly carry in public is another bill. and a local bill would require all elementary schools to provide at least 20 minutes of next a bill in the senate puts limits on lottery tickets in the
7:49 am
stores would not be allowed to over more than 20 20 scratch off tickets at a time and they couldn't cost more than $5 a piece. a bill that revamp or fix our death penalty. the u.s. supreme court ruled that florida's death penalty sentencing procedure is unconstitutional. it improperly gives judges, and not juries the power to impose death sentences. under the house proposal, death sentences could only be proposed if at least nine jurors vote for the death penalty. >> john: developing this morning in you decide 2016. >> amy: democrats appear to have a winner in iowa. we're breaking down the battles still ahead. >> john: the zika virus is now considered an international health emergency. all new at 8:00 a.m., what local leaders are doing to make sure it doesn't come here.
7:50 am
by the way, madden nfl just did the re-enactment of the game. they are picking carolina by, i think, 4 points. >> amy: the zebra bants. >> john: it's a winner. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. . >> announcer: it's 8:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." >> john: it is 8 o'clock, tuesday morning, "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us. and here's the stories we're working on for you now. >> tonight... is a victory for
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